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ar Healthy Baby
v v \ v \ ! I / \?ROMlǻA/e
\ V\ ' 1 / V CHILD !
\ ^ V v 11 // /// —-—"
^ , ' N , I //// . VA
v. *
/I **V£* Wtf 0 # r
C«° 9
„ . ly
D.D..LL. D.
The world, the flesh, and the devil
are constantly hurling accusations at
the church, but they do not point you
to the real robbers. JVould a man
rob God? No. But a Bolshevik,
hypocrite, and heretic would. They
are robbing the church every day.
They are using two great methods.
First: They are sending their
agents, their rationalistic and Bol
shevistic heretics into the church.
Of course, they have to perjure them
selves and singe their own souls in
order to get in. Then when they
enter the church their obligations
begin not to the church but to the
premeditated consDirators aealnst the
Smtch. There I.Î. . h.r.Ue ta 1 "
church today who isn't the conscious
atoM C who i0 are aS trvlng f
trying to rob the
charch of her Influence and power.
Heresy is not an intellectual evolu
tion: it is an evidence of heart de
generacy, and is absolute proof of the
total depravity ( of mankind. These
agents inside of the church preach
their false doctrines not because they
believe them, but because they are
part of a conspiracy to destroy the
world's confidence in the church. So
far as intent and purpose are can
cerned, they are as black as Judas
Second: There is another group of
„ _ _ _ ^
, I
lanjoii fount) Man Announces l ttu' J
V, diducy for State Treasurer to
JNA Succeed Him-elf.
( _ i in
• , . . ,, I
•1 desire to announce my candl -1
dacy for the second tenu as state
treasurer, subject to the Republican, L .
C ;™ n Ut " n 1 aue ' Augu8t !
With tliis brief announcement, l)an j
Banks, the only Canyon county man |
holding a state executive office, this
mornlng threw his hat into the ring ;
as an aspirant to succeed himself as
state treasuier. i
Mr. Banks is now rounding out his ; p
first term in that capacity. He is a ^
graduate of the t'nllege of Idaho. a j|
former service man with a year's over
seas experience behind him and since
the war lias been engaged in publu
affairs, first as chief of the bureau of
•iNiwUrpt «nil taxation and commission
' ,1 n CM,
er o^muice and following a sue-j
tassfni MSdhng ot this s\oik, lie w
«lectfcd ip the stale treasurship in j
19£:0 by an overwhelming majontv. ;
hlfftflcS'haSnS thrïltchword of'
Mr. Hoiks as state treasurer. With a :

1 .......",.....bookkeeper
tion and. at the same time, has hand- ,
10 ber cent cut in the legislative ap
propriation to conduct the office. Mr.
Batiks has kept within the appropria
a greatly increased volume of
r In 1919 the legislative appropria
tion for this state department was
950 for the biennium while Mr.
Banks has operated with an appro
„ r " dnn of $ oq 660 Despite this de
P d an or opr iation for operation j
Tr d off e P Mr Banks has seen the
of the °* lce ' ' . in receipts and
volume of business m ^ ^ ppr
dlBb t U whüe ' the clerical work ln pay-1
f ent • -torpil warrants has increas-!
-if' cent t he latter volume
ed 348.41 P er ^ at ' tbe 1 1 a a i y t0 the
° f ""'"'li bel carried on by
road program bel g
th incidentally, the treasurer's office
•many, <-"<= .. lv re .
la one of the few that ac H
turns to the state treasur. a t
„„„ i . ,
Ip. . .. . an . out 1 church.
J .,7 th0 is , to lake * ro " ,V le
church for circular use every dollar
that they can possibly extract from
the members. They are constantly
devising schemes and plans and or J
these conspirators and robbers who
*«tation. and methods by which
the church member is relieved of his
»"«i _<■ m* •? to
organizations, methods, plans, and
programs, which are antagonistic to
^'spiritual work of the" church" ~
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
moneys contributed to these outside
competing antagonistic and destruc
tive agencies Is contributed by thd
members of the Christian Church.
They are robbing thfe church member,
the church organization, and God
order that they may fill the coffers of 1
the devil and build up the institutions^
of hell. They are all co-conspirators 1
with the infamous heretics that are !
today making their attacks upon the !
the church, upon the Bible, and upon *
fevent financial j
office has earned in actual cash,
'$5*41. for every dollar expended. The
annual cost of the office, half of the
appropriation, is $14,830 while the
Ga8 |, earnings during the tirst year
Mr. Banks' term were $SU,2ll99.
Not one cent of state funds was lost
in the many banks# that closed their
doors during the
8tringert< . v ln ntldition to this, in
8t at the rate of 3 ,. en t was
L . olle( , tpd Mp t o aud including the day ,
the mone> in the failed Imnks was |
paid the state by the bonding com- j
j )un i es i
The volume of bU8 t ne8S that passes
tlmmgh tUl . o(fk , e of the st ., u , treas-lmay
unM . ni . lkt ,^ jt hl nnny way« resemble
, arge ' hanking in , tituti<m . The m
vestments of the state amount to ap-i^
.................... ....... ............ r
p rox j, ua tejy $13.500.000.00 and there I
(s ( . arrle(1 jn ( . a8 |, in t)ie depository j
j| l)anks more than $8,000.000.00.
Thou-andg 0 j , loUal . s are re ,. eivU
^ jn checks draft8 and cur
, , , . is keot f f ,
£ e ^/v item amr the mom
eac!l an(l eNtl > uem aiUT llie
distributed in the 174 depositories in
^ accordance with tbe statures-!
hank beine dealt with fairly and
j absolutely no favoritism being shown!
; anv individual bank.
So well organized Is tl.e office that!
: this immense volume of buslne» is
carried oil with two less employées
than were necessary last biennium.
The State Treasurer, a deputy, one
and one clerk compose
, oooh.»eepei *
the office force at the present tone.
world, covering every line of life
from politics to Industry, embracing
j all the professions, all the trades, all
the enterprises, and any and every
avocation of mankind, has there ever :
j rlsen t0 the top an d stayed there a
thief, a burglar, a shrew swindler, a
trickster, a lazy lout, a man without
principle, a liar, an ungrateful rogue,
! a croo k stripped of human sympathy.
! a niggardly, parsimonious, pusillan
| imous pussyfooter or any other kind
In the complete lilstorv of all the
no-good? Not one. An' we're
. a ,i striving for the top. The way to i
' travel ma* be hard to find, but the
Q travel ls stuck under our
w ta»r. I
In an interview with the Tribune.
Mr. Gallet said; "In announcing my
candidacy for state auditor before the
state Republican convention. I rely
entirely on my record in office. I
have faith that the efforts made in
previous service will be recognized
as having been efficient and that the
people of the state are sufficiently in
formed of improvement initiated in
accounting and administration to
warrant them in returning me to this
important post."
E. G. Gallet, present state auditor,
has announced his candidacy for re
nomination at the hands of the Re
publican party. "Ed" is an old resi
dent of Bannock County, and served
the county as auditor for three terms,
making a record for competency and
efficiency that is unexcelled, and
cou i,j undoubtedly have continued in
that office to the present time had he
I doming t° Pocatello in 1885, he has
J established an acquaintanceship and
' many warm friends that
| wmTupJort^is Un
B ann °ck Count* will support his can
to say he wil1 have the endorsement
tke ent * re southeast, where he is
I nl j d favorably known. He is a
! railroad man and a member of B. of
In his statement respecting fe
nominqtion, Mr. Gallet says; : "In an
nouncing my intention to be a can
"./f S 'f! aUdlt ° r th ?
in'^f T state convention next
1 1, ' R St ' I , an i relyin g ent ' rely up ° n
° f my 0 ®' . d l upln * tha
1 past l t hree yearafo 5 efficle ? cy an <»
! P Th ln f dlscharse of < lutiea
! f nd «»any improvements effected
* ! n * ie accounting methods employed
jin supervising the fiscal affairs of
'the state.
"While the office is purely admin
istrative and not macn in the lime
light or on dress parade, having lit
tle to do with shaping state policies,
yet it is one of the most important
offices in the state. It is the state's
clearing house, through which pass
es, in some form, all transactions in
volving the receipt and expenditure
of all moneys received by or paid out
of- the treasury, and the system of ^
accounts installed during my incum
bency in office insure an accurate
and complete accounting thereof. It
is not the province of the state aud
itcsr to suggest passage of laws rela
live to matters affecting the welfare
and interests of the people of the
state, except possibly in so far as
requiring reports of official transac
tions regarding the nandiittg of mon
ey is concerned, nor to advocate the
amendment or repeal of such laws a*
be found Incapable of enforce
ment or detrimental to the major
portion of the people, if any such
aw B there are.
I "These are matters entrusted to ,
j the law making bpdy chosen by the 1
'electors of rhe state, viz: the Iegis- *
! lature. and this body can usually be,
I; depended upon to enact into the sta-j
, tutes, laws that will carry into ef
feet the wishes of the constituents. >
"If the conduct of my office has
been such a- to commend me to the
Republicans ..f the state, ami no just
criticism of my official acts will lie.
I solicit from them endorsement of
the manner of handling affairs and
I solicit from them endorsement of
the manner of handling affairs and
re-nomination for the office of state J
Concentrate to Beat Worry. ;
"If people could only concentrate on ,
their work as wholeheartedly as tliey
concentrate on their worries success
i would be assured," said Mr. Eustace I
Miles in an address on "Concentra- ;
tton.*—Pali Mall and Globe. i
Militant Orbs.
story : "Her ^unyielding
glance went fiercely over the top and
grappled mortal combat with his
domineering sneer."—Boston Tran
Philosophy of Business.
Over the door of their national
bank, the Chinese have carved an ad
age which reads: "If you employ a
to i man. trust him If y >u cannot trust
the him. do not employ lilm." That Is a
good philosophy to apply to friendship
I ** -■
55 «
The Romance of the
Indian Blanket
A WOVEN chronicle of Indian lore—of myths suggested
by the setting sun, the rippling waves, the geese flying
southward. There's interest for everyone in these impres
sions preserved by the Indian squaw in her weaving—now
carried on by the Oregon City Woolen Mills where her
crude handloom ceased.
These Indian Blankets are so true in design that most of the Indian
tribes of the West wear them. *
Jacobs' Oregon City Indian Blankets serve a score of needs—for
motoring—for traveling—for home use—especially to those people
who enjoy out-of-door pleasures. Their brilliant, barbaric beauty and
the symbolism of their designs add much to their interest. They are
dyed in the wool—their colors are permanent.
Come in and let us show you the newest designs in "Oregon City" Indian
V. r A
- ...... ........ Company .
"Everybody's Store"
^ ord
Most everything's a promise that
we run acrost today; there's promis
es of better things, and promises to
pay. The seed-time hold a promise
of the harvest that's to come, and
autumn brings its promise of tba
winter, cold and dumb. The promise
of allegiance to our country binds us
all—when the traitor breaks his
promise, be is doomed beyond recall.
We hug the glitterin' prospecks when
they promise a reward,—and base oflr
hopes eternal on the promise of the
TVe love the lad that promises a
rich expanse of life, and crown the
little queen that holds the promise of
a wife. We seldom greet a promise
with the sliadder of a doubt—and the
thiflgs that preanise nothin', we are
wise in kickin' out. We smile at the
clouds of promise, when the crops is-,;
needin' rain, aud we recollect the
promise when the rainbow shines
again.—O, there's nothin' else but
promise that can soothe the weary
soul, while the only thing that's cer
tain Is the thing we can't control!
I And so, with helpful promises, be
j stowed on every hand, I wonder, af-|
, ter all, if this coudd be the Promised
1 Land?
* Your Own.
Ex-service men
;vork by the government should ad
~ letter to the—
tre89 a letteF '° me , , r „
''MANAGER 13 1 K D1S1'., t. S. N. B,
desiring dental
Attention Dental Section."
Stat ing he is in need of dental treat- j
ment. In reply to this request de- j
how he
I tailed information as to
; should proceed will be promptly
, mailed to him. I pon complying with,
these instructions he will be author-
ized to report to the nearest dentist.
I designated by the bureau to do this
; work for the government, for his,
i dental examination.
Unless there is some change m^de
jin the present law, August 9th. 1922.
I w [jj he the last date for filing new
i c i a i m s. It is therefore important
that all ex-service men should en
deavor to make application for any
treatment or compensation which
they might desire, on or before that
A representative of the dental sec
tion of the U. S. V. B. from the dis
trict office at Seattle. Washington,
was in Blackfoot the latter part of
the week, calling upon some of the
exservice men, endeavoring to have
this Information as widely circulated
as possible in this locality.
u VW. & • •
Motor Car Enamels
Add value to your car
Rai nf

A Beautiful Weather and
Waterproof Coating
For an afternoon of real accom
plishment take a good brush and a
can of Kyanize MotorCar Enamels.
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a new dress.
The surface thoroughly cleaned, ap
ply the smooth - flowing, creamy
enamel just as it comes from the can.
Ten striking colors, ready to apply,
each producing a sturdy weather
proof lustre that will not crack, chip
or peel off.
No laps, ridges or brush marks. In
forty-eight hours your car is ready
for the road.
r _ _ 1_ llntnrlrlr ■ Our booklet, "How to Piim Your Automobile," with com
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