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Idaho Republican
Blackfoot, tin* county scut cf ltin^liiim
county, Is sit uated on the Oregon Short Line
railroad, 20 miles north of Pocatello, 158 miles
north of Ogden and 19(1 miles from Salt Lake
City. It Is at the Junction of the Salmon
River branch, a road penetrating central
Idaho. The altitude Is 4510 feet, the popula
tion Is 2000 (white Americans) and the princi
pal Industry is agriculture,
lights, telephones, six through passenger
trains u day, a chamber of commerce, a
graded school of twelve rooms, four churches,
two banks, four printing houses, three of
which publish newspapers, two barber shops,
two hardware stores, two blacksmith shops,
four real estate Arms, two lumber companies,
one sugar factory, the State asylum for In
sane, the fair grounds, one flouring mill.
United States land office, one opera house,
:i livery barns, two tailor shops, three drug
stores, one electric station, shippers* stock
yards, three meat markets, three millinery
stores, one shoo shop, one photographer, one
abstract company, two sign painters, four
implement houses, one furniture store,
eleven merchandise stores, three restaur
ants, two hotels, 1 lodging house, four den
tists, four doctors, eight, lawyers, two Jew
elers, one architect, two paper hangers, one
lodge of Modern Woodmen, one I. C). O. F.
lodge, one masonic lodge, one Rebecca lodge,
one Eastern Star.
Blackfoot Is situated in a great expanse of
agricultural lands which are only partly
settled and cultivated; many great canals
are being constructed for Irrigation, tap
ping the Snake River, which runs at the
edge of the town, and a vast amount of
fruit Is being raised. Altogether It Is a tip
top place to live, and is not a bad place lo be
burled. In addition to all these things,
Blackfoot has the advantage of being In
The population of Idaho In 1900 was only
was only 101.772, a gain of 91 percent, in t lie
last decade. The total area, 55.228,100 acres,
. 241 acres for each person in I lie state. Of this
area, there are 000,000 acres In lakes. 7.000.000
acres of forests. 8.400.000 ae- '
IS 0n»
It has electric
__ u, lupuntalfls,
acres of iiinit, mostly
-jtftQA.lA and 25,000.000 acres of
graslng lam). ThoSouthern boundry of Idaho
would reach from St.Louls to Omaha; the
Western boundry, from St.Louls to Minneap
olis. Idaho fruits hold the first medal of the
world--soo awards of Irrigation Congress,
Hestember, 1909. The great fruit section is in
the south and west. The great mineral sec
tion, central and western Idaho. Greatest
copper, gold, silver, lead and tungsten'region
In central Idaho. Greatest educational cen
ters are the graded common schools.
Have yon formed any idea of
the imposing appearance thesugai
factory will present to people
seated in the grand stand at the
fairgrounds, or to passengers go
ing by on the road? That old
sand dune was put there for a
good purpose, and it was not
misappropriated when the sugar
factory was located on it. Not
so very long ago there was an
other sand dune just out of town;
yes two of them. The Asylum
is located on one and the court
house on the other. Blessed be
sand dunes.
We are giving some informa
tion in today's issue which may
be worthy of a place in your scrap
book. Get your scissors if you
think so.
* Blackfoot Man Starts Bank.
Ezra Barrel, who is well known
In this city, is promoting a bank
for Montpelier, Idaho,
other gentlemen most prominently
connected with the new bank are
Geo. T. O'Dell of Salt Lake and
G. G. Wright of Idaho Falls.
The band will open for business
some time in August.
Leaves For the East.
G. F\ Lewis, the constructing
leer who has been in this city
for the past three months in the
interest of the Sugar Company,
leaves on Saturday, July 30th, foi
Cleveland, Ohio. He is regular
ly in the employ of the Kilby
Manufacturing Company of that
city, and has been called there to
attend to some construction worn
on another plant,
family have made many friends
here during their stay.
f 1
The Lewis
Rexburg Walloped.
4 I
The home base ball boys won
last Suday's game with Rexburg
by a kcore of 24 to 2. A good
crowd was present and were ex
pecting a good game, and up to
the fourth inning were very much
enthused, but a bungling bunch
of errors by Rexburg and heavy
sagging by our boys resulted in
a disappointing finish
Additional Local.
A large timber wolf that has
been lurking around Frank I)e
kay's ranch below Ross Fork tor
a long time, met his fate last
week when Audy Hancock caught
him with his lariet and "led him
into camp" at a two-forty gait.
Andy "snubbed" the wolf to a
post at the corral and cut its
throat, and now Mrs. Dekay and
the children can ride out in the
hills without feeling any uneasi
ness about the freak that looked
like a cross between a coyote and
a mountain lion.
The Misses Julia Anderson and
Cora Mackay went out to Lost
river Monday to spend a few days
at the Anderson ranch, after
which they will be joined by the
Misses McCracken and Berry
man for a sojourn among friends
at Mackay who will probabh
show them the beauties of the
Cedar creek and Pass creek can
yons and the grand views along
the electric railway which leads
up on White Knob mountain.
Among the men who may be
mentioned as
Blackfoot on
celebrating at
Pioneer Day are
Andrew Jenson, historian and
chronicler, of Salt Lake, Don C.
Walker, an
early resident of
Lewisville, Jas. S. Stewart
mfttt who crossed j
real estate
the plains iii 1852 , and A *'
Craney Who "hoofed it" most of
the way across the plains at the
age of seven years.
. XJ.
Our statement last week that
the Younie Block was owned by
Mr. Younie and others was not
correct. Mr. Younie is carrying
this enterprise alone, and in our
next issue we shall give an inter
esting article about a business
venture which does not affect
either Bridge street or Main
street alone.
Florence Buckingham, a Poca
tello girl who has attended
Otto's School of Oratory at Chi
cago, will give an entertainment
at the Opera House, Tuesday
evening, August 2nd. Admis
sion 25 and 35 cents. The enter
tainment will be followed by a
dance. Admission to dance, 50
Prof. Alex McPherson, the
pure food and oil inspector for
Idaho, passed through Blackfoot
Monday morning on his way
north. He will return in a few
days and visit the Big Lost river
After reading "our paper," if
you think it would furnish good
matter for our friends back home
to read, just mail it to them.
Mrs. Dan Burnett of Darling
ton and her mother, Mrs. Heath,
of Idaho Falls went out to Dar
lington Monday.
Frank Lamb, who is well known
to Blackfoot people, is suffering
from partial paralysis, at his home
on Lost river.
Dunbar Robinson & Company's
big sale of clothing, shoes and
hats is now on at the Hotel sam
ple room.
Mrs. Frank Lamb came down
from Lost river to attend the wed
ding of her sister Gertrude last
J. E. Steele of Iona and J. F.
Shelly of Shelly, passed through
Blackfoot Tuesday on their way
it. D. Henry and wife of Pocu
tello visited T. S. Morrison and
wife the fore part of the week.
Miss Florence Buckingham of
Pocatello visited Mabel Morrison
the fore part of the week.
D. H, Bietban returned Thurs
day from Arco where h6 had been
for a couple of days. .
W. E. Trapp and family of
Pocatello celebrated Pioneer Day
at Blackfoot.
yjK SjK 3(K 3(K S|K a)K ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Wholefale and Retail Dealers in
Lumber and Building Material
We have sash, doors, glass, moulding, paper, lath, plaster, cement, oils?
paints, screen doors, nails, hair and lime,
and white pine, Seasoned and surface lumber.
Oregon fir dimension stuff
We have the
If you
goods in stock and can deliver just what you want at once.
are building a granary or a palce we have the goods. Estimates made
Get our prices before placing your order.
at the very lowest prices.
WS) crT
t Hart, tl)D painter and j
bad some busings I
. W
pap°*l ,RD S w
with the foreman of the Democrat
office the fore part of the week,
which was not quite pleasant, and
later Editor Kelly and the painter
had some talk on tho street which
resulted in the former being
brought before Justice W. E.
Smith on tho charge of using loud
and abusive language. The
case was tried on Wednesday and
the defendant discharged.
Mrs. Thompson was called to
Lost river Thursday on account of
the dangerous illness of her son
in-law, Frank Lamb. His broth
er Ed, who is at Beilvue was
summoned by telegraph.
Mrs. C. J. Bassett and daugh
ters are in this city, the guests of
R. J. Osborn aud family. Their
home is at tho Capitol City, but
they came from Salt Lake Thurs
day morning.
Maude Morrison and her broth
er Sam have returned from a sev
eral weeks' ~ outing with their
uncle, Dan Nichols, who lives
near Martin, Idaho.
Dunbar Robinson & Company
are selling out a stock of clothing,
shoes, hats, etc. at the sample
room of tho Blackfoot Hotel.
Great bargains.
Ten thousand dollars' worth of
clothing on sale at half price at
the Blackfoot Hotel for a few
days. Call at the sample room.
The amount of lumber that is
being unloaded at Blackfoot ex
cites the comment of visitors in
the city.
Kestner & Arthur have engaged
two barbers, L. C. Church of
Omaha and Alvin Hoagie of
Miss Anna Keefer of Idaho
Falls has been the guest of Miss
Etta Morrison for the past week.
a brother of
Martin Jacobs of Blackfoot, spent
Pioneer Day here.
Dr. McAtce is out in the hills
of Upper Blacxfoot lor a few
days' recreation.
Martin Friedel of the Idaho
Bakery went to Salt Lake Mon
day night.
D. F. Arthur and family have
gone to Marxet Lake' to visit rela
H. A. Jacobs,
Rasmus Rasmussen is building
two nice brick cottages.
Misses shoes for 40 cents at the
Hotel sample room.
Cha8. Johnson left for Minne
doka Thursday.
H. W. Keefer spent Thursday
in this city.
/■x^-teda Thompson to.
Miss bu..,
Mr. Guy Blackburn Nuneymaker
of Ogden, on Monday, July 25th.
The ceremony took place at the
residence of the bride's parents at
Blackfoot and the contracting
parties took the evening train
north. They will visit the bride's
uncle, Mr. Joe Gordon, who
lives at Sterling, Alberta, Canada.
Bridge Street.
Bridge Street in Blackfoot was
for a long time the muddy, dusty
or much traveled and unattractive
The street was all
part of town,
cut up by heavy freight wagons,
so that clouds of dust rose and
settled on the roofs of the livery
stables and on the unoffending
backs of the Indian ponies that
were tied to the fence posts along
the way. There were other posts
that had always been counted
bachelors because nothing was
ever attached to them; or posts
that were "bewidowed" because
the campers had divorced the
boards for kindling fires or pulled
the wires off to mend their har
ness. But this street has held
its own, held its head up, as it
were, and when Alex. Younie
bought about half of the property
on the street two yeas ago he
didn't know to a certainty that he
could make four hundred per cent
on his investment in two years,
but that is the way the quotient
reads now. He has erected some
good buildings, his neighbors
have done likwise, and now it is
is taking on the appearance of
business, with brick wa'ls and
glass fronts for nice display win
On Tuesday, July 19th, to the wife
of Joe llattanini. a girl.
On Thursday, July 21st, to the wife
of Frank Barker, a girl.
On Monday, July 25th, to the wife of
T. H. Hopkins, a girl.
In the suburbs of Denver is a
five acre tract of trees, shrubs and
flowers so full of fruit and
fume and pretty colors that
stock company built an aerial
railroad to carry passengers all
about the place over the tree tops,
and delight the invalids and tour
ists as they viewed this wonder in
the desert. It was the product of
irrigation, but the Smith Nursery
at Blackfoot comprises forty
acres, so that you can get n start
of nursery goods and have a
The tour
} ,t0 P* a ot y our ow >l
ists are coming.
Strings for you** musical instru
ments? Mitchell he jeweler.
Shady Lawns and Verandas, Large Cool
Just South of the Depot.
T. S. MORRISON. Proprietor
Blackfoot, Idaho.
' The Big Store ^
We carry a complete stock of Dry
Goods, Shoes, hats, Furniture and Car
pets, as well as the largest and best
line of Staple and Fancy Groceries in
Southeastern Idaho. Come and see for
Brown & Eldridge
Binder Twine
Uhe Elephant Brand
Pure Sisal, made by the Saint
Louis Cordage Co. Get our
Prices before you buy twine
Fruit Jars and Rubbers
Best MaKe all Sizes
All Wa
gon Wood and Wag
Iron for Repairing. Boiled
Linseed oil and Lead for paint
Bridge Street Hardware Store

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