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Idaho Republican
at the postoffice at Blackfoot, Ida
11 md class matter,
poetry, card of thanks and resolu
mouthy will be -charged for at reg
a money to agents except on written
y from the office.
«ldent Roosevelt, as he entered to
« the Mothers' Congress, was
d with "My Country, 'Tls of Thee,"
by the audience.)
.untry, *tis of thee,
'of fecundity,
f thee I sing;
where our fathers vied,
of the patriarch's pride—
every cradle side
«t "Goo-goo" ring.
'Da-da" swell the breeze
every pair of knees,
.11, all day long;
nfant tongues awake
aghout the night and make
life, without mistake,
)ne grand, sweet song,
hor" that is to be,
er of family.
In thee we trust,
every groom and bride
S the brave slogan wide:
1-Race Suclide!
Pike's Peak or bust!"
will not be many days now until
Idaho building at the Lews & C'./i
;ennial Exposition is eoripletcd and
ied over to the Commission,
jmmissioner McBride has already
Wished headquarters in the buiid}ng,
the postofflee department is deliver
mail there.
1 a few days the work of installing
ibits will be begun in earnest and
hed as fast as the building is
shed up.
.11 persons desiring to communicate
h Executive Commissioner McBride,
other members of the Commission lo
ed at Portland should address their
:ers, care of Idaho State Building,
wis & Clark Centennial Exposition,
rfland, Oregon.
'ersons intending to visit the Fair
1 have their mail sent to the above
iress also, and we can assure our
iders that the Commission will take
insure in looking after all mail sent
their care.
The comic opera, "The Ameer," was
esented for the first time to a large
,d appreciative audience at Houck's
era house last Friday night by the
(catlello Opera company, of Pocatello,
1 amateur operatic troop which distin
lislied itself from the average run of
>me talent aggregations by the proper
inception of the different parts, put on
ith more grace and ease than is usual
manifested by the amateur.
"The Ameer" as put on by the Poea
llo people, is truly a comic opera, be
ig full of careless wit and humorous
tuations. The music is catchy, with
lively and jolly swing, added to by
le grace and beauty of~a large chorus
f splendid voices. From the rise of
he curtain until it was rung down on
he last act, the audience was again and
gain surprised into applause by the
asy and delightful rendition and per
ormance of prominent parts. The pro
duction was free from "amateur blend
rs," which left the "comic" part
•ntirely to the lines of the piece, and
hese situations were admirably brought
iut by C. D. Smith as the "Ameer," Mr.
Arthur Cohn as Lord Chamberlain and
Mr. Tom Gilmore as the court jester, as
sisted by the entire staff of performers,
Mr. Frank Seally as the bold brigand,
also being especially good.
In fact, the entire company showed
careful training and a natural swing of
stage mairunerlsms, and this, coupled
with the excellent choruses and splen
did solo parts should insure for them
a success wherever the "Ameer" is ren
dered. Samm's orchestra, than which
there is no better musical organization
in the state, added to the spriglitliness
of the piece.
A greater part of the company was
composed of students of the Academy,
and, unlike other troupes that have vis
ited Blackfoot, conducted themselves as
iadies and gentlemen, and made friends
by their deportment both on and off the
Attempt! Life of Passenger on Wood River
Train and is Killed by Mherriff.
Bellevue, Ida., May 9.—An unknown
man, said to be a sheepherder, ran amuck
on the Wood river branch train today
and after slashing the throat of one of
the passengers with a knife, was shot
and instantly killed by Constable Wil
liam Shafer, who was on the train., The
train was run back to Bellevue and the
dead man and his victim were taken off.
The injured man is nanfed Moore. He
is from Salt Lake and represents Col
lier's Weekly. His recovery is doubtful.
So far the dead man has not been iden
Hailey, May 9.—The insane man who
was shot on the train today near Picabo
by Constable Shafer of Soldier, was an
Austrian. No one here knows his name.
He came up from Shoshone this morn
ing and left the train at Tikura. He
was seen wandering about aimlessly
and it was thought from his strange ac
tions that he was suffering from de
lirium tremens.
Investigation led to
ihe belief Unit he was mentally unbal
anced and he was put on the train when
it came back, the idea being to have him
t<jken in charge at Shoshone,
who was slashed in the neck, will prob
Constable Shafer gave liim
nbly die.
seif up to the sheriff.—Statesman special.
Old Site Is Retained.
Boise, Idaho, May 7.—State Wagon
Road Commissioners M. E. Lewis and
Joe Wheeler left Saturday from Weiser
for the Salmon river country. It was the
intention of the commissioner to follow
the Little Salmon down lo Golf, where
the Big Salmon will be struck. They
will then follow up the main Salmon on
the line of proposed Thunder Mountain
trail. After a thorough Inspection of this
trail, the commission will proceed to
Gig Creek mining district, and make
a careful inspection of the proposed
road from there to Warrens, where a
state wagon road will be struck,
is one of the roads that It is generally
supposed that the commission will decide
on building, If the proposed route proves
feasible. There seems to be little doubt
of this latter fact.
The commission will then -proceed to
the Clearwateir region inspecting the pro
posed roads and trails up the south fork
of that stream to the Buffalo Hump,
Dixie, Elk City and Newsome districts.
There aire several of these proposed
roads which the commission will look
The Capitol building commission has
finally determined to build the new cap
ital building on the site of the present
capital. The ground will be more than
doubled In size. The Central school lillock
has been purchased for $25,000, the school
board being allowed the use of the build
ing during the coming year. This block
was originally a portion of the capitol
site, but thirty years ago the territorial
legislature made the school district a
present of the block of ground that the
state Is now buying back for $25,000.
The estimated value of the ground at
present is $50,000.
Since a decision has been reached by
the capiltol building commission the city
council passed an ordinance giving au
thority to the mayor and clerk to deed
to the state forty feet of State street
for the two blocks directly north of the
capitol site. This will give the site a
length from east to west of 6S0 feet and
a depth of 300 feet. Will enable the car
rying out of the plans for the building
and grounds that were partially deter
mined on at the close of the legislative
The penitentiary commissioners have
commenced the construction of a women's
ward at the state prison here. A gang
of prisoners are now getting out rock,
and the prison stone cutters are dress
ing it to size and form for a small stone
building, to be erected on the site form
erly occupied by the warden's residence.
This is clase v to the entrance to tlie
prison stockade, but outside the wall.
The plans decided on for the new build
ing show a handsome little structure.
There are now two female convicts in
the Idaho penitentiary.
The last legislature provided for the
keeping of female convicts in prisons
outside the state, and the commissioners
began to make arrangements to keep
these two prisoners in the Utah pen.
It was. learned, however, that there was.
danger of their being released by order
of some state court, on a writ of habeas
corpus. It was then determined to
build a women's ward here. Plans were
at once drawn and work on the structure
has commenced.
Governor Gooding left yesterday for
North Idaho, expecting to be absent from
ten days to two weeks, before his return
he may visit Helena and inspect tiie cap
itol building and grounds tnere. If he
makes this trip he will probably be ac
companied by Judge Beatty and Secre
tary of State Gibson, both of whom are
members of the capitol building commis
sion with the governor.
The governor's visit to the north at
this time was for the purpose of mak
ing an examination of the sites offered
for the branch insane asylum to he lo
cated in some one of the northern coun
ties. The governor on May 3 appointed
the following gentlemen as members of
the commission to select the site ir. com
pany with himself: Dr. J. W." Givens,
superintendent of the Insane asylum at
Blackfoot; Robert Hayes of Pocatello;
James Stephenson and Robert Aikman of
Boise, The entire commission accompa
nied him. The commission will first
visit Gencssee, where they expect to be
tomorrow night. They will also visit
and inspect sites at Juliaetta, Oroflno,
Peck, Culdesac, Joel and Coeur d'Alene
city. They will also visit Lewiston and
if the tflne can be
probably Moscow,
A proclamation will be issued by the
governor tomorrow prohibiting the im
portation of sheep into Idaho from Mon
tana, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Wash
ington, on account of the preva
lence of scabies among the sheep
in those states. The proclamation pro
vides that sheep shall not be driven
or brought int 9 this state, except on the
exhibit of a clear bill of health by a
government inspector. This certificate
must not be over ten days old.
On May 5th the governor issued a pro
clamation calling attention to the general
prevalence of scabbies among the sheep
in most of the southern portion of the
state, and quarantining all sheep within
certain geographical limits.
The governor has accepted the invita
tion of the Lewis and Clark exposition
management to attend the celebration of
the one hundredth anniversary of Lewis
and Clark's visit to the Pacific northwest,
which is to be held in Portland on
June 1st, when the exposition will be
thrown open to the public. The governor
will be attended by all the members of
his staff at the opening, and it is ex
pected that many leading men of the
state will also be present.
To attend this meeting Governor Good
ing was compelled to decline the invita
tion to deliver the memorial day address
to the Grand Army of the Republic and
the citizens generally on May 30.
A proclamation has been issued de
claring Wednesday, June 14th. 1905, Flag
Day, and urging that the American Flag
be displayed on all public buildings and
wherever possible on private buildings
also. This is a holiday which has been
celebrated for a number of years under
the auspices of the Grand Army in many
of the eastern states.
The celebration of
such a day is gradually extending itself
into the frontier western and southern
By Governor Gooding Rolntlvo to The
Sheep "Sonb" QnMUon.
State of Idaho, Executive Office
Boise, Idaho. May 2, 1905—Whereas, I
have received statements from reliable
woolgrowers and stockmen of the state
of Idaho, and from other reputable per
sons, and have also been informed in
writing by the state veterinary surgeon
of the state of Idaho, that the disease
known as "scab" or "scabbies"' la epi
demic among sheep in all districts and lo
calities in Idaho, and that alj sheep
within the state of Idaho have been and
now arc exposed to said disease, and hav
ing satisfied myself by personal observa
tion 1 and otherwise that the said state
ments are true; and whereas, it is well
known and recognized by all competent
veterinary authorities that the disease
know as "scab" or "scabbies" is an in
fectious and contagious disease; and
whereas, themovlngand handling of shepe
within this state under such conditions
would necessarily result in spreading
and intensifying said disease and would
result in great loss, and would practi
cally make It impossible for the proper
authorities to control and eradicate said
Now, therefore, I, F. R. Gooding,
governor of the state of Idaho, by virtue
of the Authority In me vested by law,
after djie consultation with the
state livestock sanitary board and the
state veterinary surgeon, do hereby or
der that all sheep now in the state of
Idaho are hereby quarantined In the
particular locality in which they are
at the date of this proclamation, and
do hereby prohibit the driving or moving
of sheep across the lines herein
after In this proclamation defined with
out a certificate from the veterinary sur
geon, his assistant, or a livestock in
spector, that the said animals are in good
All exposed sheep within this state
must be dipped once according to the
rules and regulations prescribed by the
state veterinary surgeon, before cross
ing what is designated as the upper
or exposed sheepline;
eased sheep must be dipped twice be
fore crossing what is designated as^
the lower or diseased sheep line under
the rules and regulations as heretofore
_ All sheep within, or that come with
in the state are "exposed," within the
meaning of that term as used in this
proclamation and are hereby quaran
tined, and must be dipped under state or
federal supervision previous to July
1, 1905, regardless of whether they have
been moved over the diseased or ex
posed sheep lines, or kept within an en
closure or upon the public range.
The lines established by the state
veterinary surgeon and referred to in
this proclamation are as follows:
Washington—Commenceing on Snake
river at the mouth of Brownlee creek,
thence up said creek to Heath P. O.,
thence east to Allidon's milk ranch',
thence around the foot of Cuddy Moun
tain east to Johnson creek; thence
down said creek to the Weiser river,
thenc* up said river to the mounth of
the middle fork of Mica -creek, thence
east to the county line, thence south
along said county line to the head of
Squaw creek.
Canyon—Thence down Squaw creek,
running*in a southerly direction to what
is known as Timber flat, and
James Philips ranch on the
and all dis
the edge bf the timber to the
Ada—From the James Philips ranch up
head of Shafer
Payette river
from thence to the
creek, thence to Idaho city, thence to
Thorn creek at base of Bald mountain,
and around the southern and western
base of said mountain to Cottonwood
creek, and down Cottonwood
Elmore—From the mouth of Cotton
wood along the Boise river to
mouth of Trail creek, following
wagon road to the Haden ranch
Smith creek, following the lower edge
of timber from Haden's ranch to
mouth of Deer creek, from the mouth
of Deer creek, follow the Boise river
to the mouth of lime creek, and up
said creek to its head, and thence to
the head of Corral creek. Down Cor
ral rrcek until it crosses the telephone
line until it crosses Willow creek, up
Willow creek to the dip vats, thence
northeast to the headwaters of Deer
creek, down same to Wood river, up
Wood river to dip vats in Oregon
gulch, in a southeastern direction to
the North Star mine, on east fork of
Wood river, thence up the east fork of
Wood river to south fork of east fork,
from headwaters of the south fork of
east fork in a southeastern direction to
Muldoon dip vats along Muldoon road
to Fish creek, up Fish creek to head,
from thence to sawmill on Antelope,
from thence to Bear creek dip vats,
from thence down Bear creek to Cus
ter and Blaine county line, following
that to Clyde. From Clyde down Little
Lost rivtfr to Howe, thence along the
wagon road to Birch
Birch creek to
Lander cut-off
creek, thence up
Reno P. O.
Fremont—From Reno to a point six
miles north of Reno's lower ranch, which
will be the northwest corner of township
8 north, range 31 east, thence west to
a point two miles north of Reno's dip
ping vat on Warm creek, thence to Potel
sie's upper ranch, thence to the point
of Indian creek, thence to Potelsie creek
forks, from there to the mouth of Miner's
gulch, thence to Thomas' sawmill set
ting, thence to the. head of the middle
fork of Three Mile creek, 13 miles from
Hibbard springs, thence
springs on Camas, thence to a pond of
water in Antelope flat, thence to the
Whittington ranch on the head of Sand
creek and thence to the bridge at Ora.
to Hibbard
Bingham—Thence following north on
Henry's fork in a southwestern direc
a point two miles north of
Arrnis, thence up the south fork of the
Snake river to Poplar, thence down Wil
low creek to the Snake and down said
river to Shelley bridge.
at Shelley
bridge, thence down the west bank of
Snake river to a point opposite the
mouth of the Blackfoot river, thence
tw fork of said river, thence up
up sou
the south fork of the Blackfoot river
to th« shearing coorl belon|lng to
Horsley & Gunnel, thence south alone
direct wagon road to A. J. Knollin'a
ranch, thence south along west side of
Knollin's ranch to C. T. Woodal's ranch;
thence direct to Doull's dipping vat;
thence in a southeasterly direction to
the eastern boundary of Lagilllere's
shearing plant; thence direct south to
the O. S. L. Railroad company's track,
thence easterly along said track to the
Bear river, thence down west bank of
Bear river to a point two miles north of
the ldaho-Utah state line, thence due
east parallel with, and two miles north
of the ldaho-Utah line to a line two
miles west of the Jdaho-Wyomlng line.
Owyhee—Beginning at the Lambert
ranch on north Sinker creek, thence to
old quartz mill on South Sinker, thence
to Pickett creek, one mile above forks,
thence to head of Hart's creek, thence
down summit to head of North Castle
creek, thence down North Castle creek
two miles below Delap's ranch, thence
the old sitage road to Juniper station
thence south to Long Tom dipping cor
ral, thenoe southeast to Battle creek,
two miles above Randall's ranch, Jherice
southeast to Big Blue creek, one mile
below head of Living Water, thence
southeast to Sage Hen springs, thence
by the shortest way to the second paral
lel line between Cassia and Owyhee.
Cassia—From the second parallel line
between Cassia and Owyhee thence to a
point four miles south where the salmon
river and Devil creek wagon road cros
ses the boundary line \ot
Owyhee counties, running east midway
between said road and state line to
Salmon river Leaving Salmon river at
Gray's ranch, following Canyon road to
Shoshone creek, then following said road
to where the Rock creek timber road
croses same; thence east through
Jackon's Hole to Rock creek, down Rock
creek to Harrington's fork, thence up
said fork to wagon road, thence follow
ing rond to Basin , Patch, via Fuller's
field, thence wagon road to Sawmill
fork to Cottonwood, thence leaving said
creek at Warm Corral hollow, thence up
hollow to top of ridge, thence south, run
ning across head of Square creek basin
to Fall creek, thence up Fall creek to
Badger gulch, thence south over ridge
and down gulch to Goose creek. Leav
ing Goose creek at the mouth of Eme-y
creek, following sa'ld creek to its source,
thence over range crossing the divide at
Birch creek, thence east to tap of range,
following range of mountaina^on western
side near the top north to Oakley and
Albion wagon road, following road go
ing south to Alberton's lane, said lane
south to Loveland's dipping vat, then
base of mountains to Howell creek,
th*nce northeast to telephone line (the
'phone line to Elba), thence telephone
line to Almo, via Ward county road and
old emigrant road to a line two miles
north of the ldaho-Utah state line;
thence continuing due east, parallel with,
but two miles north of IdahOrUtah line
until connected by the other line
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and caused to be affixed the
great seal of the state of Idaho. #
Done at Boise, «the capital, this 2nd
day of May, 1905.
Cassia and
An Opportunity
We want a man
in this locality to sell
the Wheeler &
Wilson Sewing
• We can offer ex
ceptional induce
ments to someone
who commands a
horse and wagon and
can devote his time
to advancing the
sales of our product.
Energetic men
find our proposition
a money-maker, ca
pable of development
into a permanent
and profitable
Wheeled Wilson Mfg.Co.
72 and 74 Wdbash Ave.
Is prepared to do all
kinds of laundrying, etc.
Washings called for and
delivered. Orders can
be left at the Blackfoot
Hotel or at the laundry,
corner Montgomery and
Idaho Streets.
Telephone 124.
eight pages
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