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UitaljD Wivpnblxmn
Vol. XV. No. 13
$3 a Year
Troops of the Allies are Now in Possession of the
Railway Lines of Cambrai-St. Quentin
LONDON, Oct. 9.—For all prac
tical purposes the allied troops now
hold the Cambrai-St. Quentin rail
way. The maximum advance at 2
o'clock this afternoon was five miles,
at Bertry, four miles southeast of
Lecatear. \ .
The German retreat from the
Scarpe river southward to below St.
Quentin, has enabled the British
easily to advance from two or three
miles this morning. r
The Germans started backward
last night. The British have met
with little resistance today, as they
have not been id comtact with the
German main line. *
The weather is bad, otherwise, it is
believed, the British would have ad
vanced further. "
The Germans are burning villages.
This retreat lengthens the line
which the Teutons so long have been
trying to shorten and the Situation
opens many possibilities of retreats
In yesterday's attack between
Cambrai, add St. Quentin the allied
troops made 11,000 prisoners and
captured 20.0 guns.
The city of Cambrai has been cap
tured by the British with'8000 pris
Long Resisting Hun Stronghold
Field Marshal Haig announced the
capture of this long-resisting Ger
man stronghold in ills official state
ment today. ,
The Anglo-Americon attack was
resumed this morning on the entire
Red +ers
Sewers and knitters are entirely
out of material at present. Knitters
have shipped 1025 pairs of socks and
432 sweaters over which the super
visor Mrs. Hendrie is beaming with
satisfaction. Of -course Bingham
county is alrigh( when she under
stands what it wanted. Directions
for knitting a new design in sweaters
will be published soon for which all
knitters are to be on the lookout and
preserve for future use. They will
be published in both the city papers
and perhaps others of the coun'y.
Heavy yarn to the amount of ninety
five pounds Is on the way and knitt
ers are resolved to finish a beautiful,
perfect garment each time. Our boys
' are putting their.very best stroke
"over there" an«f we can do no,less
The Belgian reliefers 1 ''.V'?' get the
boys' suits out,by the fifteenth of thL
month. They have on hand now for
workers a quantity of cotton dresses
Iwomen. Should and woman think
she is asked to do too much for this
chapter, sjie is asked to work on and
be patient until information can be
published in this column. To fall
cheerfully in line and do what is
asked is the only method by which
we can win.
A nation wide campaign for the
collection of certain fruit stones,
fruit pits and nut shells must be vig
orously carried on Immediately.
These materials were urgently
needed to make carbon which is to
protect our men over-seas from Ger
man poison gas. livery organization
and Individual in the county is ex
pected to co-operate and take part in
this vitally important campaign.
The following are the materials to
be collected: Peach stones or seds,
apricot pits, prune pits, plum Tilts,
olive pits, date seeds, cherry pits,
brazil nut shells, walnut shells (Eng
. lleh or native.)
All pits and nuts must be thoroly
dried in ovens or in the sun before
they are delivered to the collection
There is no objection to storing
these materials out of doors as rain
does them no harm, but they must
be thoroly dried when delivered to
the collection center. Only pits from
native cherries can be used. All are
to be delivered to the Red Cross
headquarters on North Main street in
the Buttcane building.
4 , 4 , 4 , 4*4 , 4 , 4*4*4*4*4 , 4*4*4*4*4*4*4 , 4*4*4*4 , 4*F4*4 , 4 , 4*4*4'4*4*
- 4*
Monte B. Gwinn, chairman of Idaho's fourth liberty loan drive 4*
4* made the following statement to the press of the state by wire on 4*
4* Tuesday morning:
"The fake report that the war is over has spread over the state 4*
4* and has had a bad effect on the fourth liberty loan drive in Idaho. 4*
4* This is regretable and its effect must be overcome. Even if the 4*
4* war were over it would be absolutely necessary to put this liberty 4*
4* loan across to pay for past victories, but the'war is not over and the 4*
4* best answer to the kaiser's Insincere peace overture tmd to thd re- 4*
4* ports being spread in Idaho by pro-Germans is to put tme fourth lib- 4*
4* erty loan for Idaho over with a rush. Every business man, every 4*
14* farmer, every laboring man, should come in promptly and show his 4*
14* colors. None should care to have his name appear in the bond 4*
14* slacker list. .j.
|*j* "Thru the courtesy of the press I now make an earnest appeal 4*
It t0 a11 liberty loving organizations to promtly get together and take 4*
Ht steps to offset the circulation of misleading reports. I also urge 4*
all citizens to co-operate to the end that Idaho may not be behind 4*
in this important duty to our government. Idaho has never been 4*
behind in meeting any call, for men or money,
this time in a hurry."
Let's make good 4*
i+4 , + + i i' + 4 , 4 , 4 , + + +4'4 , 4 , + 4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4»4* +
front south of Cambrai, Field Mar
shal Haig reported today. Rapid
progress was being made.
Last night additional progress was
made east of Sequehart and toward
Behain and Maretz.
South of Cambrai the British cap
tured Forenville and reached the
western outskirts of Wallncourt.
The attack this morning was on
the front of the third and fourth
armies and began at 5.20 o'clock.
Attack Resumed on Whole Front
The text of the. statement reads:
"Further progress was made east
of Sequehart and toward Bohaln and
Maretz. Our troops reached the
western outskirts of Wallncourt and
gained the line of the La Targette
Cambral road capturing Forenville.*
' l At 8.40 a. m. the attack was re-.
Burned on the whole front of the
third and fourth armies, first re
ports indicate that rapid progress is
being made everywhere.
"Shortly after midnight Canadian
troops attacked north of Cambrai.
Ramillies has been captured and the
crossings of the Canal d3 l'Escaut se
cured in the neighborhood of the
village. Our troops i.ave entered
"The number of prisoners taken
by us yesterday exceeds 8000 and we
have captured many guns."
LONDON, Oct. 9. -The Standard
says it learns that the Anglo-Ameri
cans advance between Cambrai and
St. Quentin continues, and that the
big railroad town of Busigny, south
west of Le Cateau, has been taken.
War Summary
October 8
Americans and British start new
drive. Haig smashing rear defenses
of the Hindenburg line and captur
ing towns.
Yankees launch drive in Argonne.
Germany must embrace peace
principals. British advance to north
of Scrape. Blache, St. Vaast and
Appy are captured.
Senators denounce Hun offensive
as snare. Vigorous opposition to
Germany's peace feeling voiced in
hot debate in uppei; houses. British
editors scoff at offer.
Any ruse in note to mean rejec
tion. If Germany requests negotlans
leading to quibbling, reply will be in
the negative.
' October 9
American troops in Argonne ad
vance. Commanding heights west
of the Aire and now in hands of U.
S. forces.
Evacuation must proceed peace
talk. Allies smashing Hindenburg
line. British,- American and French
smash last line of the Hindenburg
Liberty loan growing slow. Ten
uk; ; 'yet'i^ee.and millions more are
still requirea. ' :**"i<uis repulsed
while preparing to destroy St. Q* iT
October 10
Allies take important railway.
Italians capture Elbasan City.
Yankees -and French scatter the
Steadily driving Germans
from scene of battles for possession
of Verdun.
Boche kitchens, which recently
rolled with food for Hun, now used
by Americans.
America likely to make Huns pay
dear. Ambassador Sharp is making
personal investigation of havoc
wrought by Huns in retiring.

J. R. Jeppson of ^gden is spend
ing two weeks here harvesting hid
crops on his ranch near Rockford,
and is very much pleased with the op
portunities this county affords.
Mr. Jeppson has farms in Utah,
but states Idaho has greater induce
ments and also states the canals here
looked like Utah rivers. He consid
ers them a wonderful advantage. .
Arol. Showalter, Paul Goodwin,
Herbert Stevens of Blackfoot and Ed
ward Maisch of Aberdeen will leave
here next Tuesday, Oct. 15 fer Van
Couver, Wash., where they will enter
T3he J^oyal Gink yjgain proclaims
HE REAS the people of this galley have gathered dancing park in the place roped off, and will not go into
in ever-increasing numbers to witness the festival the larger space until the grand march, in the presence of
of fun at Blackfoot* and have successfully ob- the King's Court,
served the ninteen "Don'ts" which we published a week
ago for the prevention of accidents at the carnival and King and his Royal Court will emerge from a building on
which are reprinted in column four of page two of this West Bridge street, where red and blue lights mingled with
rediton, and . • - white are displayed on Thursday and Friday evening.
- WHEREAS people pronounce the festival a scream Borne by the Royal float they will pass up Bridge to Broad
of delight fr6m the start and hope it will continue so to way and up Broadway to Pacific, where the Royal gate
the finish, and keeper will admit the float to the antepark, and it will be
WHEREAS the Indian dances were delayed and did driven to the center of the space filled with the dancers wait
npt get into operation until Wednesday evening and are > n g in mask.
now in full swing, and Mayor Stephens will deliver the keys of the city to the
WHEREAS the free dance committee had troubles of Master, of Ceremonies for your Royal Gink and Master of
their own and allowed the dancing street to get filled with Ceremonies L. W. Buckley will read your Royal Gink's
cars and did not get it cleared at all on Tuesday night as proclamation of welcome, after which the dance will be
expected and disappointed the dancers for the evening, and opened with a grand march led by your Royal High Gink
WHEREAS his Royal Nibbs and our Royal Imps, an d his honor the ruler of our city, and dancing will con
Forest Kennedy and Merril Boyle, have undertaken to clear f ' nue unt >l f he turn of the night, the dancers removing their
the way for a masquerade ball for Friday night and pro- niasks after about an hour of dancing. The populace
pose to clear the street and keep it clear and to clean it and invited to line up along the walks, .but not to step off of
file off the rough places Wiith their nail files or something and the walks upon the dancing space, and it is the desire of
fill in the dents with wax imported from the moon, and to y° ur Royal High Gink that in this they, furnish a proof
do these said wonders with their own hands add those they a self-governing people who need no restraint. Specta
hire, and . tors are requested to move eastward on the north side of the
WHEREAS the rest of the fun-makers have given street and westward on the south side, and thereby enable
their permission and have told them to go to it, all my subjects to see the dance at close range.
NOW, therefore, I, the Royal Gink, congratulate all 'Because so many of my subjects have expressed a de
my people upon their sweet dispositions and. unity of pur- sire to have a parade each day and especially to see an
pose and the patience of the public in waiting till Friday Indian parade, these our brethern will assemble m full
night to dance, and I urge them to continue to practice the five costumes on Friday at high noon in front of the Eccles
nineteen "don'ts" printed on page two, and to get their Hotel on Broadway and pose for a photo to be taken by
systems full of fun at the carnival Thursday evening so your Royal open-air photogapher, Ford Hassing, author
they can spare Friday evening Ito witness the- thing con- of Broadway. My white subjects are requested to be pre
nected with the masked ball in the open air known also sent at this pageant, but to stand back as directed by the
as the Mardi Gras (gratr). It is also commmanded that photographer. After the pose, the Indians will march north
they remember that the Blackfot round up closes on Fri- on Broadway, south on Main, west on Judicial, west
day evening and the carnival and Indian dances close on Bridge, north on Ash, easft on Pacific and north on Main
Saturday / evening.
When the band begins to play at 8.6o o'clock, the
to the fairgrounds, where they will circle the race track at
I, your Royal Gink, congratulate the weather clerk 1.30, after which the events of the round up will follow
on his having gotten the storms out of his system last week for two hours in continuous performance. All my subjects
so he could give us sueh perfect festival days and fine nights are invited ito witness them, and it may be their last op
this week. Because of his good behavior and kindly co- portunity to see the wonderous performances of a type of
operation I invite his wesrthelit clerkship to be present at the Americans that is passing by the changes of time.
Mardi Gras and to wear a costume of his own selection, And now my children, jt this eventful time when
so it be a dry garb, and I promise him that the people you are taking a (brief respite from your labors, when the
will all rise and bow low and cheer when he passes thru flower of our American manhood is contesting for our free-*
the'gate into the dancing park as part of the grand march, dom upon the battlefields of Europe, you are requested
I, your Royal Gink, desire to inform all my good peo- to take 10 minutes of your valuable time to sit down and
pie that on Friday evening, the eleventh, the street known read in the Holy Bible the fifth and sixth chapters of the
as Pacific, from Main to Broadway will be blocked to the book of Daniel, and take home to yourselves the grand old
traffic, by slight signs sufficient for an obliging people and lesson of Nebuchedneezer and Belshazzer, and applying it
none are Remitted to tread upon it from curb to curb un- to the present world war, and to -your relations with the
less they wear costume and mask. It matters not what liberty loan committee and the Red Cross society, loosen
the costume or where they get it, whether the mask is any- your purse strings as if you were Daniel saying to the
thing but a piece of cheese cloth covering the face, or kaiser:
whether they get the full outfit from Mrs. Connolly the
Salt Lake costumer at J'Jo. sixty West Pacific street whose
* The interpretation thereof being. "Thou are weighed
office will hie open all day firtd all evening, Thursday and in the balance and found wanting. Thy days are num
Friday. The dancing privilege will be free to all maskers bered. Thy kingdom is divided and given to others." *
who dance and make all the fun they can in proper and • Let your support of the liberty bond and the-Red
innocent ways. Five floor managers will be on duty with Cross and other war activities enable our boys over there
instructions to serve the dancers, to see that none but
maskers enter the dancing park. To discourage fun- lorn,
makers from offending. Done by yourselves and your representatives in the
_ The musicians will take their places on the bandstand land where every individual is a king. Signed this eleventh
at 8.55 and the music begins at nine. The maskers will
semble as early as they wish in the westerly end of the
to write "Finis" upon the house of Hapsburg and Hohenso
day of October by your retiring
A request has come to Blackfoot
for all enlisted men who are home
on furlough at the present time, to
attend the funeral services of
Firth boy who has been in training
and succumbed to an attack of
Spanish Influenza at one of the train
ing camps.
The message was sent to the Red
CroBs department and the name of
the young man was not obtainable,
nor any other information at that
The funeral will be conducted at
Firth Friday or Saturday, but that
will be announced deflnately later.
Diniiig Room Opens
Tuesday Morning, Oct. 8
G, F. HUGHES, Owner
J. H, HUGHES, Manager
This notice is especially for the
enlisted men in town at that time to
please make arrangements
All men from ages of 18 to 40,
who can pass the physical examina
tions can enter the marines.
The marines are first, first to land
in France, last to leave. The marine
corps has three branches of service,
land, sea and air. They know every
thing. Every man who qualifies in
any of the several branches has a
.chance to enter the commissioned of
ficers' school. All promotions are
made from ranks. No civilians are
to attend.
made officers.
Enlist now, show what you are
made of. Only the most perfect are
accepted. All men are examined and
must pass a very severe physical ex
amination. If you get into the ma
—s—- , +
Are getting a great deal of satisfaction out of our business, 4*
owing to the fact that we are giving people the benefits of our good 4>
luck or good management in buying far in advance of our needs 4*
when the market was rising. The merchandising firm that buys on 4*
a rising market, and buys far in advance, can sell according to Its 4*
cost an^make satisfactory profits and yet sell as low as other firms 4*
0 can buy at if they buy for immediate delivery and sale. And that 4*
is not all. A firm may buy far in advance of their needs, but not 4*
get what purchasing agents consider a good buy. If & firm makes 4* '
bad buys on a rising market and then sells them according to cbst, 4*
the customers may have to pay too much. For instance, if we oper- 4*
ated a hundred stores and had 'been In the habit of buying by the 4*
trainload before the war, and now had to go out and pick up all the 4*
odd lots we could find to keep our stores supplied because the gov- 4*
ernment had commandeered all these big supplies, we might have 4*
to pay outrageous prices to keep some stores supplied at all.
We don't have those troubles. We are sticking pretty close to 4*
our old established sources of supply .buying far in advance and 4*
getting good buys. Now we have the advantages of good buys, 4*
rising markets and much of the goods delivered before the rise in 4*
freight rates. Now you know why we are happy these days, selling 4*
merchandise at fair profits and yet giving our customers prices so 4*
satisfactory that they are as pleased as we are. If we took all the 4*
profits we could, the government would have «s pay it over as in- 4*
come tax, so we might just-As well give our customers these ad- 4*
vantages and let thfe customers invest it in thrift stamps and lib- 4*
erty bonds for Uncle Sam to use. The whole combination of cir- 4*
cumstances enables us to give good values and good service and +
enjoy satisfaction in it that we have not experienced before.

4 *
J 5 '
4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4**» 4*4- f !■ f4*4*4*4 > 4-4*4*4- + 4'4'4'
rinse you know you are a real man.
Enlist either at Pocatello or Idaho
Don't wait, enlist now and help
your Uncle Sam put Fritz on the

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