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Sergt. John C. Jenness of Weiser has
seen slightly wounded in France, ac
cording to a cablegram received by his
Mr. and Mrs. William Toy of Castle
Creek, Owyhee county, have sent a
huge squash, weighing 107 pounds, to
the Red Cross Salvage Shop at Boise.
The fourth Liberty Loan bond drive
for Payette county on October 12
showed a total of $201,225, with 1408
The quota for Payette
county was $190,000.
' "the 1918 county fair held at Salmon
last week was the biggest and best
ever held In Lemhi. The agricultural
and horticultural exhibits were the
JI finest of local history.
Curry school was awarded third
prize for best display of school work
S at the Twin Falls county fair at Filer.
P Fourteen premiums for work done by
individual pupils were also awarded
M the school.
S Two trusty prisoners at the Canyon
H county jail took French leave from the
courthouse grounds and have not been
11 captured. The two men were William
Fuller, held for grand larceny, and C.
H B. Smith, held for bootlegging.
■ For a time a portion of the east side
' business district at Pocatello Iff the old
restricted district was threatened by
B flame that broke out in an old building,
gi Both departments responded to the lire
alasm and subdued the flames.
At the state W. C. T. U. session at
Emmett last week these officers were
elected: President, Dr. Emma Drake;
vice president, Mrs. Vance; treasurer,
■ Mrs. Prescott;. secretary, Mrs. Polly;
■ recording secretary, Mrs. Thompson.
Laura E. Hanks, 40 years of age, was
arrested at Ogden, Utah, at the request
* of the sheriff at Montpelier, Idaho,
f . who holds a warrant charging Mrs.
I Hanks with the crime of forgery, al
I leged to have been committed at Mont
I pelier. ,
The state has posted a reward of
$500 for the apprehension of the slayer
of J. C. Sherrod, a member of the
| Pocatello police force, and candidate
| for sheriff of Bannock county, who
f . was killed by a negro. Pocatello has
also posted a reward of $500.
The enrollment In the Students'
Army Training Corps, section A, at
Moscow, Is steadily Increasing, includ
ing men not eligible for general mili
tary service. The total enrollment is
606, which will be increased by the
arrival of the 300 men in section B.
Preparations are well under way for
launching the united war work cam
paign In the southeastern district of
Idaho, headquarters for which are lo
cated In Pocatello. The state's allot
ment In the welfare fund drive which
is to be made from November 11 to 18,
is $426,250.
Methodists held their church ser
vices on the lawn on the east side of
the church at Boise last Sunday. A
piano was moved on to the main en
trance and the program was given over
largely to singing. Automobiles were
'drawn up. to the curb and were used
for church seats.
The Idaho Falls school, board on
October 15, decided to close all depart
ments of the school until the quaran
tine for Spanish influenza has been
raised. Several mild cases of the epi
demic have developed in this vicinity,
two of them being transients. The
country schools have not been closed.
Lieut. Raymond Hill, formerly a
member of F company, 2nd Idaho, was
4 killed September 14 In France, ac
cording to word received by friends
at Lewiston, his home. He had been
assigned to the aviation service and
was expecting to enjoy a furlough
after a year's duty when he was killed.
Mrs. Nelson Milllck of Post Falls is
working in the Interest of a measure
which she hopes to see enacted as a
law In Idaho at the next session of the
legislature. The measure, lf-placed on
the statutes, would make state care of
all deformed children mandatory,
where the parents were unable to care
for them.
Judge Dunlap of the probate court
at Boise decided In favor of the illegiti
mate daughter in the case of (Sertrude
Pinner Lewis vs. Eugene Looney, ad
ministrator for the estate of It. C.
Goodwin, in which she will receive
more than $40,000. Goodwin was a
wealthy sheep man of Boise, who was
I ' murdered In the fall of 19*6 at On
In connection with the annual meet
ing of the synod of the Presbyterian
church of Idaho at Twin Falls, the or
ganization of the Women's Synodical
Missionary society was effected at a
meeting of 32 women who were in at
tendance and who enrolled as the
charter members of the organization.
Sheep shipments are very heavy
from McCall this fall. About 33,000
head will be shipped out during this
month. Orders have been placed at
the local depot for 109 cars.
Prof. Solen W. Cunningham, for
merly head of the department of ag
riculture and director of athletics at
the Albion state normal school, died
Wednesday, October 9, of bronchial
pneumonia, caused by Spanish Influ
By order of the federal and state
food administrations, the grading of
potatoes by licensed dealers seeking
markets outside the state will be com
pulsory, Harvey Allred, director of the
state farm markets bureau, announced
in a bulletin Issued last week.
Parents of men from Boise City who
have been killed In action In the serv
ice Of the United States military and
naval forces will be presented with a
document expressing the appreciation
of Boise City of the supreme sacrifice
which has been .paid by the man on
the field of honor.
The following poem was sent to
' Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Crouch of More
land, whose son Orson is in the Ma
rine corps. He is still in the U. S..
but the company is all ready to sail
at any time:
The Law of the Marine Corps
(With Apoligies to Service)
(By Orson crouch)
This is the law of the marine corps,
an devery they make it plain:
"Send not your foolisji and feeble,
, send me your strong and sane—
strong for the perils of warfare;
] strong for the boredom of peace;
i Send me the men ready for battle,
I or patient with kitchen police.
Send me men born of strong parents,
| from homes in manison or street,
Whether reared in city or prairie will
never acknowledge defeat.
Send not your hot house orchids,
raised on a silver spoon,
Their stomachs revolt pn beans and
slums, their end comes all to soon.
Send men keen for drilling, men that
are born to the gun,
Send me men raging for Hun blood,
eager to sail for France;
Men that are men to the letter, with
the courage to take their chance.
These are the men wanted, these are
the favored ones,
These will I take to my bosom, these
will 1 call my sons.
But the others, the weaklings, the
grouches, I spurn with no gentle
The cowards, the slackers ,the
slouches; these are the kind that
won't suit.
This is the law of the marine corps,
that only the strong shall thrive;
That surely the weak shall perish,
and only the fit survive;
The desolute, damned and despair
ful, the weaklings are crippled or
This is the law of the marine corps,
and lo—how they make it plain.
In the matter of the estate of Alex,
Randquist ,deceased.
Notice to Creditors
Notice is hereby given by the un
dersigned, administratrix of the
estate of Alexander Randquist, de
ceased, to the creditors of and all
persons having claims against the
said deceased to exhibit such claims
with the necessary vouchers within
ten months after the first publica
tion of this notice to the administra
trix of said estate at the office of
John W. Jones, East Main street, in
the City of Blackfcot, Bingham
county, Idaho, which r-id office the
undersigned selects- as her place of
business in all matters connected
with the estate of Alexander Ran
quist, deceased.
Date of first publication October
15, 1918.
Dated this fourteenth day of Octo
ber, 1918.
Administratrix of the Estate of Alex
Ranquist, deceased.
A special meeting of the stock
holders of the New Lavaside Ditch
company will be held at the Rose
hall, Saturday, November 2nd, at
3 p. m., for the purpose of voting on
the question of whether this company
shall join with the Peoples' Canal
company In construction of a feeder
for both canals.
Notice of Special Municipal Bond
Pursuant to the laws of the State
of Idaho and Ordinance No. 220 of
the City of Blackfoot, In the State of
Idaho, notice is hereby given that a
special election will be held In the
City of Blackfoot, within the respec
tive wards of said city, at the voting
places hereinafter designated, on the
nineteenth day of November, 1918,
beginning at the hour of 9 o'clock
a. m. and closing at the hour of 7
o'clock p .m. of said day for the pur
pose of taking a vote of the quali
fied electors who are taxpayers in
said city, upon the following ques
"Shall the mayor and common
council of the City of Blackfoot is
sue the negotiable coupon bonds of
said city in the amount of ninety
five thousand dollars ($95,000) to
provide money for acquiring, by pur
chase or otherwise, a waterworks
plant for said municipality, and a
water supply therefor ,and for con
structing, enlarging, extending, re
pairing, altering and improving said
Said election shall be held and the
vote upon said question shall be
taken within the respective wards
of said city at the following desig
nated places, to wit:
First ward, high school building;
second ward, county court house;
third ward, Irving school building;
fourth ward, city hall.
All persons who at the time of said
election are qualified electors of said
City of Blackfoot, and who are tax
payers therein, and none others,
shall be qualified to vote at said elec
tion on said question. The voting at
said election sht.ll be by ballot.
City Clerk.
Buttons, with the insignia of the
woman's committee, council of de
fense may be obtained In 1000 lots
to retail at 10 cents each.
Any one wishing one of these
buttons send their name to Mrs. E.
Thoreson, county chairman of wo
man's committee and If the aggre
gate number of the state reaches
1000 the order will be sent in.

Call 236
Allen's Transfer
and get your
hanllng done
Sunday order should be in before
9 a. m.
Office Phone 38$
Residence 178 Black
If there is any doubt as to the Townley movement, known as the Non-partisan
league, being camouflaged radical socialism, read the follownig statements of fact:
Extract from a letter written to one William Head of Mitchell, S. D.... The letter is
signed "George" and is written on the stationery of a hotel in Mitchell.... The letter reads
as follows:
"Dear Comrade:
The Farmers' Non-partisan league is organizing
here in-great shape, and the farmers are falling all over
themselves to get into it. There have been several stayed
here and I guess there is one in every county. (Evidently
meaning an organizer.) Most every farmer falls for it
and it is sure good. THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED
The authenticity of this letiter is vouched for by the Sioux Falls Press of Sioux Falls, S. D. and the
Lesterville, S. D. ( Ledger.
According; to Townley's own sworn. statement, he
absolutely controls the Non-partisan league, hiring and
firing employees at will.
Following is a list of leaders, officers and workers of
the Non-partisan league who are claimed to be socialists
and have not been known to deny it:
A. C. TOWNLEY, President of National Non-partisan League,
registered as socialist at Beach, N. D., on April 11, 1914.
Was socialist speaker and organizer prior to forming the
league. '
A. E. BOWEN, socialist lecturer and organizer from Bowman, N.
D., partner with Townley in forming the league, twice candi
date on the socialist state ticket in North Dakota, Chief
Clerk of the House in the last legislative session, now State
Manager of the league in South Dakota.
ARTHUR LeSEUER, formerly of Minot, where he was elected
Mayor on the socialist ticket, later dean of the law depart
ment at People's College at Girard, Kan., a socialist school,
now "executive secretary" of the league at St. Paul head
O. M. THOMASON, one time editor of socialist paper, Iconoclast,
at Minot; radical and pronounced socialist; since the early
formation of the league haft been one of Townley's most
trusted men.
HENRY TEIGEN, formerly editor of the Iconoclast, ardent social-*
1st, of late private secretary and confidential advisor to Town
F. B. WOOD, from Deerlng, N. D., socialist, farmer;
original members and managers of the league; now on execu
tive committee.
BEECHER MOORE, ex-preacher, formerly socialist lecturer In
Wisconsin and other states, now prominent among organi
zers of the league.
I>. C. DORMAN, formerly of Minot, prominent in socialist and I.
W. W. circles; of late prominent in league as organizer in
I). C. COATS, former socialist city commissioner of Spokane;
chief parliamentarian and advisor of^Townley at Bismark dur
ing 1917 legislative session.
J. AV. BRINTON, former socialist mayor of Beach, N. D., now gen
eral- manager of the Townley chain stores; also famous for
various other things. Look up his record at Beach.
HOWARD B. WOOD, son of F. B. AVood, pronounced socialist,
speaker of the House in last session of the N. D. legislature;
I close in the inner circles of the league.
EDWARD WOOD, a brother of Howard, socialist; assistant clerk
in the House at the 1917 session; league organizer and
nected with the publication of the League periodicals.
' H. L. ELLIOTT, once candidate for mayor of Minot on the so
cialist ticket, was for some time State Manager of the league
for North Dakota, now in some other important position
at St. Paul headquarters.
one of the
H. L. Elliott, former state manager for North Da
kota of the Non-partisan league said: "The Socialists' are
building this organization and they are going to rule it.
They (the Socialists)' will be placed in all responsible of
fice and all remunerative positions, both in the organiza
tion and in the state affairs. We are also organizing a
Home Guard as nearly among the Reds as possible, that
will be officered by Reds, so that when we get control of
the state government they cannot overthrow us.
The Republican County Central Committees of Adams
and Hettinger Counties, N. D., consisltinig of members and
representatives of the Non-partisan league, at their meet
County of
elector, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that my name and signature aa signed below is my true name and signature. If I
~-.. lnd it was signed at my request by the attesting officer.
Present residence is in Sec.....r:.—
I, the
hers not personally signed it, it is becanae....:...— .:.r*
My age is. £<3...years and occupation....
nati v i ty
(State or Outer Wku* Bon)
_County, North Dakota; (or if city or town) at No..
in tbs city of- QL
I belong to the.
testimony whereof I sign my name two times.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this./i...II
...Postoffice address
_party; that I have resided in this state for one year immediately preceding this election. In
.... Elector
.Comity, Stoto of North Dakota
. .
Assessor ft tad for.
rtrttr VUtaft)
It has been denied that Townley
Is a Socialist. It has been denied
that his work is Socialistic. But it
is significant that he was a registered
Socialist in North and that
practically all the Socialists and I.
W. W.'s in Bingham county have
joined the Nonpartisans. We have
a good many men in Bingham county
who hive always shown the I. W. Wt
A rose ibiy another name smells just as sweet, and
we are perfectly willing to let them pull our chestnuts
out of the fire'while it is hard work, for after the band
wagpn starts it will be no job at all, and they can't com
plete their program without embracing socialism any
how. All the organizers admlit this, but the farmers
have not realized it yet, thank the Lord, and I hope they
will not until it is too late for them to turn back."
WALTER THOMAS MILLS, prominent socialist lecturer; close
friends of Kate Richards O'Hare; now on Townley's pay rool
as chief lecturer. . , .
GEORGE E. TOTTEN, from Bowman, socialist and close friend
of Kate; now member of North Dakota board of regents.
THOMAS N. KEYS, formerly socialist agitator in State of Wash
ton, where he was close friend of Coats and Townley, of late
Treasurer of the Non-partisan league.
MAX EASTMAN, of Peace Council fame; prominent socialist agita
tor and of late prominent lecturer and organizer of the
[email protected]&gU6.
GEORGE GRIFFITH, socialist, promeninent organizer for the
league in both North Dakota and Minnesota.
L. L. GRIFFITH, brother of George, socialist; Townley's "fixer."
J. C. DUNCAN, formerly socialist mayor of Butte, Mont.; of late
in charge of league work in South Dakota, but now said
to be on the league pay rool on one of their North Dakota
W. H. TALMADGE, socialist; one of the best paid speakers and
organizers in the league.
R. L. COOPER, a registered socialist in North Dakota; prominent
organizer and has been in charge of league work in Kansas.
JOSEPH GILBERT, prominent socialist from the east; of late
organization manager for the league at St. Paul headquarters.
J. J. HASTINGS, formerly with the socialist Iconoclast at Minot;
now Townley's banker and bank organizer in North Dakota;
with the Scandinavian Bank at Fargo; the holder of Town
ley's bank stocks.
LEON DUROCHER, formerly of Grand Forks, former candidate
for congress on socialist ticket; important organizer in league.
GEORGE I). BREW'ER, formerly socialist member of Kansas leg
lature; lately in charge of the publicity department of the
league at St. Paul.
J. A. KUL8TAI), registered socialist of Grand Forks, office man
ager for Townley -while at Fargo; prominent organizer for
league In North Dakota and Montana.
E. R. FRY,, candidate for U. S. Senator on socialist ticket in North
Dakota in 1916; has been league's treasurer in Kansas.
L. L. RANDALL, sollalist; convicted of sedition in Minnesota; has
been conspicious among league speakers and organizers.
OSCAR I<. EVANS, socialist; was one of the first members named
on the executive committe of the league by Townley.
J. A. CURRIE, socialist, minister and spiritualist; league worker
in Oklahoma and Texas.
J. ARTHUR WILLIAMS, radical socialist; at one time chief or
ganizer for the league in Minnesota, later in Montana.
A. MEITZEN, Texas socialist; editor of the German edition of the
Non-partisan Leader; noted speaker for the league in Ger
man districts.
L. N. SHELDON, registered socialist in North Dakota; was placed
In charge of league organization work in Oklahoma.
SMYTH, an avowed socialist and I. W. W.; one of the star
organizers of the league.
J. P, CRAIG, socialist barber from Grand Forks; has been doing
league organizing in Texas.
L. L. STAIR, of Bottineau County; socialist; member of the House
in last legislative session; on pay roll of the league as speaker.
THOMAS HENNESSEY, of Bottineau, socialist; covering state as
special organizer. „
N, A. MASON, former socialist organizer, speaker and entertainer;
now private secretary of Governor Fralzer, and Townley's pri
vate guard over state affairs in North Dakota.
O. T. RISHOFF, formerly of Milton; chief, of the league news
papers and publications.
AXEL STORM, formerly socialist sheriff of Williams coun.ty, N. D.;
now state manager of the league for North Dakota.
ing in July, 1918, passed the following resolution:
Whereas, it is the sense of people in control of the
present nominees of the Republican party thait the state
should own the business in the state of North Dakota, and
Whereas, we believe in equality and justice: Be it resolved,
that our state committeeman be instrudted to have placed in
the platform of the Republican party and the nominees for
the legislature from the 49th Legislaive District be in
structed to advocate the state ownership of farm lands,
horses, cattle and machinery, and that the same be acquired
on the basis of values for the three years immediately pro
ceeding the war.
spirit, and they have all joined the
league. Whenever we have criticised
the league or expressed any doubt
about the sincerity of Its leaders, It
has been the I. W. W. type of men
and the Socialists who have rushed
in to stop their subscriptions to our
paper and to say nasty things about
it, and intimate that we might bet
ter get in line and work for them to

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