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The Mclllveen brothers played for
smother dance here last Saturday
Basket Ball Game
The Blackfoot high school team
played the Shelley high here last
Saturday evening, the game was
rather one-sided in favor of the vis
itors. The score was 36 to 18 The
Shelley boys need to get into the
game and practice more passing and
more team work. Bert Miller refereed
the game Blackfoot has a good
team this year and have won every
game they have played.
New Pipe Organ
William Seifert, proprietor of the
Stag pool hall here, recently installed
, another high class musical instru
ment in place of an old one he had
there. The new instrument is a
combination of an organ, piano and
a stringed instrument, and furnishes
good music. Mr. Seifert has had
several musical instruments in his
place of business, but the one lately
installed seems to be the most sat
isfactory and up-to-date.
J. F. Shelley returned from Long
Beach, Cal. last week to attend to
some important business affairs here.
Ben Farqhuar now has his big
oven repaired and will endeavor to
furnish his many customers with as
many bakery products and more
than he did formerly.
V. V. Malcom was a Firth visitor
last week.
A. R. Woodward and family will
move to their farm near Blackfoot
this week. This family has made
- many friends while living in the
■vicinity of Shelley; and these many
friends hate to see a good citizen
and his family leave, but wish them
success in their new place of resi
The dance here last Saturday
evening was well attended. Many
Blackfoot people who came up to
see the game on that night also at
tended the dance.
L. J. Moore and L. Ivan Jensen
were business visitors in Salt Lake
City all last week.
Milton Kelley came home Thurs
day last week having received his
discharge from the service of Uncle
Sam. His many friends here are glad
to see him home for good this time.
Several young people of Shelley
attended the dance at Firth last
Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Kingsbury went to
Idaho Falls last Saturday evening
and spent over Sunday with friends
at that place.
An unpleasant snow-storm and
blizzard hit this section last Thurs
day evening lasting for two or three
hours. The roads drifted, making
many of the side roads impassable
for cars, the main road has remained
.fairly good tho.
The Rebekah ladies initiated five i
new, members into their' - lodge last
Wednesday evening at their last
meeting. After the initation a big
feed was given in honor of the new
members, which all present enjoyed.
Lodge activities here have taken a
new vim since the disappearance of
the flu.
Mrs. J. L. Moore entertained the
Past Grand club on Tuesday last
The Ladies' Aid society met at the
home of Mrs. M. L. Wirt on Thurs
day last week. A pleasant after
Inoon was spent.
Mr. and Mrs. Kingsbury recently
purchased a house and let on the
east part of town.
Mr, and Mrs. Strong are moving
into the residence of Mrs. J. L.
Moore this week. •
: ./
T iZ.il
illiii 1 '!
P 1
... N -
iiimm»""i | "I | "I |
Copyright lit!
R. J. Reynold!
Tobacco Co.
1 m.
P LAY the smokegame with a jimmy
pipe if you're hankering for a hand
out for what ails your smokeappetitel
For, with Prince Albert, you've got a new listen on the pipe question
that cuts you loose from old stung tongue and dry throat worries!
f Made by our exclusive patented process, Prince Albert is scotfree
from bite and parch and hands you about the biggest lot of smokefun
that ever was scheduled in your direction 1
Prince' Albert is a pippin of a pipe-pal; rolled into a cigarette it
beats the band! Get the slant that P. A. is simply everything any
man ever longed for in tobacco! You never will be willing to
figure up the sport you've slipped-on once you get that Prince
Albert quality flavor and quality satisfaction into your smokesystem!
You'll talk kind words every time you get on the firing line!
T»ppy ml bath tidy nd tint, handtom* pound and half-pound tin humi
dor*—and—that dairy, practical pound cryttal plait hnnidor with
iponpa moiitcncr top that kempt the tobacco in each perfect condition.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, Fjf. C
I ♦ 1 1 ♦♦ l *
Mrs. J. 0. Mote is visiting her
sister Mrs. Fox, who lives near Lo
gan, Utah.
P. P. Parsons returned Thursday
from a short business trip to Sait
Lake City.
Mrs. Earl Taylor has as her
guests her mother and step-father
of Arco.
Miss Louise Verbick went to
Aberdeen Friday to have some
dental work done.
Glen Forman pt Moreland was
the guest of his uncle, A. D. Nelson
and family this week.
The Parent-Teachers' associa
tion met for the first time this year
at the school house Friday, Feb. 28.
Owning to the inclemency of
weather there was not a large at
tendance^ Mrs. Neil Gravatt was
elected president, Mrs. Driscoll vice
prdaident and Mrs. Hazpl Von Losti
wicka secretary. The following
program was rendered:
Paper "Value of Parent-Teachers'
Association Mrs. Herman' Tiechert
Paper, "Relation of Parents to the
Music by an Edison graciously
loaned by Mrs. L. Nugent for the
occasion, Refreshments were served.
The next meeting will be in two
Several sleigh loads of young peo
ple from here attended the basket
social at Grandview Saturday even
Mias Rosa Hale
Mrs. Von Lostiwlcka
.Arvel Corbrldge
A large number from here at
tended the auction sale of Mrs. M.
Wiltamuth at Grandview Wednesday.
Notwithstanding the fact that It was
a very disagreeable day a large
crowd was out and things brought
a good price. Mr. Fugate of Aber
deen was tjje auctioneer.
Mr. Christensen of Idaho Falls is
visiting at the Peterson sheep camp.
The MissfeS Nazzle Bowling, Rosa
Hale and the Messers Blair and
Christensen attended the dance at
Springfield Wednesday evening.
The local Red Cross chapter are
now making garments for the Bel
gian refugees. Any one wishing to
help may get the material at the
school house from Mrs. Andrews.
In the future the meetings will he
held every two weeks, Thursday
3.30 p. m. at the school house. *
A. L. Carlile made a business trip
to Blackfoot the first of the week.
Mrs .Grace Faulconer, county sup
erintendent passed thru here Tues
day enroute to Aberdeen.
Found: two sheep came to my
ranch last October. No brands or
marks visible. Owner may have
^ame by identifying same and paying
feed bill and fees for advertising.
Sterling, Idaho.
difficulty in the use of such papers 1
to establish a false claim to.citizen-'
ship. The temptation to resort to I
the use of certificates'as a means of
Requests to the bureau of natural
ization, department of labor, for new
certificates to replace those alleged
to have been lost practically doubled
during the year of war, the number
advancing from' 19
1917 to
the bureau's figures.
The increase was looked upon as
decidedly suspicious, coming when it
did, and suggested the necessity for
e corising greater caution, since
there is neither much risk nor much
for the year
805 for 191S, according to
Market Prices Named by
Everybody's Store
We are glad to tell the public the market news these days because it is good news. Prices
have declined for most of the staple articles, and in naming prices at our store we have the .
satisfaction of naming market prices based on buying standard new goods in the open mar
ket where everybody could buy and replenish their stocks if they moved quick enough. As
we have said before, our stock was low, we bought our new stock during the first few days
after this season's prices were made, we shipped promptly, and we now have the fresh new
goods on sale.
These are not special sales nor bargain sales for one week only, nor for any period, but to
come in and buy as much or as little as you want at any time because the lid is off and prices
are established on this new level. * ' .
The following quotations will give some idea of the market now, and the Seeger-Bundlie
company are the first ones to announce these prices in Blackfoot.
28-inch standard percale,
old price 25c, new
sale price
Ideal extra fine un
bleached muslin, oldOA^
price 25 c, now
Amoskeag staple apron
gingham, present 00^
price ""
Some good patterns of
red seald toile Du
Norde ginghams at
15 *
25 *
twilled cotton-fla n n e 1
Men's heavy weight, in
digo-dyed, dark-b 1 u e,
full cut over- $ 1.75
32-inch zepher ginghams,
old price 50c
36-inch . cotton challies,
splendid for kimo
nas and comforts,
35 *
25 *
cloth, old price 35c OM
Hope bleached mus-OO^
lin, present price ""
Corticellii 100-yard 1
spool silk, our price A"
Standard table oil
cloth, our price
Fine mercerized
40 *
25 *
We can't enumerate all the kinds of goods and the prices, but these give you an idea of the
market as it-is now, and as it must remain for some time until conditions change in the pro
duction and delivery of raw materials at the factories. Note that we are the first ones to
give actual market prices here, and if others announce special sales, we invite comparisons
with our regular market prices for similar goods that are fresh from the mills.
Seeger-Bundlie Company
escaping the operation of executive
exclusion of alien enemies from cer
tain areas, as well as more sinister
uses of the documents, was realized
by the buearu's officials, who there
fore exercised great care in scanning
the evidence ■ of loss or destruction
of certificates.
In the Case of naturalized persons
formerly citizens of enemy countries
applicants were forced to show an
urgent necessity for a certificate in
the immediate future, leaving the
bureau to determine whether or not
the application should be granted.
i Of the 3805 requests for copies of
1 lost or destroyed certificates of
naturalization 1367 were for copies
I of certificates issued since January 1,
U. W. Taylor returned from Salt
Lake Saturday night, after shipping
a car load of cattle to that place.
, , , , a . , ,, , ..
to her home at Spanish Fork, after
a short visit with triends and rela
Mrs. Jay Langley returned Tuesday
from Pocatello *
Mr. and Mrs. George Mason, - Mr.!
and Mrs. Jay Langley, John Norman
and family, Leo Gushwa and J W.
Wareing met at the home of Mr. and
.Mrs. Louis . elt Thursday
' • ,, ,, „ ,, '
The stockholders of the -New Lava
side Ditch Co. met at the hall Satur
day for the purpose of electing of
ficers for the following year. The
following officers and directors were
elected: J. G. .lohnston, president;
Louis Felt, secretary and treasurer;
Albert Gardner, J. G. Johnston, Nels
Johnston and Louis Felt directors.
Mr. and Mrs. George Mason and
son Donald were entertained at a
dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T.
E. Short of Blackfoot. '
, T , t 1 xr - ,
-Ir. and Mrs. John Norman and
family spent Friday night a the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Felt.
Miss Gladys Stone has returned
tives here.
U. W. Taylor and family spent
Sundav with Albert Gardner and
Delbert Taylor Jook Walter Jack
man's car to Pocatello^with him this
week and will work on it at school.
The dance given at the hall Friday
night was well attended.
Miss Norma Johnston spent the
week-end with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. G. Johnston.
Miss Wilma Goff spent the week
end with Miss Edna Barker.
W. G. Goff had the misfortune to
loose a horse last week.
George Wareing has entered high
school. He started Monday.
Lloyd Carlos spent the week-end
with his parents and 'took Mr. Swen
sen's car hack to Pocatello with him,
where he will work on it.
Surgeon General of Navy Urges Con
gress to Make Appropriation
tor Research
WASHINGTON.—Recurrence next
winter of the lnfluenaz epidemic
which caused thousands of deaths in
all parts of the country during the
past five months was predicted Wed
nesday by Rear Admiral W. C.
Braisted, surgeon general of the
navy in a letter to representative
Fees of Ohio, urging that an appro
priation be made by congress for re
search work to determine the cause
of the disease and its cure.
An appropriation of $300,000 for
the study of disease ist carried in the
sundry civil appropriation bill, now
before the house, but Admiral Brais
ted said this would not be sufficient
to undertake the research work on
the necessary large scale. He recom
mended a special appropriation to be
divided between the public health
service, the surgeon general of the
army and the surgeon general of the
A welcome-home party and dance
was given last Friday in honor of
the soldier boys, wlio have returned
from the service. The wives of the
Commercial club' officers met at the
. .
, , . T!ie remaining part,
of the evening was spent in dancing.
Thei"e was a large crowd present and
all had a very enjoyable time.
Mrs. Franceile Young has pur
chased the house and lot which form
® rl >; ^longed to John Craft,
,., V r - a , nrt M t r . s - Bu f a ha '' e 0
Rtah ' Y h « re i hey wlH v,st w,ht rela
tives 0 lIr ' Bues -
igether-with tneir wives, went to Po
catello last Tuesday on a business
. „ „,
h° m e,ot Mrs. kyans and prepared a
supper tor them. After the supper
they went to the town hall, where a
s ] lort program was rendered. Some
of the so ia ieTs gave a drill. The dif
ferent l)U gle calls were illustrated by
Oro Lindsay.
Oliver and Virgil McBride, to
Mrs. Laura Wray, who has been
serving as president of the primary
organization, for a number of years,
has resigned her position. The pri
mary lias been re-organized with
Mrs. Cutforth as president, Mrs.
Susie Englahd as first councelor and
Mrs. Russel Lindsay as second coun
John Worden, once a resident
of this place, but who is .now living
in Butte. Mont, was a guest at the
home of his sister-in-law Mrs.
Mrs! Lewis Robbins went to Boise
recently to visit with her husband
.who is busy with his political duties
at that place.
Maroni Wray, who has been work
ing on the B. & B. gang for the O. S.
L. has returned home, because there
is not enough work for the men at
the present time. He may return
to his work in the near future.
Death of A. P. Benson
Andrew P. Benson, age eighty-six
years, died last Saturday evening at
12 o'clock, after having been ill 1 for
some time. His sickness was caused
from a paraletic stroke, combined
with other complications. Saturday
evening he took a severe caughing
spell and got from his bed to sit in
a chair; and it was while sitting
erect in the chair that he passed
away. Mr. Benson was a patriorch
of the church of Jesus Christ of Lat
ter Day Saints, also the post master
of this town. He has lived here for
many years and was much loved by
all who knew Iiim. His relatives
and friends grieve over the loss of
such a dear friend.
Mrs. Anna Dalton of Filer, Idaho,
the eldest daughter, has been at the
bedside of her father and cared for
him' all during the illness
We desire to say to our butter
wrapper patrons that we received a
shipment of our old standard, pure
vegetable parchment papers this
week, and we solicite your business
knowing that we can render a ser
vice that will be pleasing and satis
factory to you. To those who have
not given this unsurpassable butter
wrapper a trial, we would say, "A
trial will convince you." Idaho Re

• i 'I I T VTTT
The hoys from here who have ar
rived home are very glad to see their
home town and familiar faces. There
are quite a number still in the ser,
vice. Among those who have ar
rived recently are Pvt. Marion Elli
son, Sgt. Horace Fulmer and Ken
neth Fulmer. Mr. Ellison and wife
will make their home in Groveland.
Horace has gone on to Rexburg,
where his wife is making her home
and Kenneth stopped at Pocatello,
where his prospective wife is em
ployed, and where his father now re
The young men's and young ladies'
mutual gave an opening party last
Wednesday evening. Games, danc
ing and a fine lunch were the fea
tures of the evening,
were re-organized
The mutuals
recently with
Varion Hale president and'Marvin
Ellison flint and Mr. Whiting second
counselor. The young ladies now
have Viola Bowker as president with
Almanie Hale and Hattip Pope
The Relief society will conduct
their annual celebration on the four
teenth of March instead of the seven
teenth. A good program has been
arranged and a picnic will lie en
joyed as usual. The presidency
wishes every one in the ward to con
sider themselves invited.
In'the near future there will he
school entertainment at the ward
hall. There will be a good program.
Lunch boxes will be sold to the high
est bidder. r
The ward house is to be cleaned
during the coming week. The Relief
society is considering the matter of
giving it a good cleaning by putting
on a new coat of paint and adorning
the windows with new curtains. The
new heating system installed
cently is a great improvement over
the old stove system. 1
H. C. Taylor shipped seventy-five
stock cattle to Downey, Idaho
cently and is expecting to load 600
head of fat lambs for Omaha about
the tenth of March.
Back to Idaho to stay
Roll up your old hats, send to
me, I will return to you same
as new.
Jack the Hatter
Pocatello, Idaho
Parcel Post Hatter of Idaho

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