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Official Paper of City and County
$3 a Year
Vol. XV. No. 37 a
To Advertise Snake River Valley Men of Four
States Plan Great Sporting Event. Land Much
*• Money in Gate City and Other Towns
Sixty men sat down around a big
table In Pocatello last Wednesday
and planned to give Idaho the great
est period of advertising and the
greatest stream of tourists and sight
seers the state has ever witnessed.
The subject chosen for the great
primary drawing-card is the pro
posed Willard-Dempsey boxing
match at Pocatello on the fourth of
July, to fix once more the honor
of the world's * championship for
clean sport in maintaining self by
skill and physical powers.
This event is to be a contest be
tween two white men, raised under
the stars and stripes, and the fact
that Dempsey was a Utah boy, makes
some difference with intermountain
people. Salt Lake City and Odgen
sent big men to the meeting to say
that those cities will send delega
tions by trainloads and the auto
route to see the great cpmbat, and
these two cities alone are furnish
ing $ 45,000 of the guaranty fund.
Before the world war, boxing was
going out of fashion, it being con
sidered, that the world was to be
ruled by the dove of peace, but that
view has received such rude shocks
people are coming back again to the
saying of the great Roosevelt, "Buy
your kid a punching bag and teach
him how to use it."
Boxing Gaining Recognition
Our men in France proved to the
world that men skilled in sports, are
skilled in using their heads in a
contest while they use their hands
and bayonets and all the other im
plements of winning, and France has
incorporated the American games
and sports into her army, including
American women who had been
saying "I did not raise my boy to
be a soldier," are now convinced
that this old world is a training
7 %
Seven per cent money on irri
gated farms In Bingham, Butte
and Custer counties.
Blackfoot, Idaho
Orpheum Theater
Three days starting Tuesday, April i
Charlie Chaplin
"Shoulder Arms"
3 acts
The best comedy ever made by this
"The Romance of Tarzan"
The concluding chapters of
Tarzan of the Apes
The Cataclysmic romance of primeval
man and his modem mate midst jungle
wiilds and palaces.
Our word, this is some show.
Matinees all three days
Night 25C-50C'
Matinee prices 15C-25C
BeebeV Third Annual Life Insurance Meeting
at K. P. Hall, Seven Thirty p. m., Wednesday, April Second
i iwwniswi i iranwjuHiMSL— J
school for courage and character
and skill, and they are raising their
boys to be men—fighting when
necessary—but manly men at all
times, and four women in Idaho's
legislature voted to enact a bill giv
ing the legal right to hold boxing
matches in Idaho, up to twenty
rounds. One of these women in vot
ing, said she did not raise her boys
to be mollycoddles, and she wanted
them to have the right to box and
to see clean, manly sport *by the
finest skill in the world.
Idaho Legislators Said
Another of these 'women in the
Idaho legislature said she had four
sons in the army, and they were
all training as boxers and in every
kind of clean, manly sport, and she
wished she could take them all to
witness the cleanest, fairest boxing
contest of the age in which they
lived; that the returning soldier hav
ing whipped the foulest foe on earth
by the cleanest fighting on earth,
should have the privilege of sitting
down in' a great stadium in his
own fair state and watching a box
ing match between champions if
he wanted to. The folks who do not
care to see it, will not be called
upon to go to see nor to participate
—altho the average mother's son
has been requirecf to go and partici
pate in the big fight in Europe to
protect the mollycoddles along with
the rest of us. She was glad of
the opportunity to vote for the bill
Encouragement From Everywhere
Some of the big men of four states
were present at the meeting, or
wired their attitude on the questihn
of bringing the nation's sports to
the Snak^ river valley, and there
were offers of substantial support
for the undertaking. A convass of
the matter indicated that it would
take nearly a quarter of a million
dollars as a guaranty fund and for
all expenses, and it was decided to
handle it as chautauquas are
handled, securing a fund Of cash
deposits and promisdpry notes to
place on deposit to secure the com
mittee against loss. It is expected
that the sales of tickets and of con
cessions in the city where the fight
held, will amount to something
like a quarter of a million dollars,
but the people who sign the con
tracts to incur the expense of train
ing the boxers- erecting the great
stadium and handling the advertis
ing and a score of other lines of
expense, must be secured against
all contingencies.
Continued on page eight
Idaho to be Represented by a Body of 100,000
Home Boosters. Seeking Government Loans
for Development of Public Lands
Major Fred R. Reed is visiting
the towns of the Upper Snake river
valley and southern Idaho .building
up an organization known as the
Idaho Reclamation association. The
purpose of this association is to
organize about a hundred thousand
members to carry on the work of
presenting Idaho's claims to federal
appropriations and federal loans to
be used in pushing the reclamation
of Idaho's public lands in ways that
cannot be accomplished by private
enterprise. Major Reed is not work
ing for any particular project, but
for Idaho, and that includes all of
them within the state, and the stor
age of some of the waters of a sister
state that drain this way.
One Body Doing Work of All
The work that has been carried
on by smaller organizations working
independently will hereafter be done
thru one body, with the smaller oqes
in the different counties as branches
of it, and all presenting their case
at once for co-operation, It greatly
reduces the expense, increases the
force of the appeal to be made, and
keeps out all the friction and dis
advantages arising from competition.
The plan of financing it is for every
body to join apd pay $1.00 a year
Into his local, or county organiza
tion. One-fourth of the membership
fees remains in the local treasury,
and three-fourths of it goes to the
central office at Pocatello.
Turning Failure Into Success
The Pocatello office is in charge
of Major Reed and a private secre
tary, the Major doing the traveling
from town to town to look after the
work of organization by counties and
to gather data needed for the work,
the private secretary doing the work
of the office. It is not a passing
activity, but done to fill a crying
need that has long been neglected in
Idaho excepting insofar as it has
been done by .private enterprise and
by spasmodic efforts of commercial
clubs that get discouraged as a rule,
and quit when they saw the great
waste and handicap incident to the
scattered and competitive efforts.
It is intended by the master minds
that conceived the plan, that the or
ganization shall be kept up thru the
years, as a parent body fostering all
the smaller ones by bringing about
conditions favorable to their needs.
It is to be the main channel thru
which the waters of the springs and
creeks can flow. It is to furnish the
large stream of finance into which
the child of enterprise may dip. It
is the balance-wheel to arrange for
government loans to drive construc
tion and tide enterprise over advers
ities and prevent hard times by keep
ing up the steady application of
power on the drive shaft.
Securing Government Loans
The money obtained from mem
bership fees is used to carry on the
One Hundred Dollars >
for a Letter
Write a*short letter about good roads not more
than 500 words, send it to any newspaper in Bingham
county to be published in some paper before Monday,
April 7.
Purse Divided in Three
The person writing the best article will receive
$50.00; the second best article, $30.00; the third best
article $20.00. Committee to award prizes will be
selected from the Bingham county farm bureau board.
President First National Bank.
President D. W. Standrod Bank.
President Blackfoot City Bank.
office expense and to pay the salary
of the two persons who attend to the
office work and what may be called
the field /work, the organizing and
gathering of data. As a result of
their activities our claims to federal
loans can be presented at Washing
ton, and the loans will be used in
paying the expense of surveys and
Brings Ability and Experience
Major Reed brings ability and ex
perience to his task that may not at
first glance be appreciated by the
average citizen, and which cannot be
appreciated by any but those of his
career and his work. The Major has
been forty years in I<Jaho, and much
of that time has been connected with
the promotion of its great enterprises
that have to do with empire-building.
He helped build Idaho's first trans
continental lines of railroad thru the
Pan-Handle. He helped open up
mines in the Couer d'Alene. He
helped to promote and finance the
Twin Falls enterprises on both the
south and- the north side. He acted
as the agricultural superintendent to
go from farm to farm and advise
with the settlers in their troubles of
every kind from finance to furrows
arid hog-breeding; from doctors'
bills to the setting of apple trees and
rose roots. He guided them in their
enthusiasm and sustained them in
their hour of despondency when
failure had to be turned into suc
cess. He served as commissioner of
immigration for Idaho, commissioner
for Idaho at the San Francisco
Panama exposition and at San Diego,
he knows Washington D. C., its de
partments and its men, and brings
all this ability and experience in
home-building and empire-building
to the task of co-ordinating the en
ergies of the smaller units of Idaho's
activities for reclamation and crea
tion of employment and homes for
soldiers, sailors and others.
Organizing Bingham County
At the close of Major Reed's ad
dress in which he outlined the work
he is engaged in, Prof. Strong of
Dubois made a short address, and
the local committee was named to
assist Bingham county's member of
the state association, Judge J. H.
Andersen. The gentlemen named
are E .M .Kennedy, L. M. Capps and
Guy Stevens of Blackfoot, W. S.
Wright of Shelley and E. W. Harold
of Aberdeen. The way to do your
part is to hand a dollar to one of
these men, and tell him it is for
your 1919 membership in the Idaho
Reclamation association. He will
forward such funds to the two
treasurers where they belong and do
nates his time to the work, for what
good it will do. You do not do the
committeeman a favor by handing
him your dollar. He is doing you
the favor to give of his time to pass
it on and attend to the chores of the
Each Precinct Should Organize a Road Bond Club
to Push Their District Over the Top on
Road Bond Election Day
Prizes will be given to the pre
cincts that deliver {he greatest num
ber of votes for the road bonds and
none against the bonds.
It is suggested that each precinct
organize a Road Bond club, so the
energies of the precinct shall work
as a unit, consisting if possible of
ten or more members.
Blackfoot Jewelry Company Prize
Prize No. 1 . The Blackfoot
Jewelry company of Broadway will
give a large eight-day regulator
clock for use in the school house,
(some school house) in the precinct
that delivers the largest, number of
votes for the bond issue a'nd no votes
against the bonds. if there are
twp or more schools in the precinct,
then the prize will go to the school
district that delivers the most votes
for {he bonds.
The Idaho Republican Prize
Prize No. 2 . The Idaho Republi
can will give a prize to each precinct
that has no votes against the bonds,
and will give a double prize to the
one that records the most votes for
the bonds and none against it. Par
ticulars about these prizes will be
given in the next issue of the paper.
Gem State Laundry Prize
The Gem State Laundry of Broad
way assumes that the folks working
in the Road Bond club jvill get,
splashed with some mud and will soil
their clothes a plenty in looking
after this vote, and Manager W. W.
Davis, being a good sport, offers to
launder their, clothes and clean their
suits to the amount of $10 on the
order of the club.
Three-A Garage Prize
The Three-A Garage of North
Main assumes that these scouts of
organization that works for you as
much as it works for anyone else,
for it is for the common good of all.
Headquarters at Pocatello
If you go to Pocatello, look for
their headquarters in the Valentine
Building opposite the Bannock
Hotel, room 201 where the lettering
on the -office door says: "Idaho
Reclamation association. Get to
gether, work together, win together
for Idaho.
O. O. Haga, first .vice president,
E. M. Whitzell, second vice presi
dent, Dubois.
Frank R. Gooding, third vice
president, Gooding."
Cash Prize Message
The Seeger-Bundlie company congratulates the people of
Bingham county on their study of the road and bond ques
tion, and desires to put some sport into the study by mak
ing it worth while financially.
We will give' $25.00 in cash to the person who will write
us the best comment on what is published in Trego's special
edition on roads. Tell us in a letter which article or state
ment in the paper impresses you most, and in what respect
it is superior or why it is convincing, or why it impresses
See that the letter reaches us by Saturday night, the fifth
of April. Do not use more than 500 words. Address the
letter to
Seeger-Bundlie Co.
Everybody's Store
the club who go out to smile with all
their voters and arrange with them
to vote for the bonds and do their
country and their precinct a service,
will have a puncture or two and will
need some other repairs on the cars,
and the Three-A will do the repairs
up to $10.00 worth on any jitney or
jitneys the chief of the club says to
Isis Theater Prize
The Isis Theater on West Pacific
street, thru Manager Robert Boyd,
announces that $10 worth of admis
sions will be at the disposal of the
chief and his party when they come
to town in a body to celebrate the
100 per ceut pure vote.
Cottage Hotel Offers Prize
Manager Daniels of the Cottage
Hotel says the club must stay over
night in town while celebrating their
victory, and he will furnish $10
worth of rooms and beds at his fine
hostelry on East Main, 70 North.
Powers Pharmacy Prize
P. W. Powers of the Powers
Pharmacy of Bridge street, offers a
round of his choice things of the
soda fountain noted for their re
semblance to nectar, the drink
come in a body and smile with
them across the marble while they
sit. He is a good sport and will be
glad to listen to short stories of how
they did it.
Please send names of president
and secretary, of your club to the
Idaho Republican as soon as organ
ized. Ring or write us. Give names
of while club is convenient.
of the Gods,
Your Eyes
Cause headaches, dizziness and
nerve derangements even when
your sight seems perfect. If
you have these symptoms see
that your eyes are properly at
tended by a specialist. It saves
health and eyes.
Will be at the Ecdes Hotel

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