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Fire insurance, J. H. Early.
adv 2 Gtf

Miss Mable Molden of the Brown
Hart company has returned from her
vacation and is back at work.
Ted Greene was an Idaho Falls
visitor Sunday.
Mrs. George L. Kirkpatrick and
two children of Moultan, Idaho, are
visiting relatives here.
- 4 . Montie Kirkpatrick of Moultan,
A Idaho Is visiting his parents here this
■ week.
Miss Luella McDaniels of the
Brown Hart Company is taking her
vacation this week.
Fire insurance, Beebe, tel. 120 adv
Claude Farmer and family, Mrs.
Ben Davis and daughter Nancy re
turned last Tuesday from an ex
tended stay at Lava Hot Springs.
Miss Fayth Farmer is suffering
m from an attack of pneumonia.
Mrs. Mable Priest left Sunday for
Lava Hot Springs, where she will
spend several days.
Misses Thelma and Lucille Park
came up from Pocatello Friday even
ing to spend the week-end with their
r Miss Ida Mathews of Pocatello
spent the week-end here as the guest
of Miriam Pearson.
4 Mrs. Fred T. Dubois and Mrs.
Arnold Cannon came up from Poca
tello Saturday.
Irvin Porter left this morning fdr
Dillon, Mont.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Bell and sons
Fred and Roy left this morning for
a week's trip thru Yellowstone park.
Mrs. P. C. Fjeldsted of Preston,
Idaho is visiting with her mother
Mrs. Henriette Parsons and her sis
ters Mrs. Phillip Anderson and Mrs.
H. C. Christensen.
A Life insurance Beebe, tel. 120. adv
4 Mrs. John Sullivan, formerly Miss
Alice Reay, is visiting friends and
relatives in Blackfoot. She has been
living in Washington, but will make
her future home in Salt Lake City.
Teachers examinations were held
at the court house last week.
Miss Bessie Williams, one of the
bookkeepers at the First National
^fiank left Saturday for a two weeks'
vacation at Seaside near Portland.
Charlie Liljenquist was up from
his farm near Pocatello Saturday.
The Eastern Star had their annual
picnic at Younie park Friday even
Robert Peterson, Clayton Hoover
and Mr. Messenger took third degree
itwork at the Masonic lodge last week.
John Ostrom was down from
fPahsimeroi valley - the last of the
week doing some visiting and shop
ping. Mr. Ostrom was once in the
grocery business in Blackfoot and
has many friends here.
Mr. Kunze came down from Arco
Saturday on his way to Salt Lake to
complete arrangements for establish
ing a co-operative dairy business in
the Lost river valley.
^George Worden and wife of Boise
were visitors in this part of the
country last week, and were in the
celebration at Fort Hall on the
Mrs. M. N. Austin and little
daughter Billie Jane returned Sat
urday morning from Topeka, Kan.,
where she has been visiting her par
ents for the past seven weeks.
j Mrs. A. J. Pearson of Pocatello
visited last week at Mackay and
Riverside and left for home Friday.
' Miss Mary Dunn, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. George Dunn left for Ogden
Friday, where she was to be joined
by Miss Josephine Caster on a trip to
FOR SALE—Pure honey. See Otto
adv. 59-8c
Jorgensen, Basalt.
WANTED—We have an opening fvir
a good live man. Splendid money
for the right party. Previous exper
ience preferable altho not absolutely
necessary. Write at once as this of
fer will ont remain open long. Full
particulars on request. Northern
Woolen company, Fergus Falls,
adv. 61-2p
WANTED—Stenographers and typ
* lsts in need of positions to address
Bo? 1206, Boise, Idaho, adv. 62-4p
WANTED—Chickens, veal and hogs.
Bring them in while the price
adv. 65tf
lasts. Call 237.
^SPECIALIST—Dr. Cantowlne, eye,
ear, nose and throat. Idaho Falls,
a dv. 24tf.
•..Office Phone 194
First National Bank Bldg.
Res. 251
Loans made without delay
C. G. Anderson
Blackfoot, Idaho
Lady nurse in constant at
Across from Depot
One of the best equipped of
fices In the state. We get re
sults. Office hours O to 12;
1 to 5 JO. Evenings 7 to 8.S0
; Berkeley, Calif., where they will en
ter school.
Glen Holman of Sugar City visited
Lamojit Jacobs here this week. His
mother arrived Saturday and will
visit relatives here for a short time,
visited her son at Blackfoot last
week and left for home Friday.
Miss J. Swenson of Moore passed
thru Blackfoot Friday on her way
to Pocatello.
Henry Giles is able to get down
town and back these days after four
weeks at the hospital and at home
mending from an appendix removed.
Mrs. Henry Dunn and small son
and Mrs. Mary Johnson will leave
for a visit to Lava Hot Springs to
Two are Arrested ■
for Leaving Fire
Burning in Forest
BOISE, Idaho.—That the forest
service officials are determined to
make an example of careless campers
who cause fires In the forests is evi
dent from the fact that they caused
the arrest of J. A. Clayville and
Melvin Hurst both of Boise and had
them bound over for trial in the fed
eral court.
They were given a preliminary
hearing before United States Com
missioner John Jackson. They built
a fire alongside of a tree-stump and
after putting it, as they thought, left
the camp. It seems the fire ran
down into the stump and later burst
out, but the flames were discovered
by rangers before material damage
was done. The forest officials, how
ever, have repeatedly warned aginst
not putting out camp fires, and be
lieve that the time has come to make
an example of those guilty.
Dutch Boy's Record
is Equaled by "A
Game Little Kid
NEW YORK.—The Dutch boy
who plugged up a hole in the dike
with his hand and saved all Holland
is a prototype of five-year-old Davey
McCluskey of Harlem. Davey's arm
got stuck in a fire hydrant for half
an hour before six firemen took the
hydrant apart and freed him.
Davey and some chums found the
cap of the hydrant loose and un
screwed it. Davey shoved his left
arm in up to the shoulder. When
he tried to withdraw it, he couldn't,
because of the suction. He didn't
even whimper, while being rescued
and the firemen shook hands with
him and called him a "game little
kid." But McCluskey Sr. happened
along and Davey's reward was dif
ferent than the Dutch boy's.
Complimenting their daughter
Annis, Mr. and .Mrs. T. H. Hopkins
entertained at a delightful dancing
party Friday evening at their home
on South University avenue. The
rooms were decorated In summer
flowers. White and yellow being the
color scheme which was also carried
out in the dainty refreshments.
Those honored with an invitation
were the Misses Elese Thompson of
Pocatello, Vivian McDonald, Stella
Boyle, Zeta Boyle, Ruth Chapman,
Dora Hilliard, Adrienne Miller,
Georgia Archer, Grace Miltenberger
and Eva Rogers. Messrs. Gerald
Stewart, Wayne Thoreson, Lloyd
Davis, Llyod Johnston, Charles
Fisher, Roy Wiggand, Archie Ken
nedy, Temp Hokins and Paul Car
Elizabeth Kennedy and Virginia
Webb served punch thruout the
The hostess was further assisted
by Mrs. P. W. Powers and Mrs.
Clarence Bumgarner.
Mrs. Vic Barrer entertained the
Kensington Tuesday afternoon in
honor of Mr. Barrer's mother of
Iowa City, Iowa. Twenty gueBts
were present and spent a ve*y en
joyable afternoon with music and
Decorations consisted of sweet
peas and nasturtiums beautifully ar
The hostess was assisted by Mrs.
Buchanan, Miss Thela Buchanan and
Mrs. M. D. Killian.
Delicious refreshments were
Berved at the close of the afternoon.
The Thimble club of the N. O. W.
met at the home of Mrs. Garfield
Bond .Thursday afternoon, July 28.
There web a a large attendance
and all had an enjoyable time. The
rooms were decorated with sweet
peas, which were very artistically ar
ranged. The afternoon was spent In
sewing and a short business session,
after which 1 the hostess, assisted by
Mrs. Grant Roush, served very
dainty refreshments.
The next meeting of the club will
be held August a at the city park.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wakeland and
their daughter of Santa Rosa, Calif.,
visited here the last week-end at the
home of Mrs. David Wiltamuth. The
party have made a tour of Yellow
stone park and are now on their way
to Indiana stopping at places along
the line that they wish to visit. Mr.
and Mrs. Wakeland left California a
month ago and expect to return to
that state in November.
The Epworth league of the Metho
dist church held an Ice cream social
at the home of J. H. Stoneman Fri
day evening.
Ice cream and cake was served to
a very large gathering and every one
had a fine time. Financially the
social was a big success.
Ageratum.r achitrave,
Borneo) crashed beneath the
tread of some heavy animal—a rhi
noeerfts perhaps or possibly an orang
utan. I might add, parenthetically.
that orang-utan means. In the Malay
language, man of the forest, while
orang-outang, the name which we care
lessly apply to the great authroimld.
means ''man in debt."—E. Alexander
Powell In Scribner's Magazine I
of tile old town bnnd «ho after si
these years hasn't completely lost his
tpehnlque Is the Imss drummer
Meeting Will be Held
Under Direction of
County Agents
The American farm bureau feder
ation has requested that an agricul
tural hearing be held in every county
in the United States. The county
agent is to take charge of these hear
ings and is asked to assume the role
of prosecuting attorney and question
farmers representing each kind of
crops produced in order to draw
from the farmer his opinion as to
causes for existing conditions.
The facts brought out by these
hearings will be presented by the
American farm bureau federation to
a joint commission of agriculture in
quiry made up of five senators and
five representatives, now being held
in Washington, D. C. By act of con
gress said commission was created to
investigate and report to Congress
upon the following subjects; - First,
the cause of the present condition of
agriculture; second, the cause of the
difference between the prices of
agricultural products paid to the
producer and the ultimate cost to
the consumer; third, the compara
tive condition of industries other
than agriculture; fourth, the rela
tion of price of commodities other
than agricultural products, to such
products; fifth, the banking and
financial resources and credits of the
country, especially as effecting agri
cultural credit; sixth, marketing and
transportation of facilities of the
The commission is to include in
its report recommendations for leg
islation which in its opinion will
tend to remedy existing conditions
and shall specifically report upon the
limitations of the powers of congress
in enacting relief legislation.
The commission is composed of
the following:
Sydna Anderson of Minnesota, chair
man; Frank H. Funk of Illinois,
Ogden L. Mills of New York, Peter
G. TenEyck o$ New York, Hatton W.
Summers of Texas and Senators
Irvine L. Lenroot of Wisconsin,
Arthur Capper of Kansas, Charles L.
McNary of Oregon, Joseph T. Robin
son of Arkansas and Pat Harrison of
Secretary Ross of the Idaho farm
bureau federation says these reports
are arriving dally and the outstand
ing problems in this intermountain
country developed by these hearings,
are high freight rates, bad distribu
tion, finance, failure of the retail
trade to reduce their price below war
period, which is the cause of the ap
parent buyers strike. As a result all
the* sacrifice made by the farmer in
producing his crops at a loss, simply
goes to swell the profits of the re
. taller, and pay the increase in
freight rates of the railroads, molly
coddled by the government.
Shell Shock Victim
is Found to he a
New Mental Wizard
Michael Nolan, the 'newly-dis
covered mental wizard, who made a
perfect score of 212 in thirteen min
utes in the army alpha test, is a
charter member of the Rainier Noble
post of the American Legion at
Seattle, Wash. Nolan is 43 years
old, a lumber jack and former sailor.
He was shell-shocked in France and
is now a student of the federal board
of vocational training at the Univer
sity of Washington. He recently
passed perfectly, in one minute and
ten seconds, an information test of
sixty questions. One of the questions
asked the definition of the following
chamfer, cleistogamous elohlm, gam
bit, puimpe, intaglio, metacarpal,
mitosis, nada, pomology, rococo and
Woman Names Golf
as Corespondent
in Divorce Action
NEWARK, N. J.—The ancient and
honorable game of golf is "corespon
dent" in a divorce suit filed by Mrs.
Rachel B. Hayward of Montclair,
against Sterling P. Hayward.
In affidavits filed with Vice Chan
cellor Fielder Thursday, Mrs. Hay
ward declared the game took so
much of her husband's leisure that
she scarcely ever saw him.
Mr. Hayward's answer denies golf
is responsible for their marital dif
ficulties, which he attributes to dif
ficulties with Mrs. Hayward's rela
tives and to her discovery that he
was not as wealthy as she had be
John Greene, Mr. and Mrs. Kay
Williams and Miss Amelia Kirkpat
rick returned from Yellowstone park
last evening. While in the park a
bear got into their grub box and
stole their supply of meat. He was
very tame, however) and pictures
were taken and he.was petted while
enjoying his purloined delicacy.
Orang-Outang Misnamed.
Occasionally tlie underbrush (south
He Never Loses It
All Events Staged
Within Fair Grounds
Continued from page one
leave no holes and borrow pits. The
earth for all of these fills was taken
from the high ground on the north
ern side of the track, and a fine road
way was graded from the tracks to
wards the entrance to the stables,
this being a part of the job of grad
ing the whole plat so it will irrigate
and make no puddles.
The total cost of all improvements
made on the fair grounds this season
is about $2500 or will be by the time
the grading and seeding is done and
the fence finished. The total amount
of donations made by stockholders
to apply on this expense was $1640
up to Thursday morning, and $200
or $300 have been tendered since
that, so it will be necessary to find
$600 or $700 more to clear up the
obligations that have been made. Not
all of this expense has gone into im
provements, for some of it is really
maintenance such as clearing off the
weeds and putting the track in con
dition, expenses which the fair
board Would have to meet 'just be
fore fair time if it had not been done
during the summer by this other
plan. Last year they expended sev
eral hundred dollars in clearing off
weeds and putting the track in shape
and this year at fair time it will be
all done and done better than ever
The improvement committee of
the city council has decided to re
build so much of the old ditches at
the border of the park and the fair
grounds as is necessary to get them
into one system and that a straight
one, lying right up against the new
steel fence. Where the ditch runs
under the road connecting the two
parks they will put in a siphon of
steel and concrete so there will be
no rise at the crossing. In grading
the ditch along the fence there will
be suitable elevations left for the lo
cation of shower bathp to drain into
the ditch, so that when the town is
ready to install them for the tourist
camp all will be ready. The same
committee thinks it best to remove
the sod from that part of the park
where the cook house is and grade it,
fertilize , and pulverize it deep and
relay the sod so it will water per
fectly. It is now rough and after
a watering it consists of alternate
patches of dry ground and puddles.
improvement committee
wants to erect the concrete pillars
at the east entrance of the park and
place a steel archway over it about
twenty-five feet wide and then let
somebody plant Virginia creepers or
Engleman's ivy to climb all over it.
The committee is having the city
water works extended to the cook
house right away so it will be in use
for tourists and fair visitors, and
they express their approval of re
setting some of the places where
flowers and shrubs have been al
lowed to : die and to undertake to
keep them well tilled and protected
hereafter. This part of the park
management is given in connection
with the fair because the two institu
tions are so closely related they need
joint management to some extent.
The secretary and directors of the
fair have decided that hereafter they
will undertake to make the opening
day of the fair the biggest and best
day if there is any best day. They
have a number of matters under con
sideration which they hope to ma
turo that will add greatly to the fun
of the occasion, but we are not at
liberty to make any announcements
until positive engagements are com
Editor Trego asked for the use of
a booth or space at the exhibits hall
from which to distribute the plants
of the perennial pea, and this was
granted without any charge since he
was planning to give away something
for public good which costs him some
money to raise and pack and wrap
ready to place in the hands of those
receiving the plants. The board
takes the view that the fair is con-
ducted to advance the interests of
the agricultural classes and to make
better farms and better homes, and
that anyone placing valuable plants
free of charge in the hands of the
people who have farms and homes,
and teaching them how to make the
plants grow into bowers of beauty
that make homes more attractive
and more beautiful was doing a ser-
vice which they wanted to encourage
for public good and for these reasons
no charge is to be made for the space
which Mr. Trego uses to store his
crates of plants and for the workers
to stay in while they do their work.
Mr. Trego's offer to furnish the
plants free and to advertise the
plans of distribution
methods of planting and raising the
flowers was accepted with thankB.
-Supt. L. C. Alcher of the experi
mental farm at Aberdeen was pres
ent, after havlhg missed a couple of
meetings and he said it wap not due
to any lack of Interest on his part or
of his people in the south end of the
county. He said the people were
interested in receiving thd premium
list so they could begin to plan for
the exhibits and the contests and
that Aberdeen is going to do ite-part
to make a good fair.
T. P. Fackrell was present after
having missed one meeting and he
predicts a hearty support from the
people of Tholbas and Rockford. He
says people are making a closer
study than ever before of the things
that make for successful farming
and better products of all kinds. If
anything new is introduced that
^jnakes a better product of the farm
or yntd or feed lot than they have
^ een ** le . habit of raising they
tff p^oiucL aJdley will examine
tb e exhibits with keener interest to
see w hat new things they can find
and adopt that will add comfort or
convenience to the farm and home.
The board adjourned to meet next
Friday at the probate court room at
10.30 in the morning, and anyone
»K u rj*
F r e i dgted at the farm bureau offlce
H0W or attend the d i rec tors' meet
and the
I ♦ 1 I ♦ •I-»f - T . - + l- +
I -» H h H - l -» l -» l -» l - l -» i -»- I <» h »- l -» i
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hyde of Aber
deen wfcre visitors in this commun
ity Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Hyde
was interested in and visiting the
Grimm alfalfa seed fields and pump
ing plants.
•Mrs. Lloyd Claunch, who has been
in Blackfoot for some time returned
home Sunday.
John Criddle and little daughter
of Springfield were business visitors
in this community Monday. Mr.
Criddle was replacing burnt out
fuses and repairing telephone lines
in this vicinity.
F. Sackett has purchased a new
Fordson tractor. It was brought
down from Blackfoot Wednesday.
G. Schultz made a business trip to
Sterling Tuesday.
Many Grandview people were
Aberdeen visitors Monday.
Archie Jones is helping T. L. Jones
put up hay.
Mr. Stranige was in from the
desert Tuesday.
Mr. Bills of the Bills Auto com
pany of Blackfot was a Grandview
visitor Wednesday.
Lloyd Claunch, Mrs. R. Claunch
and Mrs. W. C. Davis were business
visitors in Blackfoot one day last
Mrs. Archie Jones was visiting
with rMs. H. T. crnst uTesday.
Supt. W. E. Davidson* L. C.
Alcher and W. W. Hyde of Aberdeen
attended the seed meeting at Sterl
ing the first of the week.
J. E. Grimmett of Blackfoot was
here on business Wednesday.
A. L. Aldous took some wool to
Springfield Wednesday for shipment.
Mrs. W. C. Davis was picking cur
rants at the Everett Claunch home
the latter part of the week.'
Arvid Whalen and A. L. Rigby
passed thru rGandvlew on their way
from Aberdeen to Springfield Thurs
Archie Grover of Sterling was a
business visitor in this community
the latter part of the week.
N> i ♦
George Andrews is on the sick list
this week. He was stung by a deer
fly on one side of his face and it has
swollen so much that it is feared it
will turn into blood poison.
Mrs. Earl Leigh returned from:
Blackfoot Friday after a pleasant
visit with friends in that city.
„ . „ _ . _ . ,
Mr. and Mrs. John Gough and
family arrived here Thursday even
l> n o B rt f rv m er A yni e c r e C X FOrk - ^ ~!
Mrs. Julia Perry left here this
week for Jerome, Idaho, where she,f"
will make her future home.
A benefit dance will be given at
the Sterling hall for the junior base
ball boys Friday evening, Aug. 5.
Good music.'
Rudolph Seltenger returned this
week from Salt Lake City.
Mrs. Zeltha McLeair left Wednes
day for Ogden, Utah.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gough and j
several members of the primary mo
tored to Blackfoot Saturday to at
tend primary conference.
There will be a meeting of the
Wapello Comtfiercial club on Friday
evening, August 5, 1921 at which
time we wish all patrons of this
school district to be present to de
cide of building a gymnasium under
our school house.
adv. 62-2c
Attractivly Styled
Bungalow Aprons
For wear in the kitchen or about the home
you could wish for no more comfortable
apron than one of these.
Made from ginghams and per
cales; some are trimmed, others
plain, but all are neatly and well
made and are being sold for less
than the materials alone can be
08c Each
Kinney Merc. Co
"Always Reliable
1 t
■ *
Captain Allen of Blackfoot was in
Moreland Wednesday on business.
Mrs. Calvin Wheeler is visiting
her son David Wheeler and family
for a few.
Master Vernon Christensen and
Master Reed Farnsworth have left
for the mountains with Mr. Grim
mett for an outing of a week's dura
tion. .
The stork has been visiting this
town of late, left a fine boy at the
home of Rodney Farnsworth, a girl
at the home of Abraham Hatch to
Mrs. Decha Baldwin, their daughter
from Arimo. She is staying at her
parents' home. A fine baby girl was
also left at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Jones, all are doing fine.
Wilford Jordan was called to Soda
Springs. His wife and her mother
have been there for some time. Mrs.
Jordan went there to care for her
mother Mrs. Catherine Farnsworth,
who is ill and Mrs. Jordan is quite
sick also at this time.
Thera was a dance given in More
land Friday evening.
Parley Williams motored to Salt
Lake Tuesday and took his neices
Deputy Sheriff George Ezell was
in Moreland Friday on business con
nected with his offlce.
Department of the interior, U. S.
land office at Blackfoot, Idaho, July
30, 1921.
Notice is hereby given that Beau
ford C. Barton of Blackfoot, Idaho,
who on August 1, 1916, made home
stead entry serial No. 024960, for
E% SEtf , NW14 SE%, NEK,
SWK section 19, township 3 south,
range 33 east, Boise meridian, has
filed notice of intention to make
three year proof, to establish claim
to the land aboW described, before
register and receiver of U. S.' fctwL
office, at Blackfoot, Idaho, on the
fourteenth day of September, 1921.
Claimant names as witnesses:
B. A. Reece of Plngree, Idaho, E. M.
Reece of Plngree, Idaho, J. J. Mont
gomery of Mackay, Idaho, James
Ropp of Plngree, Idaho.
adv. 62-64-66-68-70-72
q Peterson and family have
i j us ^ completed a fine new house on
| tbelr farm east of Riverside and
p i anned to leave Monday for a trip
thru the Salmon river mountains go
ing as far west as Boise and the Ar
row R 0c k dam and returning via the
Twin Falls tract
™ey have leased their farm this
8 ®* 80 " bL b fake
she,f" < *
|* h * 8 * rlp ; ™ ey plan ,'°J"? h *
• m .°? tb , or 80 much o£ U 88 th * 3r > may
wish to use.
Mrs. J. S. Burdell of Emmett, Ida.,
was at Blackfoot the last of the
week returning from an extended
visit In Colorado and Kansas. She
visited at the home of her daughter
Mrs. Frank Smith and made short
calls on a good many of the old
friends in the Plngree country,
where they used to live.
Mr. Burdell was a deputy assessor
here in 1912-13 and is now assessor
of Gem county. Mrs. Burdell said
that she and her husband watched
with considerable interest, the his
tory of events in our assessor's de
partment at Blackfoot.. The Bur
dells loft here in 1914 and Mrs. Bur
dell was much interested in looking
over the town and country and not
ing the changes.

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