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2.00 PER, YEAR
Streets to be Raised to Uniform Grade,
and Rounded off for Better Drain
Sidewalks ordered.
Tn its regular session last Monday
evening the council seemed embued
with flie spirit, of improvement aud
spent the whole of the evening practi
cally in planning to better the appear
ance of the city. Mayor Voigt who re
turned the previous day met with the
dads at this session,
The appication of Mr, Anderson for
saloon license to carry oil the business
run by George Bassett was granted.
The contract for sidewalks declared
delinquent by the city was let to 8. W,
Motley at 24 cents per foot, work to
begin at once.
The city engineer, Ghas. Mull was
ordered to make a contour map of the
city aud establish grades for eyery por
tion of the oitv, ami all construction
work will be required to be guided by
such grades.
City Clerk Taylor was ordered to ad
vertise for bids for sprinkling the
streets. Notice of which will be found
elsewhere in thin paper.
An ordinance was then in.roduced
introduced by the council to reduce the
road poll tax from four dollars to three
dollars in order that kick against said
tax may bo lessened and mors
After general discui
ed that sidewalks be built in all parts of
the city and to make the order very
general. Side walks to the new school
don it was order
- :
Found only in
Original Captured on,
Direct from Our
(Differ (Company
Has a rich delicious flavor of peculiar excellence un
known to any other coffee, possesses heavy body and
strength, hut free from all rank or bitter taste. Our trade
mark, the Coffee Eird, is on every package and signifies
high quality and absolute uniformity. Our plantations are
located in the Sierra Madre mountains, Central America,
District of Mexico, bordering on Gautemala, at an altitude
of 4000 feet where the climatic conditions and soil possess
peculiar advantages which produce coffee of superior flavor
and excellence unknown to any other locality of the West
ern Hemisphere. This coffee is shipped direct from plan
tation to roasting plant of 1 he German-American Coffee
Company of New York and Portland, Oregon, where it is
roasted and put up in sealed packages without being touch
ed by the human hand from the time it was picked from the
trees. You are invited to try these coffees.
Come and try a cup. They will be
served FREE commencing
r,t?; 8 17 & is
Thursday, April 16
building as well as the Bickel school
will be constructed at once. It was al
so decided that, the streets be graded
up to an established grade all over the
city aud then rounded up to drain them
more quickly.
OL-euasion of the second lateral sewer
district resulted in the appointment ot
a committee to investigate and
at the meeting
which time the council then adjourned .
on the fifteenth, to
Many Valuable Players Are Now in the
City for the Summer.
To be talking lia.se ball when over
coats are still worn is perhaps hurrying
the season, but the true fan never let
go of his grip on the subject at any
season. It is a matter also for every busi
man to take up to, see that this city has
the support necessary to keep and
maintain a winning team. At present
the outlook is bright because of the
presence in town of a large number of
the boys who helped to place the team
in the lead last year. Guy llolohan,
Bliss brothers, Kinney and Chapin and
the large number of local players who
are not any of them a bit slow, should
give us a team that could clean up the
fastest competitor in this section of the
Grounds have been laid out rear the
j m.
lei d.
tractc of the Short
these will bp made into the fastest sod
diamond and out field in the state. But
all of this takes money and encourage
ment from the business, men and wid be
possible only as the hoys feel assured
ihàtrwin or lose the city is backing
Notice to Democrats
The Twin Falls County Bryan Dem
or: atic Club will meet at the Twin
Falls Transfer company rooms, on
, \j. t j n street just west of the postoffice in
Twin FaUs.on Saturday evening, April
; 11th. It.'- at the hour of 8 o'clock p.
All Democrats are invikdto at
I M.
» «
Articles of Incorporation Drawn Up and
Adopted. Representative Busi
ness Men Elected Directors.
At one of the most harmonious meet
ings ever held in this city the rew Com
mercial club adopted its by-laws and
elected officers for the ensuing year.
The meeting which was held Tuesday
evening was attended by forty five bus
iness men, all of whom paid their initia
tion fee at that time and thus showed
their good faith in entering tiie organ
ization. The two tickets presented by
the nominating committees were both
tilled out with representative citizens.
The election was close in every ease
so perfectly satisfactory were all the
men presented, aud the
ter upon I heir duties with the hearty
support of every member.
The selection of temporary rooms was
left to the board of directors, but since
the meeting the tow usité company have
very generously offered to donate a lot
to the club if they do build. The latter
proposition is being considered aud in
view of the death of suitable locations
it may be the outcome of the problem.
The minutes of the meeting and re
port of ihe secretary with copy of arti
cles of incorporation are herewith
given for the benefit of the business
men who were not at the meeting:
Twin Falls, Idaho, April 7, 19i>8.
The promoters of Twin Falls Cum.
meroiul Club met at eight o'clock p. tn.,
in the sample room of the Twin Falls
Transfer Company.
Mr. 3. T. Hamilton called the assem
bly to order, and the minutes of the
preceeding meeting were read and ap
j proved.
The committees on nominations re
ported two tickets, as follows:
First ; President, O. E. Booth; Vice
! president, W. H. Eldridge; Treasurer,
I J. M. Maxwell, C. 0. Bedford, C. Hard
er,.J. McMillan, L E. Salladay and M.
J. Sweeley.
Second; President. A. N. Sprague;
Vice-president, W. F. Pike; Treasurer,
C. J. Hahn; VV. P. Guthrie, G. D. Aik
en, W. II. Weaver, J. S. Pilgerrim and
O. A. Stalker.
The committee recommended that
J only those who bad paid their initia
tion fee be allowed to vote m the eiec
ifficers will en
lion of officers.
The secretary read the signatures, one
hundred in number, affixed to the sub
scription list.
On motion of Mr. Sweeley, seconded
by Mr. Maxwell, it was ordered that
the assembly proceed to organize a cor
poration in accordance with tiie sub
scription list which had been circulated
and signed.
On motion of Mr. Sierer, there was
derated a recess of ten minutes in which
those present might pay their initiation
fee so as to be entitled to vote in the
I election of officers.
Lllars was paid by ea h
F. D. Kim
M. HUI, C.
J. H. Wise,
of the follo-viug
ball, Stuart II. Tay.nr C.
E. Booth, W. P. Guth.
C. C. Bedford, George S. McCallo ter,
M. J. Sweelev, A. J.Peavey.E. V. Berg
G. D. Aiken, J. B. AVhite, C. A. Mc
Master, St. John Skinner, D. S. Manny,
W. S. Hill, H. O. Milner, 0. E. Bisbee,
R. II. Williams, J. J. Pilgerrim, P. J.
Costello. C. Harder, C. H. Moore, J.
McMillan, J. M. Maxwell, G. B. Sierer,
G. P. McKinley, S. T. Hamilton, T. M.
French, C. J. Hahn, D. W. Brunk, L.
A. Warner, J. W. Voorhees, IV. F. Pike
Funeral Director
and Furnisher
PhoM-JOS davor night. JF
''At tlUtllw tHS -j.y-f m -tyyyf*
With lady attendant
Mali Strait, Next Snt fut sf taMfict
L. E, Salladay.T. W. Wilkinson, Frank
Benoit, A. N. Sp-irgua, C. IT. Mull, .1.
M. H*li ecite, S. II Bolton,C.O Wet o i
W. H. Weaver, F. E. Chamberlain.
On motion of Mr. Sweeley, it was or
dered that the assembly proceed to tie
adoption of the articles of incorporation
reported by the committee.
On motion of Mi. Aiken, it was or
dered that the articles tie read, and, that
unless objection were made, each arti
cle be by die Chair declared adopted as
The articles were read and each sev
eral article declared adopted.
It was thereupon ordered that the club
proceed to the election of officers for
the first, year.
On motion of Mr. Bolton, it was or
dered that the President he elected by
separate ballot.
Ballots were distributed and the
Chair appointed tellers as follows;
II. Wise, L. E. Balladur and U. P. Mc
The result of the first ballot was as
follows: C. Id. Booth, thirty one, A. N.
Sprague, L2. Mr, C. E. Booth was by
the Chairman; declared elected l 'resi
The result of the first ballot for Vice
preident resulted as follows: W. H.
Eld ridge, 27: W. F. Pike, 15. Mr. W.
11. Eldrulge was, bv the Chairman, de
clared elected Vice-president.
The result of the first ballot for Treas
urer resulted as follows: C.J. Hahn.
2d; J. M. Maxwell, 17. Mr. C. .1 Hahn
was by the Chairman, declared elected
On motion of Mr. Sweeley, it was or
dered that, the names of all ten candi- i
dates for directors be written on
ballot, the candidates voted for to be
indicated by cross opposite the names.
The result of the first liai lot for di
rectors was as follows: C. 0. Bedford,
25; \Y. P. Guthrie, 23, C. Harder, 23; i
G. D. Aiken, 26: J. McMillan, 25; W. j
Ei. Weaver, 13; L. E. Salladay, 27; J. -I.
Pilgerim. 12: M. J. Sweeley, 83; O. A.
Stalker, tî,
C. C. Bedford, G. D. Aiken, J. Mc
Millan, L. E. Salladay, M..J. sweeley,
were by the Chairman, declared elected
On motion of Mr Sierer, it was
der9d that the names of the officers
; elect be inserted in the articles of ineor- |
poratlon and tiie articles be adopted as i
a whole.
On motion of Mr. Sierer, it was order
ed that, the by-laws reported by the
committee be read section by section,
and each section be declared by the
eliair adopted unless objection be made.
The sections were read, aud, with j
some minor amendments made upon the
face of the report, were severally
On motion of Mr. Chamberlain, the
by-laws severally adopted were adopted
as a whole.
Mr. Costello offered to lease to the
Club two floors of his building on Sho
shone Ave., for one or two years on
terms a* follows: Leaser to equip the
floors with necessary electric fixtures
lessee to pay charges for current aud
niruty dollars per month rent.
On suggestion of Mr. A. N. Sprague,
the Chairman called Mr. Booth, l'resi
dent eiect to the chair.
On motion of Mr. Manny it was or
dered that the Board of Directors be au
thorized, if it is not already authorized,
to act with reference to seeuriug rooms
for Club.
On motion of Mr. Maxwell it was or
dered that the Board of Directors be in
h struetud to Cake up among themselves
the matter of securing rooms and of se
curing lots and erecting building for
Club, as to the cost of sucli building,
wheather practicable, etc-, and to re
port to the Club Tuesday evening,
April 14, or at such time as meeting of
the Club should he called.
On motion of Air. McKinley it was
ordered that when we adjourn, we ad
journ to meet Tuesday evening, April
On motion of Mr. Sweelev, it was or
dered that the report of the nominat
ing committee
President of the Southern Idaho League
of Commercial Clubs, be requested to
that Mr. C. M. Hill,
represent this Club at the next annual
meeting of the League, and to present
our application for membership in the
League adopted.
On motion of Mr. Skinner, the Club
udjourue d.
Articles of Incorporation of the Twin
Falls Commercial C.ub, of Twin Falla
Know all meu by thise presents:
JF That the pirsons whose names are
hereunto s.il scrlbud. all of whom are
bona fide residents (if die State of Idaho !
wi'li other persons not herein uanacc
do hereby associate themselves together j *'
for the purpose of forming a corporation |
of which pecuniary profit is not the oh
ject, and to that end do hereby adopt
and execute the following
Article [. Name. The name of the
corporation is the Twin Fulls Commer
cial Club.
Article II. Purpose. The purpose
for which the eorporatson is formed is
formed is the furthering of honest and
competent administration of public af
fairs, the promotion of t.hP various busi
ness and commercial interests of the
State of Idaho in genera! and the City
of Twin Falls in particular, the cultiva
tion of a spirit of fraternal friendship
amt social intercourse among its mem
, . . tTr r „ .. ,, . ,,v
Article III, Place of Business. The ,
, , , . ... ..
place where the principal bustness oil,
... , . , of
the corporation is to lie transacted is the H
* . . ,, ,,
City of Twin Falls, lu TwinFalls Conn
, of
ty, Idaho
,. , . . ,
Article IV. I he term tor which the
. , ,
corporal ton is to exist Is the period or
Hrty years
. . , ...
Article. V. Directors. 1 he corpor
, , , .
ate power and control ot the rorpsration
, , ,.
is to he vested m a board of seven di- ,
,, , ,, , ,
rectors all ol whom shall be elected an

nualiy at Hie regular yearly meeting
the Club,
Article VI. Capital Stock. Said cor
poratiou is to have no capital stock,
Article VII. By Laws,
The eoi por
tion nuiy adopt by-laws providing for the
matters specified by statute relating to
anized for other than
i corporations or
pecuniary profit und such other regula
tions as are consonant with the objects
of t lie corporation.
Article VIII. The election of the
, . ,, , , ,
the following named persons were duly
, , . .
elected as directors ot said corporation,
, ,, .. . ,, „ , . ,
to-wit, C. G.Bedford, G. D. Aiken, J.
,, , ,, ,, , . , . I
McMillan. E. E. Salladay, M..I. Sweelev
board of directors of this corporation
i was duly held at the City of Twin Falls
j Idaho, on the 7th day of April, A. D.
1908, at which election a majority of the
members of the corporation were present
and voted, and that by a majority vote
of said members east at such election
| !
i |
Short Line Officials Succeed in Trac
ing Stolen Property to Sage Brush
and Later Nail the Robbers.
A smooth p'ece of sneak thievery was
perpetrated upon the operator at Mini
doka last Wednesday night when two
bums succeeded in getting away with
one of the mail pouches on the cart at
the station. The cart, had been wheeled
to tiie platform near the water tank and
operator was waiting for the west bound
mail which was then in sight, He dis
covered that the sack holding the reg
istered mail had been left at the office
and hurried to get it. During the
short time he was absent the mail sack
was taken without anyone seeiog the
robbers. The loss was not discovered
until the next trip, whenthe sack which
contained mail from this city and other
towns along the Minidoka line was re
ported missing.
Herbert Prothero the mall clerk for
this branch was able to trace it uatil it
was out of his care and in the custody
of the agent at the terminal. On
search of the surroundingcountry about
the depot the sack, cut open, was found
with many letters rifled and scattered
about the sagebrush. Two young men
who had been seen hanging about the
depot and their description telegraphed
to the towns on the main line. They
were arrested at Nampa and confessed
to the crime. One ot the robbers was
but nineteen and the other twenty-one,
and neither seemed to realize the seri
oneness of their crime. The trial will
come under the jurisdiction of the fed
eral courts.
are ^ Inquire of S. T. Hamilton & Co. Apr 16
For Root.
80 acre farm with good four room
house, cistern and barn, for crop root.
. ,
A group of twenty-two eastern eapit
' . .
altsts representing a large section of
, , .
the east and many oinerent branches
. , . . r , ,,
of business arrived in I win r ails on
Monday tn charge of L. !.. McClelland
\ , ,, .
of Pittsburg. I he members locally tn
, , . ' , , ' %
terested in the North Side land met the
, , , , . .
party at Milner and showed the visitors
, , , , ,
he great dam and the completed sec
. , , ... , , , . ,
turn of the North hide cana 1 , which is
now supplying the ranchers with water,
The tram arrived in Twin Falls iu -1
. , ,. , , ,
behuid the regular passenger and made
, .
the trip to Buhl. On its return t.o Twin
Falls the members of the party were
taken !o the Perrine and treated to one
asL Ui
Kohn Brothers of Pittsburg
Sen-1 Out Large Party.
Special Train Reaches City Monday.—
Banquet at Perrine the Same Even
ing.—Visit Ncrtli Side
of the Perrine's famous banquets in the
Tuesday morning the visi
tors were taken over the usual route tu
the Falls and Blue Bakes and than on
ward to Hie North Side land.
Wednesday the party will goto Boise
to see that little city and to meet the
members of ttie state land board and
other officials before taking the home
ward trip.
The party is composed of A. C.Robin -
inson, B. H. Culbertson, F. !.. Stovt,
.J. C. North, L. L. McClelland, alio
Pittsburg; Herbert Payson of H. M.
Pay son and company, of Portland, Me.
H. M . Stevens of the Burapus Stevens
company of Detroit; J. J. Bryant, of
, ,, ,, ._ . ... .
the Harwell IY-tst company of Chicago;
. ., , , ' ,
E. b. Quantrili of the Cnieago Savings
„ T . , T B
Bank aud Trust company; W. A. IIows
. .... . ' . 2 '
of the Hibernian Banking association
of Chicago; L. A. Walton, of the Equit
able Trust company of Chicago; H, L.
Stuart of the N. W. Halsey company of
Chicago; O. iv. Hutchinson of the Ohio
Savings Bunk aud Trust company of
Toledo; David K. Green, of the Milwau
kee Trust company.; .1. F. Hetherington
and C. W. Sills of Hie Halsey company
in Chicago; Theodore Luce of Detroit;
F. Pierce and M. Custard of the Halsey
company in Philadelphia, and F. Sim
mons, H. D. Rubbing and A. C. Hoyt of
the Halsey company of New York.
Knights of Pythias Succeed in Inter
esting the Business Men.
Gus Johnson
'hohas been soliciting
funds to put the ladder and grade down
to tiie river below the Shoshone falls
has met with hearty support from near
ly every business man and the sum
raised will he easily increased if needed.
About five hundred dollars has been
subscribed and many made the promu
to donate more if should be needed to
complete the planned improvemeets.
While the movement was started in or
der to give the visiting state grand
lodge members of the above order
opportunity to see the fais from the
best view point, yet the improvement
will be gladly haileJ by all who have a
desire tc visit the famous scenery.
Runaway Animal Runs Amttck in
Barber Sbop.
Walter Hollingsworth hag a pretty
good reputation as a tonsorial artist, but
until Saturday did not know that that
reputation was known to the horses on
the tract. While Louis Brosseau was
shav ing Del Sprague's clas-lc chin last
Frirday, his nerve was somewhat shak
en by the unexpected entrance of locoed
horse through the back doôr. The an
imal rushed through and left the shop
via the large front window. leaving
some dismayed barbers spd very Unk
window iu the O. K. shop. Wal*f h
still trying to figura ou|t tow tfep
managed to get thr ph the nerpnirjMMK;
sage between the way ead eiitfrilwf^t
^iagof the window.
out doing more
'* %i €

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