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News of One of ihe Busiest Spots on
the Tract.
Filer, Idaho, April, 21) 'OS
Mrs. Ira D. Vinton, Mrs. Geo. K
Johnson and Mrs. R. Reynolds went to
Twin Falls Monday.
Mrs. S. B. Allen who lias been win
tering In California, will spend a few
weeks in Fil -,r with lier
Alien before returning to her home in
Albion Mich,
Mr. and Mrs, Glenn McKinley were
in Filer this week.
Jake Shank of Buhl was seen flying
through Filer in his auto, on his way to
Twin Fall).
Geo. Johnson went to Twin Saturday
on business.
son Frank
Mrs. Harry Sohildman
Rev. Dunham of Boise oa last Satin'
day and Sunday.
C. M. Day of Spokane was in
tbi.-t week.
John McGrain our station ageni
be absent for a
few weeks going to
Shoshone to relieve the agent there for
a short furlough.
Mr. and Mrs. Schaffner and daugh
ter Mattie were Twin Fa Is visitors last
Messrs. Thornton, Scott, Motto,
Whinnery, Kaspereck, Wallsr, Walters,
Bl iss and Pomeroy attended tne S9.li
aniveraary of the LO. O. F. at Twin
Falls on Monday.
The Filer Jr., got whipped iu
er manner on last
Peavcy boys the score being 11 to 15
II, Sprin^stuu was in Twin Falls tbio
a prop
Sunday by the
Mrs. Tuoruas Smith and children
drove to Twin Fall) on Monday.
Mrs. 1 lurry Sohildman west to Twin
Falls on last Saturday.
Gu- Et'dman has been confined to his
bed for the past week.
H. H. Sohildman went to Twin Falls
on business 1 uesday.
Dr. Alfred Newberry was a Twin
Falls visitor Tuesday,
Ira D. Vinton was in T.vin Falls
Gus Erdman our genial liveryman
was agreeably surprised last week
when his brother stepped in to call
him from North Dakota.
Miss Olive Fisher, has buried herself
away from her friends for a short time,
going to her ranch to prove up.
R. Tilllnghast of Boise was looking
around Filer this week.
R. Roberts of Spokane was in Filer
this week prospecting.
Ira Vinton purchased a pen of Buff
Orpington hens this week.
George Washington of Hansen Receives
Jolt in the Face.
Hansen Idaho, April. 29 1908
Our schools close on Friday of this
week, and the pupils are
the final examination« iu the higher de
partment. The year has been quite
successful, and now the children will
welcome the days of c
griteful change from study.
Miss Ethel Kimeili- g ot llevhurn is
spending a few days at. iUnsen with her
friend, Miss Vivian Bixl t.
preparing a
List v.eek was occupied with
cation ns a
Rev. J ihn Schenek
Sunday at the school house,
has entered the work
preached lust
A) he
as general niis
5 s
S' 3
1 | a
Car each of Rock and Stock salt just in.
Twin Falls Grain & Produce Co.
Money to loan on improved farms.
Investments made for non-residents.
Real Estate.
The benefits of twenty years'
experience in farming by irrigation at the service of our customers.
We have carefully cruised the whole Salmon Segregation, which
will be opened under the Carey Act June 1st and will be prepared to
locate parties either under power of attorney or personally for
able lee.
a reason
A. McPherson
Geo. F. Sprague
Office, north wing of Hotel Perrine, Twin Falls, Idaho
sionary, his many friend-) regret that he
will he unable to preach here regularly
as in the past.
Mr. and Mrs. .1 S Smith very p'eas
antly entertained a number of young
people ou Friii ly evening of last week.
Those present were Miss Ethel Kmier
ling, of H lyburn. Miss Vivian Llixler
and Frank Brewer,
George Washington was quite severe
ly injured one day last week by being
sicked in the face by one of the span
of mules lie had recently put chased.
While able to he out he still bears the
scars of his injuries.
Mrs. Erania Barnett and daughter
Ada of Topeka Kansas arrived last
week and are the guests of Ora Rush
and family.
llov. Archer, a missionary of the
Methodist church will preach at the
school house next Sunday at 3:00 p. m.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kil
lough of Ottawa, Kansas, a daughter.
The many friends of the parents con
gratulate them. Mr. Kilhmgh has pm
chased a home near Ottawa, but we
trust they have not forgotten their
promise to return to the Twin Falls
Mr. and Mrs.
A. llidcy enter
tained a number of young people l.isi
(Tuesday evening in honor of Miss
Nellie and Master Frank Ha-sad, who
left the next d tv for their future home
in Hamilton, Montana. Those present
were Misses Net île II issad, Eva Walton,
Adialadc Ciz/.ens, Susie Holey, and
Florence Soai'h and Frank Hassud,
Oren Moon and R »llo Crater.
Misses Fern and E ,hsl Towne enter
tained at dioiier lust Sunday evening
Covers were >aid for twelve and the
usual good time was enjoyed.
Mrs. Geo. Crater was chosen by the
Hansen Uuion S. S. their delegate to
represent them at the State Sunday
School convention to convene in Boise
May 6, 7 and 8. Mrs. Crater and
dim 'liter Miss Nota will go to Meridian
on Friday to visit prior to date of the
DeWitt'.s Little Early Risers, the fa
mous little liver pills.

l ;
Since January we have sold
3,01 8 pounds (over one and one
half tons) of Chase &
Sanb >rn's high grade cof
fees. Our sales are in
creasing ev ü ry day.
People of Twin Fails and vicin
ity evidently recognize the super
ior drinking merits and purity of
« I
, 30 ,
ami m
w L
Don't bo taken in
by inferior coffees represented to
be "just as Good",
no coffees "Just as Good" as
I ry a pound next time and be
There are
"i $
«»/ '-„Jr »
Sole Agents. Twin Fails
High School Will Graduate its First
The. following is the order of the
events that will take place, during com
mencera ;nt week, aad the prjgrami as
they w 11 occur.
Garduatlng exercises of the eighth
grade, Wednesday evening, May 13,
19011, 8 o'clock.
Class Song
Essay, " History of Idaho".
Rev. II. W. Parker
.Nellie Zimmerman
Instrumental Solo.Fern Gaut
Recitation, "A Bit of Danish His
Essay, "The Future of T.vin Palis"
.Jessie Starr
Instrumental Solo.Sarah Higgins
Declaration of Independence and
Columbia the Gem of the Ocean...
.The Thirteen Colonics
Nellie Zimmerman
Violet Boone
Jessie Starch
Dinah Dumkee Mary Cheek
Clara Tarr
Wand i Hoag
Lizzie Webb
Ethel Clauson
I va Tafrr
Ethel Diffemhirfer
Beul ih Taylor
Violet. Boone
Sarah Hlgg'ns
'Toe Stow-Away".
. .Mac Jones
Recitatio. ,
Class Prophecy
Presentation of Diplomas.
..'.Supt. S. D. Parke
D mille Quartet.Mac Jones, Rose
Jones, Clara Tarr, Fern Guut,
Ferne Löste, lo, Violet Boone I va
R : <;e Ethel Diffendarfer.
On Thursday, May 14-h at 2 P. M.
will take place the basket bail game be
tween the 8lh Grade and the High
School to decide the ownership of the
Booth Cut), which was won l ist year
by the present 8th Grade team.
Thursday, May 14, 1898, 8 P. M.
Instrumental Solo, "VaLe Htri
.Grace Barger
Eisay, "Joan of Arc" .Faith Gamble
Essay, "The Panama Canal".
.Jessie McMillan
Mary Cheek
Japanese Song.
. 1 rimary and Second Grades
Eisay, "Queen El ztbeth".
..Grace Si ne mu,
l ;
E siy, 1 K >e Quam Vidert"
Martha Snyder
Class Song
Oration, " The Results of Applica
.Christena Brown
F.s-ay, "Our Navy",
1 rma Swan
Indian Club Drill.Seventh Grade
Oration, "Idaho".Dell Fuller
Oration, " Thu Hague Conference"
.Curtis Turner
Sixth Grade
May Pole Dance
Friday afternoon, May 15, at 2 o'
clock tlie F.eld Meet will take place to
contest for the cup, offered last year by
the Board of Trustees, consisting of Mr.
Thomas, Mr. Williams and Mr.
May 15 h, 1908 8 P. M .
Invocation.Hey. John Gourley
Instrumental Solo .Wi liam Coburn
I Commencement Address "U
e l King#"... Rev. W. S. Woodhull
Vocal solo.Mrs, W. O. Taylor
Presentation of Diplomas.
Mr. J imes A. Waters, president of
the Board of trustees.
Men's Quarte' .
Messrs. Nixon, Fuller, Tyler, Cole
Home Talent Entertainment Equals Any
Professional Minstrel Show.
Tlie funny' jokes and rag time songs
of the minstrels last night pleased every
one and there seemed to be ho end to
the resources of the black face artist in
creating fun and merriment. The
ladies of the Episcopal guild under
whose auspices the home talent was
given were suceessfull in getting a live
lot of artists. The introduction of hits
on local men kept up the interest of
the audience tc a high pitch as they
wonedered who would be next, Joe
Plaisted assisted by Miller Evans added
greatly to the pleasure by the feats of
magic, all of which were naively re
vealed at. the end of the stunt.
We wish to announce that R. H.
Williams will in th; future be associat
ed with us in the Real Estate Business.
We have entered into a co-partnership.
The finn name will bechangedto Brunk
Williams Realty Co. Anyone having
an? farm or city property for sale be
aure and list it with us for quick re
returns. Up stairs in Boyd block.
Tha Brunk Realty & Auction Co.
Oregon Short Line Excursions.
To Salt Lake, May 7th. to 9ih. for
Trap Shooters Tournament. To Boise
May' 12tli and 13th. Idaho Sportsmen's
Association. To Walla Walla Wash.,
May 19 to2lst., Northwest Sportsmen's
Association. See agents for rates and
further particulars.
Are you in the market for a type
writer either to buy or trade. See
Hill & Taylor.
See the Idaho Department store fer
all sizes tents and ducking.
Twin Falls to Have an
Up-to-date Piano Store.
A Lineof Highest Qual
| ity Pianos to Be Put
in Stock Wiih the
Popular Furnitur«
Mr. E. C. Layering lias made
arrangements with Eilers Piano
House, the largest piano dealers
in the United States, to handle
their pianos, and shipments are
to be made direct from the fac
The Twin Palls public will be
able to buy pianos just as cheap
as if they were buying in some
of the larger centers, and not
otily this but arrangements are
to be made for competent tuning
and repairing.
Mr. Layering will only handle
the foremost of all standard
pianos, and in his display rooms
they will be able to find such
great makes as tlie Weber,
Ohickering, Kimball, Hazleton,
Hobart M. Cable and Lester, also
thirty other of the leading makes.
Eilers Piano House controls the
entire output of many of the lar
gest piano factories, and in this
way buy cheaper than the small
retail dealers and through their
agents can offer you better
pianos at lower prices.
Mr. P. A. Raymond, the whole
sale representative, is in town
arranging matters with Mr. Lay
ering, and has already secured
the order for a new stock of
goods to come into the Palls
Another interesting feature will
be the fact that Mr. Layering is
going to handle the genuine
pianola and pianola piano, which
has made such wonderful pro
gress in the musical world that
the same is being used in the
large colleges for the correct in
terpretation of classical music.
The Themodist and Metrostyle
features are patented and con
trolled exclusively by the Aeolian
Co.,.and no other player can use
these features.
We shall be very glad to de
monstrate oi explain the work
ings of the player piano, and Mr
Raymond will stay in Twin Palls
for a few days and will be very
glad to meet all the friends and
patrons of t he Eilers Piano
House at Mr. Lavering's store.
Buhl, April 29th 1908.
Miss Eva Albee u niece of Dr. D. P.
Albee who has been visLing with her
uncle for e vrai n.o iths, left h-iv Tues
day afternoon for her home in Eureka,
J. B. Clark, from Minnesota is visa
ing with his old friend, John Maxwell,
he is interes ed in bee culture and will,
probably locale here and enter into that
kind of business.
A. W. Till sy and B. Wilkins of Kim
berly were In Buhl Tuesday. They are
associated together in the firm of the
Kimberly Produce and Commission Co.
Arthur.I. Heavy and wife of Twin
Fulls were in Buhl Monday night.
F. H. Kutnewsky. with the Continen
tal Insurance company, is in the city
tiiis week, writing insurance.
W, Ë. Garvey' of Pocatello, who is
with the Oregon Short Line at that
place as ticket agent, came down Sun
day to Eee his old friends and have a
look at at hi.-< sage brush farm, about
five miles south of town,
looks good to him down here and thal
He rays it
he would not seil his land for $100 an
acre now.
ChaunceÿM. Dav with the Wood
ward & Tidenan Printing company of
St. Louis, Mo., was in town last week
doi r g business with our merchants.
C.H. Winner of Rupert, came down
on Monday s train on business.
W. A. Gardner of Caldwell was a vis
itor in Buh) Tuesday.
R. Bradford of Sait Lake was a bnsi
ness vioitor in Buhl Tuesday.
P. W. Monahan has deserted Buhl
and irrigating his farm south east of
town, but will soon be hack with us,
we miss him.
A. W. Gooding of Shoshone was in
town this week delivering fruit trees.
The ball game Friday was a short one
only three Innings, resulting in Buhl
receiving eight runs to four for Twiu
Falls. The Wind and dust made It hard
for the boys from Twiu Falls, as they
could not see èi rough the clouds like
had wind and
wav it looked ttmT
when the Buhl O L-l Fellows visited
there Monday to celebrate.
C. Funk of Ogden was in Buhl Sunday
and Monday.
J. A. Walker of Rock Creek
over to Buhl to yisit with friends Snn
duy and Monday.
F. A. Mar- liai and wife, A. H. Ni
hart, Fred Nthart, A. H. Baldwin, C.
J, Swanson, C. W. Arthur, L. G. Hay
ford, M. I). L. Barstow and wife, Mr.
Glenn, Mr. Giodnight, Geo. Eveleth,
Miss Selma Swanson, J. H. Schooler
and wife, Andrew Lee and sister, Ed.
Litller and wife, Mrs. Howard and
neice and VV, S. Harris all went over to
Twin Falls Monday to celebrate the
89th anniversary of the 1. O. 0. F. with
with Twin Falls lodge No. 23. All had
a good time and wish to thank the
members of No. 23 courtesies extended.
Its Awful Sleeoir-j C.uarters ant Its
"Penny Fawns."
In the Mitigate Monthly there Is a
description of the "Alratia of Glas
gow"—the Cowcaddens— where "all
that is most unsnluhrious and repellent
in our modern life is to bo found."
Side by side with all that is demoraliz
ing live and flourish harpies of various
None is so dan
gerous to the health of the community
us she who night after night seeks to
make a dishonest penny by overcrowd
ing her slummy house. Sanitary in
spectors find the occupants of over
crowded houses, in tlieir attempt to
avoid detection, concealed in every
conceivable corner—hidden in cup
boards, under bods and even oil the
housetops. Two tiers of people have
been found in one bed, one on the
boards or mattress, the bed then Hung
over; and another living tier on the top.
What are known as "penny pawns"
abound iu the district. A broker who
keeps one of these can purchase an
article of any value from a penny up
ward. lie is compelled to keep it
for only seven full days, and at the
end of that period lie may sell it to
whomsoever he chooses, and that, too,
in all probability, for several hundred
per cent more than he paid for it.
Thousands of poor people are entirely
ignorant of the difference between a
pnwnbroklng establishment and a
"penny pawn," with the result that in
niany_ cases when they go to the latter
they lose goods which, if pledged with
the former, they might have redeemed
hi time.
Cromwell's Payment For the Capture
oi Feir.brcke Ccsti
During tlie struggle between King
Charles and the parliament Pembroke
castle was so well fortified that Crom
well, with all ids cannon, could not
take it.
After many failures he gave np his
intention and began to inarch on for
Tenby. But before he liad proceeded
far a country shoemaker came up to
Cromwell and asked him whether he
would reward him if lie would tell him
how to get the castle into Ills posses
Cromwell, very g!ad of this offer.
Then this old shoemaker,
glad to get some money, ns no doubt
he was rather poor, told him that there
was a pipe through which they got
their water and that if he were to cut
the pipe the castle would surrender.
Cromwell said, "I thank you for the
information you have given me, but as
you have turned traitor to your coun
trymen tlie only reward I will give you
is that you shall be hanged on the very
next tree that I come to."
Cromwell had the shoemaker hanged
and cut the pipe he had told him of,
leading to the castle, which then sur
I rendered.—London Telegraph.
Made It Clear.
When Colonel Edmund Rice was in
command of the Twenty-sixth infantry
(mostly volunteers from New England)
ill the Philippines, he organized from
his regiment a company of mounted
scouts. To equip them for this service
he made requisition on headquarters
for the necessary outfit, including
eighty nosebags. Some officious clerk
In the quartermaster's office in Ma
nila returned the requisition to Colo
nel Rice with these written re
marks: "Your report shows but sixty j
men in your mounted company. Why
do you require eighty' nosebags?"
The colonel's explanation was short
and characteristic. It was: "It Is true
I have but sixty men, hut I have eighty
The nosebags are for the
horses, not for the men."

Inoculation For Smallpox.
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu is gen
erally credited with having Introduced
inoculation into England from Turkey.
In 1718 she had her sou Inoculated at
Adrianople with success. She was al
lowed to have it tried In England on
seven condemned criminals In 1721,
and in 1722 two members of the royal
family were inoculated. The practice
was bitterly opposed by the clergy un
til 1700. A Dr. Mead practiced Inocu
lation with success up to 1754, and Dr.
Dunsdale of London inoculated Cath
erine II. of Russia iu 1708. Yaceine In
oculation was Introduced by Dr. Jen
ner In 1799.—New York American.
"Let me Illustrate the. difference be
tween capital and labor," said "the rich
uncle to the Impecunious nephew,
"Suppose I give you £5"—
"That's capital," replied the nephew,
extending his hand for the money.—
London Telegraph.
It of Sentiment
[Original. ]
said ,Jeannette to her
fiance, "what do you thluk 1 received
by express today?"
"A glass bottle picked up on the
coast near Atlantic City containing a
message. 1
"P.ig storm? Shipwreck? Vessel sink
ing? We are all lost?"
"More than that. I've had a lover 1
didn't know of. Read it." And she
handed him a bit of paper on which
were scrawled her full name and ad
dress and—
In a few minutes this vessel will carry
wish you to
ne who has.
us all to a watery Krave. 1
know that there has been o
unknown to you. loved you devotedly.
But he will die :
hé has lived w
revealing himself to you. Farewell.
said .loo after reading the
message, "do you suppose it's geuu-;
tne?" ^
'•Something tells me it is
'T> feel —F— somehow if
that had this roan wooed
Iced ' 9
"Would have"—V
"What a noble, g
have been to love m_ .
"Noble, good man. oEi ?
at a distance!
od man«
i at a distSTfoir!"
To love you
Will .you kindly ex
re must
"Why. there must have been some
reason why he couldn't declare him
self. Ills great heart bore the load
without permitting me to share it."
"Then why didn't lie keep on bear
ing it without mixing you up in this
"He knew a woman's nature. I wish
you knew it ns well. A woman re
ceives lier greatest compliment In the
love of a good man."
"You mean a noble, good man. Don't
leave out the noble."
"This man must have been b noble,
good, self sacrificing man."
"Where does the self sacrifice come
"Why. If he had told me of his love
I would have loved him. We couldn't
marry and"—
"How do you know you couldn't?"
"Why, what other reason would there
be for his not"—
"Lots of 'em. The chances are ho
was beneath you. probably some cab
driver who once drove you somewhere
"More likely a common sailor, with
his arms and breast tattooed with an
"Y'ou are simply showing your envy
of one who was doubtless your su
"At any rate, I'd have more rense
tlmn to keep my love a secret till a
few minutes before I was to be launch
ed for kingdom come."
"You haven't that nobility of soul to
understand this man's nature,
would not speak till what he said
would not make me suffer—till It
would be only sweet for a woman to
"Nobility of soul, eh? I haven't no
fcility of soul. And this man—how do
you know he had a soul at all? How
do you know he isn't a myth? Some
body may have been playing a joke
on you."
"One who would play such a joke
would have as little soul as the myth
he created."
Joseph looked sorely troubled.
"It seems to me," he said presently,
"that a rival has sprung up—a blood
less, spiritual, heavenly, noble, good,
"Heroic. Any more?"
"Why do you sneer at him?"
"I'm not sneering at him. He's sim
ply a manufactured man, one who has
been built up out of pure sentiment,
with sentimental arms, legs, head,
"V'lio created him? Not I! I never
heard of him till I received his only
and last message."
"At any rate, ho has replaced me.
I'm going to say farewell. I'm going
to give way to your ideal hero."
"Y'ou should strive to be like him."
"Like him! Do you suppose I'd wish
to be like a man of tissue paper, with
nothing Inside of him but gas? He
isn't even gas. lie's a vacuum."
"There's no substance in the angels.''
"There are different kinds of angels."
"I do believe you hate him."
"I! Hate him! I'm perfectly indiffer
ent to him, confound him!"
The girl burst into a merry laugh.
She laughed for five minutes, holding
I her sides, then tried to say something,
but she was interrupted by another in
voluntary peel of laughter. Finally
she controlled herself sufficiently to

"Joe, this is"—
"It's certainly no laughing matter."
"Yes, It Is, stupid."
"Stupid! It's well that a stupid man
should give way to a little t!n god."
"Joe, the next time you send me a
message from the dead do have sense
enough to write it on paper that I
won't recognize as your own."
The expression of mingled fierceness
and misery on Joe's face gradually
faded away and gave place to one of
shamefaeedness and relief.
"Did you recognize the paper?" q I
asked. ' -jf- I
"How could I help it since I've a ton
of it upstairs?"
"And the writing?"
"Scarcely at all disguised. I knew It
In a minute. IIow came you to do
such a thing?"
"Well, Charlie Baker said that a girl
would fall In love with a r in made
out of sentiment quicker thanrtvith one
of flesh and blood. I though' JJd try
It on you. I won't try It a«
pretty nearly scared me to d

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