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Invites Comparison, Quality and Price Considered.
The weather being* unusually warm, we invite the mothers to price the lines of Ready-to-Wear Children's Dresses; ages from tiny
infants to 1 6 years old in the white dresses, and m colored dresses, ginghams and percales, from 3 to 1 4 years, at prices so low you
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Good size sauce pans, only 1 9c, large size 23c
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Drinking cups 8 1 -3c each.
6 qt. milk pans only 23c, 2 qt. 1 4c, 1 qt 1 0c.
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IXwln Falls Œlmes
Published every Thursday in the Gaut-Holohan
Building. Main Street.
Editor and Publisher
Entered as second class matter May 5, 1905,
at the post-office at Twin Falls, Idt^ho, under
the act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
There seems a possibility of a cork
famine according to one of the eastern
of the growing prohibition sentiment
that any such danger should exist
Wouldn't that cork you.
It seems strange in the face
A very serious menance to the safe
ty of the business district exists at
present in the boxes, papers and
other combustible materials which are
allowed to collect back of the stores
and business houses. The criticism will
apply to almost every section and pre
sents of the business men the option
of either cleaning up the back yards or
sometime facing a heavy loss from
fire. A great many enterprising cit
ies have set apart Friday of each week
for clean up day and promptly at ten
on that morning the streets in front
and the alleys in the rear of the busi
nes portion are carefully cleaned. Why
not start some similar movement in
Twin Falls?
Is it not about time that the boost
ers of this city have some defiuate
figures on which to estimate the pop
ulation .
At present no two men
agree upon the number of residents
in Twin Falls and the guesses range
all the way from three thousand to
four thousand, according to the mood
of the person making the guess.
Times would suggest that the com
mercial club take up the matter and
employ a couple of men to obtain as
accurate a list of the residents as
is possible with the rapid increase.
The Times believes that at present our
population is about four thousand, but
to make such an assertion sure, there
should be a little evidence gathered to
hack it up.
The Equitable Life Insurance com
pany has filed plans In New York city
for a sixty-two story building which
when completed will tower far above
other sky scrapers In that city. The
distance from pinacle to pavement will
be 909 feet and enough material will
go into its construction to build five
hundred handsome homes.
The nat
ural question arising seems to be at
what point in its development will the
modern sky scraper stop in its upward
Will the danger of human
life increase to the point that even a
heartless corporation must refrain
from piling up more danger story by
story or will it have to come after the
collapse of some structure which
crushes out a few thousand lives? The
American people court danger but
when the penalty is enforced as in
the theatre and steamboat disaster,
just as strongly the other way swings
the pendulum toward public safety
through legislation.
The first sky
scraper to fall will sound the retreat
toward mother earth and common
sense in office building.
The following communication and
circular letter to the members of the
Twin Falls canal association and Bet
tlers is one well worth the considera
tion of every man on the tract
every man knows the distribution of
water later on will be a thing to be
guarded and also that priority of water
right may in future times be worth
considerable as more water will be tak
en out of the Snake river for irrigation.
It is not the Intention of the letter to
stir up trouble and the taking of the
matter into court is merely a pre
caution in order to get a court de
cision that will settle any doubt as to
just what this tract may have coming
to it in the future distribution of
Twin Falls Idaho, July 3, 1908.
To the Members of the Twin Falls
Canal Association:
Dear Sirs: The Governing Board
of the Twin Fall Canal Association has
decided to bring suit In the Interest of
its members quieting title to the wat
ers of Snake River In Lincoln, Cassia
and Twin Falls Counties above the
Milner dam, and In order that the
members will understand the necessity,
purpose and proceedure of this suit It
bas been thought best to send an ex
planatory letter to each member
of the association and to call meetings
In the various districts for a free and
full discussion of this most important
The water rights of the South Side
Twin Falls project arise by virtue of
a water location of 3,400 second feet
made In 1902 or 1903, of which 3,000
second feet was made for land on the
South Side and 400 second feet for
land on the North Side. Subsequent
to this appropriation, the government
has located and appropriated about
the same amount for Its Minidoka pro
ject, followed by the Twin Falls North
Side project with others In contempla
tion. The Twin Falla South Side pro
ject has a prior water right to the
others mentioned but should shortage
of water occur in Snake river hereafter,
there would be no way In which the
right of the South Hide could be en
forced unless a decree of the Court
be on file.
made adjudging and awarding the wat
er rights according to their priorities,
no possible trouble could result here
The matter has been discussed some
what among the members of the asso
ciation, and the attorneys of the as
sociation have been consulted and the
Governing Board has come to the con
clusion that it is to the interests of
all South Side settlers that a proper
suit be commenced at once.
The purpose of this suit Is merely
to protect the interests of the mem
bers of this association so as to be
prepared for any emergency regarding
water shortage that may occur here
If a decree of the Court is
If a water shortage should oc
cur hereafter and the settlers on the
South Side should be unable to secure
the water to which they are entitled,
many thousands of dollars damage
would probably ensue.
This suit will have to be commenced
by the individual claimants under the
South Side system and the cost to
those who are willing to become plain
tiffs under the association charge will
be nominated,
on the South Side will be made a
plaintiff if he desires, but if not, ha
will be made a defendant, and it Is
to be hoped that all the
Side water claimants will join with
the association in this matter.
Each of the districts of the Twin
Falls Canal Association will hold a
meeting at their regular place on Sat
urday. July 11th, at 8:00 p. m., ex
cept the Buhl district, which will hold
its meeting on the
at 2:00 p. m.
Very truly yours,
Every water claimant
same date but
Geo. E. Harlan,
I. R. Darrow,
Supt. Parke Busy With Preparation
for New Year.
The books and supplies for the com
ing school year have been ordered and
every detail for .the opening of school
worked out.
books have been made
changes were necessary arrangements
have been made with the book corn
panes whereby the old books may be
exchanged for new ones at a slight
The primary and first grades to
gether with the high school will oc
cupy the Bickel building,
enth and eighth
placed in temporary quarters until
the Lineoln building is completed.
From sixty to seventy pupils will be
placed In each room of the Bickel
the rooms will be crowded, as they are
large, and seats to accomodate that
number of pupils are being placed In
each room. Each room will have two
teachers, one to hear the classes re
cite and known as the class teacher,
and one to care for the study period
assist those who may need help, and
known as the Individual teacher. The
fact that we are required to place so
large a number of pupila In a room
makes this arrangement necessary,
Few changes in text
and where
The sev
grades will be
This does not mean that
and still it is not to be looked upon as
a disadvantage. This system of class
individual instruction, known as the
"Batavia" system because first Intro
duced at Batavia, N. Y. by Supt. John
Kennedy, while as yet new, has been
thoroughly tried and is now in use
in many of the leading schools of the
country. It gives the backward pu
pil and the one who has been out of
school the help that they are in need
of, and still does not interfere with the
advancement of the regular class and
the brighter pupils.
The work of the Commercial depart
ment has been rearranged and a full
commercial course installed. The
head of this department, Miss Jondreau
is an expert and a teacher of experi
ence. She will give this work her en
tire time.
Monday being Labor Day .school will
open of Tuesday, September 8th.
Teachers will meet at the school house
Monday to prepare for opening school
the next day.
S. D. Parke, Supt.
The following is a copy of the high
school course of study, and the daily
program as arranged for the coming
First Year.
First Semester—English, Algebra,
Latin, Botany, Ancient History.
Second Semester—Latin, Algebra,
Latin Zoology, Ancient History.
Second Year.
First Semester— English, Algebra,
Caesar, Mod. and Med. History, Physi
can Geography.
Second Semester—English Arithme
tic, Caesar, History.
Third Year.
Geom., Cicero or Ger., Physics, Civics.
Geam., Cicero or Ger., Physics Econ
Second Semester—English
Fonrth Year.
Geom., Vergil or Ger., Chemistry,
Second Semester—English, U. S.
History, Virgil or Ger., Chemistry,
One Year.
First Semester—Stenography. Com
mercial Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Com
mercial English, Commercial Spelling,
Second Semester-Stenography, Com
mercial Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Com
mercial English, Commercial Spelling,
Double link gold watch chain on
Sunday. Reward will be paid for its
return to Times office.
For Sale.
A complete threshing outfit, Tay
lor engine and Case separator
eon Brs.. Rock Creek, Idaho.
Ask for FINCH'S
D etroit -Special
Revtrt.ble Overalls
Union Made
Wear like a Pigs Nose.
4 *
Mode in Detroit.
, "Silent me the Stmre
The Practical
Family Car
The Silent Northern ti not a
racing machine, but e simple,
reliable, comfortable family car.
with every practical improve
ment. It ie easy to operate, and
Juat as easy to take care of.
Drive it from aeaaon to
and you'll find it a pleasure—not
a crucifying luxury,
quietest operating car in the
world, and its full-elliptic springs
make it wonderfully easy riding.
When may we give you a
demonstration f
It's the
24 H. P. $1644
F. O. R. Factory
fully equlppad - ,J '
non» ao4
Sold by

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