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McCornick & Co.
Branch of McCornick & Co. Salt Lake.
Transact General Banking Business
Real Estate
and Investments
Agent Western . ..
Building & Loan Ass'n,
Twin Falls. Idaho
$1.00 to $4.50
Guaranteed for Five years.
Call and examine them at the
Pioneer Harness Shop
Worth Looking Into
80 acres very choice land only one and one-fourth miles from Rupert.
All fenced, parti} cleared, good well with pump, three-room house,
can he bought for $55 per acre. $2800 cash, nine annual payments for the
balance without Interest.
Don't forget that we write FIRE
TIME on farm insurance without interest.
IVe have a large list of all kinds of Real Estate for Sale.
R;al Estate and Insurance.
Fresh Oysters
The seasoon is now on for fresh oysters and
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Independent Meat Company
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Wholesale Baying
This Booh
Is Free
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a Cart full of A uuana r
your name and
address »try
plainly In 1st
ones to
Gentlemen» Please send "Booklet,"
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tised v
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709 Idaho St
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for Itself If once seen and heard, and the booklet explains
all the advantages la which you share.
The House of
Highest Quality
Copyright, 1B0B, by the Curtis Publishing
Copyright, 19011, by Robert W. Chambers.
« BOLT 4 o'clock on the following
/\ afternoon Mrs. Mortimer's
/ \ maid, who had almost finished
A A drying and dressing her mis
tress' hair, was culled to the door by
a. persistent knocking, which at first
sfie hud been bidden to disregard.
It was Mortimer's man, desiring to
know whether Mrs. Mortimer could re
ceive Mr. Mortimer at once on matters
of Importance.
"No," said Leila petulantly. "Tell
Mullins to say that I cannot see any
body." And, catching a glimpse of
the shadowy Mullins dodging about
the dusky corridor: "What Is the mat
ter? Is Mr. Mortimer 111?"
But Mullins could not say what the
matter might be, and lie went away,
only to return hi a few moments bear
ing a scratchy note from his master,
badly blotted nnd still wet, and Leila,
with n shrug of resignation, took the
blotched scrawl daintily between
thumb nnd forefinger und unfolded It.
Behind her the maid, twisting up the
masses of dark, fragrant hair, read the
note very
easily over her mistress'
It ran, without prellml
I'm going to ta!k to you whether you
like It or not. Do you understand that?
If you want to know what's the matter
with mo you'll find out fast enough. Fire
that French girl out before I arrive.
... , . „ „ .
She closed the note thoughtfully,
folding and double folding It into a
thick wad. Thu Ink had come off, dis
coloring her finger tips, fake dropped
the soiled paper on the floor and held t
out her hands, plump fingers spread.
And when the maid had finished re- !
moving the stains and had repoUohed :
the pretty hands her mistress nipped
her chocolate thoughtfully, nibbled a
, " * ' . ...
bit of dry toast, then motioned the >
maid to take the tray and her dopai
ture, leaving her the cup.
A few minutes later Mortimer came
in, stood a moment blinking around ,
the room, then dropped Into a seat, |
sullen, Inert, the folds of his chin ;
crowded out on his collar, his heavj
abdomen cradled on bis short, thick j
legs. He bad been freshly shaved; j
linen and cloth
lug were spot
less, yet the
man looked un
Save for the
network of pur
ple veins In his
face there was
no color there;
none ln his lips,
y Even Ills flabby
hands were the
"Are you Ulf" asked hue of clay.
his ■u'ifc coolly.
asked his wife coolly.
"No, not very. I've got the jumps.
What's that? Tea? Ugh! It's choco
late. Push It out of sight, will you? I
can smçll lt"
Leila set the delicate cup ou n table
behind her,
"What time did you return this
morning?" she asked, stifling a yawn.
"I don't know—about 5 or C. How
the devil should I know what time I
came In?"
Sitting there before the mirror of her
dresser she stole a second glance at his
marred features In the glass. The loose
mouth, the smeared eyes, the palsy
like tremors that twitched the hands
where they tightened on the arms of
his chair, became repulsive to the
verge of fascination. She tried to look
away, but could not.
"You had better see Dr. Grlsby," she
managed to say.
"I'd better see you; that's what I'd
better do," he retorted thickly. "You'll
do all the doctoring I want. And I
want lt, all right.''
"A'cry well. What Is lt?"
He passed his swollen hand across
his forehead.
"What Is It?" he repeated. "It's the
limit this time, If you want to know.
I'm all ln."
"Roulette?" raising her eyebrows,
without interest.
"Y'es, roulette too. Everything!
They got me upstairs at Burbank's.
The game's crooked. Every box, ev
ery case, every wheel, every' pack Is
crooked, crooked, crooked, by God!"
he burst forth in a fever, struggling to
sit upright, his hands always tighten
ing on the arms of the chair. "It's
nothing but a creeping joint, run by a
bunch of handshakers! I—I'll"—
Stuttering, choking, stammering Im
precations, his hoarse clamor died
away after awhile. She sat there,
head bent, silent, Impassive, acquies
cent under the physical and mental
strain to which she had never become
thoroughly hardened. How many such
scenes had she witnessed! She could
j not count them. They differed very
j little In detail and not at all lu their
, ultimate object, which was to get
what money she • had. This was his
method of reimbursing himself for his
j He made an end to his outburst aft
j er awhile. Only bis dreadful fat
breathing now filled the silence and,
supposing he had finished, she found
her voice with an effort:
"I am sorry. It comes at a bad
time, as you know"—
"Are you ill?"
"A bad'timer* he broke out violently.
"How can It come at any other sort of
time? With us all times are bad. If
this Is worse than the average it can't
be helped. We are In It for keeps
this time!"
"Yea, we!" he repeated, but his face
had grown ghastly and his uncertain
eyes were fastened on hers In the mir
"What do you mean—exactly?" she
asked, turning from the dresser to con
front him.
He made no effort to answer. An ex
pression of dull fright was growing
on his visage, as though for the flrel
time he had begun to realize what had
She saw It and her heart quickened,
but she spoke disdainful'}'': "Well, I
am ready to listen—as usual. How
much do you want?"
He made no sign. His lower lip
hung loose. Ills eyes blinked nt her.
"What Is It?" she repeated. "What
have you been doing? Ilow much
have you lost? You can't have lost
very much. We hadn't much to lose.
If you have given your note to any of
those gamblers it is a shame—a shame!
Leroy, look at me! You promised me,
on your honor, never to do that again.
Have you lied, after all the times I
have bellied you out, stripped myself,
denied myself, put off tradesmen,
faced down creditors? After all I
have done, do you dare come here and
ask for more—ask for what f have not
got—with not one bill settled, not one
servant paid since December"—
"Leila, 1—I've got—to tell you"—
"What?" she demanded, appalled by
the change In his face. If he was
overdoing It, he was overdoing it real
istically enough.
"1—I've used Plank's check!" he
mumbled and moistened his lips with
his tongue.
She stared back at him, striving 1
comprehend. "Plank's!" she repeated
slowly. "Plunk's chock? What check?
What do you mean?"
"The one ho gave you last night to
pay his bridge losses and forgot to till
,, ,
"The one he— But you couldn't!
How could you . it was not filled in."
,,j , lt ,,
H( , r ( ,. uvnlng horrol . was reacting
Qn as u al dw llko a flerce
t (md h , 3 own courage camo back
lu a ^ of 8ullen desl >eration.
,. Y are trylng to frlght en me.
^ „ ghe stammerod . -you are try
tQ make mc do southing -give
. . f . ,
you what you want—force me to give
> you waat! y ou calVt frlght .
me> The check was mnde out to
, „ r lndorsed lt Do understand
| thfltr he gald savnge!y .
; ,. N , don - t Because If you did
f „
j ,
j he ,®, jke ln flerceIy .
. , , . . , ,,, .. , ,
worried over Is what Blank will think.
Ilow could you
mo—to my order,
have used lt, If 1 had not indorsed lt?"
what you think
"All I'm
I didn't mean to do it. I didn't dream
of doing it. When I saw that chock
ln my hands I thought I'd use it tem
porarily—merely as moral collateral to
flash at Burbank—something to back
my I O U's. So I filled it ln."
"For how much?" she asked, not dar
ing to believe him, but he Ignored the
question nnd went on, "I filled it and
Indorsed it and"—
"How could you Indorse It?" she In
terrupted coolly, now unconvinced
again and suspicious.
"I'll tell you If you'll stop that fool
tongue a moment. The check was
made to *L. Mortimer,' wasn't lt? So
I wrote 'L. Mortimer 1 on the back.
Now do you know? If you are L. Mor
timer, so am I. Leila begins with L;
so does Leroy, doesn't it? I didn't Im
itate your two-words-to-a-pnge auto
graph. I put my owu fist to a check
made out to one L. Mortimer, and I
don't care what you think about it as
long ns Plank can stand lt. Now put
up your nose nnd howl, If you like."
But under her sudden pallor he was
taking fright again, nnd he began to
bolster up his courage with bluster
and noise as usual.
"Howl all you like," he jeered. "It
won't alter matters or square ac
counts with Plank. What are you
staring at? Do you suppose I'm not
sorry? Do you fancy I don't know
what a fool I've been? What are you
turning white for? What"—
"How much bave you"— She chok
ed, then, resolutely, "How much have
"Taken!" he broke out with an oath.
"What do you mean? I've borrowed
about $20,000. Now yelp! Eh? What?
No yelps? Probably some weeps then.
Turn 'em on and run dry. I'll wait."
And he managed to cross one bulky
leg over the other and lean back, af
fecting resignation, while Leila, bolt
upright ln her low chair, every curved
outline rigid under the flowing silken
wrap, stared at him as though stun
"Well, we're good for lt, aren't we?"
he said threateningly. "If he's going
to turn ugly about it, here's the
"Tes, your house! I suppose you'd
rather raise something on the house
than have the thing come out ln the
"Do you think so?" she asked, star
ing Into bis bloodshot eyes.
"Tes, I do. I'm sure of it!"
"You are wrong."
"You mean that you are not Inclined
to stand by me," he demanded.
"Y'es, I mean that."
"You don't intend to help me out?"
"I do not Intend to—not this time."
He began to show his big teeth and
that nervous snickering "tick" twitch
ed his upper Up.
"How about the divorce courts?" he
sneered. "Do you want to figure In
them with riank?"
"I don't want to," she said steadily,
"but you cannot frighten me by that
Bins Lakes
Fresh Fruit delivered each day from the
famous Blue Lakes Orchards and on sale
at our store. Also a fresh line of High
Grade Groceries ::::::::
Chicken Dinner
Every Sunday
- At the —
Star Restaurant
Dressed and Undressed
lumber can be had here according to your needs. It makes
no difference what you require in the lumber line it is here
to be promptly delivered on your order, lt makes no dif
ference either what quantity you want. \Ye will send you
a small lot just as cheerfully as If it be a bigger one. AVhat
are your needs?
Idaho Lumber Co
Don't Fail to See
Before buying property and if you
have property to sell list it with us.
Office Opposite McCornick Bank
Twin Falls, Idaho
He Twin Falls pinsle louse
Headquarters for Everything in Musical
Instruments and Sheet Music.
Main Street, Three Doors East of Idaho Department Store
The G. B. Slerer company will give
$5.00 for the liest and largest
grown on the traet; $2.50 for the see
ond best, and $2.50 for tlie best and;
largest bill, size and quality will cut!
ice. The display will be in the Bed
ford Drug company's west window.
The company to retain the samples, tf
Lots 3 and 4, block 113, $350.00. Box
Two oil cloth splashers, hand paint
Falls, the
ed, one with picture of Twbi
other one, picture of duck
Please return to the Times office.
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup is
used nearly everywhere, because It not
only heals Irritation of the throat and
stops the cough, but lt drives the cold
out of the system through Its laxative
principle by assuring a free and gen
tle action of the bowels, and that Is
the only way to cure a cold. You
can't cure it as long as you are consti
pated. Insist upon Kennedy's Laxa
tive Cough Syrup. Sold by Sprague's
Christian Science church meets
every Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock
In the K. P. Hall.
A bunch of keys, left in box 726 or
on desk in postoffice or between post
office and Blckel school. Liberal re
ward. G. W. Shrout.
: Wll plant commercial orchard or
; furnish nursery stock in exchange for
potato'team, spring wagon, grubber or any
i thing I can use on rauch,
î Wheat and oats sacks, nine cents, at
; H. B. Johnson's. 9-3 tf.
W. O. Wann.
For Sali
-10 tons baled alfalfa and
timothy bay. Geo. Hadenfeldt.
You can buy an Oliver typewriter
at $15 down and $5 a month. The
best machine made. Hill & Taylor,
For Sale or Exchange—Pianos, sev
eral makes to select from. Would like
to trade for room and board, horse and
buggy or would consider deals In land
at correct prices.
Care Times Office.
Oct 15
For Sale or Trade,
A new U. S. seperator, to sell or
trade for hay. Inquire at the Times
FOR SALE—40 acres of good land,
three miles north of Filer. Inquire at
Times office.
We are new men in Twin Falls, but
not new In the Real Estate business.
We are already doing « fine bnsiness
and want yon to call and see as. List
your property with ns. Miller k
White, opposite McCornick Bnnk. *

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