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STflLKER, (he Cloidier— The Exclusive men's Shop
and HATS
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shipping and unacclimated and something put off on
you that is not adapted to climate. I grow my trees,
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Concrete Sidewalks
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Wife or Sister
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Twin Falls Hardware Co.
v ,
General Blacksmithing
All kind« of woodwork
Horseshoeing a specialty
Rock Creek Idaho
/. H. Stillwell
Barnett Stillwell.
Real Estate Bought and Sold. Fire
Insurance Written. North Side Re*
linquishments a Specialty. Rentals.
list your bargains with us
(Continued From Page Four.)
Rent damage has been done by the
manifold and conflicting Interpreta
tions of the Interstate commerce law. I
Control over the great corporations do- I
ing Interstate business can be effective j
only If It is vested with full power ln I
an administrative department, a branch
fectlve if n divided responsibility Is j
left in both the states nnd the nation,
It can never be effective If left In the
hands of the courts to be decided by
of the federal executive, carrying out
n federal law. It can never be ef
The courts hold a place of peculiar
and deserved sanctity under our form
of government. Respect for the law Is
essential to the permanence of our In
stltutions. and respect for the law is
largely conditioned upon respect for
the courts. But we must face the fact ,
that there are wise and unwise judges, j
Just ns there are wise and unwise ex
n j
president or governor behaves improp
orlv or unwisely the remedy is easv. I
for Ills term is short.
eouftvos and legislators.
The same is
true with the legislator, although not
to the same degree. With a Judge 1
who, being human. Is also likely to
err, but whose tenure Is for life, there
Is no similar way of holding him to
responsibility. Under ordinary condi
tions the only forms of pressure to
! which he is In any way amenable are
' public opinion and the action of his
fellow judges. It Is the last which Is
most Immediately effective and to
which we should look for the reform
of abuses.
If there Is any one duty which more
than another we owe it to our children
and our children's children to perform
at once it Is to save the forests of
this country, for they constitute the
first nnd most Important element In
the conservation of the natural re
. sources of the country.
Shortsighted persons, or persons
blinded to the future by desire to
make money In every way out of the
present, sometimes speak as if no
j great damage would be done by the
reckless destruction of our forests. It
Is difficult to have patience with the
arguments of these persons. Thanks
to our own recklessness In the use of
our splendid forests, we have already
crossed the verge of a timber famine
In this country, and no measures that
we now take can. at least for many
years, undo the mischief that has al
ready been done. But we can prevent
further mischief being done, and it
would be In the highest degree repre
hensible to let any consideration of
temporary convenience or temporary
cost interfere with such action, espe
cially as regards the national forests,
which the nation can now at this very
moment control.
IThe president here cites In support
of his contentions tlie great destruc
tion wrought In Chinn by the denuda
tion of the forest nreus. 1
I What has thus happened In northern
' China, what has happened In central
! Asia. In Palestine. In north Africa. In
; parts of the Mediterranean countries
; of Europe, will surely happen In our
country If we do not exercise that
j wise forethought which should be one
, of the chief murks of any people call
( Ing Itself civilized. Nothing should be
: permitted to stand In the way of the
preservation of the forests, nnd It Is
criminal to permit Individuals to pur
chase a little gain for themselves
through the destruction of forests
: when this destruction Is fatal to the
well beiug of the whole country In the
Inland Waterways.
Action should be begun forthwith,
during the present session of congress,
for the Improvement of our iulaud wa
j terways—action which will result In
'giving us not only navigable but
I navigated rivers. We have spent
, hundreds of millions of dollars upon
' these
waterways, yet the traffic on
nearly all of them Is steadily declin
ing. This condition Is the direct re
sult of the absence of any compre
henslve and farseelng plan of water
, way Improvement. Obviously we can
not continue thus to expend the rev
enues of the government without re
money for Inland navigation unless
we get It.
It Is poor business to spend
Such shortsighted, vacillating and
futile methods are accompanied by de
creasing water borne commerce and
Increasing traffic congestion on land,
by tnoivnslng floods and by the waste
j of public money. The remedy lies In
abandoning the methods which have
so signally ft "ed and adopting new
j ones In keeping with the needs -»"y'i
demands of our people.
In a report' Ott' a measure Introduced
at the first session of the preseut con
gress the secretary of war said. "The
chief defect In the methods hitherto
pursued lies In the absence of execu
tive authority for originating compre
hensive plans covering the country or
natural divisions thereof." In this
opinion I heartily concur.
Until the work of river Improvement
to undertaken In a modern way It can
not have results that will meet the
needs of this modern nation. These
needs should be met without further
dllly-dallylDg or delay. The plan which
promises the best and quickest results
to that of a permanent commission au
thorised to oo-ordinate the work of all
the government departments relating
to waterways and to frame and super
visa the execution of a comprehensive
plan. The time for ploying with onr
waterways Is past Tbs oonatry de
. > at
National Parka.
I urge that all our national parks ad
jacent to national forests be placed
completely under the control of the
I -_. , _
I *L S s ® rv ( ce °* l ^ e agricultural do
j P? men ' n8ten< J of leaving them, as
I nre no ^' un< * er the Interior de
an ^ policed by the army.
Pure Food.
The pure food legislation has already
j worked a benefit difficult to overesti
Secret Service,
Last year an amendment was incor
porated In the measure providing for
the secret service which provided that
there should be no detail from the
cret service and no transfer therefrom,
It is not too much to say that this
amendment lias been of benefit only,
i-md could he of benefit only, to the
, criminal classes. The amendment In
j question
was of benefit to no one ex
cepting to criminals, and it seriously
j hampers the government in the detec
tlon of crime and the securing of Jus
It prevents the promotion of cm
pioyees In the secret service, i
further discourages good effort
1 present form the
and this
In Its
restriction operates
only to the advantage of the criminal,
of the wrongdoer.
The chief argument la favor of the
provision was that the
did not themselves wish to he Investi
gated by secret service men. Very lit
tle of such investigation has been done
in the past, but it Is true that the work
of the secret service agents was partly
responsible for the indictment and con
viction of a senator and a congressman
for land frauds in Oregon. I do not
believe that it is in the public Interest
to protect criminals In any branch of
the public service, und exactly us we |
have again and again during the past !
seven years prosecuted and convicted
such criminals who were in the execu
tive branch of the government so iu
my belief we should he given ample
means to prosecute them if found in
the legislative branch. But if this Is
not considered desirable a special ex
ception could be made in the law pro
hibiting the use of the secret service
force In investigating members of the
congress. It would lie far better to do
this than to do what actually was done
and strive to prevent or at least to
hamper effective action against crim
inals by the executive brauch of the
Postal Savings Banks.
I again renew ray recommendation
for postal savings banks, for deposit
ing savings with the security of the
government behind them. The object
Is to encourage ttirift and economy iu
the wage earner and person of mod
erate means. It is believed that In the
aggregate vast sums of money would
be brought into circulation through
the Instrumentality of the postal sav
ings banks. Postal savings banks are
now In operation In practically all the
great civilized countries with the ex
ception of the United States.
Parcel Post.
In my Inst annual message I com
mended the postmaster general's rec
ommendation for an extension of the
parcel post on the rural routes. The
establishment of a local parcel post
on rural routes would be to the mu
tual benefit of the farmer and the
j 000.000 people, should be utilized to the
fullest practicable extent.
country storekeeper, and It Is desirable
that the routes, serving more than 15,
The share that the national govern
ment should take In the broad work of
education has not received the atten
tion and the care It rightly deserves.
1 earnestly recommend that this un
fortunate state of nffnlrs us regards
the national educational office be rem
edied by adequate appropriations.
1 strongly urge that the request of
the director of the census In connec
tion with the decennial work so soon
to be begun be complied with and that
the appointments to the census force
i be placed under the civil service law,
; waiving the geographical requirements
I as reqU ested by the director of the
' census. The supervisors and enumer
1 „tors should not be appointed under
the civil service law for the reasons
given by the director.
Public Health.
The dangers to public health from
food adulteration and from many oth
er sources, such us the menace to the
physical, mental and moral develop
ment of children from child labor,,
should be met * Ttils na
tfot; : Alford to lag behind lu the
'Vtofidwide battle
now being waged
by all civilized people with the micro
scopic foes of mankind. The first leg
islative step to be taken Is that for the
Concentration tX the proper bureaus
Into one of the existing departments.
I advocate the Immediate admission
of New Mexico and Arizona us states.
This should be done at the present ses
sion of the congress. The jx-ople of
the two territories have made It evi
dent by their rotes that they will not
come In as one state. The only alter
native to to admit them as two. and I
trust that this will he done without
Foreign Affairs.
This nation's foreign policy Is baaed
oa ths theory .that right most be done,
between nations precisely as between
Individuals, and in onr actions for the
tost ten ye ar s we have to this matter
proved, onr faith by onr deeds. Wa
(Costinned On Fags 11.)
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