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Brings Prescriptions
to us—we fill them.
A competent registered pharmacist will fill
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Local and Personal
Miss Bess Glenn spent Sunday In
Filer visiting with relatives.
C. R. Beecher spent Saturday in the
city from .Oakley.
J. C. Smith, of Burley spent Sun
day in town visiting with friends.
Mrs. Elsie Rambo is visiting with
relatives and friends in Denver, Colo
H. J. Weaver transacted business
in the city from his home in Filer Sat
C. M. Booth transacted business in
American Falls for a day the last of
the week. ,
Charles W. Schooler, of Buhl, trans
acted business in the county seat
Mr. add Mrs. Robert Lutz, returned
'Friday morning from a visit with
friends in Filer.
L. A. Barber left Friday morning
for California, where he will visit
for several weeks.
Carl Domrose was a business visitor
in the county seat Saturday * from his;
home at Rock Creek.
W. H. Turner, of the Kimberly State
Bank, was a business visitor in the
county seat Saturday.
W. J. Calkins and son were visitors
in the county seat Saturday from Mr.
Calkins farm, near Hansen.
O. M. Gaut returned to Burley Mon
day morning after spending Sunday
in the city with his family.
C. J. Miller transacted business in
the county seat for a day the middle
of the week from Castleford.

County Attorney J. E. Davies was
on the west end of the tract Satur
day looking after county business.
J. H. Mueller, of the Contact Copper
district, transacted business in Twin
Falls for a day or two of last week.
W. F. Forbes, one of the directors
of the Twin Falls Canal company, is
in the city attending canal business.
Far [restrain
Under our state
î§ws optometrists
are the REGIS
IALISTS to exam
ine eyes and sup
ply glasses when
Parrott Optical Go.
Idaho's Leading Optometrists &
115 Main Ave. East.
A. N. Sprague, of Burley, was in
town Monday.
R. P. Logan, Jr., of the Logan Piano
transacted business in the west
end of the tract Thursday afternoon.
G. B. Schwieger, of the Case
pany, left Friday morning on one of
his trips over the Twin Falls terri
Judge E. A. Walters left Friday
morning for Rupert on legal busi
ness for the firm of Longley and Wal
Robert Brose was in the county seat
Saturday from his farm on Rock
creek. Mr. Brose drove in in his new
J. W. Jackson, a director of the Twin
Falls Canal company, is in to^n from
'Cÿustleford attending a meeting of the
canal board.
Miss lone Smith left Monday morn
ing for her home in Logan, Utah, after
an .extended visit with her aunt, Mrs.
t>. O. Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gudger and
children arrived in the city Thursday
¥ :om Klrwin, Kansas, to locate on the
win Falls tract
J. H. Jensen and Lee Owsley were
transacting business in the city for
a day. the middle of the week from the
Hagerman valley.
Mrs. Peter Ericson entertained at a
luncheon last Wednesday in honor of
her sister-in-law, Mrs. Ericson, of Min
neapolis, Minnesota.
Gus Johnson, who is overseeing a
road gang at Murtaugh, spent Sunday
in the city with his family, returning
to the camp Monday morning.
Joel L. Priest, general agent for the
Oregon Short Line in Idaho, was a
business visitor in 'the city Friday
from his headquarters in Boise.
■ George Boswell, general manager of
the Caatleford Land and Stock com
pany, was a business visitor in the
city for a day or two of last week.
Archie Lingo arrived in Twin Falls
the middle of the week from Anacon
da. On Saturday they made final proof
o^j their Carey act ranch on the Sal
Mr. J. J. Tiemens, of Kelso, Wash
ington, who has been visiting with
his nephew, Henry RIedeman
family, left Friday morning for his
Arthur Bowen, Jr., was here from
Twin Falls the last of the week visit
ing his grandfather, M. D. Bowen, and
went home Saturday.—Blackfoot Re
Company D, Idaho National guard,
departed Thursday morning for the
annual encampment at Boise,
boys left in style, traveling in a pri
vate car.
Mrs. Nichols, of Twin Falls, a sis
ter to I. W. Creasey, is visiting a
few weeks with her brothers and
mother in American Falls.—American
Falls Press.
Mrs. Earle Browne, of Coeur d'
Alene, who is the guest of Mrs. Everett
M. Sweeley, was the guest of honor
at a Bridge tea, given by her hostess
on Friday afternoon.
The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian
church between now and the first of
September will canvass the city for
renewals and new subscriptions to
the Today's Magazine.
Saturday morning five trains of
choice Idaho lambs and sheep were
shipped east. Most of the mutton
came from sections of the Twin Falls
tract.—Pocatello Tribune.
Mrs. J. H. Wise and her mother, Mrs.
W. S. Mallory, left Monday morning
for Lava Hot Springs, where they will
remain for some time for the benefit
of the health of Mrs. Wise.
E. J. Ostrander, president of the
Ostrander Lumber company return
ed Thursday from Chicago, where he
had been for a couple of weeks look
ing after business matters.
S. G. Hull transacted business in
Kimberly Tuesday of this week.
Carl Domrose spent Saturday in
Twin Falls from his home at Rock
ou ... ....... .
Sheriff Kendall is in the eastern j
part of the state looking after official
G. M. Cooper is in town from his
home at Rogerson, looking after busi
ness affairs.
Chas. O. Dumas, a merchant of Al
bion, is in the city looking after busi
ness inteersts.
J. W. Lavin was transacting busi
ness in Twin Falls Friday from his
home in Öakley.
George Pinkston is looking
business afafirs in the county. seat
from Three Creek.
C. P. Wertzbaugher, who is engaed
in business in Hansen, spent Monday
in the county seat.
S. H. Hays and family were in the
city for a short time Friday from
their home in Boise.
E. B. Darlington, water master for
the Salmon tract, was a business vis
itor in Twin Falls Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McLain. Miss
Marie Williams and Glen Magel spent
Sunday in the Wood river country.
J. A. Crom, director of the Twin
Falls Canal Company, is in the city at
tending a meeting of the canal board.
Paul S. A. Bicke! owner of Fairview
ranch in the Hagerman valley, was
in the city for a short time Saturday.
E. J. Jenkins, of the Jenkins and com
pany store, was a business visitor on
the west end of the tract Thursday.
Former Sheriff C. C. Nelson, of Min
idoka county, was in the city Mon
day looking after his property in
Commissioner T. E. Moore is in
the city from his farm near Filer at
tending the July session of the coun
ty board.
H. Harland, president of the Idaho
State Grange, was a business visitor
in the city Friday from his home in
Give Us a Share of Your
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Security of New Haven
Northwestern Fire and Marine
Automobile Insurance li the Phoenix of
Why carry your own risk on that new car when
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We can protect you against hail by insurance in
the Northwestern Fire and Marine.
Sanger Realty and Investment Co. *
143 Main Avenue Ea&
Miss Nellie Teasdale arrived the last
of the week from Los Angeles, Cal
ifornia, to make her home with her
mother, Mrs. Ernest White.
Mrs. N. J. Thompson is in the city
from Hooper, Nebraska, and will yis
It for some time with her son, Deputy
Sheriff W. G. Thompson and family.
Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Iliff, Wiley Iliff,
and Miss Lois Iliff and Mrs. H. W.
Parker left Tuesday morning for the
Muldoon country, east of Bellevue,
where they will camp for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. D. Nims, of Bowling
Green, Ohio, are in the city visiting
with their nephew, E. C. Nims. Mr.
and Mrs. Nims have been In Jerome for
some lime visiting with Mr. Nims'
brother, John D. Nims, of the North
Side News.
Mrs. M. B. Baird, of Greeley, Colo
rado, who has been visiting with her
daughter, Mrs. E. M. Cook, departed
Friday morning for Seattle and oth
er coast points, where she will visit
with relatives before returning to her
home in Greeley.
One day last week twenty-six resi
dents of the growing town of Filer,
met in the Golden gate park, San
Francisco, and held a picnic. It is
stated that the Filer bunch had one
of the times of their lives and that they
are boosting for sunny southern Idaho
and the Twin Falls tract.
J. E. Bower was in the city Saturday
from Artesian city to consult with a
physician. Mr. Bower was roping a
horse and in some way got one of
his fingers caught in the loop of the
rope. When the horse got to the end
of the rope and the slack was taken
up, Mr. Bower lost the end of his
Police Judge W. J. Smith and two
daughters returned Monday from Sho
shone, where they spent Sunday vis
iting with friends. The judge had
the pleasure of seeing the liberty bell,
which passed through Shoshone at one
o'clock Monday morning. He says
that nearly every man, woman and
child was out to see the historic relic.
The special train only stopped in the
junction town for a few minutes but
all had a chance to see the bell.
Phone 428.'
Central Baflaiig,
A. H. Brailsford, who is engaged in
the sheep business in the Hafp?rman
valley, is in the city looking after
business affairs.
Monday workmen commenced to tear
down the building next to the Roger
j son hotel, which was damaged bv
fire some time ago.
Jas. D. Pence, who is engaged in
the stock business in the Three Creek
country, is in Twin Falls looking af
ter business affairs.
Attorney and Mrs. J. C. Rogers were
in Twin Falls Monday from Burley.
Mr. Rogers was called here to look
after legal business.
Miss Bertha Noel, county superin
tendent of schools was in the eastern
part of the county Monday looking
after school business.
Ira Lambing arrived in Twin Falls
Tuesday frem his home in Pocatello
and will be here for several days
looking after business matters.
D. D. Dimond returned the last of
the week from Goldfield, Nevada,
where he has been for several months.
He is the father of J. M. Dimond.
J. A. Waters returned Tuesday from
Boise, where he had been attending
a meeting of the irrigation and drain
age commission or which he is
a mem
County Commissioner and Mrs. D.
P. Albee are in the city from their
home on Rock creek,
tending the meeting of the county
Dr. Albee is at
Mrs. W. E. Smith was in the city
over Sunday from Pocatello, visiting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John
Mr and Mrs. F. M. Snyder, and Mrs.
F. H. Adams were in the city Mon
They were mak
ing a sightseeing trip of the tract by
day from Heyburn.
Miss Vesta Thomas returned Sun
day from points in California, where
she had been making an extended vis
it. While away she visited both of
the expositions.
Captain H. W. Wilson, surgeon of
the Idaho National Guard, returned
Tuesday from Boise, where lie had
been attending the state encampment
for a couple of days.
J. A. Barrett and family departed
Saturday for San Francisco, where
they will attend the Panama-Pacific
J. G. Bradley, of the Twin Flails
Bank and Trust company, left the
middle of the week for San Francisco,
California, where he will visit the
Panama-Pacific exposition.
J. A. Weed, superintendent of
bridges and buildings of the Idaho di
vision of the Oregon Short Line was
in Twin Falls for a day the middle of
the week on an inspection tour.
Justice Alfred J. Budge, of the su
preme court of the state, and family
passed through the city Friday on
their way to their home in Paris, Ida
ho. Theÿ were making the trip by
Dr. W. A. Sullivan spent Monday
near Burley, where he had been call
ed to inspect a bunch of hogs thought
to be infected with the cholera. The
doctor found the herd free from any
P. L. Neil, postofflee inspector, who
has been making.this district for sev
eral years, has been transferred to
Alaska, where he will have charge
of that territory. He left last week
for his new station.
The Ford Motor Company announce
in their sales bulletin that a Ford
touring car can be purchased piece
by piece for $513.00, an advance of
only $23.00 more than the list price
of the assembled car.
V. C. McWhorter and Mr. Marshall,
who are connected with the bureau
of animal industry at Washington, D.
C., were in the city Sunday conferring
with Dr. W. A. Sullivan on the cholera
situation in southern Idaho.
Harry Denton, manager of the Kim
berly flour mill at Kimberly, who
with his family have been up In the
Wood river country on an outing, re
turned to their home this week, the
wife going by team the husband by
motorcycle.—Bellevue News.
W. O. Taylor, B. A. Hamilton, W. R.
Priebe and W. S. Hill will leave Wed
nesday morning for Wood river where
they will enjoy several days shooting
The open season for birds \fill com
mence Thursday morning,
parties will leave Twin Falls Wednes
day so as to be on the hunting grounds
bright and early Thursday morning.
_ „ „
m ß*
.» ■*
, >
• r-xX
That cost $15,000.00 to produce should help
you get some good ideas for that new
home: of yours.
Ostrander Lumber Co
Opposite O. S. L. Depot
Hyrum Pickett transacted business
in the county seat Monday from his
home near Murtaugh.
8ociety items for this column will
be gladly received by The Times.
The members of the Blue Lakes
Boulevard club spent a pleasant af
ternoon last Friday with Mrs. I. R.
A delicious
luncheon was served by the hostess.
Several guests were present.
two course
The King's Rustlers, of the M. E.
church held a very enjoyable picnic
social last Monday evening at the
home of Frank Osborne, who lives
south of Twin Falls. About one hun
dred and twenty were present and the
evening was spent in playing games.
Mrs. L. Brown, of Coeur d'Alene,
Idaho, was the motif for a pretty par
ty last Friday when Mrs. E. M. Swee
ley entertained at cards. Twenty-five
guests were present and Mrs. Brown,
received the guest prize, while Mrs.
Clos received first prize for h gh score.
The hostess served a dainty luncheon.
Mr s. Ericson gave a very flaborate
luncheon i.*st Thursday favo-.nc iier
sister-in-law, Mrs. Eric Erickson, of
M'ariCf.foME. Minn. The tabl.s dain
tily laid with handsome dollies, wag
pretty with a color scheme of pink
and white. Dorothy Perkins roses
formed a pretty centerpiece. The
guests were Mesdames T. A. Reed,
Shrout, Burton, H. J. Hill.E, Erickson,
Spielberg, Cox and J. T. Evans.
Mrs. F. L. Cogswell, living south
of Kimberly, was a gracious hostess
to the members of the Adrema club
last Friday at a white elephant one
o'clock luncheon in which white ele
phant ideas were beautifully carried
out. A color scheme of red, white
and blue was effectively used in the
table decorations, in the menu, and the
place cards, which were tied with the
patriotic colors. Fire cracker and
torpedo ideas were cleverly presented
in some of the six courses. Following
the luncheon the guests entered into
a chewing gum contest the object of
which was to mold white elephants
out of chewing gum. An auto truck
was the means of conveying to the
Cogswell home the following guests:
Mesdames Wm. Baker, Mann, Kaylor,
Porter, Burkholder, Thompson, Rowan,
Starrh, Stinson, Rough and Mrs.
Combs, who was a guest of the club.
Complimentary to Miss Catherine
Andrews of New York, Mrs. George
Easley, her sister, presided over a
very pretty one o'clock luncheon at
the Perrine hotel last Saturday. A
color scheme of pink and white pre
vailed. A basket of artistically ar
ranged pink and white sweet peas was
tied with a huge bow of pink maline
and formed the central decoration.
From this basket pink ribbons trailed
to the four corners of the pretty table
where four smaller baskets of sweet
peas were caught up. The same ideas
were used in the place cards and in
the nut receivers. Covers were laid
for the following: Mesdames Milner,
E. B. Williams, Ostrander, Parsons,
Heap, Snook, Allen, Peavey, Senior,
Wood, Miss Andrews and Mrs. Easley.
Auction Bridge followed and the prizes
an Austrian vase and hand made hand
kerchief, were won liy Mrs. Parsons
and Mrs. Wood.
These books are received and may
be had at the Presbyterian church
Special This Week
40c Cocoanut Fudge Bar
20c per Pound
• <*». •
IS» Mala West
Pheae Nt
Wednesday and Thursfcf
Arthur Johnson.
In fthc 3-act; Drama
A Ham Comedy
A Geo. Ade Comedy.
Coming Scent
In the
Two Act Special
Twin Falls, July It,
Editor of Times:
Is it too late to make a few to
ments on the library site?
"In the name of common se ise" aa,
you might say, why put all ths pretty
public buildings on Shoshone Si. •r
near that park? What about the rest
of your city? It is a wonder that
they don't put the postoffice out them
The library should be as near tbei
busy portion of the city as possIMe,
so the busy man or shop girl could,
drop in for a book, paper, or for a*
few minutes of reading. The library
should serve the common people.
East main St. would be a good lo
cation and it would help build gp
that sadly neglected thoroughfare
Yours sincerely,
Associated Bible Students, Friday
evening July 16, at 7:30.
S. L. Johnson, of the International
Bibble Students' association, BreckHru,
N. Y., will deliver a discourse oo "TBs
Distress of Nations, the Evidence a
the Overthrow of Satan's Empire.""
All the interested are especially in
vited. Jewel hall, West Main avenue.,
over Varney's. —Adv. July 13 pd.
Pastor F".
Via Oregon Short Line. Tickets Mt
sale between local points in Utah aa#.
Idaho east of Bliss, Idaho, July 23 ud
24; limit July 26th. Sec any Ot S.
L. Agent for further details.
July 13-16-20-2»;

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