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Three Prizes of Idahome Flour
The loaves of bread entered in this contest, made from IDAHOME FLOUR, should be left at the CITY MARK El INC COMPANY Saturday morning, April 1st.
The Bread will be judged Saturday afternoon by the TWENTIETH CENTURY CLUB.
To Customers and Friends of the Idaho Department Store :
You are hereby notified that we will not issue any
Green Trading Stamps after April 6, 1916. All ac
counts must be paid on or before the above date in
order to receive stamps.
Idaho Department Store
Local and Personal
Miss Pond went to Filer Saturday.
Mrs. J. M. Shank went to Buhl Fri
Mrs. Austin was up from Filer Sat
John Millis was up from Buhl Sat
W T. Skillern of Buhl was up Sat
f J. Smith of Filer spent Friday in
the city.
W. Sisson was a passenger to Buhl
P. C. Probasco was up from Buhl
Miss Mclnnes was in Filer over
J. W. Fink of Buhl spent Saturday
In this city.
A. Porter was in town from Mar
tauVh Saturday.
H. B. Walter was here from Filer
on business Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hodges were in
%; from Hollister Saturday.
Frank Sample of Buhl spent several
days in this city last week.
A. F. Pullman was here from Hcy
hurn on business Saturday.
E. A. Moon is this week completing
a new bungalow for E. F. Steller.
% J. P. Hansen and W. J. Kitsch of
'Rock creek were in the city Friday.
If You Need
you need the best.
No matter how ma
ny times you have
been misfitted I can
satisfy you.
1 solicit the most dif
ficult cases of refrac
Dr. Robt. A. Parrott
Specialist in Fitting
Louis Harrell was in from Rogersoo |
Miss Case was a passenger to Filer
N. Shore was down from Hansen
B. R. Tillery of Buhl spent Friday
in this city.
Mrs. J. E. Brower was in from Rock
Creek Sunday.
Mrs. Hall was in the city from
Murtaugh Friday.
S. C. Bixler was in the city from
Heyburn Monday.
James McGuffle was in the city from
Rogerson Monday.
J. A. Odekirk went to Filer Monday
to spend the week.
Frank Craven of Hollister spent
Sunday in Twin Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Harvey of Bul l
wqre in the city Monday.
J. H. Meier and family of Hollister
were in the city yesterday.
E. A. Milner, the Buhl lumberman,
was up on business Friday
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Musset were 'n
the city from Filer Saturday.
John L. Gray, the Buhl sheepman,
spent Saturday in Twin Falls. »
Mr. and Mrs. L. U. Ward went to
Buhl Monday to make their home.
W. M. Arnold of Kimberly was a
business visitor in Twin Falls Thurs
Dr. F. A. Marsh returned to Buhl
Monday, after a business visit in this
C. A. Ingram returned to Buhl yes
,rday, after transacting business in
Twin Falls.
Everett Babcock of American Falls
was in the city this week visiting big
brother Prank.
B. H. Atkinson of Kimberly spenr
Thursday in the city looking after
business matters.
Miss Riley was in Salt Lake City
last week in the interest of Riley
Sisters' millinery business.
Willet Hance was in Burley and
Rupert last week in the interest of
the Lincoln Produce company.
The Episcopal guild will meet
Thursday with C. A. Leigh, 223 Third
avenue north. Members and friends
cordially invited.
C. A. Dood of Castleford this week
sold his farm to W. J. Young and
bought eight acres near this city,
where he will make his home.
Attorney E. M. Wolfe returned Mon
day from Mountain Home, where he
was attending court. Longley & Wal
ters are still there on business.
Peace day has been announced for
May 17 in the schools, and in many
districts steps are in contemplation
for the celebration of the occasion
with a special program.
T. H. Harvey came in from Nebras
ka Monday to join his wife, who has
been visiting Mrs. Morris Patrick for
a couple of weeks. After a short stay
here, they will return to their home.
Central Building. Phone 426.
E. Harris was in the city from Han
son Thursday.
Mrs. Autery of Hansen was in Twin
Falls Thursday.
B. S. Taylor was over from Kim
berly Thursday.
A. S. Hall was in the city from
Murtaugh Friday.
G. L. Cowan of Hansen spent Thurs
day in Twin Falls.
Miss Erma McDougal was down from
Hansen Thursday.
O. D. Bills was in the city from
Hansen Thursday.
Rev. Mr. Stewart of Kimberly was
in the city Thursday.
L. N. Whitehead of Hansent spent
Thursday in the city.
Miss Broadfoot was a passenger to
Kimberly Thursday.
Attorney J. H. Wise was in the west
end on business Thursday.
John B. White went to Buhl Thurs
day afternoon on business.
J. A. Brown of Buhl was in the
city on business Saturday.
H. M. Allen of Buhl was a business
v * B ^ or * n ih® c ^y Saturday.
W. H. Wire was up from Buhl Sat
urday looking after business matter.
J. W. Porter left for his home In
Shoshone Friday, after a visit in this
Miss Snowhill went to Filer Satur
day to spend a few days the guest of
Sanger Realty and Investment Co.
143 Main Avenue Ea^F
A. L. Houghtilin of Sucker Flats
was doing business in Twin Falls
Miss Willey came in from Hazleton
Monday to visit her grandfather, A.
T, Fessenden.
George Redden went to Buhl Satur
day to prepare the tabernacle for the
big revival there.
George Bowen returned to Filer
Thursday afternoon, after transacting
business in this city.
J. A. Goodman of Rockford arrived
in this city Saturday to look over the
country with a view of locating.
Mrs. R. C. Carter of Hollister was
in the city Friday on her way to Kim
berly to visit her mother, Mrs. Pro
Mrs. C. P. Morgansterne of this city,
accompanied Mrs. J. F. Morgansterne
of Castleford to her home Thursday
to return a visit.
The girls of the graduating class
of the Twin Falls high school have
come to an agreement to place a limit
of $5 on the cost of their graduating
Ralph Morse of this city will repre
sent the state normal school at Albion
at the declamatory contest in Poca
tello Friday night. The Idaho Tech
nical Institute and the College of Ida
ho will participate in the contest.
Theodore Bowen, son of A. M.
Bowen of this city, lias been appoint
ed as principal midshipman and John
I! Mu»ser of Filer alternate, subject
to an examination which will be held
There is likely to be a shortage of
beds for visitors to this city during
the auto show, unless those with spare
rooms consent to rent beds during
that time, according to the managers
of the affair, who request that all who
can spare beds send word to that ef
fect to Boyd Fuller.
L. J. Pior was down from Hansen
Mrs. Maxwell was in the city from
Buhl Friday.
Ed Earned came up from Buhl on
business Friday.
Mrs. Hatrnakor was a passenger to
Murtaugh Friday.
Mrs. Grace Mclnnis of Filer was in
the city Thursday.
Mrs. V. R. Pease was in Twin Falls
from Filer Friday,
Miss Hoffman of Filer spent Satur
day In Twin Falls.
Milllcent Middleton of Rogcrson was
in the city Friday.
Miss Ruth Crom went to Filer Fri
day to visit friends.
J. Barnes was a passenger to Filer
Thursday afternoon.
A. N. Holmes was up from Filer
Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Logue went to Filer Saturday
to visit her parents.
Otis Sampson of Hansen was in
Twin Falls Thursday.
Staurt Severns was a Hansen visitor
to Twin Falls Thursday.
J. E. Bower of Artesian City was
here Friday on business.
R. Lough was in the city Saturday
from Buhl, where he recently bought
a farm.
George Audlcy of this city was in
Murtaugh on business several days
last week.
L. A. Adams of Hansen was in Twin
Falls on business Thursday.
Marion Ownes and Emma King .of
this city were licensed to wed this
Miss Anne Louise Scott went to
Filer Saturday to visit her brother
and sister.
Mrs. Will Cunningham and Mrs
Charles Swanson were in the city from
Buhl Thursday.
j Mrs. R. E. Swain of Buhl returned
to her home Saturday, after a visit
with Mrs. W. D. Southworth.
Miss Parker of Buhl came in Friday
to visit her grandmother, Mrs. A. E
| Parker,
i Mr, and Mrs. Walter Lee left Friday
j for Ellensburg, Wash., after a visit
I with Albert Lee in this city,
Mrs. Martin and her baby came in
from Spokane Monday to visit her
grandmother, Mrs. Y. T. N. Redlon.
Mrs. G. L. McGregor returned ;c
Berger from Ogden Monday, after vis
iting her mother, who was very ill,
but is now improving.
The Electrical hospital, located at
141 Second avenue east, Is the name
of a new firm, composed of George
M. Dow and V. H. Karis.
A. B. Wight of Aurora, Ill., ar
rived Thursday afternoon for the pur
pose of visiting his brother, W. W.
Wight, and looking over the country.
The school board today took the
last step required toward getting the
money on the bonds for the construc
tion of the new grade school house,
when they made out the final papers
for the $40.000 In bonds sold to th°
James N. Wright company and Sweet.
Causey. Foster & Co. of Denver. The
proceeds of the bonds will be $40,000
and accrued Interest. J. W. Thomp
son represented the James W. Wright
20c lb
30c Butter
Cream Candy
At VARNEY'S, 138 Main West
Dr. Oliver's Challenge
Sunday Morning, March 12, 1916
In order to support a position which in the light of octr
day many Bible students are beginning to see is a most unrast.
sonable and unscriptural one, Dr. Oliver refers to the Greet.':
as his authority and challenges (Sunday morning, March 1&.
1916) "any Greek student on earth to disprove his statement:
—also "preacher."
We accept the challenge, not for argument's sake, but be
cause If the truth ia not clearly seen by all Christian peophs
immediately, their faith in God and His word, the Bible in
sure to be lost as a result of the "strong delusions" in the "evil
day" which has already commenced (2 Thess. 2-11; Eph, 6>Î3>.
We shall endeavor to sho\v that the theory held by Dr. Oliver
and many others positively and absolutely nullifies the grea*
ransom-sacrifice finished by our Lord at Calvary, and. is;
therefore, an "anti-Christ" spirit or doctrine. It Is because
of wrong views of what the ransom-price really is, what raas
is ransomed from, and the full benefits derived therefrom, that
many of the Lord's people have lost their faith and have drifted
into "evolution" and "higher criticism," etc.
We quote the texts, the translation of which in the common'
version (King James) Dr. Oliver maintains is not valid accordr
ing to the Greek: "Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: EVerjr
spirit that confesscth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is
of God; And every spirit that contesseth not that Jesus Christ
is come in the flesh, is not of God: And this is that spirit at
anti-Christ, whereof ye have heard that it should come" (I John.
4:2, 3). "For many deceivers are entered into the world, who
confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh." This fee.
a deceiver and an anti-Christ.
Dr. Oliver's claim is: (1) That the Greek words in these
texts rendered "is come" signify is coming. (2) That with
this change the Apostle's words would signify that any teaching:
which denies that the second advent of our Lord will be: in
the flesh is an anti-Christ spirit.
We reply to this claim; (1) It is true that the- word
erchomai, the root word from which is derived eleluthoia (I
John 4:2) and erchomenon (2 John 7) signifies «omlng or
arrival; but whether the coming referred to is a past or
future event must be determined by the construction- of tfie.
sentence, just as we may use our English word "coming" iE.
referring to matters past and future and say, "Faith in. the
first coming of our l ord is general among Christians, but not.
so general is the faith in his second coming." The context:
proves beyond peradventure that an occurrence of the past is
referred to, for the record is "many deceivers are gone forth""
or "went forth," and the two statements quite evidently refecr
to the same thing.
(2) This claim is put forth by some who have an object id
claiming that the text refers to a future event; they claim that
our Lord is not "changed" to the divine nature, that he is stfll
flesh and that he will continue to be a man, a human, fleshly
being, and bear the, scars of his human sufferings to all eter
nity. They deny, nr at least ignore, the many Scriptural cUscia'
ratlons to the effect "Him hath God highly exalted"'; "Mow
the Lord is that Spirit," and "Though we have known Ghxisr.
after the flesh (yet) henceforth know we hi m(so) no more"
(Phil. 2:9; 2 Cor. 3:17, 5:16). Their wish to find some Scrip
tural statements to support their unreasonable and unscrip
tural position deceives them as respects these passages. In
deed, we may say that the vast majority of Christian people
hold this erroneous view, among them nearly all who have ever
had anything to do with translating the Scriptures.
But we will buttress our position by quoting the criticisms
of these texts by Prof. J. R. Rhinehart, Ph. D., professor of
languages in Waynesburg College (Cumberland Presbyterian/:
After quoting the text of I John 4:2 and 2 John 7, Prof. Rine
hart says; (1) "The foregoing quotations are from the Em
phatic Diaglott of Wilson, purporting to be from the original
Greek text of the New Testament. (The writer has a> copy: of
this excellent work.) The word eleluthota is the accusative,
singular masculine, of the second perfect participle of the verlr
erchomai, having the same relation to this verb that any other
perfect participle has to its verb. It stands with the verb
homolegei in indirect discourse, and represents a finite, perfect
tense, according to ordinary Greek syntax. (Godwin's Greek:
Grammer, 1588, 1283.
"The following translation of the first quotation is. there
fore, essentially correct: 'Every spirit that confesseth that
Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, is of God.' "'
(2) The wori erchomenon in the second quotation Is ther
accusative, singular, masculine, of the present participle of the
verb erchomai, and is subject to the same rules of syntax as
the word above. Its relation to «eiselthon through liomoto
gountes, as well as the context, justifies its translation as of
past time. (Ibid, 1289.)
"The translation of the second quotation, therefore, is prop
erly given as follows: 'For many deceivers went forth into the.
world—those who do not confess that Jesus Christ did ocmei fs.
the flesh.' "
No Greek scholar, we believe, will ever he found ta contra
diet this definition, even though he hold the second coming of
Lord in the flesh, and might thus have a preference for ».




construction favorable to his conceptions.
Finally, we notice that as a confession that Christ camr,
in the flesh at his first advent is essential to a proper belief
in the ransom, and a denial of that fact means a denial of thf
ransom (because otherwise he could not give a corresponding
price for man), so all who believe that Christ is a man since
his resurrection and that he will come a second time as a mar
are thereby denying tiic ransom: for if our Lord is still a mar»,
he either did not give his manhood as our ransom, or, giving,
it for three days, took it back again—took back the redemption
price and thus vitiated the purchase. But on the contrary, the
purchase was final ; our lord's humanity never was taken back
Him hath God highly exalted and given a name and nature far
above angels, principalities and powers and every name that is
named (the Father's alone excepted). He is no longer a mar
nor in any sense like us; we if faithful shall be "changed"
and made like him and "see him as he is"—not was (1 .1 nl.xt
3:2). (See Scripture Studies, Vol. V., page 296.)
Yours sincerely for truth,
Chairman Associated Bible Students.

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