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the mi um mm,
By invitation of Capt. H. H. Day we
made a trip last Thursday on the Nevada
Central R. R. to Condor Canyon and
Buliiooville. The Captain had ordered
the caboose and also a platform oar to be
bitehed to the train to accommodate the
numerous ladies and gentlemen to whom
invitations were extended to make the
trip. We fonnd the caboose car filled
with ladies, amongst whom were Mrs.
Wiederbold. Mrs. Jo. Rich, Mrs. Arn
old, Mrs. Haittnan, Miss Watkins, Miss
Banby, Mrs. MoClane, , Miss Gertie
, and several others whose names
we were unable to learn.
The train was to have started, about
half-past nine, but owing to the difficulty
in making it up to accommodate in
passengers it did not get off from the
summit until quarter alter 11. Previous
to the start Jimmy Dquglasa, brakesman
of the train, -whilst oonpliog two ore
oars had bis foot caught between them,
but luckily he only suffered n little
squeeze, be being promptly released
from his nnpleasant predioament. Con-
sideritii! the heavy load the train made
verv fair time to Condor Canyon, arriv
ins there about one o'clock, and leaving
six ore-oars hlled with ore trom the
Meadow Valley mine to be worked at that
mill. The mill continues to run on the
concentrations and tailings and keeps six
pans and six settlers going constantly,
tbe batteries being sot to work when
custom ore is on hand to work. We are
under obligations to Theo. A. Hale, Jno.
Collier and Ed. Cutts for courtesies ex
tended us during our short stay at tbe
Canyon. Ed. Cults has charge of
tbe running of the machinery of the
mill. On the way from the Can
yon to Bnllionville the train was stopped
twice to replace rails that had become
displaced during tbe recent neavy
storruB, this being the first trip that any
train has made over the lower portion of
the road lor.nearly a month. The en
gineer, Sim Stoddard, had to keep a
sharp look-out for such things, so as to
nrvent accidents.
The train reached Bnllionville at 3
o'clock, and manv of the passengers were
pretty hungry. Some of tbe ladies bad
stopped at Mrs. LehigbV. at tbe Can
yon, preferring to have a good dinner
there to going to Ballionvilla, and in
this actio u we think they showed their
good sense, for when the hnngry pas
sengers did arrive at Buliiooville, no res
taurant was to be found where anything
to eat could be obtained, and tbey bad to
coutent themselves with soda crackers
and cheese obtained at a grocery store.
Bullionvillo looks very slim; very little
business is being transacted there, but
we now think it will commence pick'
iog np, as the 30-statnp Raymond &
Ely mill is being put in repair so as to
commence work on the immense pile of
tailings there by tbe first of April. On
the return trip much better time was
made, it only taking twenty minutes from
Bullionville to Ccndor mill, and tbe en
tire train and party reached Fioche at
quarter after six o'clock, pretty well
tired out, but well pleased with tbe trip
and the attention bestowed on them by
the employes of the road.
Several car-loads of ore were also car
ried to the milt at Bullionville, also a
oar-load of lumber and supplies.. Two
lai'.ies and two gentlemen rode in front
of tbe looomotive both going and re
turning, and a couple also inside of the
engine with tbe eood-looking engineer.
The last we observed of the locomotive
was a young lady seated in front with
ner bead leaning on tbe rim of a gentle
man's ear whispering something, but not
oemg close enough, we oonld not catch
tbe sweetly whispered words.
The District Court met on Wednesday
morning, March 14, 1877, and transacted
the following business:
Moore et al., Sheal et al, Ehrman and
Livingston & Co. vs. M. Quillen; on
motion tbe Court orders that defendant
have to and including March 31st in
which to file and serve bis answers in
each of the above entitled cases.
Wells, Fargo & Co. vs. Lincoln coun
ty: the demurrer filed herein on motion
is allowed to be withdrawn, the answer
being presented and filed in open Court.
Matthews vs. Johnston; cosecontinued
until Saturday, March 17th.
Tbe (iettysburg Mining Company
(limited) vs. the Tecbatticup Gold and
Silver Mining Company et al; plaintiff in
open (Jonrt move tbat said cause be dis
missed at tbe cost of plaintiff without
prejudice to tbe commencement of an
other aotion.
State Bank vs. L. V. Loomis and J.
D. Whetsel; L. V. Lonmia having been
adjudged by the United States District
Court of tbe State of Nevada to be a
bankrupt, all proceedings in the above
entitled cause are ordered Btayed, penn
ing sucb adjudication, as far as Jj. V.
Loomis is concerned. On motion the
said oanse in ordered set for trial as to
aid Wbetsel on Thursday. Marob 15,
A. D. Campbell vs. L. V. Loomis;
same motion and same order as above.
In the matter of the estate of Earl
Hamilton, deceased; the returned ac
count of the sales of real estate filed, and
Monday, March 26tb, fixed as the day
(or bearing said return.
In tbe matter of the estate of Wm,
Lawry, deceased; the petition of William
fierce for letters of administration of
said estate was filed, and Monday, March
2(ith, was fixed to hear said petition, and
notioes ordered posted.
me ami calendar was called and
passed as follows:
Johnston vs. Foster and Real, Jno.
Rice, assignee, vs. A. Fife, Ducyknnck
vs. Wheeler et al. ; continued for tbe
Steinbart et al. vs, Rich, Coleman et
al. vs. Rich, Nenstndter vs. Rich, Ash
et al. vs. Rich, Olate vs. W. L. McKee;
passed to March 15th.
(Jourt tben adjourned to Thursday,
March lo, 1877.
Court met on Thursday, March 15,
1877, and transacted tbe following busi
State Bank va. L. V. Loomis and J.
D. Whetsel; cause tried, and judgment
ordered entered as to defendant, Wbetsel,
in accordance with the findings of faot
and conclusions of law to be hereafter
Steinbart, Coleman et al., Neustadter,
Asa et al. vs. Rich; continued until axon
day Maroh 19th.
A venire waa ordered issued for the
names of 2i persons to serve as trial
jurors, made returnable Monday, March
I'Jtn, at li a. St.
Court then adjourned to Saturday,
Juarcn 11, J.S77.
itEPoBTt'D Dead. A report was
drought from Eureka during the past
week by some returning passengers to
the effect that Mrs. John Croylnnd,
mother of Miss Alvie Bibb, had died in
San Francisco on Sunday last. Although
everyone appeared to know it at that
place, no one would communioate the
news to Miss Bibb, and arrangements
naa been made so tbat bishop Whit
aker should meet her at Reno and break
the painful news to her. We sincerely
nope tbat the report may prove to be un
Statb Tax. The following communi
cation has been received by the Board
of County Commissioners of tbisoounty:
Orrtoi of Stats Contbollrr I
Cabson. Nrv.. March 7. 1877. 1
To tbe Honorable Board of County Com
missioners of Jjlnoold oounty:
Gentlemen: Tbe rate of taxation for
state purposes for the psesent flsoal
year, commencing January 1, 1877, is
ninety oents on each one hundred do!
Mrs valuation. lours, respectfnllv.
W. W. Hobabt.
. State Controller.
Notice or Tax Suits Cohmescid.
Suits have been commenced in the Jus.
tioe's Court of Lincoln county, Nevada,
against each of the following named de
fendants, to recover tbe tax and delin
quency on tbe said described property
for tbe fiscal year ending December 11
If tbe complaints which are issued in
each case are not answered on or before
tbe 17th day of April, judgment will be
against said defendants, and tbe real es
tats and improvements, to wit: Walk &
Collins, tax and delinquency, $25.11;
unknown owner, tax and delinquency,
mj.ob; unitnown owner, tax and delin
qaencyt $11.55; Taylor Bayler, tax and
delinquency. $40.04; L. Foes, 12 52;
Jose Del Fuenzalida, tax and delin
quency, $37.73.
Sheriff's Sale. A Sheriff's sale took
place on Tuesday last at 12 o'clock in
front of the Conrt House, of the follow
ing described property, to wit. The real
estate and all of the improhements there
on of tbe property situated on Meadow
Valley street, known as tbe office and as
say office of the Pioche Silver Mining
Comyany; also tbe mining claim known
as the Pioohe mine, with the hoisting
works and maohiuery thereon, to satisfy
lodgment obtained by tbe Floral
Springs Water Company against said
Pioche Silver Mining Company. Tbe
property was purchased by tbe plaintiff
for tbe sum of $l,aw.zv,
The Eao Thick. Our grocers and
provision dealers have had considerable
troublo lately to procure eggs, with
which to supply customers, withont pay.
ing a higher prioe for them than whit
tbey oould ee sold tor, owing to certain
parties intercepting Mormon teams in
tbe lower portion of the town and buying
the entire oontents, tbns making a cor
ner in tbe market. To prevent tbia tbe
dealers in provisions' have been going
out on the road about two miles, so at to
have tbe first ohanoe at any teams.
Am Accident. Ex-Senator N. Wes
ooatt, of Lincoln oounty, now employed
in making surveys of tbe Richmond and
Eureka Consolidated mines, at Eureka.
bad a narrow esoape from serious injury
on the otb inst. while in toe latter mine,
While engaged in bis work a rook fell
from above and struck him on tbe bead
with inoh foroe aa to stun him, but
fortunately be was not badly hurt.
Rathond add Ely Minb. Consider
By private letter dated March 10th
received in Pioohe, we have the follow
ing items in regard to Harrisburg Min
ing District, Utah: Times in this vicinity
seem to be on the improve. Several
mines have been incorporated, and they
are proseonting tbe work very vigorously.
There has also been a new town located;
it is near the Tocqverville Silver Min
ing Company's mine. Lots are soiling
very bleu and buildings going up rapiaiy.
A company from Salt Lake City have
started to build a twenty-stamp mill
within a thousand feet of the new town.
Everything looks prosperous for its fut
ure existence, and in a very abort time
it will rival any of the numerons towns
in the District. The Tocquerville, of
wbioh Jno. R. James Superintendent,
has a large foroe of men employed and
are extracting considerable ore, whiob
assays very high. The Superintendent
calculates that in 60 days tbe vein will
be cut in tbeir deep tunnel, wbioh will
give sufficient ore to run tbe mill for an
indefinite length of time.
Tbe Harrisburg mine has also a large
force of men employed and are pros
pecting their ground with great vigor.
This Company has COO feet of ground
and are sinking three different shafts,
showing large bodies of ore in each of
them. The average assay yesterday was
Two miners had a quarrel on Sunday
last, which resulted in one of them,
named Mickey Free, being cut by tbe
other, named Hoag, a man from Mon
tana. Tbe blade of the knife entered be
tween the shoulders to tbe depth of 3
inches. It is thought tbe wound is fatal.
Fire. An alarm of fire was sounded
on Wednesday last about V o'clook.
I" was found to proceed from a Chinese
laandry on Main street, near Panaca
Flat, formerly ocoupied by Hop Sing,
but latterly by a lot of Indians. The
Hose Companies and Hook and Ladder
werepromDtly on tbegronnd, and Pioohe
Hose Company bad just attached tbeir
hose and turned on tbe water when the
nozzle came out from the plug, thus
rendering it useless as far as the hose
was concerned. Buckets, however, were
procured, filled with water, and with
their aid and ohopping down the rear
portion of tbe bouse the fire was ex.
tinguished. How the fire oocurred is
not known, but as Billy Goodman was
expected in town that day, it was thought
tbat the Indians wished to give him a
show to do some hard work when he arrived.
Stealing Papebs. We bave constant
complaints from subscribers every issue
of the Bicobb of their papers being
stolen, sometimes from restaurants and
other times from stores. It is very diss-
greeable to have tbe Recobd disappear
in this style, and the carrier is some
times blamed for not leaving the paper.
but as he is very particular, we oan at
tribute the losses onlv to the papers be
ing "nipped" by some persons who are
anxions to read the news without paying
for it. To all such we say. leave the
subscribers' paper alone, and if yon wish
a oopy very much and have not the
wherewith to pay for it, we will gladly
give oopies to prevent the continuance of
the nuisance.
St. Patbick's Day. To-day, Satur
day, March 17, 1877, is the anniversary
ol the birthdav of Sainl Patrick, the
Patron Saint of Ireland.' This oooasion
will be oelebrated In the many large
puies ot Amenoa by tbe natives ol Ire
land by parades, balls, &c. and is
always a matter of rejoicing and a boll-
j .mougsi mem. . , . , . . . ,h,
Tommx Dwtbb returned to Pioohe w.t. i. rtvnoraaslnfr RAtiafaatorilv
trom Virginia City on Wednesday last, at different points, tbe indications being
Uft on the Bullionville train Tburs- fayotftbl for striking good ore oe-
Uav momina far tha nnvnnM fit aaliti..rt I tore 10WZ.
i- -.l: ..,. ,ut
ne0"'y w 30-stamp BOm rooM LEEDS.-Billy Goodman
mill at tbat plaoe.
Tow.-Mr. Knox, agent for the
SoUatiflo Pres., of Ban Francisco, is now
and Alfred Grant arrived in town on
Wednesday last with about thirty tons of
ore from UarrisDurg Mining uiairioi,
which will be worked at tba Alps mill,
Standing Rewards. We see by post
ers distributed by Wells, Fargo & Co,
that tbe following standing rewards bave
been offered by the States and Territor
ies mentioned for the arrest and oon-
viotion of each and every highwayman
attempting or stopping a stage for tbe
purpose of robbery. California, a re
ward of $300, passed by the Legislature
Uct. zu, 1876; Montana, $300. passed by
toe iieeislature Jroruary lo, 1S77: Neva
da, $250, passed by the Legislature Feb
ruary 26, 1877. In addition to tbe above
Wells, Fargo & Co. offer a reward of $300
additional for eaob person arrested and
D. M. Tibbell returned to Pioche on
Sunday last from a trip to Virginia City
and San Franoisco. He states tbat times
in Virginia City are very dull; tbat at
least five thousand men are out of em
ployment, and many of tbem, it is safe
to say, do not get a square meal a day.
and in consequence there is muoh suf
fering. Mr. Tyrrell . and family left
Pioche tbe last part of tbis week for
Virginia City. We understand from out
side parties tbat he is to take charge of
the Overman mine.
removed. Eugene Hazard was re
moved on Saturday last from the house
he oooupied on Meadow Valley street to
the lodging house of D. Turner on Main
street, where he will be enabled to bave
better oare and attention. Mr. Hazard
is suffering from dropsy, and is at pres-
em aiao suiioiea who ouuauees.
A Nimbod. Daney Clark left Pioche
on Saturday last tor .cagie valley on a
hunting expedition, returning on Mon
day last about noon, giving him about a
day's leisure for a good hunt. He
brought back with him 43 ducks as tbe
result. Tbis knooks our other amatenr
sportsmen into the shade altogether.
Bbace Bbokeh. On Thursday morn
ing last the Hamilton and Eureka stage
bad just started from Wells, Fargo &
uo. i exprsss omce, when on of the
braces of the wagon snapped in two,
Tbis necessitated a stop for a couple of
uourt to repair damages.
Fob ViBoraiA Cm. Bill MoDonald,
who has for a long time past been fore
man of tbe Meadow Valley and Raymond
& Ely mines, left Pioche on Tuesday
last tor Virginia uity.
Gbass. Grass is coming up finely in
Meadow Valley Wash and ranchers have
tbe promise ol a good crop of nay.
G. R. Cusbimo), formerly a druggist in
Piosbe, Is now in Trinidad, Colorado.
The Latest Style. The "clinging"
costume is tbe latest style of. ladies' wear
tbat has been observed in Pioohe. Most
of the dresses are without overskirt,
sash, flounce or trimming of any kind.
Some of tbe skirts have a full flounos
about a foot deep at the bottom of the
dress, inside of which is taoked (so we
learn) a fine white muslin flounce,
trimmed with lace to represent a petti
coat, and this is aaid to be positively all
tbe underclothing worn. It oertainly
looks statuesque when a lady is standing
up, but it must be laughable to see her
sit down, Tbe tie-baok and aoantiness
of material restrain free movement, so
she has to ease herself down gingerly;
she can not Bit down quickly, but oan
gradually insinuate herself into a seat.
Una trembles to think what would hap
pen if some of the strings should snap,
or some one tread on the skirt, tearing it
away from the body. In suoh an event,
if report be true, Eve herself would be
rivalled in simplicity and scarcity of ap
parel. These kind of dresses will not do
for tbe majority of feminines, only those
tbat have the form of a Venus those
tbat have not it tries very sadly.
Boabd of Fibs Delegates. Tbe
Board of Fire Delegates of the Pioche
Fire Department met on Wednesday
evening last at Protection Hose House
and transacted the following business:
Hose Company No. 1 was excused from
reprimand for non-attendance at the fire
on the 12th of February, they acknowl
edging tbeir default. The Secretary was
instructed to appear before the Board
of County Commissioners at their next
meeting and inform tbem of tbe present
indebtedness of the Fire Department,
and the amount that would be needed
for the ourrent year to run the Depart
ment. Tbe iioaru tben adjourned to tbe
next regular monthly meeting.
Hook and Laddeb Meeting. Tbe
members of Lightner Hook and Ladder
Company held tbeir regular monthly
meeting on Monday evening last at tbe
bouse of Pioohe Hose Company at 1
o clock, twenty-one members being pres.
ent. lhe following business was tran
sacted: Theo. A. Hale was unanimously
elected President of tbe Compauy, and
M. Sullivan, Foreman. The monthly
dues were reduced to SO oents per month.
It waa passed nnanimoosly that tbe first
Monday night in each mouth be the
regular meeting nights of tba Company.
Not So. Some interested parties have
been circulating reports around Silver
Reef and Harrisburg Mining District,
Utah, to tbe effect that tbe Assessor of
Lincoln county intended after the 1st of
April, 1877, to levy a tax on the bullion
proceeds of ore tbat came from tbOBe
places to Pioohe for reduotion. Tbis bas
been done for the purpose of keeping
tbat ore from being sent to Jriocne.
There la no truth in these statements
batever, and we wish to notify the
people of that Distrust to tbat effaot.
Sheriff's Sale. A Sheriff's sale is
advertised in to-day's Rxcobo to take
plaoe at 12 o'clock at., on Tuesday, the
10th day of April, 1877, at the front door
of tbe county Court House. Tbe' prop
erty to be sold will oonsist of the High
land furnace, tbe boarding-bouse, and
all other property situated at or near
said furnace belonging to Robert Glover
and A. Hartwig at the time of the ren
dering of a judgment against tbem by
tbe District Court in iavor of Joseph
Is Bloom. The weather has been so
extremely warm and pleasant in Hiko
Valley that peach trees there are com
mencing to bloom and tbe grass is grow
ing finely all over the valley, but the
ranobers are very apprehensive that thy
may bave a frost, which, if tbey do, will
spoil tbe entire crop. Last year there
was a heavy frost in Hiko Valley as late
as tne montb ol May.
Snake Killed. A snake over two feet
long was killed on Wednesday morning
last near tbe Grammar School on
Meadow Valley street, by some of the
boys belonging to that department. It
was of a harmless species. Tbe recess
was usefully employed by the aforesaid
boys in frightening-all the girls with tba
reptile as tbey emerged from tbe school
bouse door.
Why is it tbat men, as general rule,
prefer to marry a widow ratber than s
young girl? This is question tbat
considerably agitates the female mind
A widow seldom remains single over a
year, whilst young girls grow into old
maids and stand no show, Tbis would
be a good question for debate in the
Philaletbio Society
Redemption Fond. The County
Treasurer of Linooln county, D. A,
Folks,- to-day notifies the holders of the
indebtedness ot Linooln oounty prior to
April 1, 1875. that there is now In tbe
Redemption Fund of the oounty $1,000,
for wboh bids will be received for tbe
surrender of oertifioates of said Indebted
nesB np to Saturday, March 31, 1877
Returned. W. M. Wilson, of Hiko.
returned from trip to San Franoisoo,
for the benefit of bis health, on Tuesday
laat. Tbe trio has done him consider
able good, as he now looks much better
than wben be left Here.
Itt Town. Charley Hoffman, Super
intendent of tbs Leeds Company's mine,
and Judge H, Rives, arrived in Pioohe
on tbe Salt Lake stage on Wednesday
Changing tbe Road. The ohangs of
roads bas not been made yet on the Salt
Lake route, but it is thought tbat it will
be done during tbe coming week.
B Mabcb cams in like a lamb. What
will it go oat like? Wait nntll after to
day, St. Patriok's Day, tor aa answer to
this oonundtum.
Good Obe. Pete Medlin arrived from
Harrisburg Mining Distriot, Utah, tbe
first part of the week with several wagon
loads of ore from that place, wbioh was
worked at tbe Alps mill. Tbe first-class
ore worked $347 per ton, and the second
class $182. The ore was very easily
worked, and the mill-hands say tbat
tbey would like to have plenty more of
tne same kind. Pete leaves again on
Monday for Leeds to bring iu-another
batob of tbe same kind.
Alps Company. Tbe Alps Company's
mill in Pioche still keeps running
steadily on custom ore and ore from the
mine, tbe Conder on concentrations and
tailings, There was a rumor around tbe
streets last evening to tbe effeot that a
big strike had been made in tbe mine,
all tbe men at work having been shut
Leeds Bullion. The Leeds Silver
Mining Company continue tbeir ship
ments of bullion, five bars valued at
$5,031.56 having arrived on Sunday last,
and four bars valued at $3,91914, on
Wednesday; total value, $8,950.70.
The Eureka Sentinel of March 14tb
says "James Day, a son o( Superintend
ant Day of the Raymond & Ely mine of
Jriocne, was among tbe arrivals Mouday
night. He is destined for Pioohe."
Bullion. Bullion to the amount of
$6,288,39 was shipped from Pioohe by
Wells, Fargo & Co. during the past
wees. Tbia bullion is the pruduot of tbe
Alps and uondor mills.
Returned. State Senator A. J. Blair
returned here yesterday, ha having made
a short stay in San Francisco since the
adjournment of tbe Legislature.
Virginia Enterprise: There is s class ot
men in tbis oity who are too lazy to work
and too well known to make begging
profitable, and who go about bumming
their meals at private houses. They
frequently happen in wben the heads of
the families are out. Several oases bave
recently been brought to our notice
where tbese fellows bave grown arrogant
and found fault with what has been set
before them. In one instance, just as
the beggar had mounted his high horse
and ordered the wife to make him some
more gravy for his meat and bread, the
husband came in and helped him out
witb tne toe of a double soled boot,
Really worthy men, although perhaps
needy, do not reBort to such measures to
procure food, and when one of tbese
despicable characters again presents
himself at tbe home of a oitizen tbe best
oourse is to slam the door in his face,
or, if lie once gets inside when the nat
ural proteotor of the household is out, a
policeman should be called and the in
truder handed over aa a vagrant. Aa a
general thing, however, tbese petty
plunderers visit the outskirts ol tbe oity
and those sections which are moat re
mote from the beats of the Dolloemen
but even here some neighbor oan usually
be found to summon an officer of the
law. Those who harbor these vermin,
which crawl around and feed upon tba
oommunity, are doing society and them
selves a great wrong, for tbey encourage
idleness and allow tbeir sympathies and
substance to be wasted on tbe unworthy.
Bates payable In United BUUa gold
ooin or lta equivalent.
All Consignments of Goods Vorwarded with
Promptneu and Dispatch. No forwarding
r ConunlMton Charge.
Mark eoaOa Cars "K. di P. R. R."
All Liouors and Llanlds will bo tranmartod
only at the owner's risk oX leakage.
On and after May 1st aad Mill No
vember lot. 1876, Bates oa all FlnUJlaH
Freight from Palisade to Pioche will bo Thieo
(3) Oents per Pound, including transfer at Pal
isade and Eureka.
aia-tf Agent.
Druggist ana Apothscary.
lot of
Pore Drugs, Medicines.
Chemicals, Perfumer, Soaps,
.. .ajto....
Toll out uA-x-tloloow.
Mala (ft., Pioche, apposite Laeaar Mi,
Wboletals and Retail Oealan
' -1H .-. :
Oigara and Tobe.oo oat
Porfamary, Casaba amd HrwuBM
Etc, Etc
Cohn's Mammoth Clothing and Dry
Goods Emporium, at tba old Bland on
Main street, opposite Meadow Valley
street, bas again opened with a Dew and
well seleoted stock of goods pertaining to
a first-class establishment. Everything
new, nobby and stylish. Satisfaction
guaranteed in every instance. Call at the
old stand, where goods are sold at bot
tom prioes. Hkrbx Cohn,
Alain st. opposite Meadow Valley st.
E. Dbolbttb bas fitted np the Orient
saloon qu Main street, next door to the
Bank Exchange restaurant, where he
keeps tbs best of wines, liqaors, eigars,
and a good billiard table. I will be
pleased to see my old patrons. Tour
oboioe for liy, cents.
Blub Glass. Talk about "Dine glass"
bat don't fail to to try tbe Bine Grass
(Ky.) Bonrbon, at Fanaoa Saloon, La-
oour Street. One prioel one bit!!
Full assortment of grooeries and pro
visions at T. O. Ponjada's, Meadow Val
ley street. tf .
Ths San Franoisoo Bestanrant has
just reosived a lot of fresh oysters, to be
sold for $J per can. tl
Best brands of Tobacco and oigara at
Fonjade's. "tl
Fbbsh Garden Seeds at G. B. Alexan
der's Drag Store.
Chibsb. Fresh Whits Biver eheese
nst reaeived at T. O. Fonjade's.
Rain (tnot, opposite Meadow
E B.Mott,J..
0. R. Pisa.
r.lOTT, FISH & CO.
Mssskdow "Valley at.
And Dealers. In
hill aud inraa supplies,
Iron and
mmmm & to..
Gas Pipe and fittings, Paints.
Oils aad Kaval Bteros.
Agricultural Implements
XanufaotnNra ef
Copper, Tla and Shoot-Iroa Wan. Mambars
Btaasi and Oas Tlttets.
tract for Air FlM. Blowers. Paraaea
Pipe, Lift Pomps, as., ol any roqulrod slat aad
Also Asntafof the Colabnlad Back's Patoat
Cook stoves. , aM
Nairn tiwVAdMolBfPlttae
Hose No. t.
took of Boot aad Boos Cppon. I eat
now pnpared to mix to order ! kinds of
Boots, Shoes and Oaltars at abort Boaioe.
Napoleon tMimg Boots, AlUft-ate root,
Napoleoa BUdtasr Boats, Froatok Catf
or Kla foot, jsfade to O vita.
Cork Solo Watar-proof Boats, BTado
to Order.
Coatoanfal Wator-i
ameo, Beuowa
Bmado ts
Good Pit or bo Bale.
salves. Prion to Salt tap Tlsaoaj

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