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PabUaiud eTerr luvur by
' orriosi ouo riLLUwr uuilhxo, -4IB
subwIprleB, Oa Year, bf Hall.,
iutJMripttou, elx Montbs ,
all parson, bating bailMH lth tale offle. en
r.ja.itd to .ddr.., tb. Bbcord PuBLnnna
Oompavt. We bar. Bo .ntboritad Alontl.
A well-known German teientiet has
diecu'ered that men til diseasea are re.
markably frequent among soverigne and
nobility. Lunacy oeeara aiitjr times at
often in reigning familial than among
oommon morula, and the aaaaa ie aaid to
" mw mhwohi euucacinB ana toe TDi
classes from the rnit of their Icllow-crea-turea.
Some timid brother, who if frightened
at the doing! of the Anarchists, remem
bers that more than thirty years ago Car-
lyla aaid that "America, too, will have
to atrain its energies, to orack its sinews.
and all but break its heart, aa the rest
of na have had to do, in thousand fold
wrastlea with pythons and mud.demons
before it can become a habitation for the
They tell of a clergyman in Lynn who
hired out to a ehurch at a nominal salary
of 94,000, agreeing privately to make the
church a present of $1,000 of It. A con
gregation in Connecticut heard of the
94.000 preacher thought be mnat be
antra food, and offered him tt,fi00, end
got him. Then the Lynn people under
stood why he pretended hia salary was
MM"-TT r ' f ,-.
The multitude of friends of the Rer.
Dr. Reuben Jeffrey, Utely of Brooklyn,
will be pleased to know that that minis
ter baa, in an open letter to his Indian
apolia ohurob, vigorously protested
against the threatened invasion of that
oity by the man Jones, who haa been
hippodroming virions parta of the coun
try as an "evangeliit." Taking for his
text Jones' ooarse denunciation of all
Dr. Jeffry Justly said that "when this
moral scavenger dares to reckon as offal
any accredited denomination of Christian
rp1e1or the"sTrnT(TrTraaaf that they
are true to their conscientious oonvio
tione, he proves the coarseness of his
moral fibra and puts himself beyond the
pale of recognition on the part of all who
have regard for the amenities of Christian
brotherhood, of social comity and decent
The great seal of England baa only
three timaa been lost twioe temporary
and once permanently. . James II, on
leaving the Kingdom m bis abdication,
threw the seal into the Tliamea, whence,
however, It was next morning fished up
and brought to the Whitehall. Lord El-
don bnried it in his garden in Queen
S quare during one night when hia honse
oauht Ore, and he thought that in the
oonfueion it might be stolen. "And,1
writes the Chancellor in hit diary,
"when the fire was extinguished I quite
forgot in the morning where I had buried
, It, and while the oarriage waited to take
me to Court my lady and I and all the
household were digging with pieces of
sticks till we luckily found It." Lord
Thurlnw, who alwaye held it during the
night in his bedroom, had it actually car
ried off by burglari, from whom it was
never recovered. A Privy Council was
called the next day, a new aeal was
, rapidly made, and during the remainder
of hie continuance in office L ml Thurlnw
invariably deposited it of a night under
his pillow.
The Washington Chronicle is responsi
ble for the following: The clock had
atruck midoight in the residence of a
Congressman and still the young man in
the parlor did not go. The young fellow
had been away for two weeka and the
girl's father was willing that he ehould
have a fair show, but this was too muoh,
and at but ha want to the ataira and
listened a minute. "Mollis!" he called.
called, sharply. "Yea, papa," came the
silvery voice of his child, with a slightly
smothered acoent "It is after 12
o'clock," "Yea, papa, and we're doing
. all to expudiata the accumulated bull
nest. Wa will adjourn by-and-by, papa."
The helpless father, unable to antwtir the
argument advanced, returned to hia bed
in teara.
The true auooeea is merit. Thie is to
. with Red Star Cough Cure, a purely veg-
' etable aorapound, entirely free from opi
a tea, poiiona a ail narcotics, and which
has repaired the publlo endorsement of
physicians and ahimists everywnere.
' mrB mi f.r. 1
waT aB oB BEAvrirvL.
A well-kept house with beautiful
adorningt, a well-prepared table, is pleas
ing to the fancy, but these outward
adorningt ara of little worth nnleas there
is the warm, inward cheer dwelling in
the hearts of the inmates. Vain indeed
will be the efforts to make home beauti
ful or attractive if we neglect this moat
important element of all to beautify
ourselves body and wul. A sweet, lov
ing word and a warm clasp of the hand
are far more to the guest than the most
elaborately embroidered lambrequins at
your wiudowa or the moat esquiaise da
mask on your table. .There ara ban
cabin homes that have been remembered
with pleasure because of the beautiful,
loving presence of the inmates, while
many stately palaces have left but the
impreaalun of an iceberg on the mind on
account of the cold, chilly atmosphi
within. It it no use to plant beautiful
flowers in the yard or lawn, or to deoo-
rate the walls of the home with rich and
rare spcoimons of floe art, while on our
faces lurks the dark, selfish frown, and
wa are coarse and unfeeling in our acta.
A truly beautiful behavior in a thousand
times more artistic and refined and pleaa
ure giving than on t ward adorning made
by painter or artist Many of our homes,
although not lacking in ontward adorn
ing, are dark and cheerless, became there
is no sunshine in the hearts of the in
mates. Let os then atriva to render our
homes more attractive by bringing into
our lives mora eunshina to warm and
cheer the ourroundings, remembering
that there are many thirsty souls striving
tor kind looao ana gentle Conjee. iUty
ana uoontry.
Ms. BET.
Application for a Patent
United State Land Offlce,
Ktl'SkeV Nevada. JUM 12. 18H8.
HI E1HBM.IAMN Mid W.E ttRIVr IN. whose
poetofflce addreee la -Piocue, Nevada, have thla
da.. nled their aoolloaUun (or a natatit for Eigh
teen hundred linear feet of tbe Ploohe Mine or
vain bearing silver, with earfaae around two
hnndret feet U width, eltueted la Ely Mtalng
District. Uouutj of LsltteoiD ana mm m nevaua.
and Oeelgoatea o tne Mia seeee ant -snauiat
at&i an in la thi-t offloa aa Lot MumtMT 40. in
totrnehip I, Nona Range, tffrlmsa ed Mo ant
liiaoio merman, aau tot no.au oeianas um
iowb, io wii:
Beginning a' a pom niritn no. i, u o surve;
Mn. 40. vbatnoa k -accutta tiuraar un tba nouti
tMandatrof meito it T I H HT I.HDM
baan aa aau t - ij th rtnrt. inaao ran.
fa to ikwt in I , i. v atirvrr sju;
fact, ii h ( 4 U pi t4urv7 Mo Wi
tbetitvi, j ,u a li d n T inlii E 991 7Uttha
(vat tu ptMl to t il 4. U o aorvaf Mo AO;
tbanmt. 4.b jours. - n dwi SS miu ki 3U0 faat, (u
p' mar aa o, u o survfj ou, wnonc
Wnaalar'a muunuiaut betra 8 59 dart 46 mln E
a tat-.; tnanca, atu roitraa, oil uor oi mm w
lmia 1 uitaia ta port uarkad Noa.UHHar
T-T No u; tboaoa. Ota ri, tt SO dec IT attn
w ivi o ujina icaii to doh no i, tn piaoa oi oa
(tnuiDii. Maftaaiio Tanauoa aeg niaat, ooa
lalDlBai I 9T-100 aoraa.
Tba l wauon of au min ia noohm id tba
Raeurdar'a offloa of Ely Mlnlai DUtriot. Tola
olaln labotiDdad oatba waat by tna Fanaokar
mininif claim.
An urn an Daraoaa eiaimtu aiiTeraeirany
portion of aaid Piocna Ulna or aorfaoa sroand
ara required to flla tnalr advaraa elalma with
tba Htglatar of tua i altad -laiaa Land t .Oca at
Euraka, tu tna dtate f Mavada, during tb Uty
dairaiMrlodof vublteatloa hereof or the will
be barred by Tlrtoa of tba proTlalona of the
SMkiute. , ,,,
' F. HinOKLEZ) Bagiatar.
It la hereby ordeivd that tba foracoln noiloa
of applioatloo for patent b publlauad tea oon
aeouua wwha, la tba Mooba Baoono, a naakiy
.ewapapcT pubiiaua i at rtonba, navaaa.
jaiata a. a aiflu&Liavi, nsKinari
Rtati or N kt ada, Ctovurn op Lnrnour.
DirnuoT oa Pnouoomra ttioum'a omoi.
Tnthe fiiliowltu namad dafandanta and to
allowueraorolalmanta to the real entata and
imuroTeueut tberaou, or Improvamenta whan
anaairnnii aaparawiya nerainaiiar aeacnoaa:
antiMie. Ivlnaand belaa la the Oonnty of Li.
com, state o' Nevada, known or unknown, yon
are hereby notified that aalt baa been com
mence l in me 4 uauca won, riocna lownanip.
Id and (or Lincoln county, btate of Nevala, by
ha HUte or nevaaa, letntin, aRainat eaon
it tho defendanta bentnalter namM,
and each of tba following daoiioad
trtuit at naroela of land, wl b tba lav
pruvemeDta banon and Improve menu whan
awtwHtaivAafUBUt.fi. and all owntn and elalm
anta to aarne, known or anknown, to recover the
and deltnunency aaaaaaao io earn aeienaan.
agtnet aaid property lor tba Haoal yaar ooiu
tnenotag Jno.ry WW. and ending Decern,
bar II, tasS md that a anmnoaa baa bean dnly
leaned In aaM oaaa; and yea an inrtner nouaea
that aniaae von aonear and anawar tba aon-
pltlnt filed ad abw eanaa on or before tba
mn day of Hay, lawi. juagmen. win oe aaa
B'laiuaa. mn un ihm real eateta and lnnroa
mania hereinafter deaorlbed for tba a tonnt
or UxaaaaddaUnqaanoyaaaeiBaa nnaoom
tfn. A. &. B. JanoingaloaeaaorT claim
i IW aoraa of land at St, Th"raaa,
Noddy R ver Valley, and be improve
mania tbereoa.formarly known aa laaae
Jannlaga'maob. ... ,.
Tas I
Tan per cent
t. Cbagta Poaaaaaory claim to 160 aoraa
of land ia Pabranagat Talky. known aa
tba tfprlng lUnch, and improvamenti
Tan par oant. .
fitwMok arriwawratkaf Mtetaay fw Unoola
cr Jacobs on
Cam Uvtmutttm, Hiartlfle,
fmntUiia arilaahalaV, at.
Al Drusnlau and ItaaJara.
TH ntiBtta ai. tocm.ee oo.71am laoitk, aa.
Application for a Pate a
Mo. 711.
narrno btxtei Lawd Of ric,
" Bunka. Nevada, Fsbruary 8. A. D. IIW3.
lH Faille and J D. Lehmer, wboax uoatoAc
addreaa ia Cincinnati, unto, nave wia aay nie-i
their aoplloatlon fur a patent (or nt een huo
dred linear feat of the "Indian Chief" mine oi
vela bearing gold and ailvar, with aurfaoe
oronad ai hundred (aat in width, eltueted
in yabrauagat aka Hlnlug Dlatriot, Count)
of Uneoln and ritata of Swede, and tetlflot
by tba ftld notea and otocUl nia on &1 i tbU
aMca aa Lt Number 39. in fownshln I, South
jUage, 10 Eaat of Jloaut Diablo Haridian. The
aitenor ooaauen-e wi Mia not ng, y iwutg er
followe, to ant:
Beoinnini at a pot marked Ho 1. 0 8nr
var No m, whence tbe 1 poat between aacttotu
to and M. T S. B .691. K O K, bears K S dan
II min E W feet, and the month of springer'
Tunnel beara M 6H degWilofeet. fhmee
ruunlng, im oourae, a a uag ae mm w leuvieet.
to puat aaarked Mo 1, 0 d Barvey Mo W, old
monument beara H teei irom aaia po no .
Thtuire. ad oonraa. is U dag II mln w wo (aat
to poat maraea stoa, u n survey noo oia
monument neara aeg w m ieet from -eia
paajMat.awunw, "" 17
at IMKi teat, to poat marked Mo 4, 0 I Hunrey Mo
88: old monamem beara 8 14 dag 80 mln W 84
leel from post No 4. Taenoa.tth eoaras, 8 84
deg II mln E 000 feat, to poat mar tod No I, the
place oi oagaDouig. bwiuiwi tkihiuh m at
un ooBwinmi au
tne (u'-.evaua u mn Buma wiuen .
tbe iiaooffder'aoacaof Lincoln Oounty.Btate of
Mevana. lu n' wining noiioee, pave wa.
This claim la bounded by an known olalma.
Anv and all persons eiaimina adversely any
ftnrtion of aaid "Indian Chief" mine or eur-
leoe ground era required to Ala tbeiradverer
claim witb the Register of the Dnlted States
iaandomceat Kuresa.ia tne ataieoi nevaaa
during the ailty days period of pnblloatlun
heiof,or they will oe osroa ny virtue oi tne
provialonaoitna dtatme
It Is hereby ordered that tba foregoing notice
of application for patent be published for tbe
mrlodoften oonseculiva weeka io tba Ftoobe
hboohd, a weexiy newspaper, pnoiisnea at
rn-mt r.u.uiHun.L,E,i,Hfi(risier .
Application for a Patent
r n.A
Mo. na.
Dvitrp maris Lamp Or not,
Eureka. Nevada. March 18. 18B8.
i J. smitn ana ueore morion, wnoan con
ofAca addreaa la Template, Lincoln County.
Nevada, naa snia aay niea nis application ior a
potent for fifteen hundred linear feet f tba
Burling mlna or v in bearing silver witb aur
j ammnd alx bandred feet In width, and
4 M-luu eorae as a miiiaiM, aiiuait-u io Templ
ate Mining iHBtiiKt, uouniy of isincoin ana
ntate of Nevada, and designated by the field
notes and omclal plat on 111a in thli oiflce aa
lot auiuDer ar, a ana n, luueitta on uusurveyea
land. Tba a i tenor DonndtirisB oi said lot no,
81, A and tf, being aa fullows. to wit;
LUl "A! '
BefflnnlnR at a post marked No 1 , tJ B survey
Ho hi. Lot "A." tbe same belna noat No I of U
B survey No 56, lot "A," Standard Lode, whence
UB mineral monument nos, on uoyoie reax,
beara B 11 deg 31 min W 4683 feut. Thenoe
amnnma lat nnnru. N A Am K Iffti) f to nnat
marked No 2,0 8 survey No 81, lot "Ai" 'hence,
Sd oourae. H 10 dag a 400 feet, to post marked
Has.!)! survey No 57. lot A i tb nee. Sd course.
8 6 deat W 15 0 leel. to po t marked M 4, D 8
survey No 87, lot A, the iun being post No I
of D B survey No -JOS, lot A, Btandard lode, and
thence. 4tb course, B 70 deg W 6l feet, to post
No 1. tne place or Oflninniog. uooiaining ia
57.JW) acrea. , ,
liDT B,
Also th following rtei -ribed tract of land aa
a mil lake: Beginning at a post marked No 1, D
Baurvey Mo 57, lot " B, whence t! B mineral
monument No 6 bean N 84 deg E 1155 feet, and
poat No 1 of tbla survey beara M 81 deg 97 min
K ASBMi, teat. Tbaooa runnlna. lot oourae. N 88
dsg W 868 feet, to post marked Mo I, 0 sum y
HO aT, lot "ay .nenoe, wa ouuree , n o any; a w
feet, to pott marked No 8, D B survey N o 87, lot
"VI SUeDOBi eu uuurao, n os q a. ana c
poet marked Mo 4, D s aurvey
and tbeuoe, tin ot
couiaf. d I dl W 584 feet, to
rit No 1, tbe place of beginning- containing
I loo acres. Magnetic variation 18 degrcee Bo
The location of this mine Is recorded In tbV
Beoorder a once oi Tern pint r mining uisinov
in book ''B,"page 188. of the mining reoovda of
enuth h thafltendard. Anv and all oersons
rlct. This o
aouth by the Standard. Any and all persons
claiming adversely any ponton of said Hteri
in Mine and MUlalte or surtace around are re
quired to Ble tbelr sd verse olalma with tbe
Raulster of tbe Dnlted States Land oOce at
daveih-riodof nub) 1 cation hartiof . or that wll
r.R aiWCKI.II. Healrter.
rar HIII.H.aila. .t.iH..Hi,rul
l...t. r.r fUta, applrtel
rWDCyigMAIK. ,
SheritTi Sale.
out of the dtxtb Judicial Dlatrlat Oonrt.
lu anil for the Oonnty of uueoln. State Of na
vada. and to ma diMctaad end deli vend, for a
J ndgmeut rendered lu aaid Oourt.ontha Taraa.
cy-itiira day of Atignat, a. u. UN, in iaTor m
the sum of Nevada, plaintiff, and againat tba
BruwiB iver Mining uoinpaoy ana aieo ue
rel eetate end ImproramanM hereinafter de
acrtbad, defendanta, for tba eum of One Thou
and Elghty.thna and 11-100 (1 1. 091 U-liW
doilare, tai nd deliuqnenoy, together with
forty-fonr and 50-luO ($44 6u U) dollara,tex
ooata.andall aocrulna ouata.I bare-Uviad on
mo luiiowing property ,vo wii:
roaabiaor oiaim io one nunareu eiNeMwr
(leoi ecree of land, aboal one (U mile aorta
oi 0rlUl, asi ImprorttmeiiH theruM conaiat
lug of of l 10-ataUa' qoarta mill. I aaaay ofloa,
1 blacksmith abop, 1 d elllng-houae, raatanrant
and offloa, 1 etable and bouee, bulatlnn-worki
aniiataDiat Hernower mine, uniuriotui iur
uaceat tulll. ano one pair Falrbanaa aoalea In
Aaii.ooin county, Bate oi neTaaa.
wouoa ia harany givtm tnat oa ,
nowdar. th Uny Oaaabwr,
A. D. 188, between tbe bonra of I o'aloak In the I
mornlnit and 6 o'clock in tba afte'noun.naawly.
i rt m oiuca h. oi aaia aay, win aeu hi tuv i
rtttbt. Hue and Inter at of aaid Brlatel BlWer
Union OoivBauv lu and tu tba above daaoriDea i
ji-outirt. eud tLe emaileat amnunt or parcel of I
-eld nrotnrtf to aeUal aaid above aum of 1
llL.1'17 81-luotai dalloaaener. ooaU andaocm.!
ing OtMKa, at tne iront aoor ui neuoonty uouit i
houaa, at Ploche, Oonnty of Lincoln, (Mate of 1
i Nevada at public auction, for uaafa in band, to 1
tba bigbeat and beat bidder, to aatlafy aaid I
eaecnuon ana ui coeie.
eepetd U. r. SBEKWUUP, BBenn.
Gonatable't Salo.
D lanuedoutof the JuatloeOourtof Plocha
tiiwoiablD. Oouotv of Lincoln, state of Nevada.
and to me directed and deltvarad (or all several
iudaimeuu randared in aaid Court oa the aeven
eenin nay oi teuruery, a. v. iobo, (iua
rfavflitwer Hlna. Uumet Ulna. Ohio Mine and
ouipaniaa. ana ui iaor oi m vnnnn, ior me
urn of two hundred and thirty Ave Tl-Itu
aOaa 71-UjOi dolian. Oultad Btetea cold coin.
nth interest thereon at the rata of ten per oant
jar annum from tba eeventeeatli day of Fabnt
rm a d leal, aiib oosts and aoeralna ooata.
ill io United Ste aa gold eoln, and also for a
tori (.moot rendered In aaid Court oa tba aavaav
ia.r.1,1 daw of Vebruarv. a. D. 1888. In favor of
0 Qulllce and against the aaid Mayflower Mine,
Gomel Mine, Ohio mlaa and Companies, for tbe
sum of one handred and aeventy.four (81741
dollars, Suited States gold nolo, with 1 ntereet
i hereon at tne i eie oi ten par oens peranaum
from tba aavontvanth day of February, A d.
lasa, wltn ooa aato Muninii oueta, ail in
nnited fltatt-a iotd ooin; and. alao. for a inds.
mant rendered In aaid Court oa tba aaventeentb
day of rebroary. A- u. 1868, in favor of A. ale.
WUaig aOQ MKUUbT ew.es nuwwj aW-ine,
Oomat Mine, uau mine ana uow
anm nt lanw.swo ana su-iuu isea
United Btane goiaouia, wtm rawwn snwaoa at
i tbA ol teu per uaatea annum from tba
I sevmteentn aay oi wwtmmrj, m. v. leva, with
I Ud accruing ooata,allln Dnlted Mates gol
I nin and. aJeo. for a indamant tandand in aaau
( Qnurt en tbe seventeenth day of nbrusry. A D
'arts la favor of Mil Ohoricb aad against the
j, kUyflowar mine, tjonwi miaa, uuo Mine
i end tbe uompaniaa ior sna asm ox one hundred
I and ninety -one aoa twivu (eivi su-iuu; aoiure.
United (Hates gold cola, with lateraat thereon
at the rat- of tea par oast par aamsua trmm the
esventeenth day of F-bruary. A. D. 1888, witb
co-ta and accruing eoate, all In Dnlted States
gold coin; ann.aieo.ior s joaaman reaaarod in
.lit HnnHnn the seventeenth dav of Feta-naur. a
D 1888, in favor of A. Oa Odette and against the
aaM Mavfiower Ulna. Oomat Mlaa. and oain
Mine and Companies for tba anm of two bun-1
dred and ten .8210) dolUra, Dnlted atetea gold
coin, with latereat thereon at tba rate of tan per
cent par annum from the aeventeenth day of
February. A. D. 1888, with eoata and aeornlng
eoata, all In United Statae gold oma; aad, alao,
I (0r H indgmt'Bt rendered la favor of W, J Edly.l
I Bnlt a-alnat tba Msvdowar Mine. Oomat Mln I
0hl0 uia) and Oompaniea for taa anm of one I
I hnndnd ana alxtv-four (1184) dollars. Dotted I
i states ooln, with lateraat tneraoa at the I
rats OI sen par wit pe- "" e aavsn- I
with ooau and disbursements at date of judg.
.1 .ln.tv.taA and Ifl IDA fftn IB IMI
raanl at nlnatv.tWO and 50 100 (882 50 1001 dnl. I
lara. Dnlted atatea goia win. nava thla I
tsventyigbtb day of April, a. u. ibh, Uvled
unnn fnlltiwlnc described nropertv. t j wit I
The description and boundaries of tba prop. 1
arty autborlxed to be sold under and by virtue I
nf thai daaraa. and eharaad with said liana, an I
fares can be eti-ieinea iromtna complaint 1
filed herein, as fellows, vis: Tba Mayllower I
Mine or Loie, comprising eignt nnnaraa (bw) I
tt nt aaid lead or lode, andr annitta four hnn I
dfd (4i) feet escb Tray lead nv lede I
of oiineral bearing rock from the monument or
center of aaid claim, and located In a southerly 1
direction from the mlaa known aa tba Bluet
Ball, about mueoutne seconanogo aoutn. I
Said Mayflower mine, belna aituated In Bristol I
HlnlntT uiatrict. Lincoln Oountv. State of Na. I
vada the properly of defendants herein together j
Wltn tne appurtenance lufnjunw iwiuuKing, i
and all privileges pertaining thereto. Also tba I
Comet ulna or loae, aompraetng eigne oanarrd
(8w; feet of aaia ieaa, leageor loae eaaruuniag
(oar hundred (400) (eet each way from tbe mon-
I nmnnt on tba OOUrM of aaid mine, the Same
OeinK BUUaiBU UBIIiraalUB uaaiaiaau auvio we l
Mayflower mine; aaid Oomat mine being aituated 1
to Brlfttol Mining Dlatriot, Llnooln Oonnty, Na I
vada, tne property oi aeienaaniB, nareiu vo- i
(etht r witb all the appurtenances thereunto be.
ionulna and all prirllesea pertaining thereto.
Also the ubi mlna or lode, comprising fifteen
hundred fifciffll teat of aaid ledae. lead or loda i
of mioeral bear In j rock, commencing at tba I
monument of aaid mlna. and running thenoe I
,lde of the ledge tor mining purposes, situsted I
ia folio it four hundred (400) feet in a nortb
rlv direction from tba National Mlna and five
mod ed feet In an ssaterlr direction from the
atayfi-iwcr mine, aaid Ohio mlna being aituated
tata of Nevada, tba property of de'endaatt I
at nam l miniuar uinriin, aumfjuaai twunn.
herein, together wltn all the apparteoaaeee I
bsrennto belonging ana an privileges pertain-
mg inereto
nonce ia nereoy given, uioa
vTadtaaaflatF.1 3 F r Ma.Fi
A . D . 1888, between tM bouraof 8 a. m. and I
tt. of that day, atne looatlonof aaid May.
luwer,Ohlo and Onmet mlaea. to Brtetol Mining
jutrict. Townxnin or vnni. ia unooia
I n' Myfr"m9ljVI?JS
nigaeisaa oaai ntoaer, n uaitav .tasoia
oia, toaa-lary aaid lodgments and decrees, and
all ooas and aocroing oosts la Dnlted Btatee
Dat Ploohe, Meveda, aatttrdry , the Twenty.
Chthdayof April, A.D.1IW.
'than at anything else by
mbov for thhest Mlllag
book nat. aawteaetfl awoeeed madly.
noae teu. Terms ina Naanvaeva
NO. 26
uob PBnTma.
. .
Ploohe Nev
TbaaacamtMNi of ataMaant and Miai&g Ooau
paalat of Boathera Mavada and death
weatera Dtab to aallad ta tbaf aet that
Jab Frlntlagof avarydlaarlptioa is
done at tba Raooas Offios li
ItiaEl ttylaaad at tba
I Meialstaaa Cards,
WaeUUBE Carda,
Oia Beewipta
AaasiF Bilaiiii
toasara to,')
(V lobrrimingaoae , sm-auiaaty
tl.ra.u aaaraaiioea la all
RHCOBD .PCBLiaaiNSt OOarMlaiatleam,aetaeM reataarr IH
Sheriff's 8 ale.
oat of tba Hlith Jndlrlal Diatriet itoart
In and for the Oonnty of Unooln. Btsto of Aa
-ada.andto me dlreetad ad daDaid fay a
Jndgmaat ran dared la aak'. Oonn&athiTw
tlath day of Jan nary, A, D. 1M, la IWrofa.
J. Blair ad againat tba Brtetol tllvei HixAa
Oompaay, for tba atim of nineteen tradrad.
thlrtaaa caw e-100 (IMltil) dollan, debt.io-
aateter wttb dol lata, tax eoata, and all ao- ,
cnttBg eoaM and t ntereet . I bare larled oalho
reMlaad ewaaant', l pair bullion aealea, 1 roll of
battery acaeee, I eaaa of aodlnm, H unall black
lead erudbtva, 1 pair crucible tonga, 8 but
Hon aralda, aaaay mnttea, button mobl, a
gaaa-pipa, i imoieataci arjont oo feet Irng,
caaVlroa tviort front, 4 monkey wrencbea.
grlDdatona.l adi, pianea, f apirlt leveh (
mnaa iro waanera, u angen.tu puoai gaia
onaa. ie leei lonr.a aonarea. l iron nriMii
row, 1 anvil. llblMkaiultbtoola with handlea
I patent arraw tima. 11 tialra bUckultlth
tonga, tt piece of timber Hs lecbea, so piJc
12 pieces a6. 14 yleeea 1x10.78 pieces aal&fl,
Mecca 9x4, 88 ptecea 1x8,84 pUeea 8 inch plmik
M I4caa.s4a8. If aieoaa 4x8.8 Dleeea fisA.ll
Ipiecaa 8x8, 18 ptecea 1-HMh plank. M plrcealx t
ind WxlO bawa, f8 pteoee 1x8. 48 ptecea 3k4. U (
teat, more or lean, pin nolca; I piroaa of tin,
teT 10xiaincba,lt) feet long; II pieoea plink
awoaioe ia aaraay given taw on .
rrtdar.'tha Eacand day mt Febrwarx
A. D- IMS. At 19 o'clock m. of that day, 1111
sell all tbe right, title a an Inter! of aaid Brit.
I tol Silver Mining on pan In and to the above
I described property, at the Bristol (Silver Vlu.
lag Coupwy'emlU.laJ.taeolacovnty.Mevads,
si puuiio auciaon, ior caau in oaiia, to-mti
kigW abd beat bidder, ta aatlafy aaid aaacn
i turn and all eoata. .
jaarta o r BHBHvtooD, Bberur.
Trustee's Sale.
euant to the authority veetoe in ma In and
by a certain Dead of Trust, executed by tba
nwoi sliver mining company to me, rearing
date Jane lltb.lltl, and recorded la LtLfola
County, Meveda. Records, In Book F, Fagea 871
terrg, default avlaj acanifod la ttepaiajeot
oftbalnteMat due December loth, 182, on tba
iiotea secured by aaid Trust Dred, Id tta ram
ol Fiftaea Thoaaaed Dollare 1 will m 11, at pub
Ho auction, to tbe btabeet bidder it tbe Board
I Ing Honae f tbe aaid Company la Bliatol, Ltu
coin County, Nevada, oa tbe
Blgrktli my 'api mter, 1S8S,
ttt o'cloekr at.,tlw tpartF mawttooMlan
nsonpea ib aaia -arum vaea, or ao muc
bereof aa may be naoraaary to pay aaid Inter
I Bwa, Barata AaM
HMMKlHIileiVVni ' f -1
Tbon orrUin Mlnea, Mining Olalma, Quarts
r, mil I site, ootrala, oaidlui
aver, ivw, nucimiin bboi
j. wvs. PiacBPmitn aoop.
-ad all
propertlra aituated la fcrutdl Minli a
t. Llaootn Ooeuatv. Bteta ad Kavada. ai d
I dt embed aafollowa:
ah of tnat eartatn mm tag ciatm nown as tba
. Obte" mlaa. V
au or tnat oertaia miaiag cxaim sbowb aa tna
Nevada" mlaa
Aa naAivlded oaa-balf of that certain attalu
' lai know n as tba "Olpay mine.
Am tuadlvadad oavaahal af tfaat certain tninliia
I iatu known a the "Contact" mlaa.
(Aa undivided (jhmu ar mat aemmmtninf
lratJU-aOa fftMMEa, known. a tba, ."IiMal
Tbe Brlatil Bllvrr Mtalaf CoBttaay Mill and
Millaita, containing 80 acres of
lbat rartala Tea slamp BlWer Qnatta; Hill
henoi,lib Mill Bnlldlng, Ore House, Be tort
Muae, kngitie noom, appuneaancea ana aav
ihlnt-ry, melnd ng 8 pata. 8 fcvttleta. 1 TOotaa
power steam aagtee,lballmJinirppa,
trt, wrll abd weii ixaaiaa, 1 baaxdlaf nouaa
bnlldlng witb furniture, 1 bars, 1 aieey'oflioe
with fnrnace aad teola, 1 bmcfeamltk sboa with
totia 1 saiiding eted aa lndalag houaa Mr em
ployea All machlneiy,toola, implements and
ranmncaa sow a uta mtmmm sbsi anui aiiwaa
And also all the real estate and Interest.
I or other claim or damned, aa well la law,aa la
equity, which tbe aaid Bristol Silver Mialar
IOBjpsUij now sea, w mmj neraauHT noqwaie oi
fn and te tbe said premises, with the apppiiiaa.
Dated Anjast 1st. 1888 ' ! v"'
aalaVtt . HERMIT. HELU, Truitar .
SheHflPs 8alo, "
MJ owl of tbe sixth Judtelal Dletrlct fOonrt , 1
I ana ror tne uouRty oi uacoin, bum ot nevaaa,
and to me dlncted and' aMlrarad. for a.iuda.
I meat rendered in aaid Court osthe 8th day of
1 Aawnst. A. D. 1818. la favor of An hie McOuala.
i nauniBa aaa bibbi . aa mapawwvr uvav
I Mining uompany ana ui meynwwtr mine aaai
Mining Olaim, Defendanta. for tbe sum of savaa
hundred sad six 4100 ($108 4-lnahjold cola
Iaoiiars.aeot.iogetnerwiin eeveaiyiaiufaoiaara
tas oosts, aad all accruing some eed istxsstr.
IBBTT ISTaSu Vat IUfllOaawVlB piupasi If ,tO WD!
That certain mine or mining claim known a
and called by tbe asms of the Mayflower Mlaa
and Mining Oialmt situate, lying and- being la
unmet .jbuudb iino, aviuwiu vooniy
State of Nevada, and dnly recorded la tbe Mia
lag Records of aaid Mining District, oontalalnc
eight hundred linear feet on ssid ledge or loda,
together with tbe appurtenances thereto belong,
ing, and a! the rights and privileges partainte
Notice u hereby givea that o,f ,
trtUj- ttt dF Oetober,
A.D.lRdS.slll o'clock . Of that Jay, I wU
I aau all tbe right, title ana intereat of aaid May
aau au toe ngni, mie ant inieremai aaia hi
Bower fell ver Mining Company in and to I!
above deacribed Dronertr. and the said Mi
aowereuver xtining uompany in ano to im
above deacribed property, aad the said Map.
flower Mine sad Mining elalm. at tbe fiont dner
na. Lincoln eonntv
Btaie of Nevada, at nubile auction, foroaah Ui
I band, to tbe bigbeat aad beat bidder, to aatlafy
said Judgment and deem and all oosts, and all
eoata that mav accrue.
seiB-va. u. r. ucbwuui;i
I xroncB n inm airm that irru.
1 fl saTIOX far aalaate for Town Lota. tm.
Iilralu as a peat marled He. I. el centet
oftb. Town of Brlatoli Tasaee D Pailaeral
oaaaMBt no. l tears TSU aaarete I nat
fwMt V atlaeral aasaaaMBl Pa. a etaadlaa at
tasaertbeaateenaref autaaaiHaln sastla,
la tb. Town ef Brutal, bears K toa aair.se
tao fast.
First eoaras, 1 10 H weareaa W 1,1.0 fert I
post atarBwA Po. I, enrbar Team ot Bristol
IbrBC. Id roaraa.M liH dafHetaW ajsotMt
I tepeataiaraadRe.a, Bw eeraer TewB ot BHa.
ton MJ.cc, ma mn., i. rule arereee a s,ese
Feat to pol Biariud Bo.4,pBeeraerTama e.
SMata. nf WaMPaila BaaiBt Baa na.a la (lu na aa.
aagnedoa or before the 11th day ( lAnsrp
m.v r apa iwaarvw veiia-a . aaw vwaipua
Laws of tha Btate of aevsda, p. 418 vi.
Tf BBflvxiieef 1
Twoty.flv casta.

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