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VaftUiaed erery Saturday by
Baracilptioa, Oae Teir.by Mill
ublcrlpUoa. Ill Month! ta
Nb. rrward4 till Paid Par.
Adrertialua rtm furoUlud upoa application
la tb olw. ,
Kntersd at the Poatomo at Plocbe, Nevada,
at 8ooiid01es matur. .
Wkil Family DnIw Writes for a
Faa-lly HiymlM.-What (a Braid.
- Probably rai of tht most common
hoadaobes, if not wis moat common,
tbat oaiM LOrtoae. Th class of people
moat sub;) set 10 it era certainly not yoar
outdoor workers, If ever my old friend
tha gardoer had a beadache, it would not
have been one of thia description. Nor
due Darby, the plowman, nor Jarvey,
the 'but man, nor Greatfoot, the ganger,
eoffer from nervous headache, nor any
one elae who leads an outdoor life, or who
takea plenty of exercise in the open air.
But poor Mattie, who alt v as away her
days in a stuffy draper's shop, and Joan-
nio in her lonesome attic, bending over
her white seam stitch, stitch, stitch
till far into the night, and thousands of
otbsrs of the indoor working olaas are
martyr to this form of headache. Are
they alone in their misery ? , No; for my
Lady Bonhoame, who comas to have her
ball drees fitted on, has often a fellow
feeling with Jeannie and Mattie. She,
however, we can nod afford to pity quite
so much, becaaas she hae the power to
change her modus Vivendi whenever she
What are the symptoms of thia 00m
plaint that makes your head ache so,
Vou will almost know it la coming from
a doll, perhaps sleepy, feeling. Yon have
no heart and little hope, and you are
restless at night . Still more restless,
though, when it oomes on in full force,
and then for nights, perhaps, however
much you may wish to, yon oan scarcely
sleep at alt -
"How my poor head does ache!" This
you will say often enough; sadly to your
self, and hopelessly to those hear you,
from whom you expect no sympathy and,
get none. And yet the pain is bad to
bear, although It is generally confined to
only one part of the hand.
The worst of this form of headache lies
in the fact that It is periodic. Well, as
it arises from unnatural habits of life or
peculiarities of constitution, this period:
eity is no mora than we can expect.
If I just note down soma of the most
ordinary causes of nervous headache,
people who suffer therefrom will know
what to do and what to avoid. I will
then apeak of the treatment.
Overwork indoors,
Work or study indoors, carried on in
an unnatural or cramped position of body.
Literary men and womon ought to do
most of their work at a standing desk,
. lying down now and then on a sofa to
ease brain and heart and permit ideas to
flow. They should work out of doors in
fine weather with their feet resting on
on a board, not on the earth and under
oaavas in wet weather. It ia surprising
the good this simple advice, if followed,
oan effect.
Neglect the ordinary rules that con-
dace to health.
Want of fresh air in bedrooms.
Want of abundant akin exciting er
: , Neglect of tha bath.
Over Indulgence in food, especially of
a stimulating character.
Weakness or deability of body, how
ever produced. This oan only be reme
died by proper nutriment.
Nervousness, however induoed.
Tht excitement Inseparable from
fashionable life.
Suiting passion, anger and jealousy
TimiLtt to HnaiLP.K. B. Groatnr,
adltor of a papa, in Qaorgia, blaokliatod
mmwlt is hn own paper u follow,:
ud altar thia data th. undesigned glvw
otic that fa, will proMcute any p. ran
riling him intoxieating liquor of any
kind, lo th, full aitaat of th, law. Thli
ia not for th, pnrpoM of injuring whiiky
daaltra, but to git lobar and ,tay at
Fire years ago Wichita, Kan., was a
town of ft.000 inhabitanta. To-day it Is
ft nourishing eity of 40,001) inhabitanU,
and ia the seat of eleven schools and eol
leiea, AdTOtiising did it.
1'acla tvtaaaan.
O cuius invents, talent supplies, i,
Faith won't enabls a man to lift a ton
all at once; bat it will, ten pounds at a
Wbeu yuu have learned to listen you
ave already acquired the rudiments of a
good education.
I have never seen an idea too big for a
sentence, but I hava read thousands of
sentences too big for an idea.
You may travel a good way on whisky,
and travel fast while yon are going, but
you can't Ret back when you want to.
Vanity and jealousy are the two weak
est passfms be human1 heart, and,
strange to toll, they are the most com
mon, (i -,,',' i "4
A thoroughly neat woman is a joy un
tpeakable, but doesn't she make it busy
for the dust and the people in her neigh-
My young disci pis, dop't hupt for new
things, but study to improve upon the
old ones; every flat stone, and most of
the bowlders, have been turned over al
ready by tbe novelty-hunters.
Hpraetlee la, Cbtua. ;
The Chinese penal code pro rides that
when an unskilful physician, in adminis
tering medicines or using the acupunot
are needle, proceeds oontrary to tbe es
tablished forms, an J thereby causes tha
death of the patient, the magistrate shall
call in other physicians to examine the
medicines or the wound. H it appear
that the injurv done "was unintentional,
the practitioner shall then be treated
according' to the statute of accidental
homicides, and ehall not any longer be
allowed to praotiqa medicine. But if be
hava designedly departed from the es
tablished forms, and have practiced de
ceit in his attempts to cure the malady
in order to gain property, then, accord
ipg to tbe amount, he shall be treated as
a thief; and if death esauea from his mal
practice, then for having thus used medi
cine with intent to kill, he shall be be
headed. There appears to be nothing in
the "Celestial" code answering to the
laws of "barbarian" nations oonoeriag
civil damage recoverable .by parties
made to suffer from "unintentinal" msl-
practics. Chicago News.
Bow It Derived Its Name.
Chinook: Name given by the Indiana
of the upper Columbia to a warm wind
that blows from the Japan eurrent and
striking tbe Oregon Coast on tha north
west sweeps across the continent The
Chinook Indians livsd on the lower Col
ambia, and this wind, coming from the
direction of their home, caused it to be
called Chinook front the land of. the
Chinooka. The early settlers of Oregon
adopted the term and it it now heard all
around tha world,' These life giving
wind belts range in width from one to
hundreds of miles, and thsy out a path
through snow and ice as clean as does
tornado through a forest. Its line
travel ia so distinctly marked sometimes
that a strip of land can be seen running
on a mountain slope with a wall of anow
on each side. Its effects have been no
ticed here this Winter. One day. here
last week the snow was several inches in
depth, with ground frozen beneath and
things popping with cold. In 24 hours
the streets were muddy. Boise Demo
erat As axohanga, whioh haa ban atudjr
ing th, olothing and fnrniihing buainaM,
ayi: It ii aitonlihing to obaarra how
faw paopl, andantond th, common rule.
of maararamant in pnrohaaing wearing
apparel. For nutans,, a nun will bur a
ooat that it a "ill," too amall or too
larga. A "aiaa" imillir or a "ai
largw ia what ha probably needs, but h,
doaa not know what a "aiaa" ia. . Will, a
"aiaa" ia a ooat la an' inoh, a "aiaa" in
nnd,rw,ar ia two inohea, a "ail," in a
aook ia ona inoh.. ia a oollar ona-half an
inoh, in a ahirt ona-half an inoh, in ahon
on,aixth of an inoh, panta ona inoh,
gloria ona-fourth of an inoh, and in data
onaighth of an inch. Vary faw pur-
ohaaara aver und,rataud th, aohtdule
Osntlemu (to Unola Rsatua, who is
troubled with a balky mole) Uncle
Rastus, do you think kiching that mule
in tha stomach will make him go?
' Uacls Rastui Da haint nuffin wot' 11
make dat mule go when he 'eludes not to,
sen. I'm, only kiokin' him fo my own
satisfaction. Aooidsut Newi.
Ill, Oraataat Medical Triumph of the Agl
Loaeof appetite. Dowels costive, Pat a la
the head with a dull eeoaatlon lu the
back fart Pain under tbe shoulder
blade, Vulineee alter eat a. a, wita aaie
Inclination to exertion of body or mind,
Irritability of temper, Iow spirits, with
afoelincof uAvlna-ncsleetea eomedntr.
Weariness, Dizziness, Fluttering at the
Ileart, Dots before the eyes, Headacho
ovor the right eye, Kestlcsimeas, with
itful dreams, HIruIt colored Urluo, and
HTTT PILLS are eanecinllv adaoted
to eucn cases, one nose enecia aucu a
tha ii en nf fftflliniriiH toast on iah tlie sufferer.
Thnv Inrrniin fli AiiTjetlte.andcsuaethe
body to Take oiil-'UuJttmfl tbe syftuta ia
noarfahed, and Tbythelr Tonic Action on.
iuiit hath of whimibi nnamteu vu m
Globs t Black by a single application of
this DTK. It Imparts a unturaf color, acts
Instantaneously. Sold by Druggists, or
sen dt express on n-tiin, ui v.
Office. 44 Murray fit.. New York.
' . . . NEVADA.
Natl. u hRNbv alvitii to thole whom H miT
an.iM.ra aud to thi fullOWiDB Dimed DnKiai
Mid to ,11 owDeri of, or oltlminti to, toe ml
wtite lad lmpravioiatiti tberaoQ, or tmprovi.
nu wbeo MMHed lepiriMlf. blraloiftor
daicrlbod, known or nnknown. Tbit the taut
for BtiU ind Oonnty, pnrpoiefl for tbe Teir
A. D. ia87, uuMed Mgitnit tbi following di
crllMd pleoM or pirceli of proper ire. n?v
dillnqoent; tbit ten per oent panilty Ind two
dollin, ti-00, ooit of idvertlilng, bil beeo
idded In eiob out, ind inn inr puce or pircei
of propertr upon wblcb iild lull, peniltr ind
ooete mitt reuiiin uopiio on
IsiritTi tbe lGtii lay of January,
& D. 188S7'
or so much of aarta parcel as will pay tha
amount of taxes, JtofiiBiic and coata agalnat
It, will be aold by mu Oonnty Treatiurer and
Ei-Omcio Tax Keoeiver oi in uouniy oi uu
ooln. at ia o'clock M . of said day, at tha froqt
door of tne court nouie, at toe io oi riocoe,
in Mirl nnnntv. ta aitisff aacb tuti delin
quency and coitt. Said aalet will be made
aiiillMt to redemntlon within atx nnratha after
tha date of aala, by paymant of all the aama
aaauued agamat eacn ptrt-ei, wgaitier who .nree
per eent per iconth thereon from the date of
Tlalona of Section 6 of an. act of the LenUUture
of tha state of NeTaoa, approvea maron ma,
18H6. Btaluteaor 1NJ5, pie in.
pioche, December 17. Itw7.
Oonnty Treaaorer and ea-Offlclo Tax Rcelw
oi Liinooui uouuiy, nevaua.
Bell WtUlsm-Fee almplP title to lot and Ira.
niv.vnrr.ent on Laoour atreet; lot 10blookU6;
aliio fee simple title to lot and improvements
ou Houaniion atree., uiock oj, wio i ,
.1. TArt arlv S3: total S8 10. '
EwinKE H-Feeaimple title totwoloUand
Improvements on Main atreet; lota JO ajd 21
DIOUI I ; ieu a liujn u.cuirun vuuui
man atreet, lou aw, o ana ai, diook oi,
tMnkltvtl K7.adv i. total SIB 83.
geyatone Chapter No 6 K A M-Fee aim pie
title tt 8 lota and tmproTementa on Lacour
atreet; lota and T, block ai; alao fee almple
title to a lota and improTemenia on MouanooD
atreet; lota fi'i M ana o, diocb a; tax .,
penalty $'J , adv $2; total 86.
MKvnv K FeeainiDle title to lot and Ira.
rjTementa on UcOannon atreet. lot 1 ulixk 88;
inta And lmDrovementS on Wendell atreet,
lota 10 11 and ti block 31; 2 lota and lmprove-
menteon Ueaar atraat, ioib ai tna oiooi ;
l ini nrt iKL -ovemenia on uar nmi, iui ox
block lai 1 lot and improvement! on Davit,
treat oonalaUng of swell and known aa Ho-
Etoy a wen; ciaim o eomo ioi nu iuiiuuio
menta oommeuclng at the aoathweat corner of
lot 4 in block as and running auotb to a point
100 feet from Oedar atreet and from thenoe on a I
Una with Cedar etreet to James Clanoey'a cellar
and from thenoe to a point 100 feet back from
Main street and from them to plaea cf beRln
Ding, tbe aama belug known aa the back eteble
and corral of 0. C. Johnston; tax it 98, pen
alty 1 49, ad- It totalis 7.
Wevade Stage and Transportation Go Fee
almple title to 0 lota and improvement on
L.acour street auuwu m mttK" mauio, iut u
18 block 30; ux 3 70, penalty Slcts, adv 3; totel
6 1)7.
HblversW J Improvements on Alpha mine
situated on Spring Mountain, tax a 70, penalty
fllote. adv 1; total 9 37.
wtlltama Feter see aimnte nue k i ioi ana
Improvement! on Ueadow Valley atreet; lot 1
block 23 1 Ux 4 88, penalty esots.sdv U; total
7 S3.
Wilson W R fettate of) Fee almple title to
Hot and ImprovemenU on Main atreet; lot 61
block 26; tax T 40, penalty 74ota, adv 2t toUl
' Alcock J H Oo Poaaeasory claim to 160
seres land and Improvementa including aprlog
(Indian Bprlngi) ab?ut seventeen mile north
of BWiaj Bob'a place in Spring Valley, kuiwn
ss tbe D T Alexander upper ranoh on the
Frisco road. Poasesaciry claim to 160 acrea land
and oabin about 8 miles west of tb D x Alex.
snder uppnr ranch, knowa as tha old Cobb
place; Ux IT 40, penalty 1 74 adv 2; total 81 It.
Atohlsoa 9 B Poasaaaory olalm to 8 lots and
improvementa In Panaoa, lota 2 and 3 bloc 17;
noaaeaaorv olalm to 160 acres land In Meadow
Valley Waah south of Matthews' rmcb. Pee
simple title to 2 lot roroas tha atreet north of
Charl Matthewa Br rssidsnna and adjoining
nan Blos's on the south. Poaaeuory olalm to
16 acne pastor land eonth of tb Panaoa and
Itullionville lane, entered by Geo. W. Lee: us
I 70 83, penalty 7 08, adv a; total ta 68.
Patteraon Mining Company Possessory
claim to 169 acrea of land and Improvement a
In Patteraon Dletrtct on tha eaat aide of the
auoanutn consletlng of water right and email
leaching plant; tax 12, penalty 1 20, adv 2;
total ID 29.
Perklna Uta W Poafeeaorv claim to is
acres of land and Improvements In Overton
.dlolning Hamuel Keleey's on the norm; tax i
13, penalty 1 3D, adv 2; total 16 30. i
Pieraon James PoaaetBorv claim to oorral i
and aiable in Buliionviile; alao to 800 acrea of ,
una aua improvements in renrtnagei vaiiey,
about itO miles acmth of Hiko; tea almple title
to 160 acrea of land aud improvementa In Ph
iranagat Valley aouth and adjoining alaekay
Kroaani Known aa una Aiongnt raooo; tax
U 76, penalty 6 97, adv 2; toUl 6T T3.
raiaipner oaa u-troaaeaaoi-r oiaias o a
sores of land in Clover Valley adjoining L L
Woods on the eaat; alao to H acrea of land in
Clover Valley adjoining B B Crow's land; tax
us, penalty aucu, aiv i;miai 10 aj.
rniHipner w l, t-oaB.eory oiaim to su aorea
VUuuk in Olover Valley adjaloug p u Woods
,du-un liioeajt ad weal or line between;
aleo to lot and old noose in Clever T alley ad
lulu a eaat on Jam a HiflRioa" lout US U M.
ubiiliy 1 13,adv2; total 144T.
Sawyer Nusbtua-Theit H of NW H and
NE la of BW and HW of &2 H of Beo 27
vp i s h to aea east m u a m ana lmprove-
menU i hereon, epaaiatlog of a 16-aUmp quarts
Mi nndfVided Iniaveai on reilty ot above
sawyer k Neablu property, 3S 30, to balance
tax ee bu, pwamny 9 oi,mav ; inn do on.
Biatterr W J Pnaaeaaorr claim to 240 sores
of land near Bnnkerville. bema 8 H of MW U
of ae fTo la S at 71 des: tha NC k of MW at
or oeo so rp m u it ti aetj; tne ot be h oi
stosu rp is u e ti aeg; tne an soiBts oi
see is xp is tt it a esg, tax iu su, psnaity f us,
adv 2; total 13 8.
Hparks u s -ree simns tttis to 3 iou sna
Improvements to Panacs, lota 1 and s bloak
rata dj Mre aptrin on personal property
$2614: to balance UX9, penalty McU.alV;
tutal 1190.
unkuown O irners Possessory olalm to lot
and cabin inlioyalOlty formerly eieed to
(1 W Oatlln; ux 3octa, penalty iota, adv 2, total
3 89.
uosnown owners Possetsorr eieint to
boaae and lot on the Brlttol road about three
Quarter of a mile north of Dan Boeder a
uon ana aoout tne earns aieianoe eaat 01 norai
City and known as U L Craw's autlonj' tax
1 80, pBQalty ISata, adr 3; total 9 93.
Unknown uwner Poa.esaory olalm to WO
aorea of Unl mare or leaa about two mllea
aouib of BnUtonvllla. 40 acre, Ofaabova land
formerly aiaeaaad' ta Wm Oatverwell and Bro
aid the bianoe being aitaauo sdoos tarea
uartera of a mile souttiweat of Panaca and
lormerly known as Hammond's paatavs; tax
7 20, penalty 72vU, adv 2; total V 32.
Wilton John Poaaessery claim to a lot and
improvement, in Pan tot, to 3 blook 13; tax
Wrmht Phil Poiaeseorv claim to 160 acres
of land about 8 milea below the Moapa laUian
ueaerration on tne aootn sma 01 toe siaaay
Biver at tha old California crossing; tea 1 n
penalty 1 ev, aav a; total w 01.
Avolinationfor a Patent
Ko.TW. " ' ' ' '
' ' Ds'iTBo BxaTEaliaitD Orfica,
Eureka,-Kevad. March 18.1882.
il J . Bmitta and Osorse Morton, whose !post
omoe addreas la -Tempiute, Lincoln Oonnty,
Nevada, baa tntaaay nieo ntaappuoationior a
patent for fifteen hundred linear feet of the
Sterling mine or vein bearing silver wtthsur-
lace gruuua atx nunarea leet-in- wiatn, ana
4 U6-1U0 acrea aa a mtllalts. situated la Tempi
ate Mining DUtrlot, County ot Lincoln and
state of Nevada, and;, designated try tha field
notes ana omciei piet on nie ia -tnia omoe aa
lot number 67, A aud B, located on aasurvfiyed
land. The exterior oounaartea or said lot ao
57, A and 11, being aa follows, to wit:
Beginning' at a postmarked No. 1, U 9 survey
NoJ&7, Lot'7 A," the same being poat Mo 1 of u
B BOrvev Ko BA. lot "A." SUBdkrd lode, whenoa
U 8 mineral monument No 3y on Coyote Peak,
bears B 11 deg 21 min W 4633 feet. Thenoe
running, 1st courae, N 6 deg a 1600 feet, to post
in&rxea no j, u a surrey nooT, iot-A;"tnenoe,
2d courae, H 70 deg K 600 feet, to post marked
no 3; v 0 aurvny notx, lot A;tnance,aa oonraa,
u e aeg w isuq feat, to poat marked Ho 4, u
survey No 67, lot A, the same being noat So
of D B autvey Nor256, lot A. Standard lode, and
thence, 4tb oonrae, B 70 deg W 600 feet, to poat
no r, ins piaos 01 neginning. uonwining is
67-100 acres.
... . , ..;- . LOT "B." '
Alao the following described tract of land
a millaite: BonlnninR at a uoat marked No 1.
S survey No 67, lot " B," whenoe TJ 8 mineral
monument No 6 beara N 34 deg B 1158 feet, and
poat No 1 of thia aurvey bears N 61 deg 37 mln
B 436WJ feet. Thenoe running, 1st oourae, N 83
des W 363 foot: to ooat marked- No 2. U aarvev
NoS7,lot"B;H thenoe, 3d course, N 8 deg E 604
feet, tvpot marked No 3, TJ B aurvey No 67, lot
"ii;-' cuenos, sa oourae, a aeg a aos leet,
.post marked No 4, Ue aurvey No 67, lot "1
and thenoe. 4th oouIbs. 8 8 des W 594 feet
pott No 1, the place of beginning. Containing
M 5-lix) acrea. aiagneiM varuuon 10 degrees
mln seat.
The location of this mine is recorded In the
Recorder's office of Temniute Minlne Dlttriot.
in book "B." Dane 198. of the minion reoords of
said district. Thia olalm la bounded on tha
aouth by tbe BUndard. Any and all persons
claiming adveraely any portion of aaid Burl'
mil Mine and Millaite or sariaos ground art
quired to file their adverse olaima with tha
Keaiater of tbe United Btataa Land Office at
Buraka.in the SUteof Nevada, during tha sixty
dayaprlodof publication hereof , or thsy will
be barred by virtue of the provisions of the
. I. H. HINCKLEY, Register,
Send usft osntspoatags.snd
by mall you will get rasa a
nsoxaa of goods of large
value, that will start you in work tbat will at
once bring you in money faster tban anything
else in America. All snout the $100,000 in
presents with each box. Agents wanted evsry.
wnsre.oi sitner aex, 01 an agse, ror an an
Urns, or spars time only, to work for ns at thslr
own homes. Fortunes for all workers abeo
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home. Either aex; all ages. Bomething new,
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atart you; capital not needed. This is on of
th senutne. Important chances of a lifetlm,
Tuose who are ambitious and oUrprlsIng will
not delay. Grsud outfit fres, Addreas Taua
co Augusta, Mains.
for UIM-Hea-le, lt tar-Heads, Oad
Vvwoltara. and all kinds of Jab Prima
titfr, wither Fancy or Plata pyd.rtei
na sseeB-sr una, ., , 1
NO. 27
job panrraa.
Plooite -IV ea v
Tasstssjaauta ot Majroamats and allsMav i
paalee of Bouiharn Nevada and Bonth
sreatora Ctahlsealled to tbafset that
Job Printing of svorydlsorlpUoii
. done al Ike Bnooas Ornoa In
Celacsal atria and el the .
BtaslsiSBOrds. .
Woatdlstt Card
Ul-BMste. .
Ova Maaalpt
ay Blsusk
lobPrtntlngdoa arss-olsssetr and
msooRD piTsuasaiiiwii oov
ApDlioation for a Patent .
No. 881,
MAUON aud J.
L. HOLTZO&ti. '
poatofflce addreas
Buliionviile, Lis cola
tlon for s patent for fifteen hnndrod liaeavr last
of the "Magnolia" mine or vein bearing liver,
with anrfaoe ground alx hundred feet In wtdtk,
situated la Highland Mining Diatrlct. Oonnty of
unooin ana mate 01 jieveoa, ana aesignstea oy
the field notes and ofilelai plat on file ia this
office aa lot No. 87, located on unsurveyed landa,
Tbe exterior boundariee of said tot No. 87 being
aa foUowa, to wit:
uegining at a post marked no. 1,11 survey
No. 31, whenos the Mendbs brtok emokeatack,
marked C 8 mineral monument No. 1. bean B
tW S deg K 8426 feet. Thia emokeatack la about
78 feet high and 8 feet square at the nase. The
main shaft in tbla claim beara N 82 deg W 80?
feet. The notice monument atanda 8 feet aorta
of the center of the abaft, thence running, 1st
oourae, 8 77 deg W 1600 feet, to a post marked
No. 8, C 8 survey No. 87; thenoe, 3d oooros, N t
13 deg W 600 feet, to a post markek No. l.Vl
wuttvj no. si ; tnence, aa ooure, n naeejK
1600 feet, to post marked No. 4, TJ 8 aurvey Mo. .
87 , and thenoe, 4th oourae, B 18 deg 600 feet, to
poat No. 1, the plaoe of beginning; containing
B0 86100 acres. PoaU Noa. 1 and 4 aUnd in the
original location monomenU, PoaU Nob. 8 and
S aund about SO feet easterly of the original lo-
cation monomenu. Magnatlo variation, 16 de
gree eaat,
Tbe location of this mine Is recorded In the .
Berorder'a off.ee of Lincoln oounty, Nevada, in
book of - mining notices. 'i'Lie elaina ts
hounded 0x1 the eaat and eat by t,aaialass S , -..
tola lode Btnie Miuowbr-nd on the north
and aoutb by no kaowli claims: AOy sstd all '
persona claiming adveraely any portion ai said .
MagnolU mine or sari ace ground era required
to file their adverse elalms with the Beg later of
tne li 111 iou 01 a law iuuiu ismce at Jburex, in uw
Btataof Nsvsda.dnrlogtbeaixtydaya period of
publication hereof, or they will be barred byf
iTarvin wi Halt, paVftaKim ut aua, avitta.
f.ti.r'JttjAtati, usgutet. .
Trustee's Sait
suant to the authority vea ted in me ts sadi
try s certain Deed of Trut, executed by th
Bristol Silver Mining Oompaoy to me, bearing
date J una 14th, ltt2, and reeosded la Llnoolit
Oonnty, Nevada, Booords, la Book P, Pages "ti
hi aia, aeiauut anviauj ooonrrea in tne paysnent
of tbe interest die Ifsesmber UUt, 188'i, ttn th 1
nous secured by said Trust Seed, In tb sum
of slfUea Thousand Dollars, I will sell, at poa-
. UV HiKUUB, Mf tU Al Biau, aVt Uaat .
ing Monas of tbe aaid Cempauy ta Bristol, Lin
(Cow Oounty, Nevada, on tha .
GtgrbtM levy mt Mxpt mb. lbOB,
At 2 o'clock v. at., tne property moatioaea aa ,
desertbed in sale Trust need, or so must
tbaraoi aa may be nscssssry to pay paid inter-
jet and ooaU of sale, to wit :
Those esrtaia sainae, stnaing uiaims, Vnana ,
Mill ud Maol.iiiry,MtlUlte,Ckrrala, aoarding ' ,
Mouas, Barn, Assay Omoe, Blacksmith Shop,
and all nroDertlss altuated in striatcil Minlac
I District. Unooln Oonnty, Hut of Nevada, and
described aa follows;
. All of that esrtaia nilnlnu claim kuowa aa the
I "Ohio" mine.
All of that oettaia mlnina claim aaewn aa tha
"Nevada" mln.
Aa andlvlded aie-ba)f 1 that oartala mtalaa
1 elalu known as the "Gipsy" mln.
I An unuiviaea onvsaii , 01 tuai oertain sotniba
claim known as th "Contact' ' mln.
Ah unolvided one-naif of that oertain mtnlnn
I location, or privilege, known as th "Bristol
Tbe Bristol Silver Mlnina UontDanv Mill and
I Mulatto, con Ulnlng 640 aensof laitd.iBore or
That certain Teu-atamu Btttrr Omvrta Mm
1 thereon, wlvh Mill Boildiug , Or Bouso, . Motors
xtouas, soiguie 000m, appuneuvica eoa ma
chinery, including 8 pana, 3 settlors, J 70hera
power suass eogine, bollera.olaaxwup pen, r.
tort, wall and well fixtures, 1 boarding kotus
building with furniture, 1 barn, 1 assay asaoa
Willi 1 urn ace ano tooie, 1 niacaamitn an op wita
toola, 1 building uaed aa lodging houe tor sea.
ployes. All machinery, tools, ImpleaaanU sad
appurunances now at the mines and mill afore
said. And also all the real artata and Intsssst,
or other claim or demand, as wall la law as Ut
equity, which the said Bristol Silver aUalug
1t.umpany now naa, or may neraaiwr aoqaire ot
in aud to tb said premises, with th appurtea
Dsud Anguat 1st, 1888
auil-W BCNMY T. WaXU, TrsMtee,
SberlfTt Sale.
J out of tb Blxth Judicisl Dlstrlot Ooari.la
aud for the Oounty of Lincoln, Stat of Nevada,
and to mo directed and delivered, for a Jndg.
I Btent raoefea m mu wwtm on uu trta aay 01
Anguat, A P. 1883, in favor of Archie MeOjoslg,
Plaintiff, and against tb Maylowsr sUivar
Mmlng Company and tb Maytiower Mine and
I Mining uiaun, ieienaanta, ior tne auaa 01 seven
hundred and atx 4-100 ( 8706 4.100), gold cola
dullara, debt, together with seventy (870)dollars
tax oosta, and all accruing oosu sad interest,!
have li leu on tne louowiug property, to wit:
Tbat certain xulnu or min lug claim known as
tnd called by tbe nam of tb Mayflower Mia
end Mining Claim, aitnate.lylng and balag la
Bristol Mining Dlstrlot, Lincoln Oonnty
state of Ntivada, and duly recorded ta tb Mln
ing lie cord of said Milling Dlatrlot, containing
eight hundred linear feet on said led or led,
together with the appurteuancwa thereto belong
ing, and al the rights and privilege prtalnl
Notlos ta hereby given tbat on
Matnxday, the dtb day mt Omtrnhmg,
A. D. 1888. at 18 o'clock at. of that dar.1 wil
vail all th right, title and lntrt of said May.
ilttve deacrlbed property, and the said May
flu war nine ana Mining oiauu. at tne rroat door
of tbe Oourt-bous in Pioche, Lincoln onuaty
Btate of Nevada, at public auction, for cask in
band, to tb blgbest and beet bidder, to satisfy
SSia JMluaw mm auui mw, aau SU
oosu tbat may accrue.
aeis-ta. u.r. amutwuuu, sneria.
CATION tor patents for Town Lets, as
ginning at a poat marked No, 1, 81 oorses
of tb Town ef Bristol: Thenoe u 8 sxiaeral
yasausaent Mo. 1 soars B 13M dagreee K SSBB
fast; 0 B sainaral monument Ko. S staadlag at
ttunottheestoorneref Blxth and Mala Wissla.
In th Town of Bristol, baara II 80Jt degr W
1,660 feet'.
yimeourso, tvh asar w i,m nm s
poet marked Ne. 3, oomer Town of BrisSal
thenoe.Sd courae, N 18)4 dagreea W 148 fast
to poet marked No., N W eornar Town ef Bvi.
toll thenoe, 3d oourae, N 10 H dar) B 340
fast to poat maraad No.,NXeeiarTewa ai
Briatol.aadt hence, itbeoarau.B 18 M droea
Sec'ee to poatNo.l.thepiaoaof baalag,
siMrttiiii"g one hundred aad stxty aeena, and hs
lag the TownalU of Bristol, Llacola Oonnty
But of N avada .must be -uad to the ntsfise
one before the nth day ag Fwhnar
Laws of th But of Nevada, p. 418. was.
seettoe 8BS9, aot appraved Fabrnary ftth, U8
Awplleatloa meat sa sUad with A. ?. Mai
ft e eo f jwwesaefBH

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