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gjoffl ram eecou
BBItBl.lO'( llC.TISO,
The Bepublioaa oaudiJatea (or Cud
mil toil Justine cf th. Supreme
Cjart, th. Has, H. t. Bartiae
mi H.e. M, A. Murphy, u previously
advertised, apolMoa Thorsdsy evrnior,
,1 Washington Hall, to large and ap
preciative audieooe, among which a nun
bat of ladtfci vera fcbeervable. Plaga
ert slrung across tha atr. at during the
aftsreooa by the boya, and preparationa
and. for boo6rea, Th. brass band die
eoorwd ttiuaio in the evening, bonfires
lighted up the town, and 8 o'clock loand
laeaill oiled withaaeiptctuitssdieaoe,
shiofi wer. not diaappoluted.
B(l. H. F. 1URTI9I
lb. speseer of tha evenin, was ietro
dosed hy lls.J..Pouj ids. Chairman of the
B-publicea County Central Committee
AIM stating his desire to deal fairly
ao l aanJi ily with every question touched
apoa, Mr. Battioe pioettdtd and for
two boars engaged the earnest attention
of the audience. He arraigned the pres.
eot adainietration nt Washington,
ihowed boar incouaiatettt It bad pioveo
itself ia geoerel, ahta oomand with the
platform upon which it waa t looted foor
years af, particularly uul conclusively
showing the hostile attitude taken and
maintained towards silver and the evils
rssollisg therefrom to our State
Hi took up and conclusively answered
every argument advanoed by Mr. Cat
aidy last week, and showed that the is
sue of tbiscampa'gii waa on a "free trade"
plsok, regardless of artimenta to the
o mtrsry, and how a tarilf of 43 per rent,
at elsi'Dsl by lbs djmcw ae, could lie
dlitribateit and yet nault in fro. trade
hi tha fullest sense of ibe lira. Us
spoke hiiihly of the Bepublioan presides
Bsl sandidatee, and any prejudiced
li-lsnsr anal hare born eonvinoed that
this 8tats oonld look (or ao relief from lu
present depressed state in the event of
the re-electiua .of the Democratic aoaii.
net to the presideoey. The appleme
during hia address waa frr quest aid vig
onus. At lbs aloes of Mr. Bartioe's re
marks the
Boa. SI. A. Hearer.
eulidetefur 8uprtnc Jade waa intro-
djj I who made a fa brief but pointed
remtrke at the -eteaatiom Uadidatea
for lb parities be sosgkt Invariably re
trained from making a political spoon
an I hi wj jM it viol t tha rule.
Bi'.j fiitieim crei'el a favorab'e
impression sua left on tbeir return trip
yesterday well pleaeel with their recrp
tion aaj the outbmk ben.
Hn. J. Pewjed, daring the week,
(eased a very creditable eiamioation be
fore the local eommilteo, on Lie applica
tion fur a lloeaie aa an attorney and
eoaosslor nt law. The (lamination
papera go forward at cure to the Su
premo Coor', and will no donbt result in
tbs issuance oft license, under which
the gentleman may take Lis stand among
the fraternity of Lincoln county.
The a 'See me nt roll for the present
year foot, up a tottl of 834,I42.2 aa
agsinatI331.SU for 1837, gain of 84,
838 23. Tola speaks sell for the County
Aaeeeeor, and shows a elose attention to
duty, ia him, liuoa we know tha increase
is not oaneed by the acquisition of new
property generally, nor by t boom in
value on rial estatt.
Hontr. Siity pounds of hooey waa
brought in from Panaca during the week.
It h the Bret honey obtsined from Pen
ace an I part of the product of the four
atamla of btsi brought there from Paro
wan, Utah, last epriog as as eioeiijieot.
We hope the boiioe a here will inorea e
and there ia so good reason why it should
not.., . ,, I. . , . i . i -., , :.
Candidate! for County OSoee are sot
plentiful enough tl u sua ntber
much, but since the dates for County
Primal ia and Convention were fixed,
aspirants bob up quietly here and there,
oss.i the political braes, will blow
suBulently strong ia their favor to waft
Mem into offiot, 1
Tbeliwesurvsyedby the U. C. folks
from Dry Valley to Coyote Springe, via
the del north of tows sad the Bristol
pass, la batter so far aa grades are oon
earned sad shorter by tea mike than tb
line originally run vis Bennett Spring
pasi, and will be followed in the event
of banding.
Th "corn" extract" Indulged in by th
Repiblicaas Tharaday night after tb
apeaking must have been nf a higher
grade than that used by our Democratic
Brethren last week.
Mr. L. t, Woods of Clover Valley, so.
wpaaied by two of Us daughters, was
aatowa yeateidaj-.
H Geo. W. Caa.i ly and Hn. W.
M. rjeatll addrrsetd a ffoiidly sia-d audi
ence at Brown's Hall last Saturday even
iog aa previoualy advertised. The
poakcrt were iutroduoed by Geo. 8.
Sawyer, chairman of the County Central
Committee. -
Mr. Sewell'e remarks were brief. He
said the office he sought waa not a politi
cal ooe, hence he bad no r-oliiical apeech
to make. Hia remaika eerred to intro
duce Mr. C-uaidy, who addre a-d the
audience at some length. He touched on
the navy, public lauds, the silver and
ohineae queoeion, but devoted moat of hia
attrnti-m to the tariff, arguing that the
in. trade" cry was without fouodstiin,
and that then waa nothiog natever in
it. That a reduction in the tariff from
47 to 40 per cent, did not mean free
trade. He spoke rather, lightly of the
Republican nominee foe I'reeideiit and
Vice President and wound up by atatiog
that if else' id he would arrvetbebe-l
intereete of the reopl-, but thet hi
would not vote for the admission of Utah
to etatebooJ.
Hia remaika were well received, and
frequently appleuded. At the close, the
gentlemen circulated for an hour or two
eawag the "boya" nod started rally the
following rr-orsing on their return north.
aioaera rat Thuriley, aa a Board of
Equalisation. Ia reaponsa to notices
previously iesned, a number of taxpayers
appeared to ahow can-e why their a
saased valuation should not be raised.
Others appeared an I aeked a reduction
it their aaeeairaenra. The day'a woik re
tilted in the foil iwini! Itiiaa, J
Eiaenmann 8323. Eiaenmann and nnnthnr
1100, James McFadden 8230, Villoma-,
r-ogliaaa 83)0, Fay Day Ug. Co. 1100,
Dav Silver Mj. C tALt J. If Al.vu.lt
i Co. 81 400. Reductions! Chae. 8tein
8100, Bob Francis 862.50, and J. Coum
erilb 802 50
The report of W. J. Dooley, State
weather observer, for the put week
t lullowai
tl -
II ...
a ...
Se ...
II ...
r ..
Accidskt. 0s Wednesday, as tha at-
tarnoon shift waa going on at the Yuba,
three mes were deacsiding th sbsft in
the bucket and shtn below the 703 foot
level, a stone or wooden wedge fell some
twenty feet and struck one of them,
Angelo Clark, oa tha head, iofiioting a
painful though not dingeroua wiund
The out waa dressed by Dr. Kesbitt, and
sith ear tb patient will be all right b
a few days.
Public Srumt.-As s democratic
voter and not as a oandidate, Mr. 1. I.
Frsnohy, of Pahranagat Valley, will ad
diees tb publij tbii vsuing at aeven
o'clock from the fir plug at tha comer
of Main and Meadow Valley street, on
the politioal leiee of tha day and, will
remove from the public mind any nob-
wane tber eaiating on tha queatiooa of
free trade and tariff reform.
Coyotes have cleaned out the chickens
at Bristol, and stand a i little ia fear of
the il&glo inhabitant of that once busy
place, that they deliberately squat on
Msin street to net, and nooe in and out
of tb vacant buildioga.
If yon contemplate tha purchase of a
piano or organ, send for a eatalogue to
E.tey and Camp, Chicago, and
get a giod instrument at s fair
piioa. Tb reputation of tbeir inatru
meats fa woild wide.
Quit a number nf political badgea, of
both parties, and embracing a variety of
design are,Lotioeable on the streets.
The wearers are moetty yonng end en
thuaiaatiu member, of the parties.
County Aoseseor John Roeder went out
to Pahranagat Valley last Saturday but
returned in seaaoo for the meeting of the
Board of Equalisation on Thursday.
Hon. J. Ponjeda has erected s tram
way from tb top of th dump to the
wag .a road at hie mioe above the Yuba,
to facilitate th loading of ore.
Tb Episcopal Church building ia re
oeiving soms vary necessary repairs.
fhe whole outside of the building la being
The family of John Iocs left tor San
Bernardino, Cel., yeaterday, going
overland via Meadow Valley Wash and
St. Thomas.
Frank God be went over to Oieeola
last Monday to be absent about tea days.
Bishop Leonard returned to Salt Llksby
Mtadsy stag.
A light shewsf of rais fall yesterday.
Waamxorin. D. C. S'pt. 10", 1SS3.
My Dear Senior; J trgmt to m'orm
you tht the neoHiiie of the Souiheru
oisil service are so great that Nevaili
cannot be reasousMy served during this
Democratic Adinioiitration. r-ixty per
cent, of the new pot offices eiubl sbed
during the last )ear have biea located
in the sixteen 8 luthern States sud forty
per cent, in the thirty two Northern
States and Territories Unfortunately,
Nevada waa But one of the Confederate
State, and cannot expeot favors from the
Government of the Coi,frderete Ststra
which now rules at Wa hitigton. I do
not complain of Mr. Dickinion, the
Postma n r General. He has been very
polite and helped out Nevada as moch as
he rea-onably could to be oonsitti nt nith
the necessities of the Sooth.
Tour petition! and letters sni my ef
fort, have received cotider.ti.n. as will
appear from the eucloetd reply nf the
Post nifice Department, I would like
to know how long the people w ill have
this state of eff.irs continued. "
Yoois, very truly.
Hon. J. Poojcle. I Wm. M. Stewart
jriocbe, lev.
ttwslnes. Traasactel Daring the
Week BUUJwir Kept. SI, l-.
Mining Location: Palmetto Mioe,
Palinnagat Lake Mining District; lo
cated August 29, by Oeorge Blythe and
MichtUe Labro ae.
Miniog Lication: Pinrmaa Mine,
Pahranagat Lake Mining Dibtrict; lo
cated August 30, by George Blytbe anil
Michelle Laliro.se.
A Democratic cndi.iate for State Sen
ator appeara in the perai n of Hon. Henry
Bice of Hpnog alley. His annoutce
mcnt atands out in another column. Mr.
Rice ia well known throuch'int this
oouoty an I tenia no introduction frooi
us. He served the county aa an Avsem-
blymsn at the two lat sewions of the
legislature, and from Ibe experience oh
tamed tnere believee himself fitted to
eopo with the responsible questioni
touching this county's ioteresti which
will no doubt be submitted at the next
eittiog nf that body. It nominated be
will make s strong fight f ir the office
and it will take a go;d man to down
him.' - - '
Fsscid Ik -Tiie Daily A-tuias Or. sf
September 9th eeyei Everyone has bear I
the j'ke about Wenoing a town iu." Ao
old Nevadt friend in the office yetterdey
t ill rt aa a fact ihst the town of Bullion
villa, Nv., i 'fenced in" literally.
Some time ago the two principal mining
oompsni'S pot up 84)3.0') chlo i.lization
works that did not work. Everything
shot down, and neighuouog band, of oat'
tie came linking around tha pana and set
tier, and died frim the effecta
of th ohemiesl. n tbeir innarda,
S'j lb ranchsra got together and hauling
lumber, just naturally "fenced the town
The Boo Bros, copper furnace at Bris
tol haa been running for about ten days,
Poartotn tone of bullion were shipped to
Milford last Tueeday. About sixteen
tons, more will b) produced when a stop
will be nude. The preauit price of cop
per make, the busineso profitable and we
hipe the boys will gather in a few thout.-
auda of the fortune wbicb Biiatol Die
trlut certainly owe. them. .
JllNBiUL Water Mania mineral
water ia on aala here fr the lirat time
It can be had at any of the lalooua. It
is a nature! mineral water and is bottled
at Soda Sp.ing, Idaho, jiat aaitflowa
from the uwonia'n side. It makte a de-
iitiolls beverage in general, besides being
stroogly reoommt-nled ss s specific lor
sll atomxeh and ki Joey troublee. Try it,
In appreciaiictt of the kind services
rendered by ike brats land at the meet-
iug- Tburaday night, llou. J. l'oujsde
yestsrdsy presented to eath member,
handaoni nickel plated hand lamp, sith
attachment.. Though tha baud was
thought to be dead, thia may revive
and opnduoa to more evening placing.
Religious lervioea were held at the
Episcopal Church last Sunday morning
aud ovening. Bishop Loouaid officiating,
Sunday Subool was held at 2 o'clock r.
at., at tbs close of which a number of
obristcniogs took place.
Sheriff Turner left for Carson, Monday,
via Milford, having Christy Farrell in
Eugene Howell spent several dsys at
Briatol early in tb seek on miniog mat
Th Registry list now contains 75
names with SO or 00 more to bear from,
. Si Jacobs Oil atill continues ita bold
oa the public sa a pain destroyer.
Joe. Frenchy, of Pahranagat Valley,
earn ia on TLanda; a baakbeard.
Li-t of lettera ren aVng unral'ed for
at tl,- P,ooh 1'o.t, rhef, Srpt. 3, 1SS3.
h. Wj-ui.u.
Jubo Shier, P. M,
Don't forget to register.
PAMatA iTKH-e.
Looks like rain once in a while.
Mrs. Harry Gentry, of Overton, ia vis
iting her relative, and fritnda of Paosoa.
Wm. Methiwas family waa increased
on ihe I6tb inst. by the addition of a
ue baoy kirl.
Alf. Syphua has gone to Uteh on bni-
seas for the Southwestern Mg. Co. of
El Doi ado Canyon. a,
Ily Bios goes to Tiutic, t'lafa, aoon. In
search of woik; we don't koow what
this mean., but have our opinion.
A. M. FiodUy has be" employed b)
the Sclio.l Trustees of P.ne Valley,
Utah, aa teacher of that diatricr.
A number of young gentleman and
ladies leave here annn for St. George,
Utah, where they wilt .attend echoed
this winter. 1
There are 40 namea enrolled en the
regitti-r of the Grammar Dept. of onr
school and 39 in the Frimary: both
teachers are kept bony.
The threshing will all be done this
week. . We'd be glad, and so will the
rest of the boys, beuaure Frsnk Wslkei
Jr., shoisciue of the hands, takes the
eyes of all our girls.
Josie Hamblin left for Beavor on the
ISth in.t. to re what could be done for
her broken mm; elie waa socnmrat,icd by
Miea Jane Lee. who will i-it relatives at
Miueravilli, Utah, after which she goer
to Salt Lake City to apend the winter.
There i not a vo.nt store or reslideuce
in Reno.
Iteoo hu a dramitio prodigy in Mist
Mabel Booton,
In torn lodging bouses in Benobeds
are in demand at (2. 50.
Sugtr osn ten t high iion exhiti-
tion st the Fair at Iteuo.
Over at Washoe Like ducks and geese
are reported to t e getting pleutiful.
A Coosstock mother claims she hat tie
genuine milk tbake sh is meaning the
baby. . ; '
There have been falls of rata at Winne
mucoa and . throughout Humboldt
ccouty, -
There sre 233 mines on the ssfeftmeot
roll of Douglas county an inereaae of 46
lince lnt jesr,
Aledgn siviog 100 ounces of silver to
the ton hai teen struck in the Deuaucc
mine at Darin.
In order to give the children an oppor
tuuity to fnjiy Fir week the public
schools of Reno are close d.
The Indism in White Pine county
have gathered the biggest crop of pine
nuts this year thst tvt-r waa known.
The pipe for the Tusosrora water
works is now being dinttibuted, and the
work of lay iog it will soon be com
Mason Valley people this year expect
to cany iff tha fox tail, so loog held I ' 1
the Dayooitcst for the lsrgest and best
Senator Kaiser of Churchill county
has an artekikn well on his ranch which
yields water enough for 500 cattle and
ooQidtMable irrigation of land.
The little three yrarnM daughter of
Hugh.McNamara, at Eureka, was fata ly
burned a few days ao. She got at some
matches and set her drena on tire, burn
ing the body born My above the kutes,
and died tha next day. 4
Some yars ag a a couple in Marshall
County Kentucky, read in the paper
thai this Stste would pay 91,000 to the
flr.t woman bo bore 13 children, Thw
goud people detei mined to win the f 1,000
awl their industry waa recently rewarded
by the birth of the thirteenth thud.
Then the woven went to claim the tut n-
y and waa aat by the oold iutelligeuce
that no money waa appropriated aud it
was only a newspaper myth. If the leg
Watuitt or Kentucky baa any gsltantry
left it wild appropriato U $1,000 fairly
aue toesa inau.trious people.
Pirmo ace of purpote is one of tha moat
necessary slnewa of character.
Bew are how yon get into debt. It ia
not so oasy to gt out.
Air iW) will kill the rei spidnr.
A ieera, Ks., Sept IS. Ual.te tbe site
it n be. Use., last. J J. I SB, to lbs Ue at
. AdausaBB,aseo.
. atVahraaant Valhr, ssptiN, ltH.tel'Ss
las el okarippls, a sea.
(rir.-PrMf Baltdlaa-.)
Bfrain St Pioohe, New.
DEal,IBSU . ,,
Groceries. Provisions
General Merchandise.
iHPOtvrins or . .
WINES, ; -:
Country Produce
also Ooiierkl Deslsn la
Gents' Furnishing Ws!l
Boots &. S hoes,
Mt-.'i, Sots & Imths Hui & UtSTSO. Ei J. MC &
Dnf-Goods Department.
Tn tbet CTV-GoodfJ Decatt-1
mentw, "Pf!j
DarRaiaS ;u wroor w auauavi
ro jm Tor our fcpnng aca cum
mer Goods now In transit.
Wot e the f Ho wing: BUrkeU,
and Robes, Ked ComfbrU Flan
nels, Ladios Heavy Skirts, La
dies, Misses and Children's
Woolen Hof, uenia riae
Wmlan HalfHoae. Ladles,
Misses and Children's Cloaks
aod Newmarkets, Jersay Jack
ets, Woolen Dress Qocds, Wool
en Hoo is, Nublaa, Scar As and
Heavy Mitts, i ,
Clothing Deoartment.
In this Department we offer
bantalns superior to any here
tofore given um vioioiiy
ssua vaia ereutai amauvu wv
our atook of Overotiats and
Suits tor Men, Youths and
Boys: Hats and Caps, ani our
extensive line. of Boots and
dents Forn'shinr Goods In
great variety and of tha brat
quality. An examination here
will molt certainly oonvinoe
Our prloes on Euok Gloves
are 50 per ocai. lower than
fjrmerly, and our Stock the! a ' awi - m a
Large: it that has been carried lj&CTy aOICk DiOf
tor years, : ...
drocery Department.
Th Orooery Department
Cons' lanUy surplled, and here
ou r 1 rTIoai are si ill Lower than
the Lowest. Gall and bs Oon
vini led.
. ,
rv fl nave aiTsnea isueoajr
ov x stock of Harness, eto.,
?U 8a,rTo
fiweat-pads, Halters, wmps,
Osr esllrs esensi Is User ssrl Frees). I
. .M..ti .imS. ens I
I.I.. , NUleatsei OI !
b. C. CIiABir,
Xaowear.OstXAlsa! Mtrect,
FUSE and
People a
MeadowVftUey St-
'The Dest of
llwavs on Hand.
o f
A. ADELMATiN, MaU,8er.
liew Viii Sbd fioche, ,
By the Day, Week er Montn.
lor aW sales, , .
rnrnisUci to Cnstrratrs IkUT.
H evade
. i onsraSTiT o aaaD asp iu it
I j sbersseuea, ,
Teasas, Buggies and
Sadd ft- Hams.
eraeww, mmwm hvm
suck Bosraea tar tsesSssterset.sUe
ec I
ItsUrfKMM. SS-4

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