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The Conditions tmlr Which tlio rJr.-i;
Wwjdou Clock Was Hindu.
E. A. Fenn, in tbe AlluRim (Mich.) Jour
nal, says: About the year 1SU0 tbore livni
sort of indolent, thriftless, unpromising
young man by the name of KU Terry. 11
birtliplafo was ttio sumo as luinu. Ply
mouth, Conn. He sought tlie band and Ih'm-i
of a Miss Waruer, and wus bitter!y opposed
by bor friends on account of bis inability to
support her. Miss Warner was either n
sister or a cousin of thci Into Mrs. Friend
Ives, an old resident of Gun Plains, ami
gramlinoi her of Leon and Fred Chichester.
The Warners were solid old Puritan Block
and despised laziness, but, nouvit.ibtaiidin-,'
all opposition, they wcro married, sot up
housekeeping and soon destitution and
want was about all that seemed visiulo for
future days.
11 had no visiblo means of support, but
spent his time sluing on a stump or block-,
whittling out a circlo ho struck with an old
compasH or suwinjr off bits of wood from
some dead trees, and thus, day uftor day,
bis time was spent, and tho general
opinion was ha was crazy. Want pressed so
hard in tho homo that tho wifo, by urgent
entreaty of her frieuds, had about made
up her mind to return to her parents'
home, whon tho fruits of Eli's whit
tling and sawing materialized in tho
first wooden clock over mado In America
and, I believe, in any country. It was read
ily sold to a neighbor for $30 and paid for in
pork, flour, potatoes, other family necessi
ties and a little money, with which he
bought tools to facilitate his work in further
prosecution of clock making. Anolhor and
another was mado that sold readily as soon
as completed. Tho foot latho aud small cir
cular saivs wcro added, then men wero em
ployed, clocks moro rapidly made and eager
ly sought bf ter, aud Eli Terry bogan to ac
cumulate. Iu the meantime ho hod made
application for letters patent upon his clock,
and about 1803 or 1803 built a small shop
and commenced improving on his clock and
construction of machinery and tools, and tho
foundation for a. vast fortune was made
which materialized in after years. Not
withstanding his unbounded benevolence,
he became very rich. lie diod about 1S43,
at tho advancod ago of elghly-livo years,
beloved and rospectod by all who knew him,
leaving a large family of grown-up boys and
a number of grandsons, all very weulthy,
and all living in Terryvillo, Conn., con
trolling nearly all tho wealth of tho place,
which was invested in largo manufactories
for clocks and locks. It is worthy 'of note
that not one Terry is left iu that region and
all their interests and investments have
scattered or gone into other hands.
lie prove Not with Alitor. .
Be ever gentle with tho children God has
given to you; watch them constantly; re
prove them earnestly, but not in anger. In
the forcible language of Scripture, " Be not
bitter against them." "Yes, they are
good boys." I onco heard a kind father say ;
"I talk to them pretty much, but I do cot
like to beat my children tho world will beat
them." It was a beautiful thought, though
not elegantly expressed. Yes, thero is not
one child in the circle round the table,
healthy and happy as they look now, on
whose head, if long spared, tho storm will
not beat. Adversity may wither them,
sickness fade, a cold world frown on them ;
but, auiid all, let memory call thera back to
a home where a law of kindness reigned,
where the mother's reproving eye was
. moistened with a tear, and the father
frowned "moro in sorrow than in angor."
A Cob-Pipe Factory. -s..
There is a cob-pipe factory located at
Sedan, Mo., which is doing a rushing busi
ness. The factory pays at the rate of 1J
cent for l-inch cobs and V, cents for IX
inch cobs. A man hauled a load the other
day of IX Inch cobs which brought him
64. The time may yet come when the peo
ple will raise wheat for the chaff.
Th ta
rter el
C 17T 1
00. 28 UNION SQUARE.NY sF,.-
triouisMO. Talias.tex
PiCirio DtPiRTVEsr Distributing oitlc
H Market 8t. History Bulldlug, Ban Franclsoo.
CL BraBchea-40 Morrison St. Portland, Or.;
. U Xurth Spring Ht., tot Angeles, Cel.; 18
Boat Second St., Ban Jose.Oal.t Presno, Csl.;
IW7 r. St., Tuoa, W. Ty. Local agenrle
everywhere; Writ for osrds, catalogue! and
lYom Ohio. nr !ii
1 mi fruit ii f Sir. Gm-.i-moii.
of KiiI.-.m. !. i...
!l wrlKti "Wm hi tnktm n in nit t"f
WO tt mouth: I tiuiv lutve mt inri-iirv
'"f r,. , fkw At lo iiM.iim ntiu ,.uUH
itoiit mi a o.tii .im'.t Ifc'JO .u day."
(bifpfrcl) W. ll.liAUIUftOX.
illiitm Ktlitv, Ilnirilxirfr,
writ.it "J tiavc iHvir kiirtnn
iiij liihifc in mil Ilk your iil'mm.
VeMti'i'dn.v I tt'k nnli ii uiutrli to
)iy iti uyi'r )&.:.'' v, J. J I.
iii'jro. Vantor. lie., wriir- .
e au onkr IV r ymip iillunn lit
oil wary lioiuu I vlnt. Mv
iror a mplVi1v'woik.'
OiieroreUuiiiL-ftiiii mil fii:
wr .iai lint (.1,3(11 to trive rx.
cn who ttket Hold of Ihfirnind bliMncM yu iinimtml tiiuttii.
Shall we start YOU in this Usinc..,
ruder? writ tout an learn nil uhmil H rnrymirirli. Wt
arvmrtlnriiinnyt wltr iltrt you II you don'i deliiy mull
ii'ioilifrffcit alinul of you hi your prt uf llie cvimtrv. liv-.u
J 'twhohlyou will biiiei01ilck npfcold fast, oy-ifti'iii,-
imcis imiii iii.ir icilcr.
owiiur "'-nmOBrilllh AllltlltlM ni-Cto lma.M .r
ImU i V. r fc1' ound 111 Itoyiil OriniMii hi)k Velvi-i
1. I V f ""'"I'f d0r"dfUUJ.llt.pdlll1WII HllMllllllltllB
.i r.i T osfcniii evpr ktiown, Ai
Hi'jLllt9'ealnm- ' lor bviiJ. Aiivoii
1 rUMt . Agvuu lkt Himiwiirt- of onlvn wlih niiiiUiv niter
l'owii. Urml jn.ftl.wall twry 6ikr. Akiiii. uru
; """" muiwiiuik m tnurh ui ltitii. Yoii. rfnliL.
I m l"lk
V" u
! 'If "". "ri"l I'lTloillcnlt. Alter yu k )
"K1 !" I" ftinlior. nby no Uinn I. ,ii,.
I" ,' (t-il It j -IK I' i Km MIIC
On pallon, rnlVed with CO&llotii ofcoKI
WHtpr, will dtp thoroughly 1RO nhwp, at & eot
or 1 cftiit ench, Kp.rilly npled;a U(.urtutmr o(
woul: k certain cure for HC'AU. AIho,
Slli liid uQIly with water, l'rmenls tho Ity
from Htrlkme. Inn 2-puuuil 1.cuko Ihcro m
Hiilllelent to dip twdnty shi'ep, uucl lu a T-pnund
lui'lufe tin iu 1h Bunicitut (c dlpoue huuilri'd
8doceso& io FALB.NEB. BELL, & CO,,
No. 40G California Street,
Wool AntfJii y Warehouse, Cor. fi:)i ft Towim
end 8in.
It t'to (tidier, nml moit popular srlpntiflo ir-ii,
iMi'i-tmiiu'ai pnii'T iuhllflH'(l and has the lament
c ri'i-Jut Um (if nny pnprrul Its cln! in the wurhl.
Kully itlii.stnittMl. Ilest cla.ss or Wootl Kni'rtiv
hiir. I'ul'lisin-d vtikly. Hemi for (tpt'cmuin
mp . Iru!t $;tn yenr. Knur ninnthR' tt nil, 1.
ML'SN & 10., rtiii.isHKitst3.;i iiruuUwuj, N.V.
t l Edition of Scientific American, (j
A trreat sugcpsr. Knch lfue contnhit cilorpl
lithourupluc plates cuuntry and city rcsUleti.
oeji or public bulhUntrn. Numemus eritravinu''
and full plan and MHTiflmtkmf lor tho u ol
fuoh asctinttunplHto Im tilling-. l'rii'P y.iju n yoiu-,
26 eta. a copy. A1UXN & CO., TLJU-ifcUUia.
a fiTSSI mfy be (,ppn r-
u'S N AJk UiK to Mi'N.N
i rlEKj ('' w,l
40 yoara' expripncp ami have uume vv
inu,mu nppiK'tttiorm Mr Anicrtrun mm i-ur-piuii
patents, spnd fur Handbook. Coitub-
pundeuce strictly confident ial.
In cne ynnr mark if not reui' prwl in t h I'nt
ent Otltce, apply to Mt N.v V t o., and procure
iuiniL'diate pioiectioD. ud tor Uandbook.
COPYUinilTH for hooks, charts, maps,
ate., quickly procured. AUUreMS
fllL'NX ifc CO. Patent Solicltoia.
General Ori KK: SMI Kkoauwav, X. v
Ll received the Assenhmeut-Rol) aud orifiiiml
Hats of property for the yar A. I), 1H-1), from
the AnstHHt r of Lincoln County. Nevada., aud
the Pfinie In iu my oitlco for public in-p.ctiofi.
The iSoHi'd of Kquilizition will tnec.t. at tbf ir
otlice ou !IOUA, 8vpteuihtr ltith.' A. It.
at 10 o'elork a M. for the tiurpoHL' of
p(Iu:ilUin wiid roll, aud will continup in hi-a-Hlou
from day to day until aud lucltidiiiK the
7tlt day o'Octobor, A. 1 18-9 and ail pf i'-n.m.
hivlu objection tomalitfto nitid hhm'smiui'Iiih
mtiHt prt'M Ot 1 lit bs!iu to rtaU tiuuid uhcuiu
I?'.'HHJ011 .
Coutitv Cl-?rli and Kx Offlirlo L'l.rk ol ih U.tanl
of Couuty Coniiuibhtoiar.
To Whom it ItU)1 runrirn.
All piTRors are liertliy notitirtl in.t to !t.u-r
f ii with nr ri'iuove any f tim jno-.riv tttr
mr)y rcli.poKtHK the 1'ioi lic at, il Bull l. llie
All purl!c dlwcgnrdiui; this ni.tn-e Mlbc
profttt'Utru to th lull rtteut ot the luw. 't'hnw
Kixhliito purchase, ru obla.u tciim I rum
tlu uucitrriucil ,
Auk. 17, 119. by M. t. T.ee. Agfut.
Notice to CroditoTU.
Kalalc of H. H. l,lll, LiKiiniri!,'
(lor.lKnf il, Kxecumr uf tl IMMu of K.
H. OlRpp, (icotaifil , to the iTtKlitcra of and alt
porxon having ulMniHaKulust the mil I d(0fnr1
to exhibit tbfrin with th neoa-arv vom-bfirH
wlthlu fonr moiitha after flrM rtibllciliiui of
tlim notice, to the Raid J. PoL'JADK, at I'linhe,
iu the county of l.lncolu.
UaU-d May 30,
Kteciilor of Emate of It. 8. Claip, dwoimtM.
rt.'uit io I'l'iita pitiiiHf.. iin-l jL-ill
ontll fo.t lr a mywl vnliiuhh
Hiriip!, ti.it of K'.idM thu Kilt .ut
you In ilui w.iy of mahliiK uiore
liioi fv alAtticc tliuu riuytbiuK iu Anicrlra.
liolh wx.m i.t ll axt'M fn live at houio and
worh lu npar Ihun, or all tho time. Capital
not rtjiitril. We win Mturt you. Immense
pav arM for ttioa who Htiirl al oorw H'llNaitN
ft (Mi. P'irriHIiO. MeWi
illll 1 1 II II rlt'iid ua,U'cutKpoiitsi;o,anit
ULUUlUUU by mall you wil 1 Ret h.ik j
'. pao iae of Rood of larne
value, that will Htai t you in worn that will al
oni' brum jui) lninoniy fuHtcrlhau an.unlrn
e In .nieijoa. All about the Hni,wa la
preaeute witli" eai-h boa . AitentH tnu:U-il evry.
Mrhoro, of TUner w, of. all ai-'ea. for all the
tliiui. in apae.' Uiw.)y. io wora tor uat their
own honiea. r'ortniiea lor ail .t.rai-r alu-o
lutely aaaure' Uuij't .i..ij . UaU-tiit d
Co., Fortlal , -.air. ' , '
(F-w ;r ia
7 in.
iugiwe-'pUueU. jiuci.ui olcciv ....
No. 1, Farmer's Ba'e
No. if.Household Hafe
No. K Dnuli.,. un.i tllU.-n Hutc.
f4? ?-A- -V fc V 4 &
j rvr ir.f;f 'Tv'ti jVi t
arid Note boxi h. ut very low price, 1'itICKS
yet.we s.-ll at pi ices fnl y CO to art tier cent luwer
are in use in every state and territory- Wu will
-1 .iia'i'ii-.'u":. rtiai,
w.- uu-..u mj'i iu. i, ueui'-at liatiJUCHB OUI0
Wo also manufaciure a foil line of Tkov 'I'mastjhv llnvt. aim riur.D.mnD
V ... "' 'V"1""" :iiirepouaeu wiiu u0 Cau ravuyou uiooev.
You will (lnd us enio.iy reliable mid iespciisilile. "..
am sale owners cf patents i sals miMim cf tho Victor Safes.
We camion persons aHln't mnkinp, buylnic, sellinnnr uslisafes Infrlnglntr on our patents Par
lies claiiiun to make asneeiaitv of Ihia hriiuch of Ihe miI'h i,i.lnosi.1.i( siii..o- .. h .'i..
size; are IniatHtors ol our business hiiiI are PKAL
us or our Kneral aKenis. A li.t of the patents
...... . ...... nuv.:i... y.urin unnii. K niviiu Ilierciiailt HUUOUiera tOWriietO UsatOliee
when ibis advertisement appears, aiatlnt tbe name of the paper in which they lindit and wo wlil
make them a special proposition on a.aie.
IS & 17 K.
Ill 0. IS N.
So. 873.
Application f ov n I ,1 Unit
Kuri-ka, Nevada, Jieeember 1HH7.
X SouthweBti rn Miitinjr Oompauy , throufih j
their aitiirnry iu l iet, v. H. Mills, whose pott, '
olUee a.lilxesa iu El licrado Canyon, I.iueoln i
county, Nevada, has thianay tiled his apple
ration f.ir a patent for ttfteeu hundre t llueir
feet ot the Moa.ianiine or vein, bearinj; salt, i
with eurtace niind six hunU'ed fiie'.Iu width,
Bitnilted lit Ht, Tboiuiia Itinhi'; Ij'tstrtrt, (J.juii- j
ty of Lincoln ami titate of Nevada and denl. ,
tinted by the tiel.1 notea and olticial plat on tile j
In this otlice as lot No. :t7. in township is soiitlt, I
ranfe tirt i ast of M.iunt Diablo Meridian, aiid !
lut No. M7 biiiif; aa follows:
llelnnlit! at a post marked No. 1, U. K nor- (
vey No. 37, from which the minth section corner
to aectious 31 aud :n. township lb suulh, raii;e !
tii east, bears south 4rt! tlei east, 7a 4 feet, j
thetice. runntiiiiK. tirst course; north 18 '4 den '
east, fioo feet to post niarked No. U, U rt.Hur- !
vey No. 97; thi-nce secoua cou.'He; south 714 i
east to Intersect section linebeieeuaettio!8 ill '
atid ol towosliip IS south, r.'HHie US east, 1
Mount Diabls Meridian, lf.ll fiettrom the south
section corner ol said sections 31 and 32; 1.100 ;
leet to po-t marked Ho. 3, U. S. survey No. 37; i
thent-e third eeuri-e ; eonth 1S2 deu'w tt, I'ltl) i
feet to pai-.t mirlted No. 4, V. a. surey No. 37; 1
thence fourth course; north 70 org west,
'.i-10 feet to intersect becilnn line between I
sectiona 31 and 31, notth -ji8 3-10 !
feet, from tha south section corner to!
said sections 31 aud 3.'; l.'Ou feet to post murltrd i
No. 1, the place of hegiuniug, containing !
2U (16-10(1 acres. Maijnetic vuiiatiouB 111 dtHicea !
east. )
The location of this mine Is recorded In the I
Recorder's clbce ofst. Thomas Mining liistrii t
on page 111) of District heconis. file adjoining
clatntants ate unknown. i
Any and all persons claimim; adversely!
any portion ol said ".tloapa" mine or
surface ground are required to Hie their adverse
claims with the Rexister of tho United, State
Laud Oillre at Eureka, In the Hlateof Kevau:t,
duriuii the sixiy diiys period of publication
h.Tt-of or they will bs burred by virtue of the
1). U. llAIX.KeBister.
It Is hereby or lereil that the forejoinn Sutlr
ol Application for Patent bo published for f h
period of ten consecutive weeks In tho Piofh
Kkcoiid a weekly newspiper published a
Plochfl, Lincolu County, Nevada.
jan7-10t I). 11. HAM,, ItOitister
1-JY VIIU'CK ()? AS' OHDKlt HI' HA Lit IS-
sued out of the Justice Court, Pioche
lowiisnip, in and lor tho County of Lincoln, j
ftaie o( Nevada, and to nie directed and deliv- i
uerediii :
said Court, on me 2nd day of July A.U 16SN,
In 'favor of John lloeder hint against n T.
Wells aud tho Mttijwer Mine and Mining
Claim tor the sum ol two hundred and th rty
nine 43-iou dollars, i$ji9 43 loui debt end lien
together with twenty seven S5.HIU itJ7.2.5.10U
dolbri, In cost, and all scenting cost, and
interest, I havo levied ou the following prop,
Tho Slnjuower Mine and Mining Claim situ.
te in the hnatol Mining Dtair ct, iu aaU
County ol Lincoln and hi ate of Nevada.
Nonos la bnrahy given that on 'l ueartnv, the
Jutli day o( November. A. 1. 188, 1 will sell
allot aald Mine and Miulntf Claim and tbe
above described property, at the Court ttousu
d ior in Pioche in said County, at 1-1 o.clock
M. of aald day, at Public Auction, lor Cash in
hand to the highest ana beat bidder, to aatlsly
aid order of aale and all oos'a
0;-2td; . I). TURNER, Sheriff.
Notico of Forfeiture.
fi0J. o. Mccormick and p. h.-wakd,
.1 llielr grantees, assigns, heirs, executnra or
administrators, and all parties chiming un ter,
fr in, y or th rough l hem, or either of them.
Yon sre bfrohy untitled that tha nndetalaned,
ci owners wlih von In the micliifi claim luown
as tho "JITNOl'lOS" mine, altualeil and re.
ciml-d In Jack Kthhit Mining Distiic,, Counfy
ef I.tlicoln, State of Nevada, has performed tlie
work and made tlie expeu.Htures un the sai l
mining clilm nqnire;! by Section 'J314 of the
hevlsed StaniteH of the United HiaUs. to hold
the aanio for the yars IssD, Itmi, lt81, lWiU,
lss7 and 18S8, auj that the atumnia due from
you, your grantees, assigns or a lininlatralors,
etc.. on account of aucti piaditurcs on saU
mining claim are as follows, to w It;
J, li. McCortnlck. 6 e-12sl to mCt.
Hi !.3 nr year, f 'i 0.
P. H. Wand, C ytur-Iet3 to Hiss a SH
per year, tint).
And If within ninety days after the pnhllra.
tjou of ibis notic, you tall or lelu.e to con
tiibute your said proportion of suck expendi
tures as 0'i.owuors. your Interest In raid claim
will beat me Ibo property ot tuc ub:iiber uu.
tier said section H34,
Pioche, Nevada, May 4. lut
iirglars! . Thieves f
J 'J X- T1 ."1 r"TM! IS n, m i
J ."W ...4, fc .i? e ,
u IV
If ouseliold and Office
l.KOl lo lllipi.lv , Ill..,l lit.lU,,
i. ..ft ': Mfti.u Morek'.pern, l'n-o
Ji a. i I lliuiinad .'VMeiilM, Township
-; i Tii...im.i, reined liusmii-nh M.mi
f-i' li 10 st cih lil f-lnoi.i', IjiiIk!,u
mimi si.iV, .if):ipt,.,l in c-M I Mll'it V
'u liie.r n'o.n!i,-iieiii. I'he Vn roif
liin l-'.ti fii-'t
ui ( 'ininf V ui
nl t'.imitK".
I ''ijl'-l''.
t .n..i ... .
. uiM-i-.usn III neiy lpecl, U'Urrallteri li re-p, ,,r
o. imii .(rin-n-U .1. ihf-uii.Hl improvuil liiiiniier. M
-w u.u ;.., o ti'it Hlir; every s ile our new iioo-t lci. H-
ie i-iMiiliiiiiiiioo lurk, and losiil boll-work It has
o-i oiniu i'orlM'r.N. i-r leilor Ijealit. tin v finUl.u .... .
ii niimi'tited by band wiilt a. I hurnishiil . ,
io) treasuries, boon-spaces anu plijeon-holus.
No. , Postal Service & office Hale Hnnha
"w- "(Wii'iij witiciat a trara 1'tMilti
Ho. b, Oeucral Uaiiiiicus Halo i,iih.
We tnoiiopullae our nruucii of th'ea'ife hn.i,,...
than other tliu in 1 1..,,. ..r i '
send free to any address llluirted catalogue of
l.-?iiiuimiiiii aim reierence aneeiB. Don't uo-
D. liny none but Hie X'inn. kuin. i.i....
owned by us: December a9, '85; June 7, 'o"; Oe-
Tha Victor Safe & Lock Company,
S'tifc, 1.(J3 ior Year,
ou ,
Price, 80.00 per Year.
A3 rnBUiuus fou
C138 .O
is a liuutlsomo clBht-pago paper. It h 1
stied every Thursday, and coutatna ull cf
Mio Iniportuiit news of tho wecli, glcuneil
(roiu every quarter of tho globe, complete)
T.; to date of publication. It contains In
tercstlus special corresjKmdeneo from nil ot
the principal cities of the world aud a vait
uuiouutof tho best seloctcd aud origlnnl
1,'ciicral literature. It lurulshca tho liitett
aud most roliuble fiuaueial ucwa aud mai
l;ct quotations, and gives special attention
to horticultural and agricultural news, tnj
Is lu every respect a first-class family paper,
appealing to tho interest of every member
of the household.
Ii o live metropolitan dully. It has tho
liAIWIEST CIRCULATION aud larecognLted
aa being tho LEAP! NO NEWSi'APEItof tho
Pacific Coast. Either of the abovo paper!
we will send istpaid as a premium on re
ceipt of the folIov.'iuR subscription prlcvt
lor tlio combination: "
RECDR3 and Weekly Call, 0 Tiai, $5,
RECOaO and Dam Cau, Cue Yiar, 38.
1 1 . . jr. ,
1-tivi,i -- IU. H i'a.xeiit
United States Land Otlice,
Eureka, Nevada, December, 24 1HX7
11 beuthwoatern Mining Company throtigb
their atioruey in faot, W. S. Mills, whoae poft
olhce addro.s la fcl Dorado Canyon, Lincoln
county, Nova ia, has this day filed his applies,
ti m for a patent for aiteen hundred linear feat
of the 'South Division Mormon" mine or vein
boating salt, with surtane ground su hundred
lectin width, situated in Si. Th uuas Miuing
District, county of Lincoln and State of Nevada
aud designated by thefl.ld notes and official
platoa lile in this oliioe as lot number in
township 17 south r"ge 60 east of Mount
Diablo Meridian, said lot No. 37 beiug as fol-lows-:
liefinnlng at a post, marked No. 1, U. g sur
vey No 87. from wnich tt e section corner to
sections 31 and 35, townabip 17 south, range (is
east, bears south 74 It deg cast, 141)5 feet; thence
running nrat course north; lib deg west, Doo leet
to post uiari-ei No. 11, U. 8. Survey No 7
thence second couise north, 6 deartes west
UOOfeet to a postmarked No, 8, U, 8. survey
No. 37-.tliei.ee third course; south 80 degrees
east, 600 feet to post marked No 4, U. 8 survy
No. 87;thei oa fourth coarse south; 5 deg east
lSOOfeet to post No. I. the place of beginning
Magnetlo variation 18 deg east, coutalniug
IK. 73 acrca.
Tbe location of this mine is recorded in the
Hecorder'at lllceof Ht. Thomas Mining Mstrict
n book A, )g 3S ot Miutni? ltecords. Thu ad
Joining clminanta are unknown.
Any aim ail persons claiming adversely any
portion of aald South Division Mormon mine or
surface ground are required to die their adverse
claims with the Heidoter the of Uuiled Males
Land dflicn at Knreka, lu tbe State of Nevada
during tlie sixty days period of publication
hereof, or they will be barred by virtun of the
provisions of the Matntn.
D. II, HALL, Register.
It la hereby ordered that Iho-tor'golng notice
of application be published lor the period or
sixty days, (ten consecutive week), lu the
1 loo e Hicom., a weekly newspaper publi8be.il
at Pioche, Liueolo Ooonly, Kevada.
, Jan7 1ut ; , . .AJ.II.HALL.Rogiator
at tike OlUo.
ApTtlication for a Patent
No. 6fl.
MitilV .,! r T i...ri'.,.i -.i
1 ..........O... -.l.t.,.,' i- t..iii it.. .. . ..
;"w,uln b...... ,b luiiion. uie, jmcotu
. '.'iinlj, Nevada, baa tola day llled their sppllca
:..'; lor n patent for lit teen hundred linear feet
' ""' -uimnoiia mine or vein bearing eilver,
wm, -urtarnpntmuliux Ltiudnsi feet in width.
ni-.iT. ii iu t gblaiid Miuing District, County of
i .n ami hlate of Nxveila. and deaignuted by
" : i i I i.cieu and i metal plat on tile iu this
o.t No. 37, iocMeu ou nusurveyed landa.
1 i .. -M, nor houtidariea of eald lot No. 37 oeuig
-.' v. a, to w u ;
: !: iniugat a post marked No. 1, V 9 survey
1 "'" "eiice the Jleudha brick smokestack,
' ' ' ' 11 s nii'ieral tt onnuient No. 1, bears S
"J i. it K Mii feet. Tbia amokestack Is about
. !-. t.iiiK'h and S feet square at the base. The
"""' s'-i it in Ibis clatut bears N 82 deg VY 802
t- l i e notice n.oniiujent stands t feet north
0 ii- i inter ot the i-batt, tin nee running, 1st
ta-iiiae, a 77 dog W 1600 fttet.'to a post marked
No. O S survey No. 37: thence, id course, N
l.i .nx w t;on n-ei. to a post u.nrkek No. b, C
m'.im v No, 37; thence, 3d cour e, N 77 deg g
i ae ii-. i, to post marked No. 4, U S survey No
.1., ami th.i,ce,4ih cowan, 8 13 dog E ouO leet. to
poht No i.the place of beginning; coutalniug
JO 68 lna acn a. Puals Nos. I and 4 atand in the
original location monuments. p08ta nob. j alld
3 stand about 4U feet easterlv of the original lo
cation inaiiumeutH. Magnetic varlatiou, 18 de
grees eiat.
Tbe location of this mine is recorded in the
Recorder'Borr.eeot Lincoln county, Nevada in
bock ot mining notices This claim is
bounded ou the east and weBt by extensions ol
thisloue names unknown auu on the north
and south by no known claluia. Any aud ail
persons claiming adversely any portion ot said
Magnolia mine or aurface ground aie requirtd
to llie their adverae claims with tbe Itegi-ter ol
the Uuiled States Laud oiBce at turea iu the
State of Nevada, duiliig the sixty daj a period ol
publication hereoi.or they will bo barred by
virtue of the provisions of the aiamte.
, ; -U- HINCKLEY, Uegister.
Application for a Patent
No. 878.
Untied stati-sT-and Orricit,
Kureka. Nevada, December 24, 1887,
11 IJuiielll, wboe postiilhce adoreas is hio.
vilia. Lincoin county, Nevada, has this day.flleu,
ii application lor a patent lor one
thousand linear feet of the "Virgin Onem'
mine or vein, be.riiig .alt, witn smlace ground
su hundred leet in width, situated in St
1 nomas atlniug District, County ol Lincoln and
State of Nevada aud unsigned by the Held
notes and official plat ou cle lu tbisothctfas
lot number 38 A, In lownehlp atiaouth, lange 68
east ot Mount Diablo Mtriuiau, said lut No 38
A being as follows: ;
Beginning at a post marked No 1, IT. s. sur-
vev Kn aw A .. .. . ... . iL .. '
r i " " 1 '""uiuft tuence urat course
north 8 deg , ast. ItiiKI feet to post mai ked No. 2
b.S. survey NO 38 A; thence socoud course
south t2 deg east, 346 feel Intersect teotiou
line to section 4, towuahlp an south, range 8ei
east north IHVJ 7-10 leet. ironi center oi aald
section, 800 feet to post marked No. 3, U. 8. sur
vyNo.8K t.; thence thiid eourse i-otitb, 8 deg
west, 10(10 feet to post marked No. 4, I). 8 sur
vey No. 38 a; thence fourth course north 82 deg
west 4.2S feet intersict Vi section line oi section
4. townsllln Oil smith r.,,a i:u . l.
Ml il-io feel from center ot said section, ik 0 feet
to post No. l.U. M anrw.v Mr. nj a ii ,.i
of beginning Magnetic variation 18 deg east.
containing 13.77 acres
i ae location of this mine is recorded hi the
Record pr's I nn rn nf wt 'rh-... mi...- .. .
- . v. .... . uuuim IlllUlUg UlSiriCI
iu Dook ot Mining Kecords. lhe adjoining
clalnianisare unknown.
Any and all persons claiming adversely any
portion of said Virgin Queen mine or surlaco
ground are required to fue their adverse claims
with the Uegister of the, United i-tatea Land
(imcn at Knrt-li. Niv.ili ' .. th. .in... ,.
" ' -- " ..-.mo m .e.aua
dunlin tlie sixty days period of publlcali m
i.muui, u. iney win oe oarrou-Dy vtrtoo of the
provistouHol'the Statute.
- D. H. HALL,' Register.
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice
- -I ,.. -w. oiv-u. uv puuiisuca ior tne
lieriOU Of RiYtvrlMtili !,. i.r...... . ...
- - - wunvuiiti: weensj , 111
the PitKihe Heookd, a weekly uewspuper pub.
....... .. n. iiuwio, i.iucoi-1 ccimty, Nevada.
Jan7-10t D. U. HALL, htglsler.-
Application for a Patent
No. 875.
Unixed States Laso Ofuk.
.Hfoka, Nevada. December 24, 18S.7.
i.1 Suuthweatern 1Vlilnn .i L
their attorn.. ir, ,:,7 w 3 uruuvu
--; u. miiin, wuose post
olm-o address is El Dorado Canvnn. T.ir,..,.ir.
county, Nevada, has this day fllo.l bis applies,
lion for a patent for six hundred and twentv.
S( Veil lini.nr t..at f ..... ..'e. ...I .i . . ,J
. luuuui mine or vein,
hearing salt, with surface ground tlx hundred
1.7 . "t'uaioa in ot. Thomas Mining
District. L'oni.tv i.r l i. .., ,i ui.. . . . . '
ami deslguaied bv the field ,..oD. ..a m..i.. .
plat on file in this cfHce as I d number 3s In
mT,"1''?! 1,,B0ulb',ran,?6 68 etot Mount
Diablo Mer it mi u..t.l ... v.. uu .
lWH. " ra uriiiB asioi-
tleelnnlna ,t n nn.1 . , t r n
" r - rur,fc uiih i.o. t, u. n. sur.
Vey NO. S8 I henna en. a.u. . "S
. - -"'"I, .n. l-llllinu a;
7, B uuu ,0 Post marked No
n .efi rl ' . ' mnee Bed. ud course
north; 4G) ucgrees we.t, 627 feet to a post
marked No. 3. C 8. survey No. 38, from which
townsloi, 1- ..T...K ..." '",o"1"'"uf 01 ,Ila
win noil in Hirtlnn rmn i .i i... u
'jit . """"' '"K" '", oears south
n7rth. jj.T J i ' """i""'! mence third course
7 A " M-r,i w' teei to post marke J No
.'.,7.1?'.,. u y "-38: 'hence fonrth courue
"i s -, ni leet to pose No 1 the
place ot bt ginning. Maghetlo variation 16 den
ea-t eoTilin.,1. u m at.tiui e
ine location of ihia mine is reoorded in the
i k L . r " OI" '"onas nniu Listr ot.
, n v.u,aul. Bitj UUIUUWUi
noUlona!f ar.1Ui'!amai "Iverselyany
, , ujiiio ur auriace ground.
imraillt rnS tn SI. n.-i- . j .. f . . '
j . .' l;" nn.ciBo uiaiins witn the
V ' ot nevaaa, daring the slxtv
days period of publication hereof, or th.. Liu
bo barred by virtue of the provisions of the
D. H. BALL, Register
Tt i llATHllO nitrlauJ V. A Jl . ...
,7 :' J v"jDir" iue lorcco nrz notice
.LfJi0""0? 'P'nt be published un com
- "--. mo x-iuoue nacoBD, a weekli
newMllannr nnh .1.. ni..,. ' . IJ
i j-iocue. nevaaa.
jau7-10t D. H. HALL, Uegister,
Yon are hereby notified that 1 have expends d
one hundred dollars ttw) or more iu
t.,d.1.'."l',0Vl'm"," "l'0" lu "My Citby
n i.w 0 ,U mim,r"'1 olla (?loo) or more
in-, i..t . jciiuw i inp Mining
Dlsirl t, Lincoln county: Nevada. Said work
u8 1,1 ortler to hold said claims under the
pruv . Ions of section 2314 Kevls.d 8.tutesof
81, .HH.;.nd ItVbhTn nrnHyU aya ffiZ
i"rh. iT pub"catlvn oi" refus. tl
trbute your proportion of ,ucb. eineuditure s a
co- .n ur.your interett in said claim will be!
TXomTT' f 'ub5c"1r """Bald
t kl . ' , ' , MARTIN MORREBY.
V.n"'8?lH",.y0n,1-ln00ln toi"xt'' MlVd.
Blank Locatleur
t TTfaU OOUo.
Netteee ft, mm
An Art to Compel Children I
School .
Approved February 23, 1873 7
Shc. 1. Every parent, gu;
otLer person in the State .f xeVHj
having control and charge of a child o'i
children Wtween the gc9 of eight anJ
fourteen yearn, shall be required to gj
Mich child or children to a public seWl
for a period of tit leant sixteen weekia
each school year, at least eight weeks of
which nhall be conseeiuive, Unlea, SCcL
child or eliildieu re excused from
such attendnnce by the Board of School
Trustees of the school district in which
such parents or Riiardiuns reside, upon
its being: shown to their sutislaclioti that
the bodily or mental condition of aUc.u
child or children has been such to
prevent his, her, or their attendabce at
school, or application, to study, for the
period required, or that such child ot
children are taught in' a private acheol
or.at home, iu such branches as are an!
nally taught in a primary school, or have
already acquired the ordinary branches
of learning taught iu the 'public; 8ch00i.
provided, in ease a publio school shall
not be taught for the period- of sixteen
weeks, or any part ' thereof, during do
yeaiy within two mile', by the ncartst
traveled road, of the residence ofiaj
person within the school district, he or
she shall not be liable to lhe provisions
of this Act.
Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the
Board of School Tru-tees of each school
district in this State, oh or before the
hist Monday in September in each Vee
to furnish the principal of each public
school taught in such district with a list
of all children, resident .in the school
district, between, the ages of eight-and
fourteen, years;: said lisU to be takeu
from the report of the. School Census
Marshal., At. the beoinninr. nf 'enk
school month thereafter it shall be the
duty of the principal of ea.'h school in
such district to report to the Bourtl of
School Trustees of such district the
names of all children ' attending school
during tho previous school month; when,
if it shall appear, at the expiration 'of
four school months, to the Board o(
School Trustees, that any parent, guard
ian, or other person having charge or
control of any child or children, shall
have failed to comply with the provis
ions of this Act, the board shall cause f
deniund to be made upon suoh parent, '
guardian, or. other person for . the
amount of penalty hereafter provided
when, if such parent, guardian, or.olher
person shall neglect or refuse to pay the
same within five days after the lnahing
of said demand, the bonrd . shall com
mence proceedings in the name of the
school district for the recovery of .the
lino hereinafter . provided, , before any
Justice of the Peace, iu the- town
ship in which said school- dis
trict is located; or. if there shall be no
Justice of the Peace therein, then before
the nearest Justice of the Pence in the
Seci 3. Any parent, cuardiuu or
other person huving control or charge of
any child or children, failing to comply
with the provisions of this Act, shull be
liablo to a fine of not less than fifty dol
lars nor more than one hundred dollars
for the first offense, nor les than one
hundred dollars nor more than two hun
dred dollars for the seoond and each sub
sequent offense, besides the costs of col
lection. Sec. 4. Whenever it shall appear.to the
.satisfaction of the Board of School Trus
tees of any school district iu ibis state!
that the parents, guardians, or other
person baying control or charge of any ,
child or children in attendance upon the
publio Bchool of suid district, in accord-
uueo wim me provisions ot this Act, are
unable to ' procure suitable books, sta
tionery,, etc, for such child or children,
it shull be the duty of such board to pro
cure, or cause to be procured, for such
child or children, all necessary books,
stationary, etc., the same to.be paid for
out of the fund of said school district,
in the same' way that other claim
against the school district are now al
lowed and paid; provided, that, all books,
stationery,, etc., purchased under. the
provisions of this Act, shall be deemed
to be the property of the school district,
to be under the care and .control of tbe
School Trustees when not iu actual use.
SEn. fi.' All firms nnllAntiail nnrl.e the
rirnvlalnna nf fMa Inl 1.. n.t intn
I ...... v. . . V. b DUHI. WW . ' '
the county treasury on account of the
Rl. (t 1 Tf l.li UA
V Oil U I UU IJUU UU1 J Ul iuv
County SupHiintendent of Publio Schools
in euch county in this state to cause this
law trt ha rttYMuaA In aima tiantananpl'
in his county, if any there be, fonr con
.. ..... . , t . - . j
oceuuve umes, annually, ior apenoui"
turn ..lot.- i .. nr ,..,i. ..i,i;,..,
"w jcni"l ixiq rAjjeuae Ml Diuia jjuui.n
tiontobe allowed and paid .put, of the
peneral' schoOl fiind'of the county.' Tho
Board of School Trustees in each school
..1. II - 1.. . ,1 .nntl.
...sijtuii buuu. utiuBO lit w puniiru euyu
nllV .'frtr a VturinA nf 'twin vnnn. in three
public places ill' their "district, notices o'f
U -...-..t . i 1 - lit f.-l.iu
iu ieiuMAUei Must penatiace w

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