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How a notion I'Bler 1'nmlliua runlstie.l
11 iH Nought)" llujr.
I am writing the scrappy rt of letter
which is partiiui'urly oiimi.viiiuH totho soul
of the editor, ami, tliiM i f. re, t;ii;e, occasion
to tuck in a Htovv with n iiiursil wliii.-h.
writes Arlo li:i i s in out; of his llostuii lot.
ters, wus lulil tiic ol m r day iu a i.iwuMsiuii
on the training of i-bildrcu. A gt iitlemau
who is rcpirdf.'il as somewhat, ret nitric by 1
the more convctillonul of iiiit !i(?:)uiniui.ce,
and whoso niuiiaijen'ont of hi xuiuil son,
lad ot sonio seven j'ca:, i os) olall.v amas
inir to tin; goeaip, rei'.iiMsl Utto the other
eveuliiu toheiuet with tho iicvvs that the
boy had our, a nolo in tho dnnving room
"Well, my son," the foliu-r suid, after be
ing in fovnn'.l by l!io Jad that lio had done
Iheduiiiugo under t ho prosHuro of an irre
sistible oin such as Is usually the plea
of children iu similar ciieunistaiices. "I
ain very sorry Unit you f-hould spoil my
sofa 1 li' vo just paid 75 to huve it recov
ered, and 1 can not afford to have that dono
over again. The only thins 1 -'"" sce 1 fo'"
you to sit on t hat cut plaeo when anybody
is hero so as to cover it. I know you don't
like company .very well, but I know your
mother would bo ashamed to have callers
see that hole."
The small boy knew his father too well
to protest, and indeed for the moment ho
was prohnb'y only too happy to got off so
easily. When, however, ho hud been .sum
moned to sit on that cut two or three times
things woro a different uspect. He licurd
the door-bell ring with apprehension, and
when ho wus called for to run to the draw
ing-roum he burst into wailing and weep
ing so violont that his presenoo had to be
dispensed with.
"Now, my son," his father said to him.
"I did not make any fuss when you cut my
new sofa covering, and I can't allow you to
make a fuss about bearing the conse
quences of what you did to please yourself."
The poor little wretch was reduced to a
condition of despuir pitiful to behold, when
his father said to him :
. "Now, Willis, I am going to make a piop
osition to you. You may do just as you
please about It. I promised you a soldier's
uniform at Christmas; now, if you had
rather I took that money and had the sofa
mended, I would put enough in it to get the
thing done. But if I do you will get uo uni
form at Christmas."
The lad choso to have the sofa mended,
and at Christmas he bore his disappoint
ment like his father's son. lie did have, it
is only fair to his father to add, a good deal
in tho way of alleviations of one sort and
Mourning In Former Days.
t Mourning was formerly far more rigor
ously observed than in our timo. "Not only
did the widow wear mourning garments, but
he was also obliged to remain in abed
draped with black, in a chamber bung with
black, to receive her visitors. Mourning
was carried so far that Kings changed their
table . service, using knives with
ebony instead of ivory handles."
A - fifteenth-century writer says, in
an old volume entitled "Uonneurs de
la Cour:" "1 have heard it said that the
Queen of France must remain an entire
year without leaving her chamber after the
death of the King, hor husband." In the
eighteenth century gray cloth obtained con
siderable acceptance as a mark of mourn-
AVImt tlia Widow Had.
A New England .Sunday-shool teacher had
for a lesson the stnrv of the Pronhot, P.liiuh
and the widow whose whole supply of food,
when the man of God asked for refresh
ment, was "not a cake, but a handful ol
meal in a barrel and a little oil in
When tho teacher asked her class how much
. U M 1
wu tuo wiuotv naa, me answer came
quickly from one littlo fellow: "She had
just enough meal to make a cake and oil
enough to start a fire."
Piano DttPAHrMENT Distributing ortto
$3 Market 8t. History Bulldltig.Ban FraocUco,
01. Branchea-46 Morrison Ht. Portlaud , Or. t
M North Spring St., Los Augolta, Cal.j 18
Houth Beooud 8t Ban Joso.Ohl.i Fresno, Cal.;
907 E. Et., Tacoma, W. Ty. Loos! agencies
averywhere. Writ for card, catalogues ami
ban oars.
If Aim? ewMe, Km It
3 lUlllt lrtniit of Mr. Onrri-
Ha writeat "Wll at work In . lam, f.r
UltO month 1 1 now Imv. an awnrv
lor E. C Allan a Co'a alkiuma and nul.ll.
catlona and n.a makaaklfto day."
lafnwj n. II.UABBlaos.
Willi. Kiln., Harrlibnnr, r...
wnleat "I hava navcr knowa
anyllilnn lo wll lira your allium.
Vaatorday 1 took orurre etlouah to
y ma over Jl." W. J. Kl
more, Baniror, Hi., wrilaai "I
taka an onli-r for our aluumat
iww, o-Brj iioum 1 vult. aiy
.m pwiHungniimuomiwo
43tofor alnirla day'awork."
aT .aOth.raarari,)liiiroli.aau,.ll
havo not atMea to viva x-
Lrart. -fViim thlr !,( Vv.n,
J lkaa uokt of thll jrrano bualneia pi Ira upirratiil nronia.
Shall we start YOU in this business.
itt wntotouaand laam all about 11 forvourwlr. U'
araatartlnir many t wo will atari you If you don't dalay until
naihtr rata abrad of yoq In your part of rha conntrr. If you
Uka bold yon will ba abl.to pick up cold tail, or-tt rati
on ocronattnr a fnwrA , ...... .
? ""T C!lM,rll, AHaHMn aralo baaold to tho
Kl'i,-f,r Ho m Hoyal Crlmaon Silk Val.t
Vh"nn,"1)' acoralad lurldaa. Handaoniaat album! In Ilia
ZJK" "aa'" barraln. aar known. Afanla
wnttd. nbaral lrrma. Ul monar for aaanta, anyonaaan
ytoma a adeeaaaftil ,.nt. Salla Itaalf an all lit mil or no
talking nacaaaory.. Wlutrw ahown, mry oua wanlt to mr-
." laka tbouaanda of ordara with rapidity nanr
kjfora known. Oraal I profli. avail ayary workar. ara
anaai.i, fbrtunaa. Udlaamakaaa much at man. Vou, raadar.
aandoat wall aa any oua. rull Information and tarma rrfic.
wiSXTSSf? WS" 5" "Pt I"'lart and tarmt for our
Vlbhra, Hooka awd I'iMtdlealt. Aflar you know all,
aSatvWlyon ooh'cImU to (o no rarilMr, why no kinn la dona.
tlinm a. . AfcUUf w, awaaaca, auarav
auk a -i
i.iM,Tii-;ttiiuHK'r HiticK urn
.tiAiv NT., rionm, .r;-.
Lager Beer of excellent quality by tho keg or
bottle 1.
5 Gallon Keg
$3 50.
Bottled Beer, per dozen $2 50.
Freeh )eaat constantly on Intuit.
Physician and Surgeon.
Hun located iu
Hoc ho and w U pructUt lilt
pro tea km.
ProwDt odloe at the Nevada Hotel.
4VINH (.i.osti;) OUT lit.'.SlSKMS IN
rioehe. all liartlen ltulebted to me are
hriby rrquerite(l to call and make nattafAntory
futttleoient of their amoimtn wlthlu nitron
dayu from the flmt publlcatluu tit this notice,
aud thai ve cohIh.
I'loohe. October 0, 18K4.
One gallon, miktd with HO allona of cold
water, will dip thoroughly 1H aheep, at a cnt
of 1 cent each. Eauily applied: a unnrinher of
wool; a certain cure for BCA11. Alno,
Mixea inatautly with water. Trcveute the fly
from atriking. In a 2-pound package there ia
anfllclent to dip twenty eheep, and iu a 7-pound
package there 1 Hulliciont to dip one hundred
No. 40G California Street,
Wool Ankiwy Warehouse, Cor. fith & Towiim.
end Bts,
Is tho oldest and most popular scientific
ineclmnisal paper published and has the lurcest
circulation of any paper of its class In the world.
Fully illuxtnited. Het class of Wood Koirav
In p.. Published weekly. end for spfcimea
copv. Price $3 a year. Kour monthB trial, 1.
ULNN & 10., 1'Ubushkhh, Siii Uroadwuy, N.T.
Edition of Scientific American. O
A RTeat success. Kach lsue contains colored
lithographic plates of country and city reiden
ces or public buildinu. Numerous engravings
and full plan and spt'clflcations tor the uso or
suchus contemplate hulldtntr, Price ;i0ft year,
'iit ctt. a copy. All'NN A CO PtULibUEUS.
may be seenr-
eu oy iiLipi-.
In eaaa your mark Is not registered In the Pat
nt Offlca, apply to Ml'NN Co., and piotiua
tinmedlaw protootlou. beud for Uandbook.
COPYRIGHTS for bonks cnarta, inapt,
Ko-. qulokly procured. Addresa
MCSN Ac CO., Patent Sollcltora.
To Whom It Maty Concern.
AH pemona are hereby notlAed uot to Inter
(ere with or remove any of the prooerty for.
merly eouipoaing lua I'loche aud linlltoi.vllle
All partlea dlarrKardloe: tfila notire m U:
proHHi-utnl tu the dill iiiteot of the luw. Tii'e
wlMhiuu to f'lin-lmH', eau obtain Mm fr u
the nudermlied.
M .
,UI!. 17 1i.
I, Hi. Alteut.
li'otica lo Creditors.
riMI f i', . II, IPH, l err ai!.
Of 10. I Ur.K-UV iVt:s ty THE I!
I'f 1: 'il. rieil r "f tLe tHtate of
h, I'Iimi: , ute.ani, to tlie ereMtur of a nl
pi.r-oe eavii,K i'liuiaaiiilnat tneail I deeet
toe"i'Mt lljiui with ihe tieera-arr voiieli
witinu fnnr iniutliK alter fl'xt ruMioii"i
tills liu'lee, to t'j.ni,l 1. f t IADK. at Vi
In lUe.iojnly of llmolu.
fitted JU jii, l8.l.
tiacutoi of taiata et .
lift Haj l.J .Pa, nig to
av-a wt aa a rj ll m j Co.. who
I i"'1 am M aMafa ia W UaTe had over
II 40 rara' rxperleneu and hae made over
II JU0.00O applletiliont for American and For.
aa elan patents. Pend for HuiiUbook. cnea
pundwux atrtctlr conhdeutiaJ.
Fire! tai
tlietklr-plUieU. Itllcliui Uicvij
ht.u . .. fsiib
2601b i
No. 1, Farmer' St'e
No. 'i.Uoaaehold Bate
No. 3, Dealers and Olllce Bate,
We alno nianufacture a full line of Ikon Tk"asuby BoxEa. alro FiKK-I'HOfir Hiind
and Notk Boxhs, at ery lnw prices. PKIUKB
yet we ki-ll al prices fully 60 to SI) per cent, lower than other comu ies. I houaumlu ofouraafea
are In nse In every atnte and territory We will send free to any address llluslrntcil caiuloKiie of
nafivi. Im-ks, and our full lineol' maiinfrtctnre. Also teniimnnial and reference Hheertt. Don't un
der HiiyctrcuinMlttiices huy stifcs until you have corresponded witll in. e can aveyou money.
ou will Und UH euumy reliunlo and resiietinioit..
We are sole owners cf patents and
We caution persons atfftint makintr, bu ln, sHl'iff or nstnff unfa InfrlnKlne on our putonts Par
t(nsclaimliiK to make aspwiaity of this bniiu h u( the ufe biiHinesH ami n.'j.inir a linn tf similur
sliei are imatators of our business nl arn FKA
uh or our genera) agenta. A list of tbe patents ownen by us: December -i9. 'S j; June 7, '87; Oc
tober 2, HH, and Severn, others pending. We invite merchants and others to write to us at once
when this advertisement appears, statim? the imme of the paper in which they timi it and we will
Diake them a special proposition ou a aate.
3, 15 & 17 E.
14, KWW IS N.
So. 873. I
Application for u Patent j
ITNiTno Htatks Lanu OFvirK,
Eun ka, Nevada, December 24, 1R87. J
Houttiwetttero Mining Oompany , through i
their attorney iu fact, W. 8. Mills, whone pont,
otUce adrireas is El Dorado Canyou, Lioooln j
county, Nevada, has 1 bin day hied hit, applU
cation f ir a patent for tifteen hundred linear ;
feet of the Moaa mine or vein, bearing salt, '
with Hurface urunud nix hundred feet in width, '
Hltuated in Ht, Thomas MiniuK UiHtrict, Coitn- )
ty of Lincoln ami Hlate of Nevada aud deHiK- ,
nated by the Aeld noted and ohicial plat on bin i
in thiH office hh lot No. :i7. in townnhip 18 wjuth, t
ranKetiS eant of Mjunt Olnblo Mondlun, HaiU 1
lot No. 37 bting aa follows: j
BeKtnning at a poHt marked No. 1, U. 8 nnr- ,
vey No. a?, from which the south Hection corner '
to sections ill and Hi, towiihhlp IK aouth, ranyo
ti8 east, bears south 43! deg fant, 724 IV' t, ;
thence ruonninif, firHt course; north 1H!$ dg j
eant, GOOfef t to post marked No. 2, U H.sur- ;
vey No. 37; thence second course; south 71 ;
east to Intersect section lluebetweensections ill
and SJ, of township 18 south, range 6 east,
Mount IHabloMerhlinn, 9.1t fet-tlront the south
section corner of said sections 31 and 32; 1500 i
leet to pot marked Mo, 3, D. H. survey No. 87; i
thence third course; south 18 deK w &t, (oo ,
feet to pobt marked No, 4, U. a. survey No. 37;
thence fourth course; north 70,l4 drg west,
928 210 feet to Intersect section line between
sections 31 and 32, north 208 3-U)
feet, from the south section corner to
said sections 31 and Si; 1S00 feet to post marked
No. 1, the placet of beginning, containing
20 66-100 acres. Magnetic variatiuns 16 degrees
The lnrfctitin of this mine Is recordwl in the
Recorder's otllce of rtt. Thomas Mining District
on page 110 of District Records. The udtoining
claimants are unknown.
Any and all persons claiming adversely
any portion of said "jloapa" mine or
surface ground are required to file their adverse
claims with the Kegister of the United States
Land Office at Eureka, In the Htateof Nevada,
during the sixty days period of publication
hereof or they will be barred by virtue of the
provisions ot the statute.
D, 11. HAI.L.Eeglster.
It Is hereby ordered that the foregoing Notice
of Application for Patent he published for tho
periud of. ten consecutive weeks in the Pioche
Rbcord a weekly newspaper published at
Pioche, Lincoln County, Nevada.
janT-lOt I). H. HAIX, Beglster
Sheriff's Sale.'.
1t' VlhllK OK .KX OttOER OK KM.E 13
j sued nut f the Justice Court, Ploche
Tuwnshin, in ami for the County of Lincoln,
Ktate of Nevada, and to me directed and deliv
em.l, for a judKment and decree renurred in
sild Court, on the 2nd day of July A. D. Ibhm,
In favor of John Koedcr and against H T.
Wiiu aud the -Unjwer Mtue and Mining
Claim tor the sum ol two hundred audtb'rty-nlue43-ttHj
dollars, ($'J iy.43 lin debt and li"U
together with twenty seven 2M00 (?7.L'S-10D)
dollbri, tdx cost, and ait acnriittig cosn and
lntereit, I have levied on the following prop,
eriy.to wit:
The Mayflower Mine and Mining Claim situ,
ate in tho bristul Mining Dlsirct, in said
Comity of Lincoln and biate of Nevada.
IVotloe la hereby given that on Tuesduv, Mia
2oth day of November. A. D. 1 will sell
all of said Mine aod Mining Claim and the
aliove descrilttd property, at the Court Hnusn
dwr lu Pioche In said County, at l'i o.olock
M. of said day, at Public Auction, for Cash in.
band to the highest ana best bidder, to satisfy
Stttd order of sale and all costs
ocUtlUtZZ, K Tl'BNF.H, Rheritf.
Notice of Forfeiture.
0.1. O. MeOllRJllICK ,l V. H. WANll,
the(r arauteea. ahaiKoa heir.4, exeenlom er
ttninLtrntor., anil all parlies claiinu nii'TT,
r tit, ! tiif ryfn Hem, ir eiruT of. iiom.
X ,it aii. n- r- m - -I ' ,i M,- in. ici ni-1 .
, . a i-i'i- H i.li 1 1 ii !ll I I ixvfirl.n.bll -,'
... .. ".IIINc I N ' i HH,1 ' '
- i ,.i in J .etc l,i,li'il 1 . ii ' I j.' 1'iSi h- 1: 0:,,
1 !, iM'Min, Mil.- 1 Sev,i 1 , .I..-. (''T 'ij' I I .'i
.. r . m l M.s,- . or.i.nii :i,:. s ii
i..in.fl..iur.)i fM Iit h.i:iti '.ll'l, . M'i.
,H ,1 11 1 -.1 ll.t I'lli'-.! ) H t H. h,,-,i
.11.. .mIiih' U,f t; ,. ik 1,11, 1,-H IHml,
l-7 f il IM" Hil l tllut ill. iii.i inn ii , iv.nn
,11 ,";r ' t-Ui it ,i n.t .i.-fiitiii Nt
Ii ... ii'i i-i'"-'irii i t ,'vn ,i'ii hi . , uu nni,i
llll.illK l!U,H "P" -oJimi lllill;
1. -1 . 'iifhil k, ii !'. rlsi-i i.j layi
r-l ' -9 ' V r a rr '.' u.
',n w.iu.iiv tu. ie'.i in 1-H
. -t :l " '
in.: if 1 1 01 1 in. iy .ujii.ift-r rt. i.it'ilji 1,
1 hi ir.i ti.'Mi' 'Mrnil or rr-in-e In 1.101.
li i-,itl.. 'n ir 1,1 .1 r iiii'i-'ii'U-'if mn-h eiieili
ii'.l-. o'vii-rn. vi, r !rjtt.rtt in ral'i tjliillu
wiil ii5i ui 1 lb tM-it'tV lI tin Mili.crilhT mi-
.1 r Ktl't a-i'tion . ....'.' . I
i-Utlia, 'availal May 4, UMt v
Household and Sce
mil ('i'Uiiiy wuu-iiiir., '.Vu.-tf ei, reiirwl liu.in,';-s Men
ui'l I-ai.ijlie. fttv h llist riiif-H lirp-nioi', hnrIar
truof r.imlnM.uiion k utlaptt-U in ntpwriiy
mil prii p t "ii thfcjr reqiuif int-.ii. '1 h V i uK
s fir.n flassln .-vt.y rsppet, warranted tlre-pioof,
uiii i-.n!itrut'if'l In tl.fe inor, improve'l tauuiiir. We
tow use v'li fcHfh B.ml every haIv otii' nrv nnii-pic'fH-iltf
ctinMiutiliiii Iwk. ami Insidp hulr-work It lm
ill-rouiK.ritrners, enrior hi-aut fully Unwhe anil
I urnaiucntu! by liana wltU ml buriu-shtrU puruons
trenBUries, book -spaces an pigeon-boles.
No. 4, PoHtbl Bftrvire A Office msle HW-Iss
No. ft, County Official'- Pate ISWm
No. 6, General BuMoesa Sufe i.,18j0ib
We inoiiopolke our bruurli of the safe buslne.
sole mannfacturss of tie Victor hh
DS. liny none but ihe Vlotor afes, either from
The Victor Safe & Lock Company,
Prior, per War,
OR ,
Price, &G.OO per Year.
Is a haudsomo clght-pago paper. It i3 i
ued ovcry Thurmluy, and contuina ull of
tho important news of tho week, gleaned
from ovcry quarter of tho globe, complete
up to ditto of publication. It contains in
tt rcstln; special correspondence from all of
Die principal cities, of the world aud a ra-st
amount of tho beat selected aud origlnul
general literature. It furnishes tho latent
and most reliable financial news and mar
ket quotations, and gives epcclul attention
to horticultural and agricultural news, and
is in every respect a firat-clas) family paper,
appealing to the interest of every member
of the household. r
is a live metropolitan dally. It has the
ae being tho LEADING NEWSPAPEftof tho
Taciue Coast Either of the above, paper
we will send postpaid as a premium on re
ceipt of tho following aubscalption pticoa
for the combination: '
RECORD and Wttt Call, One Teak, $5.
RECORD and Dailv Call, Out Yun, H8.
Application for n Patent
tlnitcil State Land OlRce,
Knreka, Hva,la, Dicembjr. 24 IxHl.
Houthwestarn Mlnine Oonuianv. throtnh
tlielr attorney In fact, W. H. Mllin. wlioaei pu.t
office addrora ia El Tiorailo Paoyon, Lincoln
county, uvaaa, has this day AImI his applica
tion lor a patent for nitnen nundtnd linear lent
of the 'Houtu Division Mormon" mine or vein,
bearing aalt, with surface ground an hundred
teat in width, situated in B.. Th unan Mining
District, county of l.luo.nln and Btate of Nevada
and doalKnatod by the rti la noiea and nfflulal
plat ou tllu iu this ofllca aa lot untnnerH'', iu
lownahlp 17 sontti rangn 68 eBt of Mount
Diablo Meridian, said lot No. !17 being aa lol
Iowa: Beginning at a pout marked No. 1 , U. 8. sur
vey No 7, from which tt o i section corner lo
atwliona SI aud its, township 17 kouth, rani It
taut, beara south 74! den earn. UUi fnet: ii,, nn.
I running ftrat coume north: lio den went, lino leet
to post marked No. 2, IT. 8. Hurvey No. H7;
theuco second couiso north, 6 dearies wmt,
I IMxjfeet to a pontmarki d No, , V. 8. survey
i No 37: thence third course; south AO decrees
east, Bull feet topon marked No. a; IJ. B survey
, No. 87; thei.ca fourth courao south; S deg east,
I. MIO leet to post No. I, the place of hexinmui.
Mannetto variation Hi Ueg pact, cautalmuu
IH.7S acre"
I Mi. I.,, iili.ni .f tMU ni lie in r -i'nriled iu toe
Ii i nnii rV i 111.1 i M. 1 hininir. tin. in,; ..ii,-t
I., u .ik . ( ,U ,.f .Uiim.if ii,.-..r,. I II.- ,i.
l"M;inK i hiiu.iiii'rt urn iinknnwii.
vnn.l ,,. ,,11,1. ,:,'t!in,(i ii IverMi ly nuy
l"'''i'"' i -V-if,! iHMrl.m .(. .I'liii.ii (mi, , ,,'-
- -irt-.i-.' krutiiiii nr.- ini:Mrii J lo n,i: u,eir ,lver
.i.ili,, in. n... ,.i m-i,. r ii e ni Luned irt-i-,
' liel Ihi'e hi Wnrei.4 in lietrtle .f Vivini,,
'ii iii.; i-i- .i,.,. ,., wi ni ui I..HHII :,t.. ..,
I iri-i:. ..I ilii-i vnl li. 1...1-I i,, virni. ,, ii,,-
j r.i,', 'i- '! I'.f -i ,i i. '
Ii M H 1,1,. uit-i
Il It 1-i. I.j .
i ml llisi 'In- i.i', ui'irf i-,ir.,e
,.iiiti!sfjei lor ihn ri ri.'i; i.f
-pii !!! 1 1 ,n l
IVIV il i ',lell C'll,-,i.itlVM i.i In..
I K-e a lltiu. a weeaiy liew-pt.-. k,llh,i...y.i
si t'ln-hii I. iii. 'i')t, iieimry ev.l.i,l.
i"' l' ' 11' U. HAI.Ii, Ilegiatrr i
til Wl.i.l. ,i i.lnr.l
Application for a Patent
No. 681.
i 51AHON and J. L. hol TZONi. whose
;xiNiiiiice addreaa In Buliloiivtlle. Lincoln
I'ouuy, Nevada, has tola day tiled the.r appllca
tldi t r a pktent for Aiteen hundred linear feet
ot1 him viiaiinoija" itiineor vein liearing silver.
Him i-iiriai'e ftrnund hix hundred feet iu width,
mti.'ii .1 iu ti iihland Mining Dintrict, County of
i.i ':i and atate ot Neveda, and designated by
t'.- d tictea and erticlal plat on ale in this
i ;ii" ' lot io. Si, located on uusurveyed lands.
'1 a,-' i. :i riur bouuiiaries of said lot So. 37 being
n. ii lows, to Hit
li - mux at a post marked No. 1, fj 8 survey
17, whence the Mendha brick smokeatack.
on I f; s mineral n onument No. 1, bears 8
ii"-., lieg let t. This smokestack la alwut
7fi trn-t t)th and ft leet square at the base. The
mam chatt in this claim beara N 82 d.g W Wi2
:et.' i i.o nutiee niotiiiment stands H fett north
if c.-titorot the shaft, thence running, 1st
ciiii.' . s 77 iie w Hum I net. to a nost marked
No. :, V s survey No. H7: ilience. 2d coursa. N
l;i d 'H W uai leet, to a post niarkek No. 3, V 8
cirv ' .o. 37: thence. 31 cour e. M 77 deif IS
)A lift, to post marked No. 4, CS survey 1
.17, ai d tiKhce, tth course, 8 13 deg liuo leet
leet. to
Kt No. 1, the nlace of beniunlnu: containing
iu M mo acres, toata Nos. 1 and 4 stand tu the
original location monuments. Posts Nos. 1 and
il stand about 40 toot easterly of the original lo
uuuou uiunuineutB. Magnetic variation, IB de.
grees etst.
The location of this mine is recorded In the
Eeiorder's ofllce of Lincoln county, Nevada, in
nook or mining notices. This claim Is
Dounded on the east and west bv extensions nt
thiB lode uameB unknown and ou the north
and south by no known claims. Any and all
person claiming adversely any portion of said
uiujjnoua mine or auriace ground are required
to tile their adverse claims with the Keirister ot
tha United Slates Land Office at Kurek, In the
State of Nevada, during the sixty daj a period of
jiuimuauou nereoi.or tney win tie barred by
t'ih'dui mo iiroviHiuiiB tu lie statute.
f . H. UlNCKLBV, ilegister.
Application for a Patent
No. 878.
Cmitkd Statu Land Okficr,
Rureka. Nevada. December U. 1KK7.
XI noneiii, whose postomce address is ltio.
ville, Lincoln county, Nevada, has this day hied
iuiL-anou tor a patent lor one
tnouf-aua linear feet of the "Virgin IJnwu"
uiiue or vein, be.riiie alt. with am lace ironnii
sli hundred feet in width, situated In 8t.
i nomas imiiiDg utstrlct, Uountyof Lincoln and
btate of Nevada and desiunuti-d bv the Hnlii
notes and official nlai ou nle in thio. nrM. an
lot number 38 A, in township 'JO south, range 68
eat of Mount Diablo Mtrlaian, Baid lot No. 88
a. neiiiK as IolloWK
Beginning at a post marked No 1. 0. 8. snr.
vey No 38 A ant running thence flrst course
norm a aeg.ast, 1UIH) feet to poat marked No. 3
V.t. survey No 38 A; thence aecoud course
south tl! deg east, 4o feet intersect ! lecuon
line to section 4, towushin 20 south, ramie tu-
east north lii',12 7-10 feet Irom center ol said
section, li(K) feet to post marked No. 8. V. 8. sur.
vey No, 118 A; thence thiid course south, 8 deg
west, 1000 feat to post marked No. 4, IJ. 8 sur
vey No. 38 A; thence fourth course north 83 dea
west 4J5 leet internet sectiou line of section
4, township tw south, range 68 easi, north
i',8 a SM0 feet Irom center oi a&ld sectiou, 61 0 feet
to post No. 1, O. 8. survey No. 38 A, the place
in uKuiuuiuK juuKueuo variation in aeg east,
containing 13.77 acres
'I lis location of this mine Is recorded in the
Recorder s Otllce of St. Thomas Mining DiBlrlct
in book ol Mloing Itecords. The adjoining
viaiuiuuisaru uuauown
Any aud all persons clalmluK adversely anv
portion of said Virgin Queen mine or suriace
ground are required to hie their adverse claims
with the KeiiiBter of the United Mates tand
OHira at Eureka, Nevada, iu the Htato o Nevada
during the aixty days period of publication
hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the
f,u,i;.!iiiii5iii mo otitiitie.
D. B. HALL, Register.
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice
of application for patent be published for the
period of sixty days, (ten consecnt.vo weeks), in
tu rioi-ue anuuuu, a weeaiy newspaper pub.
aiciiu m iiivuii, Liinvoii ci,uniy, nevatia.
Jau7-10t D. H. HALL, hegistor
Application for a Patent
No. 87S.
Knreku. NhviiIh llpi.mhi,t M 1UQ9
XTOTIGK U HkHlllV ftivvnl TH T Tan
Xi Southwestern Mining Company, through
men o.iuiuiy iu jact, v, n. juiiie. whose LOBt.
ollii:e address ia Ki Dorado Canyon, Lincoln
vnuuiy, niMja, usa mis nay nie.t ma appiica.
tion fur a pnteut for six hunnrej and twenty
St ven linear ri,t. r ti,u n'Cuhn'i ... ... i
braring salt, with aurfac- ground til hundred
feet in width, situated In ot. Thomas Mluinu
District. I'oimtv i,t I lne.,ln at.,1 Ui . a a.. ...i.
- -. j u.a.a v, n.inu,
ami dtsigna.ed by the field note, aud official
fa' m iitv id nim cnict as l it number 88, lu
township 18 aouih, rane (18 east of Mount
uiuoio Moridiau, said lot No. 88 bting as lol
Bediming at a post marked No. 1, U. 8. sur.
Vny no. S8. thence mi ning ttrst course scu h
18 ! degrees west, 6UU font lo a post marked tto
i. v. n. survey No, B; thence secnud coutso
nurio; toj uegrees wet, B27 feet 10 s post
ii. ui iiu no. o, u B. survey fo. 8, trom wnicl
LllC HOIlth Heellnll Iaii,h, In .unllm.. ,1 o.l
township 10 B'JUlb.Tanee 68 east, beara annth
aaH deg west, 1826 feet; thence third course
norm; 4.) it tu grees, 6110 feet to post marks j No
4. IT. M aiirvi.ii K QQ. l,A.,nu ........
-.. a.v. vw, H,nu,o lUI'IIU eOUlBIl
south; 48H aeg east, 27 feet to post No. 1 the
Piacn oi oiginning. nashetio variation 18 deg
.i'uiauiii g a tij.iuu acres.
The lucatien of ibis mine ia recorded In thi
Kecorder's office of Bt. Thomas Mining Dlstrioi
in bia.k A, page 111 of Mining Hecorus. Tm
adloinins .i.ii.n -ru ni.n..,
Any and all persons claiming adversely any
portion of said Tub hoe mine or snr I ace ground,
are required to ale their adverse claims with the
Hegislvr of the United States Land office at Eu
reka, la the 8 1 ate of Nevada, during the sixty
dava nerlod of nohiioatinii tiAronr n, n... .m
be barred by virtue of the provisions of the
D. H. BALL, Register
It Is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice
hi oi'i'iiiaimu iur patent ue publlsnea ten con.
necutlvo weeks, in the Pioche HxcohD, a weekly
iiwepaper piKiuni.en at rioclie, Nevada.
J '-'"t 1). U. HALL, iteglstor
are her hy notified that I have expendid
.i'iiiwii, lonui or more ill utour
, i r,.niiie up hi the -May Olrhy
' :nr line liutiilre I dollars (aMnoi or more
"r tin, I linproveiue.nts ou the ''lugene
'iiiii. Miuai.vi iu Vellow Pino Mining
'. t.!ii'-i,!u I'fitmiy, Sevaili. Haid work
' e lii i Tiler lo hold aald claims under the
i ii ol Weiioii 2,Si4 Hevistd SiatuteBof
"ilea Ktate. being the amount required
I the M.iue i.ir the ear eui'ing December
; ami U wi hiu niuely days after this
vv i iibllcntiou cn tall or refuse to con
cour proportion of suuh expenditure; as a
'r, your in'creit iu said olalm will be.
';vr-n trtf of the tubtcrlber under said
mdoOnijou, Lincoln county, Nevada,
m m, ia. '
Ulank Location
at Tlxie Office.
N'elicee '. far Save
Ah Act tot otnpel Children tu At,,,,
Approved February S5, 1873, 7H.
Sec. 1. Every parent, KuarW
other person in the State of Nevada
having control and charge of a child n
emiuren oeiween tne agea of eight and
fourteen years, shall be required to send
sucu uuiia or ennaren to a public school
for a period of at least sixteen weeks in
each school year, at Jeast eight weeks of
wmcn snail De consecutive, unless snnl.
cliild or children are excused from
such attendance by the Board of School
Trustees of the school district in which
such parents or guardians reside, upon
its beiuu shown to their satislaction that
the bodily or mental condition of such
child or children has been such as to
prevent his, her, or their attendance at
school, or application to study, for the
period required, or that such child or
children are taught In a private school,
or at Home, in such branches as are us.
ually taught in a primary school, or have
already acquired the ordinary branches
of learning taught in the public school;
provided, in case a publio school shall
not be taught for the period of sixteen
weeks, or any part thereof, during the
year, within two milen, by the nearest
traveled road, of the residence of any
person within the school district, he or
she shall not be liable to the provisions
of this Act.
Seo. 2. It shall be the duty of the
Board of School Trustees of each school
district in this State, on or before the
first Monday in September in each year,
to furnish the principal of each public
school taught in such district with a list
of all children, resident in tho school
district, between the ages of eight and
fourteen years; said list to be takea
from the report of the School Census
Marshal. At the beginning of each
school month l hereafter it shall be the
duty of the principal of each school in
such district to report to tho Board of
School Trustees of such district the
names of all children attending school
during the previous school month; when,
if it shall appear, at the expiration of
four school months, to tho Board of
School Trustees, that any parent, guard
ian, or other person having charge or
control of any child or children, shall
have failed to comply with the provis-
...ia V, inn atn, ma uunra snau cause
demand to be made . upon such parent,
guardian, or other person, for the
amr,mif rt n,n1. 1
"i jicuniij ui'icauer proviueu
when, if such parent, guardian, or other
person shall neglect or refuse to pay the
same within five days after the making
of said demand, the board shall com
mence proceedings in the name of the
school district for the recovery of the
lino hereinafter provided, before any
Justico of the Peace in the town
ship in which said school dis
trict is located; or, if there shall be no
Justice of the Peace therein, then before
the nearest Justice of the Peace in the
Seo. 3. Any parent, guardian, or
other person having control or charge of
uny child or children, failing to comply
with the provisions of thii Act, shall be
liable to a fine of not less than fifty dol
lars nor more than one hundred dollars
for the first offense, nor lera than one
hundred dollars nor move than two hun
dred dollars for the second and each sub
sequent offense, besides the costs of col
lection. Sko.4. Whenever it shall appear, to the
satisfaction of the Bourd of Hchool Trus
tees of any school district in this state,
that the parents, guardians, or other
persona having control or charge of any
child or children in attendance upon the
publio school of said district, in accord
ance with the provisions of this Act, five
unable to procure suitable books, sta
tionery, etc., for such child or children,
it shall be the duty of such board to pro
cure, or cause to be procured, for such
child or children, all necessary books,
stationary, etc., the same to be paid for
out of the fund of said school district)
in the same way thut other claims
against tho school district are now al
io wea ana pata; provided, tnat. ail boobs,
stationery, etc., purchased under the
provisions of this Act, shall be deemed
to be the property of the school district,
to be under the cure and control of the
School Trustees when not in actual use.
Keo. 5. All fines collected under the
provisions of this Act shall be paid into
tho county treasury on account of the
Htute Ht-hool fund.
Sec. (J. It shall bo tho duly of the
Comity Superintendent of Public Schools
iu tach county in this stato to cause thi"
law to bo published in some newspaper
in his county, if any there be,, four cou
sncutivo times, annually, for a period of.
two years, tho expenHe of such publica
tion to bo allowed and paid out of the
penernl school fund of the county. The
Board of School Trustocs in each school
district shall cimse to be posted annu
ally, for a period of two years, in three
publio places in their district, notices of
the requirements and penalties oi this
- - -r...t... - , . .....
'Jii; ,-i .'. ti m narafc'itj

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