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Pioche Weekly Record.
Official Paper of Lincoln Co.
A Singular Coincidence.
"I am not a fatalist," said 7. Davitt
Banning, "but occasionally I rnn across
things that puzzle a great deal. Not
long ago Dr. Tom Hewitt of Lcadrille,
Colo., died. Hewitt was somewhat of
a fatalist and believed in a great many
things that I didn't. Omens and har
bingers of evil bo wo much given to bo
lieve in. You have undoubtedly heard
tones of people dying and the clock
topping at the same time, or some nu
merical of its face popping out. Hew
itt had a sign in his office window in hi3
residence which read, 'Dr. Tom newitt.'
It was composed of 11 whito letters
glued to the pane. , Hewitt took sick
about 10 months since. . A few days
after bis illness I noticed that one of tho
white letters bad dropped off and was
gone. The illness of the doctor caused
the family to forget most everything
else, and Bathe letter was not replaced.
"A month later Hewitt was still sick,
and I noticed a second letter was gono.
He lingered along, up and around now,
and then sick again, for a period. Mean
time the white letters were not replaced.
Month after month went by, and every
succeeding month saw a letter disappear.
Hewitt noticed it, did then ho would
not allow them to b replaced. After
orer 10 months of sickness, and when 10
of the letters had disappeared Dr. Tom
got an extra severe pell of illness and
died. The morning after his death I
visited the house and noticed as I passod
in that the last letter was gono." St.
Louis Globe-Democrat
- ' Welas From Toad.
It is a matter of common observation
that the loudest sounds are not always
made by the largest animals. The roar
of the lion exceeds in sonorousness the
cry of the elephant. Any one who liad
only heard without seeing a bullfrog
might well suppose that its fearful voice
breaking the silence of the night must
certainly come from the throat of an an-
unai oi rormiaaDie mmensions.
Bat perhaps the most remarkable case
oi rocai power in an animal is that re
lated by recent traveler in the high
lands of Borneo. He was infnrmnrl hv
natives that they had heard a tiger roar
ing in the neighborhood. Such news is
always startling to a stranger in the jun
gle of the east and hardly less so to tho
An investigation was accordingly set on
foot, which resulted in the discovery
that the alarming roars had been emitted
by a toad! This toad of Borneo, how
ever, was by no means an ordinary mem
ber of the family. It measured no less
than m inches around the body.
Ths.t the natives should not have rec
ognised the true source of the sound
shows that the existence of such toads
was either unknown to them, or that, at
any rate, they bad never discovered the
remarkable vocal capabilities of the ani
mals. Youth's Companion.
Thro Carious Word.
Filibuster, freebooter and buccaneer
re words curiously interrelated. The
French and the English sea adventurers
one made common cause against Span
ish settlements in the new world, and all
three of these words came in time to de
scribe the rude sea soldiers who de
spoiled the Spanish main and the towns
upon the coasts of tho Spanish posses
sions. Filibuster is said to be the result
of an attempt to make a French word of
freebooter, and the English borrowed it
back from the French because it sounded
less frankly brutal than the English
Buccaneer was originally French in
form, and it meant at first mw mhn
hunted the boucan or wild cattle and
hogs of the West Indies; then one who
made jerked meat of their flesh, and
finally, because this meat was used to
provision the ships of the sea rovers, a
filibuster or freebooter. New York Sun.
A Hint For Balny Weather.
During a recent stormy day a gentle
man who bad no umbrella, and who had
Just corns into town by a local train,
perceived before him as he stepped into
the street a person whom he took to be
an acquaintance, and who had a fino
new umbrella hoisted over Ms head.
Running up to him, theref of e, ho clapped
him on the shoulder, saying as he did so
by way of a joke, 'Til take that um
brella, if you please." The individual
thus addressed looked round and dis
closed a perfect stranger, but before the
other could apologize he said hurriedly:
"Oh, it's yours, is it? Well, I didn't
know that Here, you can have it." and
broke away, leaving the article in the
hands of the first party to the conversa
tion. This narrative, which is strictly
true, affords a valuable hint to persons
who may be caught out without protec
tion from she rain. London Tit-Bits.
" - A Clever Parrot.
F. X. Zeigler of Columbus, Pa., has a
parrot named Dick that is considered
one of the family and is perhaps one of
the most intelligent birds of its species
in the world. . Dick always takes a hand
in household matters. . If Mr. Zeigler's
son does not get up in the morning at
tho usual hour to go to the office, the
parrot will say to the girl, "Call Clem,"
and be will insist on his command being
obeyed. I recalled on one occasion when
the family was earnestly discussing some
local event Dick broke in as follows:
"Papa, do yon love mamma?" "Yes, of
course I do," replied Mr. Zeigler, when
tho parrot ' blurted out, "Oh, you old
tamAV New York Telegram.
- Tho Nervous System.
The average weight of the brain of an
adult male is 8 pounds and 8 ounces; of
a female, 9 pounds and 4 ounces. The
Mrves are ail connected with it directly
or by the spinal marrow. These nerves,
together with their branches and minute
ramifications, probably exceed 10,000,000
la somber, forming a "bodyguard" out
numbering by far the greatest army ever
marshaled. Popular Science Monthly.
V m . ,
Beady For the Wont. - '
"What! Smoking, Fred? Thought
four doctor told ron it would kill you?"
"So he did, and I quit. Bat at the end
sf s week I wanted to die, so I'm amok'
tog s4q,"li;.
English trhalebaeka.
Or.o of tho novelties of the year la
l)ipbnilding is the turret deck steamer
duuc oy w. Lwctora K Sons or Sunder
land. Enrlnnd. whirli ii
modification of the whaleback type now
largely used on the Treat lakes. In the
only yeseel of thi design yet built the
nun is miaijeu lifcs most other vessels
from keel to water linn, lint frnm ft,
water line tho shell is ronnded off nr-
j i ...... .
waru aim inwarn mini it terminates at
tne UDnerdeck lovel in nn nnri.lit otm..
. - j.B.nuW v U-
ture, misnamed a turret, running fore
9 mi
auu ait. i ne vessel nas no sheer, the
ace- reaching in a perfectly straight
line foro and aft.
The plating, running inward from the
wuior une to me turret aoclt is thick and
Btronz like that of th tmll rii-tf-aat art
that the whole skin of tho vessel above
and below in of tho same thickness.
The engines are Dlaced aft. as in
whaleback steamers, so that from the
engine room to the forecastle there is a
long, continuous hold, interfered with
only by the necessary bulkheads. The
boat's accommodations for engineers
ana crew are all abaft the engine room,
but the captain and officers are placed as
usual under the bridge forward.
Ulucago Inter Ocean.
The Smallest French Conscrlnt.
The smallest conscript in France is
Louis Bcrnadat of Lnrot, in tho depart
ment of the Allior. This martial per
sonage is oareiy w centimeters in height,
which is just about 28 Inches, or 3 feet 4
inciies, tn our measurement. Little Ber-
nadat came of ngo this year and was
summoned to draw his number out of
the conscrintion tim lilm Ma f11nra n
the same ago, and he gravely presonted
uiuiDun ua uiuuen. At urst, wneu nu
name was called out. it won thnnht ha
was some child who had been brought
in ana was tom to answer as a joke. But
on looking at him again it was seen that
ne was a await with: a slight mustache.
As the top of his head did not reach
to the level of the table on which the urn
was placed, a gendarme in attendance
laid hold of him by the collar and lifted
nun up to araw nis num ber. The father
of this lilliputian soldier, who of course
will not really be made to serve, is a
well to do farmer, who is very fond of
him and has reftiAAil mvpmI aoliitiva
. .MuvvATy
oners from showmen who have wanted to
exniwt mm. London views.
Guests Only to lie Plucked.
Lirkowood, N. J., is eminently a resort
ui uiga pines ana nign prices,
I Was Btavinu nt a rnrtnln Imrol !
Lakewood, but happening to be at an-
-.4.1 , . .
uiult ouh nuariy every ciay aunng one
oi my leisure uours or tne atternoon, I
had formed the habit of getting shaved
Odd day the boss approached ms with
an air at once mysterious and apologetic,
and said rnnfirlontinHr- "I Vwur
don, sir; I thought you were a guest of
tho hotel, and I have been chanrine vou
23 cents a shave. That is my price to
tne guests only, in tne future it will
The moral was'sTobvious that I smiled
mvoiuntamy. une uses snares to catch
pigeons, but onco caught one pluck
them without remorse. New York Her-
Another orthe Innumerable 600 Gone.
The death of Edward Beetham re
moves tho lost of the famous Light
briado who lived in Canada. The old
man was a privato in the Seventeenth
lancers ana went tnrougn tne Crimean
war. Ho had a book presented to him
by Lady Cardigan, containing his name,
his regiment and tho donor's name. He
also had a letter written by the same
ladv lis n.ddir.innn.1 Avlrlonpn flint lio m.i.
one of the memorable Sis FTnndnvi TTa
j ..VHVW .i.v mw mm
served in India and was at the relief of
Lucknow. for which bo received n. mtwlol
and he served in China as well. He com
muted ma pension seven years ago and
came to Cnnada.. but lift Vina tint hua
able to do umqh work, his long service
tn tne army Having broken down his con
summon. Toronto news.
The Picture Is a "Hoodoo."
The death of tho
E. Abbey recalls the fact that the pic
ture on the act drop of the Broadway
vuputer uaa oetn latai to everybody con
cerned, to say uothing of the effect upon
the handsome playhouse. The pretty
young giri in tne stasecoacn is a portrait
of tho daughter of T. Henry French, and
she is dead. Tho dashing cavalier on the
right is Matt Morgan, and he is dead.
The boy in the foreground is a portrait
of Manager Abbev's son. and now ha la
dead. The picture represents the recen-
a.1 m - ... ..... ..
uuu ui a toreign uriue by the young
uaupain oi r ranee, and the future
the bride and crroam was imwanma
is a theatrical superstition that certain
pictures are unlucky. New York Me-
A 1 .'
The Colombian fttamns.
If anv one had dnnhta na tn tho imJ
judgment of the government in issuing
mo uoiumuian stamps, tne report of the
postmaster general should ant thorn at
rest. According to that official, the total
increase or saies in January over the
same month last year is more than 00
ner cent. At 100 first rlon Mffl.
stamps to the value of $3,264,470 were
ouiu iu January, against fl,7U,43 aup.
tag tho same period last year. Of the
amount received this year from the sale
or postage stamps i,7i8,0UB wore for the
Columbian Iraiir. within 1M R1T tk
. V ' V. Ml
total sales in January of last year.
x-iuiaueipniaj Lcuger.
Talmaae's Tabernaele'a Debt.
The Rev. Dr. T. De Witt Talmage
Sunday read from tho pulpit of the
Brooklyn Tabernacle nn offer tn now tv,
last $10,000 of tho floating debt of tho
cuwen as soon as tne remainder had
been raised. The flnntinir indnhtiuinaaa
amounts to $55,000 and must be paid by
ouuo i. j.ew xorit Advertiser.
Carlisle Is No Collate Man.
Carlisle is tho only man in the Qeva-
tana caoinct wno is not college bred.
And vet it looks flfi if hA (Vinld rrivs Mint.
en to his better educated colleagues.
.icgo moune. .....
Pioche Weekly Record,
i. o. o. r.
moobc lodoi ro. .
535fe. 7:3u ..'clock to their hall on Main
'ijp ativei vieiuua Biumere cc
dlally invited to attend.
JlkUU .UI.D V A.
Jauu Gilss, Secretary.
A. O. I'. W.
. a-iocne gjoa e no. a, a. it u. w..
r5 ere u in Old reiiow'a Ball
r every edueedaf evening, com-
V, Vlaltln., kMlW. nrf.ll I...,....,
....... . , .. ..
Paacr FoLwaix Recorder.
V. fc A. M.
l each month at lfaMinln HkII nn
1 aoour atreet. All vis tint Brother.
in IfUOtl UaBUlnv mr m lul ... ...
'd. T.J. IllBlinlK.W If
1. D. Rowiaoa, Hecretsry
Hot and Cold at all Hours,
Saturdays and Sundays.
Eqalpmantt aot rarpuasl la the IaUr-kono-
anaoanos to the people of Pioeke and
Lincoln ooub'J that their Mew lira store, on
Mala street one door north or the Qc4.be Mer
cant ll store, la bow epaa with a new sloes
Toilot Articles,
Not ons and Fancy Articles.
Physician's PrrsrrlDtlsna' oarefall
oompooaded, day or Bight, and orders from
abroad filled with ears aad dlapatoh br a com
poteat druggist.
Dr. J. D. Campbell
Druggist ind Apothecarj,
Choicest Toilet Articles.
I Have a Comolete Stock of
Spootaoles and Eye GlaaMt.
rt Oaus Ale Bay e Me a
Brer Breach! late) Tke Cal
Has Just heea Received,
Aa Wilt be SeU at Meeente rrUee.
PesUflUs, Xth It. Pieoks, Xsv.
Drug Store
The Great Overland Route.
To Au. Pkincipai PorNTa.
Trains Bcir as Follows :
Xfleetlre Feb 2. 1893.
ootb Bochd. Hosts Bocko,
HMD p, m. arrlre.. Frisco U.ra ;Wa. m.
1:10 p. m. arrle..Mll(ord... " s.'da.m
ltaOp. a. leave.. Juab.. " 1:45 p. m
r:40a. m Un Bait, La ka.. arrive 6?5p m.
1:15 a. m. lears ..Cgdsa arrive T:(0p.m.
Trafna lllam friavi aul In.h A rnt
F1t PlMrtno.r I ri il . 1 1 .uh wk k.
tweta Salt Lake and Oglen.
tmn Tra n. .fV.r.t n. .. I. I T -m . .. fl-ll .1.
waj between Hall Lake snd the Cast aud West
For rates of (we and all Informitlon. call on
radJre-e at. A. SUKAR R. Acent,
Ulirord, Utah.
11 R RTiwr rv A,na,.i .an. c...
Department, g it Lake City, Utah.
Rio Grande
Eitect Apbu 1, 1893.
No. S Far Ppovtl. Apanil Jnnctlnn
and all pulnls East BOO a. m
NO. I For Pravo. Orand Jiinctlon
and all points feast 9M p. m
No. S For Provo, Parson, Eureka
and Bilver City 6:05 n. m
No. (For Bingham and San Pets. ... S a. m
No. I For Ogdea aad the Wast...,
.11.68 p. m
,. Hilt a.m
Mo. 1 -For Ogdea and (he West...
Mo. 1 From fro to, Orand Junction
and the East II At a. m
Mo. J From Ptoto, Orand Junction
am ine nat lla p. m
Mo. T From PTOTO. Pavson. Eureka
and Sllrer Cltl loflo a. m
Mo. (From Bingham and San Pete.. S:9U p. m
No. 1 tom Ogdea and th West.... a. to
No. 4 -From Ogilsa snd ths West.... t-.U p. m
D. 0. DoDOC, Oen. Mxnager.
A. E. Welsh, Gen . Map-.
J. H. Bennett, O. P .T. A.
Nitford and Pioche
St'age Lirie.
Lesvea Hllferd everr morning sicept Mod.
day at T: 38 o'cl ock.
LeaTsa Plocbs ever morning eioept Mon
day at 8 o'clock.
Through Fare eaoh way, . $12.50
Had action on round trip tickets.
Freight at reasonable rates. For particulars
ealt on N. P. DOOLET, Pioche Agent.
Pioche and Helene
Stage ILiizie,
Semi-Weekly Trips between the two
places. Leave Helene on Mondavi and
Thursday! at 7 . m.j arrive at Pioche
at 6 p. m. Returning, leave Pioche on
Tuesdays and Saturdays after the arrival
of the Northern mail.
Fare Each Way. 86.00
Packages and (mall freight carried
safely and delivered promptly..
J. A. DENTON, Prop'r.
Nevada Stage I Transportition Co.
rom Eureka to Ely, Taylor
and Pioche. .
CarryiDZ tlie D. s. Mails an. Wells.
Farzo & Co.'s Express.
Btaaea of this line leave Floehe llondan and
Frldava. arrfvlne In Tavlnv la aa honva. l..n
Taylor tor Pioche Mondays; aad Fridays, er.
rirlng at Floebe hi M hoars.
Vara freem Ptoeha Taylor er frena
VaFlo t Plawhe, 91. tUmmi
Trim, ao.
Xhit Use eoaaeela wtlh Ilea Iresi Taylor to
tanks, sa4 (torn tanks t Tsrlor, which
tana daily. The beat fclad of aaromo tall on on
the road aad food meals ars;asrd at M tents
peraual at heme staUoas.
Tbe "Racine" Farm and Ware.
bouse Fanning 911118.
Land Rollers) and it road cast
Gaa and (steam Engines.
Send for Catalogue and Pruts.
170 172 Mnin8i. Suit Lake City, Utah.
A Dictionary?
I Webster's International, t
A Choice Gift v . .
A Grand Family Educator
A Library in Itself v .
The Standard Authority
The International Is a new book from
cover to oover, fully abreast of the times.
im is uie aurcersor 01 tne authentic T
'unabridged." Ten years were spent in x
revisine, 100 edlcors emnloved and nr
. S1DO.O0O expended before the first cony
k w printed.
y lo no; buy reprints of obsolete and
. COmn iraMvlV rrnrthlttca aHUIm.
. Send for freo pamphlet containing
. poimen p.ices and full particulars.
. 1 C. SERRIAM CO., Publishers,
.''XiNaFIEI.D. MASa .n. e a
.l!LV!,!!,ppTr ,0o,"l h) the he,t interrsta ol
on?nr,.Vi!!l'.I!.,'l'P- P't'euUrly to the dsrcl
opinent of th tiitermiiunmin counirv.
tor advcrtlin( purp0e Inoimiparahly ih
beat paper between Sun Francises and l)u,ei
Ilally, 365 Issuer per year S13.00
Weekly. 1 p. (ttt , ol.. par yr 3 "0
Weekly, six inontii . n
Wcahly, three montlia, i
Address. THE TlmUNB,'
Sai.t I.kb CiTy, Craa
You Think
fttlV Ifflllii tt a. tivn awlll A.
any kind nr noeieia taiii Hn ......
the beat res una you should plant
I Mwayi the best, they n rccosniEed UJ
Ferr y Scel Annual is the most
iT tT i t wy 1 1 lue Kina i)u(
18 invaiuaoie to the
r'unu-r. weseno It I ice.
Marks. rwti orrmcms.
k.!S.,lTf ,l?c'f, attCTttnn t etim n.ct.4 In.tlin
J...;.' 10 '" ' "'". nlM'i... trad..
Iark., tha art, .r : inn c. ii,:on to iofrn,.m.nt
?11"JiT,!,"iT '": Ur.atl.aaas
dolM of for lif.-ini.iMM. Our boot of inrttu.
Mon.. t.nai. r.l.rtnc ., a c.. at ft... ""
10113 r xt.. W .,u:ii!:lnn. I t!. . S'
lj!'!!i.lr!t.n !"T '"" ama Ulna,
tratoa boeklal, lnv.rliv r ,,, . a:ikll.ktr's prl
rasters, awasfutiirm . t p. , .... ' '
fUeatHn tlitr .ftrvr.)
CsTeats. snd Trsde-Varks ehtninwi. nnd nil Pat
mt business eonrtneted for Modern-Is reft.
Our Office ll Onpotl-e U.S.Pstent Office,
lad we can serare patt-nt In ler lime than thoet
remote from Vtur hlnjton.
tlon. H( advlee. If imtctm.We or not. frrV P
Sharer. Onr fee not 4e till ,,aten, ,,
KamoMet. "How in Olptaln l'atpnt " lti
OpsetiU PaUnt Office, Washington. 0. C.
" leaiKt&aJif Labels
Oar line of BICVCLES
consists of over 30 different
sizes and models,
from Sao.oo to 170.00,
for every class of riders.
We guarantee to girt you the best value for
the money, and guarantee every wheel.
Don't buys Picycle until you see our 1
logue aud eel our priced.
61 A OO worth of lovely Moalc for Forty
2h 1 1 1 Cents, emulating: ot 100 pasta
Will full size Sheet Musloof the bright
est, liveliest and moat popular selections, both
vocal and Instrumental, gotten up In the mm
elegant manner, Including tour large atxu
CARMENCITA the Spanlth Dancer,
f AOEREWSKI, the Great Pianist,
roaduiay fVarre Building, New York City.
is eajlly earned by unv one of cither sex in any
part of the country, who is willing to work inJuj.
:riomlr at the employment which we furnish.
I'lie labor U light nnd pleuaant, and you run no
-Isk whatever. We lit you out complete, so that
you can give the buninesa a trial wiinout expense
to yourself. For those willing to do a little work,
this it the grandest offer made. You cur. work
till day, or iu the evening onlv. If you are em
ployed, and have a few spare hours at vcur die-,
posal, utilize them, and uild to your income,
our business will not interfere nt ill. You will
beaniHzed on the start at the rupiditv ami case
by which you attniss dolltir upon dollar.'dnvlnitnd
my out. Even beginners are sucresslul from the
first hour. Anv one cmi run the business none
fall. You should try nothing else until yon see
for yourself wt.at yott chii 1I0 at the business
which we offer No capital risked. Women are
grand workers; nowadays thev make us much
us men. Thev should tn- this business, as it Is o
well ndiiptcd to them. Wrl'e nt mire and see for
yourself. Address H. HAf.T.KTT CM...
Uox 8S0, 1'ortluuU, Me.
Watchmaner. Jeweler and Engrever
Nature's Own Remedy,
Delivered anywhere by Mail or Express.
Cures Others,
Why Not You?
The B. B. Blls" Electric Body Bella
anil their AliHchtnentg are superior to
all othera. Thousand have been
cured of
Paraly'ala, Calnrrh, General Debility,
Lnat Manhood, KMney, Liver, Female
Complaints, all Nervous nnd Chronic
Diseases, by ihelr falltrul use.
We handle the only E'ectrlo Inven
tion lhat Is ucceaful In curing Deaf,
nesa when eausorj by Catarrh, Fevers,
Paralysis, elo! ' ..'
end 10 Cents for oar 17 page Catslogne,
which describes treatment. Please nientlcn
this paper.
B. B. BLISS, low Falls, Iowa.
mtam In all ! .
trongcit, eulut working, lafct, .Jmplott,
moat arrnvatai . . I
VwU,jfacw Bna lttot
KAflMtm VAa ..1. I
. a vi amm u bii aeaiera in au-mei
ir Hatbw. Oomt., TJ. ft. A.
Notary Public;
Offica la the Connty" Assetior's room, at
tba Conrt-bome.
Application for Patent.
Noe 1033, I0M, 1085, UMand 1037.
Csitxd Statss Lakd Ornoa I
Eureka, havaoa, alarok , ism. '(
itlce la h nbygien tbat JOHN o CAMCa
bj liisUuh autb. tiseo axeut, T. . Osa.va',
nuuwu .uu.iw 1. xitcue, uncoln
O.-uut J , Bute o( 5evada, l.aa made applicatua
.v. uw 1 1 ur a as a
.ultcI lui enii-rMing tbe toun.ttl; ma
tne Albion, and the Capen lodes,-Cuceolt.
.1 M'niTie Ololua, tltuated in tha k.
el in
una i'D-uiit. Lii.colu d uutt . btau .11
, corn-Win. ui fldetu hundred linear feet
. 1 . i J j uu louuattl
a. iblrtctn liui.dr. d aed ten 1 i.a.- l.ai uf
I la lode, ttven huui ltd linear te, t ol 11.,
" m.u rami uuuuj ana luo Itet
.vuuu uu cuiu a. ta u
ob th-i plat pueUxl tat tbe around, ie na L.t
Kn bl mi.A ,li.iu.inu. , .1.- . -J .
1. " ...... .u .uv H.H, iiuia. and
wi iu, luiuiBi aurve) oh nie in taw oince
njanetic variation of aiateea deaftaa
a fniiow..
Utgtunlagat the Identical place of dlMu.
ery, a plue post 4at inch, b five feet lone
narked Via Lot 47 Dim.! tnence north H
dexrees, 3 mlnu'ee ewt Ib'J leet to north east
eud ctnte"; tbence north 4 degree- 27 niiuu-ee
cant 105 leet to comer o 1 ul luealion, aixt
iucb, five feet long pine post marled Cel.
67 P 1 fur curner iw 1 ; t icnce aoutni 7 degrees
tjniltiUtis weat 1310 4 feet corur No J 01 lu.
va Ion and interect aiutbaet eud Una Cache
V B Lot No 64 a, a poiu scnto 4ugresati7
niinutea Wet0S feet from poet No 14 said claita
a pln piat 4i4 ii-ch five f.et long nursed ON
1. (7 P '2 lur curner No 1; theueesuU'h 4 dearees
37 minuten wist II leet p. et 10-11 Lot t.u 44
9ie ftet to o. mer No I l. e.tion, a pine' p et
il itch lire feet long nursed II 8 L 7 f a lir
rurner .Nu 3 l el ce corner No V L it No 14 bears
suuth 4 ueareea 27 mtnuies weat Hi IS leet die
t.u j th'-r.ce nur.h 76 decrees 43 minute ast
131ii,4 ret corner Mo 4 bicati in Identical with
rumir No 1 fo r Uai.'a Proapnt cUiiu, a pine
p.,Hi41 eb.bvefiet lutg uierked VrLM
i 4 fer c. iner o tliet.ee tn rth 4 degrtes V7
minutiaeasi 110 leet corner No 1 thla survey
and place of beginning.
Beginning at the iden leal piaoe of discover;
a pii.e poni 4x4 Inch five feet long marked U a
L67 Disc; u lite wuip that 77 (eel dep
bears Loith 7l d.graea 36 niinnt a eut let
leet dlatmit aud a shaft 11.4) fe t oeep bears
eoutb 67 degrna SO uiiut a st 64 t ftet dia.
tant.thtn.euurtb 76d gretst3 oimutesK 7au
leut to ut rib'tast ind center; tbeuee nurth 13
degree. 17 uiinues an st too liet tu con er No 1
luc.tioi; aidp'.at NjtJig survey, marked Ug
L 67 ft f,r LurLer Su 6; thei.ee south 711 tie.
(r, en 43 Uilnuto- wett 1310.4 te t poet No 3
tlil. eU'Vey mid inier.ut southeast e a liLe
Site. U B 1.61 at a pilut north 4 rfcKen 3
in, uiaer east Vi fttt irum -ouiLir Nov e.id
eUlUi; IC0O let to corner No '2 1 cUleu au-l
C 'lti r No 1 dlbl hi ulaiiu, a pli. psl a4 iica
five le. t lens tuaiki u U H L 67 fiivriu:er
Ai 6; ibeuce euutb 13 degre.s 17 mi-iutea eat
3C Let internet t iuh.v.t at .Ida lu.e burs' t A
Lut 64 at a pulnt nuriu H6 degie a 83 u-lnutes
wist Its T ieet iixm ceruir Null aadturv,);
iioi.e enerNo; lucation, identical with
curijiis Ni 0 Ali'lou o 6 Capeu std No 3
VuUU .ttlclntui, a 4it Inch llvy feet lulig piLa
Curt uiaike I e L (1 P T lot cirnr No 7s
t. eLCe nurlh 7ll ueiiH ea 43 minutes eaal 160O
net to u ruer No 4 lucatiuu I ei tl al aitb cur
lier Nu 1 YullbaU); a 4i-4 ilcIi five fuo lo g
ulLe pukt u.a' K d U 8 L 67 P a tor totter Nu
tlieuCu nurtu 13 deKriB 17 ml..Ules Weat luo
lett to ivjtt 6-4 tnlH hurvey place ol bsglLblng.
Uetjii'utnu a 'be identical pl.ee of discovery
a x4 nib five liet lu. g p ne pi at n irked U a
u 67 ulec j v iie.ee a s al t H.u ett atep bears
-ulh el uereea Si minute, east 1114 6 leet oil
tiuiai a. , ban 3iu le, t diipb. aia sutah H
UigiteH 16 Uiluutes wist I 3.0 teet dlsiant;
th i.ee nur h 70 aegaea 43.. mlnu es ea.t 760
leet to Uinta aat end ee ti'r; tbei.ee norm 13
ui),rea ,1 uiiLul s tst Ho net luioru r No 1
lucatloi, and pi si No 3 tLla survey, iurkidslo
ii i' L67 I 9 f,,r curuir No 9; bence auutn II
Uegrw s .7 niinutea ! ito leet to corner No 4
lueati- n a pine putt 4X4 luch, five; feet lung
nrnraeu II 9 L Mr lu lur curear No ll ; thence
M 76 degrees 4J mlnuiea vtiat 1610 lel te curner
io 3 lucatiou lUentical wltn corner Mo 1 Capea
cll u, a pine piat 4x4 Ineh fle teet lung,
mikid U .- L 67 p it ,vt cor, ir Nu 11; thence
nur h la decrees 17 u inuiea wist 2uo Iteito
curmr No '2 loiatiun Lich la a.ao corner Nut
U-leu coru.r No 6 Albiuu and ju.t Nu T tU.
survey naried alsi 11 e) L 67 P 13 for corner
N 12; theuee noriti 70 degrees 43 uiluules east
1600 iet tup at u-Sihta aurvey and place of
Beginning st the Identical place of discovery
a pine puai 4i4 Inch five teet lung marked C
L 67 l l.o : tn i nee .cuth 13 degrete 17 minutes
i.a, luo leet curmr Nu Kcauun, c ri,erNof
Capen claim aLd poet 12-7 this aurvey marxed
tlto u 8 u 67 f iSfjr eumer No IJ; thenee
aoulh 13 degrees 17 minulea easilio leet cor.
ner nul lucatiin, corner No 6 t apan claim and
post 12-7 this survey u,rk.d alae li eL67P
i3 tor t rner o 13; tbence nurtu ladegreee 17
minutes west 200 leet to curmr No 1 lucatlua
aud puat No 6 this survey maraed also II tL
67 t 14 lor eoiner No 14; tbeLCe
euuth 76 degrees 43 u.ti.utes weat 112.4 teet in.
temct suutu-weai side line fcliex Lot No 64 st
a point north US decrees 33 minutes weat let T
net I rom corner Nu V aaid claim; S20.1
feet lut rteia KUib-ea-t tide line T eaaire
Lot No 66 at a point ,ou h 44 uegrees 4u niinuita
went 24 7 Let i com curner No 3 ui said cia m
f0B.4 net lu cvtui No 2 location aid inttiuct
line ceinmcn io Deuruck ana 'I n aaure, it No
66, a' a luiut st u b 14 uertta i n Inut seat
16 1 tut ir..m comer No 4 oi talu euivey a
pine puat 4x4 m. h five lout 1 tg, markeu U s! L
67, p 16 lur corner No It; men. suutu 44 de.
gises 4V minutes west 112 6 feet, b tic. culm
w.a lueaieu Connty Commlasluneis have
widened the road a. thie point, and at et 6 leet
ou this line le aet a piue pore 4x4 IlcL Ave. Iiat
lung m.r.e.l C B L 67. P , w O lor oltnesa
turner lo corner No 16; theme aouth 13 aagree
17 minutes eaat lium proper pol .t along aouth.
eat eud Hue of elm to 6 teet to euruer He
4 location, a pine po.t 4X4 Inch five leet loci
ni.rk.d U M L 61, P IT lor curuir No 17; the ce
auuih 40 degreea 66 mlnutea ea.l 112 net to
c rner No t lucatiou, .aid coruer being an lroa
piu in idge ot ro.d to Bu UiiiVllls; thence
ui rib 7 degrees 43 minute, eaet at 7 feet set a
pine puat 4x lich fi e tett long marked U 8 L
(ii. P 13, W u lor wuuees co.ner to corair No
It); ibeice tir h 76 degrees 43 mtuutee esal
Iroui proper point aloug auuih. aat aide 1 ne of
claim 100.3 leet ton rner No 4 location Capea
cLim and inter ect aonthtaal stue line of
Trtaeure, ot N 1 66, at a point H 44 decrees 42
miLute. wist 402.2 fest I mm cuutr No of
sai t cialm; (41 feel to post No 13-12 7ul this
survey, place of beginniaff . r
Beginning at the Identical place of dlecovery,
a 4x4 inch five loot long 1 Ins poet marked U a
L 67 Disc; tbence north 13 degrees 17 minutes
west lu leet to comer cornet No I lor a Ion and
1 at 13-13-7 of ibis aurvav. maiked aim n i.
67, P i lor corner Mo 12; thenee south 13 4a-
i"'"" miuuii a eaat u it el to corner No 1
iocailio aid poet Moll this snrvet, marked
also U e) L 67. t 20 tor corn, r Mo Sot tntnee
nth 7lld.gr.es 43 uiLatis weat 702 leet to
corner No 2 location, a pine post 4x4 li.cb five
foot lui g piue putt maiked ki 8 L 67. P 1 lue
cororr Nu 21; thence noilb It degree. 17 mla
uiea ncei iuu itet tocorntrno a location ana
liiteiHctsuuiheael side line Treasure, Lot Mo
66, at a Hint SLUih 44(leraes4 minutes west
622.1 leet lium Liur No t of said Clam, a
plno p st Ixt 1 cb five feel long marked till,
67 , p 22 lur corner 93, whence corner avtBiaoa
to Be. tton.2'2,23. 26, S7, Toanahlp 1 north of
r ange 67 eaat. al li M. beara anntn n A.r.MM
12 m nutes west 4M t feel distant! thence
noitb 44dgreee 4 minute esat 1MI 9 feet to
corner Nu 4 ot lecanon, a 4x4 inch five leet
long pine post markid U a L 67, P 33 (or corner
No 23; thene north deanea 43 b.iauim a.at
141 82 leet lo port ,2-13-12-7 this survey, place
of begin- ing Lvniamlnf a total areaef 26.90
acre., d.vlued as lollow.: Jig claim, l 9 acne;
Poorman's rroapect claim, b .89 acres; Tottnattl
claim, tH acres; Aiulun claim, 1(4 acres
utpen ci.lm 3.U4 aores. The area eliminated
from .tbls euivey I : .26 sere In cotfl.cl with
P 8 Lot No 64. i n Poormsn's Prrspect slalmi
.( t aeie In roi fllct, with 11 8 Lot 64. Albion
claim, aid 1 SI acres la cotfllct wltti V 8 Lot
16, on Albion claim. Total coi fllct, i n sens.
Tbe net aro claimed b-li,g 24 21 acreei all sit
u.t d in section 23, T 1 M, II 67 M, M p M, aad
unly recorded In the office of tbe Btoorder of
said Ely MlLlog Llstnet.
The nearest k .uwn locations are the Cache
snd Hllex, U b Lot Mo 44, on lbs northwest,
and the iresaure lode, V a Lot (t,oa the south
Any and sll persons elslsolaa adveraelv anv
portion of said Pooiman Consolidated surety
No 67. or eur'sce eruund. are nouitMl tat Ala
tnelr adverse rlalma wltn the Me.l.ter of the
United 8 at s Land Alee at Lareke, In the
mate of Nevada, during tha period ol publica
tion hereof, or thi y will be barred by vlrtne oi
tbe provision of the statutes.
J. P, DUXKLK, lUflstef.
It Is hsrabv ordarad that tha faree-nlfie swattee
of applicsilon for patent be publlihed for the
period of siity oaya (ten eonaerw Ve weeks) la
tbe Piorhe Weekly ftsooan, a weekly newana.
rer published at Pioche, Llnoola eeaaly, Is
vaqa. t ,
t aah9 ). t,tVMlLM,twUu:

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