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NO. 1J).
Milford and Pioche
Seventeenth Session.
Doings For The Past Week.
The Senate was called to order at noon by
Lieutenant Governor Sadlei, who delivered
his address to the members. Chief Justice
Bigelow was etcorted to the Senate by a
committee. He then administered the oath
of office to the members, the roll was called
and ill members present.
Senator Tatchen nominated J. K. Gignoux
for President pro tern, and Senator Summer,
field nominated Chas. Kaiser for the same
position. The result of the vote was 11 for
Ciyuoux and 4 for Kaiser. The rules of the
sixteenth season of the Nevada Legislature,
wei'u adopted to govern the present session.
The committee appointed to wait upon
Oovernor June reported that he would
send his communication at a further time.
Cumins Concurrent resolution No con
eeruing the indebtedness of the Central
Pacific railroad, directed to our representa
tives in ConcreS'. Federal relations.
Veto message of ex Governor C'uleord, hill
relating to the open and c'neu seaonn Ur
6sh, Veto was sustained by a unanimous
Senators Patchen aud Summertield w re
appointed joint coiniuitteeoien upon the part
of the Seriate to procure rooms for the
Senate and Assembly committees.
Patchen introduced the fust Senate bill of
the session: "An Act supplementary to an
Act concerning crimes and punishments."
It makes it a misdemeanor for males to de
clare carnal knowledge of the other ?ex.
Judiciary Committee.
Resolution by Wilson. That every mem
ber be allowed $10 for stationery. Referred
to the Ways aud Means committee.
S. B. No. 4 Introduced by Hkagi;, pro
viding for a uniform examination of teachers.
Kducation committee.
Senate Joint P-esolution No. 4. Relative
to the construction of the Irrigation Canal.
Federal Relatiou committee.
Senati) Coucm rent Resolution No. 3 came
hack from the Assembly with an incomplete
history. Mr. Comitis as a committee of one
corrected the history of the bill. Summer-
field moved from authentifiuation
of hi au.
tion. Lost. The resolution
was placed on its final possagi
to 3.
Secretary of State Howell
I'asswl 10
!i till!
Lower House to Older and Allun of Churchill
was chosen temporary Speaker. Noel of
Storey was selected as Speaker pro tem. ami
the proceedings was tangled up considerably.
After patient unwinding, matters were
straigtenod out and a committee was sent
for Chief Justice Bigelow to administer the
oath of office to the members
The vote for permanent Speaker was taken
and Denton of Lincoln county nominated
Alleu of Churchill, and Beals of Storey
Dominated Conboie of Storey. The vote by
roll call stood 17 for Allen and 12 for
Conboie, Allen was declared Speaker pro
tem by acclamation. The Assembly was
then ready to transact business.
Beck asked leave to to introduce a resolu
tion out of order relating to calling a Con
stitutional Convention aud electors are rec
commended to have the question voted upon
in 1890.
Senate convened with President Sutler
in the chair. Concurrent resolution amend
ing Constitution relative to lotteries referred
to Judiciary. Summerfield of Washoe,
offered Senate concurrent resolution No. 1,
opposing the Reilly Funding Bill in Con
gress. Message from Governor Jones was read
and 12000 copies ordered printed.
Assembly called to order by Speaker
Allen. The Speaker announced the stand
ing committees for the term.
Constitutional amendment rclativo to
striking the word "male" from State Con
stitution, referred to judiciary.
Denton, of Lincolu, introduced concurrent
resolution No. 3, relative to the free and un
limited coinage of silver at the ratio of 10 to
1. Referred to committee on federal rela
tions. Leaveof absence was granted to Assem
blyman Conboie.
Beck presented Assembly concurrent reso
lution No. 4, instructing our Senators ami
requesting our Congressman to vote against
the Reilley or any other similar bill. It was
moved and carried that resolution be read
by title and referred to the Committee of
the Whole.
Gorman of Kurek will introduce a bill
mending the Australian ballot law, substi.
tuting stamp for a pencil in marking the
ballots by the voters.
By Noel "An Act to rpgiilato estates of
deceased persons" A discussion here nroso
as to the reading of the full text of the bill
Tho Speaker ruled that reading by title the
first and Bocond times was sufficient, but
was not sustained by the House. The bill
in question contains 240 pages, 157 of which
were read.
Maute gava notice of a bill relative to the
fees of Justice of the Peace. Also a bill
relative, to the payment of State monies.
Washington, January 24, 1S93.
Although some of the members of the
House Pacific Iiailroa la Committee say that
committee will report favorably a bill for the
settlement of the debts duo from those
companies, aud that it will be aliko satis
factory to the Government aud the railroad
people, few believe that this Congress wil
legislate ou the question, although the town
is full of people directly interested in it.
The decision of the House Judiciary Com
mittee to reopen the case of Judge Ricks, of
Ohio, after having once ordered an impeach
ment resolution to be reported to tho House,
is regarded by nearly everybody as indicat
ing that the committee will not report the
impeachment resolution at all. An enor
mous amount of pressure has been and is
being brought to bear on mpmhers of the
committee in behalf of Jutle Kicks, uml it
is said that Representative ISailcy of Texas,
who has been pushing the impeachment and
who is now very much disgusted, may make
some sensational disclosures ou the floor of
the House concerning the matter.
Many have been the attempts to formu
late a compromi-e financial bill that can
command a majority of both House and
Senate, but up to this time the would be
compromisers, or the pretended compro
misers, as many think them to be, have not
succeeded in producing a bill that eouhl be
passed by either House or Senate. There is
a suspieiou, as yet not very eleaily defined,
that somo people ure not near so unxious
for financial legislation as they appear to be
unless they can get it just exactly as they
want it. In other words, they are perfectly
willing to adopt a comproniisc measure if
the other fellows will give up all their de
mands aud not ask them to give up any
thing. Everybody knows that sort of a
compromiser. Senator Sherman calls his
bill for the issue of three per cent gold
bonds, upon which national banks may
issue circulation up to the par value, a com
promise measure, hut it is not so regarded
even by members of his own party. Repre
sentative Walker, of Mais., ho also has a
compromise bill, says the .Sherman bill can
never pass, and calls attention to the fact
that for twenty years periodical attempts to
pass a bill in the lloiue, allott ing national
banks to issue currency up to the par value
of bonds deposited by them, have been made
and that they have all failed. Mr. Walker's
bill is the shortest yet introduced. It
simply gives the Secretary of the Treasury
authority to issue three per cent short time
coiu builds to relieve the treasury. The
Silver men will support no hill that does
not provide for unlimited coinage, ami with,
out their support no hill can pass.
Delegate Flynn, of Oklahoma, thinks the
half breeds are at the bottom of much of the
trouble of the Indians and he attempted to
get the Indian Appropriation hill amended
so to provide that every person in the
Indian and Oklahoma territories, in whom
the white bloud predominates, shall be con
sidered to be a white person, become a citi
zen of the Uuited States, and be precluded
from hulding office in any Indian Govern
ment; but the amendment was ruled out on
a point of order.
Slavics of Andrew Jackson, called out by
the recent celebrations of the auniveisary of
the battle of New Orleans, are still going
the rounds of the newspapers. Here is one
of the latest: When Jacksou was President
during his first term, Secretary Cass sug
gested to the sturdy old veteran that the
Whig incumbent of a certain olfice ought to
be retained because he was specially quali
fied for its duties. Old Hickory bluntly re.
plied: "If you have au oilice that a Demo
crat cannot fill, abolish the office."
tviiy i.'ui!iwrii'. iou uoiiry is i.ircuinr.
Tho northern boundary lino of Deia
wuro is circular bi'causo tho charter
given to Poun r.tiitcs that Pennsylvania
was to bo "bonniled on tho cast by the
Delaware river from 13 miles distant
north of New Castlo town until tho three
mid fortieth degree of north latitude,"
and that tho (southern boundary was to
bo "a circle drawn at 13 miles distant
from tho town of New Castlo northward
and westward until tho fortieth decree
of north latitude and then by a straight
lino westward." Thin makes a circular
boundary for northern Delaware una
voidable, and tho facts nbovo set forth
explain a geuranhical curiosity that baa
puzzled many students. St. Louis Re
public. A Woril Tor Farmers.
Tlio great drawback on many farms io
tho highest r.uccess with cows is tho
want of good past tiro. Many pastures
are stocked. with early grasses which
give t fair amount of feed early in the
season, but after tho last of July begin
to fail, and through tho remainder of tho
season afford but scanty feed. There is
bntono way for tho farmer to bridge
this chasm of poor pasturage, by adopt
ing a partial soiling system that is, to
get near tho full benellt of his dairy.
Lewiston Journal,
Mutual Keci'l in hint ion.
Cora I hear you keep bad company.
Jack (fiercely) Tell mo who said it,
dud I'll shoot 'cm! I'd rather bo t lau
t'ered myself than to have one talk about
our being bad, darling! Exchange.
Ono person out of every seven in the
United Kingdom is a depositor in the
postolllce savings banks, which have
nearly 1800,000,000 deposits.
Delinquent Mat of Properly for th Year
lN'.H, Lincoln County lNevutla.
Notice ift hereby given to those whom it may con
cern, ami to the following namad persons, aud to
all owners of, or claimants to, thereat eat ate aud
ithrtruvemeiitH thereon, or improvements when
aavuswd separately, hereinafter described, known
or unknown, that the taxes, for btato and
County purposes for tho year A. D. 1893, assessed
afiainst the following described ploceaor parcels of
property are now delinquent; that ten per cent
penalty and two dollar :!.U0 cost of advertising,
has been added in each case, and that any piece or
parcel of property upon whU'b said taxes, penalty
aud costs shall remain unpaid on
JANUARY, 1895,
or so m u of t'acli p,irttl ufl w'll pny thu amount
of luxes, deliuqut ucy and co.-tK auitst It, will he
tin Id liy me, an County Treasurer nud J-lx-tUhclo
Tax Iteceiver uf said County of Lincoln, at pj
o'chvk M . of Miid day, at the in nt door of the
court h.niBe, at tin- t.twn of I'ii die. In ;aiti county,
to satis'y such taxed, delinquency ami costs. NmM
sHle.'i will be imuie sutjccl to redemption willit'i
hix liiuwhs after the ti.ite of sale, by pay. !n-Ut of
at) the sums nfi-ess";! alumni enrh p.iree! , to,;etli.r
wiMifhr.o percent per month thereon li-urn tije
d:ite "1 Mile un'.H j:iiii. in aeeurJiiiue -Ailli tb piM
vM'ais c' Ht et ion 0 of tin act ft the Lejisl:t .(n- oi
the eit!ite oi N.ivaiU, npproveri March l2ih, 1SM5,
pice in.
I'io-he, iie. mher 2.1, IKKI.
W. .1. Dv LliY,
County Trmsur, r :tn:l lix-i U'u:o Tux Ki'iviv r if
Lincoln County, NiYftihi.
limit ltunn - l'"ee simple tide l 1 lot and impts,
hit li, hlojk '.!; fee simple title to 1 lot and impts,
lot 41 hilt 3ti; fee simple tllle to 1 lot and impts,
lot 18. blk 1H; t:ix 7,;ii, poll tax $ s, IVJinKy , .?t,n,J,
A'lv $1, total fbl.Hl.
Delmue .los Fee simple title to 1 let and impts,
on Cedar street, lot blk '25; tax i,tl3, penalty
2li?,adv 12, totnl 4,KU.
Kstate ol' Hoi iililer -li'ce simple title to 2 lots and
impts, lot 37, bib IM; tax $1,6J, penalty ltic, adv f'i,
total f:t,er.
Frai kfl John VoKHi'hsory claim to all of block 10
and impts; tax i'J,'M, poll tax penalty $l,2:i, adv
2, tot tl $15,(11.
Ileitzleman P- lVe simple title to lot 111, bll; 25;
tax ii7i , penalty 3c, adv 2, total f-i,-U).
Jose Win- l'oHcNsory claim to one lot and inipls
on Main street, lot l.blk 'it); tax penalty ltic,
adv total f;i,H5.
MeKinzie HukIi IMssessory claim to a cabin iu
tho war of lol 17, bll; 31, Fioehc; tax 1,IVJ, pimlty
Hie, adv $2, t -.ital .l,nB.
Nevada Htiitfe ,fc Transportation Co. Fee simple
titlo to 2 lutM tt mi impts, lots 17 ami IK, blk 3i; tux
$1,13, penalty lie, adv $2, total $3,24.
I'it'1'non .lames Fee simple title to 1 lot DaviH
street, lot 31, blk 2'-; tax $4,12, penalty 41c, adv
t'dal ffi,.r3
Sht-rwoort Mr Kate Fee simple title to 4 bts
and impts, Main Ft. lots 3K, 37, 3H, 3:1, blk 30; fen
simple title to 2 lot and impts, Wandell st, lots
blk 31; tax $21.37, penalty $2.13, adv $2,
total $25 60.
Vnk;i;)wn Oxnov-. Fed sintli'o title to two loM.
lots 7 nnd77 blk 2 i; tax 37c, r nalty 4e, adv $2,
Abbott Myron-Tossessory claim to 30 acres land
and implH about mile -fst rf Itunkerville; t-tx
11,03; poll tax 3, penalty 1,45, adv '2, total 17, 1W.
Aekerman Ida I'ossessory claim to 3(10 acres of
land on applii No 10.H17, bein tho o hf of sec 22,
and the n e qtr of u o qtr sec 27, T 24, r 5ti; tax
$1 (11, penalty ltic, adv $'2, total $7,07
Adair Win I'or'Si rtsory claimto a lot and iiupU
In Clover Valley, 100 yds east of school house: tax
$2,21, peualty 22r, adv $2, total $4,4(i.
Ah "lieu Push jssory claim to lot an 1 impts In
Ilelene; tax 71c, p ll tax $3 penalty 'Ale, adv $2
total $t.08
Ancona David A Possessory claim to 040 nrres
land appln No y.7ii'., beiu all of sec 21 T 20, r 02 e;
tax $H,l(i, penalty 81c, adv $2, total $IO,t7.
Atchison Lawson Fee simple title to lot and
impts in Panaca; lot 24, blk 25. tax 10,30, ponahy
i,u.f, aav , lotai l.i.aa.
liarnhart ClmsPossessory claim to HO acres land
appln No 11.4H4 being s hf of s w qtr sec T 20 H (il;
tax $1,IH, penalty 10c, adv $2, total $:j,l(i.
liarbee Henry 11 PoHaessory elaim to C0C acres
land appln No 10,402, being s w qtr boo 21 and s hf
sec 21 and n hf of 8 w qtr see 29 and n w qtr of r e
qtr see 2!) all in T '20 r 01 K; tax $7,03, penalty "tic,
adv $2, total 10,30.
Uarber K W Possessory claim to 040 acr-s loud
appiu No 10,401, being n w qtr Bee 22 and n e qtr
sec 21 aud s e qtr sou 21 and u e qtr hec 2H all in T
20 s, rOlo; tax ftf.lG, penalty 81c, adv $2, tuttl
BeliowsFred Possossury claim to 40 acres land,
including springs, known an Mountain Springs, 15
miles tutt of l'auu.ia and about qtr milo north of
roa t from Panaca to Desert Hprings, with a corra'
on above html; tax $ 1,73, penalty 32c, adv $2 total
Bighy Ella T Possessory claim to 610. HH acron
laud on appln No 10.710, being s w qtr of a w qtr
sec 32, and s hf of s W qtr of U 0 qtr Sec 21 T 24 U, r
B7e, and so qtr of h hf of no qtr se 3t!, T 21 r
fiti; tux $0.67, penalty 05.-, adv ;2, total $H,i2.
Hlgley Edward A Possessory claim to 20 acres
laud on applu No 10.815, being s w qtr of seqtr
and n In of h w qir, and h hf of s w qtr sec 23,
and 8 hf of s w qtr we 15, nil in I 24 r 50 e; tax $3.55
penalty :(Sc, adv $2, totnl $5 no.
High-y Jennie PosK.'K.-y claim to 281.00 acrts
I'D luu appln No 1(1,741, being lots 1, 2,3,4,5,0,
and the s w qtr of n o qtr and s e qtr of n w qlr cf
sec 0, T 25 r 07 e; ponj.eH-ory claim to HO at! res
land on appln No 10.757, being s hf of s w qtr see
23, T 24 r 60; tax $1,01, penalty 4le, a-v $2. total
I'd'ib'y J'lsephine-Po.esHory claim to 020 04
acrt'S of land on Appln No 10.810, being lots 1 and
2, and n a qtr of s w qtr and w hf of u w qtr t-ec 22,
aud lots 1 and 2. : ml n e qtr ol n o qtr sec 21, and
s e qtr ami lo's 1 aiid 2. and n e qtr of s w qtr sec
10,and n w q'r of p w qtr sec 15, and o hf of n w
qtr sec 22, all in T 2i r 50; tax $7,'."J, penalty 7lfc,
adv $2, total $Ui,7H.
Bigley Peter T Posses-wiry claim to 007.20 acres
land on appln No 10,740, beings e qtr of s e qtr
and n hf of n e qtr an I n w qtr tf n o qtr of a w
qtr and lots 1 and ?, s-c30,and lots l mtd 2 and
n e qtr or n e qtr set: 3", and s w qtr sec 25, all in
v z ron; tax Ii.mi. penalty 7c. adv tota
Hisnop I, r Possessory claim to a lot and impls
In lioyal City northwest of Wes Williams lesldencc;
tHX 0.02, poll tnx 3, p-'imlty Olh, adv j, total 12 01,
llosKoitz Jl i) - Poesory eliilm to 12(1 scren
land atqdn No 1 1.20J, being s w qr of n e qlr and
W hf (1'Hf qtr see 10 T 2t r 02 e; tax $1,00. peimlly
i'.', adv $2, totnl f3,7l
liriekwedel June A Po.-itesMury claim to (P.O. 10
neres land ou appln No in,".), bein the w hf i(
u w n'r sue 2 and s iitr ol seqtrauduhl oise
qtr M,d n e qtr of v qt-, and hts 1 snd 2, ainl n
lit or see an aim lot v ut wo 27, all in T 24 r 50
e; tax $7,00, pe-mlty "0c, adv t, total $lll,7rt,
Itrown 1' W eiA. H. 'Ihoinp on lfv simple
title to a lot mi inni:i street Itristol, known as
brawn's s'lloop; tix 35c penalty 3c, adv $2, total
Itrown lthola--Posserimry clf.lin to 30.75 aTes
lsnd aipln No 0 011, being lot 4 of n w qtr sec 3
T 17 T OH e; tax 53 e, penalty 5L', adv $2, total $2 fiH.
Citrson Ham PoMSfMovy claim to a lot and lmptH
in PUver Valiev nonheast of L h Woods residc-iieH.
Possewory elaim to :i lot In Clover Valiev east of
W II Crow's cabin. Posnessnry claim to i5acrea
lnd in Clover alley, the lowest piece of land in
the vtdb j; tax f 18,04, poll ia" $t, penalty $2,10,
ailv $2, total 2),ho.
Christie Cora L PossesMry claim to 120 aerH
Isnd appln No 11,503, being nhfofse qtr and s
w qtr et n e qir sec i.s w, r ii; ix l.tii), penally
10c, adv $2. total $3 70
Oox Mrs Knima Possrsaory claim to 100 acres
land i pplu No 4 Mil, being u e qtr of n wqtr sec 13
e hf of s w qtr and n w qtr of a w qtr s t 12 nil in T
10,r07, PossesKory clulm to 152 acres land and
Impls on appln No 4,010, being a hf of n w qtr, li e
qtr of s wqtr n w qtr of s e qtr sec 13 T 10, r07.
Possessory claim to 120 acres land appln No 5.221,
being s hf of n e qtr, n qtr of s o qtr sec 11 T 10,
r 07; tax 18,28 poll tax 3, penalty 2,12, adv 2, total
I 25,40.
I.eaveg Mlilori ovt'fy uioniiUK excoiit Moailay
t 7 ::iu o'clock.
I,eve Tioclie
at 8 o'clock.
ovury luoruing except Sunday
Through Faro each way, - . . 12.50
Kt-ducUou ou round trip ticket.
Freight at rcanoiiaulp ralcn. For partinilars call
'li K. 8. THOMPSON I'locbo Ayeut.
Fop a
prompt answer nnd nn honest opinion, writo to
1H V N N iv CO., who have had nearly fifty veara
experience In tho patent husinenB. Communira
t ions st i iet ly confidential. A II undbook of ln
fornmtion concerniiitf I'litentN and how to ob
tain them sent free. Alsoa Catalogue Qt mechan
ical and selentitio hooks sent free.
Patents taken tlmnuzh Munn &, Co. rccelvo
special notlee in tho Keieiitille Ahum ienn. ami
thus arc brouuht widely hetorolho puhliuwlth
out crwt to tho inventor. This splendid paper.
Issued weekly, elemmtly tllnst rated, has by far t ho
Inmost circulation of nnv scientific work In tho
world. W.l a year. Hnmple copies sent free.
ituiidtng Kdition, monthly, f'-ViOn Tenr. Hinple
copies, '-i-l cents. Kvery iiumher contains tienu
titul plates, in colors, and pbotocruplis of mw
houses, with plans, ennblimi builders to show tho
latest desitrna nnd socurocnntriirts. Address
MUNN & TO., NiiW VoiiK, 'Mil BllOAUWAV.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Richard Gorman, Deceased.
HEHT, AclmiiiiHtrntiir nt tho KUto ol Illch
anl (Jnrniau, di'iTaw'd, tn tho crlitoM of, and all
pi'rmniK liavinK cIhIiiib ftMaiimt hahl ohIhIo, o ox
hibit th?m, wilh tho iH'eeKHiiry vonchorB, within
four months aftor tho llrt pnlillcntion of thin
notice, to the Ailminihlrator, at hin olllco at tho
Oonrt Hoiibo In riocho, In tho County of Lincoln,
Htalc of Novii'ia. .1. o. OK1.AI1KHT,
Ailniiiitatrnt.ir or tho Kutato of Uichar.l Oornian,
iiatctl I'incho, Ncvnd'i, -Innuary 5th,
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Pnlr Highest Award.
Redemption Fund.
Treasurer's Oflioe:
To tho holders of crtinrntcn of ludclitcdness of
Lincoln County, a'-cru-d prior t.i tho 1st of April,
A.I). 1K7.).
WhrcM, Thorc in now tho mini of f 'Jls.M In tho
Ki'doniptlon Fund, I hori'by notify the lioldcru of
Raid in:Iebt!-diioRrt tlut Kdod prop..n:ilH for Iho
miiii'iidor ol the sanio will ba rocoivi'd at my ollico
up to tho'Jlfit dny of Jnnu?iry. A. I). Mills, in acconl
nncw vith un Act of tlio LcioHlahiro of the Ktnto of
Nevada, Approved March 4th, 1H75.
W J. DOOI.KY.OonutvTreiiBiiror.
Dated I'iccho, Nevada, Docrndier 1!J, lH'.lt.
We Have Money to Loan
On Farm or CHy Properly In any section of
country where properly has a iixed market value.
Money ready for immediate loam where security
and titlo is need. No eoHimtsHtou. Wo Hnliclt
applications. llanUn furiiiHhed upon reiiucMt.
AI.1.UV CO.. 4l).ttJ. llro.idwiiy N
Notary -:- Public.
Ollico iu the County Assessor's room at
tho Court-house.
Notary Pujlic.
Geo. S. Sawyer,
Attorney and Counseilor-at-law,
Ollico in
I i.jni u , llloi li.
4 -U T H U U
in Re-opeiiml, tlinrounhly renovated and in
l''irt I'la-s uliape.
Meal Tickets, 3 for $l
BOARD $25 Per Month.
I'reMi ItliKAK - riKS . and CAKES
reaily nnd for s:ilo Every Day.
Cood Servlco and Satisfac
tion Guaranteed.
t a wni 1.1 1 1 w, 1 1 uiuk inniiixa kj. m
Main Street, Pioche, Nevada,
Iron, Steel and Pumps, Belting, Packing
and Hose, Machinist's, Blacksmith
and Carpentex Tools, Steam
Water and Gas Pipe,
Guns, Rilles. Pistols and Ammunition, Cutlery of Every
Crockery and Classware, Agricultural Implements
and Wagons, Hardwood and Wagon Material, Sash,
Doors and Blinds, Paints, Oils and Class, Prepared
Iron Roofing, Pitch, Tar and Resin, Rope and Naval
Stores, also a
Complete Assortment of House Furnishing Goods.
Giant, Blasting and Gun Powder, Fuse, Candles,
In connection with the establishment is a complete Shop, and am pre
pared to execute promptly all orders for Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Work.
Steam, Air, Water and Exhaust Pipe, Plumbing and Pump Work.
The Stock comprises tho Best Grade of Goods obtainable, and Price
are Redud'ed to a figure that Defies Competition.
3?niC3a TO .XiXjI
Finest Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
IIiuhest Cash Trioe Paid for Utah
parilla, Cream, Strawberry ami
Low Rates
Ground Floor, Thompson's
Funeral Equipments
Kvery Description
Can be Obtained at the UNDERTAKING
Establishment of
John Franks.
Malu Stront. Next door to the God bo Mercantile
Co'tt tstoro.
Prompt Service !
Ijcrw Plates.
Trade 1,
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KaHlly Aili.M. A NotirKIitr of Wool.
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Otftt. 4S8 Cil.l;:in5i. U4 fKMOIS. Wcuw: 43S Itnwai H
Pjioducb. Salt Lake Bottled Beer, Sanv
Lemon Soda, at Wholesale and Retail.
and Free Delivery.
Opera House, Main St., Ploch
1 h newjpiper defnteil to th bait InCoreiti (
the Westarn Blopt, and particularly to th dTl
opment of tho Intennountaln oountry.
Viii advertising purposea lnoomparablT tk
butt paper batwean San FraBoltoa aaa D.nrai
Dally, 36S lunii per yaar S1S.00
Weekly, la pp. 06 cob, parr... 8.00
Weekly, Hi months 1(0
Weakly, three niontha, IS
addrem, THE TlIBUNB,
Salt Laki Citt, Otah.
The Best
MONEY bJ2,Mr . n .
you iniii hlnea cheaper limn yon can
Ket plRcwIierc. Tlio NEW HOMK la
our lii Kt, hut we ninke, lieper klnele,
Iho I.IBIAX nnd IDEAL for S.OO
and up. C ull ou our agent or write
lis. We want your trnde). and If
prlreK, Iciiim nnd ttq 11 nrc deallnic will
win, wo will hHveit. Ve cliBllennre
tlio world to lirodiire a KKTTKR
$50.00 Seivlu;: 1)3 :i i III 110 for fSO.OO
tlinn dm NEW HUilK, or a better
$:t0.on Sowing IflHchine for fSO.OO
than I lie t'l.li'f AX,or a better $15.00
Il a eh I ne lor $45.00 than the IDEAL.,
wlileh you can buy i'rotn ua or our
Ornxna, Mif. Eoto, Hm. St Vnvtx SW1RI.M.X
fun-Ad", Hi. Br. l.irw,AIo. Iuu.il, TtxtM.

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