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Full Text of Nevada's
m Election Law.
Voters Should Read and Study
It's Provisions.
Approved Mureh 13, 1891.
The People of the State of Xevadn,
represented iu Seunte and Assembly,
do enact as follows:
Section 1. AH ballots cant iu eleo-
Snbsc tioug for public olUcers within this State
ball be printed and distributed at
expense, as hereinafter provided. The
printing of general tlekuts and curds of
44l instruction for the electors of each
county, and the delivery of fie souie to.
the eleciion officers, as provided for In
Ent this Act, shall be a county charge, the
Soi payment of which Bliall be provided
for In the same mauuer as the payment
ni ' 'uer cunty expenses, unci in dine
1 of separate eleVnn for city toyn or
respoi distriot officers, ftie printing aid doli
Deli very ' l'ele''' BI"1 -'arda of instruction
w shall be oharged upon the city, town
' or district in which said tickets and
cards are to be ued, the payment of
whb'h shall be provided lor in the khiiio
if manner as the payment of other cily,
county or ditiet expenses.
Sxc. 2. Any convention as herein-
after defined, held for the purpose of
making nominations for public office,
"8ue,and also electors to the number hero,
jginuftor speuilied, may nominate eiuicli
, datos for publio offices, to bo tilled by
" 'election within the State. Aconven.
jetion within the meaning of this Aet is
,an organized assemblayo of delegates
1 " representing a political party, which,
rj(;Ht the last election, before the holding
our,of such convention, polled at leasts
per cent of the entire vote cast in the
Th.State, county, district or other porti
on ncl' division, lor which the nomination
is made.
Boi Sec. 3. All uominotions made by
2g jjBiicli convention sliall be oertitieil as
follows: The certificate of noiiiiiui
Afttion, which must be In writing, shall
Dooltcoutain the name of each pnrson nomi
nated, his residence and office for which
Mr he Is nominated, and shnll tlofciguule
week the party or principle which such con
DeLavention represents. It shall besiuned
by the Chairman and Secretary of such
Asi convention, who shall add to their sig
stage natures their respective places of rei
week de"ce make oath before an officer
authorized to administer the same, that
Jot the matters stated in such cerlilicato
distri ttre rue ,ne ")8st "' l'",'r knowledge
and belief, and certifleilo ol the said
sever onlll Bua i,e urmuxei to said certificate
of nomination,
from Sko. 4. A caudidaie for public oftlco
may be nominated otherwise than by a
there convention iu the manner following: A
quiet certificate of nomination containing the
, name of the candidate to be nominated,
'with the other information required to
Salt I bo given in the certificate provided for
week i section 3 of this Act, shall be signed
,jay'g by electors residing within the district
or political division for which caiidi
D. dates are to be prosonted, equal iu nuni
evciiiber to at least 3 per cent ot the entire
Tim vo' 0M' ' 'he lust proceeding election
.j? in the State, district or political divis
w"8 vlon for which the nomination is to be
rj.nemade; provided, that such certificate
. , ahall not be valid unless signed by 3
sink a T0tera sigmitures need not all be
DeLai appended to one paper, but each signer
and n shall add to his signature his place of
residence. One of the signers of each
D- - such certificate shall swear that the
from statements therein made are true to the
has bt bost of his knowedge and belief, and a
will D oer'ifiettl ' sunn 0Btu shail be annex.
ad. Suoh certificate of nomination
Sine shall have the same effect as a certifi
been lcate ' nomination made by a party
... convention.
tmngl Sic. 5. Certificatesof nomination of
ally af candidates for offices to be voted for by
T, the electors of the entire State, shall be
1,18 tiled with the Secretary of State. Cer
ren0Tatificates of nomination of candidates
in tntifor all other publio offices shall be filed
tor" tl wlln tbo Clerks of the respective coun
ties wherein the officers are to be voted
The fcr, andwberea district embraces more
day ai than one county, such certificates shall
Sawyi be 0,6,1 w'tu Clerk of each of said
. counties,
voivn sI0, 6. No certificate of nomination
neys I shall contain the name of more than
one candidate for each office to be filled.
No "person shall join in nominating,
stage ' under provision of sec. 4 of this Act,
injure more than one nominee for each office
to be filled, and no person who has
voted in a convention, either in person
or by proxy, for er against a candidate
for any office, shall join in nominating,
in any manner, any other nominee for
that rtffinA a rwl tin nArann ahnll MCPHnL
with i
this is a iiomnati0n to more than one office,
call e, Sec 7. Certificates of nomination re
stisfa quired to be filed with the Secretary of
State shall be filed not more than sixty
-'nM days nor less than forty days before the
and rej day of election when the nomination is
quiet, made by a couveution, and not more
with a tnnn 8ixty days nor 1688 tlmn tmr,y day
, before the day of election when the
work o nomination is made under the provis-
Asne '0U8 ' ec''on 'our ' tu'8 Act- ,r'u
. , ficates ol nomination required to be filed
be don, with th)J CoaIlty clerks shall be filed
filed w not WOre than fifty days and not less
1890. than thirty days before the day of elect
meut ion, when the nomination is made by a
, convention ana not more tnannity clays
. nor less than twenty days before the day
ccntlyi0j eiction, when the nomination is
been cl made under the provisions of section
introdu four of this Act. Should a vacancy oo
neverc.cur ' from any cause in the list of
f. , nominees for any office, such vacancy
witmin may be flit,,, t any time boforo the day
Satur of election by the convention, or by a
., committee to which the convention has
expensr de,egnte(j tne p0Wer to fill vacancies, or
months. petitions, as provided in section four
fire app 0f this Act. ' The Chairman and Secre
attentic tary of the convention, or of such com
aional c mittee, or such petitioners, fhall make
and file with the proper officer a certifi
g cate.aetting forth the name of the person
handled nom'inatedto fill such vacancy, the office
gone an for which he is nominated, the name of
the sal the person for whom the new nomineo
t.nn.. is 10 be substituted, and such further in
7 formation a is required to be given in
rty m an original certificate of n omination.
perfect yrhsn suoh certificate is filed, the officer
with whom it is filed shall substitute the
name of the person therein for the origi
nal nominee, by printing, if practicable,
or by writing the name of the person
thus substituted.
Sec. 8. Not less than twenty-five
days before an election to fill any public
office, the Secretary of State shall certi
fy to the County Clerk of each couuty
within the ate tho name of each per
son, and tlie name of the office for which
he is nominated, us specified in the cer
tificate ol nomination filed with him.
Sec. a. Not less than ten days be
fore an election to fill any public offico
or offices, the Couuty Clerk shall oause
to be published all the nominations
certified to or filed with him.
SiUt nominations shall be
published in a newspaper
printed within the county. When no
newspaper is printed within the couuty,
tho publication shall be made by post
ing a copy of the ballot in a public place
in each election precinct within the
county, one of which copies shall be
posted at the court-house door. When
publication is made by printing in news
papers, at least two publications by such
newspaper shall be required, one of
which shall appear iu tho last regular
issue of such paper before election dny.
Sec. 10. When a proposed Constitu
tion, constitutional amendment or
other question is to bo submitted for
popular vote, the Secretary of State
shall certify the same to the several
County Clerks, and said County Clerks
shall publish the same us provided in
section nino of this Act.
Sec. 11. It shall be the duty of the
Comity Clerk to provide printed ballots
for every election for public offices in
which any voters within the county par
ticipate, and to cause to be printed iu
the ballot prescribed herein, the name
of each and every candidate whose
name has been certified to, or filed with
him, as provided in this Act. liallots
other than those printed, ns provided iu
thic Act, shall not be cast, or counted iu
any eleciion. All ballots shall bo print
ed on tinted paper, furnished by the
Secretary of State. It shall lie the duty
of tho Secretary of State to obtain, and
keep on baud, a sufficient supply of
such paper for ballots, and to furnish
tho same in quantities ordered, to any
Couuty Clerk. Said paper shall be
water marked with a design furnished
by the Secretary of State, iu such
manner that the said water-mark shall
be plainly disceruablo on the outside of
such ballot when properly folded. Such
design shall be changed for each general
election, and the same design shall not
be used again nt any general election
within the space of eight years, but at
any special or separate local election
paper marked with the design used at
any previous election may be Used.
Sec. 12. On each ballot a perforated
line sliall extend from top to bottom,
one-half inch from the right hand side
of such ballot, and upon the half-inch
strip thus formed there shall be no writ
ing or printing, except tho number of
the ballot, which shall be upon tho back
of the stiip iu such position that it shall
appear on the outside when the ballot is
folded. Tho number on each ballot
shall be the same as that on the corre
sponding stub, and the ballots and stubs
shall be numbered consecutively in each
county. Where the names of caudi
dates are printed in separate columns,
the columns shall be separntcd by heavy
rules, and on all ballots the names of
candidates shall be separated by a rule
extending to the extreme right of the
column. All ballots shall contain the
name of each and every candidate whose
Humiliation for any office specified in
tho ballot has been certified to and tiled
according to tho provisions of this Act,
and no other name. The names of the
candidates for each office shall be
arranged under the designation of the
office in alphabetical order, according to
surname, except that the name of candi
dates for'Presideutial Electors shall be
arranged in groups as presented iu the
several certificates of nomination, and
tho names of the candidates for Presi
dent and Vice President shall precede
the proper groups of Presidential Elect
ors; the political designation of each
candidate shall be printed opposite his
name. There shall be left at the end of
the list of candidates for each office one
blank space to be used when substituting
names to fill vacancies. There shall be
a margiu at the right hand side of the
names at least one-half inch wide, so
that the voter may clearly indicute iu
the way hereinafter described the can
didate or candidates for whom he wishes
to vote. Whenever any question is to
be submitted to the vote of the people,
it shall be printed upon the ballot in
such a manner as to enable the electors
to voto upon the question in the man
ner hereinafter provided. There shall
be printed on the ballots opposite the
designation of each office such words as
will aid the voter to indicate hi9 choice
of candidate such as "vote for one"
vote for three" and the like.
Sec. 13. All ballots, when printed,
shall be bound in stub books of fifty
and one hundred ballots each. A
record of the number of ballots printed
lor theia shall be kept by the respec
tive County Clerks.
Sko, 14. The County Clerks shall
provide for each election prccinot in
the county wherein less than twenty
five voters are registered fifty ballots,
and iu all other preincts one huudred
ballots for each fifty or fraction of fifty
voters registered In the precinct.
Sec 15. Whenever it shall appear.
by affidavit, that an error or omission
has occurred in the publication of the
name or description of any of the can
didates nominated, or In the printing
of tho ballots, any member of the
Hoard of County Commissioners, upon
application by any voter, shall issue an
order reqnir ng the County Clerk to
correct such orror.
Seo. 10. licfore the opouiug of the
polls at any election, tho County Clerk
shall cause to be delivered to the
Hoard of election of each election pre
cinct in his county the proper number
of tickets of the kind to be used in tho
election precinct. Iu case of proven
Hon of an election in any precinct by
reason of tho loss or destruction of the
ballots intended for that precinct, or
for any other cause, the Inspector or
other election officer for the precinct
shall make an affidavit setting forth the
tact and transmit it to tlie Governor of
the State. Upon receipt of such alh
davit, and upon the application of any
candidate for any office to be voted for
by tno voters of such precinct, the Uov
eruor shall order a new election in such
Hno. 17. At the same time and In
the same manner as Inspectors and
Judges of Election are now appointed
in the State, there shall be appointed
two Clerks of Kleotiou, who shall have
charge of the ballots on election day,
and shall furnish them to the voters
in the manner hereinafter providod
for. Said Clerks of Election shall
possess the same qualifications and
receive the same compensation as In
spectors of Election. Said Clerks
shall be selected from the political
parties which polled the largest and
the next largest votes iu the precinct
at the last preceding general election.
Sec. 18. The Board of Couuty Com
missioners shall provide at each poll
ing place within the county, a suffi
cient number of places, booths or
compartments, iu which voters may
conveniently mark their ballots, so
that iu the marking thereof they may
be screened from the observation
ot others, and a guard rail shall be so
placed that only such persons as are
iuside the rail can approach within six
feet of the ballot box, and of such
booths or compartments. Hie ar
rangements shall be such that neither
the booths or compartments shall
be hidden from the view of those just
outside the guard rail. The number of
such booths or compartments shall be
not less than one for each fifty or frac
tion of titty voters registered iu the pre
cinct. Each of said booths or com-
partments shall be kept provided with
proper supplies and conveniences for
marking ballots. No person, other
than voters engaged iu receiving, pre
paring or depositing their ballots, shall
be permitted inside said guard rail dur
ing the time the noils are open, except
uy authority ol tne iioara of Election,
and in that case only for the purpose of
keeping order and enforcing the law.
Seo. Any person desiring to vote
shall givo his address to one of the
Clerks of Election, who shall announce
the same, and if the other Clerk shall
find the name upon the registry list he
shall repeat the name and address.
One ballot shall then be given to tho
voter, and tho number of the said
ballot shall be written by one of the
Clerks of Election upon tho registry list
opposite the name of the voter roceiv-
inn it.
Smo. 20, On receiving bis ballot the
voter shall immediately retire alone to
one of the places, booths or compart
ments, lie shall prepare hi ballot by
marking a cross or X after the name of
the person for whom he intends to vote
lor each olhco. In caseof a constitution
al amendment or other questions sub
mitted to the voters, the cross or X
shall be placed after the answer which
he desires to give. Such marking shall
be none only with a black lead pencil.
Before loaviug the booth or compart
ment the voter shall fold his ballot in
such a manner that the water-mark and
the number of the ballot shall appear -
on the outside, without exposiug the
marks upon the ballot and shall keep it
so folded until he has voted. Having
folded his ballot the voter shall deliver
it to the Inspector, who shall announce
the name of the voter and the number
of his' ballot. The Clerk having the
registry list in his charge, if he finds
the number to agree with the number
of the ballot delivered to tho voter,
shall repeat the name and number, and
shall mark opposite the name the word
'voted.' The Inspector shall then
separato tho strip bearing the number
Irom tho ballot, and shall deposit the
ballot In ballot box. Said strip and
number shall be immediately destroyed.
Sec. '21. liutone person shall occupy
ouy one booth or compartment at one
time, and no person shall remain in or
occupy a booth or compartment longer
than may be necessary to prepare his
ballot, and iu no case longer than five
St:c. 22. Any voter who shall acci
dentally spoil a ballot may return such
spoiled ballot to the Clerks of Election,
and receive another iu its place. All
the ballots thus returned shall be im
mediately canceled, by writing the
word canceled across the face of the
ballot, and, with those not distributed
to tho voters shall be returned with the
election returns. A voterwho does not
vote tho ballot delivered to him shall,
before leaving the space inside tbe
guard rail, return such ballot to the
Clerks, who shall immediately cancel
the same and return it in the same
manner as a spoiled ballot. The Clerks
of Election sliall account for the ballots
delivered to them, by returning a suffi
cient number of unused and spoiled
ballots to make up, when added to the
number of official ballot cast, the num
ber of ballots delivered to them.
Seo. 23. A voter who declares under
oath, that by reason of physical disabil
ity, he is unable to mark his ballot,
shall at bis request be permitted to re
ceive the assistance, in such marking,
of an elector, other than an election
officer, but no person shall be permitt
ed to go inside the guard rail as an
assistant to more than one voter.
Sec. 24. No ballot shall be deposit
ed in the ballot box unless the water
mark, as hereinbefore provided, ap
pears thereon, and unless the slip con
taining the number of the ballot has
been removed therefrom by the In
spector. Sic. 25. The County Clork shall
cause to be printed, on plain white
paper, without water-mark or endorse
ments, except the words "sample bal
lot," at least three times as many
copies of the form of ballot provided
for in use in each precinct as there shall
be registered voters in such precinct,
such oopies shall be furnished to regis
tered voters at the office of said County
Clerk during office hours for five days
preceding the day of election ; provided
that not more than two of such sample
ballots shall be furnished to any one
voter, except upon the written ordor of
a voter, and not more than two of said
sample ballots shall be delivered on
such order. At least ns many sample
ballots shall be furnished by the
County Clerk to each Board of Election
as there shall be registered voters in the
precinct, and on election day the Board
of Election shall furnish each registered
voter, on application, one such sample
ballot. Said County Clerk shall also
cause to be printed, In plain type on
cards, instructions for the guidance of
voters for obtaining and marking their
ballots. He shall furnish twelve such
cards to the Board of Election of each
election precinct in the county, at the
81IU0 time and in the same manner as
tho ballots and sample ballots are fur
nished. The Board of Election shall
post at least oue of such cards in each
booth or compartment provided for the
preparation of ballots, and not less
than three of such cards at other plaoes
in and about the polling places on the
day of election. There shall be printed
on said cards sections 27, 28, 29 and 30
or this Aot.
Sio. 2l. In counting the votes any
ballot not bearing the water-mark, st
Member of Congrats
Horace F Bartln r
James 0 Doughty pp
Francis O Newlauds, p
A 0 Cleveland, r
John JoDea a p
leure E Packhain pp
Theodora Wtuters. d
Lieutenant Governor
J. P. Emmitt r
U fladlir.... ap
Justice Supreme Court
1 8 Bonnlfleld, a p
il A Murphy r
Attorney General
R M Beatty a p
W 0 Ortmead
O 8 Sawyer p p
3 D Torreyson r
Secretary, of State
L 8 Bridges d--"
KuRens Howell a p
E D Vanderleitu r
State Controller
O H Grey r
D H Halld
O A LaQrave a p
OH Steele p p
State Treasurer
a W Richard r
W O Thompson a
W J Weaterneld a p
Surveyor General
n N Folaom r
A 0 Pratt a p
Superintendent State Printin'j
N P Dootey p p
J K Eckley r
3 O McCarthy a p
James Morris d
Superintendent Public Instruction
H C Cutting a p
Orvla Ring r
8 8 Sears d
Regents State University Long term.
J W Haines r
J W HyKlopd
Will Webster pp
Regents State Unimrsity Short term.
W H Patterson r
H 8 Starrott s p
AH Wiaemand
District J udije
J Poujade r
G FTalbotap ;
' Assemblyman
J A Teuton s p
J J Manning, p p
Sheri ff and Assessor
H B Freudeuthal, s p
John Roeder pp
County Clerk
J A Clark, a p
H J Goodrich p p
County Treasurer
. W ,1 Dooley a p
Alex Veltcb p p
County Recorder
John Hater, a p
H W Turner, p p
District Attorney
Win Cttlverwell p p
T J Osborne, s p
Public Administrator
J O Gelabort a p
A t oacham p p
County Commissioner Long term
T E Kdwarda, p p
Luke Syphua , u p
County Commissioner Short term
Joseph 0naway Bp
Ohaa Lytle p p
Election of U. S. Senator
For election of U 8 Senator by direct vote of the
Against election oi u senator uy direct
42 31
32 I
244 318
provided in this Aot, shall not be j
counted, but such ballot must be pre
served and returned with the other bal
lotg. When a voter marks more names
than there are persons to be elected to
an office, or if for any reason it is im
possible In determine the voter's choice
for any otlice, his vote for such office
shall not be counted. Any ballot upon
which appears words or marks written
or printed, except as In this Act pro
vived, shall not be counted.
Skc. 27. Any person who shall falsely
make or fraudulently deface or destory
any certilicate of nomination or any
part thereof, or file any certificate of
nomination knowing the same or any
thereof to bo false, or suppress any
certificate of nomination which has
been duly filed, or any part thereof, or
make use of, keep or furnish to other
except as in this Act provided, any
paper water-marked in limitation of
ballot paper, or disclose to any person
not engaged in making, printing or
distribution of ballots or ballot paper
under the direction of the proper officer
the design of the water-mark to be
plaoed on the ballot paper, or print or
be concerned in printing or hive in his
possession any imitation of in official
ballot, or make an mark or indorse
ment on any ballot or stub, by which
the ballot can be distinguished from
other ballots or falsely swear that ho is
unable to mark his ballot by reason of
physical disability, shall iw deemed
guilty of a felony and upon conviction
thereof shall be Imprisoned In the State
Prison for a term not less than one year
and not more than five years.
Hso 28. Any person who shall dur
ing an election, remove or destroy any
of tbo supplies or other cot veuiencea
placed In the booths or compartments,
or shall, during an election, remove,
tear down or deface the caids of in
struction posted,' as p'rescrib id by this
Act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor,
and on con v lotion thereof, shall be
.punishsd, by, a. lyie nof loss than fifty;
, dollars, and not exceeding ha hundoed.
dollars or by imprisonment in the county
jail for a term not Ts', than 'one mohth
and not encetding six rooptbi," ;... .
Sko. 2il. ' Any public otqer,pon
whom any duty , fs fniyoaed'by this Aot,
who shall willfully, neglect (r reuse to,
perform any suoh duty, sliall be deemed
guilty of a felony, and npon conviction
thereof shall be . imprisoned in the State
Prison for a term not less than one year
and not exceeding five years.. '
Sic. 30. Nq pericq except a member
of a Board of Eltction shall receive from
' any voter a ballot -prepared by such,
voter. No person shall examine such
ballot or solioit voter to show the same.
; No person shall remove iaj ballot from
81 30
3 17
13 10 I,
1 .. 1
1 3 'i
I i
7 4 .1
II 8 1
1 .. 8
6 8 3
4 3 1
1 .. 8
I 1 ..
e 2 i
9 9 3
.1 18
'6 " f 4
9.7 8
'It 1. 12
,12 11 H
, 4 "1 4
12 f 9
4 3 3
II 10 K
6 2 4
1(1 7 11
0 6 1
4 1 ..
12 11 12
11 8 11
3 4 1
0 8 ..
9 4 12
13 5 12
3 7..
12 7 12
a ..
vote or the
any polling placo before the closiog of
the polls. No person shall apply for or
receive a ballot at any election precinct
other than the ou on which he is entitl
ed to vote. No persjn shall ahow his
ballot to any persoD, after marking it, so
as to reveal any of the names voted for.
No person fcliall ask another within one
hundred feet of the polling place for
whom he intends to vote. No voter
shall receive a ballot fram any other per
son than on of the Clerks of Election,
nor shall any other person than a Clerk
of Election deliver such ballot to such
voter. No voter shall deliver to the
Board of Election or to any member
thereof any ballot other than the one re
ceived from a Clerk of Election. No
voter shall place any mark upon his
ballot by which it may afterwards be
identified as the one voted by him. Any
person violating any provision of this
section shall be deemed guilty of a mis
demeanor, and upon conviction thereof
shall be fined in a sum not less than
fifty dollars and not exceeding five hun
dred dollars, or by imprisonment in the
county jail for a term not less than one
month and not exceeding six months.
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: I TTAD BOOK-For Newlv Married Couples, (tell
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The Best Medicine
J. O. Wilson, Contractor and
Builder, Sulphur Springs, Texas,
thus speaks of Ayer'e Fills :
" Ayer's Pills are the best medicine I
ever tried; and, in my Judgment, no
better general remedy could be devised.
I have used tin m In my family and
recommended them to my friends anu
employes fur more than twenty years.
To my certain knowledge, many cases
of the following complaints have been
completely and
Permanently Cured
by the use of Ayer's Fills alone: Third
day chills, dumb ague, bilious fever,
sick headache, rheumatism, flux, dys
pepsia, constipation, and hard colds. I
know that a moderate use of Ayer'l
Pills, continued for u few days or week),
as the nature of the complaint required,
would be found an absolute cure for ths
disorders I have named above."
"I have been selling medicine for
elicit years, and I can safely say that
Ayer's Pills give better satisfaction
than any other PHI I ever sold." J. J
Perry, Bpottsylvanla 0. H., Va.
I'ri pnred by Dr. J. O, Aver ft Co., Lowell, Mass.
Every Dose Effeotl'

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