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NO. 7.
They An Wmdwtaf Why We Do No Bc
enr Wonlgn Capital by Oolg to Hlnf
lias la.
The United States Investor, the
most prominent and influential paper
of its class, bavin? publication offices
st Itoston, New York and Philadel
phia, prints a weekly financial letter
from London for the information of
its readers. In the Investor for March
4, the London financial letter contains
matter of considerable Interest to
those who hare ben studying' the
situation in this country. The follow
inff, for instance, is not only interest
ing to our readers, but will fairly as
tonish those who are going about try
ing to cover up the plundering schemes
of the money power with the cant term
of "sound" money:
"The American market receives very
little attention, except that the Balti
more t Ohio ra"way is causing a good
iloil of anxie.- x Vrp-lUh share
holders, and,, though-, repeated assur
ances have been given out by the
American management, English in
vestors bave not got over the shock of
the Santa Fa system of bookkeeping.
I was arguing the matter of American
securities a few days ago with Mr.
LI'd. the editor of the Statist. There
is no financial writer in England who
has a more thorough knowledge of
American finance, and though he has
the greatest faith in the future of the
United States, he contends that until
that country goes on to a purely silver
basis, or remodels the currency laws,
Kuglish capital will not be sent to
Now there is no news in the informa
tion that the operations of the British
gold standard have wrecked the Balti
more & Ohio railway, one of the finest
pieces of railroad property in the world,
but it is news, and very important at
that, to bo told that the editor of the
statist, of London, the leading finan
;iul journal of Great Britain, declares
hat English capital will not be sent
,o America until the United States
rocs to a silver basis, or remodels the
currency laws.
Not very long ago the Statist was
rwin-cssing surprise that the United
States did not open their mints to the
coinage of silver, and thus seeuro con
trol of Kujrltind's most profitable mar-lii-ts.
Tho fact did not occur to Mr.
Lloyd that ilreat Britain, through tho
!fency of tho Rothschilds and other
I'jMiniiiout bankers, had secured con
li ;il of tho American government.
While the n?ent of the money power
!irn goinif un and down the country
lrjin;f to dereivo-tlic people with tho
hyp icritieul phrase of "souud money,"
utid duelnring that British capital will
not come to this country unless our
11 r i :li m i;i 1 system is on tho gold basis,
.such financial students as the editor of
the IiOtidon Statist are wondering why
we do not secure British capital by go
ing to a silver basin.
As a inuttor of Lie', the silver staod-r-r-1
tsoems to have great charms for
Kritwlt investors. Not so very long
.ijo thu llolhsehilds, of London, drew
tiiO.OOO.ooo of our precious gold our
"wmnd" money exchanged it for de
preciated Mexican dollars and Invested
it in Mexican industries.
We think the people are comin to
understand tho full meanin;' of
"hound" money us employed by tho
n gents of the bondholders and gold
(peculators. If their experience dur
ing the past three years has not ojwned
their eyes they deserve to bo saddled
with tho robber system for another
term of years. Atlanta Constitution.
t wo Hold htmirturcl ruMT llavo struck on
tho Iti-eakora.
Our esteemed contemporary, the
Chattanooga Times, is having it again
with the Washington I'ost, and this
time on a particular phase of tho silver
question, says the Memphis Commer
cial Appeal. The Tost is not an advo
cate but a stout opponent of tho free
coinage of silver. It refuses, how
ever, to swallow all the foolishness
and rot put forward by the blatant
ignoramuses of the gold standard press
and declares that tho silver movement
is continually strengthened by the ab
surdities of the gold standard cham
pions. It is not to be disputed that
the inherent power of a good cause
may be increased by the weakness of
its adversaries, and in this case the
cause of bimetallism certainly owes
many thanks to the reckless ignorance
and arrogant emptiness of its leading
opponents. When the average gold
standard orator has acquired the abil
ity to curl his nose like the tail of a
terrier dog and can call a bimetallist
a populite in a jackass tone of voice
ho feels that he is fully equipped
for high debate, lie is ready then to
scoff all the teachings of all the econo
mists, all the axiomB of economic sci
ence and all the facts of history clean
off the face of the earth. This, of
course, gives the advocates of bimetal
lism a great advantage in the discus
sion in addition to the advantage that
belongs to them of right in the just
ness of their cause.
The particular matter in dispute be
tween the Fost ana the limes con
cerned the purchase power of a silver
dollar In Mexico. The writer in the
Post asserted as a matter of personal
experience that he could buy as good a
dinner or as good a shirt in the City of
Mexico with a Mexican dollar as he
could in New York or Washington city
with a gold dollar. He knew this
could be done because he had actually
done it over and over again. It is diffi
cult to dispute testimony like this trn
less one can impeach the veracity of
the witness. The Times, however, un
dertakes to Impeach the correctness of
tho Post's statements and draws from
the latter the following reply:
"The Chattanooga Times is always an
interesting study for the philosophers.
This time it takos it up with a loud
ha, hat the Post's assertion that the
Mexican silver dollar will purchase as
much in Mexico as the gold dollar will
purchase in tho United States: 'And
now comes the Washington Post and
essays to prove that ft silver dollar in
Mexico is worth as much as a gold dol
lar in tho United States. To test the
value of the Post's information on this
subject, we ask it to print some lately
published Mexican wage scales. Will
it also tell us what the discount for
gold exchange on Mexican dollars is
in the City of Mexico? If the Post is
right then our country ought to lose
no time to get to the silver basis;
meantime Mexican dollars sell in New
1 ork for 51 cents each.'
"Observe, if yon please, the Post's
proposition: The Mexican silver dol
lar will purchase as much in Mexico as
the gold dollar will purchase in the
United States. The question is one of
fact The question is bow much mer
chandise, the necessities of life, food.
clothing, etc., will the Mexican silver
dollar purchase in Mexico how much
will the gold dollar purchase in the
United States? It is not a question of
what discount our bankers put upon
Mexican silver, or what premium the
Mexican bankers pay on American
gold. The questioa is whether you
can take a Mexicrn' illar in the City
of Mexico and get as good a dinner, or
as good a shirt, as you can get in New
York with a gold dollar. We say yon
can, and we speak on the authority of
absolute knowledge. We are not argu
ing for free silver coinage for the
United States. We are simply
endeavoring to divest . the con
troversy of the folly and stu
pidity with which it has heen
saturated by single standard editors
and orators, who don't kr.ow what they
are talking about. And the Chatta
nooga Times replies to our proposition
by defying us to print the scale of
wages for labor in Mexico and the
rates of exchange established by New
York bankers. Our esteemed contem
porary is too temperate. Why did it
not ask us whether a chimera, rumi
nating in a vacuum, will devour second
intentions, and then, pouncing upon
our confusion, cry: 'Ha! now villain I
have thee on the hipl' That would
have been quite as sensible and quite
as much to the point as the screeches
it did utter.
"But we see that we must leave the
parrots and the cuckoos and the rest
of our feathered friends alone with
their beloved nonsense. It was a vain
hope that we might eliminate them
from the equation, and so letwo it. in
the hands of rational and intelligent
beings, Tho free coinage movement
will continue to receivo powerful ns
sistance from the fools who mulce the
cause of gold ridiculous by their tilly
The Frleuile of Silver Malt Uulto II ll.i j
Wuulil Win.
Oen. A. J. Warner, president of the
Bimetallic league, while reeenUy in
Denver said to a News reporter:
The timo has passed by when (.lie
fight for silver can be made inside 1 he
old party lines. It Is useless to t-.v-.n
tine, talent nud energy iu :u il.i.i i
free silver fight under gob! banner-..
The light for true bimetallism en.ii in.
but it must be done with tha l-'oI.I :ii.i!
silver army aligued square v ii-t.titi -i,
the gold army. The rule of i!.e f....i. 1
standard means lower whi;i'h, il. men ok
that gold will constantly be boinj; out
of the country. The gold Blunlm-i
is a British institution, perui. u'.ed
through and through with Jh-itUh in
stincts and predilections. The oul
way to restore the prosperity of ihi
country is to re-establhli t lie financial
conditions which prevailed under the
bimetallic standard. Now, there arc
enough voters in this country who be
lieve in restoring the bimetallic stand
ard, to reap a victory if they will only
come together. It appears to me,
therefore, that tho right course to
pursue is for all men who believe
in the restoration of silver to come to
gether in one camp. All can unite On
those things upon which all agree. It
is folly to attempt to unite on things
upon which all do not agree. 1 lie re
fore, let all men who agree upon silver
unite. Set aside the tariff and all false
issues. For tariff is a false issue now
the paramount issue is the financial
question. The country cannot hope
to prosper again until the money ques
tion is settled, ana settled rignt.
You are in favor, then, of the or
ganization of an independent free
silver party?" was asked of Oen. War
"Well, yes; that is my Idea, replied
ho. "But an independent free silver
party can, in one sense, be a non-partisan
union. If a man believes in silver
and is a republican, he need not neces
sarily sacrifice the old principles of his
party in joining the silver forces, lie
simply votes for silver because he
deems it beBt for the bimetallic stand
ard to be restored. The same can be
said of a silver democrat. In the same
way the populist must lay aside his
many minor issues, and join the silver
forces. Thus, all . who agree upon
silver can coine together and fight a
winning battle." ' - ' '
Tho Foartb. Jarlirlal Dtstrirt Caart
of Ik Hiatal of Nevada, la aad
for Moeola Ce-amsv.
The State of Nevada sends Greeting to
u. A. r. Meikle. John Purtscher.
Julia McFadden, administratrix of
the estate of dames McFadden, de
ceased, J. R. DeLamar and H. A.
Ton an hereby requited to appear is an action
commenced against too aa dn.lente. by Patriot
Bonner, who aim (or himself and others as plaint
iff, in the Fourth Judicial District Court of the
Bute of Nevada, Lincoln County, at the town of
riorne, ana answer the complaint therein, which
ia on lie with the Clerk of aaid Court, within ten
daya after tha service on yon of thu Summon lox-
clUHlve of the day of service) if aerved in aaid
county, or twenty daya If aerved oul of aaid ronnty,
bntwilhln thia district, audin a'l other caaea forty
days, or Judgniunt by default will be taken against
you, accord! in to the pray r of aaid complaint.
The aaid action ia brought to tt rover jada-uian
against you, the said defendants , for Hie sum of
two thousand dollars, damages for yonr wrongful
assertion ol tlllo and Hunt to ttte possession of that
portion of the town of DeLaniar iu aaid county em
braced within the anrface lines of the pretended
Ksid Owen lode mlutng claim; fi-r a decree of aaid
Coort quieting (be title of said plaintiff and aaid
others thereto. a-:d that you have no right to the
possession of any part thereof, or 1 1 obtain a united
States patent thereto, as more fully appears from
the complaint of aaid plaintiff ou file iuthc office of
the Clerk ef ssid Court.
And yon sre hereby uotitied that If you fall to an-
posr and answer the said complaint as above re
quired, the aaid plaintiff will apply to aaid Court
for the relief demanded in ssul complaint.
in Testimony Whereof, I, a. J uoodrieh,
have hereunto aet my hand cfhcially, and
affixed the seal of said Court, this X2d day
sulJ of April, A. l lwtti.
n. t. uutiUKluu,
County Clerk and Ex-OrHcln Clerk of the Fourth
Judicial District Court of the Bute of Nevada,
Lincoln ouuty.
th Fourth Judicial IMatrict Court
of i he Ntato of Nevada, In Hd
for I ftncoln Cousty,
The State of Nevada Sends Greeting to
U. A. F. Meikle, John Hurtscher,
Julia McFadden. administratrix of
the estate of James McFadden, de
ceased, J. R. DeLamar and H. A.
You are hereby r qui red to appear In an ait. in
Goaimeii.vti UkE&Jnnt ynu an (Mend an la liy Jaiuea
N frbitt. ail pit. utttt, In the Fourth JuJu'i il Uitri t
0 urtof the tt e .if Nt v1a. Morula Co it)1y, at
the town of PUn bo, air) auHWt'r Urn ctiuipliiii
tlifrvtn. which in on tita with 'h Chrlt ut ttnid
Court, withla tel. daya afftT thv wr. im on you
of thin Sii'iiLuoiiii jX'-luHiVM of tli day "f ttervice)
if aerved In naiil comity, or twenty it wrvi'il
out of s.iid county, but within tat di.trie , aud iu
all other Ottawa forty days, or judunumt h.v default
wi 1 be ukcu auatntrt you, atioorttiug to tiio prayer
offlatd ciuiiidaiut
The flai l action ia brouuht to rcover Ju-'fftmmt
walnut you, the aiid de:uu.uti. for the huiu of
two t bou0.iti i) doPhra daniau-'t-H for yimr attempt d
arxwrtiou of a claim to a prUim of the ltit-htuoml
mine and mininx el-iiui, and for a dt't'rt f aaid
Oourt, dtt!rtwii the nid plaintiff and hie co-tnu
ant, to b ihu owiiere and eniHlrf to tli doh
aion of h.shI portion of the iiirhmim: mining claim
claimed by yon a p -rlion of the pn-tfiidd Naid
Uucen minluif claim, and ttut you ant not entitled
to a patent from thu (btvoriuneut of the United
ntatea t' il1 Naid Qoecu Uitiiiii; claim, a more
fully act forth in the co i plaint ol 8a t J plaint iu now
on ill Id the ollice of tlu Clerk of waid Court
And you are herohy untitled th:tt if you fail to
ppear ami iiHer the Ktiid omplnittt abov- re
uuimd, lhi eaid nlainiill wilt hvj your deUnlt
eutered and apply to naid Court for fh rtdit-f Un
manned in uaid complaint or MUd plaintiff.
In Ttuttfiuony WhortHif, 1, II. J. Goodrich,
hive here uu to ntt my h&ud otlk'Ully, and
affixed the aal of M Oou t. thia tUtu day
Jbial of aprll, A D IH'.ki.
County Clerk aud Ks-Offii io i'Urk of tho Fourth
Ju-iinal Dhit' H't Court of lh" mate of Nevada,
Lincoln County,
Fililford, Pioche
and DeLamar
Btagea leaves Htlford ayery tnominii except
atoudayatgo'olork.or Immediately after the ar
rival uf tha tram, and arrive in fluent in ti hour..
Leaves Ploebs every evening .xcept Sunday
at 7 JU o'clock. i
Through Fare vaeti way, . . f 12.60
Sedawtinaon raund trip tickets.
s : - ,v ...
Fretilin at reasonable rates. For particulars call
m k. S.THOktPSOtt ploclie Agent.
Chop -: House,
On Main Sti-eet
Is the liest place to call when yoi want the
Meat meal to lie hail in I'ioche. ,
Meal Tickets 3 For SI.OO
The Bakery has also Fresh Bread,
Pies and Cakes Every D:y.
Imti, Iirii U
V V ' T
Ussilsftaim af tat flaait Qialai ef
Sweetened and Unsweetened
Condensed Milk
Notary -'.- Public.
Office id the Coaaty Assessor's rooiu st
j. ....
the Csurt-house. "
Receiver's Sale
and Order of
Under Final
First door north of the Odd Fa o-w's Build
lug, Main Btreet.
Repairing Promptly and Keatly Done
Notary Pulic.
Business Men,
Give Us a Chance
to prove that we moan what wo
say 'when Ave claim
execute Your Commercial
Other Printing.
suit!.; r- plum:,)
Constantly Kept on Hand The Finest
Grade of
C. O. NEWELL, Proprietor.
Drug Store.
The Experience of Mexico with Free Colli-
aa;e of stiver.
II. V. Temple, manager of the Mexi
can bureau of information, in a recent
letter said, amonp; other things:
"The premium on (fold tends to bring
it to this country (Mexico). European
investors, taking advantage of the pre
mium on gold, are more willing to
come here and make investments in
mining, manufacturing, etc., than if
this disparity between gold and silver
did not exist. While doubling their
capital ou bringiug it into Mexico,
they can go into the production of arti
cles fur export which are sold for gold;
as, for instance, coffee, rubber, hides,
vanilla and kindred products, so that
practically they double their capital
and yet rti6 a gold interest on their
"A silver basis seems to tend to the
increase of a larger number of small
incomes rather than a small number of
larger ones'
Never Itorrowed.
Napoleon was the one monarch In
history that never borrowed a cent.
though he carried on the most expen
sive wars of Europe. When he came
to the throne he found France bank
rupt While sustaining vast armies.
ho at the same timo spent millions on
miblio works, and vet, when he abdi
cated he left millions of surplus in the
Wo have all Hie facilities ami our prices
are put down so that you are cut out of
any reasonable excuse for sending away
for this class of work.
can do it
Record Publishing Co.
Finest Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Hiuiiist Cash Fiuce 1'aiu k Utah Pkoiiuck. Salt Lnko llottk-d lVir, Sarss
parilla, Crtsni,"ritri berry ami Lemon Soda, at Wholesale and Retail.
Low Rates and Pr-'c Delivery.
: - j -
Cro ! Floo- ThcmDSon's Opera House, Main St., Pioche
1 nonnoe tu the people of Pioc&e an-t Linctlu
conn'y that their Nuw Uniit Htorc, on Mstn strt
two doora north urtlia Uodae Mercantile Attire,
la now open vita a newaiot-a
Toilet Articles.
nOAP, tH-ilNdK-, KTO.. ETC.
Notions and Fancy Articles
PfcTetclaia'a Pr.arrltloita carefully com
pounded, day or nlRht, and onlers from abr.iad
fllled with eara and dtapaiau by acompf lent drng-
Dr. J. D. Campbell,
Chemical sod
a. i a n i - in--
U f 3
(if AicA i
13 rr
n -fvfi mn
--an' iis Juaili ,l
of Urine.
Aalls PraanpUy Atlaatd4. Omf r Nig Sit.
H. A U07.WR 6. CO,
304-306 HcAiif.-T! -
The (Cleveland
1 j'v-JjS
t' .-'(
4 a.1 ir In I l.i.trlri of tbi KUt of NftTfcda, ut
tu n ithm svnii fur tli4 iXHtaty ot Lluoola.
J-ne r;.nr, Jobo 8alltxk, Arthnr
Who I and J.tm IUrln. I
rm Oofttolld&Ud
Th KfymoDi Mininu OoDMitiy of f Action.
mvft i. a corporation, kd inu
Pt.Mki notiw U iwtf by fin that onrtr aul by
irlrlnt yf a ' natn tlt-cn of th District Conrt of
tin l.Minh Jiiiiirlal Dltttrtctof tbvKttW nf Ntvala,
atlMt'U within atut for bounty, duly niait(
fiit rt atitl KWt n n tli 'AHh tiy 01 Fckminry, A.
11. lh-Hi. initio aixTi ra'tti.-ti aatlua. wtotrty I
i iufj)al.tttl t-i nrll th' imwnT hurvinafter
dt -rile 1 . to pay t 'Uht ot naid tsffotntMUt. l h
k)taiw utuiuu: tMui(ai);t vvia,au UiwiiVfiit
ri-oration. am.nl.nu to the nam of 4HUJ5Jtt.
bfMisJftw a'4:rwtnR ptjata.
I will, at l'J o cl'sck uuou on Tuuhdaj,
A. D. 1800,
at tH 'rnr.t V t'ua
k Iw yHton MininfT twiipaity! ofllcn, now orco-
jii' d an an omcv by i he laucoln UoMMilttUtcd Mio
in auti 1hiUiti CVtDipaiiy, the teaam 0f tho pnn-
eriy iicrrinii r dfacnmui. nicnairi unoa h Kry.
at tic itii-hi rlaini lit Yeliow Fin MmiLa Ilia
tri', Liut-olu t'uunty. Nrvaita. at puhlu1 auctiou,
1 1 the hihiit at.fl hvt biHUu, tt raU. to
I v tu! ttitwv if tu I iuUhI muws, all thp riKht
titlp, tntTHiit and rnutty uf rtMU-mptim of the h J
df-fimli.t corpuration.of. in and to the folio wing
(Kxcritn-d roil an-i poraonai i-rt'ieny, tiUuato, ly.
ti:K t.d bfinji tu tli Yellow Pine MinibB iMHiiict
CcnotT i'l Isiiicol.j an1 State of Nernda. towlt.
l h vt yt-ioiif l oslt auJ Mining (.'Uia.,a rcuorti-
rd tu t cunt txxik o. 'i. 01 aaia aiinvt. at pan 4,
acd til book "B ' vl Mtuiua Notion, at pnye aw,
and In thv addendum thureto, rerurdtH. iu book
"rf Mifti.i Niili, at page U4. tu the ottc of
tha County Kefortler of lanculn Couity. and
boundfd a iollowa:
bt-pTHitunH mt the t aiwvrry UK'nuiumit, whtrh la
on theataloiff tb Kejr.t,'iir Mi'tiiitaln, fifty
twt northfaU'rly of tbo mouth of the Ketone
iici)vry -luuut 1, aun rnnn1t.Kiufnce7nurt.101
mouunirut c f atone mart "K-fyhtone North Cen
tra a.ud ," theucw uoribwta rly 3txt lt to 1
autuu luuuument UM'kt "Kfyatoii K. W.Oornt-r
Thtnr aoiubwtfttrly 1,600 feut to a itoiio mouu
ment marked "K h one b. V . Corutr;" tlience
aouthraxb-r.y tt'Htfeet to a tone moiiament maikcd
"Kf-y-itooe o lbs. ConHr," tUfHttf iiorturaattriy
1 6tA feet to a atone uioituinnt marked "Keyatone
N. K tVirnej-;" theura northwtaioriy 8U0 frt to the
plara 01 betiitiutiiti. -
TotfttQtjr with ail tha todoa, ledg ami tlrpoai'a
01 niiai LHaruif rtci, gold, anrt-r ai.a o(Ur uift
aln tbfMfin, and all the dipa, ppura, aiitjluiaud varl
aiinui. iiioreoT
AlfO. the Whatnot l.ode an.l MininK Olaini, lo
cated July UUh, A. U iH'i, aa recmbd lu aaid dia
trictrt curd book No. 3 on pg.-luti aud iu aaid book
'i" ot Mluliu Notici-Bat patiH 4.'t'i, thawmin belna
rectntit'.ular piece of mlnlufi land 1,64X fwt to
let Ktu y iw't in wiiitb, coiniuunoiutf at a uion-
umetit if itono, and eitcndlu along tha north end
line ii the uouiturna 'Un. lMvcfna'ter dtirlbod
and th tai fcile Itne of th R-:itouo Mine, hrre-
ittoeiorH ciea ti ik n , l.tHJC) loot 10 a uiouumcnt ol
ktiue; tneiic wiii roet in an attoriy din ctiou to a
m n nioit ot it-.U't t lie no l.nH)feet in aaoutherl'
dus.tion to a niouu:uont of atuu: then CtH) feet
lu a wcritt rl? dirvc iou to the ilaco of btutnuiutf
Thlhmin.t klj"inathM uoitno.iat end of tha aaid
Hondo ran Miueamith tatttiU line uf tb aid
Key-rtomi Mm.
Together with all the loiloa, lednn and dnpoaiU
of inotal barii.g n.inh or rck therein carrying
gv-ld, tiivpr, and other preobtuii inaU, and the
dtps fcpui-ii,am.'loK aud vanaci'iua tliotwr.
Ala. thu llonduraa Loil and Mining Olalm, lo
oated Marrtt '2ft. U, A l. lhKH, aa recorded In aaid
dtKtriot book No. a, patfa 3 and Jo taid book "D"
of Miotnff Nolle h, at pao 3'.trt, the aame being a
rii tHituiar piicj of mining land, l.AUU ftt in
lon;;th by tviObft In width; (-ontuenriiig at anion,
uiuetit of tonft mid ruiiniuff 1,0(0 feet lu a aoutb-
ei'ly dinvtinu, and fcm leet iu a northerly direeltoii,
the ii;:b ami Htib-tt ihcivof 1eUia marked by nmnu
uiH.itri ) rot'k, ttituite about ono mile In a north
erl ilirye(i'ii iroiu th Kirby Miuo. Aiul all of
th b d' , lnleri and 'lepowit ; f nietal be-trin rot k
tlitr Mb carry ti'g K"t'. ailverand oiht-r nirtain, with
all thr diH, Hmra, anlt and variatlona thereof.
AIho, all i f the Melinite Mill Kite, alluat
about fit mtliH Meat ut the aaid Keyname Mine,
and ik ih hoiiIrh! more particularly in a N 01 ire of
L i' atlon there. if recorded on page 174, In aaid Ota
tilct rn-oTtl hook No. 'J, to which reference h here
by made fr greater certainty, and which as id mill
Kite contacts ol five acre of land, more or leaa, aa
marked by monument on the ground. -
T'-H'br with tha ten idamp mill erected npon
aid ui' Kite, and all of the building, machinery
water riKhta, imprtv muta, toola aud implemeutit
Kituateu thereon ud uontaiited therein.
And alo, all the pt reonal property l-alonglng to
the (Mi id eorpfralion, and now in the ponHealon of
the aaid receiver, aud mre particularly enumer
ate d aud dfiruribed lu aaid nceiver'a inventory now
ou fl'e in the Clerk' office of thin court, to-wit:
.0 galloon coat oil. n gallons nanblne oil, 2-1
lba. ipilckdlver, 1 grimletoue, 1 fire box boUrr, a
retitrtH. 3 BiiovelH, 1 clock, 1 vise, 1 Raw, 1 aquare,
6 eliaira, 1 net gan pipe die k atoek, 1 1 10 Her, 1
pr.tnp, 1 etilhou pipe wrench, 1 gaa pipe cuLtor, 'J
moiiky wronehOH, 1 utovo & pipe, 1 wheelbarrow,
1 ten t n wagon m ale, 1 gold bullion scale. 1 waab-
stand, J bedH (V iHHidintr, H lampa. l looking vlai-iB,
1 orUce safe. 1 frtime ofllce A lodinu bnildimr. 1 en
gine, 1 bumping table nud all niarhinery, pumpa.
euinea and uxiurea c iinwtnl with aud compris
ing trie pumping or water plant at Maid mill.
1 button aiale with weigbti, 1 pulp acale with
wi l.htH, 0 gUHa tube, 1 aay kettle, 2 bullion
monblK, 1 r-.bher sheet, J morlHra, '1 cu. niouldere,
tioruclblea, 1 alcohol atoveiS hit 11 res, I frv
aicven, 1 an-By funtace, M t .ngs 1 rotk cniMher, 3
corinr uiouhia. 1 huck tauie, 1 gold nan. 1 ham
no r, li u Hcorirterw, 1 camp etool, 1 cliair, 0 bottles
nitric arid, 1 bottle muriatic acid. 1 can copper,
M) lba litharge, 2S lba. powdered borax, ft packaif'4
c h etui ca 1. l'iaackacoke, 1 bulla aye lautern, 100
new crucioien, a pokera, 1 gauona paint.
3 bay borsea known aa Nellie A Dick. 20 burros.
1 nouoie pec narnesa, i uorae oiauaeta, 2 day forka
1 Duckooaru,
2 dozon new ore nacks,7ftOoldoreaackjt.9mortar
1 grtmiKtoue, 1 piattorm scale, j ore acrcena. 1 pat
ent lor-e, 1 w.Ddlaaa drum, 4 incline cara. a tunnel
cars, l truck, 1 12 lioraepowtr gcaollne engine with
fixture. 1 at tools fur aame. 1 blower. 1 bell. 000
ft. wire cable. 1 ladder, 0 wheelbarrows, 13 shovels
ft picks, 11 arm pern, 2 iron water tanks, 4 water
s"Ke, 0 kegs uaiiH vanoua uses, 2 roiia wire acreeti
60) HI ft. iuae, 13 boxes caps, 45) lba. powder
8 joints pipe, 15 bars iron, 21H ateel drllla, 10 in
gle band hammers, 8 double hand hammers, 9 pick
uamiiea, 1 ps r pipe tonga, j lanteru, 1 bracket
lnmp, 2 crowbaia, 1 bar new steel, 1 prospecting
pick, 3 cades coal oil, Saxes, 4450 ft. of mining
mint 01 various sizes, 100 lbs. candles.
T0.T4 BlllsDINUH NAMNii.
1 lumber lodaiux houae. leave cellar. 4 noi-table
tenia, 1 uuca tent witn ny, 1 caaoiine shed.
1 sledge, 1 set dies, 1 lever, 1- jack plane, 1 braoe
who eci 01 oiii, 1 extension tut. 3 caws. 1 viae
draw knife, a sqnsrea, 3 blocks, 1 bellows, 1 anvil
1 aiana 01 small 1001s, 1 sack uf coal.
t roll -top desk, 8 chairs, 1 type-writer, a camp
stool , 1 ath tub, 1 hrackt-t lamp, bedsteads with
ix odmg, j water puciv . 1 waah basin, 2 bureaus,
LW1 H hMllUtA Sl'PPLlH-i
2 rtoyee, 2 wash tuba, 4 tblea, 6 chairs, a benches.
I conee mtil, n iil( o. liars, ft luuch buckeia,
lfcui,, 1 gatioline movw, 1 gausa;:" machine,
scales, 1 cleaver, 1 brans faucet. 1 roll screen inn
water bucket k, 2 doz. toaenpe, 48 saucers, 10 small
bowls, 4 sugar bowls, Si pltM, varioat wta, 10
large bowls, 1 milk pbuber, 68 diuner pi alee. 27
kutvcH, jtf forka, lti ttMUMpoona, 21 table apouia, 1
big fruit bowl, 3 cofleti not a. 3 ditdi ta:-s. 1 wa
holler, 6 bakl: g pn, 3 frying paim, 6 tin boibra,
a sauce pans, 1 mm pot, 4 aruall tin pan. I el
trianglo, ft I tdba, 3 griddles 1 steel; 2 bu to her
kuives, 1 cl wa a water boilere
HtC STilRK lt1'tlIHN; WITH
2 r ana axle grease. 3 locks, 2 pair airap hinges,
C pair Hitt hinges, l&ax handles, s nckua. Herman
ayrup, 4f.kga etive pullau, IT rami lye, 3 botths
1 uui Hiu. a oo.ue sunury cnemicais, 1 roll lamp
wick, 1 roll cuvas.
1 half bottle arnica, 1 bottle aconite root. S pounds
horneshoe nsils, 1 paekaao at run tlirs. 1 bottle vr
up bgH, 2 bottles Herman syrup, a bottle muvilage
1 package alum. 10 pack a no tacka, 1 box penh-1-dera,
1 canvas coat, 5 packages wood acre wh, 1 oil
can, 3 itacksea braaaehoe nails, 11 lampchimneya.
1 luup hwii, zj'iiupeni. pair overalls, 3 pal
Subject however to a certain leas of said real
and personal property for the term of two years
made, executed and delivered by the uuderaigued
Receiver to The Lincoln Coneolidated Mining and
aiming company aioremtid. uiul-r ana bv virtue
an order of aaid court made and entered of recerti
in tue aoove entltlad Action, t'obruary 2'.tb, A. l
A certiflraia of parchaa will ba forth wita axav-
CRhtd ami delivered to tha pwrchaasr at said aad
npjn tn payaoent ox aa parcnaaa aaonay; aaa
atter tba eonhrmationot aaid aaie by tha eoaurt,
and the expiration of the period of rademptloai al
lowed by law and fixed by tha order of aaldooara,
the anderatgned will executa and Aelivar to lb
purcnaeer a deed ofoonvwyano of aaid property
in due form of law.
EoatTrof U
property of Tha Keyatona Hlalnf Ooaapany mt K T-
T. 1. Osborne, Pioche, Her.
H. 0. Dillon, Lot Angles, Oal.
Attorneys forBeoalvar.
rte nbove sale ia herebv postponed to th U6k
day of June, A. D. 1, toUka plaoa on that dato
at the nonr ami plaoa namad abova.
nay loin, levo.
Kocrtvr of the Property of tho
.Keyetono Mining Oompaay of Hevado.
Local Time Card In Effeot
Sunday, April 5th, 1890.
oonra aotm
8: ArrlT.
7115 a. aa. Lvava
II4!i a. ni. Arrtva
ln-o a in. Laaro
tU:'J5 p. Ul.
:t6 p. Bl.
llito a, m. "
7:10 p.m.
9 211 a. m. "
6 00 p.m. "
Tills, iu. "
rrtaeo '
Salt Lata
Hall Lata
Imt 7:au . as,
arriTs a a p. n.
Lot :10 p. m.
" JWa.aa.
:00 a. m.
" s to a. aa.
" Slip. m.
" :0n a. bi,
" Jp.aa.
ArrlTasS a. aa.
" :90 p. m.
Trains laara Salt Lake for Ostlsn dailj at TM
and iio a. ui. and at 4 :00 and 1 m p. m.
Trains bstwara Frtaoo and Juab tu dallr. aa- .
cl( aunit.y, and carry
Two tli rough trains dally fro so gait Lata ta all
ptitnU Kaat, hiaTlng Bait Laka at 7 DO a. ni. aa4
74X1 p. ni.
D. K. BDRI.F.Y, ARant, KUtord.
Ocn'l At. PassanRar Dapartmsnt,
8. H .H.CI.AHK, Salt Laka Ott. -,
BaoalTara. '
K. DI0KIHBON, Osneral Manaar,
K. L. LOMA&, U. P. k T. Aaaart.
Notice of Forfeiture.
tusir, or either of their crsjitaea. aaatirna. .
hetra, executors or sdmtntslrators. and any Deraon
clatuitliK by, through or from either af them:
yon srv iirsby uotincd tliat the nnderafgnad. a
wn-r witn yon In the "Hllent friend" loda
tnltm claim, allnated In tha Oreaceut Hlntni
Dlstriot, Mstoiif Nevada. Uonntr of Lincoln, kaa
perlortiiod the work and ma-le tha expenditures on
H e ssid miti Inn claim required by Beotlon 'Aria of
the ltevlsed Hlatntes of the Dnited Btates to hold
the same for the year tmtO, and that tha amount '
one from racu of yon on the one-third interest
held by each of yon in said Silent Friend claim on
arcoULl of snch expenditure, ta tha ansa of $.18. 8a.
Ami If within ninety oaya after tha publication
of this notice you, or either of you fail to eon.
tribute your aaid proportion of such axpanditura,
your Interest ia aaid mining claim will become tha
property of tha subscriber under said Section Mo.
WM. A. It. HOUftK.
lists 1, February 10, 189ft.
Notice ofForfeiture.
1. afgua. heirs, executore or admlntatrators. and
all persons claimlitg nuder, by, from or through
You are hereby notified that the nnderalgnad,
co-owner with you in the "Last Chance" mining
claln, situated lathe Eldorado Minftig District,
l.iucoln County. Nevada, has performed tna work
nd made the expendlturea on tha aaid xolninn
claim, requited by Becttoa 'Jtt'Jt of tha ReYiacd
Htatntes of the I'nlted -tstes, to hold the said
claim for the year 1&95, and that tha amount due
from ' ou on your one-half iutereat in aaid claim
on ai-connt of snch expendlturea, ta tha sum of ttfty
dollars, S0.u.l).
Aud If within ninety daya after tha publication
of I his ii' tu-e you fail i r refuse to con t rib ; - Tour
snld propoition of such expenditure, as tf ,j.
yonr interest in asm Claim will oer: .(
prtiiorty of tha aubacr ber tuvder at.it V . 4
Dated K.-urnary 13th, 189fi. B. i, i 4
I. O. O. F.
riOOHl LODQB BO. sa. ' '
. o'clock iu their hall on Main Btreet.
; Visiting Brothers cordially in
1 ted to attend. ' .
W.D. PaswiTi.M.O.
John Sneath, Secretary.
A. O. V W.
' Pioche Lodte No. M, A. O. II. W., are
--. beld In Odd Fellow's Hall oa
Wedneaday evening of each week at
f:HU A'ctnAk .li.i-. 'Vl.it In. Km. h-
J?,'-"" era cerdially Invltad toattasd. .
0. O.tixwxxin al. W.
J. D. OAarraCLi., Recorder.
r. rk A. M.
BT. JOHN'S L0D0BN0. 18.
each month at Masonic Hall, on Laeonr
street. All Tiaitlng Brothera In good
atandln. are invited to attand-
JAMI8 NE8BITT, tierretary.
1. P. CAMPBELL. W. M. .
la a new paper devoUd to th bast lataraata af
tha Western slops, and partlaularly to tha) aav el
opraant of the lntarmouatain ooantyy.
For advertising purposes iaoomparahly tke
bast paper bat wean Baa Fraantsoe aad Daavat
Dadly, StS tasnoa paw yar,
Weekly, IB pp. cLa paw jr..
" .1
Weakly, six months.
Wewkly, tatra auawtha.
Addreaa, THE TIJIBTJNxt,
ai.t Labi Cm, Vtb.

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