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There hu heo several good cuh offer
made for mine during the week, but tli
owner declioed.
Th Cripple claim, about two mile north
of Line city, ahow uuyi of f 17 in gold od
four ounce in lilver. Tbi claim hu not
even beeo oratched upon, but the owners
are preparing to go to work.
The Rich-Man mine, owned by the Clark
Brothers, now under bond for $50,000 to
Minnesota partie, averages in gold $17.
There has been little or no work don on this
clain, except the scratching of the surface
Iron county has contributed (1,500 to
build a road into Line city from the railroad
terminus. Thos. Kelly hu been appointed
roadmaster. Now let Lincoln county fix
her side of the road and everything will be
lovely for travel.
A considerable number of claims have
been sold in the lut two weeks, and among
them one purchased by Joe Delmue in the
silver claim owned by Dan Rosa. Thi is
one of the most promising silver claims dis
covered, and is situated about three mile
outh of Line City.
The Ophir mine is now down 130 feet.
The whim is in place and sinking will be re
sumed the lut of this week. The ore vein
coutinuea to hold its own, gradually widen
ing as sunk upon. The lut shipment of ore
from the mine averaged 589 ounces in silver
and $2 in gold. The owners refused $50,000
offered for the mine last Saturday.
A prospeotor named Hicks, haafjui. dis
covered a gold ledge a few yards on the Ne
vada side of the line. The essays from the
stoppings went 183.50 in gold and a few
nnoes in silver. The locality in which this
nine is situated is looked upoo by all in the
district as the most favorable of any yet dis
covered. An enterprising merchant is erect
ing a saloon within 200 yards of the pros
pect hole.
The Gold Haven, a sister claim to the
Creole, adjoioiug it on the north, shows
gold ore in both short tuunels. The owners
of this claim are sinking a shaft at the foot
of the hill to learn whether the lede ex
tends through. They are now downadepth
of thirty feet, and have just struck hard
grouud, but are not yet sure whether they
have struck a large bowlder or solid ground.
The Kioe Brothers are pushing work on
the Jumbo claim. The assays from this
mine have been gradually increasing as work
progressed, aud it promises to be the peer of
any gold mine 'n the district. Free gold
can be seen in considerable of the ore ex
tracted, and the ledge is about two feet in
width. The owner are making prepara
tions for the erection of a whip.
The Utah Spur hu been bonded to a Mr.
Murphy, an old and experienced mining
man well known throughout the inter
mountain country, for the sum of $20,000,
11,000 to be paid down, and the balance to
be made in two payments withiu one year.
Work will be resumed on the Spur as soon
as tools and material can be procured This
olsira is owued by Hi Rioe and F. N.
The pets of the oatnp oonsuti of a young
hen aud rooster It is arousing to watch the
"boys" taking care of the chicks. The
other day the rooster made his first crow,
which crested the greatest excitement we
have yet had in town. Prospectors came in
from the surrounding country to hear the
little fellow sound his horn. No mother
wu ever prouder of a word uttered by her
first born than the boys were of that crow.
There are a number of sod-eyed, pensive
looking jacks hereabouts, who receive their
full share of blame when things are misaiug.
Hang out a piece of btef at night to keep it
cool, in the morning when you gat up you
are surprised to discover that the "jacks"
have stolen it. Get up in the morning and
go to your claim to work and find that your
tools, powder, fuse aud caps missing, you
appease your anger by aoousiog the "jacks."
The other morning at day-break a man went
out to feed his team, aud bless us, if those
rascally "jacks" didn't steal wagon, horses
and alt, not even leaving the neck yoke.
The "jacks" will steal everything but the
little pet chickens.
. The Creole claim, which is looked upon
by most of the prospectors in this district as
being on the main gold belt, and the moat
promising gold claim yet discovered, contin
ues improving u work progresses. The ore
recently shipped from this claim averaged
over four ounce in gold and twelve ounoe
in silver. The ledge, at the face of th
lower tunnel, is over three feet in width and
will average about $60 in gold. The owner
pf thi claim ar "soientifio" miners. They
are sinking a shaft from the top. When the
haft ha gained about 100 feet in depth,
they will run in the tunnel along the ledge
distance of about 150 feet and tap the
shaft. They explain this method of work
ing by stating that they wish to have air in
baek when the tunnel is pushed ahead.
Among the most promh-ing silver mines in
State Line district is the Burro, owned by
Baker, Peck, Stinsnn 4 Co. This olaim has
been auuk on to the depth of about forty
feet. In sinking, a scam of ore was fol.
lowed, lesdiDg the miners astray, but they
run a sot to th west sod in the distance nf
ten feet agaio strnck their main vein; the
re measuring about ten inches in width. A
'w tons of ore shipped fmm this elaim
averaged some 250 ounces in silver and $23
in gold per ton. An expert visiting this
distriot remarked that the ownera -of this
claim were the only parties her who asked
a reasonable pries for their mine. In Spain,
heo tky wish to pay an extra brilliant
"an a compliment, they say that he is as
"wis as an ssa," regarding that bird as the
smartest of the .imtl kingdn-a. Ueiitle
mn, you ar genuine ' burri."
The group of claims owned by brake.
Strong snd Lambert sre improviDj; as work
progresses. The west tnnnrl is now show
ing free gold.
There were several chances for claim
o uors to dispose of their property during
the past week for reasonable ctoh price,
but they wanted moi:b. Tbi. i. the trouble
with all newly discovered mining sections.
The recently discovered gold claims, eight
miles north of here, on the Nevada aide,
continues to look exceedingly well.
There hu been gold discovered ten miles
outh of Line city, supposed to be on th
Nevada side. Thi. makes, so far as known,
the gold discoveries in this vicmity torn
eighteen miles in length.
Mr. Smithson of Beaver is now erecting a
boarding bouse in Ophir gulch.
Line city ' ha. i,w both a hotel and
restaurant, so visitors to this camp need
have no fear nf obtaining a place to sleep
and eat.
The mice are getting very numerous in
in town, but we have been promised a cargo
of cats from Pioche soon.
For County Recorder.
The latest public annoucement for the
office of Recorder and Auditor is that of
Wm. DeFriex, of Detainer, which appears
this week. Mr. DeFriex is well known
throughout this section and will make hi
condidacy by petition, thongh he is a mem
ber of the Silver Party. He wu employed
by the God be Mercantile Co. here as ac
couutant, and since locating at Delamar hu
been employed at the water office until a
short time ago, and is the present Justice
of the Peace there. He possesses all the qual
ifications called for iu the Recorders office
end if elected promises to personally attend
the duties required. The voting public
will hear and learn more of him aa the cam
paign progresses.
Silver Party State Convention.
A telegram to the Record gives the fol
lowing ss the nominations made at the
Silver Party State Convention on the Sth at
For Presidential electors B. F. Leete,
George Russell and Joseph Ryan.
For Member of Congress Francis O.
For Supreme Judge VV. A. Musey.
For Lieutenant Governor C. H. Hardin.
Regent State University, long term J.
N. Evans.
Regent State University, short term H.
S. Starrett.
The tslegram adds that the Democratic
State convention endorses the above ticket,
Thi practically insures the eleotion of
ticket from top to bottom, and carriea out
the plan which it was stated had been
agreed upon by the Silver and Democratic
parties severs! weeks ago.
Mrs. Flood, who has been confined iu jail
on civil process at Delamar for three weeks
put, was released by the plaintiffs in the
oase there last Wednesday morning. Dur
ing the summer she wu engaged in running
a boarding house, and in July wu attached
and closed out by one of her grocer credi
tors. She left for Pioche to obtain legal ad
vice, and while eoroute for Paaaca was ar
rested aud taken back to DeLamar and
charged with trying to skip the country.
This suit was brought by several creditors,
the whole representing something over $200.
Failing to pay she wss plaoed in jail, and
later took steps for her release on a writ of
habeas corpus. Whether these pspers were
served or not we don't know, but she was
asked to give notes to her judgment credit
ore, which she refused to do, aa they already
had takeu judgment. Finding that they
had nothing to gain by keeping her longer
in prison, the creditor lut Wednesday
ordered her discharged. She left by private
conveyance on Saturday for Salt Lake, ex
pecting to return in a month or two.
The new brick dwelling of N. J. Wads
worth is Hearing completion. When finished
it will be the finest residence in the county.
Several parties about town aie preparing
to build. Brick dwellings ate in fashion.
The brick are made riht here in town and
are of good quality.
Local politics are being more generally
discussed. As the question is discussed, the
general disposition manifested here is that
the local parties had Iwtter maintain their
Organizations and hold conventions as they
have always done.
Arthur 0. Lee is preparing to build a
haybarn and stable 33 x 70 feet in size
and which will bs placed on the west side
of his lot. It will be the first structure of
the kind in town sod will soun repay it cost
if travel oontinnea as it hu been for a year
The necessary arrangements for the base
ball game with Pioche were not completed.
Each side blames the other for the misun
derstanding, but our boys ssy they are ready
at any time to keep up Panaca's local rep
utation at th national sport.
On Sunday afternoon about three o'olock
a good rain fell in and around the town.
The storm came from the Floral Spring vi
cinity on the west and swung to the north
east of town where the rainfall was very
heavy. Shortly after four, and when the
storm bad entirely ceued at Panaoa, a flood
psssed through the town from the northeast
and from that time uutil after seven, a heavy
body of water ran through town, across th
public square. It was less in volum how
pin', anil did less damage than the flood of
last vear.
form" inb.cycl.ng. ! Application for Patent.
How 8orty Peopl. 0o . Wlwuna-At-tending
Urooms and Maida.
. '"fo,rm," of deling U Winning
to be st.Hl.ed. Grooms on wheel n.uM
follow their mistress as thev did on
horseback; it is probably onlv" a ques
tion of a snort time when the ItulV.
maid will have to include wheeling wkh
her other accomplishments to secure a
situation. On the road the woman u ho
wishes to ride a la mode baa to know
a number of little things that are over
looked by another woman, just, as the
smart set have a code, for riding- and
driving that is as inexorable us that
they should not eat with their knives
or put sugar on oysters. Society in
sist on an upright position, with, of
course, no attempt at racing pace. It
also frowns upon constant ringing of
the bell tiat. will do for the vulgar
herd who delight in noise; th well-informed
wheelwoman keeps eye and
ears alert and touches her bell rarely.
Between Pioche snd Gyser stations, a
silver watch with calender dial. Finder
will please leave at the Record office and re
ceive $.i.00 reward.
Rrv. C. W, Crook.
Bills Allowed
John Shier Ut! M
T. J. Osborne 83 S3
W. J. Dooley M M
John Ewtng SO 00
J B Cook ia 66
J. Oonaway 18
H. IS. Frendenthal 133 33
J. Johnson 60 CO
I. S.rpuu.4 it; 66
H J. 'fcvdrU'h 41 66
' Oulfy 10 00
CMua me tags
Piotkc Water Oo in CO
fiVUo.b.; ' 4 80
CniuaTn. jo 60
t u CsutpiKU ta m
J Neabitt Jl Bri jo JO
A S Th niiisoD ., a 00
A Carlisle a Co to S3
B Willauit 6 00
N P DjoUy 4 75
Record Pub Oo , 73 26
Ja!4 John-ion.. HO 75
1 M M.tur : 25
John ite'tti a lft
F W ickie s 00
J tt Pblllltia m 00
HVeluti 20 00
H K Freutieuthal 1 10 00
Jeunte tHara 3 uo
B K Wilkinson IS 00
William Werner 17 SO
Jaiii-fi Calf? a 10 OO
H J Goodrich :0 Oo
Joseph E&rle. 19 73
PtimniJ Rod Co 100 00
County of Llncolu !
I, H. J OoodriuU, Clerk of th Board of County
Commissioners of Lincoln County, State of Nevada,
hereby certify the furegolug to be a full, true and
complete list of all claims against said county,
silo we J by a Id Buard on the date sbove given.
H. I. OOODRIOH, Clerk.
Highest Awards
At the World's Exposition
for excellent manufacture,
quality uniformity and
volume of tone, elasticity
of touch, artistic cases,
materials and workman
ship of highest grade.
OATALoauea on application prii.
men to travel for rBouible rttUimtatttd
houM in Nsv&tU. Hilary 1780, -yll $15 weekly
kud expantw. Position priuMint, KfllVivrjco.
KucIom lf-dt tressed atatuwd nnvflfp . The
NmtloDil, Star Building. Chicago.
0ners of oattl. snd horssi ruuulu at large Is
the vicinity of tti Highland Mill are hereby notic
ed that I will not be reap mibls for any lo to
them resulting from tt animals drinking Uilrac.
water at th. mill.
J. B. Whiklks.
Highland, Nev. Ang.CTth. 1SH.
Wanted-An Idea
Protect your Mean: they may bring you wealth.
write JOHN v. kuuekbu K.N a CO., Patent Attor
neys. Washington. I. c. for their ai.SOU prlsa udar
aud list of two hundred inventions w acted.
Who can think
of some simple
thing to patent?
So. Was. lias. iu, lttts and I137.
I'ltrTSji aTiTta Lakd Ovrus.
CAaao, Ssv Jute th, lstx;.
hA'T ,' bt JOHN C. EAUE8.
po;raaddr.ui Pioet.. Lln,D Couutr. State
.lZl 'rth.Poo Mas s Pauses.? claim,
embrtnglhe Tounattl.th. j1(i ubi
OC lDfn 1 orient ('-.O.t. t Vt.. ...
S3 Xt??" I-"
iia tu Z, rro.ppoans t junattl
J.? l fc"lrt and tea linear fees ot th.
- uuu.trvu linear of the Albioa
ode, and hundr,d ,d , f f fc
V"1 hundred fa,t in wtdthsnrfao. ground
OILH'A With niltfnatio 4.ti... t . ,
easts. follows? -"- - een oegre
E Beginning at th. Identical plaos of discovery a
rdeJilt to,Bonh " ': theec. north
? minute, net 1U3 f- to aurur Ma 1 ot
rfs T S ?V ""' 1-K PlutM
.Jlr. , P,1 corD' Mo thence south 7ti d
?rf- ""'pote. wrt uio 4 f( con No of lo.
fli """" southeast end line t ach. V I
Mask s' P"" 4 "" '"
I?t7il ,m. "J No " ",d '" t Post
inch tin feet long marked U a) L 67 P a for
Sow J:,,h,n '"""h degree. 37 minute,
weet HU fo,t post 10-13 Lot No 54 Jlf fwt to
comer t,o location, a pine poet 4x4 inch five feet
long marked U 8 L 57 P a for corner No hl
corner No 6 Lot No 54 bear. soh 4 d.gre. 27 m"n!
uteswest U1.V3 feet distant; theu.e aVh'i i
gree. 4S minute, east 1310.4 feet crner No 4 loct
tlou identical with eorner No 1 Poor Man's Proi
"u'1.!? . P'M P Inch, nre feet long
marked V 8 L 47 P 4 for corner No 4; I hen" north
4 drg.ee. 27 minutes east JIO feet corner No 1 this
survey and place of beginning.
Disc; whence whip shaft 77 feet deep bean north
shaft lo feet de-p bears south 67 degree. 5,1 miB.
ute. weet 545 feet dit,t; thence none 7 degrees
S3 minute. K 750 feet to the northeart e d center
thence north l.t degrees 17 mlnut.. we.t lou teet to
rn location and poet No 4 Jig survey
marked V 8 L 57 P 5 tor cornier No 6; tbeSce " out h
Jb dfgree. 43 n. nutes we.t 1310.4 feet post No S
this survey and lute wt southeast end line gllei
Jii .f ' puiut nor,h 4 deK'es J7 minutea ea.t
M feet froni corner No sa dcl.lm; llHMl feet to
corner No J location and corner No 1 Albion claim
a pine pott 4i4 in. h av., 'et loog marked U N L 67
P for corner No 6; thence south 13 degrees 17 mlu
ntrr"?.? 5' in""""-- southwest .ide line Biles
l-Tm, nor"1 8 A" minutes
west 189.7 feet from corner No said survey 2uo
feet corner No location. Identical with c rni No
8 Albion, No Oapen and No 1 Vounatti Cfauu a
ax Inch five feet long pine post msrked U 8 L 67 P
7 for corner No 7; thence north 70 degree. 43 min
ute, east 1500 feet to corner Vo 4 loc.iion ideoii. al
with corner No I Youujitl. a 4x4 Inch live foot long
yiuepostiairked u H I. 57 P s lor corner No h;
theucouurtb 13 degruee 17 nili.utwl wrst 2(1) feat u
poM - this survey pl..-n,f beginning.
Beginning at the Ideutlcsi plce of ili,covery a
4x4 Inch live foot loug pine post uiirked V 8 L 67
l.iso ; whence a lia(t 320 feet ieep bears south 87
"w m,?utMf ' 1H4 6 feet .ll.t.nt and a
shift duo feet deep bears south S3 degre-s 15 min
ute, weet 133.5 leel distant; theno. north 75 de
gree. 43 tuiuutes east 750 feet to northern nd
ceu er; thonce north 13 degree. 17 minutes went loo
feet tocorner No 1 location and poet Nob tli!mirv.y.
mirted a lsj D U L 57 P S for corner No S; thel cj
eouth 13 degree. 17 minutes eat 2U0 feet to corner
No 4 location a pine port 4x4 inch, Ave feet lo ig
niark d U 8 L 57 P 10 for corner No 10; theaceaonth
7 degrees 4J nilnu e wet 1500 rwtt to corner No 3
location identical with corner No 1 Cspan claim a
pine ooet4i4 tui-li nve feet long, marked II H I 57
V 11 for corner 11; thonce nr.rth 1.1 .leerees 11
minutes we ;t i;10 teet to mi nor Noil lection which
1 also corner No 6 uapeu corner S.i ti Ali.iou aud
post No 7 tluurvy nrkut j fo 11 t- I. 57 p j t u
cjrner No li. tiionce north 7tl dogrees 41 minutes
r- , " ' ' eL"' " survey h.iU place of
Beginniu,. al th.. ld-ntleil pla:,. of dlscovwv a
pine poet 4x4 Inch nve feot lonu markfd u 8 L
67 Duo.; lieiue .outli 13 dcnn-a 17 minute,
east loi) ftt c ruer No 6 location, corner No 6
r.Tr" u l)0"' la-' tui" surv.iy marked also
V s L 61 V 13 f r corner No 1;); thence south 13 de
gree. 17 minutes eat Hx) fe.it corner No tl location
corner No 6 (.'ajien claim snd port li 7 this survev
marked also H s L s7 P 13 fr c irntr No 13; then.-,
north 13 deg.-er. 17 minutea west im foet to corner
, liSV v"1 "" 8 hls a"wy nisrked
-A .InmLCl A l i t 'Si ineUC. Utll
-8-vv. ... u.uua wvaft tix.. ieet intersect
southwest side line 8ilei Lot No 64 at a point north
Ud 'lwwure Lot No 6fl at a point aouth 44 deitree
. I . " ices, irijui turner no. d or
aald oUlzu 598.4 feet to corner IS ) a locatiou
Vim intnriiAi't lino rvi.,t..w .-. u . -i . i .
ure, Lrot No 66, at a point tkuth 4i deKreea 49 niin-
w itr.A i cum corner o 4 of mi id
?,U5.vfy'- plne Pst 4l lnct Ave fcot Ioi-k markd
U SL SI I' 15 (nr i.np.i. . ... u . ii ... . . .
" . nin-H .uiueue-
grees 40 niibutesweet Ul li (cel. eli;.e claim wis
l.M.AtA.1 r.iimi. r......... . , .
road at tuts p .lut, an.1 i. 87 r, feet , t. tbiN lino Is set
P 111, W C for wluiei-s corntr to co.oer No 'lii';
" oegrees 17 minuteeeastfrom proper
point along souUmeht . ud line of ,:lalm 40.6 feet to
corner No 4 locatl .n, a pine poet 4x4 loch live foot
bi -. o U u. , . iur corner no frf; thence
south 40 degrees 65 taluuti s east 112 9 feet to corner
No & lm-a.tif.fi ..ill ...n ..... ... .....
, - ' - .ur urujK au irou pm in eoge
of road to Bulllouvllle; tbeuce north 7 degrees 43
y....u.e. t , , el ae ; a pine poet 4x4 inch Ave
feet long msrki-d tl 8 L 87, p is W C lor witness
corner to cjrner N. 18; thrfuce north 76 degrees 43
mluntes east fiom proper point along southeast
lde line ot claim 100 3 leet to corner No 4 location
Capen claim a.d iuterstct southeast side line of
Irensure.Lot No 55, at a point S 44 degrees 40 mlu
"T ' 402-9 '"-'' ''' er No i of said claim:
641.0 feet to poet No 13-12-7 of this survey, place of
Beginning at th. Identical place of discovery,
a 4x4 inch live foot long pine post marked U 8 L
57 Disc; tbenc. north 13 degrees 17 minutes west
100 feet to coiner No 6 location and poet 13-12-7 of
this survey, marked also U 8 L 67, f 19 for oorner
No IK; thence eouth 13 degrees 17 minutes east 200
feet to comer No 1 location and post No 11 this
survey, marked also U 8 L 57, p ao for corner No
HO; thence south 78 degrees 4J minutes west 702
feet to ooroer No 9 location, a pine poet 4xt inch
five foot long pine post marked U 8 L 57, P 21 for
corner No 21 - thaner. nneh itt .ln..a i
west 100 feet to corner No S location snd lt-tersect
"",L". miw hub treasure, ijot no as, at a point
south 44 decree. 40 minutes west 6U2.1 feet from
corner No 2 of said claim, a pine poet 4x4 Inch five
feet long marked U 8 L 67. P 22 for corner 22,
whence comer common to Hcctfons 22, 23, 20. 27,
Township 1 north ot Kange 67 east, MUM, bears
wiuuw, ft.. Tum.n iwe uistaut;
thenc. north 44 degrees 40 minutes east 1X9.9 leet
w .umvi w u iut.-aii.iu, .xt men nve root long
n.n. nf..t ...a.lfu.l IT u I m V u .... .... .....
, I u w. . -" . I. VII UfJT .1 U 3 ,
thence north 76 degree. 43 minute eat 641.31 feet
w put. .-..-n-. uiia aurver. place of Degiunt
f. - - v 1 -j. . aiviuea a.
followa: Jig claim 6.D2 ai-res; Coorinan's Prospect
...li.. fl QU . ...... V .....l-l a u.. . . .?
. ' .tu..o.iw acres; A 101. . I
elaim, 3.06 acres; Capen t in, 3.04 acres. Th
area eliminated from this sun-ey is: .26 acres i
conflict with V 8 l ot 64 on Poorm.n'a Proxpec
cl!m; .05 acres in conflict with li 8 Lot 54. o
Albion claim. Total conflict, .31 acres. The net
area claimed bolug 26 60 acres; all situated iu 8ec
tlutl S3, T 1 N . K 67 K. M 1) M. and duly recorded in
in. vim n wi iiki uiH-urui'r Ol maiu cty stlnlug Dia.
l.ie B
The nearest kuowu locations are the Cache and
our, i a l.i'1 no cs, on tue oortoweet, and th
Treasure lode, U 8 Lot 56 on the southwest.
-j - - . ........... N TTjiBviy auj por-
t..r. I.u.-... . f 1 i.l .. ..I ... .A
- -- - w. .uau uu.rvuuii.i fllT.Df 1. tl ttf,Or
surface ground, are required to tile their advene
. ..... . ........ ,-i.rn i.aiin
Otnce at Aureka. in the 8tate of Nevada, during th.
eariuti vi pu.fucitiiuil uercioi, or tney will
srred by virtue ot th. provision of the statute.
O. H. UALLI'P. Reginter!
It ts hereby ordered tbat thetoregoing uotlce of
application for patrat be publlshe.1 for a parted of
sixty day. (ten consecutive weeks) la the Pioche
Weekly Kkoojiu, a weekly new.paper published at
Pioche, Llncolu County, Nevada.
T. J. Osbirn. o A. OaLI.L'P,
Attorney for Applicant. Register.
Geo. S. Sawyer,
Attorney and Counseilor-at-Law
onto 1st Lywch's Block,
niilfbrd, Pioche
and Delamar!
Stagea leaves MlKerd .very m ruing except
Muuua7 .is o ciocs, or initueiiisteiy arter the ar
rival of th. train, and arrive In Pioche. in 22 hour.
Leva Pioche every cveuing except Sunrfsy
at 7:90 o'clock.
Through Fare each way, . - $12.50
Reduction on round trip tickets.
rraujht at naaonabl. rste. for particular, call
on A. 8. THOMPSON Pioche Aje t
lis 0ct:
JU.u?"W,pp?r 4T,U,1 '' o.t inter...., ,.
i slope, and particularly to the dev.
opm.ntof the Intermountaln oounu-y
For adv.rtl.tnt purposes inoomparablj .
be.t paper btwe.aan Vraaoism aad Uio .
nally, 368 l.au.s p.e yaw,. aitt.n
W kly, 1 pu. 9ti eoL. pr jr . . . 3. r (..
Weekly, six month., . t a
Weakly, three moutha,. .I.".." ."
Salt Laks Citt, Ct.h
llMMtnn tt ttr runt aaality af
Sweetened and Unsweetened
Condensed Milk
Notary -:- Public.
Office in the Couuty Assessor's room at
th Court-house.
sooi nib mi ma
Plrat dout north of the Odd to ow's ttulld.
iug. Main Street.
Repairing Promptly and Neatly Done
Notary Pulic.
Business Men,
Give Us a Chance
lo prove that we mean what we
say when we claim
to execute Your Commercial
Other Printing.
We have all the facilities and our prices
are put down so that vou are cut out of
any reasonable excuse for sending awav
tor this class of work.
We can do it
Record Publishing Co.
Finest Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Hum est Cash Piiick Paio k.k Utah Prouuce. Salt Lake Bottled Beer, Sarsa
parilla, Oram, Strattiierry and Lemon Soda, at Wholesale and Retail.
Low Rates and Free Delivery.
Cro 'r.'' Floo- Thornoson's Opera House, Main St., Pioche
304-306 JlcAlIister
The Cleveland
ocal .Time Card in Effect
Sunday, April 6th, 1896.
noun aoirrn
" ArriT.
J:2i a. m. Arrlv.
tits a. iu. Lear.
- stl a. ui. Lv.
It:0V.m. Arriv.
1" 'ia p. aa. Lm,.
15 p. ui. L..V.
1 1 ) a. at. Arrtv.
:0 p. m. Ltan
'i a. iu. "
sotip. ai.
? to a. ui.
Salt Lak.
Hall Lak.
vol xu aoams
L.Te T :80 . aa.
Arrive 8:45 p. m .
Lr.T U p. ns.
' a Ml . m.
Arrlrl:0t) i.n.
Lmv.SiDO a. aa.
" H p. B.
' HUla.m.
" 4 p as.
Arrln Sa. m.
(:W p. at.
aud 8 M a. m. and at 4 :e and 7 :0u p. m.
Trains Vtwiwii Frisco and Juab rna dally.
Pt Sun. .y, and carry
Two tltrotnh train daily from Bait Lak to all
Point, last, lwaviu.: Bait Lak at TOO a. ni. aad
1 :00 p . ui .
D It ,n.v H. H. LAWBOX.
a .,"t.B 1 Pssssnuw Department,
8 H.H.CLAKK, Bait Lak CltT
K. DICKINSON, Oanaral Manager.
K. L. LOMAX. U. P. AT. Af.ut.
Constantly Kept on Hand Th Finest
Grade of
and CIGARS.-
C O. NEWELL, Proprietor.
Drug Store.
1 nounc. to the people of Pioeh and Unoola
coun y that their N.w Dm Btor., oa MalnTtToM
two door, north or th. Oodbo McitauMU Stan
1. now open with a n.w stock mm,
Toilet Articles,
SOAP, 8P0HGES. ITO., rro.
Notions and Fancy Articles
Pby.lctaa'. PreseripUaat earernlly com
pounded, day or night, and orders from abroad
oiled with oare and dispatch by aoompatsnt dtu-
Dr. J. D. Campbell,
I'licmioal and Microacopio Examination
of Urine.
Call. PnnpUy AtUaded, Oar.rNlvkt.
i. o. o. r.
Wi&- e etoc la tn.tr hall n Mala atnat.
$gi: Visiting Broth, cordialirin
Tl ted to attend.
Angoatg Jorda- M. a.
W. D. Puawrrr, BMtatarr.
A. O.I W,
vTfe4 Loan No.ae, A.O.U.W.,aro
fcld in Odd LUow-a Ball em
Wedneeday T.uiutf ol eaoh tail at
5' T:S0 'clok sharp. Vlalt in broth.
'm en oordlally Invited toattend.
J. D. OaatraaLX., Reoorder.
. A. M.
each month at MaMaie Hall, Lacon
treet. All rutting Brothen ia ioo4
aatanilna sa (a.UI a. - "
JAMBlt XS8BITT. D.crM.r,
i ,
; t

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