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mineral resources.
days, in virgin
T. J. 08BOBN1, Mnimi.
M. Soto, who has a concession from
the Mexican Government on the Coro-
-r- oado islands, haa received a propose
HIV ADA. ' jj0 f0m San Francisco capitalists fur
the lease of the two Ulanris for a term
of twenty yearn. If leased they are to
: be quarried for the building atone of
which they are almost entirely com-
; posed. Under the Constitution of
j Mexico the Government ia prohibited
Interesting Occurrences From all fIom gelling any portion of its territory.
Over the Coast. ' Dt there ia no prohibition against leas-
ing it. The price aitked for a twenty
years' lease of the two islands is $30,
NEWS OF THE WEEK CONDENSED.;000- These islands are about fifteen
I mile off the coast from Han Diego.
The largect one ia about six milei in
leugh and about three wiles in width,
and the other ii about half that size.
Their height ia 2,000 feet. They aie
uninhabited save by occasional sheep
herders, who take over a boatload of
animals and fatten them on the Gov-
Things That Have Happened ail
Over the Country
A Number af Mlaeellaneoua Jotllng-e
HrlaSjr "1 Cnrtlr Told Ik Thla
An iron foundry baa been started in
Riverside. .-
A discovery of a six-foot'seam of ooal
thirteen miles east of Randsburg, is re
ported. . Mayor Phelan of San Francisco will
aot as inspector of sidewalks about
publio property.
The San Bernardino wheelmen are
to rush to completion the cinder path
from that city to Redlands.
The project of a free market at San
Franoisoo has been reported upon ad
versely by a legislative committee.
The bill to prevent county officers or
their deputies from being notaries
publio, baa passed the Legislature.
The voluntary fund tor the relief of
the unemployed of Los Angeles is now
more than $16,000, and it is still grow
ing. The Lob Angeles Herald claims that
the population of Southern California,
which was 201,853 in 1890, is now
over 800,000.
A fifty-pounder blast at the Santee
quarry in San Diego county displaced
a solid rook of about 800 tons' weight,
shoving it a distance of about thirty
The Southern Paoflo is furnishing
me Jjos Angeles Kock-orushing Com
pany with boulders from the Han Ga
briel river, hauling out four oarloads
a day.
The State Board of Trade is prepar
ing a treatiss on the resources and
olimatio advantages of California, for
circulation among Christian Endeavor
era at the oomiug convection.
In oonsequenoe of the Riverside
County Supervisors fixing rates on
water very low, the - Bear Valley oom
pany has refused to deliver it to Aleg
sandro and Perns valley irrigators.
As a result of the enthusiasm stirrod
up by the late farmers' institute held
in Fresno a farmers' club has been
organized. It is designed to make it
a social as well as business organization.
. In San Franoisoo Bay the steamer
fcnnol was run down and Bunk by the
lour-mastea Dark Olympic. Its forty
nve passengers were all saved. She
nas been raised an.l taken to dry dock
" to be repaired.
Collector of the Port Wise of San
Franoisoo has been notified that the
drawback on the importation of sugai
in oanned goods will not be allowed,
as it is oontrary to a section of the aot
of August, 1894.
The joint committee of Native Sous
and Native Daughters that are mak
ing preparations for the Golden Gate
carnival have requested Governor
Budd to declare California day, May
4, a legal holiday.
An Inyo paper reports that na.rt.iiM
who have experimented with the phos-
puM louna near Aivord report that it
iaau excellent fertilizer, improving
land on which it has been used, and is
oBpeoiauy good Tor trees.
The prices of opium have gone down
a oan rTanoisoo and orders are being
micu reiBuiariy once more. The high
price were due to the seizure of an
immense quantity of the drug by cus
om offioers. The prioe went to 25
con is per pound.
A big fight is in progress as to the
location or the Normal School in Sn
Diego. The Paoifio Beaoh Company is
""'"S strong effort to secure the
location, while University Heights
people are pulling unanimously for
the college grounds in that quarter, ;
The State Senate has adopted a con
ourrent resolution for the oalling of a
convention to draft a new constitution.
The convention is to oousist of 80
members, one from eaoh Assembly dig
trict in the State, eaoh to be paid $8 a
day and mileage at ten cent
for every member. The resolution was
immediately transmitted to the Assem
bly. The Monterey Eleotric Power Com
pany is getting ready to construct a
plant on a branch of the Little Sur
river, twenty miles from Monterey
where 1000 horse power can be devel
oped and BOO horse-power more added
-uuwrj. A rough estimate
plaoeg the cost of getting the power
into Monterey at $40,000, with tio .
additional for extending if
eminent pasture. Hunters and fisher
men also trespass upon the islands, and
occasionally a deserter or outlaw limit
temporary refuge there.
The talk of a new road from Nevada
City to San Juan ia being revived, and
it is possible that the Board of Super
visors will take some action in the mut
ter at their April session, says the
Nevada City Herald. A recent survey
shows that a road oonld be built from
here to Jones' bar, connecting from
that crossing with the present road
from Rough and Ready to San Juan,
that would give a grade so easy thut a
team could trot most of the way. The
route now in contemplation would
leave Nevada City by way of Wyoming
street, leave Wyoming street just
above the Julia mine, swing around by
the Wyoming dump, pass the Nevada
City mine, and across Red Hill to
Newtown. From there an easy grade
could be made to Jones' bar. A
considerable portion of this route would
be over roads already built, aud
wnion would only need repairing.
Very little new road would be re
quired. Meantime it would lead past
the Wyoming dump, where any quan
tity of first-class rock could be ob
tained for road building. Such a road
would be highly appreciated by the
people of San Jnan and vicinity, and
oonld hardly fail to be of benefit to the
merohants of Nevada City.
Theodore F. Swayze of New Jersev
has been appointed Chief Clerk of the I "i , nn7"
Ttbbi.- iiu... i of ban Franoisoo,
The Senate confirms John Huy, am
bassador to Great Britain; Horace
Porter, ambassador to France; Henry
White, secretary to Mr. Hay.
Warden Harley of the Indiana State
Prison U La Porte has adopted a novel
method of providing oooupation for the
several hundred idle 'convicts under his
charge by organising militia companies
within the walls. The convicts will
be supplied with wooden crmia an1
armea oy convicts who served in the
late war.
The Republican members of the
Ways and Means Corrniittee have de
cided to make two impoitant ohanges
in the tariff bills. Books and soientiflo
apparatus not made in this country are
to be admitted free. The duty on pine
applos is to be changed front, two cents
per pound to six oents per cubio foot
in barrels or paokages and $6 per 1000
imported in bulk.
The Chinese Minister cave a rtiminr
a few days ago to several members of
the Cabinot and others. J. C. Camp,
bell of San FrauUsco. John W. Foster
and H. M. Kingman were among those
present. As a result of the See Ynn
and Sam Yup ooutrovorsy in San Fran
oisoo ana settlement it is announced
positively that the Chinese Consul at
that city, Fung Yung Hang, and Vice
Consul King will be deposed by the
Chinese Government on reoommouda
tiou of the Minister.
Rejection Tb.l Will lirmllj lutereal
Our Kemlfn lloth Old
and Young.
Mucli damage has been done by a
tornado in the neighborhood ot Den
ton, Tex.
Witbiu a week, the prices of refined
sugar have advanced one quarter of a
cent a pound.
The Cincinnati Convention League
haa been formed for the purpose of
promoting the holding of conventions
in that city.
Gurrett A. Hobait, the 12-year-old
sou of the vice-president, has been ap
pointed official bell-hanger at the
White House.
The United States Supreme Court
has decided that a btate has a right to
tax franchises of corporations, such as
express, telegraph and railroad com
panies. The plant of the Acme Bicycle
Works at Reading, Pa. , has been de
stroyed by fire. Valuable niaohinery
was destroyed. The total loss is $75,
000, insured.
The New York World says there is
a serious bieak in the ranks of the
Socialist Labor party. Six thousand
members are said to have rebelled at
what they term dictatorship.
The oldest postmistress in the coun
try, Miss Blanche Borard, who has
held her office at West Point, N Y.,
for fifty years, has resigned. The
mother also held the same position.
The Texas courts have decided that
where a ticket is sold for a certain
coach like a Pullman a negro is en
num. w rme in mat aina or a car, or
tne company is liable to pay damages,
At Boston the sugar men are oorner
ing the product in anticipation of
nignei taritr. f ifteen thousand tons
have been bought in the Gorman mar
kets and ships are beiug sent for it
every day.
The following Californians have been
admitted to praotice before the Interior
Department in Washington: St.
Julien E. Cox and John C. MacCabe
of Los Angeles, William R. MoQuiddy
of Hanford, and William E. MoCloskey
which is
The oil from the Pnenta wells flows
more than forty miles through pipes
entirely by force ot gravity, to reach
Chino, where there is a refinery. The
refinery ia really an adjunct of the
beet sugar factory; originally the oil
was used in orude form for fuel pur
poses, but it proved too explosivo. and
ao the refinery waa built to separate
Kwuue, rennea petroleum
oenzine; it is the refuse
burned in the factory.
S. M. Seguin, a wealthy land owner,
nag just suooeeded . in organizing a
company of Spaniards with $1,000,000
paid-up capital, to put in a great irri
gation enterprise. The immense body
of land in the valley on the Rio Grande
petween uamargo and Matamoros is to
be placed under irrigation by the
means of canals. The surveys for
these canals will be made at once, and
the work of construction inaugurated.
With settlement of the Yaqui In
dian trouble, now in course of adjust, i
m.nt tl. . III . .
uicut, uitni wjii pc a rusn or pros pec.
tors into the Yaqui river oountry very
jiu mmuo oi mo oia-titue mining
l uauca iu me vuima cates. Hundreds
of men are now awaiting the word to
go in, and when the rush begins they
will be joined by thousands. The
region is described as equaling Califor-
A large number of bills that had
been on the calendar or on the files of
the oominittee of the last and prior
congresses have been reintroduced in
the Senate, and the bill for the adjust
ment of the Government TillinAf) nn
the calendar. A resolution has been
agreed upon instructing the Commit-
f .in .u. 1.'. ..... : t i i
vai imeigu neiations to inquire
uu report wnen tne Danish West India
Islands of St. Croix. St.
Thomas oan now be linrnhnHflH
whether, if not Dnrohannii h ti.
United States, thev would nmhnhiv i
sold to some other power.
Many other amendment i,a;
the same object, to put articles con
trolled by trusts on the f Hat h,.
been offered, and on objection by Ding-
ley stated that when the tim name -
deal with trusts the Republican ma
jority would do so, and that after pass
ing this tariff bill, if anything re
mamed to do for the publio interest it
would attend to that Several changes
uUl, uavo oeen macte, among them
a reduction ot cent on carbonate of
ammonia, an increase from 25 to 40
wins a pouna lor the duty on sul
phurio ether, and increasing the dutv
f'vuuui u. pig ieaa rrom 2 ft, to 3
vtu a yuunu.
The exeoutive oommlttee oreated by
j uvureution at Indianapo
lis in January last to secure the ap
pointment of a commission to revise
4 currency system of the United
States hag called on Stw.aW
Among the number was H. H. Hanna"
chairman of the Indianapolis conveul
uu, exovernor stanard of St. Louis.
George F. Peabody of New York, and
John P. Irish of San Franoisoo. The
The committee set forth to Speaker
Reed the necessity not only of main
taming the present gold standard, but
of insuring the ultimate retirement of
all classes of United Statna
auusument or a banking system
which should furnish cred.t facilities
ltliou i l and at
v, v"uu nora a safe, leastio
Jt 1U Wlu, lue appointment
v.. - .on. u na Speaker replied
""6 uu oeen called together
w puna a iarin mil. and (, i
A. A.L -" TY OH
!"""""' u ""J interests of the conn
try that this bill should be passed at
the earliest moment. Until final action
had been taken on the bill he did not
deem it advisable to complicate mat
terg by any new business. The nnm.
rnittee agreed that this was doubtless
uo uoirer uouisa. and thn
closed. y
An arrangement has been affected
by which the powder war will cease.
The Atlantic and Paoifio Coast oom
panies have agreed upon the oovering
of neutral territory and there will be
no more underselling. An advance
in prices will be wade at once.
In Virginia twenty-flve years ago
Bud Lindsay was sentenoed to twenty,
five years of imprisonment for the
murder of Joseph Murdook. A few
days since Murdock returned to hi
old borne. Lindsav had "til Hi". Hind in
prison. The evidence was strong but
all circumstantial.
McKinloy has appointed Binger
Hermann of Oregon Commissioner
Genual of the Land Office, Commodore
Miller to be Rear-Admiral, and James
U. tlliott United States Attorney of
oourn Dakota. Several previous nomi
nations were confirmed by the Senate.
The Gleason blook bag been totally
destroyed by fire in Lawrenoe, Mass.,
and adjacent buildings were also dam
aged. Several persons were badly in
jured by jumping from windows. At
first it was feared that several lives
were lost, but all have been accounted
for except one. Total loss, $100,000.
The four big appropriation bills, the
Agricultural, "Sundry Civil, Indian,
aud General Deficiency, which failed
to pass last session, have been reported
to the Senate. The Immigration bill,
which was vetoed by President Cleve
land, was also presented. The Senate j
uoniniitte on Appropriations has agreed
io report tne agricultural appropria
nuu m.i as it passea tne House.
By a majority opinion deliver h
JustioePekham, the Supreme Court of
tne united States announced its deois
ion that the agreement of the trans
Missouri freight association to main
tain rates within its territory was in
violation or the anti-trust law of 1890
pronioiting oontraots or oombinationa
in restraint of trade and must be aban
doned. This reverses the decision of
tne courts below which ordered a dis
missal of the government's bill. Jus
tices Field, Gray, Shiras and White
Germany wants more warships.
The surplus wheat of the world is
rapidly lessening.
It is reported that Spain is willing
to end the Cuban war by selling the
island to the insurgent.
The Nova Scotia Legislature has lieeu
dissolved, and a general election has
been called for April 20tb.
The Greeks in Constantinople" have
planned revolt. As they tiumbur 30, -000
the plot creates a sensation.
An English syndicate has purchased
the Golden Cross group of mines, near
Ogilby in the Colorado desert, for 41.
500,000. In Oldham, England. 2000 memlMrs
of the amalgamated society of engin
eer nave struck for a two-shilling in
crease of wages per week.
A Scotch synod will try Rev. Dr.
John Watson (Ian Maclaren), author
of "Boside tne Bonnie Brier Bush."
and other well-known books, for j
Roses discovered in tombs containing 1
Egyptian mummies oftenhave their i
colors perfect, even though some of I
those thug found must be over 3,000
years old.
The Riksdag of Sweden has adopted
an increase in the duty on imports of :
hides to 40 ore per kilogram, and de-
cided not to change the duty on im-i
ported pork. I
A dispatch received in Loudon from I
Brest, Germany, says it is feared the j
Dutch mail steamer Utrecht, frnni
Some Interesting; News
A tew Henallil lliuta to Suit thai l-.uar
Agrleulturliit Itema That Mar
Keiirfit our Kcsdera.
What they
are Doing;
in the
Max for Fiber.
Several years ago the Department of
Agriculture at Washington. D. C,
distributed flax-seed to a large number
i of experimental stations in as many
States as were considered adapted in
soil and clitimte to the growth of flax
j fiber, says Hugh H. Lainont. The
I published report of the result pl . 1
I California second highest on the list
for fiueness aud lustre of fiber. Oregon
standing first. The California experi
ment was conducted at the State Uni
versity grounds, Berkeley.
Is flax a profitable crop for farmers
to grow? It ha9 been exceedingly so;
the return per acre has been greater
than from any of the cereals. Since
the introduction of the wheat thresher
into the domain of flax threshing the
American farmer has had to depend on
the seed alone for profit. The straw,
as delivered by the ordinary thresher,
is in such a tangled and cut-up condi
tion that the fiber is unfit for manufac
turing purposes. However, machinery
o..tf....i. u t . i camio iiini uiresuesann practically
Rotterdam for Batavia. has foundered ! u i.i T . 7 : '
in the vicinity of Lshant and that 100 I ers the straw compact and straight so
persons on board have been lost. I that the fiber
At the head of Germany's landed J purposes, thereby increasing the value
.aiuurauysuiuus mnce Witteiigstein. ,01 tiiecrop to the farmer, besides creat
no OWDH O.UUU.UUO acres. Fnnrfnn
j crops are two points in farming tha
J every farmer should practice, says
; Home and Farm. lu addition to the
reasons which are on the surface for
the : this, there is a reason seldom thought
, of snd which is already a big item and
) steadily becoming larger and larger
! in our agricultural operations. It is ;
COLUMN. ! the item of insect depredation. I
I It ia very well knowu that latge ALL BRANCHES ARE REPRESENTED.
numbers oi our very worst insect eue-1 .
mies go into the ground in the fall of !
the year and undergo changes aud pass
the winter there.
Fall plowing breaks up the arrange
ments they make, leaving uo time for
the making of new arrangements,
where the insects are still more or j nw Mining biiu.
less active, and by exposure making; The Legislature which has just ended
for their death by freezing or desrrnc- its session enacted some radical changes
tion by birds and otherwise of all i in the mining l.f !, .
I those that have become dormant. j the S. F. Examiner. Nine bills 'bear
! We are of the opinion tiiat our old i in ntmii rho inrfn.H.. a..A . i
worn-out orchards, which are infested j meut of mining secured passase
with codlin moths and other destruc- j through both houses, all but one bav
live insects, oould be made productive j in originated in th An.hi. ,
BrlrtleU that An or Iateraat to All
Claaaea -w from Alt Ovtr .
tha Country.
otner titled landlords own between
tbetn 6,000,000 acres. One of the four
teen, Prince Talleyrand-Sagan,
citizen of France.
ing an opening for the manufacture of
what has hitherto been considered a
waste product amounting to manv
is a thousands of dollars annually.
I Our shoe thread, the twine for our
A dispatch to the Daily Mail of Lon-1 fisn nets an1 even linen goods could
don from Bombay. India, savs a sister i a11 be M well made here as in Ulster
of the Italian Consul and an Enulish ;or niuy. One firm nlone in
broker named Brooks have died from j Cauadn has twenty flaxoutoh mills,
the black plague and that several other , wuile here with superior climate for
C&Sftfl liavO broken out ainnnv tlm i flax production we have not nun tm
Europeans residing m tne city.
The Central Trust Company of New
York has filed a proceeding against the
Columbus, Hocking Valley and To
ledo Railway Comoanv. making thro
uiuer companies lien holders party
defendants. These are the Knicker
bocker Trust Company, the Atlantio
Trust Company and the Hooking Coal
ua nauway company. The petition
is based upon failure of the oompany
to pay interest due on $14,500,000
go.u dodos issued in 1881 and due in
1931. They ask for the appointment
o. a reoeiver. .Probably the receiver
ship of Mr. Monserat, now existing,
will be extended under this suit
It is probable in a very short time
the Baron de Hirsch fund m this
oountry will be augmented by a mag
nificent donation from bis widow. It
is stated on good authority that Oscar
S. Straus, the former Minister tn Tn..
key, and one of the trustees of the
Baron de Hirsoh fund, who Aninvnd a
close personal aoquaintanoe with the
famous philanthropist, and who has
now returned from a trln aw.
brought with him nositive nwnmn
from the Baroness of her disnosition tn
give $1,800,000 to divers benevolent
enterprises in the United States. Of
this great sum it is reported that $1,.
000,000 is to be given to the allevia
tion of distress in entirely new charit
able channels, whioh those conversant
with the matter expect will create a
sensation when the details become
Known, by their originality and scope.
cut me preoise nature of the benefl-
cenoe is Kept a closely guarded secret
iur me present.
The German Government has strain
given notice, and German-Americans
are especially advised that
who have emigrated without military
duty will not be allowed to reuirin in
Germany exoept under very particular
oiroumstanoes. a record of whieh m,,st
be kept in the War Offloe.
Mr. Namikawa. iron-mnnour m"
Sakaicho, Yokohama, Japan, who has
oeen engaged In raisins articles frnm
the United States man-of-war Oneida,
whioh sank at Hashirimizu. off the
coast of that country, thirty years ago,
is said to be expecting to short! v fih
up $400,000 in gold, which is heliport
to have been on board the shi
she went down. Some time ago lib
raiseo f au irom tne wreck.
The Marysville Fruit Paoking 'Com
pany will ship to Loudon, England, a
large carload of their canned fruits, a
considerable quantity of whioh is put
up in glass. The London buyers
elected the Marysville fruit as the
choicest California productions of the
many offered. This shipment will be
nanaioa Dy one or the leading London
dealers and will be placed in hands of
prominent retailers whose trade is with
the most prominent families of Eng.
A dispatch from Havana received in
New York says that the insnronf.
have captured Holguin, in Santiago de
"" 'own is a very important
one, and the news of its loss has cast
a great gloom over official circles. It
is reported that the victorious insur
gents were those under command of
Calixto Garcia, who has been operat
ing with great vigor in Eastern Cuba.
The news has received confirmation
from letters written by Geneml ruiit
Garcia, commander of the First and
Second Army Corps of the Cuban
army, to bis wife, who is a resident of
mew xora.
The London Times, m an editorial
gives expression to anything butai
sausueo reeling as to the Senatorial
amendments to the treaty of arbitra
tion. It says: "The United States
Senate has done what optimists affected
to believe impossible, and what cooler
observers thought extremely probable.
It has destroyed the arbitration treaty.
It has struck a blow at the principle
of arbitration itself, and at the confl
deuce of the world in the American
people. Its aotion strikes a note of
.evity, wantonness and
caprice such as is
hannilv ru-..!
struck by any legislative ssseinblv."
The New York World rtrinta a T..1.1.
don dispatch stating that it is reported
m wjun c.rcies ana in clubdom that
Queen Victoria will, on her mIiii.ii
from the south of France, oonfer upon
William Waldorf Astor a distinction
that has never been accorded to any of
his countrymen. She will honor him
with a visit at Cleveden. his
cent oountry seat on the banks of the
Thames. AocordiDif to thn
Qaeen is passionately fond of
and is also much inrerestnrl in oi.
----'v'v au wiuuii-
culture. Astor s njatrniflfiftnt, vii
tion of roses is the attraction which
will draw her to Clieden. S)lA will
neither dine nor sleeD there, hut t
may be served.
is a question that affeots the farming
and manufacturing element of the
State alike, and it ought to be
thoroughly investigated and means
adopted whreby the growing of flax
for seed and fiber alike, and the nianu
facture of the same would become a
nourishing industry of California.
Attoutlou to Poultry.
Charles Colquhoun, a most successful
export in varied farming, says in the
Livermore Heiald:
"The profits to be realized from
poultry on the farm depends chiefly on
location, experience and the kind of
management and attention bestowed
on them by the farmer. In order to
give them proper attention the obick
ens should be a department by them
selves. A suitable location where they
can have plenty of sunlight and shelter
should be selected and comfortable
uunuiugs, coops ana runs should be
erected for them. The fowls could be
easier managed by being confined in
an inclosure of wire netting containing
enough ground for thoir accommoda
tion and use.and inside of which every
thing appertaining to the deimrtmont
should be placed. The full amount of
eggs would then be found in the
chicken house instead of being scat
tered around straw stacks, horse man
gers or out in the grain fields, where
us we now see on mauv farms tha hu
of them are gathered. In this wav tha
fowls would be kept out of mischief
in the garden, perhaps, and be safe
from the hawks, cats, pigs and frisky
coyotes on the outside. Everything
nside the chicken inclosure should be
kept clean, and free from vermin espe
cially. The healthiest feed for the
.owis i nave round to be good lump
grain, vegetables of some kind, and
meat whenever there are no insects for
them to get. The young fowls or
chicks should be kept in a senarati
apartment from the older flock. I sug
Best the use of incubators and brooders
ior tne production of earlv hrniWa fn.
- fHviva j'j.TJ.
Having laid out his plans on a large
uu Bjsiemauo pattern like this, any
tawuc. uaviug orainary experience
mm poultry ought to suooeed in get
ting a remunerative return from this
department of the farm."
if they were well cultivated in the fall
Spraying alone is not fully effective.
Prabably equally effective with
plowing in this d;rection is intelligent
rotation of crops. This is the idea un
derlying clover-sick soil. The soil gets
gradually so charged with low forms
or life that feed on its roots that it
cannot carry a crop any more. It is
the same way in principle with insects
that feed on the tops in so far as the
feeding part is concerned. Rotatoui
breaks np the insect arrangements thus
arising, and the orop in its new place
uu ou giouua new to it has time to
succeed for a season or more before it
is rediscovered by its old insect enemy
and so overrun again.
And so the system of rotation that
includes the pastures also is the best.
Many insects that do their worst on
tilled lauds hibernate on pasture lands.
There is only one way of changing this
and that is by a system of rotation that
includes every part of the farm even
the garden when at all practicable.
1017 car-
A correspondent of thn To a
Times, who has been visiting the Mex
icau orange groves in the Hnrmnin,
and Guavmas dist.rint v,fa n....
there need be no fear they will ever
flood the United States
ihere are only 1,200 acres of orange
orchard in those districts and not much
mum gaming can be done for lack of
water. Two hundred to 250 carloads
per year are the limit of shipments, and
that amount is very small in compari
son with the 4.000 or 5,000 carloads
shipped from California.
puttina iw.f 1 uftrv. A
that is not in use all thn tim n nn
neglect to sprinkle a few tiny bits of
camphor gum in each case before roll
ing it np; then if the silver ia
away in a close box it will not become
In washing small dried fruits, such
as cheiries, currants, or berries, the
oest wav is 10 tum them into a oolan-
aer or coarse sieve, and stand it in a
deep pan of clean water. Thorougly
rub the fruit between the hands, and
change the water as often as needed.
Finally, bold np the vessel containing
the fruit and turn on cold water.
Then spread on clean towels to dry.
June 20th has been fixed as the day
for the jubilee thanksaivino
out the British dominions in eelebra-!
tion of the sixtieth vear of h t I
of the Qneen. 6 j
Olive Growing;.
It was found by Mr. M. B. Waite, a
few years ago, that many well-known
varieties of peara and apples are par
tially or completely self-sterile, that
is, their pollen is impotent to their
own flowers, but potent and able to
fecundate the flowers of other varieties,
says J. Y.Vallance of Livermore. For
.uiijue, nis report shows that the
i..eu 01 rne iiartiett pear can only
in a small degree feoundate its own
flowers, while the same pollen com
pletely fecundates the flowers of the
Benrre d' Anfou pear. Not only is
the orop more bountiful by cross-pol-lination,
but the fruit in some oases is
increased in size, thus indicating that
with certain varieties of pears and
w.e u ib necessary to plant other
varieties with them in the same or
chard to get the greatest yield of fruit.
It is well known to almond
on this ooast that if a cood nr, t ...
be had, different varieties must be
planted in the same orchard.
10 ascertain if this is the case with
olives, Mr. Calkins is at present en
gaged in this laudable work and as far
as his limited experiments have gone
is inclined to think that the olive bears
more regularly if different varieties
are planted in close proximity. For
the purpose of cross Dolliimtin,, i ...
orchard, it is essential that ti, ,;
oiuom at tne same time.
An important question to be oonsid
ered by the intending olive planter is
whether or no he has the right location
for the successful and profitable grow
ing of the olive. Replying to this we
say that the olive adapts itself to most
ocations. It stands a great deal of
l "ua Sa. aeal of cold. This
. u,B iroa use,r, Now for the
fruit: lu localities where you have
yn must plant such varie
.. w.u euner ripen their fruits
n, ur T,ianl naraier sorts which are
not injured by frost. For instance, the
fruit of the Mission variety will stand
frost, without injury, which would
completely spoil the fruit of the Poly,
niorpha variety.
Land and Sea Shipment.
"Comparing 1896 with 1894," ship
ments. says General Cbipnian, in his
annual report to the State Board of
Trade, "there was a net loss of 2247 7
carloads. The gain in 1895 over the
output for 1894 was chiefly in citrus
fruits. The loss in 1896 over the out
put 01 loao seems quite large. Of the
4421 carloads representing the loss,
1666 carloads were citrus fruits, 861
carloads green deciduous fruits and
ua oarioaas raisins.
"Another noticeable feature worthy
of attention is that we exported or sent
out o. me state in 1893 nearly
carloads of vegetables, while in
me exports naa fallen to
"The shipments have fallen off
rapidly since 1893.
"I am unable to acoount for this
deolme in an industry that gave such
promise of benefit to the State, unless
it be in part that our products are
now driven out of consumption by in
creased importation, the result of in
adequate protection and in nntt f ...
1 general falling off in onnsnrH
in the line of eoonomy of living.
"I commend the subjeot to the
Board as worbty of investigation iu
order to discover the cause and find
the remedy.
"The wine and brandy industry
holds its place in importance with
great teuaoity. and, it is believed, is
improving from year to year.
"1 find no serious cause for disnnnr.
agenient in the fruit industry, but
ujuuu i,u euuuurage.
.IT. I . .
m nun sunerea in common with
oiner occupations bince the hard
times fell upon our oountry, but with
a revival oi trade and business no in-
uuhiry win leel the impulses of theim
provement more quickly or more cer
tainly than this.
"We have boxed the
difficulties as to the art of planting
trees and growing fruit. There are
.ew autnentio pitfalls for the in
telligent orchardist in that direction.
The question of possible overproduc
tion continues to halt timid mi.
there is much perplexity as to the 'best
wemuu io marKet our irnit.
the bills passed four have already been
signed by the Governor, being there
fore now laws.
Assembly bill 26, which is now in
force, is an Act making the holders ot
mining properties upon unsurveyed
lands in town sites preferred purchas
ers. This law is intended to be of
especial benefit to thfeniajler towns
in the iniuing evas, where much
of the unsurveyed land is valuable for
mining only, having been valueless
even for this purpose at the time of the
issuance of the town-site patent.
Assembly bill 453 amends the Act
for the better protection of stockhold
ers in mining corpoiations. The
old law required the ratification of
two-thirds of all the stockholders be
fore a sale of incorporated mining prop
erty could be legally made, provid
ing, however, no way to properly re
cord such ratification. This flaw in
the law gave to searchers of titles no
end of trouble. The amended Aot
provides that the certificate of the Sec
retary of the corporation showing the
stockholders and their respective hold
ings may be attached to the corporation
deed of transfer and be recorded as a
part of the document, thus furnishing
prima facie evidence of the facts.
Assembly bill 454
the first section of the so-called Felton
Act. This law compelled the direnrnra
of mining companies to post statements
in tne omoe of such corporatons on the
first Monday in each month showing
receipts and disbursements for the pre
ceding month, and provided a penalty
of $1,000 liquidated damages at suit
by stockholders for failure to comply.
The new law will apply only to suoh
mining stocks as may be regularly
listed upon any proper mining or stock
exchange. The penalty for violation
is also changed from $1000 line to re
moval from office of the offending
Assembly bill 743 is the Debris Aot
which appropriates $250,000 for the
construction of dams to restrain the
debris caused by mining operations and
natural erosion. Congress has set aside
a like amount fox a similar purpose,
the half-million dollars being now
Hiuta to Housekeepers.
When out flowers beoome wilted
they may frequently be freshened by
clipping off the ends and dipping the
stems in hot water for a few moments.
At the holiday season, when many
kinds of cakes are being made, it is
well to bake the remains of eaoh loaf
cake separately in layer tins; then
spread them with apple, currant or
icuiuu lei.y or irostinna. Pl-.
layer on top of another, not having
two dark or fruit lavera
gether. This makes a very nioe cake,
and is another variety without extra
All the tiny pieces and crusts
of bread should be vi. thoi.
uses are numerous. They can be made
"i puuaings, stuffings for meat and
.u, aim Moenent griddle cakes. Or
11 the pieces are dried in a moderate
uien rouea and sifted, they are
always ready to cover croquettes, goal
loped dishes snd many other things.
Frequently one will be annoyed by
worms in the soil around the roots of
the window plants. The worms may
be disposed of by thoroughly wetting
the earth with lime water, using about
half a cup of lime to three quarts of
water. Let all the lime dissolve that
will, then pour off the dear water and
leave the sediment. Use this water
upon the soil.
it the
A mitlinn,ll ...
p ri I "r water project is on
h xejuuga ijanyon. above Burbank.
where a company composed of Eastern
capitalists and Los Angeles men are
FijjnuK une development of 10.000
inches of water to spread over the terri
tory in San Fernando valley. Two
thousand inches of water are alruady
in the company's ditches.
Kotatlou of Crop.
plowing and the rotation
Nineteen business buildings in
Bloomington. Wis., have been burned
.u w.0 gronna. The fire originated
in a saloon. The total loss is esti
mated at $50,000, with a light insur-anoe.
The Plaoerville Nugget says they
nt B00d 0M from the tel
of the Mammoth mine and the ten-
v U...1 sua two oouoentratorg
oiaxveu up March 15th.
1 were
The Act known as the Sims bill, A.
B. 300, is the dredger bill. It carries
an appropriation of $300,000 for dredg
ing the Sacramento and San Joaquin
rivers. The friends of the measure
have always olaimed that it is a min
ing law in the results intended to be
derived. Congress will, it is insisted,
be requested to duplicate the appro
priation carried by the State law for
me same purpose.
All of these bills have received exec
utive approval and are now upon the
statute books. Of the mining bills
still in the hands of the Governor, A.
B. 679, provides for the recording of
wining notices with county instead of
district recorders as heretofore. It
also makes these reaordings piinia
facie evidenoe of the facts stated and
gives to quartz locators sixty days in
whioh to definitely fix their line, and
this time is allowed for the prospector
to determine the course of his ledge
it also requires $50 worth of work
npon quartz claims and $10 worth to
each twenty acres in plaoer locations
within the first sixty days of the dis
covery of the property. These safe
guards are intended to prevent monopo
ly in making mining locations and to
show the good faith of rho
The work required is made a necessary
part of the location. Th star m;
j vi vu 41111
association suggosted this
A .
Assembly mil 76!) mut..
q., .
muvj ui county recorders to
mining notices of location.
Assembly Bill 826 provides for the
appointment of a mining inspector at
$4 a day and mileage at 10 oents per
of M?? r? on duty- The ob
of the bill is to prevent mining com
panies from forcing employee into
ppwdar smoke and foni ,-, ,XZ
compel mining corporations to comply
with existing laws. The Aot regu
lates the manner of operating mines.
It was passed at the behest of the Min
ers' Union of Grass Valley.
Assembly Bill 943 repeals the law
or 1874, under whioh mineral land in
gohool sections has been sold by the
State The State having disposed ot
all of the agricultural land in school
sections the unsold State lands in these
sections are located in tha ui
UlliljUU (He
gions where rich strikes suoh as at
Randsburg may be made at any time.
The object of the Act is to protect the
prospector from the land shark, who
may file under the law of at
expense of but $5. and thus defeat the
developing or otherwise
working hi property.
Another Senate bill repeals Act of
18 4, under whioh an assessment of
ten cents has been levied upon the
issuance of each certificate ot stock in
any mining corporation. The new law
will n is claimed, remove a restric
tion from legitimate mining. . ,
The Chairman of the . Assembly
Committee on Mine. r, xfi..t .
x. U. boward of Downieville
, " wnuioij
Who MnmBAntaJ 41.- CI.' .1
- --r-,..TOU u,t ontn aistriot, em
bracing the counties of Sierra, Plumas
Thi8Work is largely due
the above changes in the old laws.
It is reported that a number of lives
have been lost in the Iowa floods.
Rerurns from a shipment of eight
tons of quart which the Reward Com
pany of Nevada City sent to 8elby'g
showed the rock to be worth nearly
$400 per ton. Besides this the com
pany recently milled 100 tons of rock
that averaged very fair.

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