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Tke Elaborate Precaution to Protect
Themeelves From Enemies.
Certain species of craba cover them
selves with sea weed In order to de
ceive their foes. One crab was seen
ay me naturalist, Elslg. In 1878, to
pluck off zoophytes, those plant-like
animal colonies wWcn grow on (bells
and stones, and to fix them on the
spines and hairs of Its shell. A still
deeper romance of defensive tactics
Is to be found In the case of certain
hermit crabs. They live In the cast
off sheila of whelks and crawl about.
house on back. One claw Is bigger
than the other, and this Is an adaptive
feature, for when the crab retires Into
Its house the bigger claw Is tucked
across the mouth of the shell to bar
the way against a possible Intruder,
More curious still is the habit of one
species which tolls along with a sea
anemone fixed to his shell, like Sin
bad carrying the Old Man . the Bea.
Great care Is taken of this anemone.
It Is fed by the crab, and If the latter
has to seek a new shell by reason of
tils growth he tenderly shlfta his ten
ant off the old abode and places him
on the new one.
No Form of Lie but Mean Ruination
of Character,
There are a thousand ways of ly
ing, but all lead to the same end. It
does not matter whether you wear
lies, tell lies, act lies, or live lies;
your character is ruined all the same.
There is no more demoralizing ln
fluence In modern life than the un
natural straining to Beem other than
we are. Nothing else so quickly
lowers self-respect, takes the edge off
honor and blunts the conscience as
the sense of being a sham, a gilded
fraud, or an unreality. It cheapens
standards, lowers Ideals, saps ambi
tion, and takes the spring and Joy
out of living. No man can make the
most and best of himself until he Is
absolutely honest with his own soul,
and unfalteringly true to his highest
ideals, and this is Impossible while
he Is living a He. Success.
Pathetic Story of Henry Ward Beech
er's Childhood.
wiiuam james, vfte Harvard psy
chologist, was illustrating the con
fusion Into which children's minds
may be thrown by the reception of
different ideas about the same sub
"Henry Ward Beecher," he said
"furnished us In his childhood with
a good example of the thing I mean.
r . v. ,1 .. . r i . ,
, "Ltrilblrf' l)Vu.ld Cheerfully rec j little fellow was told by some that
he had gone to heaven, and by oth
Mrs. Anderson, a prominent society
woman of Jacksonville, Fla., daughter of
Recorder of Deeds, West, who witnessed
her signature to the following letter, praises
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Dear Mrs. Pinkham : - There are but few wives and mothers who
have not at times endured agonies and such pain as only women know
I wish sut;h women knew the value of Lydia E. Pinkham's Veeetabu!
Compound. It is a remarkable medicine, different in action from any
I ever knew and thoroughly reliable. '
" I have seen cases where women doctored for years without perma
nent benefit, who were cured in less than three months after takine vour
Vegetable Compound, while others who were chronic and incurable
came out cured, happv and in perfect health after a thorough treatment
yith this medicine. 1 have never used it myself without gaining great
benefit A few doses restores my strength and appetite, ind tones up
the entire system our medicine has been tried and found true, hence
JonmoeFire Anderson-, 225 Washington St; Jack!
Sirs. T?pArl. H9H TV rnml.o.i.j o ni.n.j.i!., .
, - . muu ai.,M. uiiaueipnia, i"a., says t
xjear jjjrs. i-inkham:- I feel it my duty
to write and tell you the good I have received
from Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
i pound.
fi . J . "I "ave .been a great sufferer with female
' 7 tS 1 trPlble f'ri'mS different doctors nnd medicines
.; j J with no benefit. Twovparsjimi w,.
1 an operation, and it left mo in a very weak
condition. I had stomach trouble, backache,
headache, palpitation of the heart, and was very
nervous ; iu fact, I ached all over. I find
MWmSSw yours is the onlv medicinn tlm-. nmhM
ri lt . .' i . . ivmvuvo
ommend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
uuuiouim w an sunenns women."
... i I roubled Wltl irregular or painful menstruation, weak-
SSSh,- ThC9a' sPIaeI"en' or ulceration of the womb, that bearing-down
SlffV- aB?atl0n f th8 OTarie8' backache, flatulence, general dlbimy
Lnd ?. DTT, PS8t1t,?n' thpy remember there Is oT tried
"lrhCtryoublorla Pink,m'8 Vegetable Compound at one.
Iffpeple?lce and totitimony ' some of the most noted
women of America go to prove, beyond a question, that Lydia E.
Pinkham's A egetable Compound will correct all such trouble at
once by removing the cause and restoring the organs to a healthv
MaisraSuSZ. HAa!SS
nnmmuHinTdHne V1 i? W0Lrld ha8 received such widespread and
Cw ??I8emTp"t 0 ther medicine has such a record of cures
or lemale troubles. Iiefuse to buy any substitute.
WVVV LyUla K. l'lukhain Medicine Co., Lynn, tlua.
W.L. Douglas
sss S3.50 shoes
Oouglaa mmkma and mall mora man'a
mhooa than any other manufacturer
world. Tim
ft mitt and nfriiir wearing qualities. If I rould tliow
lup aifTf-nrice btt wfn (he ho' ntade in my (nciotTr and
W Of Othor mulml atirl (ha l.i.rl. i.X. . t
Id nnden.iniii why W, L. DmiRlus pM hIiom cobi 'moi
wny nPy nom mir t.unpet m Mtn, wear lonifer,
I re or urcttcr hitrinHlo rain tlian any other W-.'O nhoA
It t0:tUJ Mtiei lor the yew ending
j it wt( were
Donslai RiiarantMi thlr value by ttamplni tili name
.pris on tliit noiioin. Ixmk for It-ukB uo iihil.itiilr.
I by inn dealert everjwliere. tail Color telM utti
Superior In Fit, Comfort and Woar.
W. .. rtminlat I3.W than for tht 1ml tttrlrr vnrl
ilt ahifiluteiattfaeUon. I Jilti thrm .uip'rtor tnjU,cviiivrt
i tcear to othrrt eoihnu rum tftJUJ to KM."
S. iicUUE, Drpl. Coll., C.X. Jut. lltrtnue. Richmond, Va.
ers that she had been laid In the
; ground.
"Ha hrnnitoil nvar thaaa ntrn It,.
tory Ideas until they were reconciled
In his mind. Then, one morning, he
was found digging in the garden very
" "What are you doing?' they asked
" 'Why,' said the child, 'I am going
to heaven to find mother.' "
H' 4 to J K Intho
I,. IouirlH nar nrona 'oltkln In Ma 3.no
. Corona Colt la couevded to be the lllieat
utent Leather made.
W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mm.
8wlft Letter Carrier.
The "frigate" is the swiftest of all
sea birds, and In some of the equa
torial Isles of the Pacific Is used as a
letter carrier. Taken from the nest
before it can fly, it is hand fed on
a fish diet by the natives; and in the
course of a few months becomes so
tame that it can be liberated during
the day, and will return to Its perch
at sunset.
It is easy to brew a good
pot of tea. There are two
ways : one is to do it ; the
, other Is not to.
la rrrr arlra ol Schflluif'l Beat Task ebeati
lau Haw la Malu Oooi Ia.
Handicap on Grocer's Clerk.
A Redding (Cul.) boy employed In
a grocery store, bumped the right
side of his head the other day and
has been unable to wink his left eye
ever since. The doctors thinfc it is
a case of temporary paralysis but tn
the meantime his efficiency will be
Impaired, for of what use is a gro
cer's clerk if he can't wink his eye at
jUKC LUKc wounds, old sores, corns, bun.
intlC rifle nnrrtccrc rflUTn.rv
1 AN ANTISEPTIC that tops Irritation, subdues Inflam-
f . mation and drives out Pain.
J PENETRATES the Pores, loosens the Fibrous Tissues, oro-
I motes a free circulation of the Blood, giving the Muscles natural
1 elasticity. .
in "' n' i i i miTi j mm flu tfiiim jj.ilirpi """ ii 'irn.
W. 8. Bailey. P. O. True, Texas, writes: "My wife- had been mifferiwr five
yeiir with parulyslxln her arm, when I was pi-i-snaded to ue Biillurd'sSnow
Liniment, which eftei tert a complete cure. I have a; so used it for old sores,
frost bites and ktn eruptigps. It does the work."
THREE SIZESt -5c. 50o and $1.00
Ballard Snow Liniment Co.
Nalden-Judson Drug Co., General Agents. Salt Lake City, Utah.
How many tetters are fliere
In tea?
One, two or three, as you
like : t or te or tee or tea.
Uncle Eben.
"I ain't got no objections at all to
de man what assumes to be superior,"
said Uncle Eben, "pervlded he makes
an hones' effort to live up to bis own
representations." Washington Star.
Tea is coarse or fine, tea
or weed, harsh or smooth,
keen or soft, heavy or bright,
but words are empty.
Writ for our Knowldt, Bwk, A fchillnf
Company, Saa Fr.miam.
Mammoth Wedding Cake.
A wedding cake once made for the
duke of Albany stood six feet high
and weighed 200 pounds. It was dec
orated with a chain of reading cuplds,
In compliment to his royal highness'
literary taste.
The modestest thing in the
world is tea. It is only teal
The Nerves and the Temper.
Irritability is the keynote of nerv
ousnesR. J T'i
Horrible Railway Disaster Occur
Near Warrensburg, Mo.
Twenty-eight persons were killed
and sixty Injured, some of them fa
tally, la a head-on collision Monday,
two miles southeast of Warrensburg,
Mo., between the second section of
Mnaouri Pacific passenger train No.
SO, which left Wichita, Kan., Sunday
night for St. Louis with World's Fair
excursionists, and the heavy west
bound extra freight train. The collis
ion occurred In what Is called "Head
man's bend." Both engineers and both
firemen saw the danger and Jumped.
According to the Kansas City office
of the Missouri Pacific the engineer of
the freight had forgotten his orders.
He had been ordered to wait on a
siding at Knobnoster, Just east of War-
Mails Are Rifled by Czar'e Men, Ship
Owner Enter Protest and Govern'
ment Will Investigate the
" Matter.
Official notice has been received by
the poBtoffice department, In a tele
gram from Dodwell & Co of Tacoma,
Wash., that they declined to carry the
United States malls' during the re
mainder of the Russo-Japanese war,
on account of the Bclzure of the mails
on the s'teamer Calchas, which sailed
from Tacoma early In July. The tele
graphic notification protested against
the seizure as an outrage against this
country, and anked what action would
probably be taken by the government
The withdrawal of the steamers oper
ated by the company will not cause
any material difference In the dis
patch of the malls to the Orient. Mails
were dispatched by them once a
month, and such mall as would have
been forwarded by them will be di
verted to other lines. There will he
six dispatches of malls to the Orient
during October by other trans pacific
lines. None of theso companies is un
der contract.
Following is the telegram to the de
Vollowlng cable Just received from
Alfred Holt ft Co., of Liverpool, own
ers of the British steamer Calchas.
rensburg, but neglected to do so. The
trains met at a eharp curve.
The most of the killed were In the
forward coach, which was well
crowded wtlh passengers. The snot
where the wreck occurred was In a
narrow cut and this fact with the dark
ness added to the difficulty of the sit-'
uation. The greatest confusion en
sued after the first lull following the
crash and the groans of the Injured
were added to the escaping steam of
the wrecked locomotives:
It was some time before the dead
and Injured could be extricated from
the debris. The dead were carried tin
the track an laid In rows In an open
space until trie rellof train arrived.
while the Injured were cared for as
well as could be.
vimi. unoir, wno is warned for the
Russian defeat at I.iaoyang, has been
dismissed from the army by the czar.
Great Battle Expected Within a Few
Day, Probably Near Llao Yang.
While General Kuropatkin has con
tinued to advance his entire front
against the armies of Field Marshal
Oyama, he has not met with any for-
Mm 1
Gen. Meyendorf was In command of
the Russian troops which fought back
the pursuing Japanese on the retreat
of Kouropatkln's army from Liao-Yang
to Mukden. It was the dogged resist
anee that he offered to every attempt
of the Japanese to attack the fleeing
Russians that enabled Kouropatkln to
escape north with his main army.
Meyendorf gallantly fought the enemy
In his orderly backward march al
most to the walls of Mukden, while
the artillery and baggage trains, 12,-
000 woun9d men and the main army
escaped In safety.
which vessel was seized by Russian
Vladivostok squadron off the Japan
ese coast about July 26:
Calchas release annealed aenlnst
by Russian crown advocate because
among mall matter was financial infor
mation addressed to Japanese officials
containing Information of value to the
enemy. We give definite Instructions
to notify postofflie department that
we refuse to carry any mail for Japan
during the duration of the war.'
The CalcVas is one of the reirnlnr
liners operating between Pugot Sound,
i.uiiuuii anu j.iverpooj, via Japanese
waters and the Suez canal. She was on
her regular voyage and her canto
contained no contraband. Understand
the Russian crown advocate bases his
appeal against release on the fact that
United Slates mall carried bv Calchas
contained Information for Japanese of
ficials. Hope Uniled Slates will take
Immediate actlun against confiscation
and deteutlon of the Calchas on ac
count of carrying the United States
malls. This Is certainly an outrage
against the United State's that should
not be alowed to pass. Please be no
tified that during the duration of the
war we must decline to carry United
States mails for Japan. Klndiy advise
what action will probably be taken by
Postmaster General Wvnne Inter
roastiltod with the president regarding
the matter. The slate department
probably will enter Into correspond
ence with the Russian government to
ascertain the facts in the latter's possessing
Oyama Drawing In His Lintii and
Awaiting Attack.
General Kuropatkin is In the field
personally directing the forward move
ments of the army, which, it Is under
stood, In divided Into two strong
columns moving on each side of the
railroad, whence they will draw their
auppjles, their flanks being protected
by no less than 150 squadrons of Cos
sacks. The Russians are operating
aiong a front of between forty and
mldable opposition. However, the ex. frty-five miles, extending from Kaed
pectatlon is that a battle of magnitude To" Pa88 t0 BentslaptiUe on the east, '
must be fought within a few days. It
is believed that the Japanese will
make a stand at Mao Yang. Several
positions east of that place have been
abandoned by the Japanese.
At St. Petersburg It Is surmised that
and across the Hun river to the left
bank of the Llao river, on the west.
They are taking every precaution
against possible counter attacks as
they advance southward. Field Mar
shal Oyama, however, has not yet
Field Marshal Oyamas forces have hown a deposition to strongly hold
urn oiuer positions. The evacuation
of Bentsiapulze left the flank of the
Japanese position at the Yental mines
unprotected, and news of the abandon
ment of the mines Is, therefore, hourlv
been weakened by the dispatch of
troops to aid General Nog! in reduc
ing Port Arthur, and that this condi
tion has afforded General Kuropatkin
an opportunity to recover ground lost
during the month of August.
Coal Magnates Will Not Arbitrate.
The Employers' association execu
tive committee, after a protracted dis
cussion of the coal strike situation,
at Cincinnati on Monday, Issued a
statement declaring that the associa
tion will support the coal dealers to
the last In the present conflict, and
will, If necessary, raise $100,000 to
break up the strike. The association
will not consent to arbitration nor to
confer with strike supporters. The
reasons given are that the union Is
endeavoring to enforce a closed shop.
Payne' Successor.
President Roosevelt has announced
the appointment of Robert J. Wynne,
acting postmaster general, as post
master general. Mr. Wynne took the
oath of office Monday afternoon. How
long Mr. Wynne may continue as post
master general has not been deter
mined. Beyond the statement that
the appointment is temporary noth
ing is known. The probability is that
Mr. Wynne will be succeeded by
George Bruce Cortelyou about Janu
ary 1.
Plot to Murder Jailer.
Because a man who Is awaiting the
decision of the supreme court as to
whether he shall bang for murder was
unwilling to participate In another
murder In order to gain bis liberty,
the plans of six prisoners In the coun
ty Jail at Portland, Ore., to murder
Jailer Grafton and liberate themselves
miscarried. Martin Leasia told Jailer
Grafton of the plot and saved that of
ficial's life. Two saws, three iron
bars and two razors were found if cret-
Officials Loot ths Treasury,
Governor Bailey of Kansas has given
out an official report covering an ex
amination of state school accounts.
Tbe report says: "This examination
has developed shortages, irregularities
and discrepancies amounting to many
thousands of dollars in the twelve
counties examined. In my Judgment
the same condltons will be found ex
isting in the remaining counties of the
state, not only In the permanent school
tuna, out in the norma and
Colof more ooodi briohler and taster color thaninj other in. One 10c peckaoecolora .ilk, wool nd cotton equally well and is ouarairteed looiva oerfact rtulta. I i i- .v. ,.!a ... i . i . fin-nl nH. . j . . n. C
t desltrerwewill lend post paid at tOc package, Write lor Iret booklet-How to Dyo, BlMch tiwi Mi Woa, VA ,1 the corridor after Leasia re- Wl funds, and suggest a thorough
r.rr f vealed the tlot. 'Investigation.
Home Production Almost Enough fof
Domestic Supply.
Arkansas and New Hampshire sup
ply us with most of our oilstone and
cythe stones, although we Import
over $50,000 worth of "Turkey" razor
nones. Burr stonea still find anullca-
Uon In grinding paints, cements, etc.,
but other form of grinding apparatus
are gradually replacing them. New
York state produces most of them,
but some are taken from Pennsyl
vania strata.
Pennsylvania provides moat of the
quart! fcr sandpaper and some gar
net, but New York, New England
and North Carolina also provide gar
nets for sandpaper. The United States
produced at one time enough corun
dum for Its own use, but now we
have to Import from Canada and In
dia. The Chester county deposits
are no longer worked and North Caro
lina and Montana are now the only
producers. Nature Is being hulped
out to a wondort'ul extent In supply
ing abrasives by the manufacture of
artificial corundum and carborundum
In the electric furuace at Niagara
Falls. Crushed Bteel Is a new abra
sive, being made at Pittsburg. It U
steel of excessive hardness la a
granular form.
A Crop of 60,000,000 Bushel of Wheat
Will B th Record of 1904.
The results of the threshing In
Western Canada are not yet complet
ed, but from Information at hand, It Is
safe to say that the average per acn
will be reasonably high, and a fp.lr
estimate will place tho total yield of
wheat at 60.000,000 bushels. At pres
ent prices this will add to the wealth
of the farmers nearly $80,000,000.
Then think of the Immense yield of
oats and barley, and the large herd
of cattle, for all of which good prices
will be paid.
The following official telegram was
sent by Honorable Clifford Sifton, Min
ister of the Interior, to Lord Strath
cona, High Commissioner for Can
"Am now able to state definitely
, that under conditions of unusual diffi
culty In Northwest a fair average crop
of wheat of good quality Jbs been
reaped and Is now secure from sub
stantial damage. The reports of In
Jury by frost and rust were grossly
exaggerated. The wheat of Manitoba
and Northwest Territories will aggre
gate from fifty-five to sixty million
bushels. The quality la good and the
price Is ranging around one dollar
per bushel."
Frank H, Spearman, In the Satur
day Evening Post, says:
"When our first transcontinental
railroad , was built, learned men at
tempted by isotherman demonstration
to prove that wheat could not profit
ably be grown north of where the line
was projected; but the real granary
of the world lies up to 300 miles north
of the Canadian Pacific railroad, and
the day Is not definitely distant when
tho United States will knock at tbe
doors of Canada for Its bread. Rail
road men see such a day; It may be
hoped that statesmen also will see It,
and arrange their reciprocities while
they may do so gracefully. Americans
already have swarmed Into that far
country and to a degree have taken
the American wheat field with them.
Despite the fact that for years a little
Dakota station on the St. Paul road
Eureka held the distinction of being
tho largest primary grain market in
the world, the Dakota and Minnesota
will one day yield their palm to Sas
A Small Boy' Essay on Water.
A very original tinny on water by
a very small boy la quoted by a con
temporary. He divides all water In
to four subheadings rain water, soda
water, holy water and brine. "Water,"
he continues, "Is used for a good
many things. Sailors use water to
go to sea on. Water Is a good thing
to fire at boys with a squirt gun and
to catch fishes In." But the strangest
of all uses for water Is this: "No
body," ho says, "could be saved from
drowning If there wasn't water to pull
them out of." One Is here reminded
of a similar essay on plus, in the
course of which the boy writer said
that pins had saved many lives by
people not swallowing them. Ram's
Mre. Wlnalow'a Roothlna; Hrrnp.
POT Children tjlwthln,. a,rtna ........ ...
Baraiuauun, allay palu. ourea wliul uolUi. 'ifccabuiua.
For Fashion' Sake.
It Is too bad, when women are so
much more civilized than men lr.
some respects, that they will con
tinue to wear dead birds and muti
late their ears In order to hang orna
ments In them, Just like a savage.
No Sleep No Appetite Just m Con
tinual Backache.
Joseph McCauley, of 144 Sholto 8t,
Chicago, Sachem of Tecumscb Lodge,
says: "Two years ago my health was
completely broken down. My back
acnea ana was so
lame that at time I
was hardly able to
uicb. UIJ'BCU, 1 1UBI
my appetite and was
unable to deep.
There seemed to be
no relief until I took
n o I n'm U I A
Pill, but four boxes
u. mi. icuieuy UK
fected a complete and permanent cure.
If suffering humanity knew tbe value
of Doan's Kidney Pills they would use
nothing else, as it Is the only positive
cure 1 know."
For sale by all dealer. Price (0
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo.
N. V.
Cheap Turkish Bath.
It Is possible to get a TurkUo bath
for G cents In New York.
Now's the time
To Buy Stocks
It la known fao to everyone thai
(tit-edged eourltlea have deollned from
Twenty to Fifty Dollar per share Is th
peat twelre months. The market bow
la etti-nant. What will be the noil
meveaientt Dp er downt Up, sure ee
you are foot hlh. Buy now, while
a tuck a ere on the bottom . Bead for our
book of Information ("Myateaa ef Spawn
Utloa") and Dolly Market Lett,
mailed free upon application.
Cantlnuaua Quotations an Now Yarn Hacks one
UucafO Cram.
Mams Salt Lata Stock aiW Mining lidMnfS.
0-flO-i1-I1 D.P. WALK!) tea
Magnificent Crops for 1904,
Western Canada'
Wheat Orop hle
Veer will be 0,.
000,000 Buehola,
and Wheat at rea
nt la Worth ai.OO
The Oat an Barley Crop Will Also rials Akunaairtl
Splendid prices for all klndu of f rain, cattle
anil oilier fwrm produi-e fur the growing- of
which the rliiniite la uiiMilHHHed.
About iM.inn Asierli ona have nettled la West
ern Ciiiiudu durlnv the pitst three yuan.
Thmixtuuln nf free humPHimKta of ISO aorea
emih "till avutlnble In tho beat agricultural dia
trltan. It hn been eiilrt that the TTnttd States will
he furw-d to Import wheat within a very few
vonra. Heeure a farm lu (teniula, and hMwma
one of those who will produce lu
Apply fur Information to Superintendent of
Iminlirriitlon, M town. ;nail, or to anthoritod
Ciiliwlliill UoveriimiMit Aireiit Ben). Unvlaa,
ni (i. Dunn Ulotk, Central Aveuue. Ureal
FuUh, Moulu.ua.
Tht but ihoterioh. Allied aorkmn and
twy-vwn wars eomei hoaeriMB
TOWEHi Skkn 0tl ens' ttat '
forouj the world over The we mk in
Nock orjreJIowfor oil fcimb of wrt work.1
tooevrrvoorintrt ueomjuie JICiN of
THE rfjrl i) outvoted to jwtx
ufetion All retak drakn jell M
A J. TORI C0,W3TlUii.HiL
Important to Mother.
Examine carefully every bottle of CASTOMA,
a safe and sure remedy for infante and children,
and see that it
Bean the
Signature i
la Use For Orur 30 Years.
Tbe Kind To Havo Always Bought.
Spectacles of Famous Man.
Walter Newbegln, a Kezar Falls,
Me., collector of curiosities, has the
spectacles worn by Rev. Join Buzzell,
the first Baptist minister In Maine.
whi Is said to have had his eyesight
suddenly restored and to have grown j
new bead of hair and a set of teeth ,
at tbe ripe age of 90 years.
Think of the cheer in a
cargo of teal
Strawberry and
Vegetable Dealers
Thfl rKKPtiKr Department of the Itllnotd
Central Knilruiwl Comimnv have recently ifvtuod
a pul.iicai iou known u Circular No. 12, in whicb
Ik (luKcritietl th
best territory in this country
tor the trrowtnir of r;arly strawberries and early
veiretableH. Kvery ilealer in auch product
should u'hlreaa a postal tard to the underKipned
i Duhuqtio, Iowa, requeatlug a oopy ot
"Circular No. IK'
J. F. MEHuy, Asst. Oen'lPaas'r Agent.
Mustang Liniment
cures Sprains and Strains.
Do Your Part.
Every age has Its problem, by solv
ing which humanity Is helped forward.
Murine Eve Remftlv rtirii KitrA pvm
makes weak eyes strong. All druggists, CMlc.
' jjsiaSSS, Salt l&t Citj, M
Howard E. Burton, "i'si'i"4
j Specimen prires, Onltl. l!er. Iad.fl; Onld Ml
1 w. Vw: tu'd Mlo: Zlnr nr Copper It ('raDlde teste,
f Mailing envelope anil full prtr-e list sent on appll
eailon. Control ami Umpire work solicited. LeV
vllle, Colo. Heferanoe. t.'arbonata Mali Ban.
The Meal for a Nobraiikan.
A heaping saucer of ripe tomatoes,
with sugar and cream, four biscuits
buttered while hot, a baked potato, a
slice or three cf ccld mutton and you
have a supper tiat will stay by you
twelve hours and strengthen your tis
sues every mimite Ot the time.JjlD
coln Journal.
Oeld. BIlTer. Copper (i mi .... " '.r
er iod Any three S.us
, Hampleibv mnll re-etre prompt attention.
J Plater bold Ui-torll and Ulun Ores Uoucot.
1715 Arapahoe St. Dr.NVEB. COL.O
When Answering Advertisement
Kindly Pention This Paper.
Salt Lake-No. 42. 1804.
W. N, U
1 .IK I V ku : JI 111 f i n
In time. Soid t drupgftfc

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