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Lincoln County Record.
FUIDAY. OCT. 28, 1904.
Published Every Friilsy fir
Record Publishing Company,
tisorlptle-n. On Tear, bj Hill..
Mx Months, " .
IS 00
Advertising rates furnished upon sppllostinn l
thS offloS. '''
(stored t the Postoffloe at Plocht, Nevada,
eond-Olsas matter.
Delivered by Carrier at SO amt per
Deputy Sheriff W. A. Cook
brought up a young man who had
been arrested for stealing butter. A
barrel of butter was stolen and one
Alfred G. Humphry was seen to go
to hidden barrel and help himself to
about seven pounds. He was ar
rested, and at the trial a man ap
peared before the Justice as attorney
for Humphry. Justice refused to
permit the would-be attorney to
argue the case unless he showed his
diploma. Whereupon the attorney
laughed at the learned Judge and
poked a little-fun at hira, which
caused the Judge's ire to elevate and
he fined the attorney $500, and the
attorney stated that he not being in
the habit of carrying $500 in silver
around in his vest-pocket, requested
two days grace in which to pay the
fine. The Judge got hot at this and
ordered the attorney to be brought
to Pioche and board out fine in juil.
On the way np the District Attorney
met the officer, and learning the
circumstance, ordered the officer to
release the man.
The men found dead at the Vegas
and reported as being murdered, is
all wr3ng. Both men found dead
were old and sick when they went
there. One of them, named John
McDonald, was found dead near his
traps. He was suffering from
apthma and died from that disease.
He was small-sized man, a native of
England and aged CI years. The
other was named McDermott, had
been on a spree. No marks of vio
lence was found on either man.
There are about fifteen saloons at
the Vegas and there are a large
number of rounders and garoters
there, which is to be found at ali
large railroad camps engaged in
construction work.
Several of the grading outfits hav
ing completed their contracts have
left the Vegas the Inst week, - reduc
ing the working forces a couple of
hundred men.
Las Vegas is now connected by
telegraph wire.
Lots al Caliente are being rapidly
sold. All desiring a lot in this
thriving town will do well to pur
chase one before it is too late.
There are not any idle men
around Pioohe. All who desired
work have been able to obtain it.
Considerable work is now going on
in the vicinity of Pioche.
Mr. Driscoll, mail inspector, was
ia town on Monday. Had been
called to Moapa to settle where the
postoffioe would be located. The
company wanted the office at the
railroad depot whilst a number of
the residents wanted it at the town.
Negotiation is now going on with
a view of incorporating some of the
best mineral bearing properties in
Pioche. The property lies to the
east of Spring Mountain and is con
sidered by several mineralogists aa
one of the finest mineral showings
that they have seen in this vicinity.
The transfer of the Little Mendha
property has been made and the
incorporation formed. The capital
stock is 500,000 shares at $1.00 per
share. The directors of the com
pany are B. M. Cornish, B. S. Rives
A. P. Gardiner, K. V. Zink, all of
Salt Lake, and E. P. Gordon. The
working fund has been provided
and men will be placed to work on
the property the latter part of next
"B. M. Cornish.one of the principal
owners in the Pioche-Nevada Con.
Company, arrived Sunday night,
and has been busily engaged making
arrangements for the working of the
property in proper way. A hoist is
to be erected forthwith and the
necessary buildings construct at
mines. Mr. Cornish has bonded
four claims in Highland District on
what is known as the "Yuba Dike''
paying $500 cash and the other
good and valuable consideration to
follow at atatod periods.
Ualiente and the Line.
Dr. Jensen arrived from Delamar
and has proceeded to his home at
Fourteen masons are at work on
the foundation for the twelve new
railroad buildings.
Hon J. A. Denton and party has
proceeded south. They will make
a thorough canvass. ,
Clyde Olson, who has been suffer
ing with a mild attack of typhoid
fever, is improving rapidly.
A man named Shea was arrested
for assault and given 90 days and a
$50.00 fine by Justice Lee.
Geo Syphus of Pauaca, who has
been suffering from pneumonia, is
reported to be out of danger.
A. M. Cross of Topeka, Kansas, is
here looking over the situation with
a view of opening a jewelry store.
A number of candidates, of all
manner of description, have beeu
interviewing our residents during
the week.
Mr. and Mrs John Smithson of
Stateline arrived here the first of the
week. They will open a hotel at
The man Daugherty, who recently
broke juil here, has not beeu heard
from, but the supposition is that he
is making for Goldfield.
H. W. Miles and family came
over from Delanmr Monday enroute
to Chicago, which place they will
make their future home.
J. V. Brooks came in from liis
niiues at Freiberg and reports a
fine strike made there last week.
Mr. Brooks departed at once for
the city.
Several Utah Construction grad
ing outfits were shipped to Modena
this week for the purpose of widen
ing the grade several places for side
tracks, etc.
Two mild cases of typhoid fever
are reported in town at present,
having been shipped from the front
to the hospital, where they could
receive medical attention.
Mrs Eliza Culverwell has removed
her lodging house from Fay and
will erect it in Caliente, opposite
Rice Bros store. When completed,
she will open up a hotel.
Edgar Shier was a passenger to
Modena Monday from which place
he w ill visit Fay and other towns,
returning by Pioche. He is making
a hard fight for the Assembly.
Postmaster Ed Clark is rusticating
for a few days in Los Vegas, from
which place he will proceed to Los
Angeles overland. F. A. Cluck will
have charge of the business during
his abseuce.
Work on the new depot will begin
next week, as material is coming in
doily, and all .the carpenters and
masons are already on hand, and it
will be pushed as fust as possible
until completed.
Wrork has ceased for the time-being
with tracklaying and the force
is now engaged in rip-raping and
bdlisting the roadbed. Work of
track laying will be resumed next
week at the Vegas.
An old man was caught selling
whiskey to the Indians by Willie
Cook and Floyd Denton, who re
ported the matter to Judge Lee.
The fellow admitted his guilt and
was ordered out of town.
The "Progress" goes after the
County Commissioners in regard to
the jail built at Caliente, owing to
the escape of the prisoner Daugherty.
We will state that the County Dads
had nothing to do with the building
of the jail, except furnishing the
iron door and grates. The residents
of Caliente had the jail constructed
themselves, and after the completion
of the building, pronounced it to be
the "finest jail in the state." The
officers at Caliente should not leave
broomstraws on the jail floor, thus
furnishing implements to criminals
in the jail whereby they are enable
to dig their way to liberty.
The candidates are now on the
wing. The Democratic caravan,
after visiting their constituents in
the north part of the county, started
Tuesday morning on their southern
tour. The Republican candidates
are canvassing in the south at the
It is understood that when the
County Supt of Schools goes out of
office she will then take u young man
to her bosom for better or worse
likely the latter
It is said "dead things sometimes
crawl," and that is why the can
didates are just now humping them
selves. .
A new postoffice has been estab
lished at Ruth, White Pine oounty.
Hon. J. A. Denton, the Demo
cratic iiomitu'e for State Senator,
Luu a card in this issue. Mr. Denton
is too well-known throughout the
county to require an introduction.
Suffice to say, that Mr. Denton,
whether in the Senate or Assembly,
has always proven loyal to the in
terests of Lincolo county.
Frank Williams of Goodsprings,
the Democratic nominee for the
Assembly, of whom we have spoken
of several times, has made a very
favorably impression with the resi
dents in the north, all feel confident
should he be elected that he will do
his duty well.
Ed. J. Cox of Bunkerville, the
Republican nominee for the
Assembly, is a young man raised in
this county. By occupation he is a
rancher and qualified for the posi
tion he seeks. He is oue of the
young men who plows the ground
and raises those good sweet potatoes
that we get from the south.
Light Wheatley, the Republican
uominee for State Assemblyman,
was born in San Francisco, Cal.,
thirty-five years ago. During the
lust six years he has resided in
Lincoln county. For ten years he
hus followed mining on the desert.
Besides opera tiug for himself, he
has filled various positions of trust
and responsibility with mining com
panies, his Inst position being with
the Southern Nevada Mining & Mil
ling company of Searchlight. For
the last year and a half he has acted
as deputy sheriff. Searchlight.
"I shall certaiuly go through
with the nomination, win if I can
and if elected do the best I know
how for the people of Linooln
county. Further I wish to say that
I take pride in the number of letters
which I have received and thut I
appreciate the sentiment expressed."
(Extract frou. u ieutr received from
S. E. Yount, republican nominee
for county commissioner.)
ihe above statement surely ought
to dispell the rumors which have
come down from the northern part
of the county to the effect that Mr.
Yount would not remain on the
ticket. Mr. Yount is not only going
to make the race, but he is going to
be elected by a lare majority. The
south will vote for hiui to a man,
and the north reuli.es that Mr.
Yount's candidacy ib not a mutter
of polities, but of securing rightful
representation. He is a democrat,
nominated on the republican ticket;
he stands for no party, clique or
clan, but for tho people und the in
terest of this end of the county.
of Pioche,
Regular Nominee of the Republican
of Caliente.
Reoulah Democratic Nominek for
State Senator.
of Sandy.
Keoular Democratic JNomineb for
The Assembly.
of Bunkerville.
Hequlab Rehublican Nominee for
The Assembly.
Registered Voters.
List of Registered Toters, Clover Valley, Lincoln
Oounty, Nevada.
Ad.tr David W Atchison L T
Ail.lr J M Ooltrell John
U.mbllr O E Hamblin Edwin '
I .nib Kr.uk I. ub i euard
Tvler John O Wood Lyman L
Woods J Lafayette Woods LO
Wooda Albert A Wooda Jasper T
Mcrrieon Frank
I will reoelve objections to the rlRht to vote on
the part of any person registered until 0 o'olock p.
in. on the fourth day prevtoun to election, an-1 If
any of the above notice tlirlr nam. erroneously
entered, plea.e appear at my office and hare auoh
error corrected.
L. L. tN OODS, Kmlstry Agent-
Registered Voters.
List of Registered Voters. Spring Valley, Lincoln
County Bevad.
' D
D.lmne Andy Delmue M
Fanchlnl John B Preicla David Vogllanl Lonu
Mlllett Ohal W
Rloe Heary Rica Henry Jr Roasettl Baroual
Sturznegrfer .'aeon
Vlettl Joseph
1 will receive objections to the right to. rota on
the part of any person registered nntil B o olook p.
m on the fourth day previous to eleotion . and If
any of the above notice tbeir namea erroneously
entered, please appear at my office and hare auoh
error eorreoted
HKNKY RICB.Jr Registry Agent.
Registered Voters.
List of Begiseared Votera, Lake Valley. Lincoln
Oonnty, Nevada
Campbell A D Lanter J N
O'Uonnell B O Robertson E L
Smith 0 B Thompson S L
I will receive objections to the rlnht to vote on
the part Of any person registered nntil 6 o'olock p
m. on the fourth day previoua to eleotion, and tf
anyof the aoove notice their names erroneously
entered, plea appear at my otfloe and have each
erroroorreoted .
4 D CAMPBELL. BegUtrv Agent.
Registered Voters.
List of Registered Votera, Caliente, Linooln
County, Nevada.
AmWton Peter Aarnisn Christ Atchison John
Arraeuittb Sain I Alexander Noah; Allan Ueorge
Adeltuaun Lewla J
Baker Kugene
Batten tieo
Blood m B.
Bowms Frank
(loot David J
Baglcy Sam J,
Hr.uen Win F
Bueger a lex
rlechtuan Jan A
Barton Iseao
Barton now
Boyd O 00 V.
Connor Monte J
Ooulan Martin
Oounoly Oeo J
Oonaw.y Joeenn uonnor a at
Ooyle Joseph K Clark Mwerd W (Jul ten Tho.
Obeuonelb David Culverwell Ohas Br Oa.lle W M
OulverwellolieaJr Crown J O Cuelck Tho J
Cbrlsteuiren r raoJa Oarden O B Collin. John
Ohrlstenaen Una Ohrlateueu Ohrial F
Calif nThos
Denton Jae A Dobbins JaaT Dergnrn John B
Durham Peter Duff; (ledge Donovan Frank
Dula Thoe K Dull Ralph B
Edwards Oeo Eddlngtoa Bruce
Edward. David O
Fallabaya Wm O Fisher Frank J Flynn Thoe
Fuber Joaephus Farrier Wnt F Fancher Chas
Gentry Arthur H Olbson Amnion Goodwin Oeo
Gordon Wm H Grlfflu Michael P
Barney Thoe Horn Henry H
Harrington Tim I Heft Foster L
Holland Thoe W Hager Geo W
Joyce Jamee Jones Wm R
Jackson Harvey 0. J"ee John H
Jeffera Jay 0
Keef Jamee Keats Kmest
Helnti Andrew
Barrl. (Joss
Hopkins Wm
Jenkins David
Jainlraon Wm
Kerwln John D
Kelly Pat Kane Peter J
Leniolne Jae Langford R K
Lyoo Michael J Llaton Wm A
Lytle Edward W
Lee Wm I
Land Peter t
Lee Francis 0
Maynard Wm D Marks Robert Mangnm Jas B
MackllnJohn Moore Jsrnes B Miller Jams H
MoyeaAlex W Miner Albert H M.Ira John K
Mt.ti-.lf Taylor Morrow Root Mapes Barrlaon D
Morrison Dan R MendenhaU John F
Moore Raymond O
McCeffery Too Mrftartney
MacNamee Oeo McMillan John
MoNamee George No 'J
Nelson John Noble Wm 0
NuttellJoe B
Olson Hans
Piatt Joa W Pippin John B
Pierce John
Quick Roy W
MoOonnell 8 W
McMahoa F J
McDoweer John
Nlely Jamee
Potts Robt B
Ronnow Ghae O
Rice J istph
Rlcharda Geo
Roe Che L
Rloe Mike F
Ryan James
Ryan Patrick
Rouan John T Relnald Geo S
Boss Donald F
Rhler Edgar J Stone Jamee Smith John
Smith Phillips Smith Chaa B Smith Guy
Shier John Btrawell Henry Bhemwell Wm
Spencer Frank
Tooley Joe J
Underbill Harry W
Weeton Richard Warn n Geo V
Wadwortb John Wood John
Woolridge SUee Wnt truest
Warren Frank B
Wilson David A
While Wm A
waaawortn usvia
Yoechem Archie Yeoman Maurice J
Youngblood Homer R Yount John W
I will receive objections to the right to vote on
the prt of auy person registered until fl o'clock p
m.on the fourth day previoua to eleollon, and if
any of the above notice their name erroneously
entered, plraee appuarat my office and have each
error corrected.
WM.J. LEE, Registry Agent
Registered Voters,
1 List of Reinstered Voter. P.neoa, Lincoln
Oounty, Nevada.
Atchison Lawson Atchison Dan Austin John
Atchison Olaud
Bled Qua
Ool Geo
DorrellW O
Kmpv Jaa H
Kdward H L
Clark Thomas
Davla Wm
Edwards Eli
Edwards John L
Edwards Frank
Flndlay D I
Edwards W H
Edwards H B
Gentry E 8
Hicks Geo W
Gillespie L D
Heaps L
Henderson A 8
Ipson Bans
Kens John W
Lee AO
Lee Ar hur V
Keele W '
Lee Philip k
Lee F M
Lambert Sam
Long W E
Lee John N
Lee livin
Murphy Jmmes
Morgan J T
Lee F 0
Mathewa Daniel
Mathews Ohas
Mathews D 0
Matbews Wm
Mathews Henry
Mathewa Charles Mathews Philip
Mathews Chas P
Newman W L
Nelson Allen
Nelson Chas Nelson Gasper
Nelson John
Philip. ER
Rich HO
Bice Hyrum
Ronnow Chris P
Ronnow Joe
Syphus Geo
Ronnow 0 P
Ronnow E V
Syphus Levi
Syphus Luke
Turnbaugh Ellis
Wadsworth N J Walker F 0
Wadsworth Goo Wilson John
Wadsworth Geo W
Wedge A H
Wadsworth Ben
I will receive oblectlons to the right to vote on
the part of any person registered until 6 o'clock p
m on the tne rourtn any previous w election, euu
if any of the above notice tbtr namea erroneously
entered, please appear at my office and have aucn
error corrected.
A. O. LEE, Registry Agent.
Registered Voters.
List of Registered Voters, Eagle Valley, Linooln
Oounty, Nevada.
Devlin r H
Bammond Boot
Hollluger Sam
Hammond John E
Holllngnt Joseph
Hammond Henry
Holllnger Jamea
Hemmont', ::)seph
Lytle Leslls
Lytle f reeland
Lytle Ohas
Lytle J t win
Biding Frank
Warren Wm D
I will receive objections tothe right to vote on
the part of any person registered until 6 o'clsck p,
m on the fourth day previous to election, and If
any of the above notice their mint, erroneously
entered, please appear at my office and have such
error corrected.
BOBT HAMMOND, Reglatry Agent
Registered Voters.
List of Registered Voters, Deerlodge, Lincoln
Oounty, Nevada.
Atchison W 8
Brown J ft
Batea J C
Beck P Blng Rudolph
Belcher Geo A Beck Thomas
Bennett Henry
Carman Wm
Chriatenson Bert Clark H G
Oronln John
Clark H.OJr
Donohue Frank Dunn Wm H D mohiie J 0
Donovan P J D.meron Milt
Elliott B B
Ousts veeon Olof
Hackett KB
Elliott 0 W
Oilman G W
Harris A B
Jackson Rodney
Knoi W A Knight Jas K
Lee Walker Lamb Wm
Lane J V
Moody Geo Middleton Elmer
McLaughlin Herman
ElngO B
L.rson 1 A
Lane Erntwt
Miller O O
Norrie Ernest ' Nelson Chas Norrls A B
Olson T 8
Perkins Geo F
Russell Jno A Ring David Boyoe Thomas
Baffety Obarlea
Sons F B Bears S 8 Smith J B
Short O A 8imU Richard
Wright Oeo
will reeelve obiectlon to the right to vote on
the part of any person registered nutlle o'clock p.
months fourth day previous to election, and if
any of the a'.iove notice their nainee erroneously
entered, please appear at my office and have auoh
error corrected.
GEO MO Dx. Bglatry Agent.
baeehecs are said to be plentiful
out at Camp Valley.
Registered Voters.
Lint of registered Voters, Pioche, Lincoln Oounty
Anderson John
Burke John Bryant Jos Bungers Frank
Bell Wm Bingham John Bisbop L T
Borland David Blenchard 0 a.
Clark J A
Cook John
Clark W H
Cutis E p L
Campbell J D
Olein Jamea M
Campbell W J
Campbell Thoe
Oovlglis John
Denton W A
Dickie F W
Carmaa A A
Christian Walter M
Deck Ed J Deck J H
Depedrinl T
Dunlap iwla
Kilers Henry EwiugJohn Edwards James
Fllnn Robt Foster Joseph Free Joseph
Fink Abe
Oarrleon O W
Garrison I N
Greeks Ben
Gordon fc P
Griffith Davd M
Goodrich H J
Bartnng Herman Hulse Jas M
Eeman J W
Lloyd William Lee Henry
Mollenkop Jos
McFarland George
Nesbltt James A
Harrlaon Wm I
Lynch Peter
Meloy John
MoFarland G B
Osborne Thorns J
Orr Alexander
Osborne Charles D
Or? Wm
Price James I
Pesslee Jess B
Roeden O W
Bobertl Ben
Boeder J F
Rives O
ttossetrl tiharlss
San lera Benj Schoneld R G lawyer Oeo O
Snittn Owen
Tulloch James Thompeon O A Thompson A 8
Turner B W
Van Emon Geo B
Wheeler Jas B Wellaud Henry Williams Michael
Young J I
I will receive oblectlons to the light to vote on
the part of any person registered until 6 o'clock p.
m.on the fourth day prevtoua to eleotion and If any
of the above notice th'.ir names erroneously entered
ples.e appear at my office and have such error
HERMAN BARTUNG, Registry Agent.
Several Nominees to be Voted
for at the General Election.
Tuesday, November 8th, 1904.
For Presidential Electors,
Clark E. W Democratic k Silver Party
Heseen, A. W Demecrttic k Sliver Party
Kendall, Zeb Democratic & Silver Party
Ahem, C. A , Republican Party
Butler, James L Republican Party
Plumb, W. I Republican Party
Beck, H. P Silver k Stalwart Silver Party
McCullough, J. B.. .Silver Stalwart Silver Party
MoOormeck, J. M.... Silver k Stalwart 811 ret Party
Oordlll, Wm H Socialist Party
Anderson, A. B Socialist Party
Rose. V. L Socialist Party
For Representative in Congress.
Sadler, Relnhold... .Silver k Stalwart Sliver Party
Van Duzer. C. D Demo, ratio 4 Silver Party
Yerrlngton, James A Bepnbltrsn Psrtyi
For Justice of Supreme ( ', irl.
Bratlue, H. f Dunn rottn SilvrPart;
Norc-oib. Frank U 6V, il ltcnn I'-
For llegenl (Loini Term.)
Circe W illiam J Democrats Si I'
Bmith Oscar J Ropu jli.-s't I'i
For Regent Short Term)
Boyle, Lmmitt .Denioc.-stlr si VMlver P;
Starrett. H. 8 Bemtniwei.
For Stale Senator I
Campbell, J. D hV nibll -sn i s ty
Denton, J. A Dtn.ocrstlc P. iy
For Awembltjmen.
Clark, J A., Donocrstic Batty
Cox, Edwarl I B'lpu'.dlcau B'irty
Byphns, Levi Dsinoor.ttc iParty
Shi. r. Kdgar J Kepubllcan Party
Williams, Frank D nocr tic Pary
Wheatley. Light sVpuMlrar Party
For Recorder rf Auditor,
Lee, Henry Democratic I'eriy
For Assesxor. j
Clark W. H Btpiililtciu P.ily
Boed r, J. F .benuvsaiic Party
For Clerk & Treasure. j
Goxdrich, H ,... Democratic Party
Boti ow. C. C paollcu Party
For Sheriff. j '
Job n tot i,
J.ik" Rpiib:lcau Par'y
F aiik. JDtun.rttir P.ity
For Dixtrict Attorney! & en officio
Seh'.ol Superintendent.
Sanders. B-njimtu Democratic Partv
Woods, Lsfayetle Jtepu dicnn party
For Commissioner Long lerm).
Nesbltt , J A... J.I em.K 'etli Pir'y
Orr, .tUx.nder ...lt- P'-blU-v.. Partv
For Commissioner Short Term).
Baldwin, OeorKe C, t.niocrslic Pa-ty
Yount, 3. K T..l.epu01l' u P.r y
For Public Administrator.
Dtckl", r. W i.. republican Parly
Lam line. J .a j.. Democratic Partv
for Justice of the Ptflcv, Pwvhe.
Orr Willi
...... ..DeiMMUu'ic p.;
Va i I! lion, Oi.. H
For Constable.
Evinu. J.'hu.
For Justice of tin
Fiurtlay , D, J
For Justice of th
Lee, tVui L ,
For Constable.
.Kuimbiicau Party
. ..j..Ki'pub..('Mi Puny
Peace Panava.
...j....I"'eiiif-criic Party
Peace, Caliente.
.PtmttiTjitic i'iAi-ty
Co, Dave .....Deuio-ntlc -ntty
Mr.nuiu, H L.. . .Kcpnbliraii Part)
For Justice of the Peace, Delamar.
B.ar. Waller I Drm lir I'mty
To' -r, !: 11 1 li,.j-uh,l,-,i I' ty
For Constable. I
Olras in. Til . .4.-......... J. lie i. ,cr,tic p.etv
Bc .tl. Kuse i ItopulDI. ,i, Pr.rtv
For Justice of the! Peace, Hiko.
Stern, Lonla , ) republican Parly
For Constable. I
Wedge, Jobn I... . ...Republican Party
tor Justice of the Peace, Deerlodge.
Bei nelt, Henry f Kepubllcan Party
For Justice of ifie Peace. Overton.
ion" W. L 4 Democratic Partv
lor Constable.!
Lytle, Jobn A Democrat!: Party
lor Justice of (he Peace, Virgin, j
Church, O. ( Kenublican t arty j
For Constable.l t
vIIkii. Peter J Bennbllcan P.rty ;
For Justice oflliy Peace, St. Thomas.
Bunker, M. A ...., .D. mocr.tlc P.rty
For Justice, of the Peace, Bunkerville
Leuvlt: Fr rik r.. :.vtOi -ratio . B pnblloaa H.ny
For Constable.
Leavllt, Albert liimo,iratic k liepiibllcau Pai ly
For Justice of the Peace, Mesouite.
Hughea, Jaa 8r I .... pub l,n Wr
JouiiMMl, I . I Deiiu rune Pjnj
For Constable.
Euuhii, Wra B jDsmiHMtio at ttrpubtion Ps ij
For Justice if the Pewe, Moapa. ,
Houghton J. V ,f DrisriMic Ruiy '
For Constable.
Gorden, tteo E..i Deun.r.n P.ivty
For Justice! of the Peace, Sandu.
I. 1 J...; KH,tli Pa i.
For JiaUici of the Peace, Search
light. I
McElwalu.R. Hf K"iinllcan I'sitv
Thorn.-, Obarle.fw 0,-inecrstic Party
lor Constable.
Uolton, W. i... J...Dli,wvratl ; A K. unbil..
Pai y
no nereny certi'fy tb toe
an nominal 'oo.n n,. i ,,, r nl, , n 1U
nun aj) nana i.Oclaliy Inia Uuiu,
j.mcuuy inia utiiu , .ictober
m. A. slltoBlTT, ClerA, aforeseJd.
I'ioehe, IScv.
General Merchandise.
General Hardware
Gents i urnishing Goods
CoxfectioneK Ma;ici;tiv. patent Metiiuiies.
Headquarters For
Hav Crain, Flour Pearl Oil.
Candles Powder Tueo
"" Steel and other flinsiir Siipplk.
And a full stock of the Best
Wines - Liquors - and - Cigars.
Salt Lake and Pabst Beer
'Wiy! fvq Hard.
Caliente - - Nevada.
J. A. Denton, Proprietor.
Tl.e Tables supplied
od Beds and Well Furnished
C T"
L'tii k j. lives
I i .
I s just m receipt oi
A. .
' " p .
One prir.e to ail
A m I- Q
bjii mm WESTERN
Tho Scenic Lino To
Glenwood Springs, Aspen,
Springs, Denver, Oinuha, Kansas City, St. Louis,
.X on .11 . .
juicago, u im
Connecting at Ogclen Union Depot wthal'
Southern Pacific and Oregon Shor Llie Trains
3 The only Transcontinental Line passing
Splendidly Equipped
between OGDEN
Viu Three Separate &
3 DINING CARS, Service a It
ut kf"ld th, Ir
ti.l t-- ' t. iiuent,
il o-ir.t
c. if- iiii'
I. i. BiiltiTOl, G. A. I
salt lake
with the
the Market ffords.
;t!iii' ; u u Hfiiiiitar
l!l tiV Wt't'lv.v'-
10 Hi
Leadville, Pueblo, Colormlo
an points east.
directly tnrough alt linke 1'ity.-
Fust Trains
Daily i
Distinct Scenic Koutei
-;,;,;,;;,, ;&yt& 1
Denver, Omalia, u
Jo Kansas City, St.
Louis & Chicago
Vifithou: hangc.
Free Reclining Chair Oiirs.
Personally Conducted Excursions.
Cane on all through Trains.
1 i kl. t, i to., inq ol ur
tii. (ir it'ile route, ..r srldri ss
nrv, utah

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