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War News.
NO. 20
WhyUhinkt Don't Whistle
Did you ever hear a Chinaman
whistle? If not, did you ever pause
and wonder why not? Of all the
people that inhabit this terrestial
sphere, the sons of Confucian are
the only ones who do not occasion
ally express their feelings by whist
ling. The negro has become qui'e
proficient in this line and many of
the Southern plantation darkies are
expert warblers. The Indian has
also learned how to make "smoke
noise," as ht calls it. and even the
Filipino has mastered the art. But
tl e Chinese never indulges. Mauy
of thorn know how, but, strange as
it may seem, tbe-pririliee has ii?ver
guiued fooling among the Celestials
in fact, the Chinaman Would as soon
part with kis queue as to whistle.
Recently a Commercial street
Chiunmau, who bus long dispensed
with his queue and learned to wor
ship the Christians' God, was asked
to expluin the reuson for this
national peculiarity. He told the
following story:
"Long time go Mellican man
come to China with many snakes;
enuke-cbiirnier you call him He
give big show and make snakes go
sleep by whistle. Pretty China
woman see him, fall in love pretty
soon. Chinamen think whistle did
"One night Mellican man kill
China woman. Catch him purty
quick and put him jaii. All time
be whistle and seem happy. One
day he make jniler go to sleep and
run away. Chinamen say he is
debbil-man. Think when he whistle
be talk to hell.
"Catch snake-charmer again Take
bim out to cut his head off but he
whistle all time. Chinamen no sabey
an 1 get scareH. Purty soon big
black boat coma up river and whistle
too. Chinamen no understand.
Something whistle through the air
drop in Chinese temple. In a
minute much noise and bullet ex
plodes. JoRshouse blow up and big
Chinese doctor die. All Chinamen
th'uk devil come sure and run.
Snake-charmer he still whistle and
run for boat. Chinamen no try
stop him.
"Purty soon make law Chinamen
whistle have to die. Think be talk
to hell and kill more doctor. Chinh
men no whistle any more.
"Meliicun Chinee know whistle,
No Jike 'em, though, think bling
bad luck. Subee?"
The story, strange ns it may seem
doubtless is party responsible for
the ban on whistling among the
Chinese. Being superstitious, the
ignorant Celestials believed that the
snake-charmer's whistle wan rerpon
Bible for the death of tho women, the
overpowering of the guard, and
finally the destruction of the joss
house. Consequently a law was
passed forbidding the pructice, as
anyone who whistled was believed
to be in connivance with the devil.
Chinamen in this country know
better, but wou't whistle because
they think it will bring them bud
luck. Suit Lake iribune.
Pricele. Mining Share of Mexican
Shares that earn 700 per cent for
years to come may well expect to be
quoted as many times their face
value, as is already noticeable iu the
local market, says the Mexican
Herald. The Naiea mine(Chilhuahun)
capital $30,000,in 100 shares at $300
each, has already paid 33 dividends.
Its shares are quoted at $11,000 of
fered, $33,000 usked. But no shares
are known to change hands; they
are good enough for owners to keep
Another case is the Penoles, where
100 shares are quoted ut $3200. But
perhaps the most valuable stock is
that of Constancia, in Coahuila,
which is capitalized at the small
figure of $10,000 in 100 shares par
value $100. The enormous price of
$10,000 per share is offered, but no
llaingSdenUfic Press
Waste leather is no longer thrown
away. Manufacturers use it in a
compressed form instead of iron to
make cogwheels.
Noticfl I hrVhy flivnn to ttioM whom H may con-
oern 4ud to the follow in it named p ron nd to rM
ownr of. or oialaitiuU to, the mat 8tt and Im
provement! thereon, or tmproYeaitnt wbtto
wd ttepmtely, heretna'U-r (ie.r,b d, kbown or
unknown. Th. tli tne for Utile ind Couuty
ptirpotwM for th yr A. l. Wi m etwsd tvtinrit
the following desinbet ptooeii or ptroelt of pro.
pr.y . now dtiltnq ini that Un per ven. pc.unlry
nd two (i 00) dtUr,riufcf adYrtliu, has
been add' d iu each o. an 1 that any pteco or par
cel of prop rty npoo which said Uxea, penalty
and coal atiasl remain uupatd o.
Monday, January 16th,
At Noon, A. D.
10 much fta".h parcel ma will pay the amount
oftaioa, dellnqtipnoy Bad costs aijatn't It, will bo
aold by toe, as County Treasurer anl Kx-Oificio
Tax Receiver of aalii County of Lincoln, mil
o'olook H.ofBatd day, at the front door of tb.e
Court tlouM, at tho town of Pt' che, In (aid county,
to aailafy ancta tana, delinquency and ooats. Said
aim will bH made subjsct to redemption within
all mouttia after Rata, by payment of all the anms
asaeBaeu sKalosr each pa'OMl, tether wlch three
per cent per month thereon from the date of sale
until paid. In accordance with the pruvlslous of
Section 6 of an act of the Log atatnre of tue Htate
of Nevada, approve! March nth, WIS. Statutes
of 1895, Faite 117.
J. A. Ntaom,
County Treasurer and Kx.OHclo Tax itei t Ivor of
Lincoln County. Nrvada.
Fiocbe, Deo mber sad. 190i
Adrn Ouat E-Poas'rr claim to 320 acrea land on
tnl Noa 118 and 11591 bHriK a hlf of 0 31 I JO
rg 61 tax 1 118 pen tl ad? tl total i
A'len 1 V Powwa-o'y cla'ra to an a"rea lanl
on appl II W bel'ii e hlf nt a w q ri 11 t Jll r 03
tax 1 pfu luanvi mm ).n
Aid'-r'onEL Fe a raple tltln to 4" acrea land
Patent 4t91 DHrti n w qtr of n e qtr aeo 7 t 30 r 62
Por. saory c l!0 to 4't acre. 1. n anol HVi:l being
a w q rot B ' qtr see v I : r ni ro-eno y inu
t 4li acrmi lao I appl 14.H4 h Iniin b qtr .fee q r
fee 9 f ' f r fll--ea-efior clal n to 40 acri'B Nid
npt'l brlna n w qtr((f a e q'r .ec Wt. 31 r 61
fna-eaa pry . laira to i' .c-en inuti npo' wn-K
n.n'mriv otr a o 10 1 2u r CI. tax 3 65 pen 25
adv 3 total $4 l
Armliipton ' Ir.ale E P wa'y clnlm to 161 37-100
a rea lau on appl No 11794 brlnx n e qtr of ere S
t 20 r 61, Val $60 tix 'J vl p-n UK adv (3 total (4 '.'4
Averill V M fyftv ,0atm to 80 B'Ta land on
n,.l na IHItHfi mid 12000 beliiH a w otr of n otr
c 3t and qtr of neq'r aeo 2 t 20rl, Val fJO
tax 1.01 p -n 10.' a y tl toial t l U
RaKley W E-P fry cWInr to F0 Bcrea land on
anpl no 13970 and 13ti'J belnc B w qtr of a w qtr
B-c 13 an-t n e qr of n e qtr t-ec. 13 t 19 r.nRe 61,
Va 3(1 tax tl 12 pe H e v $2 total '8 12
Ba'l y ' M Potery claim to 40 acrea lnd on
an 1 1'BO being a eqtr of a e qtr nr V9 t 19 TBI 6i,
Val 15 lax MR (ei nor ov tl total ai.eo
Htinltnfn O F Poeerv claim to 160 acrea land
ppl no 15307 08 beini a e q r of n w qtr a w q'r of
neq'randn nlfotBwqtr aec 36 'p 31 rn 62
Pobr cla'm to80 acrea laDd on appl no 15331 in tp
20 ru 62 Peltry cktin to 40 acrea l.nd appl 15209
b Ingae q ro' B w q'r "f tec 13 'p 19 g6i-Po.ary
cl.lm to 630 acr. and on pM no 15313 an I 15250
being w b!f of S'c 10 to 19 rg 60, Val 1115, tax 7 .65
pen 76 adT 12 t tnl I'O 41
B"tB Mary (t- P eary claim to snw'-l'tl orea
lanit ai ol no 11741 belllB s W Q'r of ie 82 tp 19 rg
62 Val $2" tax 4.08 pn 40c adv (3 total 111 48
Bnn'B Vopa Po.ery c'b m to 40 acrea larn on
appl t o 117(6 be tg y qtr of a e qtr of fee 33 tn
19 rg 62, Val 1B tax Blc ptn 06 ailv 2 00 to al 2 66
Rdnien F-Porv claim to go acna l.nd on
appl no 12106 belt g a lia'f of aeqtr eer 59 ip 19 rg
6t Val iSU Ux 1 12 pen 10c adv $2total 3 13
Brown rhaa-Poafrv cltlni to Kl acre" lai a on
applnol2iK4 tKlreebll if eqtr ter 24 tp 19 rg
61, Val H0 tax 1 02 'U IPC .'V 2.(0 total M 12
Prr wn I iV-Poee-y c alm 'o820 acea land anpl
and II7(7 b. lim e l lf of KC 5 IP 0 rg t2 Vl
1120 lex 4 (8 pen 40c adr2 (0 lotal 10 48
Catter Jease B-Poafrjkclalm to 1V0 acrea land
being w hit of a v qtr of aec 21 tp IU rg 60 end a
w qtr of n w qfror ec p iw ig uj, i
l,f 3 pen 15.) adv 2 Ofl t tal (3 68
OHff i d J ft Poearr cNlin to 80 a(,r- land appl
15IK6 bel ii e bit ol a e o r eec 36 'p30 rg 62. Val
30 tal 1 03 P' li 10 adv 3 00 total $3 12
Onrlev r, V Poea-y claim to 17 72 IW. acea land
on anpl llr'96 b Ina w hi' of I w qtr aec 7 to 20 rg
1, Val 30 tax 1 ti2 pen 10c a.lv .n0 mini 3 13
P"',an E B-P"aary claim to 160 airea land anpl
14260 brimr a e qtr Bee 19 p tg 61. Val (6J Ux 2 04
pen 10c adv 2 00 t 1.1 ll 24
O yn J P Poeaea. ry c'alm to 80 a" rea land
appl 14715 he-ng eeq rofeqtr ard n e q'r of a w
q r aec 88 t 16 r 08, ttx 1 (2 1" u .10 adv (2. total
tl 13
Onebln Anna 1. Poa.rv clilm to 40 acrea l'nd
a' pi 13643 b Inn e q" of h e qtr a e 14 tl 20 rg
61, Val fit 'ax 6lo P"U iilc adv tl t tal tl 66
Dnntofi H F Poa.-y olal'o to 4i0 fcea land on
14IOT 0MI2 i 8 04.06 06 07- 8 09 and I4P87 "eln w hf
0' n w qtr aec 21, 8 hlf of n e qtr and n w qtr are
'in, n w qtr or a w qrr aec I ( ano u w qir i ue ijir
hki 20 tn 30 ni 61 and n e ot- of a otr aeo 7 tp 20
rg 62 Vil t 61 tax 6 61 pen 66c aiv (3 ltl td l7
fiv jo P ary claim to 80 acr" lanl appl
14618 blng a q'r of n w qtr and n w qtr of a w
it eeo 15 ip '2l rg 61 val tJU tax 1.03 pen luc aav
ti to al 18.12
Fall I. H.-Pofarv claim to 40 acrea land a'-pl
15100 being B e qt' of ae q'r or 21 tp 19 rg 62, Val
aie tax nic pen uo aav ioj ve en
Fleliatadt F L-Poeaeaworv ol:m to 40 acra of
land on annlicatln NO I i083 b'lng n e qtr of 8 w
qtr aeo 29 1 19 r 63 ta 61c pen 030 adv 2,00 total
Fine Julia (' Poary claim to 80 .crja land appl
H187-68. beimr e hlf of D w qtr fee 31 tp 20 rg ol
Val 3u 'ax 1 .02 en ll c adv 2.IO to'al ti 12
Flannery The. ''omry claim to 160 a rea land
on apnl ao 12'92 Mn p qtr Bee 10 tp 20 rg 6o
Poetry cla m to 11V l.iuu acrea in a appi iz.oa
being n qtr sec 2 tn 20 rg 62 Val f 120 tax 4.C8 pn
40c adv 3 00 total t6 48
Fuller Mr L. H Poaert claim to 03 60 100 acrea
land b-lng n hlf . f w qtr aec 7 tn 21 Ig 61 Val 30
tux 1 03 pen I0o aiv 2 .00 total 3.I2
anhr el f! RP .earr claim to 80 acrea land anpl
11550 Being w hlf of n e qtr ec IB ly JO rg HI Val .
.... . ,.n ii -.1.. n CO tn.ul t-t to
(ill ll I "J p i. n uou
(lahiM F t Poaerv cla m to !' Bin a 'and appl
no 15334 bMtg ne q r tec 93 tp 24 rg 67 Val $60 tax
,P4peu 20c ailv$2 ctal MM,
Oilln an 8 K-P." ary claim t 80 acrea land arpl
1 '640 belnu e hlf of n v q'reo 35 tp 20 rg 61, Val
$30 tax 1 02 en 10c adv 2 i 0 total i'J 12.
"rahim UPoairr clalmjto 4'l acrea land apnl
K667 n ing Be qtr of n eq'r w;-:6 p 19 ig 80 Val
$16 tax 51o neu 0) ad' 2.i 0 total $1 56
del J Ltcy Foaeeory claim to 16n acrea of land
on application no UKI2 b-lig aouiheaet qtr -ee-Hon
31 township 19 rnue 61; tax 2.01 pm 20c adv t2
total $4.34
Haley Mr H- Poa eanorv claim to 80 acrea of
land on anpltcailoL No 11361 lieirgio th half of
noith w t qtrneni n 18 t i nne 6; tax 1 02 pm
10,; arivfl o al 11 12
Ballidiy W JPa eaaory claim to 80 acrea 1 nd
on appMo tton no 14858 being wet ban of ao ill
aat qtr aeetbn 24t" nhipl7 range 60, tax 102
penaltv 10 eta adv 2.00, total $3 12
Hall F H P i"sry claim to 40 acrs land on anpl
14504 b-lng ae q'r of a e qtr aec I tp 18 rg 67 Val
$15 ux tl p' n 06 adv i.oO total t i ll.
Hatler W i-Poiiary cl.lm to 80 acrea land apnl
16222 being a hf 0 a e qtr aec to 20 rg 02 Val $30
tax 1.02 pea 10c adv 3 00 t. tal $3 12
Davl-nn t J-poaary ol.lm to 40 acrea land on
appl 14817 being n a qtr of Beqtrf!t ip J rg
67. Val 15 tax 6lo pen 05 adv $3 total t 1 56
Hepwonh Mary PoB.ry claim to 80 acrea land
appl 1283 bei g e hf of n a qlr a e 85 ip IS rg 67,
Vai $30 tax 1.02 pen 10c aiv 2 00 total $3,19
Hlye Mry Poeee-anry claim to 80 acrea land
on .nr.lt . in no 11333 betn weat ball of south
ea't q'r erction 17 t 20 r 02, ux l,lu pen 10c adv $2
total 3 12
ntn Johanna L Poeerv clslm to 40 acre land
being a w qir i f n e qtr aec 31 tp 19 rg to, Vai tit
Ua io pau ua aav a uv wai ea.w
milaetb J-Poaery data to 40 acrea land appl
11316 being n qlr of a eq'r aeo 3" Ip 30 rg 62
V 1 $16 lax 61c pen Pt adv $100 tot il $2.66
5" Po4.ry o'alm to 160 acrea land appl
13776 77 .8 being a w qtr ol ae qtr ,ud a hlf of
BW qtr aen V$ tp l rw 63 and B w qtr of a w q'r
Ben 83 ip 19 rg 62 Val $60 tax 1 04 pen 20 adv 2 00
total $4.24.
Hoimen O -Poaaeawy claim to 80 acea land
on appllca Iwe no 14803 - d 48 '4 being north hlf
of nonbweat q'r aectl .n85 lownahip 19 range 62
tat 1 02 pen loo adv $2 Mai 1 1 12
Hunt S B-P.'aary claim to 120 acrea land apnl
144-M and 14614 bi lnen bit of n w q r aec 16 and a
w qtr of a w q'r eon 10 ti JO rfc 61, val $11 Ux 1 53
1 I6catv2 IW total $1 64
Ingraldaot F P a aaory claim to 80 acrea land
ooappllct'imno 11697 b'ing weat bit of aouth
w et q'r .notion 7 tnwnehlp 20 range 62 tax 1.02
pen I' o arlv $2 total $3 12
Jrai-on E p- Poaary claim to 80 acrea land annl
14803 b t. a w h' of a w q'r -eo S3 tn 17 rg 60, Val
$10 tax I 111 p .. i 10c adv I 00 lotal $3 12
Jereni.h 0 P. Powy olil n 'a 40 acrea annl
116l, l ed g a eq-r of a w q r aec 8 t i 20 rg 61 Val
$!t lax 51c p n 111 adv 2 00 tnttl $ j 66
Job-eon i I P aeeanry claim to 40 acrea land
applli a'lon no 15074 being aoutheat q r rf anu'h
e.-t q r .ecllon 12 t21 r 61 uxttepmoto adv $2
to .t $1 66
Jnhnon O A-Poary claim to 40 acrea land arpl
14341 bo,ngn w qlr "f n w qtr eo 32 tn 19 tl 63,
Val $11 tn tic pen 05o adv 2 00 total $2 66
Jonea A co k-poaary claim to 160 -crea land
s milee. w.et of nppr l V Alexander ranch. Val
$6(1 til 2 04 pen VOC adv 2 10 total tl 24
Kin y A. H-Pn.ary claim t- 180 acrea land being
a li IT of n w q'r aec 13 in 30 rg no and e hf of n a
q ra o38tp 18 rg62, Val $60 (ax 9 04 peu too adv
$J toiai $4 ii
Lem-'n Mra L Poaeaaory claim to4rK) acrealand
on ' l'plictl,,u no 11684, Uilet aod l91 b, lugaontb
h ll ,r anulnea.t qt' eei'ilon 7 weat half of aouth
wet qlr Miction 17 caat half of a, utheaat qtr aeo 18
norm hall ai d n e qtr of northea-t q r aec to tn
31 raow 61, Val IJutax 5.10 penal y 61o adv $2
total $7 81
I Ichtv F 11- Poa.rv cl.lm to 333 73 100 acrea land
appl 12232 and 12192 beluga eq'r aeo 12 tp 21 rg
61 and a hlf of a w q'r ao 7 tp 21 rg 01 Val 190 Ux
9.06 pen 30c a Iv tl total $t 86
l eoney Jeeae Poaary claim to 40 acrealand BPDl
11818 lielnga w q'r of an qtr aeo ll tpl9 rg 60 Val
$16 lr 61c pen 05o a.lv 9 00 total $3 58
l.nnQl.yAS P aary oUim to 80 ac-ea land appl
MOlit btlng w h'l of n o qtr c it tp 10 rg 60 Val
$10 tax 1 02 p n 10,' adv 43 total $3 12
Manche.ter i L Poa-rv claim to 120 acrea lind
appl 14760.61 being a e qtr of n wqtr and w hlf of
n w qtr aec 16 tp it rg 66 Val $46 tax I 63 pea 16c
adv 2 00 total $3 68
Martina Madan A Poaary claim to 130 aorei Id
belnu n w qlr of n e qtr eon 36 tn 16 rg 68, B w qlr
of n w qtr aec 9 and u w qtr -f n w q'r arc 1 tp 16
rii 06, Val $16 t',i I 53 p n 15o a Iv 2 00 total $3 68
W' rrlll O E Pia.ry claim to 40 .crea land appl
14 79 bel' g n e qtr of n w qtr ac 36 tp 16 rg 68 Val
$16 t x 61c pen H aiv 3 00 ioUI tl 66
Mueller f!larPoB.rjf claim to 80 acrea land apn
22 71 lieing w hi In qtr aec 31 tn It rg 60 Val
3li. til 1 1)3 pe i 10c adv 2 00 total $.1 12
McC'le.n W J-p0"ry claim to 330 acrea land
ap' l 10838 holng a hlf aeo 21 rp 21 rg 62 Val 120,
Lx4l'H en 40c adv 3 00 total 16 48
Mcl'ue JPnary claim to 89 73 100 acrea land
ail 14792-03 being w bf oi a w q'r aec 30 tp 21 rg
61 V-l mi tax 1 l2 pen 10c adv 9 00 total $3.19
Mi'I'h- roo J W- Poeary cl.im to 120 acrea land
ipnl 13631 81-22 belnu n e qtr of neqr.nl w hf
al n e qir ee" 13 tp 20 rg 61 al 45 tax 1 63 pen 16o
adv tl total $3 68
MiKerhnie H irnera -PiB.eeory claim to 120
acrealand on appl 13 6 being n blfofne q'r Bee
23 and n w qtr of n w qt.- aeo 23 1 19 a r 61) tax 1 63
pi n 16c a Iv 3 00 total $3 88.
Olaen H n r-Pn.n claim to 164 70 1"0 acrea Id
p;il 1.811 nd 13181 belnit a hf of o w q'r and n w
q'r nl n w qir ae. 83 ip 19 ne 00 a d a w qtr of n
w qtr a c . to tp 21 rg 81 Val 60 tax 2.04 pen 30c adv
2 ll total $4 34
Peter L A Poaae-acry ctlm to 160 13-100 acrea
land on appl cation no 14673 an1 I4671 be ug cait
half of nortbeaat q'r aeolion 2 and ea.t half of
wmihweet q r ae,i 26 in 20 rg 00: Val CO tal 2.P4
pe , 20c a v 2 t- Ul $4.21
Phil Ip. Hart tl-F, e .imp'e life to 40 acres Id
Pat. nt 0"9 being n w qtr or n w qtr ae ! 8 tp 20 rg
61 Val 15 t.x 61c lien 06 adv 2 00 total $i 66
P me K O-Fee simple title to 80 acres lond oaten
87.3.34 belnu w bf of eeq r aec 28 to 30 rg 61 Val
30 I I 1.03 pen 10 : a iv 2 00 tola I 3 12
It 'mer F Poa-'rv claim to 80 acres land on
application no 14740 nclng wfert haif of Donhenat
qtreectl n 10 towr.ehlp 19 rg 60j Val 30 Ux 1.02
p n 10' adv $2 lot.l (;l 12
"itchle Alaii MP a ry claim to 40 acreB land
apnl lOtP-e brii g 'i e q'r of n a q'r fee 20 tp 19 rg
60 Vai IS tax 51c p' u 16 idv 2 00 fatal 2 66
B ir-erta Mra H P,.a ssorv claim 160 acres land
on application no 14II8II. 14090. i409l aud 11' 03
b'inj n, rtheaet qtr Bee 15 tp 2U rg 62, Val 60 Ux
2 t'4 en 20c adv 2, total $4 24
Horlt.lad A- Pox.ry claim to 80 acres lsnd ar pl
13KI3 Peliig w bf of n w qtr wo 23 'p '40 rg 60 Val
3i lax l l 2 peu 10c adv 2 00 total 8 12
I t n hack J Poary claim to 40 acres land apol
16271 bel. g n w qtr of n e q'r a e 8 ip 19 rg 60 Val
It tan 61o pe'i 05 adv 9 00 total $2 66
8n b"rn M.ry 0 Poaa-y claim to 40 acrea land
anpl I47BU b-i' g n w q- of n w qir eecgo tp 16 rg
68 Val 16 lax 5u. pen 06c adv 9 00 total $2 14
8.U'dcraD E p. sery claim to C49 a rea 1 nd
appl 11726 l eing w bf of s w qtr aeo 6 n bf of a w
qt i- and n c qtr sec 3 s w q'r ,ln w q'r aeo 9 tp 15
rj 60, . hi oi n w qtr etc 19 tp 20 rg 61, a h f oi
n w qtr and a w qtr of p e qtr ee,: 7 ..p 16 r 67 an-!
. ht ol a e qf sec .14 to Urn 06, Val $240 tax 8 18
pen 61c adv 3 00 tot.l $10 117
Frhraedrr E Poeaes ory clilm to 88 12.100
a.-rea land on applicito n no 13239 belug ttortb.
weat qtr of n e qtr ae 6 tp 21 rg 01, Val It tax tie
pi'n;6 adv $2 toal $2 56
Hcl,radcr F Poesrr claim to 80 acres land appl
151122 oelng n hf of n w aec 22 tp 19 rg 61, Val 30
t X 1 1 2 peu 100 ailv 2 fO ti.tal $3 12
may W. J Poiary claim to 40 acres land appl
1440 being ii e q'r of n w qlr S' c 113 tp 20 rg62 Val
16 tax 61 pen 06 adv 2 00 toul $3 56
Bhort F A loeary rlairo to 24" acrea land be'ng
a e qtr f eq'r er 27 tp it rg 6 s w qtr of n w
q'r ot a w qtr aec Saeqtrofueqtraidna qtr of
S e q'r nee 20 ta '0 r 60 and u w qtr of a e qtr of
aec 7 tp iO rg 62 Val 90 tax 3u6 pen 30 adv 1 total
$5 36
rirnlth J D Pcsery claim to 160 acres land appl
13378 belnu a wqtr arc 7 ip 20 rg 63 Val 60 tax
1 1 4 pen 40c adv 2 10 total $1 24
Hwai aim Andrew Pnaary cl.lm to 40 acres land
appl 40V4 b ing n e qtr of a w qtrs-o 8i tp 21 rg
61 il 16 tax 61c pen l6 adv 2 00 total $2 66
Thbl" AO- Poeery claim to 80 acrea land apol
14C32 being w hf of ae qtr aec it tp 16 rg 08. Val SO
lax 1 02 pen 10" a iv 2 00 to al $3 12
'I hl.le O F-Po.aeeaory claim to 80 acrea laad
applicant n no H83i being wb'f of aoutbeaat qtr
aertion 21 town hip 16 rg 68 Val 30 Ux 1,02 pen 10c
a v $2 total $3 l i
Thorn peom W L Poeary claim t'i 160 acres land
belt g e hf of n w qir and s e qtr of s a qtr rec 18
and a e qtr of s eqtr ee : 7 tp 30 rg 62 Val 60 tax
2.04 peu 20c adv 2 00 lotal $4 24
Trelz A-P '8eea.orv claim to 80 acrea land on
application no 14038 bjii g nortbweat qtr of aouth
enat q.r and iiortt.e.Ht it.r of aon'bweet qtr aeo 18
t'.w i.llip il rang: 62, Val 80 tax 1.02 pen 10c adv
J J lotal $.1.12
Whitman Mary F Pnaary claim to 40 acrea land
appl no 11874 being ae qtr of n e qtr aeo 27 t'u 19
rg 10 Val 16 tax 61c pc. 06 adv 9 00 total $2 66
Washington Henry -Po-ery cla'Qi lo 40 acrea Id
appl lldll btlt g B w q r of e qtr aeo 11 tp 20 r
61 V.I 15 tax 51 pen 06 J adv J tola $.'66
Werner Carrie P, aary claim to 160 scree land
appl 14:t28 i elng o w qtr eee 9 tp 19 rg 60, Vai 60
tai 2 04 pen 20 adv 9 total $1 21
Wern-r Heoiy -Poairy olalm to 640 acrea laud
beintf n wqtr aec 12 n e qtr .eo 11 and n e tjtr 'ec
9 p i9 rg 6o end n e qtr a c 19 to 30 rg 61 Val $210
Ux 8.16 pen 81c dv 2 00 tot.l $10 97
nilllanie W 0 eo.ary claim to 40 acrt 8 latid
anpl 1M36 being n a qtr of a w qtr S'-c 25 p 14 rt
66 val 16 tax 6lr pet, 06c adv 2 00 toul $2 ft.
WiMam. .loinna E Poaea .ry claim to 40 acres
1 iri'l ou application no 13558 b' lng soothe. at q'r
ot porheant qr.eo I tp 16 rg 67, tax tip pun 05c
aiv 2. total $1 56
W l,n Cl.r ni-o E Poeary claim to 34 t acres id
appl 151 1 1 i-eing a w q r eo 16 and n w qtr of n w
q r .ic 38 tp 21 r 62, Val $90 tax 3 06 pen 80o adv
2 IIP total $ 36
Wllaon W W -Poaarv claim to 121 97-100 acrea
l.nd on .ppl 16321 being n ht and a e qtr aec I tp
20 r. 61 Val 46 tax 1,63 pen locauv Jno tot.l 9.68
Wlaenman W K-Poaary clal a to 40 acres land on
lro ! 1 b lug a w qlrnf n w q.r arc 10 I 21 r 63 Val
16 trx 6IC pen 05 a,lv 2 00 toul 2 68
Wi't'nT J H P, s,ry claim to 80 acre, land appl
11077 b Ing ahf of n eqtr a- c 34 p 13 rg 70 Val Ml
til 1 .03 pen 10c adv 2 0,' total t3 12
W .nd W EP leery claim to an acrea land at fit
Joe Val IS Ux tic pen Ot adv 2 10 total 1 58
Thomo.no A 8 Poaary elalm to 40 acrea land
beine o e q'r of a w qtr aeo 25 tp 14 rg 66 Val It
tax 61c peu 05o a ir 2 U0 total 2 66
Boad Dlatrict Mo 1. Bunkervtlle'
Orc MartbaPoaary elaltn to 60 acrea land appl
11316 being n a qtr of a e q r and S w qtr of s w qlr
a 84 tp 19 rg it I'oairy i la m to lot norm oi m
Bnoker Jr fies'y claim to 20 acrea land H mile
north of rlnokervUla Val Ui tax 16 17 pea 1 tl adv
1 00 total $19 16
Leavitt Alonxo T Poe.ry claim lo 10 acres land
114 mile a w of Buukervll'e-Poireaiory claim to lot
aod Imota In Buukervill Val I4t Ux 14 .91 poll Ux
8 no pen 172 adv 2 00 ioUI $20 98
Cox laalah Poaary claim to two lota is Meaq'ilte
Poa.rv claim to 40 acres land aopl 13808 being a a
qtr of a a qtr aec 26 tp 18 rg 71 Val 35 tax 85c pea
l'V adv 1 00 toul $2 83
flardinit Perry Poaseamry claim to 80 acres land
one mils weat of Meaqnlta: Vai tJ tali. 01 pas 10a
.adT $3 total 13.19
Hunt J R Poaary elalm to lot and inipta at
M aqn te. Pnaary claim lo 29 acrea land ou Oox
aalry Val 1 It Ux 8 91 poll Ux 3 00 pea 6wj adv t 00
tJial $9.80
Bunt.man J 8 -Pna.ry claim to lot at Meaqults
Poaary claim to 4 acrea lan l eaat of Via ah tts
Poary claim tn lot and imota known aa Hyrnm
Burgeaa plana Val 30, Ux 1 03 pea 10c adv 2 00 toul
Hunt. man Perry Fee alnnle tela to 10 acres
acres land at Meaqulu Vai 81, ui 1 89 pan 2 adv
1 00 total $5 17
Johna m John MPoaaeMiry claim to 40 acrea
land on Application No 12808 being northeaal q r
of aoitbea.t quarter of 8 c 26 townahlp 13 range
70- Po.seea try elalm to 2 acrea land at Meaqulte
Val 115 tax 1.91 penalty poll Ux too 80 adv 9 00
toul $9 80
leavitt Joa-Poa ry claim to 14 acrea land at
Meequlte -Poery elalm t lou and ImnU at
Meequile V.I lie Ux 8 91 poll tax I 00 pen 69o adv
t 00 total $9 60
Teiieman Oeo A Poaaea aor claim to I acres of
land In M'-eqillte Poaaeaa re claim to 10 aores of
land on Applic tlon No 12808 In amotion 26 I wn
ahlp 3rauge7l,t.I tit pen 420 adv 100 total
$6 67,
Itoad Dlatrict No !. rioche
Denton W A -Fee almple title to lot and Imota
an Main street. Val 75 tax 2.77 poll tax $3 pan 67c
auv -i, toui aa as
Penaoa Boad District No.3.
Atcbiaon W.aj Fee simple tttla to t 1-9
loU and impta in Paacaeea itmpie title to 160
acres land in tea tow Valley Waah
Fen almpe title to 9 lots adjoining I) Hce poaeery
claim to 16 acrea pa.ture land sooth of Pauaca
Val 630 tn 16 111 peu 1 80 adv I 00 total $31 83
Wtu Adtr-Poeary culm to lot and Impts In
Clover Volley. Val 110 Ux 8 74 sea ale adv 100
total $6 11
Fmpty J H Poaary olalui tohonae In Panseaeaat
of Wadaworlha Val 40 tax 1 16 poll tax 8 00 pan 43e
adv 1 00 tut, I 16 79
f-oott Vra J Poarr eialm to bouse in Panaca
Val 100 Ux 8 40 peu 3tu lotal $5,74
Wade Tth l Pna.ry claim to lot and Iroptt In
P,iua,:n P tesry claim to huuaa in I'anaca Val 180
Ui t U p 11 tax 8 00 pen 91c adv 9 00 total $19.03
Hoad Dlatrict No t. Vtreln.
Berry Marry Norrl. Possessory clslm to 6 acrea
laud a-id liiipriivetnenta ou Ea.t aide of main Btreet
llv rlon; Val 48 tax 163 penalty 16 adv I 00 total
$3 68
B.ker D W Po.Maeory claim to 40 acrea land
b-llu one half of Connelly's 80 acrea Val 36 Ux 8 50
pen 08c adv 2 00 toul tl 98
Bnrgeaa Frank Poae'ry olalm to 9 aorea land
Inclu llng apt lugs known as Uorae Springs Val 30
tax 680 pen 1160 adv 2 00 total tl 74
Hall Win D -Poa.-aaory olatrn to 80 acrea land
application oo 14300 being northeast qtr of aouth
eaet qtr Sfcilon 8 tp 16 rg t7, Pitea'ry olalm to 40
acrea a d on .pplicallon no 14379 being aootheaat
qtr of nonhwet qtr section 11 tp 16 rg
07. Val to lax 1 02 penalty lOo adv $240 toul
II 19
Harris W 1 1 Poeary claim to 80 acrea land appl
10656 being a e qtry aud n w qtr of a a qtr aeo 84
tpl6rg67 Poeary cla m to 80 aorea land appl
!l$88 being a w qtr of n e qtr and B e qtr of n w qtr
seo 84 tn 16 rg 67 pnaary cU'm to 20 acrea land at
Ht Joe Val 170 tax ts,78 peu 67o adv 2 00 total
$8 35
Harris A lonxo Poaary claim to 40 acre, land
appl 14293 being a e qtr of a w qtr Bee 2 tp 10 rg 67
Val 16 tax 61,i pen JSc adv 9 00 lotal $2.56
Iugram tleo Poaary claim to 10 aorea land at
Ovenou Pinery cl.lm to I acres land at
iiv. r'on Poaary olalm to 40 aorea land appl no
14614 being n a qtr of n w qtr see 29 tp 16 rg 68 Val
90, tax 3 06 pen 30o adv 3 00 lotal $5 36
Johnaoo Jullua Poes'ry olalm to 40 acrea land
on application ne 119PT being southesat qtr of
sontheaat qr ssctlon 36 tp it rg t7 Pos'esory
claim to 40 acres lsnd on sppllcatlon no 13930 being
northeast qtr of BcuthWeat qtr aec 19 towu.elp 16
range 68 foaeeeary claim to 30 acrea land at
Oveiton; Val 6j tax 2.91 penalty 92c adv 2, toUl
Mhurtllff L Z Possessory olalm to 90 acres land
about oue imlennnh of Overton, Val 120 Ux 4.08
pen 4UO adv $2 toul $6 48
D lunar Boad District No. t Delamar
Henson fs'ateof WPoaary olalm to lot and Imp
between wa er Ave ana Monroe street Val 60 tax
1.77 pen 17c adv 2 00 total 1 1 94
Bind Fuv P,airy claim to stone cabin on Patter,
uiau Ave Val 100 UllU pea It adv 2.00 total 6 90
llranJIey Cart P.iasry claim ti lot and Impts
on I'.hicairo atreet Delamar vl 76 Ux 3 66 pen 2oo
adv 2 00 total $4 9J
0 pas J Pusf ry olalm to atone cabin on the flat
Val to tax I. 3 peo 14c adv 2 00 total $3 66
Culverwt II Mra C-.Po.ery claim to lot and InipU
on Mstn stree J duing Palmers- Poaary claim to
lot on main Htrtei uext to Mrs fttraura Poaary cl
to lot aid liiiptso i Mala at w of Mr. llulverwells
PoH-r) cla m to lot ao,l In pta on Nob Hill, Val
7;5 ux 26 . 9 pen 2 60 adv 2 I'll total $30.69
darling B 0 Poe.ry claim t-i lot ard ImpU on
llecor.l.r Ave, Val 160 UX6 32 poll tax 3 00 peu 88c
adv 2 total 11 It
Erl.tkaoo l-x Poaary claim to lot and impts on
Recorder Ave Poeary claim to lot and luipts ou
the 1 1st Vsl 175 tax 6 21 pen 62c adx 2 00 total $8 83
Olorda Battl.ta Poesry claim to cabin on
Fet erman avc Val 2t tax e8c pen 08 adv 2 00 total
$2 96
Oulatl fl Poaary latm to I t and impta on
muln at Val 726 tax 23 73 pen 1 67 adv 2 00 total
t38 30
Onfall L-Po ary claim to M and ironta on
Uonioe Ht Pna ry i-l'.im to lot aud luipta o
Mouroes' Val $300 Ux 7 10 pea 71 adv 2 00 total
49 81
Jenktn. D - Poaary claim to cabin on Alpbln Bt
Val 36 Ux h8 pen oe adv 2 00 toul 9 96
Law . y H Possessory clslm tolot.nd impts on
ApillFool Ave Val 4tl tax I (2 fen I4.isdv$2 total
Laxarovic.b J Possry claim to atone oablm on
Delamar ave Poaary claim to atone oahin formerly
M Laxarovich Val 100 Ux 8.66 pen 860 adv 9 to al
$5 90
McMenomee Jaa Poes-rsory cist n to lot and
impr veineuUou Nob bill, tax 1 77 pen 17c adv 2 00
total $3 94
Oxnsm Thos -Poaary clslm to esbln s w of Porola
Bunao Val 26 ux 88c pen (M adv 2 00 total $2 96
Boeder W E Poaary claim to lot and impts on
Water Ave Val $JO0 UX 7 10 poll Ux $6 pan 1 81
adv 9 Ii0 total $16 41
Hanfoid F Pnaary ct.lm to hnnae oi Alphlo
at Val 30 tax 1.16 pta 10c dv3O0 total $316
Hcr tt J W-P esry clslm to lot and Impts on Nob
Hill Villi! tax 4 08 pin 40c adv 2 00 toul $6 48
Hkll'loorn R Possry claim to lot aud Impts on
Church St Val 80. Ux 2 81 peu 96o adv 3 00 toUl
$5 19
Za la F U-Pie.ry claim to cabin Delamar Val 26
Ux 880 pen 08 adv 2 00 toUl $2 96
Boad District No. t
lahmuel A K -Fee simple title to 40 acras land
In Homeat. ad entry No 17 being northeast qtr of
sonthwe.t qtr seo 36 tp 4 rg 60, Val 60 Ux 1,70 adv 3.
total $3 17
Pippin John Poaary claim to an undivided 80
area land and Impts mown sa (tolDums ranch
Val 630 tax 18 02 pull Ux i 00 pen 2 10 adv 12 total
Ueerlodge Boad Dlatrict No 7
Oulverwoll Mrs 0 Possry olalm to lot and lmpta
In Fay aouth of u. HaudlOu, val 115(1 tax t 10 pea
6. c all? 2 10 tot.l 17 61
Lauird in 0 A Poeary olalm to log cabin in Fay
val tin tax 3tc pen 03 aiv 2 oo toul $2 37
New Port Nev MgOo Poaa'ry olaim tJ impta con
alBting of bunk h mae aud dwelling bonee Fee
simple title to lot aud loipU on mala at Deerlndge
Mil! on u uiest ike Mrf claim vai wig ux tuo.95
peu 9 09 adv $2 total $110 04
Robnina W V -Possry claim to lot aul luipU at
Fay bo k ol Co oflli-e val f .W tax 1 70 pea 170 adv
2 total $3 e7
Hearchllght Road , rtrlct No 9,
Biiol.-ri ge W H-Pjeary calm to lot and luipti
ou Anao.ia Me- Ol.im - P.t-ery iv'slin to a-eay otnee
In west Bide ol town val $76 Ux 3 66 poll Ux 8 00
pen A&c adv j oo to a, an itr
OdtonFB P'H.ty claim to litaul imp'a
Searchlight val $160 lai 6 41 poll Ut I 00 pen 84c
adv 2 10 total $11 38
Henderson T L P nery claim to 1 lota and Impta
In Hi arohllght val tlOO Ux 8 40 p ,11 ux I 00 peu Ot
adv 3 lotal win
Kennedy W JPoaa'ry cl.im to 1 H lots and tropt
In nearobllg'tt val 190 tax It 66 poll tax $9 pea i M
adV 2. IOU1B28 'ii
Landon O B P 'ssisaory elalm to Impts on Hob.
son ave.vaiue $100 ux 1,40 pen t4o adv 1. toul
$5 74
MoMurpby A 0o--Poaaa.ory elalm to lot and
Imn a In UeerchllKht. UI 9 35 pollUx$6. poa 1 5J
aav a. total axe aa
Morgan Q W Poaary claim to lot and ImpU In
rVarcnllght val $50 tax 1 70 pea 17o adv 9 00 .toial
$3 87
Bearobllght Develop nv Oo P eery olalm to t
borne piwer giaollne holat, val $350 Ux 8 to pen at
adv 2 00 IoUI $11 30
Smith A U-.Poes'iy clslm to lot and ii.pU In
Searchlight, Ux 2.15 pan 260 adv $2 toul $4 80
Thompson A p Poaary olstm to buuee la weat
, sld of rieirchllgbt val $100 Ux 1 40 pen 34c adv $2
toi-1 $5 71
1 Vanlna a Doharty Poaseaaory claim to 1 lota k
lmpta on Hobaon atreet, ux $18 02 pen 180 adv $2
I ,oul $21.84
Good Springs Itoad District S'o 10.
Farnworth J 0 -Poae'ry o aim to 80 acrea land
appl no 14j67 being s ulf o s w q'r aeo $ 1 91 rg 67,
i tax 1 Oi pen 10c adr 3 total $3.1
' Wilkenajn F O- -Pia.'ry claim to 476 88-100 aera
laad appl 14371 beiu a e qtr aeo t s w qtr see t and
ia w q r of sec 1 1 at rg t7, Ux $.44 pan 64c sdv t
total $9.10
Attorney am.za.rri
Oouiiaallor " tavt " tsttw,
Oei.amar, Nkvada
Liquors, .
and Cigars.
Call Once and You will be
sure and return.
In Connection is a first
class Restaurant,
Is one of tho
In Calient c.
If you wish
anything in tho
way of -
UIclvi org,
aud Olears.
"W lnes, LicLVLor
and Oigars.
4 Wlm Eitoa
In The Fourth Judicial District
Court, County of Lincoln.
State of No vail a.
The State ot Nevada Sends Greeting
MounUln View Gold Mining Ooupkny.
Vou are hrbjr reqnirod to tppnar In n action
eomiunot:d u1iiat you tc deiendamt by 4 V,
Lane, plain tiff, In tho Fourth Judlcltl Dlctrlct
Court of 'he Htiteof NeTda. Lincoln County, at
the towo of Fioche, and amwtr the n-rmplafnt
ther- ln, which It on Ale with tbe lark oi ait
Court, wltlitn ten dayn after the aerrloe on you of
thia uoiiuona (txcluelve of the dayof Mtrrice) if
served In eald 0uoiy, or twenty daj a if anro-d out
of akid Ouunty, but within thin dlntrlct, and In all
otliHr cases forty riayi, or junvmcnt by default
will be tkpn attainat you, according to tbe prayer
of said complaint.
The said action ! brought to reoorer judRement
affftlnst you, the said d-fondant, for the sum of
six hnndred dollant WOO 00). being four h unbred
and ft ty do I lor for serviced reudnmd you as care
taker of your niioinp property at Fay, said O mnty,
and Htat. between the lft dy of Lteoeiubfr, l(Wa
and the 1st day of gHptremher, lflin, at your in
tancand reqiiHut, and oui hundred and fifty
dollars for the hire and uae of one mine wblui, need
byyu on your aald property between the let day of
April 10(4. and the Ut day of tkiptetnbf r 1V04.
and which sum you agreed to pay plaintiff, a will
nnre fully appear from the complaint ou fits in
thlaactiun, a copy f which In heewitb served
upon you and to which you ire referred.
And yon are hen-bj notified that If you fall to
apear and anawer the stld oomplntiit aa above
rfoiiirel. tbe ld plaintiff will take Judgment by
default against you for aald cum of all hundred
dollars and forcors of ult.
In T'tlmony Whereof, I, have hereunto
aet my baud MjIs lith day o' Heptembr, A U 1WU4.
Ally for Plali tlff
Notice To Creditors
In the Fourth Judicial District Court
of the State of Nevada In and
for the County of Lincoln,
In the Matter of the Estate i
of J
Addison Bybee, )
Sotioe Is hereby given that the undersigned have
been duly appointed and qualified by the
Fourth Judicial District Court of the Bute
of Nevada, In and for the County of Lincoln, aa
AdmUiiatratora of the estate of Addison Bybee
AU creditors having claims atnlnst said estate
are required to file the same, with proper vouch-
era aud statutory sffldaviu attached, with tbe
rtlavrh nf samM firm ft within lhraa. ti.nnth. a th.
first Dublicatloki of this aoUce. or such claim will
be barred.
Dated and published for the first time June
17 tb 1904.
T. ?. 08BORRE,
T. I, Denorne, AdnOnlstrator.
Atty for said EsUte
IptJtPP XQ wins what It was to suffer, I
J-aa.u wl(i gly FHKK Or OlitUK, to
any afBictsd, a puaitlra curs for fccaeuia, Halt
Bhiam, Ki jralpiilaa, flloa aud skin dlMassa. Iu.
staat nlM. Uoc'l Buffer longsr. Writ t. W,
4LLLUSM MOataBsatlaaAT.., JTaar Ink,
Caliente Drug Store
Fine Toilet Soaps.
VThe Latest Perfumes.avf
GThe Latest Novelties in Writing Paper.
3ST Tho Choicest of Candies. -S3!
Also a fine line of Cigars both foreign
and domestic.
Calionto, ... XTovada.
Best of Accommodations
Firr 1 Class Beds and good Rooms.
Special Attention Is given the Kitchen and
Dining Room, and the Best the Market
Affords Will be served.
Hot Sanitarium and Baths in Connection with the Hotel,
Water 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
Livery and Feed Stable
Horooa Boarded, by the Day, Week and Month.
Blacksmith Shop
Where you can get all hinds of
Blachmlthing done at
Re sonablo Prices.
Wholesale and
Groceries and Provisions,
Glassware and Crockery,
Wines, Liquors and Cigar
A Complete Line of Miners Supplies always on
Fiocho - - 2?ovadcu
The Tables are supplied with
the finest in the Market.
unday Dinners for
Families Got tip in
irst Class Style
Fresh Bread
Pics and
Can be had Every Day.
Retail Dealer in
J . A. fJiarfc,
Main Street
The Pueest op
WINSa and
Card Tables for lovers of Whist1
Solo and Other Games.
Most Cordinal Treatment
Accorded to all Patrons.
lady In each county to manajra basloasa for ao old
established house of solid financial standing. A
atnlfcht, bona Ada weekly cash salary ol lit Ml pei4
by oheck eaob Wednesday with all eipspaa. dtreca)
(torn headqoartera, Uaoay adTanoetl tox axenaast
ataoager.aaO Outoa BMIh Ohloac.

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