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That In addressing Mrs. Pinkham you
are confiding your private ills to a woman
a woman whose experience with wo
man's diseases covers a great many years.
Von can talk freely to a woman when It
Is revolting to relate your private troubles
to a man besides a man does not under
standsimply because he is a man.
Many women suffer In silence and drift along
from bad to worse, knowing full well that thev
ought to have Immediate assistance, but a natural
modesty impels them to shrink from exposing them
selves to the questions and probably examinations of
even their family physician. It is unnecessary.
Without money or price you can consult a woman
whose knowledge from actual experience is great.
Mrs. Pinkhaiu's Standing Invitation:
Women suffering from any form of female weak
ness are invited to promptly communicate with Mrs
Pinkham at Lynn, Muss. All letters
opened, reau ana answered Dy women only. A
irvrnan can freely talk of her private illness to a
woman; thus tins been established the
connuunce oeiween iurs. nuxnam ana the
of America which has never been broken. C
of the vast volume of experience which she
has to draw from, It is more than possible
that she has gained the very knowledge
that will help your case. She asks noth
ing in return except your good-will, and her
advice has relieved thousands. Surely any
woman, rich or poor, is very foolish if shej
does not take advantage of this generous
offer of assistance. Lydia B. Pinkham
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
Following we publish two let
ters f rom iv woman who accep
ted this iuvitution. Note the
First letter.
"Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
" For eight ymrs 1 have suffered something
terrible every month with my periods. '1'ha
pains are excruciating and I can hardly stand
them. My doctor says I have ovarian and
womb trouble, anil 1 must so through an op
eration if 1 want to get well I do not want
to submit to it if 1 can possibly help it.
Please tell me what to da I hope you can
relieve me. "-Mrs. Mary Dimmick, 69th and E.
Capitol Bt., BenningP.O., Wfuihlngton.D.G.
Second letter.
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
" After following carefully your advice,
and taking Lydia E. Piiikliam's Vegetable
t'ompoiiiul, 1 am very anxious to send you
my testimonial, that others may know their
aiueaud what you have done lor me.
' Healthy Home Exerclsel
There wag a time when skipping
' was suggested as a healthy exercise
: for the middle-aged, but it has Its
'drawbacks. A simpler method now
proposed for the corpulent, the liver
brigade, and others who are of slug
gish dispositions, says the World, Is
to run up and down stairs.
' Coat Made of Snakesklns.
A young western woman Is daizllng
eastern society by her coat of snake
skins. It was made from six anacon
,Ias, all of which the young woman
herself killed. It Is of mottled gray
and white and resembles lizard skin.
We Will Save You
Trouble about the present you fortfot.
Write or telegraph your wants the last
minute. Never mind the
We will ship you C, 0. D., by express, anything you want, or on open
account if references are satisfactory. Our slock of Diamonds, Jewelry,
Watches and Silver is -best grades only, at prices as low as you would
care to buy at. Each article guaranteed absolutely.
170 Main Street.
CATARRH ftd all owtoU .Umm
of thm my; mt( mm, ttirvtt, Iwtvjs, atom
ukjlrar, bow-ole. kid nay. bU4df tnti
all hranla, ftwrvovia at4 private
f both him. a4 dlsMvMa af ahllJran.
Horn TrftmDt Care. Writ
for fraa .yBiptoaa list If jou on
uot Mil. Consultation frti.
1 ' a. a. j. ihohm.
Special Offer In
unionnitaUK, of both him. who ar aufterlnf from Print DImu vhaibar oamaa br
m, aioaaa or oontaaloo-bar alaan Ml lookM apoa aa laflllmat pray br Iba Sharl
- TVur."'.H."i P0M ' "pMlsUal" and rob tha luSarar for wonblaaa traatnaaat.
A X pHRJt?LS!l,w TH,T CAN 0l sn 0D" PIT1T niSKlflKS IK BOTH
i "RMA'""TLT, aurt to PrtOVB th.lr atlll. la tbta elaaa of allm.nu. tkar ttaaa 3
i ra aab oaaaa bafora tb aUut la raqolrwl to par Dra. Sboraa' ODa dollar. Or tboaa wbo prafat,
i L . " oiI inatautnaata aalb r prosrauaa. THIS gowaST
Wu aiVS. k1?8 WLTU THB "u"u' ! atb blow to tLa Quaok a4 faklf wk
IZti l iiS' ln,Vc.'il.fV'",,Bf" PnlM. da 700 Tr baar of a raklr ratordlaf
vi'iui.W P""" . ohane oa-rou oaanot loa roor monar If ra ont par l
Moa-la;tlu of ao aallxl W a K N KM iS Of HXH" ar alma'a tha n..,ll at aalanaaS
. v ..l ! - tra. aaoraa oaw
I ,"K wtiti ti uh . B
r...; 0IB?' uootora bow siaor oaaaa
iihiH(ia ,;f.i..7i. v ""I m a w
..T lbVn fn; l,U. .V"' 0;L-
wriot (.,.l?.,,'""tin ',', waat. ararr oaa
L.;jK'...Vi " "9' . w 'r IOUT MANHOOD. Samlnal Waaknaaa. Saanaatarrkoa.
OfroiMiKa "o"naoB ana aario
' ? oil ifat m o a p mi iTaoloaa
..S. SHORES & SHORES. Expert
(it wmu ki wi
'jtro flFjywsij
vr0;rL.-: -keveh fails- s:v
;:vJafaoN Drug Ce Bineral Agents. Salt Lake City, Utah.
K )
are received,
" As yon know, I wrote you that my doctor
said I must have an operation or 1 could not
liVs. I then wrote you, telling you my ail
ments. I followed your advli-e and am en
tirely well. I can walk miles without an
ache or a pain, and I owe my life to you and
to Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
I wish every sutfering woman would read
this testimonial and realize the valu of writ
ing to you and your remedy." Mrs. Mary
Dimmick, 6th and E. Capitol Streets, Ben
niinj P. O., Washington, D. C.
When a medicine has been successful
in restoring to health so many women
whose testimony is so unquestionable,
you cannot well say, without trying it,
" I do not believe it will help me." If
you are ill, don't hesitate to get a bot
tle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound at once, and write Mrs. Pink
ham, Lynn. Mass., for special advice-
it is free and always helpful.
Barbarous Banquets.
An Important featnre of life in tbt
Abyssinian capital are the 'enormous
Danquets which are held twice
week In the banqueting hall of the
palace, at which batches of 8,000 sol
diers are fed on raw meat, bread and
te, an Abyssinian drink made from
Man and Wife Are One.
In dlschnrging a man and wife
charged with "conspiring" to defraud
an insurance company a London mag
istrate said that in law a man and
his wife were one person, and one
person could not conBplre.
Write for
Salt Lake City.
Private Diseases
ujvL tkbatmbkt for aaot oaaea. in VAiU-
. ; . : . l .- . a s
tbar nn aodar tb ol and naalaaa ! i
a..'Lp. aamioat noaanaaa, apannawitTaoaa,
a1"lr troabla. I. laa n aa far M
la aonfldantlal-w nar oaa a aama or baar
ramm br mall or at th ofBoa.
t to li Stindara sad kolldara 10 a m to 11.
Specialists, 249 a?:;!a
0 ;
7 7(W1
1 won't aall anal-Arlplne to s dalar who won't Qamrant)
It. Call for your M OK B T A at If IT DOVT nit.
'. Diomer, JT. !., Masulaaturer,pr(nrle(if , M v
A military festival will be held tit
Colorado next fall to commemorate the
one-hundredth anniversary of the Ze-
bulon Pike expedition.
Jacob Drewnick was fatally Injured
while engaged In bridge work near
Huntington, Ore., a board falling and
striking him on the head.
In the Clydesdale class for yearling
mares in the live stock show In Chi
cago, Forbes & Co., Sheridan, Wyo.,
won the first and third awards.
John M. Gearln of Oregon, who has
been appointed to the United States
senate to fill the vacancy caused by
the death of Senator Mitchell, has en
tered upon bis duties as a senator.
Walter H. Tlsdale, for many years
a prominent real estate owner in Ta-
coma, died at Spokane last week,
where he was spending a few weeks
with his daughter, Mrs. N. B. Hutchin
son. Thomas A. Crowe, a well known
mine operator and former militiaman
of Idaho Springs, Colo., was escorted
from Butte one day last week by a
number of armed miners. He was
badly beaten.
Mrs. Louise Carter of Seattle has be
gan ault for divorce against two men,
admitting she married both, but claim
ing that when she married the second
time she was convinced that she had
been clueared of her first legal bonds.
The new Los Angeles limited flyer
broke all records In a run across
Wyoming, except the Alice Roosevelt
special. It passed the Overland, hith
erto the fastest transcontinental train,
In spite of a two hours' handicap out
of Chicago.
Representatives of 150 straight
shingle and combination mills have
voted to perpetuate the. Shingle Mills
bureau organized to inaugurate the
sixty-day close-down of shingle mills
in Washington by organizing on a per
manent base.
It Is now confidently believed that
Walter Scott, the cowboy miner, who
lately attracted such widespread atten
tion through his lavish scattering ot
money and various spectacular epi
sodes, has been murdered in Death
valley, in Nevada.
W. S. Vance of Laramie, Wyo., who
had twenty head of grass-fed Bteers at
the fat stock show In Chicago, was in
formed last week that bis cattle had
taken three prizes ribbons, first in
their class, champions by age and firBt
in Hereford special, in competition
with grain-fed cattle from Illinois, In
diana, Iowa and Missouri.
In response to a communication
from the executive committee of the
Montana Rate association, asking htm
to call an extra Bession of the legisla
ture for the purpose of considering a
railway eommilon bill. Oovernor
Toole has replied to the committee
that under the circumstances he did
not feel justified in Issuing the call
A new phase in the school land
swindles in Oregon presented itself
last week in the application for return
of partial payments on counterfeit cer
tificates, made in good faith to the
state school land board by the Ten
wood Lumber company of Wausau,
Wis., which holds fifteen bogus certi
ficates for an aggregate of 4,219 a ires.
The coroner's Jury which has been
Investigating the cause of the fatal
collision between the Overland Limit
ed and a freight train at Ah Say, De
cember 7, has returned a verdict hold
ing Engineer Brink and Conductor
Darrell of the freight train responsi
ble. The engineer was killed and the
conductor is nearly crazed with grief
over the disaster.
Mrs. Mary Crldge, wife of Bishop
Crldge, the first Episcopal missionary
to arrive on the Pacific coast, died at
Victoria, B. C, last week at 79 years
of age. She came to Victoria in 1855,
when it was only a Hudson Bay post,
with but a dozen shacks.
According to the Deseret News ot
Salt Lake the Short Line is getting
anxious about the threatened invasion
of its territory by the Chicago a
Northwestern, and is ararnglng for
rushing completion of its Yellowstone
park branch from St. Anthony, Ida.
Tommy Reilly of Seattle won from
Morgan Williams of Denver In the six
teenth round of what was scheduled
for a twenty-round go at Great Falls,
Mont. There was hard fighting during
every round, although almost from
the first Reilly had the best ot It.
Persons represented by Lafe Pence
have purchased the buildings erected
by the Oregon state commission at the
Lewis and Clark fair grounds for
$3,500. The lumber will be shipped
to the Interior of the stafe, where It
will be sold or used in making irriga
tion sluices.
H. A. McNally, weather observer at
Baker City. Ore., has been adjudged
Insane by the county court. McNally
came to Baker City about two months
ago from Philadelphia to take charge
of the local weather station, and had
been in the government service
elghteeen years. ,
A vein of what Is said to be excel
ltn anthracite coal has been discover
ed in Malheur county, Ore., Just across
the Idaho line, according to informa
tion which has reached Boise. The
extent of the find is not now known,
but it is stated a good sized vein has
been uncovered.
In the lobby of the Lewiston hotel
In Denver, William Wilson, a cattle
man, was Bhot and Instantly killed by
J. D. Henderson, a former partner.
Turning the weapon upon himself Hen
derson then fired a bullet through his
breast and expired in the arms of offi
cers who had seized him.
Superintendent Williamson of Boise,
Ida., schools Is sending out a printed
communication to all parents asking
for information respecting any chil
dren of school age that may not be at
tending school. He desires to secure
the Information in order that the chil
dren may be placed in school.
A Heavy Load to Carry.
Along with dyspepsia comes nervont
nss and tneral lll-hsalth. Way Be
cause a dlaordered stomach doss not per
mit the food to ba properly diluted, and
Its products assimilated by th system.
The blood Is charfod with poisons which
eoms from this disordered digestion, and
in aw ii tun uervr are noi 14 00 food,
red blood, and we see symptoms of berv
outness, lfpliiich and fBeral break
down. It la not head work, nor over phy
sical eiertlon that does it. but poor stom
ach work. With poor, tpln blood the
body is not protected against the attack
of germs of grip, bronchitis and consump
tion. Fortify the body at once with Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery a
rare combination of native medicinal
root without a particle of alcohol or
dangerous habit-forming drugs,
A little book of eiiracu, from promi
nent medical authorities eitolllnf every
lngrwilent contained In Dr. Pierce's
Golded Medical Discovery will be mailed
fret to any address on request by postal
card or letter. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y,
Msny years of active practice convinced
Dr. Pierce of the value of many native
roots as medicinal agents and he went to
great expense, both In time and In money,
tu perfect his own peculiar processes (or
rendering them both efficient and sat for
tonic, alterative and rebuilding sgants.
The enormous popularity of Uoldn
Medical DUcoveryl Is due both to Its
scientific compounding and to the actual
medicinal value of its Ingredients. The
publication of the ruirnrs of Un ingredi
ent on the wrapper of every bottle sold,
gives full assurance of Its non-slcobolla
character and removes all objection to
th use of an unknown or secret remedy.
It Is not a patent medicine nor a secret
one either, This (aci, puts It in a elan
all by itnelf, bearing as It does upon every
bottle wrapper Th Badge of Honesty, la
the full list of Its Ingredient.
The "Golden Medical Discovery "cures,
weak stomach, Indigestion, or dyapepsla.
torpid liver and lilliousneM, ulceratloa of
stomach and bowles and all catarrhal af
fections no matter w hat parts or organs
may be affected with It. Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets aro the original little
liver pills, first put up 40 vears ago. They
regulate and Invigorate, stomach, liver
and bowels. Much Imitated but never
equaled. Sugar-cotted and easy to take
as candy. Ona to three a dose.
Demolish Old Iran Bridge.
The second iron brldr ever eon
rtructed, now In course of demolition,
Is to make way for ao Improved struc
ture at Build was, Shropshire. The
first attempt at an Iron bridge was
made at Lyons in 1757, and one of tb
arches - put together, when the pro
ject was abandoned as being Imprac
ticable. Thus It was left to Salopian
Iron masters to show the world that
bridges could be built of metal in lieu
of stone or wood. London Sphere.
The Pe-runa Almanac In 8,000,000
The Peruna Lucky Day Almanae
has become a fixture In over eight
million homes. It can be obtained
from all druggists free. Be sure to In
quire early. The 1906 Almanac is al
ready published, and the supply will
soon be exhausted. Do not put It oft.
Get one today
Chinese Silverware.
One of the oddities of
clature Is that the combination ot
metals known as German silver con
tains no silver .In Its composition and
Is of Chinese and not of (Wanan
origin. It was first introduced Into
burope by the Germans, and for some
time it was not generally known that
they had simply borrowed It from the
Caused by Sores on Neck Merciless
Itching for Two Years Made
Him Wild Another Cure
by Cutlcura.
"For two years my neck was cov
ered with sores, the humor spreading
to my hair, which fell out, leaving an
unsightly bald spot, and the soreness,
inflammation and merciless itching
made me wild. Friends advised Cutl
cura Soap and Ointment, and after a
few applications the torment subsided,
to my great joy. The sores soon dis
appeared, and my hair grew again,
as thick and healthy as ever. I shall
always recommend Cutlcura. (Signed)
H. J. Spalding, 104 W. 104th St., Mew
fork City."
Sheet-Iron Rolled Thin.
Sheet-Iron can now be rolled so this
that It takes 11,000 sheets to make
a single Inch in thickness. light
shines as clearly through one of these
sheets as through ordinary tissue
Mother Cray's Sweet Powders for Children.
Successfully used by Mother Gray, nurse
in the Children's Home in New York, cure
Constipation, Feverishness, Bad Stomach,
Teething Disorders, move and regulate the
Bowels and Destroy Worms.Over 80,000 tes
timonials. At all Druggists, 85a Sample
FREE. Address A. S. Olmsted, LeRoy.N. Y.
Native Modesty.
Scotsmen Indeed are generally anx
ious to make you believe that things
are going badly with them, and that
trade is not flourishing. They would
rather be thought to possess lets
than have tbelr wealth exaggerated.
British Weekly.
How'a This?
W offer On Hundred Dollar Reward for any
aaaa of Catarrh Uiat oasuot b cur4 of Ball'.
Catarrb Cur. ,
F. J. chkn rcr uu., Toia. o.
W. t. - h. ai.M 9 .1 r.....
(or the laat IS raara, and ballava him arfstlr kaa
orable In all burina. traoaaotlona o anaaojany
Mi. to carry out any oougationi maoa or an arm.
, Wiipi.vtt. Ki ktaans,
' I Wnolaaala l)rurUu, Tl.o, 0.
Ball'. Catarrh Onr la tatea Istaraallr, aaUa
dlractly spun tb blooo ana muonu aurfaca. ta
.rttam. TeHtlmoBlaU aant fraa. Frlc 70 oaota pr
botlla. Sold by all DruiiUta.
Tak. Hall'a Family f Ilia for ooutlpstfoa.
Submarine Boat Experiment.
The greatest depth to which a sub
marine boat Is known to have de
scended, under full control and with
out injury, Is 138 feet. That record
was made In experiments in Europe,
by a vessel designed by the Ameri
can inventor, Simon Lake.
A lsrce t-ot. mr-tiace Red Cross Ball Blue, onlv
t cents. The Kuss Company, South Bead, lod.
Peddlers In Athens.
It Is a common sight in Athens te
see a peddler leading a diminutive
donkey, sandwiched between twe
bulky glass fronted showcases, which
constltuts his "shop." The stock usu
ally consls' of sweets, stationery and
Take LAX ATlVk BIIOMO Qulnln Tablet. Drn
Elita refund moorjr If It falla to our. K. W.
MOVE'S signature I. on each box. 250.
The Girdle to the Corset
"Goodness, but you are tight!" sail
the girdle to the corset. "Well, you
see I've been on a bust," answered
the stays, with a merry laugh."
Cleveland Leader.
Remove 8plkes Securing the Ralls
and Ditch the Train, Killing Twe
of the Employes.
Reading, Kan. Santa Fe train No.
17, westbound, was wrecked at Bad
ger creek bridge, about five miles
west of Reading, at 8 o'clock Tuesday
morning. The tender left the track,
derailing all the baggage and express
cars and the first two coaches. One
express car turned over and caught
fire, in which one ot the messengers
were killed. His remains were recov
ered. The engineer and two other
messengers were seriously injured,
the former fatally. No passengers
were Injured.
It is believed the train was ditched
by wreckers. Tho spike securing one
rail and the fish plate had been re
moved. Three other passenger trains,
including Superintendent Fox's spe
cial, had passed over the same tracks
a short time before No. 17 was
J. E. Hurley, general manager of
the Santa Fe railroad, has offered a
reward of $5,000 for the arrest and
conviction of the man or men who
wrecked the train.
Favorable Report on the Administra
tion Measure.
Washington. By a vote of T to 6,
the house committee on ways and
means reported favorably on Tuesday
on the Payne bill admitting all Phil
ippine products into the United States
free, excepting sugar and tobacco,
which are to pay 25 per cent of the
DIngley rates until 1909, when they
are also to go on the free list. Two
amendments were made to the meas
ures originally Introduced In the
house by Mr. Payne. At the sugges
tion ot Representative Hill ot Con
necticut, a provision was added that
all American sugar and tobacco are
to be admitted into the Philippines
free of duty, and a new section was
added, which provides that no Philip
pine products now in warehouses in
the United States shall be exempted
from duties under the proposed
Explosion of Dynamite Occurs In the
Heart ef New York City.
New York. Three men were blown
to pieces, seven others were more or
less seriously hurt and the occupants
ot fashionable hotels and residences
in the vicinity of Fifth avenue and
Thirty-fourth street were startled
Tuesday by an explosion of dynamite
In the excavation for the new Altman
The explosion was caused by a
workman unintentionally striking a
heavy charge of dynamite which had
been placed in a drill hole in a ledge
of rocks several days ago and which
defied all efforts to explode it at that
Root Has No Objections.
Washington. Ambassador White,
who has been named as one of the
representatives of the United States
at the approaching Moroccan confer
ence, has Informed Secretary Root of
the proposition now being placed be
fore European governments to change
the place for the conference from Al
geclras to Madrid. Mr. White's state
ment did not appear to require any
direct expression by the state depart
ment upon this matter Just at present,
but it Is stated that no objection sug
gests itself to the change in pro
gramme. Ammonia Ruined the Sight of Insane
Mrs. Ina Berry.
Kansas City. Mrs. Ina Berry, lata
of North port, Wash., who recently de
fied arrest for four days in a railway
coach in which she had fortified her
self at Glrard, Kan., underwent an
operation here on Tuesday in which
her left eye was removed. The eye
sight had been destroyed by the am
monia used by L ;r captors in driving
the woman from the coach. Mrs. Ber
ry is an inmate of a sanitarium in
this city.
Workmen Buried In Tunnel.
New York. The two men who had
been burled in the East river tunnel
for nearly forty hours were taken out
Tuesday. Rescuers penetrated the
tunnel in a boat. Workmen were still
attempting to force a hole through tha
eement roof of the tunnel as It was
thought that still other men were im
prisoned in the tube. When the res
cued workmen had recovered suffi
ciently to speak Intelligently they
said they were the only men caught
In the tunnel.
France Is Satisfied by Withdrawal of
Offensive Venezuelan Note.
Paris. The French government is
officially advised of President Castro's
favorable action in withdrawing the
offensive note to M. Taigny, tha
French charge d'affaires at Caracas,
and Premier Rouvier communicated
to the council of ministers that Vene
zuela having withdrawn the note on
which the protests of France were
based, the Incident is considered to
have been regulated according to the
desires ot France.
Heyburn's Forestry Policy.
Washington. Senator Heyburn of
Idaho made a new move Tuesday, in
dicating his intention to make war on
the president's forestry policy. He
introduced a resolution calling on the
secretary of agriculture for state
ments of receipts and expenditures
made under the forest service; also
a statement of the amount of school
land Included In forest reservations.
If he can get this resolution through,
Heyburn hopes to get data which will
aid him in his fli?ht.
Property of Housewives, Girls Are
Harshly Dealt With.
Says an editorial In the Pekln
Times: "The position of the slave
girl In Chinese homes Is a very hard
one as a rule. These slaves are gen
erally the property of the wife and no
one interferes with the mistress in
her treament of the poor little things,
who will as often as not be subjected
te the most savage cruelty for most
venial offenses. A few weeks ago we
recall a case ot great hardship being
brought Into the mixed court, Shang
hai, In which a small slave girl had
been gagged with a piece of Iron and
severely beaten because, when half
starved, she helped herself to some
scraps of food.
"Our attention has now been called
to piercing cries which emanate from
a house near Canton road and are
said to proceed from a little slave
girl who for some reason Is beaten
almost dally with a thick knotted
rope, but for what reason is unknown.
"Our Informant thinks a word In I
public showing that the Incident has
been noticed may suffice to check the
cruelty without lodging a formal com
plaint with the municipal police,
which might make matters worse tor
the poor little sufferer In the long
ltclilIH, Blind, Hlaadlng Protruding IMIr.. lirua
(lata ara atithoritad u refund money If FAZO
1NTMKNT fain to cure !n to 14 daya, sue.
Its Remembrance Almost Stirs Maine
Editor to Poetry.
The song of the cricket Is associat
ed with some of the most Joyful
events In life, with full granaries and
heaping cellars, with bending or
chards, where squirrels scamper and
cough along the walls, with haiy hills
and misty vales, with mellow sunlight
and silver moonlight, with kissing
parties In the old farmhouses, and
with seeing the rosy-cheeked girl
home along the country road, and
with standing by her side at the front
gate, until the old stars went down
in the west and new stars peeped
above the eastern hills.
How the crickets did sing on those
nights! And they said "Cheer up" as
plainly as could be! Why any fellow
should wish to rheer up, or how he
could possibly need to cheer up, when
standing close up alongside ot a nice
girl to keep the bears away, Is a ques
tion that we refuse to answer; and It
does not matter In the least, for if the
crickets bad cried for us to feel bad
we should have disobeyed them and
would do so now. It we had the
chance. Banitor News.
rss rni r a Mora
Red Cro.a Ball Illue. I,arir t. paokajra I
cent. The Kusi Company, South Ht utl, lad.
Argument for Old Age Pensions.
If we are to lower our death rats
and promote old age, we must return
to simplicity and transqullllty ot life.
And as regards the masses of out
people, we must, as far as may be,
alleviate the anxieties that press on
them, and surely one step Ir that di
rection would be the establisnment ol
old age pensions. Life Insurance baa
by the composure of mind it has se
cured, dons something to prolong life,
and national Insurance against old
age by removing those apprehension
that must sometimes harass, even th
bucollo mind, would, I believe, con
tribute to a hale old age. Sir Jutaei
Crlchton Browne.
Plso's Cure cannot be too highly spoken of as
I rough cure. J. W. O'RfutH, m Third Ave.
N., Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. . W00.
Convention of Pipe Smoketa.
At a convention of pipe smokers,
held in Brussels the other day, the
president, M. Kos, Informed his hear
ers that It took him three hours and
seven minutes to get through one pipe.
A pipe, he said, would outlast three
hours If filled In a particular way
loose at the bottom, firmly In the mid
dle, and again loosely at the top.
"Further," raid he, "you must give up
your whole mind to the process. Pa
tience and determination make the
true smoker."
If w don't haed pr.rantlon, w will net cur. Th Old-Monk-Cur
St. Jacobs Oil
I ready .Iwayi lor all form of muscular actio i or pain, from
Men of Culture True Apostles ef
Equsllty, Says Matthew Arnold.
The pursuit of perfection, then, Is
the pursuit of sweetness and light.
He who works for sweetness and light,
works to make reason and the will or
Ood prevail. He who works for ma
chinery, he who works for hatred,
works only for confusion. Culture
looks beyond machinery; culture
hates hatred; culture has one great
passion, for sweetness and light, and
one even yet greater, the passion for
making them prevail. It seeks to do
away with classes; to make the best
that has bean known and taught In
the world current everywhere; to
make all men live In an atmosphere
of sweetness and light where they
may use Ideas, as It uses them itself
freely nourished, and not bound by
them. This Is the social idea, and the
men of culture are the true apostles
of equality .Matthew Arnold.
Mr. WIdsIaw' aoothln; SyTnia.
For ehtldra taettilag, aofteo. tha guraa, radurM fa
BaeuBaLloB,allayapala,careawls4oollo. asuaaotu.
Power of Freezing Water.
No one has yet been able to con
struct a vessel which can resist tha
force ot freezing water. Twenty
pound steel shells have been rent as
It they were glass.
Opposition Strengthens Desire.
There' Is 'no doubt that opposition
has made more undesirable marriages
than any form of encouragement-
Kathleen Robinson.
Joins Vah, Idaho. Wyoming, Colo
rado, Nevada. Arltone, Montana.
Oregon and Canada In praising
One customer writes from Saora
memo, California i
"I waived th good and am wall
laaaed wilh than. Think I will ao
Bod mar. I hr nd you check for
When the quality la superior, why
not buy good made In Vtah7
Verbal Specialisation.
"Opera" Is a case of verbal speciali
sation, Yet the Latin word meant
originally nothing more definite than
'work.' The specialization, however,
was thorough even in the time of
Drytlen', who' defined an opera aa 'a
poetical tale or fiction, represented
by verbal and Instrumental muslck.
adorned with scenes, machines and
dancing.' But the specialisation il
scarcely more remarkable than thai
of "drama," which means Just "deed.'
"action," or of "poet," which is tim
ely 'maker."
Ever Hear of "Scotty" and His Record
Breaking Rldef
The story, briefly told, Is this; Wal
ter Scott, the Doulh Valley gold miner,
made the trip from Ixjs Angeles to
Chicago Inst summer on a special
train over the "Santa Fe" In less than
45 hours. That whirlwind train cost
him more tlitin $6,000. It was the
fastest long distance run over moun
tains and plains ever made on any
Amerlcim railway. It demonstrated
beyond dispute that the Santa Fe
track, equipment and employees are of
the dcpenditble kind. Probably you
wouldn't care to ride so fast You prev
fer the luxury of our three trains from
Utah and Colorado to Everywhere
ICnnt and Southwest,
Ask me for ticket rates and litera
ture. C. F. WAItREN,
Q. A , A. T. & 8 F Ry
411 Dooly Block, Salt Lake City! Utah.
Class In Criticism.
A well known young college woman
has classes in criticism; her patrons
sre among the wealthier ones who
lack education. She discusses and
criticises for them the newest books,
plays, operas and various arts and
Insists upon the taking ot copious
notes. This instruction incidentally
develops her patrons' conversational
powers. She charges In classes,
twenty dollars for a course of twenty,
five lectures, end for private InatruoV
tlons ona dollar sn hour, Myerson's
American Family Magazine.
A round trip rate of $110 to California
will be In effect all winter via the new
and popular Salt Lake Route. See
nearest agent or write for information
to J. L. Moore, D. P. A., Salt Lake City.
The telephone girl and the bill clerk
to whom she had promised her heart
and hand were sitting In front ot the
fireplace talking about the happy days
to come when they should be one, says
the Great Bend Register, From one
little detail to another the talk finally
drifted to the subject of lighting fires
In the morning. He stated that it
was his emphatic opinion that It was
a wife's place to get up and start the
fires and lot her hard-working husband
rest. After this declaration there waa
silence for about the space ot three
quarters of a second. Then the tele
phone girl thrust out the finger encir
cled by her engagement ring and mur
mured sweetly, but, firmly: "Ring off,
please; you've got connected with tha
wrong number."
To III Given for Reliable Information
We have set aside
to be spent for information and will
give five dollar, for a Postal Card
giving the first reliable news of
chance to tell a boiiioBtal itctn engirt oj
our nrlci, within our rinec of sizes. We Je
not wn i tinjuitiee tt it.it lime for verilcel,
trictioo or t engine.
BtilMorw rrf the noil eranHato Hi "fl" and
bntlwK niewU bf svajT on) ttieouf actBfiof euneein ia
the world
Atlas Engine Works
Corliss, four Yalw, intomstfe, Blrb-ft4, Cnw
noun ud Thrrmifni Lugiiua, H'Mei lube.
biUsw end Portable BuUtue
Atlu IntfnZ Ib swrrlos J OtY-iVW H P.
ittu BotiM In mi-tigs trLKnt.rjUb H F.
If EffHrK-rl with
Thompson's Eye Water
ho re e;ea ue
Wben Answering Advertisement
Kindly Mention This Paper.
W. N. V.. Salt Lake-No. 62. 1905.
t i UM Htl ill tlU faiti 11
11 Bt Cuurti Sjrup. TuiM tW. Da f 1
r I to time. Bll by dnisrirlnu. r I

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