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NO 18
The fuel famine in Pioche
is somewhat of a serious af
fair. W. L. Cook, of the Hodges-Cook
Mercantile Co. is
in town from Nephi, Utah.
The mail has been some
what uncertain of late owing
to the snow slides, washouts
and other troubles on the
San Pedro railroad.
Jos Poujade after a ten
day stay in Pioche looking
over his reai-estate and min
ing claims- departed for his
home in Carson City Wednes
day. Mr. and Mrs E. F.
Freudenthal left Saturday
for a two weeks visit to Los
Atty F. R. McNamee, was
a visitor in town Monday
from Delamar on legal busi
ness. The Sheriff office is now
under the charge of Phil
Smith. Mr. Smith has ap
pointed Frank Walker as
Deputy Sheriff of this pre
cinct. Mr. McCawley, who has
been the past three months
engaged in teaching school
at Acoma is a visitor in town.
Treasurer Ed Clark, of
Caliente can be seen at the
Treasurers office. Mr. Clark
has appointed Eugene Good
rich as his deputy.
Any person wishing to
purchase a map of the Pioche
Townsite traced from the
official map of lithe county,
can purchase same at record
office. The maps are $5.00
each. -
Owing to an accident of
the light plant of the Hodges
Cook Mercantile Co: their
store has been in darkness
the past two evenings.
Wm Hawkins, County
Commissioner elect of Las
Vegas, was in town Monday,
looking after the affairs of
of his office, which he assum
ed on the 7th.
Geo. Banovich, the new
county dad, from Delamar
came up Sunday to be sworn
in as a member of the Board
of Commissioners.
The new board of County
Commissioners held their
first meeting: Monday Jan
7th. The official bonds of
the various county officers
were approved and the new
county officers resumed their
duties. The greatest bond
was given by Ed W. Clark,
as treasurer, the amount be
ing $65,000.00
One of the most severe
snowstorms since the year
1889 visited this section the
cast ten days. The storm
seems to be general through
out this entire section, around
the Eagle Valley country
two feet of snow lies on the
ground and the same can be
said of Pioche. In the
Highland Country the depth
reached three feet. Up to
the present time it is almost
impossible to secure fuel,
and freight from the rail
road is out of the question,
The newly-elected State officers
will take their seats next Mon
' A delinquent tax list o:
M' A ... .
Esmeralda County occupies 2
columns in
the Goldfield
Commissioners j
The Board of County Commis
sioners met Monday January 7th
1907 and those present were Jas.
A. Nesbitt, member Geo Bano
vich, Chas Lee Horsey, District
Geo. T. Banovich being duly
sworn and the required oath be
ing properly presented, entered
on duties as County Commission
ers of Lincoln County, Short
The Boudpf Wm. E. Orr was
presented and approved by the
Board as County Clerk of Lin
coln county and entered on his
duties at this time.
The bond of C. W. Garrison as
Justice of the Peace of Pioche
township was then presented
and approved by the Board.
The bond of Phil K. Smith
was presented for approval and
the same was approved and sign
ed by the Board.
An adjournment was then
taken until 10 o'clock a. m. Tues
day, January 8th 1907.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment January 8th 1907, present
members J. A. Nesbitt and Geo.
T. Banovich; Commissioner W.
E. Hawkins was duly sworn in
as a member.
J. A. Nesbitt was duly elected
as chairman of the Board.
The Bond of J. F. Roeder as
County Assessor was approved
by the Board.
The bnnd of Chas Lee Horsey
as District Attorney and Sup't
of Public School was approved
by the Board.
The bond of Henry Lee as
County Recorder and ex-officio
Auditor was approved by the
The bond of Frank L. Wardlow
as Justice of the Peace and the
bond of O. H. Smith as Constable
of Searchlight Township were
duly approved by the Board. ,
The Bond of Louis Stern as
Justice of the Peace of Hiko
Township was duly approved by
the Board.
The bond of Sam Gay as Con
stable of Las Vegas Townsite
was duly approved by the Board.
The Bond of H. M. Lillis as
Justice of the Peace of Las
Vegas Township was duly ap
proved by the Board.
H. E. Freudenthal appeared
before the Board and presented
a contract to be executed be
tween the San Pedro Los
Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad
in the matter of the Jailsite at
Caliente Nevada. The said con
tract was duly executed by the
Board by Resolution duly record
ed as follows.
Resolved that the Chairman of
the Board of County Commis
sioners be and he is hereby
authorized th execute on behalf
this County a lease with the
San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt
Lake Railroad Company for a
period of one year from this
date, for a jail site at Caliente in
his County, situated in the
Southwest quarter of the north
east quarter of section 8, Town
ship 4 South Range 67 East, Mt.
Diablo Base and Meredian, as
shall be more particularly de
scribed in said lease. The
quarterly and monthly report of
the various County Officers were
duly approved.
General County Bills allowed
as per Register claim book.
E. R. Phillips appeared before
the Board in behalf of the citi
zens of Panaca and asked for
further apportionment to finish
the repairing of the lane leading
from Panaca to Bullionville, the
appropriation formerly having
been made be insufficient to com'
plete the work. Thereafter it
was ordered by the Board that
the sum of Two Hundred and
Fifty Dollars be allowed out of
the General County Fund for the
purpose of this work.
A petition was presented from
the citizens of Panaca asking
that Frank Edwards be appoint
ed Road Supervisor of said Dis
trict. It appearing to the Board
that the present ihcumbant
iAfnh Ronnow was out of the
State and unable to attend to
the duties devolving upon said
office and it being deemed neces
sary to have such office properly
fulfilled. It was ordered that
said office be declared vacent and
that Frank Edwards be appoint
ed to fill such vacency. It was
also ordered that E. R. Phillips
and Wm. Edwards be appointed
as inspectors of said District.
The County Auditor appeared
before the Board and asked that
the sum of $5000. 00 be transfer
red from the General County
Fund to the Salary Fund. It
was ordered that said sum be
transferred in accordance with
the said request.
The bill of the Panaca Co-op
was reduced Four Dollars for
the reason that the said sum was
in excess of the amount previous
ly ordered to be allowed by the
It was ordered by the Board
that the bill of A. S. Thompson
Co for the sum of $31.25 be laid
over for correction, it being
found that the amount stated
thereon was incorrect.
The bill of A. J. Barnum for
services as Registration Agent
be returned to be sworn to; the
same disposition was made of
the bill of said A. J. Barnum, as
Clerk of election.
It appearing to the Board that
he bill of the Skelton Publishing
Co. for the sum of $103.69 had
not been presented within six
months after such bill had be
come due as is required by Sec
tions 2127 and 2128, Cuttings,
Complied Laws, and in conform
ity with the requirements of said
sections it was ordered that the
said bill be disallowed.
The Plat of Hobson Addition
to the City of Searchlight, Lin
coln County Nevada, was approv
ed by the Board.
The map of Dougherty Addi
tion to the City of Searchlight,
Lincoln County Nevada was ap
proved by the Board.
It was ordered that the Clerk
advertise for bids for the County
advertising and jobwork for the
year 1907, said bids to be sub
mitted at the meeting of the
Board to be held March A. D.
1907, and it was further ordered
that the party or parties to whom
said contracts shall be let, shall
be required to furnish , bonds in
the following sums: Job Printing
$500.00 Bond; Advertising,
$250.00 Bond.
It is hereby ordered by the
Board of County Commissioners
that upon approval of the Bond
of Ed. W. Clark, as Treasurer of
said County, and the cash bal
ance of Ex-Treasurer Eugene
Goodrich, being found correct,
the Uuited States Fidility and
Guarantee Company of Baltimore
Maryland is hereby released
from further liability upon the
bond of Ex-Treasurer Goodrich
this 8th. day of January A. D.
An order was made that the
Clerk notify the retiring com
missioners Geo. C. Baldwin and
R. J. Gordon that their presence
are required at tne reoruary
meeting in order to approve the
minutes of the December meet-
ng 1906.
It was also ordered that the
County Clerk and District Attor
ney be authorized to repair and
furnish their respective offices.
Thereafter the meeting ad
journed until Monday the 4th.
day of February 1907.
The case of the State of
Nevada vs Benj Cowan charged
with assult and battery on the
person of Mrs Benj Cowan, came
up for hearing before Justice C
W. Garrison.
The state was represented by
District Attorney Chas Lee
Horsey and J. M. Breeze and the
defence appeared for himself.
After hearing the evidence the
jury composed ot nine oi tne
citizens of our town brought in a
verdict of '"not guilty."
Wood; Wood; Wood;
Who said wood. Everybody,
Tonopah is on the verge of a
fuel famine, only enough coal
and wood being in sight for a
few days,
Residents of Reno's tenderlion
district pay one-half of the misd
meanor fines collected in that
As soon as the lands on the
Pyramid Reservation are ready
for irrigation the whites can
settle them.
L. J. Whistler, a Goldfield
stock broker, left there last week
with a large amount of his client's
The Reno postoffice is swamp
ed with business. Five days
mail has accumlated and there
is no relief in sight.
A bill will be introduced in
the coming Legislature providing
for an Increase in Washoe county
officers' salaries.
A miner of Goldfield who ex
pressed uncomplimentary terms
about the Union, was run out of
camp last Saturday.
Goldfield will organize a chain
gang shortly and arrest every
loafer in town, and j put him on
the streets to work.
It is reported that a number
of Indians have died at the
Walker River Reservation within
the last week of pneumonia.
Twenty thousand head of cat
tle and forty thousand head of
sheep are being fed on the Big
Meadows, near Lovelock.
Since the complection of the
Las Vegas railroad to Rhyolite
over 100 cars of delayed freight
have been delivered there.
Austin is to have a new bank,
It will be called the National Bank
of Austin and v;iir start with a
capital of $25,000.
E. B. Clark, a former news
paper man of Fairview, has been
arrested at New Orleans on a
charge of forgery in that city.
George Slater, of Gardnerville,
was sentenced to thirty days in
jail at that place last Saturday
for insulting a young girl.
J. W. Freeman, who owned a
2,000 acre ranch on the Carson
River, near Fallon, died in Santa
Rosa, Cal., last week.
William Hurst, a fireman, was
instantly killed by the overturn
ing of a steam shovel at the
smelter site at Ely last Saturday.
After a run of seventy days
with dry washers the Sunnysic1 e
placer claim at Round Mountain,
Nye county, cleaned up $27,000.
Miners employed on the Inter
Mountain mine, near Winnemuc
ca, have quit work on account of
the non-payment of wages.
Forty cooks and waiters ar
rived in Tonopah Saturday night
from Denver to take the places
of the striking cooks and waiters
Though little has been said
lately of the Nevada-Utah, that
company is a very live one and
is making rapid progress by way
of retimbering and sinking shaft
No. 1 and No. 5. No. 5 is
now timbered to the depth of
1150 ft, and all possible haste
is being made to reach the lower
levels. A new hoist is on the
road and will be installed on ar
rival to take the place of the old
one which is too small to handle
the increased output at this
No. 1. is down about 800 ft.
with work steadily in progress.
The management of the Neva
da-Utah Co. is to be congratulat-
on the successes they have at
tained in their undertakings,
where the usual disadvantages
are considered for obtaining
material and supplies of all kinds
and even men to carry on work
has been a serious matter in
I 1 lutuc.
Governor Sparks Prepar
ing: Message to
Govenor Ssarks is preparing
his message to the legislature.
The goveroner will call the at
tention of the law-makers to the
mining laws, revenue laws, a re
districting of the State 'for ju
dicial purposes and a reappor
tionment of Senators and Assem
blymen, consistent with the
growth and prospeiity of the
various sections.
A number of matters pertain
ing to county and city govern
ments, salaries and local situa
tions w ill be recommended to the
legislature f or consideration.
It is said the coming session of
the legislature will, in many re
spects, be the most important
ever held In the State. The
members will have the op
portunity of making a record in
divually, for progress and for
the people. The time has ar
rived the conditions and general
situations are favorable and the
people expect good work. We
shall await results.
Farmers are homesteading
lands in the valley to the west
of Searchlight, Lincoln county.
There are locations for about
4,000 people.
Notice is hereby given that
the regular semiannual ex
amination of application of
applicants for Teacher's
Certificates in and for
Lincoln County, Nevada,
will be held in the town of
Pioche, in said County and
State, on the 14th, 15th, and
I6th day of January, , 1907.
Any person desirous of tak
ing such examination should
so notify the County Super
intendent off Schools before
9 o'clock on said 14th day of
January, 1907.
County Superintendent of
Notice is horeby given that I, Ceorge S. Brown.
TruBteo. admit by and through the Sheriff 0f
Lincoln County, Stite of Nvaili, will, at the front
door of the Court House at the Town of Pioche, in
the Covnty ot Lincoln, SHte of Nevada, on the
2,'ird day of February, A. D. If 7, at 1 o'clock P. M.
of naid day, sell at Public Auction to the biKhe.it
and best bidder or bidder, for cash, lawful money
of the I'nited States, all lots, blocks, shares or
parcels of land, not conreyed by patent ded, and
not being contested in the Ciurf, and which have
not been claimed as provided in Section 4 of An
Act approved February 20th, 1X09, Cuttings
Cwipi'ed Laws of Nevada, Sec. 312, said lands
beirf situate ;n the N. E. 1-4 and the S. K. 1-4 and
the E. 1-2 of the S. W. 1-4 of Sec. 22 in Tp. 1 N. of
R. 67 E.. M. D. B. & M. and within the Townsite
of Pioche, Lincoln Counl, Nevada, containing
400 acres, according to the official plat of survey
on file in the United States Land Ollico at Carson
City, Nevada, which said lands ofiered for sale are
described as follows, to wit:
Beginim at the N. E. Cor. of the N. E. 1-4 of
the S. E. 1-4 of Sec. 2!; thence W. 11-16 ft.: thence
S. 905-10 ft.; thence E. 80 ft thence S. 10 dcir. 18
min. W. 6-10 ft.: thence S. 49 deg. 61 min. 1-:. 1007
4-10 ft.; theme E, 2XS ft.; thence N. 1S20 ft, to tho
place rf begin -T.
A'ro begining at the S. E. Cir. of the S. E. 1-4
of the N. E, 1-4 of said Sec. ?'!; thence U74 1-10 ft.
W.; thence Sdeg. 05 min. E. 307 E-10 ft; thence E.
75 ft; thence N. 60 ft.; thence E. 2'1 ft.; thence
N. 352 ft.; thence N. 6r deg. E. Zki 9-10ft.: thence
F. 240 ft.; thence N. 430 ft; theate E. 3M ft:
thence S. on Section line l&t) ft, to place of
bea innipy.
Also begining at the N. E. Cor. of th. N. K.
1-4 of the N. E. 1-4 of said Sec. 21, running thence
W 8U3 ft.; thence S. 676 ft;thence S. mdex. 18 min
W. 378 5-10 ft; thence E 4E3 ft, thence N. 4) ft.:
thence E. 120 ft: thence N. 300 ft.; thence E. 168
ft: thence S. 166 ft; thence E. 480 ft; thence N.
l.,20ft to place of beginrsr, excepting from this
ar -a and excluding therefrom cemetery contain
ing 2.01 acres Ljund-d as follows: from Sec Cor.
9.0 ft due S. to N. F Cor. of c-neteiy; thence N.
68 deg. 30 mm. w. 210 ft ; thence S. 21 deg. 30 min
W. 450 ft ihences. 68 d 30 min. E. 210 feet
thence N.k41 dog CO n-'n. E. 4&) ft t j place of
begnn.r f.
A.ao bevn-ng at the N. W. Cor. of the N. W.
1-4 of the N. h. 1-4 of said Sec. 21. and running
thence K. it.; r wnce s. 705 ft.; thence S.
51 deg. f.6mir w. 373 6-10 ft: thence w. 300 ft
thence 5. 202 ft: thence E. 120 ft.; thence S. 180ft
thence W. 818 ft ; thence N. 1320 ft. to place of
beg 'nn r.
Albo ben nn-rgat the N. W. Cor. of the S. W
1-4 of the N. E. 1-4 ot said Sec. 22: running thence
S. 240 ft; thence S. 71 deg. 16 m il E. 476 2-10 ft
t.ience S. 45 deg. E. 286 3-10 ft: thence S. 64 deg.
27 m n E. 285 4-10 ft.; thence N. 75 deg. 68 min E
92 7-10 ft; thence N. 8 deg. 02 min w. 644 ft;
thence W. 810 It. to place of bjginn!ng.
A'so beginning at theS. W. Cor. of tho S. W. 1-4
of the N. fc. 1-4 of said Sbc S2, running thence E,
675 ft; thence N. 14 deg. 13 mm. W.. 154 5-10 ft
thence N. 20 deg. 19 min. W. 456 7-10 ft : thence N,
43 deg. 21 m! i W. 207 ft.; thence N. 75 deg. DO min
W. 178 ft; thenc eS. 14 deg. 20 min. W. 90 ft
thence N. 87 deg. 28 tr n. W. 114 3-10 ft: thence S.
ti3 ft to the place or beginning;.
Also ban ning at the N. w. Cor.'of the N. W. 1-4
of theS. E. 1-4 of said Sec. 22 and running thence
E. 675 ft: thence S. 13 deg. 21 mm. in. E. 390 ft
thence S. 27 deg. 06 mm. w. 674 ft; thence S,
a eg. oo mm. mr. no iw, uience in. -u deg. 25 min.
W. 97 ft.; thence S. 47 deg. 35. min. W.75 ft
thence S. 42 deg. 25min. E. 97 ft: thence S. 47 deg.
35 m!n. W. 308 ft; thence W. 82 5-10 ft; thence N.
1320 ft to place of beginning, and containing
the aggregate a net area of 144.31 acres.
District Judge and Trustee of the Townsite
Corp of Engineers at Work Be
tween Here and Caliente.
The Caliente Lode-Express
has the following news of
the Caliente and Pioche Rail
road. L. R. Lothrop, Division
Engineer of the Caliente &
Pioche, R. R. with his out
fit, consisting of an office-car,
diner, sleeper and comissary
cars, and a corps of eight
men, arrived last week and
engaged teams and saddle
horses from "Mayor" Culver
well. Monday morning the work
of driving stakes on the old
historic grade was com
menced. The grade is now
Fresh and salted Meats,
Wholesale and
General Merchandise.
Confectioneries, Patent Medicines,
Steel and Other Mining Supplies,
Wines, Liquor and Cigars.
31 1
IHI llll Ml III!-- IIII- . .till- II
Fine Toilet Soaps.
The Latest Novelties in Writing Paper.
f The Choicest of Candies.
Prescriptions Compounded Day and Night
Is just in receipt of
ESest of
One price to all.-
cross-sectioned as far as the
Liston ranch and Engineer
Lothrop is pushing the work
as rapidly as is in such
weather we are now ex
periencing. Large quantities of ties
and rails are now in the
material yard that the rail
road company have establish
ed here.
The contractors are now
gathering their construction
outfits together preparatory
for actual work which, we
are informed, will begin at
an early date, probably next
Game and Vgeibles.
Uatail Dea'.rs
hay. grain.
Gent's Furnishing- Goods, YP0WDEHCAP3
The Latest Perfumes.
A Fine Line of CiVnrs
II1I 1 till
Boots & Shoos.
i t
ft ;
u i

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