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boi, , I .
The Missouri legl... ', ,
ihe bill applying the el,.
to all trala dispatchers and teifciaph
operators who handle the running of
railroad trains.
Lottie Hawkins was stabbed to
death with a pair of shears at Mounds
ville, W. Ya., by Ada Cross, a notori
ous ccr.vlct. Roth women are federal
prisoners from the District of Colura
' Official information Is received by
the Venezuelan legation at Washing
ton, that President Castro has at last
submitted to an operation, as the re
sult of which his recovery seems as
sured. The patera and boiler shops at
Cramp ship yards, at Philadelphia, to
gether with four small dwellings ad
joining the plant, were destroyed by
fire last week. Several firemen were
The first elections to parliament un
der the new Transvaal constitution
will be held February 20, with every
prospect of the Boers obtaining a use
ful working majority in the house of
The motion to quash the indictment
against Congressman-elect Favrot,'
charged with murdering Dr. Metcalf,
has been sustained by Favrot's suc
cessor on the bench, Judge Brunot, at
Baton Rouge, La.
The supply warehouse of the Arl
lona Copper company at Clifton, Arts.,
caught fire from spontaneous combus
tion and the damage was heavy. The
contents were valued at $100,000, but
were not all burned.
While the minister of Justice, Dr. E.
E. Van Raalte, was standing In front
of his residence at The Hague, a lu
natic fired five shots at him with a
revolver, but missed him. The would
be assassin was arrested.
Senator Patterson has introduced a
bill providing for the acquisition of
railroads by the government. The bill
was ordered to lie on the table, and it
is expected the Colorado senator will
address the senate concerning it.
The safe of the Bank of Ellisvtlle
111., was cracked in the morning and
the entire contests, $3,000, were tak
en. There were five men in the gang.
B. W. Butler, who owns the bank,
gave chase, but the burglars got
away. (
Governor Frank llanley of Indiana,
at Indianapolis, on the 12th, unveiled
a memorial tablet to Abraham Lincoln.
The memorial is placed in a local ho
' tel, formerly known as the Bates
house, where Lincoln spoke in Feb
ruary, 1861.
A severe earthquake shock lasting
several seconds was felt at Alhama,
province of Murcia, Spain, on the 12th.
The coal mines at Bakmunt, Russia,
caught fire while the miners were at
work. Forty bodies have been taken
from the shaft
The people of Nicaragua demand
reparation from the government of
Honduras for the Invasion of their
territory by Honduras troops, and
have offered financial aid for a con
flict with Honduras. The whole coun
try Is excited.
George M. Morton and wife, regis
tering from New York, were found
dead in their room at the Tampa Bay
hotel, at Tampa, Bia., having commit
ted suicide. A note was found in the
room, saying they had killed them
selves by mutual consent
The senate has passed the army ap
propriation bill, carrying $81,600,000.
The amendment which permitted the
government to accept reduced rates on
army supplies and permitted officers
and enlisted men to accept reduced
transportation, were defeated.
The senate on the night of the 13th
broke all records by passing bills at
the rate of fifteen a minute for one
hour and six minutes 991 bills in all.
During the procedure Senator McCum
ber was the only senator on the floor.
Vice President Fairbanks presided. '
Pulajanes attacked and burned two
towns in the province of Occidental
Negros and killed six members of the
constabulary. Two American teach
ers, W. K. Bachelder and Walter J
Lee, are reported to be missing. No
cause is known for the sudden upris
ing. For the first time In many years,
snow fell upon the streets of Mexico
City on the 11th. The unusual condi
tions have caused suffering among the
poor, who habitually go about clad in
light garments and with bare feet The
government is providing food and shel
ter to hundreds.
Professor H. Russell Burner, M. D.,
founder and proprietor of a sanitarium
in Los Angeles, and widely known
throughout the east and on the Pa
cific coast, was found dead at his home
on East Fourth street from chloroform
poisoning. His death is believed to
tave been accidental.
i The Kansas senate has, by a vote
Of 24 to 13, adopted a resolution
airing representatives of the Kansas
City Btar from the floor or galleries
of the senate. The action was taken
because the Star printed articles com
menting upon the alleged pro-railroad
tendencies of the senate.
.TiV'phase of the French aeparation
law controversy, dealing with the
terms of leasing churches, which was
fn fair progress of being solved, bat
fit-ought about a breach In the French
rablnet, and It appears doubtful
whether the Clemeacetm ministry via
urvl tea cooing week.
I: m ttra.HK
e Goes Down and Fourteen
sons. Including Captain,
' arc Drowned.
The Vessel Which Escaped Serious In
jury Drifted Awav Without Offer
ing Assistance to the Occu
pants of ths 8teamer 8h
Had Sunk.
Cardiff. The British steamer Hell
opolls collided Saturday at midnight
with the British steamer Orlanda, out
ward bound from Penarth.
The Orlanda sank and fourteen per
cons. including her captain, were
The sight was clear, but there was a
gale blowing and a heavy sea running.
The Orlanda, which was coal-ladon tot
Spezzla, was struck between the en
gine room and the stoke bole and was
so badly damaged that she began Im
mediately to fill and heeled over, sink
Ing In half an hour.
The Heliopolls drifted away without
rendering any assistance.
The captain mustered all the Ori
anda's nineteen men on deck. Each
was given a life-belt and jumped into
the sea. Six of them reached a water
logged lifeboat, the only boat It was
possible to launch, the other having
been smashed at the time of the col
lision, and all of them, with the ex
ceptiou of one who died from exhaus
tlon, were rescued by a pilot boat,
after Buffering greatly from exposure,
The Heliopolls had been chartered
to convey 2,000 Spanish emigrants to
Honolulu. In a letter to Lloyd's Ship
ping Gazette the ship brokers said
they had arranged the charter in be
half of the American government, but
It was stated elsewhere that the Span-
lards had been engaged by Hawaiian
sugar interests to replace Japanese
laborers. The Heliopolls was at Bar
ry, Wales, Saturday and waB to pro
ceed thence to Malaga for the immi
grants. The Orlanda was built in 1879 at
Liverpool. She was of 1,500 tons dis
placement and belonged to tne ori
ental Steamship company of Liver
Rabbi Gives Reasons Why Women
Should Be Allowed to Vote.
Chicago. Rabbi Emil G. Hersch,
addressing an audience at a mass
meeting under the auspices of the Na
tional American Women's Suffrage as
sociation on Sunday, scored the ten
dency which he declined prevails, both
in this country and abroad, to make a
fetish of the soldiers and glorify
agents designed for the destruction of
human beings.
The military idea," he asserted,
"which among the earliest civilized na
tions caused ar gods and the war
riors to be so absorbingly worshipped
that female children, because of the
unfitness of the sex lor war Bervloe,
were destroyed at birth, is the reason
why today niau has not granted and
refuses to grant to woman the right
to vote in matters of public policy."
His conception of the Ideal govern
ment, he said, was one founded on
the home, in which the mother and
other women were endowed with the
right to a vote at the ballot box on all
questions pertaining to the govern
ment of that home and its children,
as well as on the larger questions.
Woman Charged With Killing Her
New York. Mrs. Ixittle Wallen,
wife ot Leopold Wallau, a wealthy im
porter of bronzes, was arraigned be
fore Coroner Acrltello Monday
charged with murder In the first de
gree in having caused the death of her
mother, Mrs. Ida Binge, by the use of
poison. She was hold without ball.
Mrs. Binge, a wealthy widow, who
lived with her daughter, died Febru
ary 6, three weeks after an operation
for cancer. An analysis of the con
tents of the woman s stomach showed
that she has been poisoned.
Japs Are Not Satisfied.
Tokio. No official step has yet been
taken looking to a settlement of tho
California situation in accordance with
the agreement reached between Presl
dent Roosevelt and the San Francisco
authorities, but should it be effected
on that hauls the government must be
prepared for violent attacks. The au
thorities are assuming a calm and
resolute attitude, however, and it is
believed that a settlement in this line
is not entirely hopeless, although It
may take some time.
Kansas- Getting Excited.
Topeka, Kan. A bill appropriating
,75,000 for the Alaska-Yukon-Paclflo
exposition will be Introduced In the
senate by the committee on ways and
means. The exposition is to be held
In Seattle In 1909, and the appropria
tion is to cover tho cost of a building
and making an exhibit for Kansas. W.
D. Webb, the special commissioner ot
the exposition company, has been
working enthusiasm up for the project
and getting the members of the house
and senate interested enough to vote
for tho project.
Corbett Die of Heart Failure.
San Francisco. Harry Corbett, the
well known sporting man, brother of
lames J. Corbett, former heavyweight
champion pugilist of tho world, and
ot Joe Corbett, the baeball pitcher,
died suddenly Saturday morning of an
attack ot heart failure, at hit home In
this city. Corbett arose at 7 a. m.
ind went to the bath room Shortly
afterward his young daughter was
awakened by the sound of running
water and went to the bathroom,
where she found her father lying on
the floor to an unconscious condition
Ths Administration Plan for the Set
tlement of the Japanese Problem
Panes the Senate.
Washington. The administratioa
plan to settle the California-Japanese
situation was approved In the senate
Saturday by the adoption of the sen
ate committee report on the immigra
tion bill. This report contains a pro
vision which authorizes the president
to exclude Japanese laborers from the
United States at his discretion.
The report will now go to the house
for its approval, which, it has been
stated, is assured.
The entire day was devoted to de
bate on the report The opposition
presented as an alternative plan a
resolution Instructing the conferee
to bring In a provision positively pro
hibiting the entrance of Japanese la
borers. It was declared not In order,
and, on motion of Mr. Lodge, an ap
peal from the ruling was defeated, 45
to 24, being practically a party vote.
The conference report was then adopt
ed without a roll call.
Awful Wreck In Which Twenty-two
Are Killed and Fifty Injured.
New York. Eighteen passenger
were killed outright, four others have
since died of their injuries, and at
least fifty more were more or less
seriously injured in the wreck of the
White Plains and Brewster express on
the Harlem division of the New York
Central & Hudson River railroad near
Woodlawn road, in the Bronx borough
of Greater New York, Saturday night
At Woodlawn road the four tracks
run through a rocky cut and take a
sharp curve. When the train reached
the curve it was running at a speed
estimated by some at sixty miles an
hour. Both motors and the smoking
car swung safely around the curve,
but the other cars left the rails and
plunging over on their sides with a
terrific crash, lore up the tracks for
a hundred yards before they collapsed.
Of those Instantly killed, by far the
greatest number were women. Many
were mangled beyond recognition.
Many of the injured were quickly ex
tricated from the wreckage, while
others were bo pinioned that they
could not be taken out for some time.
The cause of the wreck has not been
officially determined. At the Grand
Central station there is inclination to
blame the accident to spreading rails,
but later it was said that It was be
lieved that the axle of the first pas
senger coach broke.
8lt Lake Man Re-elected President
Tacoma Gets Next Convention.
Salt Lake City. With the election
of officers and the passing of resolu
tions the Western Retail Lumber
men's association concluded its con
vention at Armory hall Saturday after
noon. Some of the executive business
scheduled for Friday afternoon was
not completed, but was carried over
till Saturday and disposed ot at a
morning session.
George E. Merrill of Salt Lake was
re-elected president. The other of
ficers elected are: IT. D. Andrews,
Caldwell, vice president; F. K. Hob
bins. Rltzvllle, Wash.: W. P. Monson,
Preston, Ida.; D. R. Heebe. Provo, di
rectors for two years; J. M. Hunt,
Bozenian, Mont., and T. B. Baitlett,
Lewiston, Ida., directors for three
The convention of 1908 will be held
at Tacoma, Wash.
Senator Clark of Montana Criticises
the President.
Washington. In the senate on Sat
urday Senator William A. Clark made
a vigorous speech in support of Cul
berson's amendment to the Immigra
tion bill providing that the provisions
relative to Japanese Immigration reg
ulations be considered separately from
other features of the bill. He also
criticised the action of President
Roosevelt for his interference with lo
cal regulations of San Francisco in
dealing with Japanese attendance In
public schools.
After School Furniture Trust.
Chicago. Frederick A. Holbrook,
chairman of an association of manu
facturers which is alleged to consti
tute a trust In controlling prices of
school and church furniture, was ar
rested Saturday on a warrant from
the federal court on complaint of Har
ry B. Duncan, special agent of the de
partment of justice. Holbrook is ac
cused of conspiring with E. H. Staf
ford, president of the Stafford Manu
facturing company, of this city, to re
strain trade In violation of the Sher
man anti-trust law.
A Double Murder.
Trinidad, Colo. A double tragedy
was enacted Sunday evening when J.
Tafeya, a Mexican, shot and mortally
wounded Juan Grlege at Segundo, six
teen miles from here, and then rode
ten miles to wreak his vengeance on
another at Soprls, six miles west ot
this city, where he shot and killed an
American named Grlvery. The al
leged murderer at once gave himself
up and was taken to Trinidad. The
prisoner refuses to talk further than
to say that be was justified In both
Dog Savagely Attacks Woman.
Philadelphia. Savagely attacked by
a vicious bulldog which for hours had
been brooding about a beating it had
received, Mrs. Lena Smith, 38 years
old, tor twenty minutes was at the
mercy ot the beast, and but for the
arrival of her husband would have
probably been killed. Only wnen
beaten into insensibility and its jaws
pried epen with an Iron poker did the
dog release his hold upon bis helpless
victim Mm Smith is. In a critics!
Macerate It in Water and Bake Good,
Wholesome Bread The Pine
Keeps the Blood Pure and
The Body Healthy.
In Kamschatka the people live in
earth-covered pits. Mr. Kennan com
pares the sound of their language to
that of water running out of a narrow
mouth Jug. Their bread is made from
the Inner bark of the Pine Tree, mace
rated in water and baked without flour.
Tbey are a hardy race, the Pine keep
ing the blood pure and the various or
ranB of the body in a healthy condi
tion. Consumption is unknown among
A noted specialist in throat and lung
trouble, who established a camp for
consumptives In the Pine Woods of
Maine, and whose remarkable cures
there have attracted great attention
from the medical world, says that one
half ounce of the Pure Virgin Oil ot
Pine, mixed with two ounces of Gly
oerine and one-half pint of good Whis
ky and used in teaspoonful doses, will
heal and strengthen the lungs, break
up a cold In twenty-four' hours, and
cure any cough that la curable. The
Ingredients can be secured from any
prescription druggist at small cost
Inquiry at the prescription depart
ment of a leading local druggist elicit
ed the Information that the Pure Vir
gin Oil of Pine is put up only in half
ounce vials for dispensing. Each vial
is securely sealed In a round wooden
case, with engraved wrapper, showing
the name Virgin Oil of Pine (Pure)
guaranteed under the Food and Drug
act, June 30, 1906. Prepared onhj by
the Leach Chemical Co., Cincinnati, O.
plainly printed thereon. There are
many rank Imitations of Virgin OH
of Pine (Pure), which are being put
out under various names, such as Con
centrated Oil of Pine, Pine Balsam,'
etc. Never accept these as a substi
tute for the Pure Virgin Oil of Pine, as
they will Invariably produce nausea
and never effect the desired results.
Fire Record for Last Year, i
The fact that when a servant be
comes master a cruel foe is suddenly
developed is attested by the dreadful
havoc and loss of life occasioned by
Are In the United States within the
months covered by a summing up
of these losses for 1906. This record
shows that nearly 7,000 lives were
lost and more than $500,000,000 worth
of property was destroyed by Are dur
ing that period. In no other country
in the world is the fire loss, in bulk
or pro rata, anywhere near our own.
Last year, owing to the devastating
fire that followed the earthquake la
San Francisco, this loss was In great
excess of the average,' but the average
for some years past has been $200,-
000,000 a year.
Two Rules for Good Carriage.
It you are walking along the street
and wake up to the fact that you are
carrying yourself poorly take the men
tal attitude of standing straight, as
well as the physical one. Look at the
men you meet and imagine that each
of them owes you a dollar. Put even
suggestion of arrogance Into your
position. Hold your head well back;
look people squarely in the face. This
will not only give the impression to
others that you possess the power you
want, but it will actually tend to bring
that power. Keep the neck against
the collar. World's Work.
Insect Drunkards.
Insects have their own public
houses, and get intoxicated' Just like
human beings, was the charge made
by Prof. Bottomley in a lecture at the
University of London, South Kensing
ton. The leading public house in the
Insect world, according to Prof. Bot
tomley, Is the wild arum. It looks like
a large lily, and its big, dark shaft ex
tending upward is the sign that at
tracts the insects. They climb down
into the nectar pit beneath the flower's
bags ot pollen, and there the orgy
Teime and Tolde.
Mrs. Hooligan was suffering from
the common complaint ot having more
to do than there was time to do it in.
She looked up at the clock and then
slapped the iron she had lifted from
the stove back on the lid with a clat
ter. "Talk about tolme and tolde wait
in' fer no man." she muttered as she
hurried into the pantry; "there's
toimes they waits, an' toimes they
don'L Yishterday at this blessed min
It 'twas but tin o'clock, an' to-day It's
a quarther to twelve." Everybody's.
A Quaker Couple's Experience.
How many persons dread to eat theit
meals, although actually hungry near
ly all the time!
Nature never intended this should
be so, for we are given a thing called
appetite that should guide us as to
what the system needs at any time
and cau digest
But we get in a hurry, swallow our
food very much as we shovel coal Into
the furnace, and our sense ot appetite
becomes unnatural and perverted.
Then we eat the wrong kind of food
or eat too much, and there you are
Indigestion and Its accompanying
A Fhlla. lady said, the other day:
"My husband and I have been sick
and nervous for 15 or 20 years from
drinking coffee feverish, indigestion,
totally un3t, a good rart of the time,
for work or pleasure. We actually
dreaded to eat our meals.
"We tried doctors and patent medi
cines that counted up into hundreds ot
dollars, with little it any benefit.
"Accldentlly, a small package of
Postum came into my hands. I made
some according to directions, with sur
prising results. We both liked It and
have sot used any coffee since.
"The dull feeling after meals has
left us and we feel better every way.
We are so well satisfied with Postum
that we recommend it to our friends
who have bees made sick and nervous
and miserable by coffee.' Name given
by Postum Co., Battle Creek. Mich-
Read the mtle book. "The Road to
WelMJl." in pkgs. "There's a Rea-
Public Lands Committee Does Not
Agree With His Position on
Coal Lands Question.
Washington. A bill conforming in
4 measure to President Roosevelt's
recommendation for the leasing of coal
lands by the government rather than
for their sale was decided upon Friday
by the house committee on public
On Wednesday the committee re
ported a bill which was widely at vari
ance with the suggestions made in the
president's message on coal lands sent
to congress the same day. The com
mittee was unaware of the message
until after it had reported the bill, and
Representative Laeey, the chairman,
suggested a reconsideration.
The committee on Friday added a
leasing clause to the bill, but no
agreement could be reached on such a
general leasing plan as the president
desires. The bill as amended author
izes the president to lease any eoal
lands with a royalty of not more than
2 cents a ton and provides that the
lands may be withdrawn from entry
after they are leased, but not before.
The amount to be leased to any on
person is limited to 2560 acres.
President Roosevelt wanted all coal
land withdrawn from entry at once,
regardless of whether it be leased or
pot, but the general withdrawal 1.
strongly opposed by western members,,
who are not willing to have any more
land go into government reserves.
Russian Leader Tells Awful Tale
His People's Condition.
New York. Alexis Alladin, leader
of the Peasant party in Russia, ar
rived here Friday. Alladin said that
he would not be surprised If the new
douma is never organized.
"It is now too late to stay the prog
ress ot liberty in Russia," he said.
"The liberal sentiment Is so general
that it will come to the front In spite
of all the government opposition.
"The conditions in Russia have not
Improved during the last year. Thirty
mir'ons of people In Russia are 'oday
practically upon the point of starva
tion, and during March, April and May
It is likely that a million people will
die. It is my desire to appeal to tho
American people to help my distressed
country, but whatever money may fce
raised here, I don't want It to fall into
the hands ot the Russian government
officials. The American relief commit-
tees should have their own representa
tives In Russia to distribute the funds.
"It the Russian government does
not grant a constitutional form of gov
ernment, the greatest strike in the his
tory of the world will follow. It will
be a greater strike than that of 1900."
Saves His Passengers in Time
Panic, But is Himself Injured.
Silverton, Colo. Twenty passen
gers. Including one woman, in the
south-bound passenger train on the
Gladstone & Northern railroad, were
saved from injury and possibly death
Friday through the bravery and pres
ence of mind of Conductor Carl
Barnes. A mile from Silverton the
rear coach broke loose and began to
run buck down the steep grade. The
past .ngers, panic stricken, rushed In
a body for the platform, but Conduc
tor Barnes restrained them and assist
ed them, one by one, to Jump off the
rapidly moving car.
As Barnes was about to Jump the
car left the track and rolled down an
embankment. Barnes was badly
crushed about the hips and body.
Adams Jury Selected.
Wallace, Ida. A Jury for the trial of
Steve Adams, charged with the mur
der of Fred Tyler and implicated in
the murder of ex-Governor Steunen
berg, was completed Friday, as fol
lows: Geo. Wilson, mining man; A. R.
Leard, retired; Jacob Frank, miner;
George H. Curtis, employe of morning
paper; Harry Wilson mining man;
Pink Rogers, candyman; John Furst,
hotel proprietor; Peter Doyle, employe
Heola mines; Frank J. Riding, mer
chant; H. K. Ellers, dairyman; J. E.
Conner, retired; J. Vanderwerker,
Mrs. Bradley Charged With Murder.
Washington, D. C The grand jury
of the District of Columbia returned
an indictment on Friday against Anna
M. Bradley for murder In the first
degree for shooting ex-Senator Arthur
Brown, ot Salt Lake, at the Raleigh
hotel, December 8, last. Mrs. Bradley
was directed held by the coroner's
Jury at the inquest immediately fol
lowing the death of Brown. She has
since been in the district jail, held
without ball to await the grand jury's
Jute Trust is Blamed.
Philadelphia. Counsel for the Jas.
P. Dunlap Carpet company, which
operates large mills in this city, an
nounced Friday that the company is
temporarily embarrassed, it was stat
ed that In round figures the liabili
ties are $600,000. 'The reasons of the
embarrassment are said to be the
failure of tentative subscribers to the
company's stock to pay tor it, and the
fact that James Dunlap, the presi
dent of the company, had "run up
against the jute trust"
Ties Woman to Wall, Then Robs the
San Francisco, Cal, An unknown
man forced his way into the bouse
of Mrs. Mildred Coteau, 1532A Sanchez
street, Friday afternoon in the ab
sence of her husband, tied her hands
and test, drove a spike into a wall of
the bath room and tied her to the
spike, tie then proceeded to rob the
nouse, securing about iiz. Mrs
Cpreau remained tecured until her
bfotneMa-lav returned at 4 o'clock
aod hearing ber c;1h ritd hsr.
Account of the Arctic Trps
That Have Been Made.
Beginning with the American d s
overies of John Cabot In 1497. tie
aearch for the northwest passage was
for many years the object of rival ex
peditions from Denmark, England.
France and Portugal, says A. W.
4Jreely. in the Century. It was Frobish
er, however, who In 1576-78 first gava
a distinct national character to the
quest. John Davis of Davis' strait
followed In three voyages. 1585 88. and
then, in 1612, came the illustrious and
hapless Henry Hudson, whose mottc
was that explorers should "achieve
what they had undertaken or else give
reasons wherefore it will not be."
The search for the Atlantic sid
closed for two centuries with the voy
age of a great seaman, William Baf
fia, who. in a tiny boat of 65 tons, with
miserable equipment, but an un
daaoted heart, attained, in 1616, th
highest north in the western hemis
phere, 77 degrees 45 minutes N., and
discovered three radiating sounds
Jones, Smith and Lancaster, the lasl
being the eastern entrance to the long
sought passage.
Rash Covered Face and Feet Would
Cry Until Tired Out Speedy
Cure by Cuticura.
"My baby was about nine months
old when she had rash on her face
and feet. Her feet seemed to irritate
her most, especially nights. They
would cause her to be broken In her
rest, and sometimes she would cry
until she was tired out. I had always
used Cuticura Soap myself, and had
heard of so many cures by the Cuti
cura Remedies that I thought I would
ive them a trial. The improvement
was noticeable in a few hours, and
before I had used one box of the Cu
ticura Ointment her feet were well
and have never troubled her since. I
also used It to remove what Is known
.as "cradle cap" from her head, and
it worked like a charm, as it
cleansed and healed the scalp at the
.same time. Now I keep Cuticura
Ointment on hand in case of any
little rash or insect bites, as It takes
-out the Inflammation at once. Per
haps this may bo the means of help
ing other suffering babies. Mrs. Hat
tie Currier, Thomaston, Me., June 9,
Queen of Holland Has Agreed to Rec
ognize Vatican Tltlee.
Among the lucrative sources of rev
enue of the pope before the separa
tion of church and state in France was
the toll or tax on titles of nobility
and decorations. Since the rupture
J the French government no longer rec-,
ogntzes the ennobling titles and dec
orations of the holy father. To have
the right to wear the Vatican ribbon,
or to be called count, it was necessary
to obtain a confirmation of title. This
gave much perplexity to the candi
dates. The question has Jusl been settled.
Queen Wilhelmina has consented to
validate such titles and distinctions.
The result has been an amusing pil
grimage to The Hague and also in
an Increase In the price of these pon
tifical favors.
In the last few weeks the French
Knights of the Golden Spur, of ths
Holy Sepulcher, of Christ, of Gregory
the Great, ot Plus IX have greatly In
Sufferers Should Make This Up and
Try It Anyway.
Any one can mix right at home the
best remedy of its kind known. The
name "Cyclone" given to the fol
lowing prescription. It is supposed, be
cause ot its promptness in driving
from the blood and system every ves
tige of catarrhal poison, relieving this
foul and dread disease, no matter
where located. To prepare the mix
ture: Get from any good pharmacy
one half-ounce Fluid Extract Dande
lion, one ounce Compound Kargon and
three ounces Compound Syrup Sarsa
partlla. Shake well and use In tea
spoonful doses after each meal and at
This Is a harmless, inexpensive mix
ture, which has a peculiar action upon
the eliminatlve tissues of the Kidneys,
assisting them to filter and strain
from the blood and system all ca
tarrhal poisons, which, it not eradi
cated, are aDsomea oy tne mucous
membrane, and an open sore or ca
tarrh is the result.
Prepare some and try It as it Is the
prescription of an eminent catarrh
specialist of national reputation.
The Way You Look at It.
"Gaze upon that pure, beautiful eve
ning star, and swear to be true while
Its light shall shine! Swear, my love
bwear by Venus!" exclaimed a youth
in impassioned accents.
"How stupid you are!" answered the
Glrton girl. "That Is not Venus. The
right ascension of Venus this manth
is 15 hours, 9 minutes; her declination
Is 17 degrees, 25 minutes south, and
ber diameter 1b 10.2 seconds." Ex
A Mortifying Answer.
Richard, aged seven years, in com
pany with his parents, was visiting a
friend. At the dinner table he was
asked to have some cake. He hesi
"Say, quickly, Richard! Will you
have some cake?" said his mother,
Imagine ber chagrin when Richard
replied: "It it's the kind we have at
home, I don't want any."
How's This?
We offer Oaa Hundred riu.a t. . .
r. J. chiset a co., toimo. o.
ww vDoamgnM, bav known r. j, CbBi.
oraoia la all butlneu traaucUoai and anuria'!
abla to earn out w hit.... ,7 'J
- j " ii j u i oris,
WilDlKw. tllliliM.in.
w aoiauie uroRr u, Tslado. O.
1 r)rn....
Taka Hall'i family r im lur aonittpattoa.
American Hens Die! Well.
The last census year 1900 showed
the production ot eggs la the United
States to U3.!.433 lozea. .
A suburb of Salt Lake City where
hr meam railroads runs .y an th
Harriman Klwtrlr Kran. hia tbrawek
the town. nly 30 minutes HUe to the
center of Suit Lake i:ity.
TES MI I.I JO lol.l.AR are now be
ing epenl-d in works i U-- ..irneld
nielte.a which will rive employment
to thousands of people who ."" ?
kawa, and as EaM CiarfUld is the onlj
town In easy walking" distance the lot
are rapidly hein sold. Ten busm.se
houses now flonrisliinir and more com
tna Present prii es will advance aooax
o buy bow while ihey are t-fceap. tii
of lot's iSx!21 f !. comers 3.. feet
Vricet 140 to $ each. I ernis. one
fourth cash. balance In six equal
.-nonthly payments. Liberal discount
for cash. .
For maps and other information ad
dress at once.
Bast-R-Ooklidje Investment Co.
Hooper Bide Salt l ake r. I
Reference, Walker Bros. Bank
We are able to announce that our
Watch Repairing Department has
been enlarged sufficiently te
PfOWfJL take care of all
I l iv ewn u
Ninety-Nine Year Leases.
Ninety-nine year leases are said to
have had their origin in England. In
Queen Elizabeth's time a law was
made prohibiting property owners
from renting their ground or buildings
for a longer period than 100 years,
and thereafter the 99 year lease be
came popular. At one time there was
a statute In the Illinois code by which
the length of a lease was limited, but
this later was declared unconstitu
tional. The Youthful Mind.
Among the answers to questions at
a recent school examination appeared
the following: "Gross ignorance Is
144 times as bad as Just ordinary
Ignorance." "Anchorite is an old
fashioned hermit sort of a fellow who
has anchored hlsself to one place."
"The liver is an infernal organ."
"Vacuum is nothing with the air
sucked out of it put up in a pickle
bottle it is very hard to get."
Somewhat Grewsome Humor.
A well-known city officer in Auld
Reekie was celebrated for his cun
ning and wit. His mother having died
In Edinburgh, he hired a hearse and
carried her to the family burying
place in the Highlands. He returned
with the hearse full of smuggled
whisky, and being teased about it by
friend, he said: "Oh, man, there is
no harm done! I only took way the
body and brought back the spirit."
Keep Moving.
The heavens themselves run contin
ually round; the world is never still;
the sun travels to the east and to the
west; the moon is ever changing in its
course; the stars and planets have
their constant motions; the air we
breathe Is continually agitated by the
wind, and the waters never cease to
ebb and flow doubtless for the pur
pose of their observation and to teach
us that we should ever be in action.
Smelling for a Living.
A new occupation has been devel
oped In London and already Is being
successfully worked, says Popular
Mechanics. The requirement is a
sensitive sense ot smell, and a little
practice makes the detector quite pro
ficient He Inspects the gas pipes
and fixtures ot a building and charges
IS cents for each leak he discovers.
Some of the men earn $15 a week.
The Changes of Time.
The physical characteristics of the
English are altering rapidly says a
writer. The tall, graceful woman with
the finely shaped head, well chiseled
nose, kindly eyes, sweet smile, small
feet and hands, and light tread Is
almost extinct; she is being replaced
ny big made women, with a firm chin,
hard-looking, and taking long, decls
ive strides.
Prosy Talk After Dinner.
From New York comes a wall of
agony. It is the despairing cry of the
bored diner; the man who goes to a
banquet and has his entire evening
spoiled by the stupid speeches which
top off the feast. He even threatens
to forego this feeling; a terrible threat
for a metropoltte and an index of the
greatness of the evil and Us accom
panying torture.
Suicide Among Negroes.
The number of negroes committing
suicide is increasing rapidly each year,
ut before emancipation such thing
as a negro killing himself was almost
unheard of. Now they occur with
great frequency.
"Poodles and the Man."
At a tea party the conversation
turned first upon the poodles and then
upon men. and one of the ladles asked
deaf old Aunt Thekla. apropos of the
last subject, which she preferred, fair
or dark. "O." said the old lady, think
ing they were still on the poodles, "I
like them quite black; they don't get
dirty so soon."
The World's Habit ot Ill-Uaing.
Though my complaint of the world
is new. Us habit of tll-uslng is very
ancient. Columbus While in Chains.
No Good In Whining.
Whining Is a poor investment for a
yonng man to make. It never pays
dividends. The person who sits back
and complains because things aren't
different makes little progress. The
man who makes the best and the most
of his surroundings and keeps his fea
ture cheery Is the one who Is the most
likely to move up and to get ahead.
A Dally Thought,
ought to ctll In reason, like a

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