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Dr. Williams' Pink Pills a Specific
For Anaemia and a Safe Family
" When tie tody becomes run down,
either ss a result of overwork, worry
or a severe illness, an examination of
the blood would show it to be weak
and watery. This condition is called
anaemic, which is the medical term
for "bloodless." The common symp
toms are pak-ness of the Hps, gams
and cheeks, shortness of breath and
palpitation of the heart after the
slightest exertion, dull eyes and loss
of appetite.
Mr. Louis I- Clark, a painter, of 19
Lincoln Place. Plainfield. N. J., says:
"Last May I was obliged to undergo
an operation for appendi citis and
while the operation in itself was suc
cessful. I did not recover my strength
and health. I wag confined to my bed
for over a month and was under the
doctor's care. When I was able to
get up my less were fo weak and un
steady that I could only walk with a
cane with difficulty.
"I was gpttinc no better and could
not think of going back to work. I
was discouraged, when a neighbor
told me that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
bad cured her and advised me to try
them. I began taking them about the
middle of June and soon felt, so much
better that I kept on and was cured.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have cur
ed rheumatism, chlorosis, after effects
of the srtp and fevers, and, as the
health ofihe nerves depends upon the
purity of the blond, they are Invalu
able "in neuralgia, nervous debility,
sleeplessness, dizziness and even lo
comotor ataxia and paralysis.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by
all druggists or sent, postpaid, on re
ceipt of price, 50 cents per box. six
boxes 2.50. hy the Dr. Williams Med
icine Co., Schenectady, N. Y.
Important Part in Building
Where Wood Is Scarce.
11 & ' II
First in War, First In Peace and First in the Hearts of His Countrymen.
In the srarsely settled districts of
the arid southwest, where gasoline is
the mainstay as fuel in cooking, and
where wood is scarce and dear, the
empty five-gallon can in which the
liquid is sold has come to have a con
siderable vogue as a building material.
The sides cut out with a can opener
make capital plates either for a tin
roof or for weather boarding for the
side of a house. Three or four cans
with tops and bottoms cut out and set
one on top of another make a chim
ney. Filled through the nozzle with sand
or dirt, the cans become effective sub
stitutes for blocks of stone accurately
squared, and substantial walls are not
Infrequently built of them. On a
pigeon ranch visited by the writer, the
dovecotes consisted of tier upon tier
of gasoline cans laid on their sides,
the top of each being cut out three
fourths around and bent horizontally
forward to serve as a front porch, on
wbich the pigeons alighted in their
flights to and from home.
With the top cut out the can also
does Bervlce as a pot for large plants;
while, furnished with a wooden cross
piece as a handle, it Is a first-class
water bucket, as the gasoline, unlike
petroleum, leaves no greasy trace be
hind on the tin. Exchange.
Indian Reaches Advanced Age.
Columbus Cunnitubby, a full-blooded
Choctaw, probably is the oldest
Indian in the United States. He is be
lieved to have passed his one hundred
and fourteenth year. Other aged men
of his tribe declare that in their child
hood days he was a grand specimen of
the redskin race. Kven now his mind
Is clear, but he is so feeble that he can
not talk more than two or three min
utes at a time. He has 23 children
and 109 grandchildren.
60 years ago Allcock's Plasters were
first introduced to the public. They are
to-day the world's standard plasters.
This invention has been one of the
greatest blessings imaginable and af
fords the quickest, cheapest and best
means ever discovered for healing
and relief of certain ailments.
Allcock's are the original and gen
uine porous plasters and are sold by
Druggists all over the world.
Clothes do not make the man. but
they have the first crack at making
Mmpressions of the man.
To be a greet man it is necessary
to turn to account all opportunities.
Garfiolil Tea insure n normal uution of
the liver. ovprt'oiiiPK rnntia,liin, and
keeps the btuoil.pure. Drink before retir
What we are stretches past what we
An. hevond what we possess. Drum
PAZO OINTMKNT 1 guaranteed to cam an caia
of Itch ntc. Blind. HleertiiiK or Protruding Pile in
to 1 aayn or money reiuuaea. wo.
Flattery Is like friendship In show
but not in fruit. Socratea.
Mr. Window's Sootlllnar Hrrnn.
For children teethfog, Softool the. a-urns, reduces ta
ll animation, aiiayi pain, cures wind oouu. 23c a bottle.
Some men blame their wives very
time it rains.
The Old-Monk-Cure will
straighten out a contracted
muscle in a Jiffy.
Don't play possum with palm
but 'tends strictly to business.
Price 2V in 4 fJOe
THE; QPTOXj Of jgg
Read the Experience of a Minnesota
Woman and Take Heart.
If your back aches, an I yon feel
sick, languid, weak and miserable day
after day don't
worry. Doan's Kid
ney Pills have cared
thousands of women !
in the same condition.
Mrs. A. Heiman of
Stillwater. Minn.,
says: "But for Doan's
Kidney Pills I would
not be living now.
They cured me in
199 and I've been
well since. I used to have such pain
In my back that once I fainted. The
kidney secretions were much disor
dered, and I was so far gone that I
was thought to be Ht death's door.
Since Doan's Kidney rills cured me I
feel as if I had been pulled back from
the tomb."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
The "Thunderer."
Judge Rentoul's reference en the
bench to the Times as the "Thunder
er" reminds us how remarkably this
nickname has persisted. The Morar
lng Post is no longer "Jeames;" the
Standard has not been "Mrs. Gamp'
since the decease of the Morning Her
aldthe "Mrs. Harris" to whom it
would allude as an Independent au
thority, and the two represented the
same proprietor. But the Times is still
the "Thunderer." It owes that name
to Captain Edward Sterling, who is
said to have begun a Times article
with the words: "We thundered forth
the other day an article on the subject
of social and political reform." Lon
don Chronicle.
Money refunded for ra-h ptckaaw
factory. Ask your drugirwt.,
It Isn't always the people who Jolly
yon most that are your best friends.
Take Garfield Tea. the mild Herb lax
ative, 'to purity the blood, eradicate dis
cs.', and maintain Good Health.
A good housekeeper keep her ket
tles and her temper from bollln; over.
JaMa . " .
Tkat L.4XAT1VB) HlliilM Ouiim. Similarly
name rented es eomettnxM deceive. The HrM acd
on nl oKl uo.e' ia a WUI'i'l Pa K4i.lt witk
b.a'k and red lenertna. and sears Uka amaatore oX
B.W.UKO1S. fea.
Prickly thistles have their nset
without doubt, but that doesn't Justi
fy you in becoming one.
In a Pinch, Use ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE.
A powder. It cures painful, smart
Ing, nervous feet and ingrowing nails.
It s the greatest comfort discovery of
the age. Makes new shoes easy. A
certain cure for sweating feet. Sold
by all DnigRists, 26c. Accept no sub
stitute. Trial package, FREE. Ad
dress A. S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
A young man always sneer at the
love affairs of widower.
sssssistfl " 1 ,L ,.
DoKt Suffer
&11 n.Qht lonS from toothache.
neurMsiix or rheumatism.
"kills the pain quiets the
nerves Mid induces sleep
At ca.ll defers. Price 25c 50c bH00
Dr EolH S.SIoojv, Bostot,Mk.ss.U.SA.
N our near approach to the
anniversary of Washing
ton's birthday It behooves
us all to be very grateful
to God and the revolution
ary fathers for the nation
which they gave to us.
Away with the man who
does not love his country.
It has Its faults.
It Is no better than the
best man who lives In it,
and the best man who
lives in It is separated by a long dis
tance from the angels of heaven. The
writings and orations that would put
us beyond criticism expioae against
some very hard facts and let out upon
the air a great deal of silliness. Our
politics are not so absolutely pure that
a seraph's wing could graze them
without contamination. Our ideals of
greatness and glory are closer to the
ground than they ought to be.
Our reverence for the sacredness of
law that should be as firmly fixed, in
our national conscience as Pike's Peak
is firmly fixed in the soil of Colorado,
is not beyond the cavil and complaint
of those who study the foundations of
our institutions.
But of one thing we are persuaded,
and that is that the virtues of our
country over-balance its faults,
There are more angels than devils
among us.
The devils are making the most
noise, but the angels are doing the
most work. The man who believes
that righteousness is losing Its grip
upon this nation Is a woefully mis
taken man. I heard a speaker the
other day who proclaimed that we-are
falling from bad to worse and from
worse to worst.
We do not believe him.
We believe that we are rising from
good to better, and from better to best
One of the chief roots of our patriot
ism is gratitude, the realization of an
Immense debt to those who battled
about the cradle of our national ex
istence and won our freedom and in
dependence at the . points of their
Here we are because the men of '76
put us here.
Here we stay because the spirit of
'76 has kept us here.
Stormy Atlantic, mild Pacific, sleep
ing lakes, waving forests, tree-crowded
mountains, gold mine and silver
mine, storms out of whoso tempest
driven hearts have fluttered the white
feathered birds of peace, fiery bap
tisms through whose flames have
crept forth the evangels, gave ever
lasting covenant. When we think of
these things, when we stand upon the
mount of -vision, and the splendor of
our country breaks upon our eyes,
when the song of the reapers comes
up to us, when we hear the hum
of industry thrilling along the ground,
when we see the gleaming rivers
curving and winding like silver
threads through vast gardens, what
account of ourselves shall we give to
ourselves if we take not the cup of
praise and thanksgiving in our hands
and pour it out to the heroes whose
patience, faith and courage ushered
in the dawn of our splendid prosper
ity? They were .fighting for the future,
for the country that was coming. So
are we fighting for the future for the
country that is coming. As we look
Into the faces of our little children we
cannot feel that for us. the battle ie
ended. We have won a country for
ourselves. But we must win a country
for them.
And love or country and love of
children run together with the ambi
tion to win a better country for tbem.
Home and patriotism are linked to
gether. The children will help to
make the nation. But the nation will
help to make those children.
That little dimpled cheek will not
allow you to take off your uniform for
a single day.
You must build his home. You
must fight for his inheritance. You
must, Pt Tow life into the moving and
marching forces of righteousness that
are trying to win victories for him.
The next generation will live in the
country which this generation Is mat
builders. Every time we cast a bal
lot for an unclean office-seeker we are
committing an outrage upon the fu
ture, i
Patriotism can never be selfish. It
can never be bound uu and rooed
round In its own pleasures and com
It can never stand still, . looking
It can never content itself with
making a noise.
In Washington's farewell address
we see the prayers of a great soul
embracing a nation's posterity. The
pen that wrote the emancipation
proclamation was tracing on the paper
a heart's desire for a long procession
of centuries.
And out of this love of country and
this guardianship of our children 'will
come the patriotism of service.
The Roman soldier cried out "it Is
beautiful to die for one's country."
Our country does not want anybody to
die for It now, but it does want all the
multitudes of its people to live for It.
to do their big best or their little best
to serve Its highest and noblest in
tents, and pass it along to the future
cleansed, purified, sweet to the heart
and sound to the core.
The revelations regarding fraudu
lent paint materials which have been
made by the Agricultural Experiment
Station of FarK", N. V., and published
by Prof. K. V. Ladd, state commis
sioner, have occasioned almost as
much of a sensation as the exposure
of adulteration in food products did
when the latter first began to appear.
It has been shown that kegs marked
'Pure White Lead" often contain other
substances such as chalk, barytes,
Silica, etc., and that oil supposed to
be linseed often contains petroleum
adulterants, to say nothing of water
In large proportions, fometlmes, so
called "White Leads" contain not an
lota of genuine White Lead.
The farmer Is a large user of paint.
No one is more interested than he is,
that the label should enable him to
get what he supposes he is paying for.
There should be a law In every state
requiring that all paint packages be
labeled exactly according to their con
tents. That would enable every paint
buyer to buy intelligently.
Sensitiveness of Deer.
How sensitive deer are in the mat
ter of food was proved once again
during the hearing of a case at Felt
ham, England, where three men were
charged with sleeping in a deer pen
in Bushey park. A keeper said they
had pulled down from the racks about
ten shillings' worth of hay, which the
deer would not afterward touch be
cause It had been lain upon. In fact,
the deer would not go near the pens,
as the men had slept there.
ooiaier ana statesman, rarest unison:
High-poised example of great duties
Simply as breathing, a world's honors
As life's indifferent gifts to all
Dumb for himself, unless It were to
But for his barefoot soldiers eloquent,
Tramping the snow to coral where
they trod,
Held by his awe in hollow-eyed con
ivioaest, yet nrm as nature s self; un-
Save by the men his nobler temper
Not honored then or now because he
The popular voice, but that he still
Broad-minded, nigner-souiea, there is
but one
Who was all this, and ours, and all
men's, Washington.
James Russell Lowell,
Clover 4 Grass Seeds.
Everybody loves lots and lota of Clover
Grasses fur hogs, cows, sheep and swine.
We are known as the liinreHt iirowers of
Grasses, Clovers, Oats, Hurley, Corn, Po
tatoes and Farm Seeds in America. Oper
ate over 5,000 acres.
Our mammoth 148-paie catalog: is mailed
free to all intending buyers; or send
8c is stami-s
and receive sample of "perfect balance ra
tion grass seed," together with Fodder
Plants, Clover, etc., etc., and big Plant
and Seed Catalog free.
John A. iSalzer Seed Co.. Box W. La
Crosse, Wis.
Phonograph Advertisement
An enterprising German has patent
ed a device for fitting phonographs to
doors. As the customer enters the
door of a shop, a voice will call out:
"Flour Is cheaper to-day," "New con
signment of special quality mince
meat just received; try some," and
similar Invitations.
. . e. . jb . a J
uie ot tne important uuues 01 Fnysicmns ana f ti
tne weu-iniormea 01 tne yvona
is ttj learn as to the relative standing and reliability of tha leading manufactur-,
ers of medicinal agents, as the most eminent physicians are the most careful a3 to
the uniform quality and perfect purity of remedies prescribed by them, and it is well
known to physicians and the" Well-Informed generally that the California Fig Syrup
Co., by reason of its correct methods and perfect equipment and the ethical character of
its product has attained to the high standing in scientific and commercial circles which
is accorded to successful and reliable houses only, and, therefore, that the name of the
Company has become a guarantee of the excellence of its remedy.
appeal to the Well-Informed in every walk of life and are essential to permanent suc
cess and creditable standing, therefore we wish to call the attention of all who would
enjoy good health, with its blessings, to the fact that it involves the question of right
living with all the term implies. With proper knowledge of what is best each- hour
of recreation, of enjoyment, of contemplation and of effort may be made to contribute
to that end and the use of medicines dispensed with generally to great advantage, but
as in many instances a simple, wholesome remedy may be invaluable if taken at the
proper time, the California Fig Syrup Co. feels that it is alike important to present
truthfully the subject and to supply the one perfect laxative remedy which has won
the appoval of physicians and the world-wide acceptance of the rell-Informed because
of the excellence of the combination, known to all, and the original method of manufac
ture, which is known to the California Fig Syrup Co. only.
This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under the name of
Syrup of Figs and has attained to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of
family laxatives, and as its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well
known to physicians and the Well-informed of the world to be the best of natural
laxatives, we have adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna as more fully descriptive of the remedy, but doubtless it will always be
called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs and to get its beneficial effects" always
note, when purchasing, the full name of the Company California Fig Syrup Co.
plainly printed on the front of every package, whether you simply call for Syrup of
Figs or by the full name Syrup of Figs and. Elixir of Senna as Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. and the same heretofore known by the name Syrup of Figs which has given
satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading druggists throughout
the United States in original packages of one size only, the regular price of which
is fifty cents per bottle.
Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the
Secretary of Agriculture, at Washington, D. C, that the remedy is not adulterated or
misbranded within the meaning of the Food and Drugs Act, June 30th, 1906..
:alifornia fig syrup co.
Louisville, Ky,
San Francisco, Cal.
- US. A.
London, England.
New York. N. Y.
Positively cored by
these Jjttlie ruis.
They also relieve Dis
tress from Dyspepsia, In
digestion and Too Hearty
Eating. A perfect rem
edy for Dizziness, Ksnsea,
Drowsiness, Bad Taste
la the Month, Coated
Tongue, Pain In the Side.
regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
Interesting Experience He Had
When a Small Boy.
As a small boy, George Washington
was tond of following his father on
his daily tour of inspection over his
estate. In fact, so great an Interest
did the boy manifest in the tilling of
the soil that his father determined
the tendency should be fostered. With
this object in view, Mr. Washington
appeared bright and early one morn
ing with a bag full ot a mysterious
something. George's curiosity was at
once aroused, but his father insisted
upon his accompanying hiin.
Armed with trowels, they went mer
rily away. The mystery proved to be
a bag of seed.
Mra. Washington took his cane and
began making letters In the soil, in
structing George to sprinkle the seed
along the lines marked out. When
the work was completed, the pair re
turned home.
Every morning George went to the
place to see how things progressed.
At last his patience was rewarded by
seeing one' little blade, then another,
appear, until one day the boy, all
excitement, ran in to his father, cry
ing: "It spells me! The flowers have
come up 'George Washington!' "
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully erery bottle of CASTORIA,
a aafe and ore remedy for Infanta and children,
and ee that it
Bear the
la Uae For Over 30 Tears.
The Kind Too Earo Always Boufot.
Decision ot character will often give
to an unfair mind command over a
superior. W. Wirt
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simila Signature
PFATiFPQ ' this paper d
ULfilUlVnO siring to buy any
MM"" thing adrertised in
its columns should insist upon having
what thy ask for. refusing all substi
tutes or imitations.
DUO I II TPG Ask your dealer for
AaaUllL I O a thorn. Writs (or out
new illustrati'd catalogue free.
Bswtaiaioima , arr. x
t. J. I. iauaal I Sua. Mimumu, Mua.
If afflicted
Mi syea, una
'"i I TanntMns'i Twa Wntaa
73 W. Adams Stmt, CBICAOO
Morf ha WacMndfftn aT-
UlUa IIIU II UdailalgbVH
Ppectmen prices; Gold. Bilker, Lead, II; Uoid, 811
r.75c; ituUi.Stir; Z" nc or Copper.fi. Cyanide test.
Mailing envelop and full price Hit ent on applica
tion. CnniToi ard Umpire work solicited. Lead
Villa. Colo. Hferooe. CarOoaaia National Baoa
W. N. 17., Salt Lake City, No. 8, 1907.
t tLgWMMi I am . .!.. 4...I juauaa.ni
Washington's Wealth.
Whether Washington can be put
into the envied category of million
aires no one can assert positively.
According to the late Paul Leicester
Ford whose work, "The True George
Washington," has received wide
recognition, "the father of his coun
try" was worth $530,000. This fortune
did not Include his wife's property, but
nevertheless it made him one of the j
wealthiest Americans of his time.
Her part of the Custis property
equaled "15,500 acres of land, a good
part ot It adjoining the city of WIF
Is acknowledged to be the most suc
cessful remedy In the country for
those painful ailments peculiar to
For more than 30 years it has
been curing Female Complaints,
such as Inflammation, and Ulcera
tion, Falling and Displacements,
and consequent bpinal Weakness,
Backache, and is peculiarly adapted
to the Change of Life.
Kecords show that it has cured
more cases of Female Ills than any other one remedy known.
Lydia E. Pinkhara's Vegetable Compound dissolves and expels
Tumors at an early stage of development. Dragging Sensations causing
pain, weight, and headache are relieved and permanently cured by its use.
It corrects Irregularities or Tainful Functions, Weakness of the
Stomach. Indigestion, Bloating, Nervous Prostration. Headache, Gene
ral Debility; also. Dizziness. Faintness Extreme Lassitude. "Don't car
and wanttobeleft alone" feeling, Irritability, Nervousness, Sleeplessness,
Flatulency, Melancholia or the "Blues." these are sure indications of
female weakness or some organic derangement.
For Kidney Complaints of either sex Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound is a most excellent remedy.
Mrs. Pinkham's Standing Invitation to Women
Women suffering from any form of female weakness are invited to
write Mrs Pinkham, Lynn, Mass. for advice. She is the Mrs. Plnkham
who has been advising sick women free of charge for more than twenty
years, and be fore that she assisted her mother-in-law Lvdia E. Pinkham
in advisinsr. Thus tht is well qualified to gnide sick woaiea back to
cenrn. Her Mi is tree sna al-ravs helpful
Cemlarf Shoes
are made lor genuine comfort. It
. V? ' Jlll ill I pleature and relief to wear them.
There ire n feutions to buitoa or uces
to lace. You just slip them an and
oS at will.
The elastic at the sides expsads and
contracts with the natural motion of the
. losurlns perfect east an csmiori. Can
be worn sll Ttar round.
Three styles, low, medium and high. Your dealer will
supply you. If not, write to us. Look for the name and
trade-mark oa the sole.
We also make the popular "Western Lady" shoes.
EDPP tend the name of a dealer who iae ac4 hsndl,
l 1 lLw Martha Washington" shoes and
Livf wc will send vou tree, postpaid, a beautiful
t Dicturt of Martha Washington, sue lixM
F. Mayer Boot ft Shoe Co
MllWSBkM, Wit.
A substitute for and superior to mustard or any other plaster, and will not
blister tho most dslicats skin. Tha pain-allaying and curative qualities of
the srticlo are wonderful. It will stop tha toothache at once, and relieve
Headache and Sciatica. We recommend it as ths best and safest external
counter-irritant known, also as an external remedy for pains In ths chest
and stomach and all Rheumatic, Neuralgic and Gouty complaints. A trial
will prove what we claim for It. and it will be found to be Invaluable in the
household and for children. Once used no family will be without It. Many
people say "it is the best of all your preparations." Accept no preparation
of vaseline unless the same carries our label, ss otherwise It is not genuine.
L for it. An kch. OEiO Ot US IS PW- oi w wjvib;ui u. ci'., i . ; W-ifTirs',- ... -. tKtMJ.
. - ...v. . v n rr- -i-n i t r mi - -- -- - - r'itM1adMiiK.''.kLJr jamB-atRM Lmmm..-' ff -i -t ' -'"'--'
fOMkum.' ", ' : 'witasMt ...... slew
rtsisw' v -it, t .

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