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Pioche Weekly Km I OUR RKe pkotsct.on.
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SATURDAY. MAK. 9, 1907
Record Publishing Co.
Wm. E. Orr and Eutrwn Goodrich, Les.
The Board of County Commis-
S ubsrription. Or. Year, by Mail
Six Months, by Mail
Advertiainir rate furnished upon applua
lion at tht onV.
Entered at the Pustoffiee
Pioche, Nevada, as second
class matter.
To Our Patrons
Both Present and Future!
carnagv.s and out-door lam is
i were lighted each night, but
with the quiet conditions of the
town they were neglected and
for some time past no effort has
i been made to resume this great
! need. In the absence of electric
With this issue of the paper, I lights there are two good methods
the new management takes 'for accomplishing this end; to
active charge, and in doing so, equip each house with a first
we in a rneasuiv feel the weight class gas system, or. as business
We need immediately a per
manent organization of the fire
department in Pioche, and on
lines similar to those recently
proDosed by the Chamber of Com-
merce. can a meeting, organize 0;,.r, i,., n, u
iwiici.i met vu .uuuuujr luaitn
propeny ana mane every enort4th ( present Jas A Nesbitt,
to insure the property holders of ( Chairman. W. E. Hawkins and
every protection that can beGeo. T. Banovich, members,
:gained;ata fire everything de-jChas Lee Horsey, District At
; pends uon the good order of the ; torney and Wm E 0rr Clerk
tire apparatus anu eacn man j The minutes of the
; knowing what work he is ex
i pected to Uo. , without :irw coriwtinn
! It has long been recognized as The rep,irts 0f the various
a crying need that an out-door county officers were read and ap-
, light should be placed at each j proved an,l salary and general
fire house; for a great number of county claims allowed as per
jcaia uic M Hie IHe i i-umsfpr fit c hinrw
The bill of J. W. Wedge et al.
for services as judges and clerks
of election, was ordered returned
to be made in itemized form
staling thereon the names of
each clerk and each judge and
the amount claimed for each.
A petition from the residents
of Caliente township was receiv
ed asking the appointment of W.
I) Mavnatvl n Tlo-.iltVi HAW f
of the responsibility which we houses in th immediate vicinity .said precinct; said petition was
assume. And at the outset we of each hose house have gas ! denied for the reason that the
want to assure you, that it shall ; systems, arrangements might be j board had no authority to make
be our most earnest endeavor; made with these parties at a such appointment,
and that we shall spare no effort nominal cost to operate the lights i a i.Miii.m urn wwi f-..,.
10 present to tlie reading public j needed.
the facts about this growing and j Now, as to the water mains, an
promising district; that the ; entire column could be written in
columns of this paper shall al- i the discussion of the best way to
ways be open to the boosting of j insure perfect supply of water at
the magnificent and extensive the time most needed, and this
resources of this district. And question should be deeply con
why should we not? Can anyone ' sidered by each and every
successfully contradict the asser-1 property owner of the town;
tion that with the development restore the service to what it
of our mineral resources, made was in former days.
possible with the advent of the
r:i i . a i .
luuirouu wmcn we may ee i ....:.... tu.. .. ,
- I illl IIIW H I 1 If II 1 I II lal u I' lMiur
there was recorded at the olfice
the County Recorder, one
hundred and seventy six mining
notices, seventy eight deeds and
other instruments of which space
at this time will not permit
County Assessor, .1. F. Koeder
is having a very serious wrestle
iiritU I I,, 1 . '11 1.
"hii t utruuiuumii, iiuu w ill lull . , ,.
be able to attend to his dutiea A,f !JI0J waJ ei.yeAvtnm
for another week at least, mean- i 1 f 'P,oche. TVvn"
whil. C, IV fWi l,;aA,w!sllll) askln for the appointment
.-v.hv.hu t r iii n xui.. . r
vi u. vj. iiccii.y aa vjunsLauie ui
9 thp renairinir nf fVo lona
r- I ' --. VI HIV 1H..V
S leading from Panaca to Bullion-
ville. It was ordered that the
further sum of one hundred and
fifty dollars be allowed for said
The bond of J. C. Armstrong
as Constable of Good Snrinrs
Township, was re-submitted in
correct form and duly -approved
by the board.
An application of Ralph Bailey I
for an engineer's license was ?
a i "'
J. H. Erf an
rebruary ,
meeting were read and approved ae, .VVT maf tnat sa,,d aP"
ptiv.cfcl.iwii taiU UVCI ill VI utrl IU
i i lie rini. fi i ji
ii w.'.xa: il
I 1. I l I. l It I I
l ami l
I c i t; A K s
Hill and Hill Bourbon
H.-ad4iu.rtera tor Mining Men,
Courtcr.ut. Treatment.
near luture,
whose name e
certain of in the
that Old Pioche.
has been echoed throughout the
entire country, will come into its
own and rank among the great
est mining cities of the west.
And the problem may confront
the skeptical as to how this is to
be accomplished, whose solution
lies in these few words if proper
ly carried out "GET TOGETHER
AND BOOST", forget trivial
differences, for any personal
differences must be trivial, when
the greater area to which our
attention can be turned is taken
into consideration.
BOOST, in this simple word
we express the policy of this
paper, keeping in mind the fact
however, that all our statements
shall be in behalf of legitimate
concerns and with proper founda
tion in fact. Working for the
advancement of no class, faction
or individual, but on the contrary,
the greatest good to the greatest
We start this issue with all
four pages home print and firmly
believe that at present, (and we
cannot but hope for the future;)
that we will be able to more than
fill our columns with news of our
Town and County. Thus we
have briefly outlined our policy,
and extend a cordial invitation
to all, to lend whatever assistance
they may be able in order that it
may at least, be carried out in
New Opera House for
While in Salt Lake City on a
recent visit, Mr. F. P. Thompson
of the firm of A. S. Thompson
Co., succeeded in interesting
some theatrical people in the
proposition of the reconstruction
of Thompson's Hall at this place
into a first class ball room and
theater. The building has been
sold and a company formed.
The papers for the incorporation
of the company will be filed
shortly. The Capital Stock will
be $5,000.00 and all stock will be
taken at par as soon as issued.
A car of Oregon fir timber is in
transit for the reconstruction of
the building. The flooring has
been ordered from the east and
will be a tongued and grooved
Sugar Maple the same as used in
the pavillion at Saltair at Salt
noonng can be seen at A. S.
Thompson's Co's., store.
Arrangements will be-made to
place Caliente, Las Vegas and
Pioche on the vaudeville circuit.
the residents of Las Vegas town
ship, asking the appointment of
Dr. Roy W. Martin as County
Physician; said petition was laid
oVvV in order to give adequate
notice that such an appointment
would be made at the March
meeting, and that the Clerk
publish a notice to that effect.
The petition received from the
residents of Meadow Valley
Wash, presented at the February
meeting asking for permission
to change the course for the
County road near the Carson
ranch, was taken up for recom
mendation and allowed in accord
ance with the prayer contained
therein, and it was further order
that the Clerk "notify the Road
Supervisor of Caliente and
Meadow Valley Road Districts of
i such order.
Clara Peaslee
Dorothy Price
Louise Frank
Caddie Cook
Elsie Price
Frank Varner
Dan Vincint
Percentage of
deputy, is busy with the annual
preparation of assessment blanks
and other important matters of
the office.
At the frontdoor at the Court
house, Tuesday at 12 o'clock,
Sherilf Smith sold to Jas. A.
Nesbitt, a group of claims of the
Manhattan Minin.rCo., to satisfy
a debt for supplies furnished to
the above mamed company;
the highest bid being $1,700.00.
This property will no doubt be
redeemed, as it is one of great
The tax on the net proceeds
of the mines in Lincoln County
as reported to the Assessor is as
follows: The Lloyd, Cook and
Christian lease on the Bristol
Copper Co. property, paid a tax
of $247.74. The E. & F. Mg.
Co., report no net proceeds for
the past quarter. The Quartette
of Searchlight have paid $344.90
for the past quarter. The Bam-berger-DeLamar
Company report
their quarterly business at a loss
of $50.2!).r).0!). No official report
has been returne d by the Potosi
Company and the liw regarding
arbitrary assessment on net pro
ceeds may have to be applied.
said Township. It was ordered
by the board that such appoint
ment be made, upon the said J.
C. Healy filing a bond in the sum
of one thousand dollars. There
after the said J. C. Healy pre
sented a bond in the required sum
and said bond was duly approved
by the board.
It was ordered that the sum of
$122.02 be transferred from the
General County fund to the
Caliente Road Fund.
The resignation of E. D. Turn
er as Justice of the Peace of
Delamar Township was received
and accepted by the board.
A petition was received from
the residents of Delamar Town
ship asking the appointment of
H. W. Turner as Justice of the
Peace of said Township, and it
was ordered by the board that
such appointment be made upon
his filing a good and sufficient
bond in the required sum of one
thousand dollars.
A petition was received from
the residents of Caliente Town
ship asking the appointment of
J. Alphin as Road Supervisor
Caliente Road District. It was
ordered that said appointment be
allow said applicant to furnish
reference of former employment
in such capacity; and it was
further ordered that in future
references shall accompany all
It was ordered that the Sheriff
be empowered to purchase two
double and two single deck cots
for use in the County Jail.
In accordance with advertise
ments caused to be made by the
board, calling for bids for the
job printing and advertising, to
be submitted at this date, bids
were received from the Las
Vegas Age, Caliente Lode-Express
and the Pioche Weekly
Record. After a consideration
of the bids submitted for the Job
v..:,-. . i . i
a uiuer as maue Mi j H1
giving ne contract to the Las Lizzie Goodrich
vegas Age, ic being considered
by the board to be the lowest
and best bidder. Upon motion
duly made, seconded and carried
it was ordered that the contract
for the county advertising be
given to the Las Vegas Age, J.
A. Nesbitt and W. E. Hawkins
voting in favor of the Age bid
and Geo. T. Banovich votintr
against the same, he deeming
the bid submitted by the Caliente
Lode-Express the lowest and
best bid.
A petition was presented by
E. H. Darling and W. F. Scheffel
asking for a franchise to, operate
and maintain a Telephone system
in Lincoln County. No action
was taken for the reason that
the board decided that it had no
authority to act in the premises.
At this time an adjournment
was taken until Tuesday to finish
the business of the month.
Tuesday the following business
was transacted.
The Board proceeded to fix the
County Tax rate for the year
1907 as follows:
State Rate, (unknown): Gen
eral County fund. 25 cents!
Contingent Fund, 10 cents; In
digent Fund, 10 cents; General
County School Fund, 45 cents;
Interest Fund, 45 cents; Current
Expense Fund, 10 cents; Jury
Fund, 15 cents; General County
Rate, exclusive of State Rate,
$1.60; Delamar Town Fund, 15
cents; Pioche Fire Fund, 30 cents;
Caliente School Interest Fund,
75 cents.
The Board ordered that the
Clerk advertise for bids, to be
submitted at the April meeting
of the Board for the construction
of a bridge over the wash cross
ing the County Road at Caliente
Nevada, said wash being situat
ed near the Hot Springs on the
Northerly side of Caliente. Said
bids must be accompained by
one or more plans or specifica
tions as to the construction of
said Bridge, and the successful
of bidder will be required to furnish
a substantial guarantee that said
bridge will be so constructed as
j J. G. Brown j
I Forfeiture
ll ll
There has been filed with
; County Clerk, Wm E. Orr. the!petition
iioiiowing suits in the Fourth I a M:.i
Judicial Distric Court, of a civil the ,.esidents 0f Overton Town
nature: E. M. Beattievs. FmmuLu:.. . ., . ,
l""f'i n nLkVilic.Ild.L Ul
School Report.
Report of Pioche Primary
School for month ending March
1st. Number of pupils enrolled
Frances Bennett Flovd Campbell
Vera Griffiths Floyd Hodges
Ondus Jordon Willie Jordon
Miriam Lloyd Mildred Locke
Jas. F'rice Herman Middleton
Mamie Orr Isabel Nesbitt '
Robert Succetti Marion Vincint
Gladys Roeder Walter Garrison
Thomas Wheatley Lena Welland
Mamie Price Zelpha Middleton
Ralph Olinghouse Mildred Roeder
Mrs Geo. O. Sawyer, Teacher
Grammar Department
Walter Vincint
Ralph Goodrich
Rose Succetti
Lena Frank
Louise Succetti
Grant Hodges
Mattie Orr
Ella Hulse
Chester Cook
Attendance 97
Salt Lake City. Utah. Jan 16. 1)7.
To C. A. Short: H. R. Elliott. Administrator of
the Estate f C W. Elliott or other
You are hereby notified that 1 have expended
durin the year l!a. $100 in labor and improve
ments upon the Siiowrtake No. V lud- aiining claim
(otherwise known as Comstock No, THotle mining
claim I in Eagle Valley Mining District Lincoln Co.
State of Neva.la. and lyinir partly in Stateline
Mining District Iron Co. Utah, the location certifi
cate of which is recorded in Book O lare 4D0 and
41 in the orti.-e of tha Recorder of Lincoln Co.
I have al.-o expended during the year 19wi, Jloo
in labor and improvements upon the Snowrlake
No. 12 lode mining claim (otherwise known as
Comstock No. 1 load mining claim) in Eat vie Valley
Mining District Lincoln Co. Nevada, the location
?ertihrate of which is recorded in Book O page
4!M and l'.'.r in the oHice of rhe Recorder of Lincoln
Co. Nevada.
Said lalor arid improvements being done and
made in order to hold said claims under the
provisions of section t4 of the revised statutes
of the United States and the amendments there to
concerning annual labor upon mining claims being
the amount required to hold said lode mining
claims for the peri.id ending December 31st A. 1,
And if within ninety days front the personal
service of this notice, or within ninety days after
the publication thereof in accordance with said
section you fail or refuse to contribute your
portion of of such expenditure as co-owners, your
interests iu suiil claims will become the property
of the subscriber, your co-owner who has made
the expenditure required by the terms of said
section "j:t"J4. Your share of said fciOU is supposed
toletwo thirds the amount for each claim or
$;.';i for ea.-h claim divided equally between you
R M. JOHNSON. Co-owner.
Salt IjikeCity. Utah
Respectfully Submitted
Miss Adelaide Callahan
From the Searchlight
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that at any time
within thirty days from the date of the first
publication of this notice, bids will be received for
the construction of a bridffe over the Wash crorts
inir the Countv Road at Caliente. Nevada. Said
crossing beinK situate near the Hot Springa on
. j the Northerly side of Caliente and on the
One 01 the mOSt important and j County Road leading into Spring Street of aaid
significant deals in mining pro-
perty in the inner ZOne Of Search- i l miu.rl to furnish a substantial Kuarante
. . j 1 1 ' that the bridge constructed will withstand the
WaS practically Consummated the erect of the elements and will remain in place for
fore part Of this Week . All Of : a leri0, "f at lra"t Rve years from the completion
the principals are mum aS Oysters. " AuVidsmust 1 accompained by one or more
bald Statement, of ffHts wVllVh ,,lana and specifications for said construction
made in accordance with the to Wlthstand the flood waters
prayer contained in said mrougn said wash.
K. Beattie, divorce; Leon L. L.
French of Searchlight, attorney
for plaintiff. Edith Sears vs.
Milton Sears, divorce; Wm R.
Thomas of Las Vegas, attorney
for plaintiff. Martha I. Temple
ton vs. Robt. II. Templeton,
divorce; Dan V. Noland of Las
Vegas, attorney for plaintiff.
Ina Dobbins vs. James Dobbins.
A. L. F. Mac Dermott as Justice
of the Peace of said Township,
also the appointment of Crayton
Johnson as Constable of said
Township. An order was made
by the board that said appoint
ments be made and that the
parties so appointed furnish a
good and sufficient bond in the
sum of one thousand dollars.
a: Tl... XI V, . . "I1C tHUvlOdll
u ' J ' , eeZi 0t noche The " eh was then pre-
anilicjr lot piUiriLlIT. V. U. em,tU.l unci nnlv nnemmo W fk
- . - v ..v uvJ Wl'J'I VH-M lllv
It was ordered that it be noted
McNamee, administrator of the
Estate of R. C. Lund, deceased
vs. R. M. Johnson, an action to
recover certain interests from
the defendent in the Snowflake
group of mines, located in Eagle
Valley Mining District,. F. A.
Hyde vs. Lincoln County Lumber5
in the minutes of the proceedings
of the board, that Eugeue Good
rich has been required to furnish
a bond in the sum of $5,000.00
as Deputy Treasurer to the
principal, Ed. VV. Clark, and
It was also ordered that the
Clerk on behalf of the Board
request James Ryan of Meadow
Valley Wash, to make a careful
inspection of the County Road
running through said wash and
report to said Board his findings
as to the most economical and
permanent manner of repairing
same and putting it into good
Thereafter upon motion made,
seconded and carried the meet
ing was adjourned until Monday
April first 1907, at 10 o'clock
A. M.
to recover $75,000.00 damages ed and approved by
for cutting timber from the lands I nrincinal.
ui. me piainuns; w. tt. Tnomas
of Las Vegas, attorney for the
Mr. E. R. PhilliDS aoueared
before the board and asked for a
further appropriation to complete
the saidjl
La c u t
are now the common knowledge
of this community, and which
suffice to whet public inter
est to extreme tension, onlv. are
presented at this time. Two
weeks ago, in this paper, the
strike was announced at the Red
Cliffe mine, two and one-half
miles northeast of the center of
the town. Early this week L. A.
Scowden, mininer exDert. conclud
ed a thorough examination of the
property and preliminary papers
were drawn up relative to the
transfer of the same to himself
and immediately following that
the Ked Cliffe owners. Smith
and Jarvis, rested from their
Two shifts are now making
rapid progress at the Bamberger
Wheatley mine, east of town.
All effort is now being concentrat
ed on the sinking of the vertical
shaft, down 100 feet, without
special attention to the ore body
which, however, continues to fill
the bottom. The assay office at
the mine makes occasional assays
and all sustain the previous high
reputation of the property. One
of the most recent returned $154
in gold to the ton. No test be
ing made for silver.
Word has been received that
President Bamberger, of Salt
Lake City, expects to visit the
property again in the course of
the next ten days.
Travelers arriving from Front
on the Santa Fe road, now near
ing completion to this point,
state that the rail laying gang is
now fully half way here, which
means barely six miles of track
yet to lay. .; The best and largest
force yet employed is now work
ing and all conditions are favor
able so that the terminus should
be reached in about two weeks'
time. After today, it was an
nounced, an extra train would
be put on to carry only material
and other supplies to the end of
the line which will greatly
facilitate the work.
Is the popular Calente
Said contract will be let to the lowest responsible
bidder. The Board of County Commissioners re
serves the ris-ht to reject any and all bids sub
mitted. Address all bids to the Clerk of the Board of
County Commissioners, Pioche. Nevada.
Wm. E. ORR
Clerk of the Board.
Date of first publication. Friday March 8. 1D07.
El Principe de Calei
La Preferencia
La Garnita
Postolfice Building
Sweet's Candies Always Fresh
John M. Breeze
Mitiinir and Corporation I-aw
a Speciulty.
Chas. Lee Horsey
' i ii . Ii c
Dan v. Noland
1-uh VeifaH Nevada
General Practice
Notary Public
Local Attorney S. P.
L. A. S. L.-R. R. Co.
Dr. H. F. Buttner
Oentiptt and Optician
Permanently located at Pioche, Nevada
Office at the
Drug Store.
Office Hours 9 to Vi
ft. m.. 1 to 5 p. m.
Meals and Service
iwei goods m
Single Meals , - 50c
Three Meal Tickets $1.00
ng Hi -Laundry
White Shirts 25c Collars 6c
Soft Shirts 15
Lower Main Street

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