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f start the New Year
I Off Riffht
Bert Cameron
With Frightful Accident
Engineer Employed
Pioche Mine Narrowly Escapes In
stant Death Maimed and Bleeding
the Untortunate Man Displays Won
derful Nerve His Recovery Now
Regarded As Certain. v;
Bert Cameron, an engineer
employed at the California-Pioche
mine, met with a frightful ac
cident on Thursday last while in
the act of applying lubricants to
the machinery under his charge.
In some inexplicable manner,
his clothing became caught in
the cogs of the drive wheel and,
in an instant, was drawn into
the very jaws of death. By
makingjone heroic struggle, Cam
eron managed to extricate him
self, but not until after his right
hand had been literally ground
to pieces, an ear nearly torn off,
besides sustaining a bad fracture
of the skull and being otherwise
cut and bruised about the neck
and body.
Although terribly maimed, and
with blood flowing from his own
veins in perfect torrents, the
wounded man had the pres
ence of mind to shut off the
spark which supplied the engine
with energy. He was alone r.t
the time, SuperintendentWheat
ly and several miners being en
gaged at a point 275 feet down
the shaft where a station is be
ing cut preparatory to drifting.
To let them know what had
For Pioche X-Ray
The Pioche X-Ray company
will shortly equip its properties
in the Highland district with a
compressor plant. General Man
ager J. W. Taylor has been in
Salt Lake this week and placed
an order with one of the ma
chinery houses there. With
power facilities at hand much
more rapid progress will be
made in the work of driving the
tunnel ahead and which is ex
pected to open the resources of
the mine at 1200 feet depth.
This tunnel has something like
400 feet more to go go before
the vein is opened. While the
shaft contains a fine showing of
ore at a depth of 165 feet, the
ground is so situated that the
driving of the tunnel is the most
economical means of developing
the property as it will encounter
the vein at a depth of approxi
mately ISOOjeet
Pembroke In Zion
Superintendent Earl Pembroke
of the Boston-Pioche, who ar
rived yesterday for a short visit
in the city, says the Salt Lake
Herald, states that never since
the old bonanza days has Pioche
been as active as at the present
time. During the present fall
and winter many additional
properties have been opened up
and the findings of ore has been
continuous throughout the dis
trict Outside capital i3 coming
in steadily and the producers of
the old camp are making prepar
ations to increase their shipments
as soon as the weather will per
mit. Mr. Pembroke states that
the coming summer will see an
activity in Pioche which will
rival the days of the camps
former greatness.
Yesterday was Christmas and
the employes of the Record got
ioaded-with turkey.
at the California-
happened, Cameron
wonderful courage
by drag-
ging himself across
the en-
gine room and out into the snow
to the collar of the shaft where
he called to the men below to
come to the surface, that he had
been hurt and was about to die.
Superintendent Wheatly and
his men responded promptly and
soon put in a call for medical
assistance. Dr. Stockham came
to the relief and ordered the pa
tient removed to the Duckworth
hospital where an operation was
found to be neccessary, where
upon the injured arm was am
putated between the elbow and
Information received from the
hospital today indicates that the
condition of the sick man is
very satisfactory and that hiu
recovery is regarded as certain.
Camersofi has been in the em
ploy of the California-Pioche
company for about six months
and lived here with his family,
consisting of a wife and child.
He is held in the highest esteem
by officials of the company who
have given instructions that
everything possible be done for
his comfort.
Masonic Installation.
The installation of the newly
elected officers of St. John Lodge
No. 18 F & A. M., is scheduled
to occur in the Masonic hall on
Sunday evening, the 27th. The
new officials are: Worshipful
Master, F. P. Thompson; Senior
Warden, Dr. W. W. Stockham;
Junior Warden, C. L. Alquist;
Senior Deacon, C. A. Thompson,
Junior Deacon, Joseph Neal;
Treasurer, E. Kohn; Secretary,
J. D. Campbell.
Millionaire and Railroad King.
Who is at the head of the
Western Pacific Railroad which
is now being built across northern
Nevada. Regular train service
between Salt Lake and Wells is
to be inaugurated in a few days.
Robert N. Bell, state mine in
spector of Idaho, is expected to
arrive in Pioche in the near fu
ture to make a thorough examin
ation of the mineral conditions in
this region.
William C. Alexander of Salt Lake
Who Is to Have Charge of the
Property Is Expected to Arrive
In Camp Tomorrow.
Represents A Strong Syndicate Which Will Do Much
lowardsthe Building
Another strong syndicate has
become interested in Pioche
mines. According to advices re
ceived a few days ago from Salt
Lake, the Milwaukee group in the
Highland district has been bond
ed to William C. Alexander and
his Indiana associates. Mr. Al
exander is expected to reach
camp tomorrow night with the
view of inaugurating a vigor
ous campaign of development.
The Milwaukee property is an
attractive proposition, and is re-
ga rded by men posted on condi
tions in that region as a sure
winner. This was the impres
sion gained by W. H. Webber,
of the Nevada Hills Mining
company, while in camp several
weeks ago, who made an effort
at that time to get a con
trolling interest in the propo
sition. Failing in this, the mat-
Majestic Smelter
to 3e Operated
The rejuvenation of the old
Majestic smelter at Milford,
Utah, now seems assured. En
gineers on the staff of F. Augus
tus Heinze are now on the ground
and the statement comes from
one of them, William A. Kidney
of Butte, that in all probability
the plant will be ready for oper
ation about the middle of Febru
ary. While Mr. Heinze had in mind
a means ot taking care ot the
contracts previously secured from
the Silver King Coalition and
several other mines in Utah
when he secured his five-year
ease on the Majestic plant it is
sa;d to be his intention to reach
out for ore from southern Nevada
mining camps. Naturally, this
will be good news to the pro
ducers of this district, as it will
afford a market about two hun
dred miles nearer than at pres
ent. The Majestic plant is equipped
with one copper furnace and a
ead stack, but if it is to handle
the output of the Silver King,
Ohio Copper and Daly Judge
mines, together with a large ton
nage from elsewhere, it is to be
assumed that the installation of
more equipment is among the
things planned for the near fu
ture. The Christmas News.
The Christmas Deseret News
has been issued and this year's
number is equally as good, if not
better, than any previous effort
One entire page is devoted to
Pioche with illustrations. The
mining camps of Utah are cov
ered elaborately, but Pioche is
the only Nevada district given
space in this excellent number.
United In Wedlock
Judge Connell omcicated at
the marriage of two well known
Piocheites during tie week, the
contracting partierf being Wil
liam Post and Mra Mary Lynch.
Mining Location Notices for
sale at the Record office.
Up Of A Greater Pioche.
was dropped, but bought
other properties instead.
It is claimed that the Mendha
fissure cuts through the Milwau
kee ground, and it is just possi
ble that it will develop into a
mine as big as the Mendha itself.
The amount of money involved
in the transaction has not been
Mr. Alexander has been en
gaged in mining in Utah for a
number of years, with his ener
gies centered mostly in the Stock
ton district. He has some strong
connections, and when they take
hold of a tuing they mean busi
ness. His coming will be for the
good of this camp. He will
be a good booster for Pioche.
The deal was engineered
through Joseph S. Free, who,
with J. B. Wheeler, held a con
trolling interest in the stock of
the Milwaukee company.
Pioche King
Ts Organized
On Wednesday of this week,in
Salt Lake, John A. Kirby and
associates completed the organ
ization of the Pioche King Min
ing company, the basis being the
group of claims acquired some
time ago and lying adjacent to
the Prince Consolidated mine on
the north, cast and west.
The Pioche King company is
capitalized for 1,000,000 shares
of the par value of $1 each, 300
000 shares of which are reserved
for the treasury. The officers
are: John A. Kirby, president;
Joseph S. Free, vice president;
John T. Hodson, secretary and
tresaurer; who, with N. A.
Robertson and George N. Law
rence complete the board of di
rectors. It is expected that this com
pany will shortly install heavy
mine equipment and begin an
active development campaign.
The work done in the Prince and
Golden Prince mine has demon
strated to a certainly where the
ore bodies are located and when
work is begun it will be of per
manent character.
At the Point Mine.
The Metals Exploration com
pany, which recently took over
the Point mine of the Pioche
Nevada Consolidated Mining
company, has completed several
new mine buildings, which in
cludes a boarding house, bunk
house and office, the contractors
having completed their work
early in the week. Superintend
ent Thomas J. Hooper has a
force of men engaged in drifting
two ways on the 65-foot level,
the object of which is to defi
nitely locate the vein, which ap
pears to have faulted on the
level stated. This fact was ob
served by Manager Frank B.
Cook when he was to here inaug
urate the development campaign,
several weeks ago and then in
structed Superintendent Thomas
J. Harper to carry out a certain
line of work before locating the
permanent working snait ana
installing power equipment
M,.r D 11.1 !?
"cvy i cucuiei nssure
Struck In the Mendha
Manager John R. Cook Comfirms Ru
mor Heard About New Development
-He Regards It Very Important
DiscoveryMeans Much For Future
of MineRegular Shipments of Ore
Going to Smelters of Utah.
The Mendha mine in the High
land district is one of the big
bonanzas of this country, and if
developments continue to be as
favorable in the future as they
have been during the past few
months, it is likely to become
one of the largest producing
mines in Nevada.
An important strike was made
in this property recently, and
while a rumor to that effect has
been heard on the streets for
some days, a confirmation was
not obtained from Manager John
R. Cook until today.
When querried on the subject
Mr. Cook said: "Yes, it is true.
We have made another strike in
the Mendha mine, and it certain
ly looks fine to me. We have en
countered another fissure paral
Thomarson Buys
Arizona Group
The Highland district is at
tracting a great deal of atten
tion from local as well aa outside
minhnjl'men. Edwara Thomar
son, manager of the Ely Valley
mine this week closed a deal for
the purchase of the Arizona
group of four claims lying adja
cent to the Mendha mine, the
vendors being J. B. Wheeler and
W. J. Hardin.
Mr. Thomarson, when seen to
day would not name the consic -aration
involved in the transac
tion, but stated it was his inten
tion to get the property under
active development in the very
near future. The property is an
attractive one, and will undoubt
edly develop into a good mine.
Rand Returns Home.
Harry Rand of Portland, Ore
gon, has returned home after
ooking over his interests in Pi
oche aid vicinity. While here he
made further investments by se
curing a controlling interest in
the Desert Prince mine, which i3
situated about three-quarters of
a mile due east of the Pri nee
Mr. Rand was one of the prin
cipal figures in the promotion of
the California-Pioche company,
and later, the Oregon-Pioche,
which has recently been equipped
with a 40-horse power boiler and
steam drill. He has great faith
in the future of the Pioche dis
trict, and has already done a
great deal towards the advance
ment of its interests.
Prince Consolidated Ore.
The teams hauling ore from
the Prince Consolidated mine
finished loading another car the
night before Christmas, to be
forwarded to the Salt Lake val-,
ley smelters. Superintendent
William Lloyd has done very lit
tle talking about it but the
Record has it from a reliable
source that the lot i3 expected to
carry sensational values. The
product comes from the rich fis
sures on the 400-foot level.
C. A. Cook, secretary of the
Metals Exploration company, is
due to arrive from Salt Lake to
By Advertising ln"
No. 13
lelingthe main Mendha fissure
about eighty feet and the ore
body appears to be just as large
and rich as that found in the
original fissure, the values run
ning about 30 per cent lead, 40
ounces silver and from $8 to $10
in gold to the ton. Understand
me," continued Mr. Cook, "we
do not get our highest values in
the fissures, but in the bedding
planes making out from them.
The new fissure was found by
following the bedded vein 150
feet off from the 700-foot level.
We are now pushing out toward
the new fissure from the 800-foot
level, and expect to get it early
in January."
At the present time the
Mendha company is shipping
about ten or twelve tons of high
grade ore per day.
The Nevada-Des Moines.
The Nevada-Des Moines Min
ing company is preparing to re
sume sinking again on its pro
perty in the lower end of town.
Manager Mahedy was obliged to
stop this work some time ago on
account of the interference of
water, but tne trouDie is shui iij
to be overcome, as he has placed
an order for a 40-horse power
boiler and sinking pump. Lately
work has been centered on the
100-foot level, following the
course of the diamond drill holes
put down early in the year.'
Streaks of porphyry are coming
in the face of the drift and Mr,
Mahedy expresses the "utmost
confidence that it will soon break
into something pretty good in the
shape of pay ore.
United SUtM Minister to Venezuela.
Who looked after the inter
ests of Uncle Sam during the
stirring times in Venezuela re
sulting in the overthrow of the
administration of Cipriano Cas
tro, president of that country.
Castro is completely discredited
and practically exiled in Europe.
Church Services.
Mass will be held at 10 o'cloc k
Sunday morning in the Union
Sunday school building, conduct
ed by Rev. Father Reynolds.
Everybody invited.
T Wm 9

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