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W MAR -4 1903
! Start th Nw Year
! Off Right
No. 14
William M. Wantland Secures An Attractive
Group Of Six Claims Over In Prince
Consolidated Country.
Locations Cover Strike of Prince and Golden Prince Veins The Floatation of
Another Strong Utah Company Is Planned To Exploit Proposition Work
Expected to Start In Near Future.
A deal that is likely to prove
of great importance to this camp
was closed Wednesday of this
week, , when William M. Want
land, a well-known Salt Lake
mining operator, concluded ne
gotiations with Ed Weston for a
group of claims owned by the
latter, and which is wedged in
between the Pioche King prop
erty and the Golden Prince on
one side and tho Abe Lincoln
group on the other.
The Weston property .. closes
up the gap lying between tho
properties mentioned, and tho
locations are so Bituated that they
cover tho strike of both the
Prince Consolidated and Golden
Prince veins; hence it is difficult
to figure out how the systematic
development of the ground is
going to escape tapping both
these resources. '
William Lloyd, superintendent
of the Prince Consolidated, says
the property is a splendid one,
and that it is certain to develop
into a great property. "I really
don't see how Mr. Wantland has
made a mistake in tying up the
Weston property, and it appears
to me that there is only one way
to escape getting the ore; and
that is for it to, jump over the
moon. The ground is right in
line with some of the best mines
over on that 6ide of the camp;
it certainly ought to make good,
and if Mr. Wantland and asso
ciates do the right kind of work,
I believe they will make a fine
producing mine out of it"
John A . Kirby and EJoseph S.
Free also speak very favorably
of the property.
From Mr. Wantland it was
learned that there are five full
claims and a fraction in the
group, and that the locations fol
low the strike of the Prince vein
for a distance of about 3000 feet,
Former Field Man For Jesse Knight Becomes
Greatly Impressed With Property In
the Highland District.
Which Means That William C. Alexander and Indiana Associates Will Exercise Op
tion and Bond John Reese Pictures Bright Future For This Great Camp
Knight May Come Here Too.
and that of the Golden Prince
for approximately 2100 feet
Just before taking the train
for home this morning Mr.
Wantland said that it is his in
tention to organize a strong com
pany at once and begin a vigor
ous development campaign in the
near future. "I came to Pioche
to get hold of something good,
and I believe I have succeeded.
I have the backing of strong peo
ple, who have been anxious to
get a foot-hold in this district,
and the Weston group is just
what they want It is over in
a region where an immense lot
of work is going to be done dur
ing the next year. It is a win
ner sure."
Mr. Wantland arrived in the
city last Monday, and has spent
most of the time while here in
looking at properties over near
the.., Prince Consolidated and
others in the Highland district
John Reese, formerly connect
ed with the engineering staff of
"Uncle" Jesse Knight, the wellr
known Utah millionaire mining
operator, has been in Pioche this
While his visit at this time was
primarily for the purpose of
making an examination of the
Milwaukee group in the High-
and district, which property is
held under an option by William
C. Alexander of Salt Lake and
ndiana associates, he has devot
ed considerable time in sizing up
conditions elsewhere, and it is
safe to say that his trip to this
camp will result in himself be
coming interested here, thus
adding one more to the Salt Lake
contingent which is doing so
much towards the development
of the vast resources pt this
(D)mBtta-Pit jectt
Bfig Eiitteirpirlse
Completion of Dam on Cherry Creek
Means Reclamation of Vast Area of
Arid Ground In Coal Valley Oppor
tunity for Pioche Merchants to Se
cure Trade of This Region.
"' About ' forty-five miles due
weHt of Pioche there is being de
veloped an enterprise of great
potential importance to this
camp. Its originator and man
ager ia George G. Davis, a for
mer resident of this city. The
enterprise involves a dam with a
twenty-eight foot head for
power, a system of ditches and
the building of a modern town.
The dam, which is to be finished
in the spring, is on Cherry Creek,
about twelve miles from Sharp,
in Nye county, at present their
nearest postoffice. Cottonwood
and Pine creeks empty into
Cherry creek above this dam.
The reservoir will cover about
eleven square miles, with an av
erage depth of nine feet, and it
is expected that the water thus
impounded, together , with the
regular flow of the stream, will
be sufficient to irrigate 288,000
acres of land in Coal valley. No
richer soil can be found in the
west The altitude is about 4500
feet. All fruits and vegetables
of the temperate zone grow there
in ideal perfection. The dam is
to cost over $50,000, while the
town, named Oneota, is in Coal
valley. The settlement already
contains seventy people, and Mr.
Davis expects soon to see over
1 1000 In th valley.'
Less than twenty miles south
west of Oneota is Freiberg min
ing camp. More to the south
and somewhat farther away, but
Pioche, and have all their traffic
come through the Pioche gate.
way. The sum of money which
will be required to insure this is
so pitifully small compared to
the enormous and far-reaching
benefits, that it hardly seems
possible that Oneota will be fore
ea io sees an outlet in some
other direction.
A Mine of Merit
still within easy reach are the
camp of Tern Pahute also the
Puhranagat district and Hiko,
the old county-scat of Lincoln
county. Sunnyside, in Nye coun
ty, is about forty miles to tho
northeast; between the two
places is a large acreage of ex
cellent ranch land and in the
hills are many known ore depos
its. ' For months past Mr. Davis
teams have been coming into Pi
oche about once a week, hauling
back supplies purchased of Pi
oche merchants, and machinery
received at the Pioche depot.
This , is their natural railroad
point but at present there is no
suitable road. The trails which
the wagons now travel are steep,
circuitous and entirely unsuita
ble to their needs. Mr. Davis
estimates that $500 in money
contributed from this end, added
to what they would themselves
furniph in labor and teams,
would make a nearly direct road
on light grade, which would,
bring. Oneota within an easy
day's ride of this town. Fur
thermore, it vculd become the
best and easiest route from Frei
berg and maa other points to
the railroad, and turn this way a
lot of business which now is
forced to go to Caliente.
IfPiochais alive to her best
interests she will not let this
plum escape. Oneota is in Lin
coin county. Her people wish to
cultivate friendly relations with
About two miles west of Pi
oche lies a group of twelve
claims, owned by the Chicago-
Nevada Mining company, Sam.
uel Doll of Gypsum, Colorado,
is president J. T. Montgomery,
vice-president; and J. M. Breeze,
secretary and treasurer. The
company is incorporated with
1,000,000 shares, par value, $1.
A 1 m m
a numoer 01 unicago men are
heavy stockholders. All the
time which can be spared from
his varied interests in Colorado,
Mr. Doll spends here directing
development. An incline shaft,
dipping 30 degrees, is being sunk
on the Lost Treasure lode, about
in the center of the group. 'This
shaft started on a five foot vein
of iron manganese ore, carrying
gold, silver and lead. ' From the
mouth of the shaft for a distance
of about forty feet the vein fol
lows a contact between lime
and 1 argillaceous shale below,
The shaft then leaves the vein
overhead and goes down on the
same dip in the shale until at
ninety feet from the mouth it
enters lime. Fifteen feet far
ther it leaves the lime, re-enter-
eng the shale and not again leav
ing it Just before reaching the
lime another lime shale contact
was seen, with some vein matter,1
Vuggs in the lime just above the
contact show strong indrawing
air currents, indicating that open
veins run through to the surface.
Scattered irregularly through the
shale are stringers and bunches
of ore.
This incline shaft has now
Mr. Reese had no hesitancy in
saying that he had formed a
favorable impression of the Mil
waukee mine. Hence, it is rea
sonable to presume, that in his
report to Mr. Alexander the ex
ercise of the option will be re
commended. ;
Among the other mines visited
by Mr. Reese, were the Prince
Consolidated, Pioche King,
Demijohn, Mendha and the
Point property, which has just
been made the basis for the Pi
oche Metals & Mining company.
He also spent yesterday with
John A. Kirby in making a cur
sury examination of the Weston
group, acquired this week - by
William M. Wantland, at the
request of Mr. Wantland. ;
"Pioche certainly has a bright
future," said Mr. Reece in one
of the local restaurants last
night "and it seems strange
that the districts surrounding it
have been so long neglected. As
far as I could observe during the
brief time that I have been here.
it appears that wherever system
atic development work has been
done, the response has been of a
most gratifying character. I
have heard some good things
said about Comet Bristol, Stam
pede Gap and Jack Rabbit dis
tricts, too, and would liked to
have seen them but they will
have to be left to some other
It is just possible that through
Mr. Reese, Jesse Knight will be
induced to come to Pioche; at
least it is to be hoped so, for
"Uncle" Jesse is the right kind
of a man for any camp. He has
found several bonanzas in Utah,
and he can find more of v them
here. ' ,...'.'!,... '
reached a depth of 150 feet. It
is Mr. Doll's intention to stop
sinking at the 300-foot station
and to drift from there south
westerly into the hill.
The ground owned by this com
pany is in compact snape; over
7000 feet long, and for much of
the distance 1800 feet wide.
Profuse evidences of mineraliza
tion are found all over it, while
some of its neighbors have been
important factors in the history
of this camp, with still greater
promise for the future. Adjoin
ing on the soutn are the Abe
Lincoln, Half Moon, Chisholm
and Old Timer groups. On the
north is the old Bingham and
Welland property, now owned by
the Pioche Mines company.
Also near neighbors, though not
adjoining, are the Pioche Demi
john, Whiskey Barrel, Garrison
and My valley groups, and a
little farther still the Doll and
Tulloch, Point and other groups.
It would seem impossible in a
property of this size so well lo
cated and with such abundant
surface showings that there
suould not be found one or more
shipping mines.
Hraumk W. HDaSHy
ILsumdls IPfffiimc
Assistant Superintendent of the Silver
King Coalition Mine at Park City
Speaks in High Terms of One of Our
Newest Bonanzas Visitor Given
Every Courtesy By Officials.
New Company
For Point Mine
The point mine, formerly the
property of the Pioche-Nevada
Consolidated Mining company,
but which was optioned to the
Metals Exploration company of
Salt Lake about a month ago,
has formed the basis for the
organization of a new com
pany, to be known as the PI
oche Metals & Mining company,
The headquarters are to be in
Salt Lake, and the capital stock
13 l.wu.uuu shares of the par
value of $1, of which 395,000
are to be placed in the treasury
for development purposes. The
officers are: William H. Webber,
president John T. Hodson, vice-
president; Charles A. Cook, sec
retary and treasurer; who, with
John A. Kirby, John R. Davis
and John B. Thompson, aredi
This is one of the strongest
Among tbi3 week's arrivals in
camp was i ranK w. uany. as
sistant superintendent of the
Silver King Coalition mine at
ark City, Utah.
Mr. Daily, while ha spends the
greater portion of his time di
recting the operation of the great
Utah mine, which has a dividend
record to its credit of something
over $11,000,000, is frequently
sent out into the field by Senator
Thomas Kearns and David Keith,
the principal owners of the King.
Whether Mr. Daily came to Pi
oche in the interest of the latter
or not, has not been ascertained.
Nevertheless, the visitor spent
much of his time in looking
through the big Prince Conaoli-
dated mine, as the guest of Sec
retary Murray C. Godbe and Su
perintendent William Lloyd.
That Mr. Daily . considers the
Prince to be a mine of great
value is made evident by a state
ment which he made to the
Record Tuesday morning just
before departing for home.
"The Prince Consolidated," said
he, "looks like a big producer.
Of course I cannot see very far
into the ground, but the showing,
taking Jinto consideration the
amount of development work
done, is far ahead of anything
I have ever seen. It is not an
easy matter to determine what
the real value of the Prince mine
is; but the property appears to
me to be one of great promise."
combination of capital that has
yet entered this camp, and the
Point mine is unquestionably one
of the gilt edged propositions of
this region.
Secretary Cook was in camp
early in the week on an inspec
tion trip. It was his first trip to
Pioche, and just before leaving
expressed himself as being very
well satisfied with the showing
the property makes at the pres
ent time. He is confident that
it is going to develop into one of
the big producing mines of this
district and he is not alone in
that opinion.
John R. Cook spent several
davs this week at the Mendha
mine; of which he is general
Mr. Wickes Resigns.
L. Webster Wickes, who for
the past year has filled the posi
tion of Superintendent for the
Nevada-Utah Mines & Smelters
corporation, has resigned, the
same having become effective
yesterday, During his residence
here, Mr. Wickes has won the
acquaintance of a large circle of
warm friends.
Our Ed Returns.
Ed F. Freudenteal has re
turned after a trip to New York
on mining business, and after
having spent Christmas with his
family in Los Angeles. Heat
once donned his digging clothes,
and has gone to the hills to look
after the various mining propo
tions with which he is identified

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