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JANUARY 2, 1909
Issued Every .Saturday t
Editor and Proprietor
8abaeripttoa. Ou Tw. by Mall
" Six Montha. t Mail
DUalar UnttiiMli an thanai tr at tka rate af t1.tq.aar lack par math. Oh
tkun par BMtl wltkaat ntra eliam BIU laatrtiaaa. M mlm par lark. Raiaiaa Mtlew, art
la lS-palat (raw If anta par Uaa flirt laaartiaas 1 earta par Haa aack anallii laaartloa. Lacab
art la U-paiat alack fata trpa.K aaataparllaa flirt laaarttaai Uaaattpar Haaaack aaaaaisla!
utlaa. Oaa prlea ta all art aa ariUo.
Entered at the Postoffice at Pioche, Nevada, as second
class matter.
valley from Battlemountain, and
about four miles distant, chang
ing the channel of the Humboldt
river for a distance of about
1,000 feet A dam will be con
structed and a three-track road
bed graded. The Southern Pa
cific is paying one-half the ex
pense of the improvement, and
it is said that it intends to build
a new track from Stone House to
Argenta, which will shorten the
ine some fcur or five miles, and
will leave Battlemountain about
the same distance off to one side.
We wish you all a Happy New
This is going to be
year in Pioche. Get
a great
in and
By all means Pioche should
have a commercial club or a
business men's organization of
some kind. Why not get busy
on this proposition ? Now is the
proper time.
A good way to advertise this
camp is to come in and subscribe
for the Pioche Record and have
it mailed to your friends.
A well-known Boston paper,
commenting on the establish
ment of a department of mines,
has the following to sayt
"Boston, as one of the world's
greatest centers for the mining
industry, is interested in the
plan to create a federal depart
ment of mines. There is no op-
Tvwitinn fa thfi Tilftn excent on
the part of a cabal of schemers
who lone have made it their
business to get hold of good
mining claims from men driven
into a tight financial place. A
on oa in rmint war the hreaiangr
of a bank in New England not
many years ago as part of aelev-
i : i ijj. .
eriy nmmpuiabeu uitn. u get
control oi a goia mine m um
"west - This scheme cost only
$150,000, while in less than a
year the cabal cleared $500,000.
At present the mine is making
net profits of $2,000 a day. Had
a mining department been in ex
istence no such trick could have
been played. Our geological
survey has done great things,
but has never had half enough
money for the work it essayed
i . ji -
toao, ana nas xor years Deen
obliged to solicit reports and in
formation from leading men in
the mineral industry."
Chung Lung was always a captain
of industry among his country
men, and at that time was doing
his main business at Jack Rabbit
where he made his own headquarters.
Tee situation worried Captain
Day, and he went to his neigh
bor, Ong, for consultation. In
fact, Ong was expecting to re
ceive quite a sum himself when
pay-day came off. The talk was
something as follows: "Charlie,
I am in trouble. Heap snow,
No money to pay men. No stage
come. Say, Charlie, you got any
money?" "Oh, alittle," "How
much?" "Perhaps fewthous
and dollars. " 'Charlie, can you
let me have some to pay my
men ?" "All right, captain, how
much you want 7 The men all
got their money next day.
No. Ong Chung Lung is not a
common laborer, and to send men
here to learn that fact and pull
the money out of the United
Slates treasury to pay them is
grand larceny. Congress has
our permission to allow seven
eighths of that secret service
gang of suckers and grafters to
hunt honest jobs.
We had just been reading
about the views of congress re
garding the United State secret
service and the purposes for
which government money had
been squandered in this depart
ment when we entered one of
our most popular restaurants
some days ago.
Seated opposite us were two
strangers. The first appeared to
be an American. From the way
he handled his knife and fork it
was apparent that Uncle Sam
was paying for his victuals. The
other had that copper-colored
tint and that suggestive obliquity
of optic which easily revealed his
Celestial origin. Later in the
day we learned that both, one in
capacity of United States mar
shal, and the other as interpret
er, had been sent here from a
distant city at government ex
pense to prove, if possible, that
Ong Chung Lung is but a common
laborer, and prohibited bylaw
from bringing to this country
his minor son. Ong Chung Lung,
who, by the way, is none other
than our Charley, can talk En-
' glish fully as effectively as the
interpreter, but that didn't stop
the interpreter's salary.
Apropos of that high-cost sus
picion that our Charley is but a
common laborer, we remember
an incident of the early days of
Pioche, In the winter of 1877-8
there came a terrible snow-storm.
For two weeks no stage could
come in from either Eureka or
Salt Lake. Captain Day was
running his famous property at
Jack Rabbit. Pay-day arrived,
' but the money expected from
San Francisco for the pay-roll
did not - - . ; -' ' '; .
In the early days the Chinese
colonv here was large, at times
numbering over a thousand. Ong
R. P. Dunlap of Tonopah has
been appointed receiver for the
Round Mountain Banking corpo
George S. Swasey has resigned
as chief of the Tonopah fire de
partment A prospector by the name of
J. J. Burns claims to have dis
covered tin in the Snellbourne
district "
The Nevada-California Power
company is extending- its trans
mission lines to Round Mountain
and Manhattan.
A. J. Starret, an old-time pros
pector, and who in the early '90s
was a conspicuous figure in Ne
vada mining circles, died recent
ly at Ely.
The town of Mina, in Esmeral
da county, was nearly destroyed
by fire recently, and buildings to
the value of $125,000 were con
The Postal Telegraph company
has opened an office in Tonopah
Its lines follow the right-of-way
of the Western Pacific railroad
west of Salt Lake City.
Tha 3,500,000 shares of stock
of the Goldfield Consolidated
company have appreciated $10,
000,000 on market valuation
within the last month and a-half .
discounting the placing of the
company's 600-ton mill in com
mission within the next two
According to the report of
State Bullion Tax Collector J. F.
Haley, the total amount of ore
extracted from the mines of Nye
county during the quarter end
ing September 30th, amounted
to 76.662 tons, which had a val
uation of $1,378,384.11.
The smelter of the Giroux Con
solidated Mining company at Ely
nas been destroyed by fire. Al
though the plant was completed
several months ago, it was never
placed in commission. The com
pany is shipping ore to Colorado
to be smelted. There is a strong
suspicion that the Giroux proper
ties will eventually come into the
possession of others.
The Ely Mining Record says
the town of Battlemountain is to
be left off the main lines of the
Southern Pacific and Western
Pacific railroads. ' Several days
ago sub-contractor Hamilton of
the Western Pacific started
force of men at work at Rocky
Point, on the opposite side of the
Coniolatlon. '
Th musician with a companionate
mile watched the poet trimming the
fringe from hli cuff.
"After all," he said, "your verse may
live when Marie Corelli, Winston
Churchill and Hall Calne himself are
forgotten. Remember the case of
"Who was he?" the poet asked.
"A pauper and a violin maker. Guar'
nerlus in the seventeenth century
made violins that everybody thought
too thick; hence, they only brought
two dollar apiece. Musicians would
buy them and have them pared down.
"Guarnerlus insisted that they were
not too thick. When he heard of one
of his Instruments being pared down
he flew into a frightful rage. He had
a grouch against the world because
it wouldn't agree with him about vio
lin-making. He died a pauper be
cause the world would have none of
hla violins. .
"A Guarnerlus Is now and then to
be picked up. Usually it Is a pared
instrument, and Its value is not very
high. But find an un pared Qut.rnerlus
ana you can get anything you like for
It. It Is one of the world's few per
fect violins.
But Guarnerlus died a pauper. The
Hall Caines and Winston rhurchllli
of the violin world of his day refused
with sneers to drink with him. He,
too, trimmed his cuffs."
The Malacca Wildcats.
In the forests of Malacca and other
Islands in the Indian ocean may still
be found the animal known as a wild
cat. The upper parts of it are gener
ally of a clear yellow color, with black
spotB; the lower parts are white with
black spots also. On the back tha
pots lengthen almost Into lines or
rings, black on yellow.
The average length of the animal,
excluding the tall, is almost two feet;
the tall averages nine inches. Its
height when standing erect Is about
12 Inches at the shoulder and 15
Inches at the hindquarters. Its tem
per Is mild and gentle; it plays al
most like a domestic cat, or rather
kitten, chasing its tall and amualog
Itself with anything that It can roll
with its paws.
m0t V
Italian Ambassador at Washington.
We sincerely
hope the
year 1909
will be the
very best
of all years
to all the
people of
" THE '
Future of the Chinee.
Sir Fobert Hart, director-general of
Chinese customs, declare that tha
m.ina ura destined to become a now.
rful nation; but with inch an im
mense mas tne won must go slow.
.-a h tha time they are orcanUad
BUU - - -
along modern lines, even It they were
aggressiv, wwcn iney are not, they
will know bow to temper their
strength with wisdom. As to the
-yellow peril," Sir Robert said he
thought that, though the Chine are
likely to beeome formidable competi
tors In Industrial and trading matters,
thsy will not cause the world any
special trouDie.
A Little Case of Telepathy.
There Is nothing strange to m In
th operation of one mind upon an
other," the telepathic woman said.
"Once when my sister I am very fond
of was operated on I wont with her
and sat In the anteroom a long way
off from the operating room. That 1
I walked up and down there, worried
to death nearly about her, when all at
once I threw myself Into a big arm
chair and vent sound asleep.
"They had Just given her the ether
then, so her mind was at rest and
rested mine. I slept until she earn
out from under the influence. "
Special Announcement!
Through an arrangement
made with the management
of the Deseret Evening
News of Salt Lake, the
Pioche Record is enabled to
give both papers for just
about the cost of one.
Here's the proposition:
The Pioche Record, reg
ular price, one year, $2.50.
Daily Deseret News, reg
ular price, one year, $9.00.
Regular price for both
papers, $u.tv.
Club Price For Both Pa
pers, $s.uu.
The Pioche Record, regu
lar price, one year, $2.50.
Saturday Deseret News,
regular price, one year,
Regular price for both
papers, $4.50.
Club Price For Both Pa
pers $3.00.
Terms strictly cash in ad
vance. Send all remittances
to ;: .. ,
The Pioche Record
Pioche Nevada.
By Working on Her Curiosity Swain
Fanned the Cooling Embers of a
Love That Was Never to
Fad Away.
They had made their vows of a su
perlatively . transcendental affection
and love which they were cocksure
had existed from the beginning of
thlnga, and which, according to their
charts, would endure long after moun
tains had been crumbled by the ruth
less hand of time.
Then, when her visit In his town
was over, she returned to her distant
home. Ah, yes, she had a home to
return to.
He slaved away at the office for her
The months went by, aa month
Then her letter stopped. In fact,
they didn't start, or she had ceased
to write any more. Or If she had.
she sent them somewhere else. He
did not get them.
For three weeks he yearned for the
daily billy duxes whlok came not.
He felt that If he could get Just one
more word from her he would have
the courage to Journey to her and
win back the eternal affection that
had slipped a cog and permitted the
bulletins to cease.
One day he thought and thought,
and revolved thing in his head, and
finally all of a sudden an idea rolled
A few minutes later he had an en
velope all sealed up with her name
and address on it He put on the
conventional two-cent stamp, added a !
special delivery stamp, and dropped
the envelope into the box marked
western at the post office.
He looked up the malt trains and
figured it out that she would get hi
special from th hands of the messen
ger at about ten o'clock the following
The next morning at 10:84 he waa
called to the telephone. It was a
long distance call from her town, 210
miles away as the bird files.
Excitedly she told him that be bad
neglected to place a letter In the en
velopeand It must have been oh,
ever "o important, because it came
by special delivery. "And," she told
him, "I Just couldn't wait another
minute. I started to write, and then
I had to call you up and find out
what the Important thing was you had
to tell mew"
Gradually he was obliged to break
th new to her that, cowardly aa it
had been to take mean advantage of
woman's inherent cariosity, he had
omitted the letter for the sole purpose
of hearing from her.
Less than a week after that she sat
at her little escritoire In the distant
city making out the list of those she'll
have to Invite. And he waa passing
up the Installment house ads.
Pari Gets Acquisition.
The American telephone girl has
been transplanted to Paris, and ac
cording to reports she has lost none of
the qualities which distinguish her In
this country, but is quite aa ready to
break In upon her own private con
versation to oblige a customer of the
telephone at any time, and her re
plies to irate and disobliging people
asking for connections are of the same
temperate and high-class English she
employs at home.
Wines, Liquors and
Key West Cirgars
, Union iMen and .
Union Good
Alquist & Haberly
Children' Bad Teeth.
uovernment, tne world over, are
coming to realise that it Is their duty
to look after school children' teeth.
The crushing power of false teeth 1
only from one-fifth to a halt that of
natural ones, and the mouth filled
with false teeth cannot be quite
healthy. But even by taking hold of
the teeth In childhood It Is difficult
to make them last a lifetime. Out of
100,000 children 85 per oent are found
to have diseased teeth. This 1 the
proportion In America, Germany, Eng
land and Russia. Of 100 children of
12 years, only IS have taeth that need
no attention.
. o . ,
Minister te Honduras.
Nissen Stamp Mills
Individual Feeder,
Circular Mortar
and Screen Gravity
Best for 'Amalga
mating, Concentrat
; ing, Cyaniding.
Better Savings
Fewer Slimes
Wt carry a camplat fiat af Mffli.g Mirkhiry.
imi fr catalagM N. 11M H
All Steel Rock Drill
(Air FMd)
is entirely constructed of highest quality steel by expert
workmen. For Stoping, Raising, Drifting, etc., it has
greater capacity than any similar drill made. Can be fur
nished with column arm and clamp or with handle for hand
drilling. Send for catalogue No. 1106 S A
Fairbanks - Morse Producer Qas Plants
will save a large part of your fuel bills.
Fairbanks-Morse & Co.
n Bank Exchange
You know the place. You know the goods.
GEORGE REED, Proprietor
A gentleman's resort where courteous treatment is extended
to all patrons.
n on ian ma i i un nnn s
TPfl(IMIfo Veal Pork
Choicest Beef , Hams 4 Bacon
f Vig.tablM ul Frstt Frisk Ruck Eos
I - la far fuallr aaa mm mmi a kalf laat ar paaad.
win ii wk
m urn h
I Pioche Brokerage C ompany j
1 1 - ii
OfSet Or Ueoir Stnat
I ListiliUUilisM.SSctU
K!iu Bnckf ii. Soli
N sMtHa

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