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FEBRUARY 6,.ir;3
I Thc
.A KTcsbitt
Dry Goods, a complete stock.
Boots, ' Shoes and Hats.
One Price To All
Main Street
Pioche fi
Serlel fJe. 180a.
Appllutioi for PattiL
U. a Uusi Office Gvn City. Neveda.
Dxanbv 17. 106.
NotietkbmMihM, that Richard A. Clark,
by M. L I his attorney-in-fact, who post
aflto. addree Pioche. Lincoln County. 8tate of
Nevada, has thia day (lad his application for a
pataBtlor 1M0 Hnaar fax of the Lookout mine or
Tain, beerinc Cold and stiver, with surface around
100 feet la width, situated la Yellow Pine Mining
nuxrlrt County of Lincoln, and Stat of Nevada,
and desicnated by the field aotaa ai official plat
rt fila m UBonMH lK Ft UOUMT aBfO. Ul 1W
hip 24 Bouto, nana SI East. IV vosoio nan
and Meridian, aaid Lot No. 867a. beine aa follows:
BesTtiinlac at tjorner rta I. a pine pone ibccnw
buu. a fees sens sec is mensa ia toe muu w
.1 . ana aeribad 1-8671. whenee tha M See-
tion earner between seeoocuvis ana so. i . h b..
Ranees 67 and 68 E, Mt, Diablo B. A M. bean 8.
87 dec. 08 min. East T11.8 feet: thence S. 49 das.
be an w. us.i iet lo uime no. a. a vuot
4 laches square. 4 feat Ions, eat 18 inches in the
rroane In ivena at tone, sensea x-is; ?"
S. SOdex. 0. Bin. W. 1098 feat to Corner Nat.
Hontirsl "K " W. Locatiuo Comer, a pine port.
4 barbae aqeare. 4 foot ions, eat IS mehea in the
eresjad la seasrad of Istone scribed 8-867S thence
N.oex. 66min. WestoOO feet to Comer No.
whsaMsN. W. Comer of tha location bean N. W
dew. M asin. W, M feet; tbanea N. M dec. 17 alia.
K. 1096.9 feat to cor. No. a. a pina post 4 inches
eatsere. 4 feat kmc. set It inehea In the around ia
44 tain. E. as. feat to Comer No. 4. a pina port. 4
inebaa aquase. 4 feet Una, set II inches la the
First Gass Livery
and Feed Stable"
- Also Dealers In
Hay. Grain and Ice
Service on teUcrsphte orders will receiTe prompt attention
Our Motto 'Your Wants Oar rlessure To Fin." ..
wm. Culverwell
Meadow Valley Street-
nr.. ,M of Lookant Lode 18. 7M
Macoetie variation 16 dec Jo rain. E, eentainine
Thearatioa of this mine is recorded In the Re
eerden osVe of Lineola County. State of Nevada,
in Book at of Mininc Notices, peaes 104 and 106.
Mary Ann "."" 1,7 .3 agTwBd to writ for the ardent mix
west. ana. e"F - . i-.. . .,.(.,,,.. that
VlUgaswW IWWVCI V. VUUOIIwva ,e ww
would touch the heart of any barkeep
In town. H.
a.. .. ,1. Kat West and South.
Any ana au neresos cwnini . i-
ai ;J I MifAi.t min. eurf eee around are
i 1 ..ML. hir erfearee claims with the Sec- I
XZ? ik. United Staias Land Offica at Carson
City, hi the Btata of Merarts durina the sixty
f noMicmtioa hereof, or they will be
ban. rtua - ?-TIn-RiT;j,
It Is herebv ordered, that tha torjaromc NotMa
of Application for Patent be nubhehed for the
period of seventy days. tan coMewUWejeMlui).
inthe Pioche RaoarZ weekly new wocer pu b-
lianad at Pioche. unosu uouniy oiave o s.er.w
uanea at r ,uia j. CoHM. Resistor.
Date of Brat publication. December 28. lSOg,
Last pabueatMn, aunraa u, iw.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
(general ,7 EIerchandise
Hardware Tinware I Olasiware ' - Hay Grain Flour
Fuse Powder Caps ' Gents' Furnishlnc Goods Confectioneries
Patent Medicines Wines Liquors CUran .
Steel and Other Mining Supplies
Anentt For Standard Oaa Llghta also Asent for Pabat Beer
-ri hi mi m-inr
le eenwad of atona. aeribed S-S676: thence
as dec. M asia. EL tie) fast to Corner L tha place
v -' '
Total area of Lookout Lode U.0M acres
Law area an aonrnet witn u. o. o. n
tit. Utrw Ann usee
Washington Temperance Official Waa
Put in a Tight Place.
There cornea over a certain official
la thl city a feeling of aadnese that
hie eonl cannot resist when he consid
ers the misfortune attending him who
seeks to aid hia brother rein, writes a
Washington correspondent
Last week an Individual from Ire
land, rerdant aa the grass of hie Em
erald Iale, drifted Into Washington
and besought aid of friends that he
might land a position lightly tossing
mixtures across the festive bar. ,
He met a friend, also Irish, and to this
friend he confessed his ambition to be
come a first-class mixologist in the
capital of the nation. The friend re
membered the offlcial, who is a proper
prohibitionist, and called him up over
the phone. i
"I've a friend Just arrived from Ire
land." said he, "and I want you as a
personal favor to write him a neat
Utile letter explaining that you regard
him as an ideal concoctor of mixed
bug Juice. Take it from me he la.
He mixed me a cocktail once that
floated me for a week. I know what
I'm talking about."
So the dear, kind offlcial who never
drinks never, never drinks, mind you
Earl R. Pembroke
Mining Engineer
Pioche - Nevada
F. R. McNamee
Attorney and ' j
Counaellor-at-Law ' :
Attorney and Counselor
at Law '
Serial No, 01304.
Apptlcaiioi for Patent.
U. 8. Land CKBee. Carson City, Nevada,
December 17, IS0.
Notice is hereby civan. that Richard A. Clark
by 11. L. Lea. his attorney-in-fact, whose postj
offnossflareee m rimsite. ' ,
Nevada, has tnisaay nieo bis eypiraauou .w f
ent for M teen hundred (1600) linear feet of the
Little Joker mine or vein. Deennsi sow aw
with surface around a8.E feet in width, situated
in thelYellow Pine mininc district. County of
Lincoln and state ojweveon.
the field notes and official plat on file in this office
as Let Number MS. in Township 24 South, Ranee
67 Esst of If t Diablo Base add Meridian, said Let
No. 8685 being; as ioiiowk .
Bet-inning-at corner No. L a pme post 4 Inches
square. 4 feet lone, set 18 inches in tha ground in
mound ol stone, suriueo -V""" '""
e,in. ia 9A is end 3u T. 24 S.. Kansas 67 and 68
East, eft. Diablo Base and Meridian, besra S. 44
dec. 26 mm isast vtvt test so corner f "-p., dui ,c,
Na 2110 Bellevue Lode bears South 41 dec. 10 min.
Esst 96lv feet; tnence ekiuui bhii.k " l
688.6.feet to comer No. 2, a pina post 4 inches
sauare 4 feet lone, set 18 inches in the ground in
mound of stone scribed 2-S&B6; thence north 47
dec. 07 min. Wast 1600 feet to corner No. 8,
a pine post 4 Inehea square. 4 feet lone, set 18
inches in the ground in mound of stone sen bed
8-8686; thence North 22 dec. 68 mil). East, 688.6
feet to corner No. 4. a pine post 4 inches square, 4
. in ia (nr-hoai 1m the rround in mound of
atone scribed 4-8686: thence South 47 dec. 07 min.
East to corner No 1, the place of begmninc.
Mscnetic variation 16 dec. 46 rnia. East, contain
ing 20.661 acres. '
t , of thla mine le veeoraad In the Ra
eorder's office of Lincoln County, Nevada, In book
Mot mininc notices, pas )'
claimanU are public land of the United Status of
America, or unknown owners on the north, south.
east and wast. . ' ,
Any and all .persons eiainunc aoverseiy aor
mwIm, r.f u Little Joker mine or sunace
ground are required to file their adverse claims
with tha Kaciatar or tne uninu owie. ieiiy
at Canon City, in the State of Nevada, during the
sixty days' period of publication hereof, or they
will be barred by virtue of tha provisions of the
statute. Louis J. Cohn, Register,
i. i. hMhv AMinred. that the foregoing Notice
a nnii,L fnr Patent be Mibliebed for the
period ox Beventy tiw oeye, vlc" 1
Chas. Lee Horsey
, AT LAW ,
' Aaalytical Cseailats sad Assayers. Preaerties
Exsatlaed sad Baaipled.
P.O. Boil. 'PhoneU. , PIOCHE NEV.
John M. Breeze
Mininc and Cornorstlon Law
a Specialty.
physician and
Railroad Snrgeon
J as. W.Abbott
Mining Engineer
Toward a business office, where the
offlcial and numerous co-workers and
the man who hires him were gatn
ered. the man with the ambition
wended his weary way.
The offlcial was seated la a calm
state delivering an eloquent address
on the beauties of lemonade to an ap
praclative audience, when from with
out the door came a booming voice,
Inquiring whather Mr. was around.
The official looked up on hearing bli
name called and inquired who desired
the pleasure of his company and con
versation. Ia walked the man with the ambi
tion to mis them for Washington clti
sena, hit genial face aglow with sun
burn and perspiration, .
"O'm lukln' for a man by tha name
of Misther ," reiterated the man
with the ambition, "are you him?"
"I am be," replied the official, im
pressively and gramattlcally.
"Oi'm the bahr-tblnder thot's lukln'
fer a letter of testimonial," an
nounced the man from the Emerald
Ule. r
Somebody snickered.
The offlcial let out a noise like the
snort of a wounded walrus.
"My man," he protested, "I"
"Yls, I know," remarked the son of
Erin, "but yes see they told me thot
If Ol could git thot litter of recom
mindashun from ye, Oi could git a Job
at any place in town."
The offlcial the offlcial who never
drinks gazed at the apoplectic faces
of his dear friends, and at the look
of 'mild, sad "how could you do it"
reproach on the face of the man who
hires htm, and he turned toward the
fatuously happy searcher for a posi
tion as dispenser of drinkables
"Come, with me, my, man; come
Good Hotel Accommodations at Beatty and Rhyqute
Stage service has been established between Rhyo- j
lite andhe mine. Fare is $1.50 each way, Teams j
can be secured at Beatty. j
The district adjacent to the "Pioneer" is one of j
marvelous and increasing activity and those who are'
in a position to know .state that there will be an un-j
i precedented rush in there before long; when the rush:
: comes remember that the LAS VEGAS & T0N0PAH j
R.R.(The old reliable) is best prepared to handle
you and your freight
For latest and full information address,
, Traffiic Manager, T
Los Angeles, Calif.
TMt nut cm i us imvif
rr u-Jo. . 8ssisl N SI4T
""butta. fcysuiton TuTC r
aey-in-fact. whose eaajesMa mdiam!rZ
JfP Nevada, baa mTLlTi
H',,8o "' r trnblsJwLoaa I -al
tr "i "St respoetively of the ...
Bossy and Soft 8 nap looa
f1- sna surface mud rrtaasM auaeau
inc 8U0 feet wide, aa shown upon tfcaotisl t
beina U. 8. M. a. K usi IT . ! pm-
til? orticl mS1 flleia
80 minutes east, sa followa: issmi
ommenetnc st earner No, L tha smitsae.1
-juone ma, irom whlel
quarter comer of section 88. f. 1 N.. R. S K. Ban
north 76 decrees 44 minutaa 80 seeondaeut iwTi
feetdistant. and nunmc tneaeuu SdjZ
68 minute, west U0 f JttT No. HuE
southwest oorner of said Glad atone WW tP-nT
oer Na, a. the northwest comer of east Gledetoee
said Rosey lode, and identical with the cnathaaat '
oorner of said Soft Snap lode. frorawhkchUe
east quarter eomarof seetioVa bean mthH
d"r,. ? minute, east ami teat distslt.-tnasse
oatir misuts wast SuS feat to eor-
-". uie uu ui west earner of said Soft Snap
1 i minute. w.Tt
gf wnarj No. S, tha aorthweet comer of
said soft Snap lode: thenee north S4 dacraa. IS
minntes east 00 f et to sorner NoTal uTrtk.
W asM,
of easa
as minu
out eornar of said Soft Snap lode, and identical
ier as aass
to corner No. 4. ths northeast eornar of
with the north
thenee north M ld
. .00 feet
east 1600 feet to oorner No. L the -w ao.
per published at Pioche in ths County of Lincoln,
State of Nevada. '
ujvm fMarieianr.
Pat. of lint publieation.,Dee. 26. 1S08.
taat puoncauon, ssarco m, .w.
District Court Summons
with me, he said, in a slightly choked
voice, taking the seeker after a post
tlon by the srm.
Together they walked away to a lit
tle office, where the official, sat down
and wrote the letter. And since tbat
time he has been debating whether he
would do best to kill the searcher for
a position or the man who got him to
write the letter, or both.
Pioche Lodge No.
23, I. O. 0. F.
Meets svery Taeeday Evealnc at I s clock a. jaw
I. O. O. F. BaUdias. Mais street.
Bact'y , N. (4.
All vliltlac bretaers eerdlallr larlted to BttoadL
St. John Lodge,
No. 18, F. & A. M
Meaday of lack
Meat, at their hall tha flnt
arentfc, at e'elock, fx as.
Sect y. W. M.
All visltlac brotaer am cordial ly lerited !
In the Fourth Judicial District Court In and for
ths County of Lincoln. State of Nevada.
The State of Nevada sends creatine to Mary
You are hereby required to appear In an action
M.MmMil .o-ain.t von as defendant by Arnold
Sleek, as plaintiff, in the Fourth judicial District
Court of tne ntat. oi rteveoa. uinwin mwdv,
at tha town of Pioche. and answer the complaint
therein, which Is on file witn ut. uers oi aaio
Court, within tan day. after tha service on you
Of this summons (exclusive of the day of service)
If served In said County, or twenty days if served
out of said county, but within thia district, and in
all other cases forty days, or judgment by default
will be takes against you, accoruiasi to vae prayer
of said complaint. (
Xhe sen actson IS Droucm to recover juuan'"i
against you, the said defendant, for the dissolu
tion of the Deads ox matrimony exieung ueiwewn
1 plaintiff and awundant, on tne croonu ox wiu-
f ul desertion of tha plaintiff by delennant, on or
about the month of September. 19.5. mid deeer-
ttoa eontinuinc to tneasteoi ni na tnia.uiu
And you are hereby notified that if you fall to
anpearand answer the said complaint as above
required, the said plaintiff will apply to tha court
for Ul. renei oemanaeo wereui.
r. . .i - Korf I. Wm. El Orr. Clark of
aaid court hsvs hereunto set any hand officially.
and affixed the seas r seio veurt. inw sum amj j
December, A. Du. 1808. ! ,
SbalI Wrs. E Orr,
County Clerk and .x-offlclo Clerk of ths
- Fourth Judicial Court of the County of
. ... Lincoln. Sttta of Nevada.
iraOT&C WU Feh. tt l..
ner of said Rose, -lode, from which th. east quar
ter corner ofsaid section 88 bean eouth (4 depress .
minutes. 80 seconds esst S4T1.S feet dtatairt
tnence north 64 derreas H minutaa aaattut fast
to corner No. 4, the northeast earner of said Glad-
tM,!Sdj """.f" "sssrreea U snlautaa
sast U00 feet to aaid una, N i ....i....
corner of said Gladsom lode, tha piece of becie.
Bine, eoataininc a total area of of 41.vt4 aerea, as.
pressly exeepUnc and axcludlnc therefroaaTa)rw- '
fw. 0.004 acres, ths area in conflict betwew saht
SoftSnsi) lode and Prince. U. 3. lot li. teian
srea claimed and appUed far bsans C3o acrea.
tne Duiiuonvuie, sh si ta an rsnoejs svu-vsv,
This elaira soneelldated covers aortiona of th
southeast, northeast and nortaiweat auartan of
sjctim 88, T. 1 N. K. 81 tv Mt. Diablo Base and
Each of said Uastlons or ralnlnc claims bei nc of
record li the office of ths recorder of aaid rniabus
dutriat an county at rioaha. In Lincoln eouaur,
Nevada. The nearest known locations brine Cair
fornls. U. 8. M. g. im. BuUtonvUla, lot 87, Prince,
lot 88. and Great Western. U, B. M. S. Sola loda
minine claims.
1 direct that this notloa be ulshed In the Pi
oche Record, the newenaner nuhUehed nesrsst
I said mininc claim, for ths period of sixty days.
lorjia t , uuhn, Kecister.
Lawrence 4 Robertson.
Attorneys for Annlleanc.
Data of Irst pub. Jan 3. 1800.
Data of last pub. March 87. 180S. '
Nissen Stamp Mills
Individual Feeder,
Circular Mortar t
and Screen Gravity s
Stamp. ' ! '
Best for Amalga- .
mating, Concentrate' '
ing, Cyaniding. j ;
Better Savings;
Fewer Slimes .j-
- i
Wt carry s c.npl.1. lis of Millisf Mackiw
Sew. fst cat Jogs. No. 11M H
All Steel Rock Drill
(Air Feed)
is entirely constructed of highest quality steel by expert
workmen. For Stoping, Raising. Drifting, etc., it has
greater capacity than any similar drill made. Can be fur
nished with column arm and clamp or with handle for hand
drilling. Send for catalogue No. 1106 S A -
Fairbanks - Morse Producer Qas Plants
will save a large part of your fuel bills.
Fairbanks-Morse & Co.
Notice la herarjv erven enettka xessrsl of Ceuntv
Coromissionen of Lincoln County, Nevada, will,
st their meetinc to be held Monday, March 1st.
A. D., 1900, receive bid. land proposals for tha
can of Indicant sharcaa of Unoola County, Ns
verts, for the year lHO.
Said bids shall Include tha furnishlnc of lode
inc. food, medical supplies and profess loaal at
tention for all persona who, in tha ludcraant of
ths Board of County Covnmlaslonera, an and
shsll become entitled to support from the oouoty
durlnc the said period.
The Board reserves th rieht to reject any sad
sll bids submitted and will require the ssieesssfal
Didder to enter into a contract so conditioned test
it will remain within the power of the Board to
terminate the said contract at any time upoe re
csipttof sufficient evidence of neclect to warrant
same. ,
By order of the Board.
f . Wm.K.OiT.
' aia,
Flnt pub. Jan. zS; hast Feb. 17. '
In the Justice Court of Calient. Townshba.
County of Lincoln, State of Nevada.
Thomas Champeny, Plaintiff, vs. Tbomas Ca
sick. defendant
The Bute of Nevada to Thomas Cosklu
You anhrnby summonded to appear baferev -me
at my offica In Callenta, in said township, and
answer the complaint In an action entitled as
above, broueht acainatyou In ths Justice Court--
of Calient. Township, County of Lincoln, But. of
Nevada, within five days after service on you of
this summons If served within tha township, bat
within ten days if served out of the township, bS
in the county, and within twenty day. If servs
And you an henby notified that aniens you sa
paar and answer as above required, ths said pta
tiff will tsks judgment acainat for any moo-y or
damaces demanded in tha coraplaintand aaaei OS
suit. . A . .. . ,jr
nrharioftiils Ktn day ofUeoK
Wm. Tl Msvnanl.
Justice of the Peace of said Towralhlp.
Flnt pb. Jan, 28; last Feb. SO. -
Foodstuffs I
Keystone Chapter No. 6
, R. A. M.
Stated Convoeatrona, flnt and third Saturday. Ira
each month, at Masonic Hall, at 7:80 p. m, Oonv
paniona cordial y invited.
Chas. A. TaoHrsoM. H. P.
W. W. Stockham. Secy.
A. D. Knowlton
Mining Engineer
U. a. Dspaty MlaersJ S.rvw t"t sad Us-
rinSM war. .vv,
. Mines and Mlnln
. n w Walker Block Salt Laks City
Nevada Offica
. Ftoeha-Navada - ..
(impoidnei Sotlcitid
Dr. Paul Mcintosh
Caliente, Nev. Pioche,Nev.
Mothers' Club i
Racular Meetlncs, Second and Fourth
Tueedsy la Sash Month at Two p. ra.
Eva Honors, Locus Sawtsb, -Secretary
Preside at
Application For Patent.
Serial No. 01779. :
United State. Land Office, Carsoa City. Nevada
riM s low .
i- wm.Lv vtwen thst thW Nsvada-Otah
Mines Smelters Corpontion and uruo-Aennicsy
Consolidated Mininc Company, inrouan wieir.v
. in Thn. 1 Oaborna. Whose ooatoDlce
u pinni, r.inceln county. Nevada, have
merle annlication for a United States Patent for
1204.8 linear fact of the Oraenback-Cuirency lodo
mininc claim, situate inthe Ely Mininc District,
tMMin fttete of Nevada. bsinsT Survey
si- stok mwA djneribad in the field notes and plat
on file In this office with a magnetic variation of
IS dec min. test, as ioiiow..
n inni rr N. l. whence the 1-4 Sec
An Mwth houndsrv of Sec. 27. t. IN, R.
47 E.. bean N. 78 dee. 18 min. W. 87.9 feet; thence
S. 10 dec. 11 min. W. 868 feet to uor. na t,
irhe lUuoverv oast of the clsim bean N.
47 dec. 09 min. B. 288.8 feet; thence N. 71 dec. 21
rata. E. 1186.8 feat to Cor. N; 8, identical with
f xl. 1 I . Ha se Viihe Inde: thence H. 10 des .
11 an. E. 197.2 feet to Cor. Ho. 4, identical with
Cor. tap, 2, Lot no. 42. Yuba lode; thence n. 81 dec.
. ..iaL W. 219.2 feet to Cor. Ho. a Identical with
r s i At ma wt Hiiver loos: tnence o.
deel min. W. 9SS.1 feet to Cor. Ho. L th. plsc.
of becisssinc. and located in the N. B. 1-4 Sec 27,
and the S. E. 1-4 Bee. li. T. I H. m i c, as. u. .
eV M-, eaastoinirrc an area of 4.999 Seres, exclusive
neiei with Lot No. 49. Zero lode. Lot Ma 38,
SUver kstat Lot HO. 63 Kinc kde; Lot Na 62.
Alpha has. and Lot No. or, ueenost loue.
Tk. eeiaaninsr and oonfiictinc claimant.
kM u a nUt at eurvev sr.: Silver lode No.
88 and Kinc eade Na o. on in. norm; j uoe, u
a.dei th. uit: Deerfaot and Alpha Lot Na 62
an the south: and Zero. Lot Na on tne wesu
ocba Record, a weekly rsrempap -published at Pi-
odss, 1M evade, lor tha penou oi sixty aaye.
liOUIB 4. VUHP, setaw
First pub. Dec 12, 190?. ,
Last pubUeattonTFab. 27. 1909. i
Wines, Liquors and
Key West Cigars
Union.iMen and
Union Goods
C. L. Alquibt
Fern leaves excel all other agents
for packing articles of food, according
to Consul General OuentUer at Fran
fort . He has forwarded an article to
the state deDartment. of which the
followlnK Is a summary:
"People who have lived in England
know that the English have used fern
leaves successfully for many years.
Valuable fruit, fresh butter, etc. are
no longer seen In the English markets
packed in grape-Tina leaves, but al
most always in fresh fern leaves,
which keep the articles excellently.
This is done wliere grape-vine
leaves are to be had in abundance.
Every one posted well in . botany
knows the high preservative power of
fern leaves with reference to vegeta
ble and animal substances.
On tbe Isle of Man herrings are
packed In ferns and arrive on the
market In as fresh a condition as
when they were shipped. Potatoes
packed In ferns keep many months
lonter than others packed only in
etraw. '' : ' . t
Experiments made with both straw
and fern leaves In the same cellar
showed surprising results in favor of
ferns. While the potatoes packed in
straw mostly showed signs of rotting
In the spring, those in ferns were as
fresh as it they had Just oeen dug.
Fresh meat Is also well preserved by
fern leaves.
"It wrjuld seem as If the preserva-i
tive qualities of fern leaves are due
to their hlch oercentage of salt No
larvae, maggots, etc., approach ferns,
as the strong odor keeps them away.
Fovardin. k4 Tnufir Aseits
Dulirs li Wood Hi Coil
Aessrts f sr the Cekbrated PWer Bckattler Wsaoa.
Take the
SaUtt ILalke Karate
. Bargain and Sale
Mining Quitclaim
For Sale At This Office j
A Msdlcal Bill.
Patient--I have a touch of ague.
Physician Yes. .
Patient I shall keep within doors
for a week.
Physician Yes. '
Patient I shall diet myself care
Physician Yes.
Patient I shall take ten grains of
quinine twice a day.
Physician Yes.
Patient How much is your billT
Physician Half a guinea, .
a BIB "saW m sasv - ass an ... wear sesa awss asess j
AppltuHoi for PaaL
Ssrial Na 02092. ':'
United State. Land OfOea, Carson City, Nevada.
January ,ianf
Notice ia hereby riven, that Moses Hvman. ad.
miniatntor of the eatato of Raphael Hymen, da-
ceased, whose postomcs address alr-loeha, Nsvads
has made application for a United States patent
for 1600 linear feet of Whale Lode and 1600 linear
feat of Blue Essie lode mininc claims, situate in
Bly mininc district, Lincoln oounty, Nevada, esm ,
istlne of the Whale Lode and Blue Eseto lods and '
surface rround 1200 feet wide, peine lot Na t67A.
I and described In the Held sotesand plat of tha t
omcial survey on file In thl. offls, with roacnetie
I variation at 18 dec. min. m. as fouowa:
Rearlnnlno' at eor No L a nine nost 4 ma aausnra.
4 ft kmc, set IS in. in the around. In mound est
stone, scribed 1-2-8678, whence oor to sees SO, 81, ;.f .
28 and 29, T 1 N, R 87 E. Mt D B and M, been B . i
42 dec 04 min E 8269.8 feet; thence N 2 dear SO '
min W 641.6 ft to cor No2. spine post 4 In equare, j
4 ft lone, set 18 Ina in the sround in mound est
atone, ecribed 2-867S, whence a eessr tree, S in.
in dism, blued snd scribed t T 2-8678 bears S S7
dec 87 min W 26.2 feet, a oedar stump t ft hlch. I
ft dism. biased snd scribed B 8 2-8678 bears N 84 :
dee 46 min B 66.1 fast; thence N 89 doc 46 min C
low feet to eor no s, a pine post t ins square, 4 ft
lone, set 18 ins in the sround in mound of atona, '
scribed 8-8676, whence eor Nee 4 snd 2 sur No.
2038, Alliance No. 4 snd Alliance No 2 lodes re-
spectively, bears N. 89 dec 6s min W 862.6 ft, eor
No 8 sur Na 2036, Alliance No 4 lode baars 8 69
dec Is min W 883.6 ft oor No 4 sur No 8687. Chester
ilods bean 8 48 dec S3 mm w n.a-fti thenc
S 29 dec 80 min B 041.6 ft to oor No 4, a pina post
4 Ins square, 4 ft lone, set IS In. In the around In
mound of stone, scribed 4-8-8876, whence ths dla-
I bears N 47 dec 89 min W 800.8 ft, a cedar tree It
ins dism. biased and scribed B T 4-8-8576, bean N "
77 dec 11 min W 87,9 feet; thenee 8 8 dew at
Min W 1000 ft to eor Na 1. the place of bearhtnW ,
Beeinninc at eor No L a pin. post 4 ins sanau-aL '
I 4 ft kmc. set 18 Ins to the cround tn mound of
atona. scribed 1-8676, whence cor to sera, so ei ea
and29.TlN.R67E.MtD Band M beers 8. 46
dec 06 min E 2647.8 ft oor No 8. sur No 8667, Env '
ma lode bears B 42 dec It min W 18 JfeM; tkenos ' i
N 29 dec 80 min W 641.6 feat to cor No 2. Identical ' i
cal with oor No 1 Whale lods, this survey; thenee
N 89 dec 46 nun 1600 feet to cor Na. a u.ii
with cor No 4 Whale lode, this survey: thence B
28 dee 80 min E 641.6 feet to oor No 4. a pina peat
4 Ins square, 4 ft rone, set 18 Ins in tha sround in
mound of stone . sorlbed 4-8676, whence thadla
covery bean N4T dec 89 sain w S0O.8 ft: tbacB - '
89 dec 6 min W 1600 ft to oor NoL the placVqf
beeinninc; containing in the Whale lode and D1L ass -l
Ranle lode 40.686 acres, exctnsive of .JTlT I
flict with sur No 2036 Alliance No t lode, and sur I
No 2036 Alliance No 4 lode, and fermlnc atwrtioo , ?
OI tne nonnesai. quww ana eoutneast uuartar of ; ',
ec20,TlN,R67E.MtDBandM. "TOr j
The names or nearest aajotntne; claims, irtehid
lnc the A llisnca No 2 and Alliance NA ?Sn. "
2036 coprlictinc with the Whale lode an Rainbow Tt;
lot No 47, issoeiie lot no ee ssatT Moon lot No 44. 3
Rrvsnt lot No 48. War Eaarla lot M?2? 1 . 17
lot No 44, and Emma sur No tbot, on ths east and
1 direct that this notice be published In ths
Pioche Record, at riocne. unoMi, oounty, Neva-
OS. bl!s imvTBasswaay-wa aea Besses!
Sawed Wood
a Specialty
pat On, Spat Ever.
"Jfs no uae talking, my dear," said
Nsggsby during their daily spat, "a
woman li bound to have the last
"No she lan't, either," rejoined Mrs.
Nsggsby, "and you would not have
said such a thing If you didn't know I
would deny it." '.rs
H if nit nn r
mininc claims, for tha period of sixty dan.
.LOUMJ.OOB- Resrlater.
John K. Breeze, Claimant s Attorney
Pint publication, Feb, 6, Mo5.. , V
Last publication. Apr. 10. lyoa.
, Forfilhri K.-t!
sMOGaunaL MaMtaasrlah Te sasK eiak.as
To J. W. Powell, or whom H mapeonamr
l"U sub awwu ovsirasj tKSsY, 1 sBMai i laJ
durinc the year 1908. On. haildiwd oVisraTla.
kn serwl tmislsWslnlllaamism Msawawa sVl. ."V"
mininc claim, situated In taeLly mbjE?
county of Lincoln. Stata of uSal uS.
certificate ol wnscn ta lound of record Lsilii
ty, in order to hold said claUiratar SLsnroved!
JnuaryA MrlJZZZF
mininc clalmjj teinc th. amount tohoU ZidtZ
for the period endlns the Sut day of Darannneea
1X1908. And if. within nlnetydw fnZTL-.
sonal service of thia notice, wHhirZIZ
after the publication itVrnwiJ?
TZhiST " iiIs3iw2
cether with the coat of that netiearoiilSlJ
IntheclwlUb-Mxaatne proStttSC
aeriher. your co-owner, .k. k?T? y
quired expenditure, by tha.tarSn. atiZl tZctioZ
Date of 6 rat euh. Fab., ltT Ijamam.
I Date at trat pub. May 1, Ike). .

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