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Bim mJd
Students From, Utah IS'i
So&ool Here Yitb Dr.
Pack (or Six VMS'
' .: Work.
The Junior class In saining from
the University of Utah arrived in
camp Tuesday evening In charge of
Dr. F. J. Pack, Deseret Professor of
Geology, to begin a six week's re
cannoisance of this mineral district
during which 'the members of the
class will have opportunity to get
something more than a theoretical
knowledge of mining.
-.. Ik Is. the purposaot the' students
to examine into the geology of the
camp by beginning at Pioehe proper
and extending their investigation as
far i out as Stampede Gap; over an
area covered heretofore by Dr. Pack
and forming the basis for a most
interesting report on Pioche geology
with the latter as the author. The
report has received much favorable
comment from mining engineers ac
quainted with conditions here. '
Altogether there are about thirty
students from the Utah school and
they are to be reinforced by at least
four more in a few days. The boys
have established camp near the Green
wood shaft , of the -Ohio-Kentucky
mine where they are comfortably lo
cated for the period during which
they are to conduct their summer
"From a geological standpoint," said
Dr. Pack yesterday, "the rocks of
the Pioche mountains are of the
Cambrian age and represent one of
the best sections in the west for
study. The shales near the Half Moon
property have afforded an excel
lant series of fossils. These fossils
represent the earliest ' of the,, earth's
animal forms.' Other features of., in
terest are the - Yuba and other ig
neous dikes; a large fault passing
northwest hear the Ohio-Kentucky
"The University of Utah students
will make a detailed examination cf
the more imoprtant ere bodieaiefcnec
ially those associated with the dikes.
An examination will be made cf the
the ' iron and garnetiferous ere bod
ies at Stampede Pass. Condor canyon
will afford interesting problems f jr
a day' work. Bullion! ille will' also
be visited.
"The surveying work will be done
both underground and on the surface;
but the" -exact areas have not as yet ;
been determined: this matter being
left to jProf. F. C. French, "who will j
anive in Pioche to take charge of thei
' class about two weeks hence." i
Upon the arival of Prof. French
Dr. Pack expects to leave f-r t"
purposed of conducting examinations ir
e-amps yet new to mm.
1 A Total cf 1,47', Children of vfichooit
Age Reside )iti Pioche ; n!
In tlw ieitortVof the tchoof census
marshal! printed in last week's issue
of tb.e teord,' a . typographical f er
ror made It aoDear that' the ?fc6tal
numberjof children of school
Pioche at the present time is 117. Th
correctHumbr is 147, against 132 br
,the pretioui yfir of 'a jaip of 31
BUil wiprise
li VUM - 0)IVliililL Ji UiU
Bis Is Assm Given the Record by Gecrcs F. Levant President of tiie KnaMtfl Mines &
Sdters . Corporation Preparing for Greater Output From the Day Mine New Equipment
rii I an im un na n t n n arcCTii- - iiii
"A smelter. with capacity to meet the demrnds of oroducers of the
T oche. The enterprise will have the
details yet to be worked out'but 1
and then the Pioche Record will
menseiy pleasing to the citizens cf this community. I cannot say now Jut: what the initial capacity that
the proposed smelter will have;but this is one of the matters under consideration at the present time.
The plant will not be for the use of the Nevada-Utah company alone, but it is proposed to make It a cus-
B torn plant; a place where all the producing mines cf Fioche and vicinity
I'went. . ..v .. V .
"While the mines here are productive of a large quantity of high grade
a tremendous tonnage of low grade
m which handsome returns would be
etHi U!I
The foregoing is the important
news Imparted last evening by
George E.Learnard, president cf the,
Nevada-Utah Minesi & Smelters" corporation,-
Just before he stepped ' a
board the special train for Caliente
where he made connection at an ear
ly hour this . morning with the Los
Angeles Limited for the east
But this is not all. He, told the
Record that the Nevada-Utah Is
shaping matters to output ore from
the Day mine much more extensively
than iever attempted heretofore. Not
only this, but a considerable outaly
Is to be used in the purchase of new
equipment for the Jack Rabbit rail
road. The roadbed is to be improv
ed and the light, rails now In service
are to be taken up; these to be re
placed with new 35-pdund steel r .,
Much 'Interest is being manifest
ed in the trial of WiJiam Savage
and Michael J. Miller, charged with
murder In the first degree, which is
i4 a
'y " n,;V ' v:o . v
The,.Maif WhoJ isAtteged tI HePuty Sheri.f ofLlncoJn Conty.,1Vhol Is' Said to Have Been An Ac
i pirecT the" Fatal Shbt.' 4 '..v,f ' ' WhoArrested the Prisoners. . complice to The Crime.
f RnfWbld;be calleo into thecase.
It Iabe!meiatliri?soiiisthing devel
oped which has made it impossible
for Judge Pike txcome and it then b
fci&t iDctibctil poti JUdB'tCrowa'
is nig of n
111 to to Mi it
Heavier M for the M RafoM Railroad.
backing of men with ample capital to
do not believe it will be very long until
haave an oppornity to print a story in
material that will not pay
Teaized with treatment facilities on the
MlUiMuil - - MnMMIi -
"I am immensely pleased with con
ditions at the Day mine," said Mr.
Learnarcl, "and .am goii home much
more enthused over the Nevada Lttan r
properties thlan I did on my trin j
nere tnree monins ago wnen 1 met
with some -very gratifying surprises.
Mr. Gaskill has wrought some wonder
ful changes since then. The "mine is
opening out into Immense proportions
and I think I can say conservatively,
that between 250,000 and 300,000 tons
of ore have been developed since I
was here last. 1 mean by that, ore
of the grade that we now ship
to the Salt Lake and Tintic smelters;
not taking Into consideration the vast
tonnage containing lower values
which will eventually prove to be a
prolific source of revenue for the Nev
ada-Utah company. There are some
spelndid faces of ere showing on. the
scheduled to come ip in the -district
court next Tuesday morning. ..
j When the case was set by George
S. Brown,t the presiding judge, in
make other aramsements. He conse-
quently adjourned court in White
Pine, county and will come here him-
self. 'He is expected to leave Ely o-
Vday" tor Salt Lake City ar.d i3 dueHos
- - !M! - - -iiit- iiii u
camn will be built at. or near PI-
make it a success; but I am not 5
- this will have been accomplished
this connection which will be Im-
may send their ore for treat-
ere; it is also true that there is
very we!i to send away, but from
llll - - IIIl(n - II!1----IIsk9
700 ami levels above it; while today,
there was every Indication, that the
900 ia gcing to respond as sensational
Jy as the" levels already explored."
Regarding the possibility of a set
tlement of the joint ownership contro
versy with the Ohio-Kentucky com
pany over the "Black Ledge" Mr.
Learnard declared that nothing had
happened .to make any change in the
Ucuation. Hiv entertains hop?s, how
ever, that i:i time the matter wl'i
work out all right. , '
Mr. Learnard was accompanied on
the trip Inn- by F.- F. Bergin, treas
urer of th? Nevada Utah company,
who had i:ot been west for nearly a
About 2- iiv.-i c ere per day is
now btiair shipped from the Day mine
l-urniR ih" month ?00 tons of high
grade silver-lead ore was sent out.
April it was stated by him that owing
to engagements elsewhere he would
not be able to hear the trial in
June, but announced that Judge Pike
arrive 4. i Piss'is tnonotrv.- tfUS
' Savase- uuo m'-h. e M M Pty.
employ: as ,mirs In. the liist.n
i0',V1,m?..l?1.!iT, l"AirZT
" t, X3ontir.ue ito'age- Eight,.
No. 35
Colonel Hackett and A. II.
Spend Day in
Camp-Railroad Sur
vey to Ifc
Col. James L. Hackett, president, -and
Anthony H. Godbe, treasurer "
of the Prince Consolidated mine were
in camp Thursday and returned tc '
Salt Lake yesterday morning exceed
ingly gratified with the changes that
have been wrouht in the property
by Superintendent Lloyd since their--last
yisit here. . . . ,
Mr. Godbe informed the -Recorif
that officials of the Salt Lake Route
had advised the Prince Con. company
that a corps of surveyors had been
ordered to Pioche to locate a route
for the proposed extension of the
t a ilroad around to the Prince mine-,
and that the party would make their
headquarters in the vicinity of the'
Piince mine during their stay in the
district. It is understood that two surveys
will be made. - One around by way of '
Ely Valley, Pioche Meta's and Demi
john mines; the other from a point
near Panaca and thence up the val
ley to the Prince and other prop
trties. Mr. Godbe is of the opinion,
however, that the engineering depart
ment will fteay select the first name
.route. .... -, ..:: ,
Regarding the program for the fu
ture at the Prince, Mr. Godbe says,
it Is the Intention to prepare for the
output of a large tonnage; but to ac
complish this . rail facilities right at
'the mlnrt Is in nature of a neces
sity as the company has already ex
perienced, difficulty, in securing team
to ntiui ore over to the railroad.
This week teams have ber
hauling high grade lead-silver o
but next week they will be Dut. ha .
on the low grade manganese.
Immense Ore Body Exposed In Sjr r
face Workings cf Property.. '
Late repcrt3 from the Maggie M" '
phy mine, cf which Ed,. F. Freuc-
thai is maiaser,ar'e of a most f,
ifying chcracur.- Fna Sir. Freed i
thal the Iit't'orJ has ascertained t it'
the surface has been stripped' or'
a width cf ISO feet and fnr n ioi.
tance alo.ig tho strike of the eia
of 350 feet, showins ore al' the
The ere is manganese carryir . gold
silver and lead; with recent .ssaya
showirg from i'G to 30 per a t lead
15 ounces silver and $2 lii jld. '.
'vTh-re. H-.?-;11 a?,-blie." that '
the Magglo Murphy j; ona of the
future bi3r ijlne3 of rht t jp Ind by
thosei who rhave seeft Ljurig . the
past ?weeK, it : has be&L f declai-ed to
be "one of "the remarkably inter
esting propositions of this region. -Mr.
Freudenthal states that the pro
erty is soon to be equipped with macf1
inery and that a campaign has been
mapped out to conduct a most vigi
orous campaign of exploration there
this Isummer.
Mr. and Mrs. George E.vCoxe;were
ia Caliente- this week- for ,t .couple

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