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"V- " "" "' M.I iM
- v-SEP -71909
No. 37
of Body of
Todd In
at Bristol Gives
icidn of
Foal Play.
Julius weir jr.
JULIUS weir sr.
Are the above named 'persons res
ponsible for the death of Charles
Todd, whose body was. found In the
water at the bottom of the well at a
point known as Bristol-Wells last Mo
day? That is a question which the
peace officers of Lincoln' county pro
pose to , find out. At a meeting of
the special grand jury a few even
ings ago, the matter was discussed,
and since, then, it is alleged, suf
ficient incriminating evidence has
been obtained to warrant the mak
ing of arrests. Accordingly, acting on
instructions from the office of dis
trict Attorney Breeze, Deputy Sheriff
James Small left for the scene at an
early hour this morning to place the
Weirs in custody.
The last seen of. Todd alive was
on May 14th. He was then at the
Weir camp at BrlstoJLwhence he went
about the date stated in company
with William Blackwell.
It will be remembered that war
rants were 4ssuecl from Pustice Per
kin's court charging' Blackwell
and --Todd With the crime of horse
stealing, Mrs. Blackwell who had
a few days previous filed suit for
.divorce, being the complainant. ' i
Blackwell and Todd were traced
to Bristol and Walker Lee was dep
utized to go after them. He found
his men, but- for some reason, nev
er fully explained, he left Todd at
At the Hands of
er Now Locked Up In County Jail To Await Trial 'In District Court-Tragedy the
Drunken Brawl-Justice Perkins Holds Inquest at Agricultural Town Today
Slayer Has Lived In Bis Region For Some Time.
Oneota, the new. town qut in the pont and Davis engaged in an ex-
northern part of the county which
came into existence a few months
ago .as a result . of the G. G. Davis
reclamation project, has had its first
killing. :
Late Wednesday night, Elmer Davis
a. nephew of G. G. . Davis, was shot
and mortally wounded by Ernest Du
pont. Davis lived about one hour. His
slayer . was brought to Pioche and
now languishes in the county jail fac
ing a charge of murder In the first
degree. : . . - -v.
According . 10 information brought
to the Record today, by a person who
was at Oneota at the time, the trag
edy la the result of a drunken brawl
in which Both Davis and Dupont were
They had been friends and compan
ions; but when the desert whiskey
began getting in its work, .a dispute
arose and then the gun play, with
all the terrible consequences. ,
The trouble began, it is said, in the
tent occupied by Rone Thompson. Du-
change of vile language until Nellie
premises at the same time telling
Davis to remain, entertaining the
belief that if she could seperate them
the difficulty would be4 ended. But in
stead, Dupont obtained a gun and re
turned, when the quarrel was revived.
Dupont called Davlsa coward,"that
he, was afraid to come outside," at
the same time brandished his weap
on and otherwise terrorizing the oc
cupants ot the Thompson-.'jome. Da v
is, however; notwithstanding protests
from the Thompsons, got up and went
out, grappled with Dupont for posses
ion of the gun and was shot in the
mix-up The bullet, 32 calibre, enter
ed Davis body at the base of the
breast bone and emerged. Just 'to the
left of the spine.
Walter Davis, a brother of the dead
man, who was .-in a tent about 100
yards away, heard the trouble and
wenf6ut to ascertain the causer but
the traged hadbeen enacted when he
arrived on the scene. Dupont tried
to shoot him too, but the gun failed
to discharge which is probably all
that prevented a double murder. Walt
er Davis, who is described as being
fearless in time of danger, made
for Dupont hitting him a hard blow
on the head with his fist. Dupont was
knocked senseless in which condition
he remained for some little time: hut
while those about were directing their
attention ,to the injured man, recov
ered and made his way through the
darkness to a tent recently vacated
by a family by the name of Wall,
where he secreted himself until the
following morning, when he was dis
covered, brought to Pioche and turn
ed over to Undersheriff Fitzgerald
for safe keeping.
Justice of the Peace, Alfred Per
kins left for Oneota yesterday morn
inging to preside at an inquest to
be held today. Dupont has been in
this region practically all his life.
His mother is said to reside at Poc
atello, Idaho. ' f
This Property Has Been
Bonded to Strong Syn
dicate Which 11
Develop ItEly
Men in Deal
(Special Correspondence.)
Gold Butte, Nev., June 8 The
first meeting of the Gold Butte Mer
cantile, Townsite & Mining company,
was held May 1st. The directors and
officers of which are: J. A. Enger,
president; Brig. Whitmore, vice-president;
W. E. Sharpe, secretary and
treasurer; who, with Harry Gentry,
C. F. Feldt, are directors. The prin
cipal office of the company will be at
at Gold Butte. The canitalization la
J $500,000, divided into an eqal number
It is the purpose of the company
to perfect the title ,to about 200 acres
of land. This accomplished, work
will begin immediately on the erec
tion of a 20-room hotel, with a 25x30
foot- dining room in connection. A
store building, 25x60 feet, will be
Bristol, bringing; Blackwell and the ! of "
horses back; to Pioche. Strange to j company wm ;,8o Vlld a new post'
say, nothing more was heard about offl building and conduct a lifery
pSkS:e--Jr8jUrn J and ng business. A par of the
Todd suddenly dronoed out of siht ' a9,Se,ts of ,the mpany will be seven
and the WeirV cS they mi fed , "ln'ng clalms and Suable water
Sf SAhn SfLSwS klts recently acquired from Mr.
" v,, ' t i narpe.
UiAuo iu Bii cau iuc axai ixi uiai.ijl ni
ter the discovery of the body in the
well near their premises last . Mon
day, by Angelo Bissio and William
H. Garton.
The actions of the Weirs at the
coroners' - inquest aroused the sus
picions of the officers and it is al
leged that the stories told by mem
bers of the Weir family -do not al
together tally. An examnation of the
body after its recovery from the well
diplayed evidences of foul play.! The
case is shrouded in, mystery, but the
officers believe they will be able to
"clear it up. The Weirs say Todd was
drunk on May 14 and aver that while
- in that condition must have tum-
' bled into the well.
The Weirs have been working a
lease at Bristol and have followed
the vocation of mining for several
years. . .--, -
Ainslee Campbell Here.
Ainslee Campbell, son of Dr. Camp
bell, has returned from Berkeley,
Calif., where-he has been attending
school. ' : " ...''-'
A' thrifty commercial and business
center will be estblished in the center
of the Gold ' Butte mining district, a
section which, just now ka attracting
considerable attention at the hands
of mining men and capitalists
The promotion and financing of the
company is in the hands of one of
Wall street's most prominent bankers
and promoters. It is the intention to
conduct a health sanitarium at Gold
Bute, and in time, this should" become
a popular resting place for the tour
ist and traveler.
The elevation of Gold Butte is 4125
feet.. Conditions are ideal, and the
climate Js ttie genuine California .ar
ticle, without the fogs. The scenery
is varied and magnificent, the air
blueing and invigorating.
Gold Butte is on the line of the
travel between Arizona and St.
George, Utah; also, between Arizona
Moapa valley, Caliente and Pioche.
Considerable" traffic is going on con
stantly between Gold Butte and St.
Thomas. Moapa is the present rail
road shipping point for Gold Butte.
With the successful development of
the mines in and around Gold Butte
it is destined to become an import
ant factor in the commercial a'nd min
ing world. The entering of eastern
capital spells success for XSfold Butte.
A verdtA of acquittal was rendered in the case of the State of
Nevada vs. Wlllam Savage and Michael J. Miller, charged with the
murder of J. Cleveland Carter, last Saturday evening.
The defense put up a strong case and the introduction of evi
dence to the effect that Carter did not bear a good 'moral reputa
tion had a telling effect on the jury.
The freed men left camp Sunday morning for Park City, Utah,
where they expect to find employment. Judge Warner, the Salt
Lake attorney .who, with Charles Lee Horsey of this city,, conducted
the defense of the men returned home on the same train.
, The members of the Jury were unanimous for acquittal and were
out not more than 50 minutes after receiving the Instructions of
the" court. '
Chairman Hawkins Tenders His Res
ignation Which Is Accepted.
The regular monthly meeting of
ten board of county commissioners
was held last Monday, with all mem
bers present. '
Bills were allowed to the amount
of $6,903.89, and are given in de
tail elsewhere in this paper.
Joseph. Rice of Panaca. presented a
petition requesting a rebate on his
liquor license; but investigation prov
ed that the license had expired a
few days prior to having been re
An application from the Las Ve
gas Land & Water company for a
franchise to install and operate a
water system in the town of Las
Ve.ias, was received and given due
consideration and the required no
tice was ordered published. , .
On petition of the residents of On-
ecn, the Oneota school district was
ordered established.
The application of the Rio Virgin
Telephone & Telegraph Co., for a
frn ichise to construct and pperate
a telephone line from Moapa, and
extending to Bunkerville and Mes
quiie. was granted.-'
An application was received from
'. W. Patterson for the position of
lusptrtor of the work to be perform
ed on the vaulc to be built at the
ccjK ucase. Tin? rrttter was laid
o-r for future action. .
Engineers' license were ordered is
sued to W. E. Dow and A. H. Gentry.
. : W. E. Hawkins, chairman of the
board,- announced that after July 1
his residence-would be in Clark coun
ty, whereupon he tendered his reslg
iiluon, to take effect June 30.. The
retignition was accepted and it will
now be the duty of the governor to
appoint a successor. o
The board will meet again next
Monday when matters pertaining to
the letting of the contract for the
new court house vault will receive
attention. .
Through tba -ttnrt.n -mf ., h,.- I.iaI
firm of assayers, Marriage and Cosby,
associated with R. S. Baverstock of
the assaying firm of Baverstock &
Staples of Los Angeles, a deal of '
considerable Interest to the local min-"
ing community was consummated this
week, the general details in con
nection therewith having been con
cluded late yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Marriage, after personally in
vestigating the Atlanta group at Sil
ver Park, owned by George and Belle -Latimer
and E. D. Stone, commenc
ed negotiations for an option on the
property. He then interested Mr. Bav
erstock, who made a careful investiga
tion, Mr. Baverstock in turn, inter
ested M. D. Rochford, a mining man
who spent years In buying ores
In Nevada and examining " mines ia
Mexico and in camps throughout the
west. ,
Mr. Rochford was so well satisfied
with the outlook that he decided to
Join Mr. Baverstock in taking up the
property, but before their negotia
tions were concluded, they Jointly in
terested Elmer Bray, who won an en
viable reputation as a mining man in
Ely in the early days being one of
the original investors in Copper Flat,
the Cumberland-Ely and other proper
ties, now regarded to be worth mil
lions. . -. -
Mr. Bray decided that the property
invited development, it being if any
thing, an enormous deposit of lnw
grade ore, which with depth, might
snow up streaks of better grade
ore, sufficient to make the greater
part of the vein a commercial undertaking
With this in view, final nee-otia-
tions were arranged and the prop
erty taken over on a bond and t.h
consideration named therein is said
to run Into the six figures. Work of
developing the ground will begin im
mediately by Mr. Bray and his com.
pany, amongst whom are some of the
wen Known operators of Ely.
The Atlanta group has been known -
for 35 years, having been prospect
ed in the early days by Jesse Knight,
the wen known Utah operator for
silver values. The vein has been strip
ped in many places and the out-
crop shows from 200 to 300 feet in
width most of which on the surface
carries fair values in gold, and very
few portions of which falls to show
free gold in the pan. It is said the '
gold contents became first noted
about 18 months ago, when the prop
erty was purchased outright by Geo
rge and Belle Latimer.
Head Of Scott Mines.
A. W. Scott, who is at the head of
the Scott Mines company, was in
camp this week accompanied by a
Mr. Smith of Providence, R.-1., who
is a large shareholder in the- Scott
company. They left this morning for
Bouse, Arizona.
i T"?"

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