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JUNE 19, 1909
jCoirjSjrafleace From
We Like To Publish Results
; . the World's Fair City
PIOCHB KING MINING COMPANY Joha A. Klrkr. MaBasar lug. T. Rod.... frc't
Thia cosipaw Is in M-H.P. ALAMO Guollae Holat which alio aVIvaa 319 ca. ft. Twc
Stisa Caupraaaor. Nina hour ahift hoisted (0 llta. ft. hackata on I sallona Dlatlllata;
twtlTc hour ahift hoiatcal 15 ll-e. ft. hschcts, drilled 8 (-ft. hola with thn aueklnra on
17 (alloaa Oiatillata. Nov do joa know why "old tlmcra" arc burins I ha
Aflainmo BSoist?
F. C. Richmond Machinery Co
Salt lake City.OtaJ
"M!! PIaaaaa UQUa.aaHOHaaaa-U ,QH HHH. M
When everyone
screen Doors. We have
them. Also all the material
to make Window Screens
5 .......
E. E. FULLER, Manager.
uxn mi -an noil rii hkii. imum
JJames ,A
Dry Goods, a complete stock.
Boots, Shoes and Hats.
One Pricfejlfo All
r ,
Main Street
If so see A. L. K KM BALL, Contractor and Builder of
Lumber, Concrete, or Cement Blocks
Plans and specifications drawn. Work guaranteed
Terms Reasonable
Office in the M. Griffith House on Pioche Street
Why the Kettle ttings.
De you know why a kettle "sings"
when the water is boiling?
It's like this: When the water be
(Ins to get hot, little bubble form
at the bottom of the kettle and rise
toward the top until they burst
At first they burst only a little way
from the bottom, but as the water
gets hotter and hotter they rise" high
er. and higher.
At last, when the water is boiling,
they burst right on the surface
hundreds of them one right after an
other and It Is the noise of their eon
tin uous bursting which makes the
wind we call "singing."
IVkl-" ti'f '-WI
Sales Apcy blittgo Pucunutlc Tool Co.
should have 3
. B
RFesbitt ;
Lore it -a winged messenger be
twecn heart.
Love la the amaranth in the Garden
of the Soul. ?
There be many loves, but only one
way of loving.
l.ove la God's benediction on the
world a worldless amen.
When the last word shall have beet
epoken echo will answer love.' .
r ii(7
In the still haws of the ni-jht,
unheralded and unseen, someone or
some persons, painted the above In
iTiption on the top rim of the
Nevada-l'taa company's smelter iu
the north part of town. Of course no
one would be gul ty of such a thing
except the junior class of mining
studeuts from the University of Utah,
which has been iu camp for the
past month. When first discovered,
many Pioche citizens immediately
put two a,id two together and
reached the conclusion that the Nev
advl'tah company was about ready t
rahivenate the o'd plant and place
it 1 ! commission aa!n. One wiseacre
declared he knew positively, that
about fifteen feet of the top of
the chimney was to be taken down
and that on top of the part re
maining was to be erected a mod
ern steel statk. It was also told
about town that Manager Caskir
had been asked "to furnish President
Learnard with estimates as to the
cost of remod dicing the p'nnt so that
It can be used airaln. There was
quite a ripple of ex'ltniont for
iwhtle. Owners of real estate be
can to talk of hi ;her nrl-i-s for town
lots a'ld a bl; borm for Piocho beiran
to l5?ra up In the horin m. Dnt
'heorists were (riven a shock when
someone trained a field plass on the
"h'mney and f licovered -U 1910. Oh
them students!
June 11 Oh for a day off! Shoos
finally gave out. misters all over
my feet and gnat bites all over the
rest cf me. Gnats carried off my
cmt"en and lnm h ta j and I came
in nearl" starved. Djn't want to be
a milling engiieer anyway rather
be a cook in Alaska. Skin p?eled
off my arn:s f.r the fourth time.
H'is'ur refused to give m ' a
fourth piece cf pi, also n sixth
glass of ice tea; stltmy bunch. ' Wi b
I was home where Ice grows in the
refrigerator and the milk comes
with the can peeled off.
June. 12 Same old story except
1 at a little rivulet for dinner that's
all. Don't see why that check doesn'
come from home. " Named my tent
the "SLIP INN" and put up a stsn to
that effect. The blamed Indians
s'lpped in while ,4 was away and
slipped but with ' my mirror and
tooth powder. Oh very well, no
chance to get a girl here anyway. -
June 13 "Hooray for Sunday." Hot
up at 12:30 p. m. and cleaned up
a bit. Keel rather light healed
wlthmit tii i. 'H.l.1.1..... . n.. ...
but there's a swell bunch of girls in
Pioche. They're Just like these
cactus flowers fine ti look at but
I unapproachable. Went down and
l took a picture of the old smelter
I chimney this afternoon. The mu'tg
I that painted it did a pretty fair Job.
I Went to the show this evening-
a'one. Oh- Gee! but I wish that I had
1 a gin.
' June 14 Back to the tender mere
of the quartzite: cactus and gnats. A
delegation of gnats came in from Bea
ver today, must have heard about
these tender engineers. Keep has
been in the- hospitnl all week lucky
beftmy, to be away from the terrors
of the hills, otherwise known as gnat
Those blankety blank chains arriv
ed this morning and now there's all
the more to do. Wonder where we'll
get off at?
June 15 Some of the bunch went
over to the Gold & Silver Prince
and helped install a generator. Must
know something about eelctrlcit
trlcity after all even if their exams
didn't show It.- Shared my bed
with a centipede last night but
didn't know It until this morning.
First sociable creature I've met in
this' town. Started to pack my suit
case today. We leave July 2. Bet
I won't miss the train. Introduced
to a fine girl this evening but had
on my working clothes and couldn't
make a hit Aw what's the use? .
June 16 Swell feed In the restau
rant this evening ham and eggs
and prunes. Won ten cents on the
wheel and treated on the strength
of it. Treat cost me a dol'ar sev
enty five. Also, I'm bust. If that
check doesn't come tomorrow I'll
have t3 look frr a Job. Found a
cow In my tent this afternoon ex
amining my transit, The ques
tion Is. "Was It an accident or a Pi
oche Joke" . . , ,
' June 17 Check arrived today.
Paid my debts and had two meal
tickets and fifteen cents left. And
my f"lk thlh I've pn' enough f-r
two wieks yet.- Say,-this villa ;c Ik
all right, pretty giris, - flue t-rub.
ea'y work and . a fine atmosphirn.
Feel glorious. A gnat bit me t v
day and I felt too good to smash bi n
Mmpiy boxei Hi is ears and toll
him to skldoo. My but it makes a
difference when a fellow's got a eirl
here. I HAVE.
I (Sie:ial Correspondence.)
j Seattle, June 15 Athough gold in
j every form Is on display in nearly ev-
try building at the Alaska- Yukon
Pa:ific exposition, the piece of gold
bearing rjck from Goldfield, Nev.,
: whi:h runs $10,000 to the ton Is
something more than an ordinary cur
4 icsity. Thli Is Included In the exhib
it or th I . S. Geological survey de
partment in the main government
Included in this exhibit are cases
containing ores and fuels from ev
ery region In the United States. The
valuable mineral rock has been pol
ished, thus bringing out clearly the
streaks of ore. All - rock is labled
and near is a map of many colors,
the latter illustrating the ores In the
cases and giving data as to whether
ihey are easy or . difficult of ac
cess, and whether the depossits have
been worked to any great extent.
The same department has In the
mines building, a demonstrating room
of the mine rescue apperatus such as
Is now used in the coal mines of
Peusylvania and Virginia. It is a Ger
man invention, but the government
experts expect soon to have some
thing better of American make.
Within the mines building may al
so bo seen smelters In operation and
large displays of ores and fuels from
different sections of the northwest.
There are a number of miniature
mines with working models of min
ing machinery. A two-ton gold bear
ing rock and a ten-ton piece of coal,
both from the state of Washington,
are among the curiosities to be seen.
Perhaps among the most interest
ing bul dings from an exterior stand
point on the grounds 'are the Utah,
Arctic Brotherhood, and Fores
try stuctures. Tho Utah building is
built to rcsetable a house of the Pu
eblo Indians, every detail of tho ex
terior being carried out. The For
estry and Artie Brotherhood build
ings are both of logs and built for
permanent structures,
A visitor might well spend one day
in seeing, hearing and understanding
tho government building exhibit, the
most complete that Undo Sam has
yet collected. Blograph hall in the
Hawaiian building has been fitted up
expressly for .lectures and many
topics are touched upon.
Washington's Debonair Chief of Police
Cr-anlzed the First Chapter,
The Order of Taft Martyrs Is the
Itttcst, says a Washington correspond
ent. Anyone who ever suffered any
indignity, ignominy or abrasiun of the
skin on William Howard Taft's ac
count Is eligible to membership, MaJ.
Sylvester, Washington's debonair po
lice chief, will organize the first chap
ter and accept the presidency, if it
should he offered. When Judge Taft
was here MaJ. Sylvester visited with
him for an hour or so the other day,
and ttild hhu how It hapiiened. It. was
en the night of his nomlnailon by the
Chicago convention. The University
club of the city had deiermlned upon
a celebration of the event. AlaJ. 8yl
ves'er was placed in charge of the ar
rangements at Judge Taft's K street
home. Everything moved . along In
apple-pie order until Ihe people got
over-enthusins l Speeches had been
made, ard jii U:e Taft was replying.
The walldrcs-ed g. ntleman with the
enlarged bump of enthusiasm, carry
ing a cane i.s Ms as a fence rail, be
gan lo Indulge himself in wild ap
piause. He Lrandished his walking
stick Joyously and brcnght It down
with a crash on the Inoffensive crani
um of the major. Sylvester was al
most stunned by the blow. A lump as
large as an apple formed on his
classic forehead. At that Instant the
Order of Taft Martyrs was born. Judge
Taft enjoyed Ihe recital, Interspersed
as It was wilh some of Maj. Sylvea
ter's choicest bits of humor. "If there
Is anything I ran do to alleviate your
distress, count fin me," said the president-elect.
Sylvester has sent for a
complete roster of consular appoint
ments. He Is scanning the list.
Dr. Hale a Loyal Washlngtonian.
Repeated winters spnt In Wash
ington are makln-? a loyal Wash n-?
tonian out of the chaplain of the
sena'o. Dr. Edward Everett Ha: He
denounces the Ignorance and aniptdlty
of those who think that the 30,000
office holders are unfit appointees of
politicians. "In very many depart
ments," he says, "the work done chal
lenges the wonder end respect of the
experts of 'the world." He donlils
whether any univt rA y in Ihe world
can brin tse;h:T so la-go a body of
accomplished men of science as can
be seen In Washington during Die win
ter months. As for the congressional
library, there Is no other in tbis coun-
(rv i which one wnrka with mm mat
I?.!?. . 0 " m"t-
G. M. WHITMOHK, Fnaidtat,
CEO. & CllFKNW OOP. Vlca-Prrat. '
Grorg. R Graanwooa G. M. WKItmora,
N. P. Ipaun, E. A. Hodata.
C. A. Thonpaon, Juha K. twia.
M. U Ua.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Wines, Liquors
and Cigars . .
Courteous Treatment.
Assured to Everyone
Your Patronage Solic
ited TOioche and
" Caliente
'X'' -s! ii f;
bv buv'ne
reliable, lion'-, j,
ft h1 sew
ing machine.
National Sewing Machine Co.
Belvldere, III.
The Record has received a new
stock of Carbon Paper and Man
uscript Covers.
Manuscript covers, carbon paper,
location notices and deed. For sals
a the Record office.

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