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August H, 1909
mm soLo::o;is
Bills allowed by the Board of Coun
ty Commissioners of Lincoln County,
at their meeting held August 2nd,
Wm. E. Orr, salary for month of
June, iyu iin.M.
John F. Roeder, salary for month
of June, 1250.00.
Chas. Culverwell, Jr., excess fees
for quarter ending June 30th, 1909,
A. A. Carman, salary for month of
-June, $50.00.
W. E. Hawkins, salary for month
Of June, $80.90."
Joe Ronnow, salary for month of
June, $53.40.
Pioche Water cdmpany, water fur
nished court house, $6.00.
Callente Mercantile Co., supplies
furnished Caliente town, $67.50.
Ed Ross, services as night police
man and fire marshal, Las Vegas,
$115.00. .
W D. Maynard, justice fees, Cal
lente township, $34.75.
J. Nesbitt & Bro., supplies furnish
ed Indigent, $9.40.
J. Nesbitt & Bro., supplies furnish
ed indigent, $10.60.
Henry Lee, postage stamps purchas
ed for county, $21.10.
BamherEer-Dfilamnr CI M Pn
lights furnished for town of DeLamar,
A. A. Carman, supplies furnished
county jail, $6.20.
Western Union Telegraph Co., tele
grams sent for county, $2.78.
lone Rhoades, meals furnished
county prisoners, $2.50.
Chas. Lee Horsey, legal services
rendered county, $100.00.
lone Rhoades, boarding county pris
oners, $15.50.
W, p. Worrell, supplies furnished
and labor performed for Las Vegas
town. $13.35.
Las Vegas Land & Water Co., wa
ter for county jail at Las Vegas,
Wm. Carman, guarding county jail,
D. H. Rhoades, livery hire by De
puty Sheriff Sam Gay, $15.50.
.. D. H. Rhoades,-livery hire by De
puty Sheriff Sam Gay, $10.00.
A. H. Leach, taking testimony coro
ners inquest DeLamar, $7.20.
Nick Kosich, services as interper
ter coroner's jury, $3.00.
H. W. Turner, coroner fees, $15.00
J. W. Pace, services as special con
stable, $2.50.
Frank A. Doherty, taking school
census, searcnJignt district, $42.50.
John Acklln. service m flm r-htof
DeLamar, $10.00.
Henry Lee, salary, for June, 1909,
Chas. Culverwell, Jr., salary for
June, 1909, $116.66.
Joe Ronnow, mileage for attending
special meeting, $6.80.
O. H. Smith, salary for June. 1909,
C. P. Fitzgerald, salary for June,
John S. Trimble, salaiy for June
Jake Johnson, Balary for June,
W. L. Colton, salary for June,
Sam Gay. salary for Jnn Jinn nn
J, W. Fltzpatrick, salary for June,
James Small, guarding county prls
oners, $77.00.
James Small, guarding county oris
oners, $28.00. .
C. P. Fitzgerald, boarding county
prisoners, $178.66.
C. P. Fitzgerald, meals purchased
for coroner's Jury, $4.00.
J. W. Fltzpatrick, expense trans
porting prisoner Caliente to Pioche
$8.50. '
Sam Gay, expenses incurred -as de
- puty sheriff. $18.40.
Panaca Co-op., supplies furnished ii
aigent, fiu.uo.
wm. Culverwell, livery hire for
sheriff's office, $66.50.
J. M. McLauKhlln. takinr and trnn
scribing preliminary testimony, $87.00
j. Ai. AicLaugniin, taking and trail
scribing testimony of preliminary
J. M. McLaughlin, taking testimony
a.t coroner's Inquest, 33.00.
W. E. Cllft, services on coroner's
jury, sz.ou.
A. a. Thompson Co., supplies fur
nished Pioche town, $16.60.
A. S. Thompson Co., supplies fur
nished county jail, $32.40.
A. . Thompson Co., supplies fur-
.... nished indigent. $10.90.
W. E. Blackwell. expenses incur
, red atending preliminary hearing
joun ieiao, worn performed on
streets of DeLamar. $25.50.
. John M. Breeze, salary for month of
June, $150.00. .
Jake Johnson, team hire for DeLa
mar town, $72.00.
W. J. Hopkins, labor performed on
streets of DeLamar, $54.50.
The Breeden Office Supply Com
pany, supplies furnished county,
Wells, Fargo & Co., express, refund
licenses paid, $5.00.
Callente Mercantile Co., supplies
furnishd town, $120.00.
John' O. Gelabert, ; burial of Chas.
Todd; $35.00.
Eleanor Schlon, taking school cen
sus DeLamar, $46.50.
Ollie Bleak, service'
Jury, $2.50.
David Prophet, services on coroner
Jury, $2.50.
F. M. Whitney, taking testimony
preliminary hearing at Searchlight.
W H. Clark, exnensea Inrnrrerl of.
tending preliminary hearing, $15.00.
Wm. M. Thompson, expenses incur
red attending: preliminary hearine
Willie D. Eddards, expenses incur
red attending preliminary hearing,
Louis Stearns, justice fees, $15.00.
John Ewing. blacksmith work for
county, $4.25.
John Ewine. BUDnlles furnished Pl-
oche fire department, $18.75.
Pioche Record, publishing delin
quent tax list, $8.00.
Pioche Record, advertising for coun
ty, $15.00.
Thomas Klerman, work performed
for Las Vegas town, $6.00.
11. M. Lillls, justice fees, $51.00.
Alfred Perkins, Justice fees, $145.00
J. E. Younsr. services rendered Cal
lente town, $69.50. '
J. E. Youne. services rendered Cal
lente town, $33.50.
W, B. Mundy. telegrams sent for
county, $27.13.
W. E. Hawkins, cash advanced for
county, $10.05.
W. B. Mundy, telegrams sent -for
Las Vegas town, $.25.
Roy W. Martin, M. D., professional
services rendered indigent, $25.00.
Merchants' Cafe, meals furnished
jury, $86.85.
Alex Orr. services aa nierht. noli re
man and fire marshal for Pioche town
C. W. Patterson, services on coro
ner's Jury, $2.50.
Ralph DeWit, transfer charees.
Ralph DeWitt, wagon cover fur
nished county. $5.00.
Ralph DeWitt. work on streets with
team, ?3.&u.
Consolidated Power &' Telephone
uo., lights furnished Las Vegas jail,
Mrs. I. N. Garrison, services as jan
itor court house for June $40 00.
John S. Trimble,, expenses Incurred
in transporting prisoners, $12.00.
John M. Breeze, expenses incurred
m attending preliminary hearing
E, r; Fuller, lumber furnished coun
ty. M .
liodges-Cook Mercantile Co., suppli
furnish. v iu'igent $10 00.
Ii Jf. Welkcr, work ierformed for
uxa vemaa town, $2.00
Las Vegas Age, printing for county
$9.75. .
O. II. Smith, transporting prisoners
uauenie to nocne, ?8.B0.
Pioche Record, advertising for Pi
oche town. 110.85.
James Henrle. road work.. Callento
district, $12.00.
Ed Hing. board for insane iifirunn
at DeLamar, $7.00.
U. N. I. Telephone Co., telephone
service for month of June, $5.00.
Dr. W. W. Stockham, hospjtal con
tract and supplies furnished, $133.00.
J. t . Koeder, commission on poll
tax collections, $22.50.
A. II. Leach, work nerfnrmAil fnr
DeLamar town, $37.50.
Salt Lake Stamp Co., dog tax and
links, $9.50.
John Crowe, team work for Piorha
town, $99.00.
Breeden Office Supply Co., supplies
furnished county, $33.00.
Searchlight Western Tel. Co.. tela.
grams sent for county, $3.77.
uoo buccettl, bounty for coyote and
wild cat scalps, $7.50. ,
J. M. McLauehiln. takirier and trnn.
scribing preliminary testimony, $9.00.
ute v. renting, salary as water con
miSBioner, $140.00. -O.
H. Smith, salary for July, $166.66
C. P. Ftlzgerald, salary for July,
John Trimble, - salary for July,
Jake Johnson, salary for July, $100.00.
J. W. Fltzpatrick, salary for July
J. G. Small, guarding county pris
oners, $35.00. .
J. G. Small, guarding prisoners on
streets of Pioche, $77.00.
Robert Brunges, roadwork DeLamar
district, $50.00.
W. D. Maynard, justice fees, $26.25.
Alex Orr, services as night police
man and fire marshal Pioche town,
Wm. E. Orr, salary for month cf
July, $108.33.
Chas. Culverwell. Jr.. salary for
July, $150.00.
Jennie W. Wilcox, salary as deputy.
Recorder's office, $100.00.
Robert Brunsey. road work DeLa
mar town, $7.50. ' .
C. P. Fitzeerald. bus fares for uris-
oners depot to town, $1.50.
Joseph Powers, brick furnished for
court house chimneys, $12.50.
James Henrie. bounty for noxious
animals, $48.00.
J. E. Youns. services as engineer
Caliente water system, $95.75.
W. J. Cook, services euardinc pris
oners, Caliente, $9.00.
J. Nesbitt & Bro.. supplies furnish
ed indigent, $10.50.
J. Nesbitt & Bro.. supplies furnish
ed indigent, $10.60.
Jesse Simmons leeal services ren
dered county, $35.00.
Wm. E. Orr, cash advanced for
county. $2.80.
John Ewinsr. B'acksmith work Def-
formed for county, $6.75.
Alfred I'eilviiis. jinkc fees, $10.50.
Pioche Waiw CiMXD.'tny. water fur
nish'! ccirt housj, IC'O.
Caliente Mer'-nritJl" Co.. sunnllea
furn'shed Calient tow, $63.00.
Western Union Teleeranh Co.. tel
grams sent for county, $6.56.
Alfred Perkins, justice fees, $15.75.
John M. Ereeze. salary for month
of July, $108.33.
A A. Carman, salary and mileage
for July, $25 20.
Joe Ronnow. salary for July. $28.40.
Wm. Moore, draughting plans for I
county vault, $51.00 I
O H. Smith, expense transporting
prisoners, $12.00.
C. P. Fitzgerald, toaid for county
prisoners, $176.65.
Pioche Record, advertising for coun
ty, ii
Mrs. I. N. Garrison, services as jan
itor for month of July, $40.00.
W. W.- Stockham, M. D., hospital,
contract for month of July, $275.25.
Ralph DeWitt, team and driver Pi
oche streets, $3.50.
Ralph Be Witt, cash advanced and
hauling express, $1.30.
Henry Lee. salary for month of
July, $150.00.
Henry Lee stamps purchased for
county, $19.00.
Panaca Co-op., supplies furnish
ed indigent, $10.80.
Pioche Record, advertising for coun
ty, $5.40.
Mary Lake, services as school cen
sus marshal1, $44.00.
Pioche Record, advertising for coun
ty, $6.00.
J. F. Roeder, salary for month of
July, $150.00.
J. F. Roeder, commission on poll
tax collections, $3.15.
W. P. Murray, M. D., professional
services rendered, $14.00.
Joe Ronnow, mileage atending spec
ial meeting and cash advanced, $5.40.
J. G. Small, guarding county prison
ers, $7.00.
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