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DECEMBER; 18; 1CC0 3
No. 04430
United States Land office, Carson
City, Nevada,, October 30, 1909.
Notice is hereby, given that Wm,
E. HarrUon, whose residence and
rojtt office address is Pioche, Nevada,
has made' application ' for a ; United
States Patent for the Wade Hamp
ton Lode Mining Claim Consolidat
ed, situated in the Ely Mining Dis
trict, Lincoln County, Nevada, , con
sisting of 1490 linear feet, of the
Wade Hampton Lode,, 1466.8 linear
leet of the .Peter Cooper, Lode, and
1413.1 linear feet of the Ben Frank
J'n'Laie, with surface ground with
ei.ch ": not exceeding 600 feet in
-,,'dth, as shown upon the official
plat, being U, S. , M.; S. 3661. and
described in the field notes and plat
oj the official survey on. file in this
otfice with magnetic '. variation at 16
oegre8 ,20 minutes East as follows,
to wit: '..,' . . ",.. ',
Commencing at" Corner No. 1 of
cald Wade Hampton Lode whence
Section corner common to Sections
20. 21. 28 and 29, T. ; IN., R. 67 E.,
Mt. Diablo Base and Meridian bears
South 5' degrees 10 .'.minutes West
48.1 feet distant and running thence
roth 16 degrees 10 minutts West
1408.6 feet to Corner No. 2; -thence
South - 83 degrees 50 minutes East
0T.2 feet to Corner No. 3; ..thence
South 16 degrees 10 minutes West
4C6.1 feet, to Corner No. 4; thence
South 53 degrees 35 minutes West
.322.3 feet to Corner , No. 5;, thence
South 40 degrees 13 minutes' West
928 "".feet "'to . Corner ; No. 6; thence
North 83 degrees 50 minutes West
24.6 feet to Corner No. 1, the place
beginning, containing an area of
11.807 acres,-all of which is claimed
'and applied for.
Beginning at Corner No. 1 of said
Peter Cooper Lode on line 1-2 Wade
Hampton Lode of this survey, whence
the section corner common to said
Sections 20,21, 28 and 29, T. IN.,
R. 67 E., bears South 35 degrees 22
minutes west 1114.9 feet distant, and
lunnlng thence South ' 84 degrees 31
minutes West 1466.8 feet to Corner
No. 2; thence North 16 degrees 10
minutes East 645.5 feet to Corner
No. 3; thence North 84 degrees 31
minutes East 1466.8 feet to Corner
No. 4; thence South "16 v degrees 10
minutes West 645.5 feet to said Cor
ner No. 1. the place of beginning,
containing . an area of 20.205 acres,
all of which is claimed and applie
v for. . '., ;.. -"'- - . .- -:,'; .
, Commencing at Corner No. 1 of
'raid Ben Franklin Lode, identical
with Corner No. 1 of Wade Hampton
Louo, this survey, whence the section
common, to said Sections 20, 21, 28
and ,?f, T. i N., R. 67 E., bears
South 58 depress 10 minutes West
548.1 leet distant, and running thence
Soutli f4 degrees 31 minutes West
647.S feet to Corner No. 2;, thence
North ft decrees 16 minutes West
7;V).2 TX'ut to Corner No. 3; thence
North 16 degrees 10 minutes Bast
131.1 feet to Qprner No. 4; thence
Noi'h 84 degrees 31 minutes East
H6u.S feet to Corner No. 5 i thence
South; 16 degrees 10. minutes West
645.5 feet to Corner No.. 1, the place
of beginning containing an area of
"15.709 acres, all of which is claim
ed and applied for, the area in con
' flict between said Ben Franklin and
Red Rock No. 2, this1 survey, being ex
.ressly Included ; the total area claim
cd and applied for in this application
leing 47.721 acres. The Red Rock
No. 2, exclusive of Its conflict with
the said Ben Franklin Lode, being
not herein applied for.
, The claims applied for herein are
situated in the South-east quarter of
Section" 20 and the Soupth-west quar
ter of Section 21, T. IN., R. 67 E. Mt
Diablo Base and Meridian.
Bach of said lode locations embrae
cd within said mining claim consol
ldated being of record In . the office
of the Recorder of said Mining Dis
trict and County, at Pioche, in Lin
coin Countty, Nevada.
The nearest known locations are the
' Apex, Apex No. 3 and Apex No. 4, U
8. M. S. 3289; Red Rock No. 2, part
of U. S. M. S 3661; Swansea No.
(unsurveyed);General Grant,. U. S.M
S. 3701 ; Iribune, Legal Tender, Em
ma and Horris Greely, U. S. M.
$557. Lode Milling C'alms.
I direct that .this notice be publish
ed In the Pioche Record, at Pioche,
Vevada. the newspaper published
nearest . rah? ' .mining claim, - for -period
rot sixty days.
, .r - . . , Register,
Lawrence Robertson, Attorney
fcr Applicant, 105-7 Atlas Block.
Salt Lake City, Utah.
First pub. Nor, 1909; last, Jan.
. XllO.
SERIAL NO. 05438.
United ' States- Land" office. Carson
City,- Nevada, November 29, 1909. - ;
- Notice is hereby given that Mark
Churich, "post .office aidress, Pioche,
Nevada, has made apllcation for pat
oat to the Churich Consolidated
Claim,' Survey" No." 3748, consisting
of he East, -Meridian,, West. Easter
Sunday, Churich, South and North
Lode's, In ..unsurveyed T. 1. S. R. , 66
E. M. D. B. and M.; in Comet Min
Inj District, Lincoln County, Ne
vada, described as. follows: Begin
ning . at Cor,. No. 1, North-Lode,
whence the S. W. Cor. Sec. 32, T, 1
N. a. 66 E. bears N. 3 deg. 47 min.
81 sec. W. 8213.4 ft.; theace N. 69
deg. 40 min. E. 1500 ft. to Cor. No.
North Lode; thence." 20 deg.
min. E. 600 ft. to Cor No. 3,
North Lode, being also Cor.' No. 2,
West Lode and Cor. No. 1, Merid
ian Lode; thence N. E9 deg. 02 min.
1329 ft. to Cor. No. 2, Meridian
Lode, being also Cor. No. 1, East
..ode; thence N. 54 deg. ,29 min. E.
500 ft. to Cor. No.. 2, East. Lode;
thence S. 20 deg. 20 min. E. 600 ft.
to Cor. No. 3, East Lode; thence
54 deg 29 min. W. 1500 ft to Cor.
No. 4, East Lode, being also Cor. No.
Meridian Lode; thence S. 59 deg.
C2..min. W. 1329 ft. 1 to Cor No. 4,
Meridian Lode," being also Cor. No. 2,
South Lode, , and - Cor. No. 3, West
ode; thence S. 20 deg. 20 min.' E.
600 ft. to Cor. No. 3, .South lode;
thence S. 69 deg. 40 min. 'W. 1500 ft.
to Cor. No. 4, South" Lode; " thence
N. 20 deg. 20 min. W. 600 ft. to Cor,
No. l.SouthLode, being a'.so Cor. No.
, West Lode, 'and Cor. No. 2, Easter
Sunday Lode; thence S, 79 deg. 42
min, W. 1500 ft. to Cor, . No. 3, East
er Sunday Lode, being also Cor. No.
Churich Lode; thence S. 82 deg.
2 min W. 1500 ft. to Cor. No. 3,
Churich Lode; thence N. 20 deg. 20
min W. 600 ft. to Cor. No. 4, Churich
ode; thence N. 82 deg. 32 min, E
1500. ft. to Cor. No. 1, Churich Lode,
being also Cor. No. 4, Easter Sunday
.ode; thence N. 79 deg. 42 min. E
1G00 ft. to Cor. No. 1, Easter Sun
C,b.j lode, being also Cor. No. 4, North
Lode and Cor. No. 1, West Lode;
thence N. 20 deg 20 min. W. 600 ft. t
Cor. No. 1, North Lode, the be
ginning. There are no adjoining or
conflicting claims as shown by the
plat of survey. . Of record In ' Books
C-l, pages 382-3-4-5 and Z, pages 377-8
of mining notices In Lincoln County,
Nevada. ..
First pub. Dec 4; last, Feb. 6, 1910.
"otlce for Permission to Appropriate
the Public Waters of the State
of Nevada.
Notice Is hereby given that on the
26th day of November, 1909, in ac
i erdance with Section 25, Chapter
XVIII, of the Statutes of 1907, one
John L. and W, H. Edwards, and A.
Lee, of Panaca, County of Lincoln,
and State of Nevada, made applica
tion to the State Engineer of Nevada
for permission to appropriate . the
public waters of the State of Nevada
Such appropriation to be made fro .
spring or seap about 600 feet square
at points about 600 yards northeast
of Grassy Spring and about one-fourt
mile east of Delamar-Caliente wagon
toad, six miles north of the Town
o' Deiamar, by means oi spring, cuts,
ri.tches and pipe lines, and two cubic
feet ; per second Is 'to be conveyed
to points of use, by means of cuts
ditches and pipe lines and there used
for Irrigation and domestic purposes.
Water to be returned to stream.- No.
Signed: '''
State Engineer.
First pub. Dec. 4 ', last, Dec. 25.
First pub. Dec. 4; last,Feb.6, 1910.
(Eller Residence.)
First Class Rooms With Bath
and Heat. Under New Man
agement. M ISS M. LEI BOLD,
Serial No. 4$.. r
CARSON CITT, Nevada, October It.,
Not tea la hereby tlwa that Mark Chur.
Ich, whose postof'ice address la Plooha,
Nevada, has oaade DpUoatlon for a pat-
ent to 1500 feet on the Horseshoe. Tut
I. ih.ci. ui.in. m...i.. ii T..
ty. Nevada, beln Survey Nil 1740. au,
J wiuiub) Areola IV. UIOVUIH XVUsW
cribed as follows: esinnW at Cor. No.
I, whenca the S. W. Cor. Sec li, T. i
N'. R. (I E, M. D. B. and II., bears N.
79 Aeg. it min, $0 sec. E. 1S4S.4 ft.;
thence S. 47 4eg. 3 min, W. 638 ft
to C'.r. No. I; thance N. 62 deg. 3i
min. W. 150 ft. to Cor. No. t; thence
N. 47 deg. 30 min E. 638 ft. to Cor..
No. 4; thence S.. 55 deg. 38 min. E. 603.8
ft. vto Cor. No. E: thenca 8. 67 da-
08 min. E. 003.7 ft. to place of begin-
imp-. Area iv.ssi meres.
From discovery monument. nraaui4
direction of the vain Is N. 62 dag.
28 min. W. 090 ft. and 8. 62 deg. 21
min. E. 610 ft. Adjoining claims, if
any. unknown. Of record on Pare 847
of Book C--1, of Mining Notices, Lin
coln County, Nevada, records. Locat
ed in the S. E. 1-4 and S. W. 1-4 of
Sec. 16, and the N. W. 1-4 and N. E.
1-4 Of Sec. 21. T. 1 N. H. 87 M M
D. B. and M.
First pub. Oct. 16; last, Dec. 18.
Notice is hereby given that the
Board of County Commissioners of
Lincoln County, Nevada, will, at
its meeting to be held Monday Jan
uary 2nd, 1910. receive bids and pro-
i csals for the furnishing of meals
to the county prisoners confined in
the Jail at Pioche, Lincoln County,
i-ievada, for the year ending Decem
ber 31, 1910.
Said bids shall include furnishing
meals for all persons confined with
in the Jail at a price of so much per
meal. The Board reserves th rtirht
lo reject any and1 all bids submitted
By order of the Board,
WM. a ORR,
- . Clerk.
First pub. Now. 6; last, Dec. 18.
: Notie? ia hereby given that the
board ci county commissioners of
Lincoln eounty, Nevada, will at its
meeting to be held Monday, Jan
uary 3. 1810, receive sealed bids for
the coui'ly advertising and Job print
ing for the year 1910. Bids for the
adWifJsJcg and job printing to be sub
mitted seperately. Advertiblng to be
bid upon at so" much per legal square,
as defined by the statute.
In the bids for the. Job printing a
statement of the 'quality. of stock to
H used In the different work is re
The board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids submitted. By
otvier of the board. -
First pub. Nov. 20; last, Dec. 25. -
M. A. No! 04393.
SON CITY, NEVADA, October 18th.,
Notice Is hereby given, that Nevada
Horn Silver Mining company, a cor
poration, through its authorized agent
James W. Abbott, whose postoffice
address is Pioche, Nevada, has made
application for a United States pat
ent for the Horn Silver No. 1, Horn
Silver No. 2, Horn Silver No. 3,
Horn Silver No. 4, Horn Silver No.
5 and Ruby, lode mining claims con
solidated, situated In the Bristol Min
ing District, County of Lincoln, State
o! Nevada, being survey Nqv 3727,
and described in the field notes and
plat on file In this office.with magnet
ic variation at 16 deg. 50 min. east,
as follows:
Commencing at corner No. 1 of Hor
S'lver No. 3 lode claim, whence the
U. S. M. M. No. 225 bears N. 6 deg.
38 min. 25 sec. E. 1496.9 feet;
Thence S. 64 deg. 40 min. W. 483.9
feet to 6orner No. 2 of said claim;
Thence N. 25 deg. 23 min. W. 1500
feet to corner No. 3 of said claim;
Thence N. 64 deg. 40 min. E. 339.7
feet to Intersect line 23 Horn Sil
ver No. lode;
Thence N. 25 deg. 20 min. W. 255.2
feet to corner No. 3 of Horn Silver
No. lode;
Thence N. 45 deg. 14 min. E. 1499.8
feet to corner No. 4 of said lode;
Thence S. 25 deg. 20 min. E. 426
feet to corner No. 2 of Horn Sti
ver No. 5 lode; '-'-"'.
. Thence N. 4 deg. 46 min. E. 1215.5
feet tox corner No. 3 of Ruby, lode;
Thence S. 25 deg. 20 min. E. 1339.7
feet ' to corner No. 4 of said loder
Thence S. 49 deg. 46 min. W. 1215.5
feet to "corner No. 1 of Horn Sll
ver No. 6 lode;
Thence S. 25 deg. 20 min. E. 40.5
feet to corner No. 2 of Horn Sli
ver No. 4 lode;
1 Thence S. 45 deg. 14 min. W. 1345.3
feet to corner No. 3 of said ; lode.
Identical with corner No. 1 of Horn
Silver No. . 3 . lode, the place of be
ginning and located approximately
in unsurveyed township "4 N., Range
65 E., M. D. B. and M., containing.
an area of 106.. 370 acres.
Adjoining claims . ' as shown by
plat of snrrey are: Sunrise lode (un
surveyed), Marie Ibde (uasurreyed).
Lesle lode, (unsurveyed), and Cll
m - Ui. ....t.,,,-..rn
- Ww
I direct that this notice be pub
lished la The Pioche Record, pub
lished at Pioche, Nevada.
" " ' ' '-r r Register.
:. Edwin W. Senior, Salt Lake City,
Utah, Claimant' Attorney. "
First pub. Oct. 23; last, Dec 18.
SERIAL NO. 04537.
Caraoa City Land office. Carson
City, Nevada, November 29, 1909.
Notice Is hereby given that Mark
Churich, postoffice address, Pi
tche, Nevada, has made applica
tion for patent to the Silver Star
Consolidated Claim, Survey No.' 3747.
consisting of the Silver Star and Apr!
loaes, in unsuryeyed- T. 1 S.. R. 66
EL M. D. B. and M. , In Comet Min
ing district, Lincoln County, Nevada,
ri escribed as follows: Beginning at
Cor, No. t, April lode, whence the "ft
W W. Cor. Sec. 32, T. 1 N. R. 66
ELM. D. B. and M. bears N. 29 deg.
48 min. W, 995.3 . ft.; thence N. 73
(leg. 49 min. E. 1500 ft. to Cor. No. 2
April r lode, same being Cor. No.
I, Silver Star lode; thence N. 73 dee
i9 min. E. 1500 ft. to Cor. No. 2,
silver Star lode; thence S. 21 deg. !
7 m'ln. E. 600 ft. to Cor. No. 3, Sil
ver Star lode; thence S. 73 deg. 49
min. W. 1500 ft to Cor. No. 4, Sil
ver Star , lode, being also. Cor. No.
3, April lodes; thence S. 73 de.' 49
win. W. 1500 ft. to Cor. No. 4. Ap
ril lode, thence N. 21 deg. 37 min. W.
600 ft. to Cor. No. 1, April lode, the
beginning. There are no adjoining
or conflicting claims as shown by the
plat of survey. Of record in books
25," page 377 and "Cl,' page 385,
of mining notices in Lincoln County,
Leave your order for corporation
seals, rubber stamps etc., at the Rec
ord office.
Praised by Press and Pulpit
No Piano has ever been more enthusiastically endorsed.
' The Artistic Case, the Easy, Responsive Action, and above
, all the deep, sweet, rich Tone, captivates performer and lis
tener. The united verdict is that
Mr. Helen M. Slaker, 244 Grand At., Aurora, III., nays: 'I cannot Had words in the
KnelUh laug-uaire to express my appreciation to jou (or having; sold me such a beautiful in
strument. I really think it it the most beautiful case I ever saw, and the tone Is simplr
grand. I shall be g-lad to give yon any testimonial, at I thiulc the Lombard should take the
- 4 . -.'
Rev. Geo. Doubleday, Pres. Corpus Chrittl College, Galesburg, 111., says: "We are using
the Lombard In our College work at Corpus Christ), and it is a pleasure to recommend it. It
la a beautiful instrument with a deep, sweet, rich lone."
, J. W. Purviance, Editor McNairny County Independent, Selmer, Tean., tays: "The instru
nient (Lombard Piano) fills our most sanguine expectations. It is not nnly a rare beauty la
its outward finish, but the tone is round, fnl), rich and sweet. Your firm has proven to be
prompt and reliable in its dealings with me."
J. Ernest Paxson, Editor Press, Parkersbnrg, Pa., says: "I must say that the Lombard
sent me is a beautiful instrument, and a credit to a standard firm. We are morethan satisfied."
R. 8. Knapo, President federal Charter Co., Washington, D. C, says: "We now real lie
after a careful and comprehensive trial of the Lombard by many musical artists of Washing
ton, that it stands second to none, regardless of price or make. Every one who has tried this
Instrument is enthusiastic in its praise."
These are samples of hundreds of enthusiastic letters '
J received In every mall.
Do Not Buy a Piano Until You Have Investigated the Lombard.
, We send the Lombard Piano to any reliable party on 10 days free trial.
It may be paid fvt by eay monthly or quarterly payments. Credit will be
given to suit any honest customer. A discount allowed for all cash.
- See the editor of this pper for further information about tho
Lombard Piano, and a special opportunity to get one almost FREE.
Some one will fet the bargain of his life. '
Through the good graces of the Pi
oche Com men ial Club the attention
of the merchants of Pioche. was called
to the long hours of work that was
lequired of them and their employes
conform to the opening and closing
hours as now exist among the mer
chants. It resulted in a meeting of
iLe merchants and the creation of the .
Pioche Merchants Association. The
business firms as their names ap
pear below have agreed, commencing
I'ecember 1st, to close their doors
to business at 8 o'clock p. m. each
day and to remain closed all day on
Sundays, except the drug store.
Heretofore, the merchants and thel
employes have had to work from thir
teen to fifteen hours per .day and half
o each Sunday no opportunity was
piven them for rest or recreation; no
time was permitted them to enjoy the"
t-pcial pleaseures of either home or
friends or give the attention and care
that 'b due them to their wives and "
Knowing that we can trust the peo-
pie to be fair, generous and right,
.e cpme to you asking for your en
dorsement, for your "support and in-
L'luence In making this change, which
means B mucn 10 us, a success
The Alamo makes a specialty of
bottled In bond goods. W. H. ZIc
Bryer's Cedar Brook, Old ; Taylor,
Atherton, Melwood, Old Crow, Jack
Bean, Gugkenhelmer Rye, Medallion,
Canadian Club and Hermitage Rye.
Nothing but bonded Whiskies car
lied at the Alamo.

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