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The Pioche Record
Published Every Saturday by
Term of Subscription
One year, la advance,
One year, if not In advance.
Six months, in advance, ..
Six months, if not in advance, $1.7.')
Papers sent to foreign countries, at
S3.60 per year; $1.75 lor six months;
strictly in advance. Advertising rate
an application.
Entered in the Postoffic'e at Pioche,
Nev., as Second Class Mail Matter.
LEWIS H. BEASON, Editor & Mgr.
The Record acknowledges the re
cenpi, of au invitation to attem.
tho celebration next week in the Mo
apa va.ley coniumorating the com
pletion and formal opening of tl.v.
Moapa vailey branch of the Ha..
Lake Route, the- present terminus c,
which is St. Thomas.
A very exeellant program hit
boon prepared and indications m .
that an immense crowd will partlci.
pate in the -festivities of tho occa
The Salt Lnko Route lias announc
ed excursion rates from ail points g.
the road to Overton and St. Thcuia.
A large number of Salt Luke buslneMt
men will take advantage of tho ti.
cuiion rates and it is also aiti
lpiteu that Lincoln, county will le.
we.i represented.
The following, from the pen of Mr.
S. R. Whitehead, appeared in the las
issue of the Clark County Review:
I'fru. i... ..
- iuu completion or-tne jucapa va.
ley branch of the Salt Lake Railroac
marks the beginning of new life foi
the semi-tropical garden spot of th
Go nnl.i..i..L ........ tr .
u6t"' now muie. i ears ago tut
Mormon pioneers found this wondev
fully fertile spot, located in the vai
ley, ana in a comparatively short
time had a population of nearly 2,0
people. The fertility of the soil ma I
. i
cicps sucn as are seldom seen. Thei
thought that they were in Utah.tln
home of the other Mormons, a-e
jn.iu uimr laxes mere lor years
men came tho government survov
i . . '
snowing tne country to be in No-
vaua ana not In Utah. Old Lincoln
county woke up to tho situation and
found that she had some good prep
eny and proceeded therewith .
collect taxes, not only thoBe current
but took steps to collect all backti-
cb. uiuerness arose through law
Ktiits and, finally, the people turned
the country over to the Nevada att
uioriucs ana went back to Utah.
Fifteen hundred people j ft horn, t
burning and went bark to Utah
and from the top of the mesa, a
ntey watched the straw and h;i
ctn..l.n V. . . I i . .
o.ovm uuiumg, cacie gooel-bye t
Monpn valley.
.'V"is uie vaucy slept as a
deserted 'No Man's' country. Tev
I'pl ever stopped to try to iv'-idV
the old into a new country. A f i-tv
:i.-ra farm could be had for a sn:i-
Ullin i?mg traded off fjr a fair
sized pony. Now and then somco'i
limntH nn n ... . - A t .
...... u. uii ul lam, nere r,
tlinitn .. J ...
, 'uc,r ". soon getting t'red o'
nara work, moved on to let someon.
eise try it. But with the building
the Salt Lake raUroad through Not.
oa, came prospects of better thing?
some men cf different parts Joi,
ed the few land holders of th
ley and tried some new experiments
in tne way of shipping garden Etuf
ulou' so lar conducted all show
that intensive farming or gardenhu
in tne Moapa valley will bring bl:
results. These matters were taker
up with the Salt Lake railroad peo
nla anA . . i , ....
uir.v wrrp HSKeu to DIUid f
branch line down the va'ley t
develop It and bring in more settlor
Everybody wished it could be d.,-
Some- thought it might be done, and
merewere a lew who determined h-
lt would be done, if hard work cotil.1
uo it The moving spirit of th
vaney to undertake to make the rail
road people see any good whatever in
lae preposition was S. II. Wells
Aua u ever man saw the fruits of
good labor materialize into real da
dreams, he did.
"Now the work is done and the ro )
18 DUHt to St. Thomas, a distan
o nearly twenty miles, and It Is
now up to' the ' pjeople to show the
railroad that things can be done in
Moapa valley.
They see the need of again getting
the valley eettled with people and
bave set a time for a celebration of
the completion of the road and for
advertisement. As reported be
fore, the dates are June th and 8th.
Breaking It Gently.
"1 have called, cir. to see the photo
uf the lady with $25,000 who wants a
nusbuud. 1 ' " ;
"Can you keep your face straight?"
"Of course I cuu.'"
"Very well. We'll break you In 8m
with the $..(KJ applicants.' and then
gradually, us you grow stronger, we
will work you up to the big prize. This
...a- wilt.
td all
I Beach Resorts
I Low rate tickets on sal
Daily May 1st to September SOih.
Long Bench, Cutaiiua, SanDiego,
i Venice, Ocean Park.
I See your Agent for information
I G. P. A., Los Angsles A. G. P. A., Salt Lake
I" IPTrF!!'!"! !tiw,T'i;n,,!i!i!iit,.p,i''i'if'i'i.i4':;i;,'!!li,'i:rii!'!!''i w v-m.
.-- Ml iil !ilM,Kiliitn!i,itiiiHli,4.i.i!l iU(,i.n.1lll;;illil1ii;ii.i;iii!.i,lili:(i!iii; Idliiiiliiiinio.illtiliit.hii.i
That the Day-Bristol Mining Co.,
figures on enlarging the scope of
ita operations appears to be the
program for the near fuhiro.
Already (Jen. Sup't VViddecombe has
luuo a camp oi men K.taucneu on
the Bristol side tf tiie mountain
where tho active extraction of oru
iTom tho May Day and (Jiiny mines
ii iu. progress, the operations Le
lug conducted through the May Day
It was from thenc mines that the
iato Vllliam Lloyd, John It. Cook
and W.M. Christian cleaned up $150,
000 in about three months from a
kiase several years ago. Tho old
Bristol Con. company refvsed io
,ra:it them an extinsii n ef tin;e
v else they would have tiken O'.t
.ire which would have brought thm
i. very much larger s sum: yet not
vithstanding' this refusa', the com-
iany put forth no effort to
tho product of the properties
the leasers had folded their
iii't left.
liveni.ipMv, , .,. j)av lnie v rr!..
lngs will be pushed through Bris
tol hill after which time the ores
'rem ?hc. i,.iu, s on the Bristol nHie
a ill ho bronnlt to the atu-'a; o
through the Day inlue; the nine
I'Uiihvd :i,s of the latter to
lorrn a part of a p:,posed twine!
TTiis. avenue is now hiing pu:?h
ihead in the direction of the Brls
toi pnip'i uis. c.j.u lug vp uuv ,v.
loui'ces on the wi.y.
Penning the toa.plctlop cf the
tunnel the Day-Bii-tol company wi!l
haul the Bristol eies to the Day
nine by team, tin re makii g a trans".
'ov to the cars cf the Pl che Pacif
ic railroad and the product sent on
ts journey to the Salt Lake smelters.
During the- present week Superintend
nt Widdit-ombe purchased a. number
learns u-r in-istoi ore huulinc se-.--
vice, and nt the present time, flve
1-horse outfits are on the rood.
A ru'ing cf the post office depnrt
nient is to the effect that news
papers cannot carry delinquent sub
ciibers longer than a imlted tlm.
mder , penalty of having their poin d
revoked. This leaves the mil.
isher i-.o choice iu tho mutter, bov
ver much he may desire to favor a
We are sending notices to s'l
iibscribors who are in arrears hikI
.. ! will expect to receive- a prompt tj
ily. If any fail to respond, after n
easonable time, the paper will bo
useontinued and the bill placed ia
ho hands cf an attorney for collet
ion. If yo.ii suddenly cease to
,-ecelve the Record, don't - aec.:o
he publisher of being afraid t:i. t
ubjiivj er eue tieur.ii'ient
i.Tlptiou will not be forthcoming
S, bi.t
member we must obey the
is mar oe. Kemember, aiso, thr.t
your paper stops without bein-i
rdered stopped that you owe us f t
.fast t.-it price of one year's sul
u'riptic-M. It is also well to be ar in
nind that as long as a person take
i perioljial from the post office 1-e
.3 ietally liable for the subscription
If you are interested In Pioche.yo j
vnnot very wc.l get along without
Record. If you are interested ii
the mints, the Record will, keep yon
iostd or. developments. If ycu are
nteres'ed in agricultuie. i! which
Vecada is l .ut;d to make rapid strhi
vlthin the next few yetir?. vou bv
... nm nam ene i ecorei. i
ii I.. i-o i, ., .. in i , i
Lincoln county alone are v r.-M.a
f land vet ia tY possession of Unci
'am; this is one place in the west
vhere there- are opportunities for
the homeseeker.
Given Awav
The Emmerson Typewriter Com
any of Woodstock, III. bave recent-
y given away over 400 tf the h!gh
(st grade, -wholly visible Emmerscn
rypewriters made in the world.
feiSjiav6 , gone int
l..tt,.iiil.i,;lii(ji!i:;.4.l,u miiijij!
tad territory in the United : States.
There- may be some in your town.
Cuey- are giving them away ev
ry where to men, women, boys ami
girls, over IS years" of age, on
suiprit;i.ug;y liberal conditions.
If you could make any use of a
$100.00 typewriter, providing it diu
not coat yo even one cent, the:.
In a : letter or on a. postal card ad
dr.. ed to Frank L. Wilder, Presi
dent, Woodstock, Id., simply t-ay:
"Alail me all your free offers," am
by return mail you will receive
their Free Offers, the nam,; of ov
er 100 who ha've recently receivec
(typewriters free, and yen will lean
on what easy conditions you cai.
get on e of their typewriters fret'
light away.
The Emerson Typewriter is out
of the highest grade, wholly .visible
typewriters ma;b in the world. Manj
who have used the "EMERSON" and
other makes pronounce the "EMEu
SON" superior to any f 100.00 type
writer en hte market, lt is i
wholly visible machine.: Jibs ever
new, up-to-date feature, le ks !.-.'.
other hish grade $100.00 typwtiteih.
though it is now selling at aa at;
tcniahingiy low price and on terms, l
no money with order, trial free ii
your own home. Nothing to pay a
first, and after a thorough trial, 3
coats a day until paid. The "EMER-1
tON" has every new improvement,
universal keyboard, back spacer, tab
ulator, two-color -ribbon, every thin
tho best; is the iodal machine' tut
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expert typists and stenographers; just
tiie typowriier for tho smallest or
largest office.
If you could possibly make any
use of a high grade typewriter, ev
en thougii it did not cost you one
cent cf money, cr if you would like
uie agency m your town on a pla
which you could make big money
I if you would like a position witl
i um comuanv. thin hf im-p rm
- postul card or in a lett,.i- n i.i.o-.
to 'Frank L. Wilder, nresidene
stock, 111.." say, "Mail me your Free
ocnuv, au. UVU73. LNITED STAT
cs Eand Office, Carson C'irv Ne
vada, May 2i, 1912.
"Ulll ,a ncreuy given that the
iiocbe Coalition Mines Company
fi tcs agent and attorney iu fact
m. u. Lee, cf Pioche, Nevada, ha
made, application fcr a United States
patent i.or the .Monarch, Monarch No
1, Monarch No. 2, Monarch No.3,Mon
;uvh Fraction, Newport Fraction
ueuge fraction, Swansea. Swans
,f--.o. i, Swansea No. 2, Swansea No
oIlsea ao. i, Swansea No,
Swansea No. 6, Swansea k
Triangle IVaeUon, Specie Fraction
ioldon Eaglei Fraction, Treasure Hill
..woiuc ino. z. Treasure Hill
-o. 3, Treasure Iiill Nr s ih..
Ale' Midway and Golden Eagle
xteusiou lodes consolidated miu-
ms t-iaim. situate in the Ely mla
'- nco;n eounty, state
rtevaua, oemg mineral survey No
1033. ami 1pk ih.i k. ' .
. .w.u..u m mn Iir
uoics ana plats of offki.il survey oi
... vtiiee witn magnetiv
muuh at io ocg. so min. vat t t
follows, to wit:
Commencing at corner No.
the Monarch Fraction Iccic,
which the north west con cr
! .11
i .1
f. on.
:.f sec
township 1 north.
at east Mount Diablo Base ami Mpir
liian bears N. i: deg. 3i min. i
sees. E. 511.7 feet; thence N. 57 deg
05 mln. E. 310 fept
I the Monarch Fraction lode: th.-nr.,
N. 33 deg. 5S mln. E. 2 to feet tc
corner No. 1 cf the Sun.,, v.
lode, from which th n f i-rtic a ! (
s-ectlon corner bears N. 4 deg. 4S
uiln. 20 sees. W. 530.9 feet; thence
j-J e?es;.. 40 min. E. 723.S feet To
intersection with line- 41 cf the
i'Wiissca No. 5 lode;, thence N. 2b
deg. 4S min. W. 439.1 feet to cor
ner No. 1 of the Swansea No. 6
.uv uim u:i-u me aioresaid sec
itiju lorner bears N. 50 deg. 34 min.
M0 Gees. W". 73S.1 feet; thence N. 64
ti?j. E. 1S00 feet to comer No. 2 , of
the Swansea No. 3 lode, which is
identical with corner No. 1 of the
trmngie Fraction lode and from
which the aforesaid section corner
bmrs S. 82 deg. 4S min. 10 sec. W.
c 152.1 feet; thence N. 55 deg. 53,
min. E. 3 feot to coruer No. 2 of
thv Triangle Fraction lode, thence
S. 33 deg. 09 min. E. 1490.9 feet to
tcrner Na. 3 oi the Triangle trac
tion lode, thence; M. 52 deg. 17 min.
fi 1571.7 ftet t-j corner No. 3 of
che .Newpoit traction lode; thence
5. 5t cefe. mi'i. V. 5S0.5 feet to
Corner N--. 1 c,r the Newport Frac
ueu lode-; thence S. 37 deg. 11 miu.
A. 11.9 f'-et io corner No. 3 of the
Swansea No. i lode, thence S. 6
deg. W. 1383.J feet to corner No. 2
it tho Abe lode; thence S. 19 deg.
J4 miaj E. 14S6.4 feet to corner No.
J o the Abe .ode; thence S. 25 deg
3 min. E. Io00 fe.t to corner No. b
,f the Midway lr,de; thence S. 6
ie-g. V. 996.4 feU to corner No.
ot tho John D. lede; thence N. 21
.ej. 48 miu. W. 605.1 feet to cor
aer No. 5 of the John I), lode,"' thence
N. 25 deg. 49 min. W. 1500 feet to
corner No. 5 of the Golden Eagle
i3xteiiblon lock'; thence N. 1 deg. 3S
min. W. 957.3 feet to c.rner No.
To. 1 of the Golden Eagle Extension
lode, from which the aforesaid sec
ion corner btar N. 30 deg. 20 mln
JO sees. W. 3708.8 feet; thence N. 3t
Jeg. 44 min. W. 541.2 feet to cor
er No. 5 of the Golden Eagle Frac
tion lode; thence N. 18 cleg. 5;
min. W. 910 feet to 'Jimer No. I oi
the Golden Eagle Fraction lode,
from 'which the aforesaid sect'oi
?omcr bears N. 34 deg. 59 min. If
3ecs. V.f 2253.4 f-.-et; thence N. 2i
leg. 46 min. W. 555.-1 fret to inter
.cction with line 2 3 cf the Swan
;ea No. 6 lode; thence S. 42 deg
M min. W. 593.7 feet to corner No
1 of tiie Swansea No. 6 lode,
.l'hieh is identical with corner No
1 cf the Specie Fraction lode Jid
from which the afore-said set
ion corner bears N. 19 deg. 4-1
min. W. 1900.3 feet; thence N. 6.
leg. 58 miu. E. 10 feet to corner
.Vo. 2 of the Specie Fraction lock;
tho'iic'e S. 25 deg. 56 min. E. 137-
-e-et to corner No. 3 of the Specie
traction lode; thence S. 64 dog
iS min. W. COO feet to corner No
4 of the Specie Fraction lode,' whicl.
s identical with corner No. 1 o
no ireu&ure mil io. irue ant
.'rom which tho "aforesaid sectioi
j'orner bears N. 12 de g. 12 min. W
W4U.7 feet; thence S. 5 deg. 54
aiin. K. 1500 feet to currier No
i tne treasure- Hill No. 2 lode
tuence &. b4 deg. 58 min. W. 1200
ieet to corner No. 3 of the Treas
.:re Iiill No. 3 lode; thence N
u- mm, yV. iouu xeet to cor
tier Ao. 4 of the Treasure Hill N(
i-.jo; tnence N. 14 deg. 30 min
u. 20.4 feet to corner No. I of th
Monarch P,o. 3 lode, from vvhlc
lu'jicscuu (section corae
urjj. uu min. Hi sees
e. SiSl.7 feet; thCiice S. C deg. 1
ii in. E. 354.3 f -m t ' to - corner No.
-f the Monarch No. 3 lode; them
j.bl. de- w. 1200 feet to corner No
ot the Monarch No. "2 lnde
-neute .. 6 deg. 13 min. W. 52)
.e-ot to corner No. 5 of the Monarch
no. 2 k-ele; thence N. 23 cj. 27 min
... Jii.b feet to corner No. 6 of th
uonarcn -No. 2 le tie; thence N. SI
lg. E. 13 ftet to' corner No. 1 oJ
tie Monarch No. 2 i,..
tVlllf'li fh n.n,.nIJ
....... tuc muicwuu section cor
t-i uihi-s i. zz deg. 21 min. 3(
sees. n;. 31S6 feet; thence N. 1
fytr 11 in l 11 f nn n
e. ji una. jh. uyu. ieet to corne
no. a ci tne Monarch No. 1 lode
-iienc-e N. 42 deg. 02 min. W. 962
-set to corner No. 4 of the Wed"
fraction lode; thence N. 81 deg. E.
a leet to corner No. 5 of the Wedg
raction lode; thence N. 52 dot;
mm. c. bZd leet tc corner No
. of the Monarch l-xle ir?m whic;
:ne atoresaid section corner t...
f. 41 ileg. 34 min. 30 s is. R. 17S6 ;
'rtrt 4.1 .
cueuce s oi dear. 05 min 1
uri iu t-oiuer ao. 4 of tho
lonarcn tratticm lode; thence N
tieg. .52 min. E. 1274.2 feet
t- piace ot beginning ef doscripftcr.
vAii-nor counaaries of said con
olidated claim.
Said consolidated c-:i,im being looa
'J in sections 21, 28. 29 and 33 towr
m 1 north, range tT: east Mount Di
Wo Caee and Meridian and cantata
13 a total aroa of 40S.145 acres f.
Hiding however therefrom In addi
;on to the exclusions made betvveei
,.ues o tnis survey, 2.299 acre
wun the General Gran
o. 1 survey No, 3701. 4.415 aero
i crnfliu ith the Black Hawk No
ur. No 36S1; 2.247 acres in con
'Lt with Black Haivk nm.
. rvrvey No. 36S1 and 4.243 acres h
onfkt with the Aiioe No. 2 ill.
'"""rJeu. ACt area an,.UA
jeins 388.971 aejes.
Each of said lodes embraced p
aid cens.olids.ted cliim being 0''
-'ord m the office of the r f
tt-ercer at Fii e h Hn.,.,-
'. Nevada. " " oun
Ihe uearec known locations or
iiting claims beiujr ih
eiulk'ting claims and Golden Ealo
eo. Washington, Geo. Washing.-
S 1 aiid 2 snrMi n
- - --M.i, niBey stir.
ot. and Eullicn Belcher Nn c
M, -J- v OU1.
I dirert this notice be publish-d
i Tne Pioohe Record, at pioche
inco n county, Nevada, fr
d cf nine ensecnthe wrVp."
first pul t 1; i,st -.27.
A Hor on Him. "
King Rlclmrd 111 bad offered
kingdom for u iinr .' .
HA. X - r : . t ?
:M ti: in id.
ave to gii ai il t
ii'(isiii:- u .,,. , j
-v. ur i. in. i i, t i.
-d to Mil- trav
To Geo. L. Stone.1-2; C E. Lacey 1L
You and each of you are hereby
uotified thai I have expended dur
ing the year, 1911, 100 worth of
.auor auu improvement oa the
Sjuth Trend LoUe Mining Claim, bit
aate in the AUanta. unorganized lniu
,ub district, Lincoln County, State
jf Nevada, tiie location notice . of
which appears of record in Book D. L
age b, of Mining Notices, laucom
Jo. Nevada Records, aud it within
linety days after the first publica
Uon of ttiis notice you fail, or re
.'use to contribute your portion oi
such expenditure u ncle by me, to
aether with the c'.-.n of advertising,
m said South Tr nd lode mining
?laim, yoi.r interest in said c"liu will
jeconic the property of the subscrib-
pr. vour co-owner, who has made
.he required expenditure in accord
nice with the provisions of Sec. 232-.'
f the Revised Statutes of the Un
ited States and the amendment
thereto approved January 22, 1880,
-oncerning annual labor upon mining
-daims. Said $100 was expended to
hold said mining claim for the year
jnding December 31, 1911.
Firs pub. Apr. 6: last, July 13,1912.
Patent. United States Land Office
Jarson City, Nevada, March 29, 1912
Notice is hereby giveiu, That Hike
3eil Mining and Milling Company, a
jorporatiou, through its authorizec
igci;t, James Cat tits, whosg poatot
.Ice address is Hiko, Lincoln County,
Xe.ada, has made application for i
Jnked States patent for the Elephant
rligh Fly; Tom Blunder, Hlko'Bel.,
vTal,ey View and Vera Lode Mininj
daime consolidated, situated in the
?ahrauagat Lake Mining District,
Jounty of Lincoln, State of Ne-vada,
Jt-liig survey No. 4006, and describee
in the field notes and plat on flit
in thin offiee.with magnetic variation
it 16 dog. 33 min. to 17 deg. East as
Commencing at corner No. 1 of B
sphant lode Claim, whence the 1-J
section corner between Sections 29
iud 32, Township 3 South, Range 59
East, Mt. Diablo Base and Meridian
bears S. 40 deg. 45 mln. E. 362.5 feet
tnence N. oa deg. 58 min. E. 1116.6
feet to corner No. 4 of Vera lode;
thence S. 9 deg 20 rain. W. 673.4 ft.
to corner No. 3 of Vera lode; thence
S. 50 deg. 57 min. W. 115.6 feet to
intersect line 1-2 Hiko Bell Lode;
thence S. 80 deg. 48 min. . 394.t
Loet to corner No. 2 of Hiko Bel.
iode; thence C. 8 deg. 49 min. W.
: 500 'feet to corner No. 3 of Hike
Bell lode; thence N. 80 deg. 48 min
. oio.' ieet to corner No. 4 of
.HUo Bell lode, identical with cor
itr No. 3 cf Elephant lode -and cor
ier io. i or High Flv lode; thence
. a cieg. 15 mm. w. J 199.1 feet to
:orner No. 3 of High Fly lode:thenc
'. 81 deg. 19 min W 600 ft. to cor
ier No. 2 . f High Fly lode; t'tu-nc
V. 9 der. 23 min. E. 11S9.2 ft-et t
rn'it .it. V i a r,i.i I-.. . .
"vi . i ii nmn i-iv .die ane
'Her 4 f Elephant lode; thenc
M- V de,;. '.0 min. E. 634.2 feet t
jomei- ivo. z or T in Blunde lode
nei-e i. ,a deg. o.9 in. V. 1500 ft
x c-.rne. .o 3 of Tom Blunder lode
d-u tical vnii corner No. 1 of Vni
iew lode thence N. 73 deg. l;
-iln. . 1500 feet to corner No. t
i vo-iey view lode; thenc N. !
-o- c mm. E. iiisl.b feet to cornti
o. oi alley View lode; thence &
-t uog. 4U mm. E. 1498 foot to eor
e-i no. ot valley View lode idee
.-en vim corner .o. 4 of Ton, ci
ier lode; thence S. 78 deg. 09 miu. L
ouu ioet to corner No. l of Tom rti
i- lice; thence NV9 deg. 20 min E
iW, it, corner No. l of Elephan
it ii.i ..i i .
iaC imce ti Dcginning and lo
ned in SE 1-4 and SW 1-4 of s,..
-u;n 2'J, SE 1-4 of Section 30, NE 1-i
f Section 31. and NW 1-4 of NE 1-4
i iil SW 1-4 of Section 32. Tnwn-M.
i south, Range 59 East, Mt. Diablc
1. & M.. COlltailllnp- in u,.
r o . v4 10
l.-v'-i Qrrta aw..1 f .
f" v rai-iuaive ot conflicts will.
Jonn x. lo-le. Lot Nn as
-ehmer lode,I.ct No. 39, Indian Chief
-vv. (4.UUI, ao. 41, Mollie C
ode and lot No. 46. Harrison
cocining and conflicting ciaitns as
7 llul v l urvey are Lot No
7, John T. Lode. Lot No. 38, Lehmer
JUC- o. s. Indian Chief lori-
Amd), Lot No. 41. Mollie r i,'
nt Vrt AS it . .
:,7,7, ictie, sur. No
",itLK r rince lode, and Denver
euuBiirveyca i.
I direct that this notice be publish
d In the Piocbe Record, publish
t Pioche, Nevada.
Date of flm pub. April 6; last. Jun
Edwin W. Senior, Salt, Laka City
tah. Claimant's Attorney.
Pioche, Nevada, Feb. 15 1919
o Fred J. Mills, his heirs
gal representatives of aanign:
Vou are hereby notified that tha
ndeisif-nel. joi:r vowner h.
id.-d during the year. 19U. one
Iundre Dollars In labcr nd im-
iMvcniwiis upon the Colfm lode
-tnmg tiHim, situated In the High
':d Mining Disteict, Lincoln County
tat cf Nsvada, aa will appear by
he proof of labor filed in the 0f-
iie:e of the county recorder of salii
....v..MVV... , "1 . uf
expeuditurfc, as co-owner; in aid
Co.ia-i lode mining claim Us $33.3i 1-a
You are also notified that the un.
ciersir.da, as your co-owner, hiu .
ytiiutu uuiiuft j ovr-
on Hundred Dollais in labor aud iui-
i 4.i.;.wr . I. i-.tir lull a
proveiuents uion the Holy Moses,
Black Wonder, Ridge, Seven-thirty,
High Five, Red lop, and Moose
lode mining claims, situated In th
Highland Mining District, Lincoln
Cfounty, State of Nevada, as will ap
pear by the proofs of labor filed in
the office of the county recorder of
said county. Your proportion of
aid expenditure being 1350.
Such expenditures having been
made to hold said claims nnder the
provisions of Sec. 2324 of the Re
vised Statutes of the United Stat
es and the amendment- there
to approved January 22, 1810, as
snactd by the Congress ot the Un
ited States concerning annual labor
ipon mining claims, that being the
imount required to hold said claims
for the year ending December 31,
I91i. Aud you are hereby notified
that if within ninety days from the
personal service of this note or
wiithin ninety days after this notice
jy publication, you fail or refuse to
?ontrIbut your proportion of such,
expenditures as co-owner, which
amounts t to $385.33 1-8, your inter
est in said claims wllV become the
property of the subscriber,, your
present co-owner, under the provis
ions of said section 2324.
MENT. Up-to-date
Quality Right
Prices Right
What else is
Application fcr. l ermisBlon to Ap
propriate the Public Waters of the
itate of Nevada.
Notice is hereby given that on the
th day of May. 1912. In accordance
ith Section 25. ChaDter XXXI. of
;he Statutes of 1909, one Grover A.
lounge, of Quinn Canyon Rancn.
-ounty of Lincoln, and Stat. N
ada, mad.e application tn tha atata
Sngineer of Nevada for nermisaion to
fhpfrPrl4ate the pubUc waters of
tL?te. ct Nevada- Such -appro-
,7 , .u 10 66 mad lower
'nd of the Ouinn r... -
. Bireuui irotu
uinn canvon w
ii6i ac
'Oints on Unsnrvev 1 j m
hi u,j . 7 J uu, . iroiu
or pine lin tha v w
o V7 m li T-1 N-R- 6 E- M-
S3 -nr..w ht;8rs S" 68 de
-.()oo feel i, , . .
ad b-IO cullic feet j ,
fn Vt icmuu to
P M iV u 'A6' T. 1,- N. R. 53
line...,! t -U-? mean cf pipe
. , usea for
j xvl'f triDg and domestic purpo
Weter tin . .
to be returned to
stream. 1
flmjub. e-l-iasrT'
Ijwre rnu.1 U omethmg be-
n in tnit taniri
W V-9 WI1U
even on
heuukeaUdbeanng againit hk
O !i Ii w elMn beyond.
O death let. soul like a aeasheH,
Bnmg I01 the bowro ol the ocean
J Wtuch you bebagr-Chapin.

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