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The Pioclie Record
Published if. very Saturday by
Terms of Subscription
One year, in advance, ...
Que year, II not in advauce 3-'-''
Six months, in advance l."
Six months, i not In advance, $1.7
Papers sent to foreign countries, us
$3.50 per year; $1.75 tor six month.';
strictly in advance. Advertising rati s
on application.
Entered in the Postoffic'e at Pioch.-,
Nev., as Second Class Mail Matter
All legal advertisements will l
charged fcr at the rate of $2.00 pi i
square for the first insertion and
$1.00 f.ir each subsequent lusei'tioi.
TUeie will be no txecpiion to tiii
tale. No affidavit of publication wi .
be made until the advetisement i
Sully guaranteed or paid for.
LF.WIS H. BEASON, Editor & Mgr
Wells Is Coming On
Wells has formed a coiumcreii-l
ub and the Caziers have receive.!
i ptiUiit to use the watti'H of Trout
tirVek for lii-'it and power purposes,
which means tiiat the i.r.iwing town
is to have el utile lights and power.
A Terrible Ride
Garfield Iiardmas anil Herbert
K,iibbeyls t"am got away fi'Jiu them
on Ilarrivon pass summit and dashed
j.ena the grade. The four horses
.were pulling a wagon load of lumber
on top cf which was a quantity of
giant powder. The drivers Jumped,
the) wagon turned over and still
there was no explosion, although one
rf the boxi a of pawner was
g.'ound to a pulp. The men were
bruised, One of the hors's had to
bo, shot.
Reno to Be Land Center
The Southern Pacific company is
about, to establish an office for tho
sale of its Nevada lands at fleno, C.
K. W'antland, Southern Pacific agenl
Resigns From the Postofflce
Alias .Mu.f..- E. Langwith has ri.
sf.-jm d as postmistress at Goleon-ln.
although her term would not have
tVqiired for two yeaiij yet. Jler
successor as postmaster is Kugi'tio I..
Dulcnro. Miss Liingwlth is going to
take a rest in California.
Accldently Killed
The body of Mo. Vis Manila form
erJy of Yeringtnii, was found on (he
banks ' the Walker rivtr near Fal
J u;t week It is pri Humed tlral
bu was accident!)' killed with his
Hwn rifle, for he had a lhd wound l:
right lehest. The body was sent
to Ycrington for burial.
Driven Out to Die
I'avo Cliipord, suffering from
pnuuinonia, was driven out of the
Hamp of his fellow Shoshones ilea
Sharks, last Tuesday night in all the
cold snd died next day.
Off for War
Sixty Creeks left Ely on last Men
ds." in a sp !il car' for New York,
' .irro they will sail Jor Europe t.i
fig'ht the Turks. This In the thin!
parly to leave the smletcr camp.
Goes to California
Dr. .1. E. Toogood, for the past two
ru's county physician and healttl
i h er of Storey county, will ljiv
i. sliiia City soon after the first of
th - . and will locate in California,
proladdy al Oakland.
Gives Up Federal Job
Iteyal F. Slathi.is, former super
tv it'ir or the Neiinla national forest,,
and more recently .stationed on thfi
Salmon forest in Malm, Is expivtcd to
return to Ely wiahin a few days anr
will encjage In business..
Ely Boy Killed In North
Ichabod C. ("Build") Ciillanhor,,
'tin. third son of Senator uud Airs')
W1, G. Gallagher, of Ely, was killed
in a snow slide at. Copper iii.xih tain,
Kit) mills fibm Cordova, Alaslyi,
Sunday, December 8, Per some un
known iiiasiin the family was not
notified of the accident, says tluj
Expositor, and knew nothing of it un
til shown a clipping from the Issue
of the Anaconda Standard of Decem-ye.-f
12, which reached Ely Saturday,
For the. Big Dam
Contracts were let last week by
'.He reclamation department to thet
Hosertile Eoundiy conipauy of Pltts
buiu for the construction of HI gates
to -)iitrol the flood to be stored in
the Lahoutan reservoir.
Hunters in Hawthorne
Tlie Wilson brothers, noted trap
pers of East Walker river, came to
town yesfrdny with .'18 scalps. They
lft for the Huntoon valley country
where they will continue to pursiitj
i he elusive .coyote.
Reduce University Demands
The board of regents of the uni
resity at Keno, instead of asking the
legislature for an appropriation of
f2'2 omi. This includes a poultry
$230 000 this year, will ask for
addition to the experiment farm and
,i new library.
Gamblers Indicted
The eight men arrested for gam
bling at Wlnneinucca have been in
dited by the grand Jury of Hum
boldt county.
Appointed County Physician
Dr. W. T. Cleason has been api
pointed county physician of White
fine county by the commissioners.
Judge Orr to Retire
Jiide Orr announced from the
bV-nch in Reno on Saturday that he
would retire from the bench with the
beginning of the year. He says he
must have a rest and later will tak(
up private practice. C, L. liar wood,
Albert Ayrcs and George S. Green ar
aid to be candidates for the place.
Embezzlement is Charged
A warrant lor larceny by embez
'.lenient has been issued for George
.Stewart, lately of the Sh'dly& Stow
,rt meat market ill Toiiopatt. Shelly
was In Llishop with his family. He
irrah'. Jl in Tunopiili and says Stew
aitl, who has disappeared, drew all
the partnership money from . tin
hank, collect! d all the bills he could
vml then levanted.
Sentenced for Life
James F. Graham, convicted of
'iiuriler in thy first degree with life'
in prlsonmeut ns the penally, was
sentenced last week In Liib Vegas.
Je kille d a man named Feliz with an
iron' bar. Sheriff Gay took him to
the penitentiary at Carson last Tliurs
One Way.
Mrs. Tipiihr.in "Hern is an article
dlinji icw to arid tin yens to one's
ifc." 1 : . ii!i:-' .--"You cm do it by
citing your r.jsht rso."
Not!, e Is h reby gio v., to whom I
oncern, and to tin-- t'oilowhu
.allied persons, corporations, and a'
;vnern or c'nimiiiits to ihe I'lillnwin,
lescrltc ;l veal or pt rson.il piv.perlv.
You are hereby noUried that t'n
axea fcr state and county pir; pos -.
r the year A, I). 1912, assessse.'
ignltiM. '.he following; (Inscribed pro;
rly is l.iv. d' ii;:iiuent and that t.'i
re.) cent, penally tm; tin r with the
est fo advertising has been add"il
.leri do;
lV.si'vKKory claim lo lilt) acres of
'tiul ti:. 1 ituprovi niciils, in Cntiip va1
y. ti haul ore mile and out -hull' of
i mile north ea:.t of Uoiiohuc's ranch
I'. ('. to Ho ai'ivs of land known a1,
vlexandi r Uaiu li.
!' (' lo HI in r. of laud iniduilin-,
il'riiWN klif'Wii us Kosclti and Es.va
I'. ('. to coriali and etc., nea:
Miller springs mirth of Miller .canyon
r. , it( head cf t-lu'i p.
OriKiu.il las, $.-,4.2l: p nally $t,
adverti lug 52.oi. Toial $."iOl.tl!i.
And you an' heieliy fiiithcr inlifi.i'
.li.it a enpv of the. furegoiiii; ilclin
'luent li:-t has he n filed with the
iistrict auoutvy of l.luielii county
state cf Nevada, and that unless tin
lelimiurnt taxi s herein specified a. t
paid to Ihf county treasure,', as the
jOrCicio Tax I! -'reiver wllliiii I'll
lays ficun the publication cf lids no
;ice, toc.clh r with the penalty End;
iMst of advertciiii;, uVtioii will ln
coniiiiene. ,1 by ihc district or prese
Vuting niiovniy for the collection of
;ai I taxes and l i sts.
C 1 1 AS. (TIA'EUW El.l,,
'ounty Auditor of Lincoln County.
Oolli'.qiice.t List of Property for the
Yerr 1912, first Installment, Lin
Coln CcuiUy, State o! Navad.i.
Notice is lureby given to those
whom it may ennccrn, and to the
following named persons and owners
f, or .claimants to, the real estate
and Improvcmeiitfi thereon. or Improve
moots when assessed, soparaiely,
hereinafter described, known and un
known, that the tax.-s for State,
County and special purposis f- r the
Vi-ar' A. 1). I!lli, assessed ngainst
the fo'lowing described pieces or
narc. Is of properly are now dc
tlnuuilit; thai len per rcnt penalty
and $2.00 cost of tulvertlsim; has
been, a l.'ed in each case, and that
any piece or parcel of property upon,
which said taxes, penally mid costs
shall remain unpaid on Monday, .Ian-
p:.ia m P.
i fiuiiuc megs. VUiiipciiiy
F .esli and Cured Meats
Heme Made Boglonas and Sausage Main St.
Oysters and Fish in Season, Etc. j PIOCHE
uary 20ih, at noon, A. D., 1913. i,
so much of ea.h parcel as win
ho amount of taxes, dtiinqiieni y a;iu
..ts agaimrt it, will be sold by me,
is County Triasurer and Ex-Officio
Tax Receiver of said county of Lin
coln, at 12 o'clock ill. of said day, at
the front door of the Court house, at
Ihi)1 town of Pioche, in said county
anil Mate, ta satisfy such taxes, do
liiiiiueucy and costs. Said sales
will be made subject to redemption
within six months after sale, Ly pay
meat of all sums assessed against
ach parcel, togcthtr with three per
eat. interest pi r mouth thereon from
late of sale until paid, in ai ordance
.villi th i provisions of Section 8, of
in A.d if the Legislature cf the
State of Neva. 'a. approved March 12,
.8 page 117.
Win. E. ORR,
County Ti'i asurer and Ex-Officio Tax
Heceivcr of Lincoln county. State
mi Nenuia.
Adams tiros. P. C. to KiO acres of
land ami impis. about 3 miles V. of
O. J. Alexandir's ranch, tax $15 82;
penalty tiSc.; adv., J2.0i); Total
Honohue, Ji.-a, K. A. P. C. to lGu
teres i f land on apjd. IS77S, b; ng
:i. E. '4 of sec. I t, T. 2 N. It. 5S;
P. C. to Itiu aires of land on appl.
iN77:, being S. K. ',; of . Ii, T
1 N. It. k; V. C. to liiii acri of
and on appl. iSTf'O, l: lug N. W,
? . 'K(, T. 2, N. li. S8; P. C. to
' acres of land on appl. 1 8781, bo
IK N. '.j i.l, S. E. of sec. 13, T.
J N., li. .'i8. 'lex .Vli.tJo; penalty
l.7i; adv., 2.0d. Total 2u.7o.
Pay Hay Silver Mium;: l'o.--P (
laim to lot and impts. In Roal Cilv
nown ia Pay l.'ay ol'ii;c; P. C. to
daim a;nl imitroveuiiiotos on Pay l)a
nine. Tax ;?!.". T. 0 : penally If 1.55;
id v. $2.i 0. Toial JHI.Oo.
P.lvihe, John A.f.'. S, title to lot
U Pioih", lot -i2, blink 23, tax
;7; penally l.'lc; uitufJ.IW. Wotnl
Chn. i.-li
n I'lochc
'oloi k 27,
it v. fojoie
a Pioche,
:, t i:: .
Mark 1-'. S. title to lots
hi lug lots 20 uud 21, lr.
tax tfll.et);
Total $12.
II. II.- d-'.
belli;; lots
I I ; pcaalty
penally U7
S. tit'., to lots
nod s. In bloc
ilc.; adv. 82.
il. Total 'i.S5.
liup, Level-- I-'. S. (Me
'inch ', bciiej lota 13, lo,
to lots ie.
1(1 a -id 17,
a block 311, lax rfti.12: pen
dv. : (ill. Total $8.73.
lioyt. Edwin II. E. S.
oily tile;
title t-
it io I k'.cl'e, being lo!:-, I,
' B, Ii2. (13 and (II. In block
J 1.0.11(1; penally H6lt- adv. fl'.nO.
si1 -S..2 n.
Lindsay. Andy- V. S. title to
mil iti'proi enients in Pioche. helni-
ol I in block 22, lax J'.. Id; poiuilu'
'le.; adv. $2 0(1; poll lax f.'l.lin. Total
$1(1. Ill
t 'oi'ion' k. Thomas V
" an ia I'iiu'lie, 'K ing lots
8 in blink 21, tax fld.S;
title to
."7 and
;i.(is; adv. .. Total $20.. "I.
Salmon, lioma l s. ti;l.. I,i lot
a Pie, he. behm let 13, Muck 37. tax
I'olil; peonity "Ie; adv. $2.H(i Total
Ca d'crula I'i nil.. Coo llhil-.jr Co.
. (' li eon" ueinem ; coeHii.t'ni; of
1 1 !. p. hoi-d. ...ill nvs f iune. et.-.,
'.ax $lt!.t!ti; penally $1.(10; adv. !?2.tH).
Total $o2.ii'i.
Chl ago Nevada Mg. Co - I'.o.provls.
consisting of a whim and cov. r, tax
.?2.3(); peiulty 2'lc'.; adv. $2.(0. Toial
l'loche Demijohn .Mg. Co. P, C.
to improvements on D iniiolia mine,
otmistlng cf gasidine hoist and bid d
lugs, tax $.13.82; penalty S.1.S8; nil v.
$2.00. Total $i;i.tt)
Mathews. Chas. P. S. title to N.
' of lot and Imp;, in Pamnn, be'org
lot i, In bloik Kl. tax 43 ,M : penally,
3.".c; n dv. $2,110; poll lax.$3.ini. Total
Hond, ( has --P. c. t.) cabin on
Kcuti rnum slr.'et, 'ax 31c.; penalty
3e: adv. $2.0il. Total $2.31.
Cr.rkWi. .!.- p. c. lo lot and Impts.
on Petterman st. ; P. c. to lot and
'.mpls. on .Main St., tax $2.48; pen.
ally 2ac'.; a lv. t?2.Ui). Total $1.73.
.lohnsFon, N. P. C. to lots and tin.
on Kitt.t-m.i st.: P. 0. to lot and
ni'p'.s. on Water Ave., known as
stables, tax $tl.!IS; penalty 70c.; adv.
$2.00. Toial $!! 118.
Lewis. T. II P. C. claim to let
and Impts. on Hevelin Row, tax 78c;
penalty Se ; adv. $2.0;). Total $2.SG.
Painter 1 lames SI. SI. Co. P. C.
to N. E. portion of Jubilee block, tax
$!.; pona ty 40o.; adv. $2 00. Total
I J7.45
- -.
Edwards, V. H. F. S. title to lot
a, id impts. at Alamo, tax $1.5.i; pen
ally 15c; adv $2.00. Total $3.70. '
Bull Hill Nevada Go'd Mg. Co.
P. C. to impts. at Kay, tax $3.41;
penalty 3!c; adv. $2.00. total $5.7"..
Jensen, I'red P. C. to lot and im.
ou Slain st. 'u Fay, tax 11.71; pen
alty 17c; adv. $2.00; poll tax $3.00.
Total $0.88.
Sloyer, A. M. P. C. to lot and im.
an Fay known as Norris place, tax
$ i.CS; penalty 40c; adv. $2.00. Total
Adair,- Win. P. C. to lO aeTes o
and at Reaver dam wash, ubout ten
miles' east of Clover Valley, tax
i2 70; penalty 28c'..; adv. $2.00. Total
Crosby and Hanson P. C. to lot
and impts. in Clover Valley, jodning
L. L. We.ods obi the E. ; I'. C. to lot
formerly property of O. E. HamMin:
P. C. to 14 acres of laud adjoining
L. L. Wocds on the .; 3,000 head
f sheep, tax $283.23; peiia ty $28.
52; adv. $2.00; pull tax $300. Total
?322. 05.
Stewart, Monroe ,T.t P. C. to 40
across of land and impts., at Aroma,
in sec. 3, Tj 4 S. R. 70 IS., tax $6.S1;
o,'.nailty (i'.c; adv. $2."0. Total $l.1li.
Denton, L. W. Lot and impts. on
Alain st., lot 24, block 11., tax $1.13;
lenally I r.e.; adv. $2.00. Toial $3.08.
Denton, Mrs. W. A. Impts. tax
JI.'i.SS; penalty Sl.r.9; ndv. $2.00;
ooll tax $:!,00, Total $22.17.
Hall, Nina Lot. on 1) nt-on Height.,
ax $2.18; penally 22c; adv. Jj2.0o;
AilW $4.10.
1, William 10. Orr, the duly elected
lualifi al and jil ting County Treasur
r and Ex-Officio Tax Receiver in an
for Lincoln county, slato of, Nevada,
.lo hereby certify that the foregoing
is a full true and correct delinquent
ilst of all proprety for the year A. I).
1912 on whf h the amount of (axes,
o'xvliislVe of poll tax and c'lsts doe
Vt exceed the sum of Three Hull;
lied Dollars.
deiviiuto sot my hand this I ltd day
iB Decen b r A. I). 1012.
Win. E. OliR,
County Tr. usurer and Ex-Officio Tax
Receiver Lincoln Oonnly, State of
Spelling tablets, scratch pads, ex
.unination paper, composition bo ki
and other scheol supplns can
be obtained at The Record office
new slock just arrived.
The reliable place to stop whtli
rou are In l'loche. Meals scried it;
Nicli liacic, shoemaker, is now
located ill the J. G. P.rown build
ing on Lacour street. Harness mend
ing also.
Trade Marks
nivt'iillnn in i-inbii'.ly fiiU'iitrihlo. Cunninmioii.
ti.t!!istrunlj--ntl.(lc!itUl. HANDBOOK on latmi
8l'llt (HH1. iMllt'.Ht IlLT-'lieV ft'! HOt'iiriOK pJlU'lllH,
I'litt-nts t.iUcn tliiotiL'Ti SIuuu it Co. rv-jiilvD
tpe-'int ti(ftY, widiout clinruo. tu the
Scijutsfic JSmerican,
A b!t.lnmniv i')nptrntM Wfoklr. I-nreest rlr
cnlivMuii of miv Kciom tilt- (I'liniiU. MVrtim, fli n
your: four tnonilis, bulj by ull newfnlialr''.
Ken...l (C'l.... .1?S V St.. WashiOtlnn. I) II
District Court of the State ot
Nevada, in anil for the County of
lu the matter of the Guardianship
of John Nesbltt and Samuel Nesbitt,
M.i.ov'b, Citation
Tho, state o Nevada to the next
of kin cf John Nesbltt and Samuel
Nesbltt, minors, if any in said coun
ty of Lincoln, and to all persons in
terested in their estates, or the
es'tate of either ot tin m, who may
b" 'n the county:
You and each of you, are hereby
cited and required to appear before
Mils court at the court room thereof.
at the town of rioclie, county of
Lincoln, state of Nevada, on Thurs
uay, the ninth day of January, A. D.
1"I3, nt 10 o'clock A. M. of said day,
then and there to show cause, if any,
why George W. Nesbitt, the guard
ian of said minors, John Nesbitt and
A Local
Man or Woman
is desired right new to represent The PICTORIAL REVIEW in this
'erritory to call on those whose subscriptions are about to expire.
Big money for the right person representativis in some other dis
tricts make over $500.00 a month. Spare time workers are liberal
ly paid for what tiny do. Any person taking up this position bat
comes the direct local representative of the publisher. Write to
day for this offer of
222 West 00th Street
Samuil Nesbitt, should not be grant
ed an oiiler fcr the sale of the cer
'win Real Estate belonging to said
minors which is described in the pe
tition of said George W. Nesbitt,
praying for an order authorizing him
to sell Bame, whivih said petition was
filed in this Court on the 19th da;.J
of December, A. D. 1912. :
WITTNESS the Honorable E. J. L.
Tabci", judge of the said Fourth Ju-f.-lal
District Court of the state of
Nevada, in and for the county of Lin
jcoln, with the seal of said Court af
fixed this, tho 19th dUy of December,
A. D. 1912.
"! Judge.
Attest: C. W. GARRISON, Clerk.
First publication, Dec 21; last pub
lication, Jan. 4.
District Court of the State of
Nevada, In and for tho County of
On lh.j Mntlot' ll.a l.'-ot-ila r,r:ulveil lltl thn finht fnv l.n
t..u ...ub,., vfc o,,.c
Henry Welland, deceased, Notice to
Notice is hereby given that on
the 20th day of December. 1912, Mary
Welland was duly appointed by said
Cfiuirt Administratrix of the Estate,
of Henry Welland. deceased, and
thuft on .-laid 20th day of Decembei-
1912, she duly qualified in said court
as silch Administratrix,
All pr-rsons Having claims against
Baiid deceased, are required
to file same with the Clerk of
paid Court witli the paper, vouch
ers at d statutory a f davits attached,
within thrie months from the 21st
i.c 4,wi .no Mini
day of Decmiiber. l!H2. the date of
the! first pubUdatlui. hereof.
Dated tills 20th day of December,
CHAS. LEE HORSEY, Attorney foil
'Date of First publication. Dec. 21j
1(110. 1.... .... 1.11. T -A
K.BI .UIIllCttllOll, duuuuiy ia.
District Court of the State cf Ne
vada, lu and for the County of
-1.. A. Slalia, Plaintiff, vs. The
Pioclie Pucif'c. Mining Co., a corpor
ati;n, Di fondant, Notice of Sheriff's
Sale on Execution.
By virtue of a Writ of ExeVution,
Issued out of the Fourth Judicial Dis
trict Court of the state of Nevada.
in and tor the I ounty ot Lincoln, on respected residents of this city, pas-ijie-
24tlt day of December, A. D. sod to tho Groat Beyond on Chrlst
19I2, in the above entitled action, mas e. e nCter a lingering illness,
wherein J. A. Slalia, the above named Sir. Brown had been in poor health,
plaintiff, recovered a judgement for the past two years and, although
against the Pioche Pacific Mining Cc. everything possible was done fur him
a corporation, said defendant, on the the affliction made headway in tear
17l,h day of Diici.mber A. il) lfl- ing down his once robust constltu
tor the, sum of Six Thousand Sixty, tion, and .while he had been a suffer
seven and Forty-five one hundredths er through all this time, he slumber
dollars, lawful money of the Unite, ed into eternity without the least in
States, with Interest thereon at the, die'ation of pain. ' '
Kite of 7 per cent, per annum from The remains were taken to Panaca
.a J date of judgement until paid, yesterday morning, services w.ere
ww costs of suit taken at $514.00, held from the L. D. S. meeting hause
which said Judgement was duly dock- it 2 o'clock in the afternoon, fol--
eil and recorded, I have, on this lowijig which Interment took place,
, f y. ! 1),,ren,ber' A' D- 19i2- li the Punaea cemetery beside the?
duly levied upon the following des-, grave of a steo-son.
i ribed property to-wit:
Tlie Grand View, Southern Cross
Nut. 2; Southern Cross No. 3; South
ern Cross" No. 4; Southern Cross No
5; Southern Cross No. 6; Great, West-
ein No. 1; Gredt Western No 2:.
Great Western No. 3; April Fool No.
lj Ben Lamond: Shorty Nj 1;
Shorty No. 2; Shorty Fraction;
Southern Cross Fraction and Treas
ury Fraction Lode Minine Clainia
iaLuatq in the Ely Sliiiing district,
uounty of -Lincoln, state of Nevada,
and recorded in the ofri.'o nr m.j
r .. . r, , I
'.ounty Recorder of said county and
stat., to which said records, refer-
u,.j Bpum lAqj.uii si eonr",
full and complete dsceriptlon of said
lode .claims.
Notice Is hereby given that on
Saturd cy, January ISth, 1913. at 12
oclook nocn, ot that dav. nt thA
j-Stvnt doon of the court house. In
i ie town of Pioche. county of I411-
'coin, state of Nevmln r n-in i i..
' teace to said writ of execution sell
ie above described property, or so
m....V .1, , , t
muel, th,(. eof as may be necessary to
; satisfy said P alntiffs judgement,
.with the interest thereon and costs,
New York City
X3H3i w
to the highest bidder for cash, in law
ful money of the United States.
Pioche, Nevada, December 24th,
Official Election Canvass
The recent official -canvas of thu
state vote at Carson City gives;
Wilson, 7,986.
Ruosi'velt, 5,020.
Debs, 3,313.
Taft, 3,196.
Key Pittinan was elected United
Slates senator by 89 votes ovu- W.
A. Slassey.
E E. Roberts defeated Clay Tall
man by 69 votes for congressman.
That the Nevada senators have not
-' t- ..R... ivi mu lcii:uiluil
of the Carson City mint is shown b.Y
i Hid 'following teleg-.'am from Wash,
mgton announcing the action that is
Melng taken by Senators Newland
j ami Slassey. 1
Washington, D, C. Dec, 18.
! Senators Newlands and Massev nn.
poured before the appropriations
committee of the senate yesterday
lu suppolt of Senator Newlanda'
. amendment to the legislation for the
Jarsoit City Slint and assay office.'
They pres. nt d their arguments,
which were taken under consldera
'ftui by the committee. Roth sena
tors made strong statements vegard-
......... Dl tl HTllie-l 1 LB TgUlU
'S the needs of the state of Nnvaifrk
.on I the convenience that this mln;
affords to prospectors and miners.
In the Birt'-rnoon Senators Massey
'anil Newlands appeared, before the
senate 'committee on judiciary to
support Senator Massey's bill to c'on-
'irln ttl( to town lots sold by the,
S rathern Pacific to land coninanlea
111 Unv.ln OM.t . - .
In Nevada. This matter is of much
Interest. The hearing was postponed
to the following day to give Maxwell
Evarts, representing the Southern
Pacific, an opportunity to be heard.
See 1913 In
I Hy attending hte dance at Thomp
son's h'all, next Tuesday, New
Year's eve. Advt.
John fl Til-men n.w, P
The deceased was universally liked
by all who knew him and the Record
Jains with the many friends of the
bereaved ftimily In extending heart-
felt condolences
I .
Daily Thought.
A little philosophy inclineth man's
mind to atheism, but depth in philos
ophy brlngeth men's minds about to
religion. Bacon.
First to Use Chloroform.
i-inoioiorm nn as anaestneuc wag
am used on the 00th of September,
! 1840. bv nr. SV. T. O IHnrtnn a don.
u5i, or Boston, in a case or tootn ex
traction, and thereafter by blm
many difficult operations. The news
of the discovery reached England In
December, IS 16, and British dentists
I Immediately began to use it. Sir
James Slmrson. a Scotch phvslclan
1 (1S11-1S70) -..as the first to use It in
Hospital practice and this ha did in
I!is discovery was considered
'1Kk 'e"dcat of by the Boston
' "V d knjghted.
. - had a '""NC '"neral when he died
and a statue of him in bronze stand.
I ia Edinburgh.
t, -

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