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What men in the street knows tf
cares anything ebcut valency?- Or
perceives in, let ub say, the allotroylc
modifications of sulphur an analogy
. to anything of practical Interest to
him? Vet tbeso things havo much
to do with our daily bread, and many
figure largely In tho settlement of
some barkers' strike. This Professor
Katz of Amsterdam In studying the
question of what cfiemists call valency,
has been investigating the influence
of temperatura upon chemical reac
tions, say the New York Tribune. He
- finds that the fresh bread which most
- men prize and the stale bread which
only some dyspetics tolerate are
simply modifications of the same sub
stance, comparable with tho afore
said ollotroplc modifications of sul
phur. Hut what causes tho change?
Nothing but tho change of tempera
ture. If bread Is kept at a high tem
perature It remains unchanged. Or
If It is immediately reduced to a very
low temperature and la kept there, the
chemical changes are so alow and
sliiit as to Le negligible ft la tlifre-
' fore proposed in Holland to utilize this
- discovery through the establishment
of larj;e storage warehouses, either
hot or cold, in which reserves of bread
; shall ba accumulated and kept per
petually fresh, for use In case of
such emergencies as a general strike
: of bakers or a temporary scarcity of
l supplies of grain.
; A member of the English aristoc-
racy who has adopted the ttage as u
duneer, says she bus done eo because
Ehe needs the money. Tills is refresh
- lug. She might have said that she
did It In the cause of the uplift of
art, or because oho wearied of the
- empty life of the- leisure class and
i wanted a career, or that ehe desired
; to blazon the way for her suffering
; sisters. Hut to work because she
needs tho money Is an explanation of
such genuine heart Interest .a to be
i popular at once.
Rulers of Greece havo had on easy
time since that country threw ciT the
yoke of tho sultan, 00 years ago. At
the outset Greece tried n president
Capodistrla who was soon assassinat
ed. Then Otho of Pavaria was choac&
king, but, after a stormy time, was
forced to abdicate. After that the
..crown 'went begging for a while. The
duke of Edinburg und the earl of Der
by both refused it, and it was common
talk that "Mr. Gladstone could have
had it by tho lifting cf an eyelid."
Dr. Cnrrell, the great surgeon, de
clares that brain operations are more
Jlfilcult than those on the heart. Of
course. Just think of the senseless
-"nothings young men pour Into girls'
S . .
tt Experts are uow turning their in
centive attention to the evolution of
the crow less rooster. When that feat
Us accomplished they might next try
3onc!uBlona on the back-fenceless cat.
Government experts announce that
tpnybo.ly can heat a loaf of bread by
putting it In a hot oven. Perhaps next
n winter they will tell us how to cool a
bottle of beer.
A fashion paper says women's sum
tinier dress will bo cool, charming
and comfortable. Evidently had a
bathing suit In mind when this was
'written. "
New York Judge Eays wives should
. stay at home with their husbands in
' stead of riding around in taxis. Think
the husband should bo consulted
I first
; A fugitive Russia.ii princess Is said
to have been discovered on the New
1 York stage. A real princess could ro-
! main undiscovered there. If anywhere.
i : " .
t Count Zeppelin says he is pledged
J not to build airships for any country
: but Germany. The other couutrles
( ought to be glad of that.
f ; ..
I Another Indication of how modern
prepress is making its way is tho
fact that New York has Just givcnup
a horse car Una
A German eteani roller -operator
creases his trousers by driving the ma
chine over them. Still, ha has to have
two pairs. .,
The skirt slashed to the knee is the
latest edict of fashion. -Soon this
country will be no place for a modest
And when you stop to thmk of it,
Cleopatra was a mere piker as com
pared to modern tangoists and others.
Of course a caioe is a perfectly safe
craft when it is upside' down in the
back yard.
Perhaps the iceman w ill now per
mit himself to enjoy the luxury of a
Buiile. .
The lightning rod man la almost as
Jovial aa the ice man.
Unwisely moves the hand that rocks
the boat,
Not Necesssry to Satid Pl-imca to Pro
fessional Cleaners When They
Become Bedraggled.
the present fashionable ostrich
feather, although it is not so tightly
curled as tho olJ fashioned plume
looks even more bedraggled and for
lorn when it ia out of curl than tht
old one did. Yet fogs and mists 01
rains are as frequent as ever, and os--trleh
feathers are now worn at all
times of tho day at 1 nljrlt, regardless
of tho weather. Plum-tis feathers
were put forward to fill tho role of a
feather which moisture would not
change, but they do not take tfc-j place
of the regulation ostrich feather.
There is only one tl.ing ta do i!
you wear ostrich feather, and that is
to learn how to curl them. It is as
good a3 impossible to Bend a feather
to the professional cleaner to be
curled every time there is a 6ummcr
. -When the moist hat with feather
trimming ia removed put it, if pos
sible, near a fire. Heat often restores
a good deal of the lost curl. When
this ia not possible let the feather
dry thoroughly and then recurl it with
a nail file, the blunt edge of a knife
or some other steel or silver blade
which ia not sharp.
Work with one or two of the fronds
of the feather at a liino. Catch them
between the thumb and tho blade near
the stem of the feather and slowly
and iirmly draw the thumb and the
blado along the fronds to the edge.
If necessary go over some of the feath
ers twice.
It is surprising how rapidly this
curling can be done; and if it is care
fully done after a little practice the
feather will look quite as well as if
it had been curled by a professional.
Many Pretty and Serviceable Articles
May Bs Made In the Odd Mo
ments of Leisure.
After hoarding up scraps of crr
tonno left from window draperies and
furniture covers, a "clever woman
emptied her patch hag one day and
from the oddly shaped pieces of cre
tonne made many pretty articles.
A large roll of rose-spripged French
cretonne furnished material enough to
cover a hat box.
To successfully accomplish this,
cut a band long enov.gh to encircle
tho box and wida enough to cover the
skies, with allowance made for turn
ing in at the top and bottom.
With bookbindera' paste join the
ends tit ono comer. Slash tho edges
so thf.t they will turn neatly and paste
in place. Cover the ltd in the same
manner, and to properly finish the box
line with cretonne or plain material,
P . sting, the" sides, bottom and top
smoothly to the pasteboaid founda
tion. Thia makes a lovely box in
wnicn to Keep your best hat iid la
one which need not bo concealed from
n5$ ' rtr
Modr-1 of white cluny lace over chif
fon, with draped skirt. Trimming of
black malice and sah of same ma
terial. Bleach for Waists.
When perspiration haa left a yellow
mark cover the blemish wtta peroxida
of hydrogen, leave until , dry. then
cover with ammonia and wash. Am
monia water can be used to wash
woolen waists oa parts whero per
spiration has left marks. The am
tnonia w ill clean the material "without
Injury to the fabric, and also destroy
Al odor. Often a mark in fine mate
rial may be removed In the following
jaanner: In a saucer or pan place a
iighted match and cover with sulphur.
When it begins to burn cover with a
funnel to hold in the fumea. . Hold the
dampened material over the end of the
funnel, and in most cases It w ill bleach
the spot. Work by an open window
where there ia a strong draft, in order
to avoid inhaling any of the fumes.
Middy Blouses.
Middy blouses of white galatea,
w'dh striped collar and belt, are much
sorn. ' . . .
k i
If x-
Man who rocks tho boat will be on
fluty. -
Turkey has nowhere in particular to
go but out .
Spend your vacation and your
money welL
Any hydroaeroplane that turns som
ersaults la too versatile.
Something should be done to con
serve the parachute Jumpers.
The open season for sitting down
on lemon pies at picnics is on.
A woman suffers more from a
freckle than a man suffers from a
Too many people wait for something
to coma around instead of chasing it
With the weather, as . with nearly
everything else, moderation is a car
dinal virtue
Even tho barbers complain of the
high cost of living, although they live
on Bhavlngs.
It is hoped that none of the passen
gers on an aeroyacht will be tempted
to rock the boat
The Rlack Hand has demanded $1
500 from a - minister. Some people
think it's the heat.
What with recent styles in women's
skirts, men are all getting like the
London 'bus conductor.
Death notice of Chineee doctor who
claims he has discovered the elixir of
life will bo the next thing.
The currency bill to be up-to-date
should define money as a medium for
the transmission of pleasure.
All the baseball teams are now play
ing in midseason form and In some
cases it is nothing to brag of.
Of course you know why a famous
raco horso is named Whiskbroom?
it's because he raises the dust.
That New York broker gave his
heart with his hand to the pretty man
icure and she nailed him for life.
Women are going to wear dlamor.da
on their hose. If they keep on, men
will look when they cror.s the street.
The "luncheon lurch" Is said to be a
new dance in Washington. Wonder if
it is anything like the "kitchen sink?"
The man who bet that the girl with
the new Balkan style bathing suit
would not go into tbe water at all lost
To start, a happy holiday, get vac
cinated for typhoid. To end it, get
anointed for sunburn and mosquito
Almost any one can afford to buy a
hat for his horse for the summer
months. Worth labels are not neces
sary. When there Is nothing else to talk
about scientists can discuss the ap
pearance or disappearance of spots on
the sun.
A Philadelphia paper complains
about the noise in a certain section of
Philadelphia. Now, what do you think
of that?
Among the other needless noises
should be classed that made by the
husband when friend wife suggests a
joint outing.
A five-year-old boy haa matriculated
at New York university. At six, if
all goes well, he will be entitled to
carry a cane.
What haa become of the old fashion
ed man who used to say: "Keep on
your shirt!" when a mixed assembly
became excited?
A neurologist says love is a form
of lunacy. That Is the sort of stand
usually taken by people who are dead
and don't know It.
A youth in New York tumbled back
ward into the North river rather than
miss a fly ball. Seems to have a habit
of getting what lie goes after.
Dr. Wcod Hutchinson says there
Is nothing the matter with the Amer
ican stomach. It is evident that the
doctor never attended a clam bake.
It a proposed tax of $200 a pound
Is placed on opium, plumbers will be
about the only persons who can hit
the pipe with any degree of satisfac
tion. Fall styles in women's suits are
said to include hip pockets. It's a
good bet the pickpockets . won't
find them any ' handier than hand
bags..:. -v;'.. ;
Chicago woman, arrested for selling
watered milk, was acquitted when she
said by way of excuse, that the cows
were such early risers they ate dew
laden grass. - 4
The New Jersey men who killed the
cats and theu discovered it was bull
frogs that were killing the chickens
furnish another argument against capi
tal punishment
A scientist claims to have grown a
crowiess rooster. That leaves the
poor bird with nothing but his strut,
provided ha still feels Uka strutting
when he cat crow
Should Be Gathered Often and
Kept in Dry Place.
In Handling, Marketing and Shlppinj
; Thsy Should Nat Be Exposed to
; Draughts and. Should Bo
Properly Protected.
' (By N. E. CHAPMAN.)
The common causes of loss may be
classed under - several heads: Small
eggs, dirty eggs, breakage, shrunken
and rotten eggs, moldy and flavored
eggs. Eggs must weigh two ounces
or over to be classed as No. 1. Light
er eggs should be consumed on the
farm, rather than be sold at a re
duced price. Like eggs too small,
eggs abnormally large or misshaped
should be used at home, for such will
be easily crushed in the case, and
are always classed as "seconds."
About five eggs out of each hun
dred marketed are classed as "dir
Out of Every Dozen Eggs That Leave
the Farm, but Ten Are Fit to Ba
Delivered to Customer.
ties." These are stained, smeared,
muddy, or covered with filth. The
odor of whatever soils the egg' will
soon penetrate the shell and flavor
the contents. Market eggs should
never be washed, as they take odors
more rapidly and soon are stale. Eggs
may be washed, hewever, for use at
home. Egg3 carried to market in
bran are generally classed as "dir
ties." Tho bran adheres to the
shell, and is difficult to remove.
It is estimated that eight per cent
of the eggs are broken in moving
from producer to consumer. Check
ed, dented or leaking eggs soon sour,
and must bo marketed at greatly re
duced prices. If checked or broken
on the way to market, they should be
taken home for use in the family.
Eggs should be gathered often and
kept-in a cool, dry place until the
first opportunity for marketing.
Broody hens sljould ba taken from
the nests at once, and confined by
themselves, unless needed for hatch
ing purposes. After the hatching sea
son Is over, all roosters should be
sold or confined, and not allowed to
run. with the laying flock during the
summer. Hens will lay mora eggs,
and be in better health without the
male birds. Infertile eggs are far su
perior for preserving, shipping and
storing. .
Sixty-five per cent of the contents
of a fresh egg is water; and because
of a porous shell this evaporates rap
idly under most conditions, resulting
In loss of weight and value. As soon
as the newly-laid egg cools, an air
cell appears, which increases in size
aa the contents shrink from evapora
tion. Shrunken eggs may be detect
ed by "candling," or by gently shak
ing when held to the ear. When the
"gurgio" of the contents is distinct,
the egg is questionable. The mem
brano of such egs is often ruptured
in handling and shipping, resulting in
"frothy", eggs, of poor Quality. In
tho summer, eggs should receive tho
same care and consideration as sweet
milk and cream, and bo marketed
daily, if possible. They should not be
exposed to draughts of wr.rm air,
Have Only Uniform, Standard-Bred,
Lcying Stock.
and should be protected from the
rays of the sun and moisture, in
handling, marketing and shipping.
Moisture is the main cause of rot
ten eggs. Nesta on the ground or
in wet straw, together with damp cel
lars and moist "fillers" in egg cases,
are mainly responsible for this con
dition. A fresh egg will absorb
odors as rapidly aa fresh milk.
Musttuess or moldy growth in egg
cases or fillers will taint the egg and
lower its quality. Eggs should not
bo stored in musty cellars, or in
rooms with fruit, vegetables or fish.
The chickens should never be allow
ed to drink filthy water, be fed musty
grain or strong-flavored vegetables,
as onions and garlic, nor given access
to decaying meat or substances that
will flavor the product and Impair
its quality.
; Cuttli9 Cowpeas.
Cowpeas may ba cut with the mow
er, and after getting at least a full
day's sun the vines are raked up and
generally He another day in the wind
row. Tbey are then bunched up In
small bunches and after another day
or two put li'to larger bunches and
let stand as long as weather permits,
when they are drawn to the barn.
00 rSPP I
L- 1 u M i
7c i&flm wi
Pioche Meat Company
Home Made Boglonas and Sausage ! Main St.
Oysters and Fish in Season, Etc. j PIOCHE
1 Culver well Brothers
si .
I "Best Rigs and
Bus to and from
a Delivery of Freight and Express tog
ail parts 01 tne city, learns tor hire g
all hours.
Send us your
-TTTffrrrr.i ji h wrrriTrirmiirnTreTiuiii i a, i nil f mmumrmi-.,
'JLaeJ lA"-" " :"-' "'' 69
a Ton.
We operate the largest Factory
In the world .devoted exclusively to
the manufacture of Pianos and Play
erpianos. With our unexcelled fac-t
lUties, immense output, and by sell
ing you direct from our own Fact-'
ory.we are prepared to offer induce
ments in Quality, Prices and Terms
impossible to secure under less fav-'
orable conditions. '
Write for our "Special Bargain
List of Slightly used Pianos."
Pacific Division
628-630-632 South Hill St., Los An
geles. California.
Dr. G. W.v
Oflice: Thompson Block, Piochi
- O. O. F. Meets ever)
-,J' Tuesday Evening at eigb
o'eloek. I. O. O. F. Building, Mai
street. Visiting brothers are inviteO
C. II. Schodde, Noble Grand; A. A
Carman, Secretary.
Pioche, Nevada. Meetsj. every Thurj
day at 7:30 o'clock P. M., 1. O. O F
Hall. All visiting brothers and st?
ers cordially invited. Mrs. Lizzie
Garrison, Noble Grand; Mrs. Ethel
Middleton, Secretary. "
VjfF; & A. M. Meets at Manor--'
VMc" Hall. Lacour street, on th
2ud Monday ot every month at elehi
o'clock P. M.. L II. Beason W. M.'
John H. Deck, Secretary.
Attorney and Councillor
At Law
Attorney at Law
District Attorney for Lincoln County.
Office at Court House, PIOCHE.
Lincoln County, Nevada.
Office oa Lacour Street, in Brown's
Brick Buildidug. Deeds. Attida.lts
and other instruments drawn. Mv
aiming Notices, Procfs of Labor
an Bdlank Deeds of all descriptions
on nana.
. B
and Transfer g
Best Service"
All Trains. Quick B
order: $ 1 0.56. 1
- ii
Popular Mechanics
A GREAT Continued Story of the
World's Pros-real which vou
may begin reading at anv time, and
wnicn win noia your interest forever.
The "Shop Note." Department (20 ttaarts)
Rives easy ways to do things how to make
useful articles lor home and shop, repairs, etc.
Amateur Mechanics " (10 naffesl tells how to
make Mission furniture, wireless outfits, boats,
engines, magic, and all the things a boy loves.
Ask your newsdealer, or
SIS W. Waahlnstoa St, CMICAOO
Trade Marks
'-..-wsr Designs
' rfttv - Copyrights Ac.
Anrone smiling a sketch and description tskt
ulckly asccrtuiii our oiim;u froo wliotber a;i
iiiToinion is prohnblr p.ucnmhla. Co.timtinlcrv
tionsRtrlctlyconUdomiiJ. HANDBOOK on Poteuu
tent free, oldest mrenry for necunni potent.
Fnt;ius taken tbruupli Muna A Co. tecelTe
special notice, without, diRme. la tba
Scientific JRrtnericam
lldMirtsomoIr Illustrated weekly. I-nruost fr
aiktiitm of any efieiiliilo iourDal. a'erma, t a
an"tV.irJ!",Jit,",'L BoWbyall newsdealer
fiSUNN&Co.36'8- New Yorlf
nmuub Offloe. 2& St. WashUiBton. ft, C.
The Home Sentinel.
It is each woman's duty to under
stand the preparation of food so. that
it may be fit for human consumption.
It may not be necessary fox her to at
tend to the actual work, but she
should be the sentinel, always on
Put Watch Under Tumbler.
Placing a watch under a tumbler
near the bed of a sick person will
give him relief from the ticking, which
Is frequently very trying to highly
sensitive nerves. ' ,
Laziness and Logic.
Why aro we still indolent and negU
gent and sluggish, and why do we
seek pretenses for not laboring and
not being watchful la cultivating our
reason? -Epictetus.
h!,i? moS? Cata"h n this Bectlon ot
JogeUur.fcand until tha last few yeara
rV,,?U,V:0!M H a Incurable. For a greai
. ?o if, r? doctero pronounced It a local
1 v L d.,prcJcr.l.b'd loeSii romdls, and
irT. 'anlly failinar to euro with, local
r uV?' P'"onouncecl It Incurable. Scl
titlnn3 firovea eata" to ba a conati-
CW U HnV t.retmnt- Ha' CatarrbT
tSSSiiv n the markt. It hi taken In
tnfilatdo80il tTO,m M &TV to a tea
' 11013 MrOy o the Wood
Urooniate. a) u lur Circulars ana tss.
ILf- CHKNV A oa, Toledo, O
Pol It TVivrrlats, TSc
Sato BaU-aDivattT Pin- nt1rtlrstlffai
Legal blanks for ala at tha Record
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