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Ths Pioche Record
Pab!Uhd Erery Saturday ty
Terms of Subscription
One w In adraace, ; 12.30
One year. If not la al ranee, 2 00
Six months. In advance. 1.50
Six months. It not la aivai.ee.
Papers sect to foreign countries, at
$3.50 per ytar; $1.75 fur six months;
strictly la advance. Advertising rab-si
on application.
fentered ui tie i'ou(uce at Piocnc,
Nev., as Second Class Mail Matter.
L5wiS M. BEASON, Editor . Mgr.
United Slates y.z.thA X. B. Cray
is a strong beiiver in advertising.
V have seen the results cf his work
1u Elko county-, wh.ij secretary of
the E.ko Developnie.it League that
portion of the stite Is rapidly tUVmz
up with new sjtt!fr. Mr. Cray is
editor of the De?tb Commonwealth
aiid i-ry tpporitinfty he gets h lets
tho p-opla knjw that notwithstanding
lie bis lanucd one of the test fder
l pliiuis ta fali t'j a Xevadan from
tL' iu''or:al D-hjo: ra' i; aituinigtra
tk.n. ha Is :! running the Common-
WbSlUi at !-. lb. Not lo"g ago, t,e
pulihsh'-d v. ha: ba Lc"i ved to b a
gcod lin:--,p r. r he iMmot ailc Li(e
t!p!it't ii tt yen ai.d s.iowed Lb good
Judgement by nominating rieaalo
Chaa. L-f Horsey for congress. His
p!an was t. select a far as passible
a man to represent every county In
the 8ta Last week ho nominated
1" the Consmonwpaih a Republican
ticket and told cf a wonderful love
f ast ovt-r la It. no whereat the so
oal'tJ siand-pat Republicans and the
Progressives get together and fixed
up a ticket. Among other thigs.
Marshal Cray s.ild that tue elitor of
the Record had been hUl'd for the
Job of stale p; inter. New that is all
very ril e, lint tli fa.t is the.c nev
er was any ltno niettlig as Cray
would have prople biieie. The
vphlo thing taa b blzcd up in a
nut sbel!; C.ny wa'Us more people
to read the Commonwealth and he
believes la a Ivertislng the fact. He
is a dandy press agent; he managed
tha puULity bureau cf the Demo-t-.uta
in Nevada last year and they
v.- J i banc's down. If wo ever ran
f-.-r crfite, we woul l like to have, him
fjr ou'. publicity manager. But Us
h is a United Stafa marshal we stis
pect that he will cot be available dur
ing the nxt campaign. Hence we
guesB there will Le "o show to land
that lucrative Job oer at Carson
now held down by Joe Farusworth.
But anyway we have no political
buzzers In our bonnet.
Wlsccnslj i.as an aatl-goseip law
which butjM ador.j the statute books
o' every state. It carries with it a per
al'y of $C0O fine and imprUoameut
it I peddling damaging stories about
your neighbor and particularly for
making remarks refuting upon the
good name of his wife, mother or sis
ter. If uch a law wers in rove in Pi-to-ue,
J 'id so Hants w. i:'d d- a pros
perous business iu cot.rt of J us tic
According to the statistics of the
inter-state commerce commissiou f r
the fiscal year ending June 30th, 1912
titer j are 2i0,2J8 mi;cs of track oper
ated in the United States. The aver
age numfcer of locomotives per on
h.ousantl miles cf line was 263, and
the average number of cars was 9,-
bU. The total number of persons on !
the payrolls was I.C99.218 aud the'
total wages and salaries paid amount- j
eu io i,iij,iio,uz. me par value
f the amount of railway capital out
standing was over nineteen and one
half billion dollars.
The report of the commission also
pro uio.fs figures ct a more startling I
aau less creditable nature. During j
tne montns ol October, November and
December, 1912, 260 people were
killed and 4,334 were injured in train J
aoriaenis. casualties of all classes
amounted to 2.9C7 killed and C1.3
inured. The total number of coli
slons and derailments for this quarter
ccmppared with those for correspond
ing quarters of four previous yars
flow's that with the exfcptUn cf
1911, the number hs Increased, tVr.'
belag for tiu ci'r.cnt quarter nn In
crease vt, 48.8 per cet over the cor
responding quarter of 1908.
And still it continue i to ralu In
this "a id west." V.hile Calfornla
has experiom t 1 i,n;I( Nevada co
liaues to get soaked. ,
Foolish Self-Condemnatlon.
Tfo comfort for the living or the
dead can be won from vain self-condemnation.
No consolation can bo
gained while you nurse the Imagining
that a certain trouble might have been
avoided. What' we have to do Is to
try to escape from other troubles that
are truly avoidable troubles of a
useless remorse, a present neglect, a
listless apathy that will not reach
forth for the good things still to bs
gathered. Exchange. .
Dafly Thought.
After all, our worst misfortunes
never happen, and most miseries lie
in the anticipation. Balz&
A V:t-.
x.l bay be seppos'-d ; i
Ik. - . . 1 . V .
: that
' .-. as u7. au m warm
ind as sympathetic as its Divine Giw
c-.ade It, and that r-cthl?g the Indi
vidual nao or womaa luay r ran do
:n e j patd or en Ian it- That is a
mistake. It is just as much a mistake
is It would bti so say that nothing one
rci.y or eaa do will have ir.Suer.ce is
making the physical bo-ly healthful.
norma! and strong. Every one knows
Uiat the babSts of a man or a iomu
hare much to do wiii bcJ'!y comfort
and strength. Manr a man r. ho ta
endowed with a strong phyni.iue. has
ir.ide of himself a wetkling. crteo a
physical and mental wreck, by bis
hab.'ts of intemperance When ths
term intemperance is Of ed in tb's eon
nation, it means intemperance in eat
Icg or Intemperance in drinkir j. b
temperance In the grati.'.caCon cf the
lusts of the fiesh, intemperance la any
thing. One in yielding to the slavery
of habit may deceive hl.tueU and pre
sume that he Is having a good time.
But he will not have to live very many
years to find out that bis good time
is lacking in the quality of logevity.
St will be short lived, says tbe Knox
rille Journal and Tribune. And when
b:s capacity for enjoyment hss been
i.'nchcd, shriveled and rotbed of tha
cse&ce of life by tbe frobU and the
s-.orms cf time, he Is likely to become
cf all men the most miserable.
Science seems to have co limit to the
tasks It will assume. Tbe editor of
American Medicine asserts that tbe
prt-per cure for the gambler Is In a
itiiiiuriurn. "A time may come," ac
cording to his assertion, "when the
nature cf such habits will be brought
to the alienist" But before science
undertakes tbi3 cure It rr.u.t settle a
practical point Will the man who
bote his pll on the rise or fall of
-socks, grain or pork be rated as a
gambler, or oIy the one who stakes
!.: wad cn cards or tbe ponies?
The "conscience fund"' of tbe na
tional government was swelled during
the lat fiscal year by only f2.S14.44,
the smallest total of contributions for
my years sluce 1S01, and is less than
three-quarters of the hundred year av
erage. This suggests the interesting
speculation whether It Indicates that
ja-.jple are becoming mor. honest and
there-fcre have less nead to make an
noaymcus restitution, or thtlr con
sciences tougher, for which reason
they don't do It.
The Atlanta lawyer who knocked
down Ave men with one hand and
stood trlmphant over their uncon
tcioua forms ought to make a tour of
the country so that men might see in
iesh and blood the realization of the
hero of the Impossible romances of
physical might, dear to tie merr.nejfs
of their boyhood days. y
Some folk are kicking because this
country spends more yearly for music
than for tbe army and navy depart-
eu'.. a i mai we can make any
other nation on the globe dance to
our music.
1 he posse of young husbands which
has been Bcouring the country reports
that the man who wrote a book on
how to get married and live happily on
:12 a week has not been located.
on.e newspaper paragrapber, one
of these days, will make a big hit by
writing a squib about summer-resorts
trot living up to the booklets written
' . . . .. .
about them,
j 08
Angeles woman sues her hus
band for divorce ta order to win back
. tr.j beautiful friendship she has. lost.
it sue gets the decree will she be
'friend wife?
" '
cmcago woman nas asked per
iai3toii to wear . trousers. She
wight as well have the real thing as
what some of the women are wearily
American women generally feel that
they havo a better chance, to get all
the votes they want if they do not
lose their tempers.
Women wonder why a man is al
ways hitching up his trousers when he
wears a belt Curiosity is woman's be
getting sin. ' .
Tbe "luncheon lurch" Is the name of
a new dance which might have too
tame surroundings as the sailor's
A St. Louis judge rules that a di
vorced woman is not a widow. At
least she usually Isn't very long.
"Yes. Sophronla, there still are some
mistaken w omen who , believe that
rouge Is the pink of, perfection.
The poet laureate of England gets a
small salary, but the advertising the
Job carries is considerable.' '
la life worth living? All except the
dead ones seem to think so. ' ' - --
The macaroni banquet was probably
a long-drawn-out affair.
. t
vorrwwva auDiimat SMtittM ssitf Bm. t
(saw ExHeat Raawtta.
At a Gersaasi axperlaMat
iperlmcau with potato scab hava
carried am tar twn Mra
WrroaiVS SaoUSOate SOlatlOB at
aablisoate aolatloB
fti par cent, aad Bordeaax aalxtara
f two per et, both applied to tha
aeed potatoes for m hours, gave x
celleac aad aboat aqaal raaalu la taa
prevention of scab, aa was also tha
casa with Bordeaux mixtsr of two
per cent, applied to two Iota for
three and fourteen hours, respective
ly. and wia two lota treated with four
kg. per acre (IU pounds pr acre) of
sulphur mixed with the soil, one lot
having been also thoroughly rubbed
with sulphur before plaatiag. A peat
moid dressing of 35 cm. depth ap
peared to - give sotae prooetioa
agaiaat tha devalopmaat of scat
hlla a aaad dressing of tha aama
depth afforded none. On both the
Plata treated with soil dressing the
nexi years crops vera found to be
Moat Practical Way of Getting Rid
f Patch la ta Cut Off All Leaves
Below Surface. .
In response to a query aa to tha
best way of getting rid of a patch of
Canada thistles the Wallace ' Parme
makes tha following reply:
Anything which keeps Canada thi
tie leaves from getting to the sun
light for two or three months during
the growing season will give them a
severe set-back, and la some cases
kill them. Putting a heavy coating of
straw on the patch has la some cases
proved successful, bat in other cases
the straw haa become disarranged
auu me uiiaues nave crown
through It Really, the most practical
way of getting rid of a amall patch of
Canada thlstlea Is to go over It every
week and cut off all leaves below the
surface of the ground. If a conscien
tious Job of this Is done for the sum
mer, the thistles will not bother much
me next year, although It is best to
seep an eye open for them and cut
them off regularly. A careful Job
uusi do aone. ror if the leaves are
allowed to grow very loua In tha sun.
shine enough energy will be stored up
in the roots to hold the pest over for
a considerable length of time.
omuie pray or Arsenate of Lead
when Insects 9re Observed
Would Stop Depredations.
ir a grower is spraying his fruit
trees faithfully with arsenate of lead
irom tent caterpillars, or the tents
may be crushed with the gloved hand,
w hen they can be reached, at a time
when the caterpillars are Inside; or
burned by a torch on the end of a pole,
twisted out of their place by means of
a w ire brush, attached to the end of a
long pole. These remedies are effect
ual only when the caterpillars are In
their tents, early In the morning, or
lnj stormy wet weather. A single
praying or arsenate of lead, when
caterpillars are observed, would prob-
auiy stop tneir depredations.
The forest tent caterpillars can be
destroyed when they collect In bunch.
s on me trunks of trees. Prune off
ana destroy the twigs holding- the
eggs. 7
Breeding Draft Horses.
The breeding of heavy draft bora
is one of the most profitable Lranehaa
of live stock farming. - few farmers
realise the importance of sic in a
draft horse, when put on the market,
either in public or private sale. A
horse that weighs less than 1,600
pounds is sot considered a draft
norae In any of the horse markets of
the country, yet the mares kent on
the ordinary farms are usually light
er than that This accounts for the
small, scrubby lot of horses that are
constantly being put on the market
at a loss to the breeder
Care ef twiner
Two things which should be avoid-
ed with, swine In cold weather are.
first, do not let them sleep In or upon
heating manure, because they become
warm and then rush Into the cold air.
frequently contracting colds, coughs
or . severe pulneosary itlsiaau - - that
are sometimes fatal: ' seeoad
them well la dry .quarters wmere
there Is no draft of air Uowlu aaroaa
: : -j
Cansds Thistle.
Tfcer ts tcors Catarrh In th: cti'sn '
J1 -
wa. i-jipr:l j- lr ta-uraM-?. F?r a rrai '
' r.tar i - .ts frAtors pnaouwl it a lyc'xl
ron-antlr fnHna: ta tvta itii b?3
! tr-atrr.4-it. prorju n ri incorib!.
inf h- t.rva Catarrh to b t ror.?i-f
- ImJui J Jtsai. and lhr?for rvfji-irf'S !
i wttiicfi-4l treatment. Hall's Catarrh!
.-1 ... I I T? T r M. i
Co.. Tn-io. Ohio. U th tmir C'matim-:
i tioesl rure on tbe rrarkcu It is taken la- j
' marmalul. It arts dire-t!T on the Hood
mivoui rir1c nt the ri-atera. Th
efTr one tsonarwi iiara r.'.r any caa
fa!l to eore. Send lor rirculara and tes
timonials. AS-treM: T. I. CBESET a CO ToI4a, O
So! 4 fcr Xtrarrirta, TV.
Twka HaH'a ramily PiUa for nmttl patios.
Popular Mechanics
"wmiiau so vow cam tmocssTANo rr"
ACREAT Continoed Story of the
World' Progress which you
may begin reading at any time, and
which will hold your interest forever.
Tbe "SW Netea" Dapwtamt (X pages)
gives easy- ways to do th:c3 ho ta make
uaM article for home and aboa, repairs, etc.
"AMrtr Meektaica" (10 pages) tetis bow to
make Mitsion tumi;ure. wireieaaocthts. boaa.
etij-Jiei, HAjijc, and ail tbe Uusga a boy lovea.
Ask your newsdealer, or
untrrs roa rasa sampvc coenr tooav
Legal blaaks for sale at the Record
otfJce. s
fllPOMJiApfl i
Salt Lake City
September 29 to October 6
Round Trip from Pioche $14.85
Tickets on Sale September 29th to October 7th, inclusive
Keturn Limit 15 Days faom Date of Sale.
T.. a Peck, G.- P. A.
Ray Baker After Job
; Ray Baker, ex-warden of the Ne
vada state, penitentiary, and now in
Washington, with Senator Plttman,
is seeKing a place in the consular
sew ice. "Democrats tf 'the Califor
nia will probably help him. '
Railroad Commission Busy
. For the past week the Nevada rail
road commission, through an opinion
written. . by J. F. ShatiuFssy, tirs
associate commissioner, has proposed
a compromise on the rates for the
movement of low grade ores between
Eureka and Palisade, which 13 ca!cu-
ated t-i-asstr resumption of pros
perity in that region.
Settlers Ccminj To Nevada
There are 4030 applications for
and l.i the Trucker-Carson project
when ; it ' shall be opened Ivesem
reclamation plans look, to the onon-
ing of the proejet to settlement not
later than September I. 1914. This
conclusion has been reached only af
ter extended discussion by tha hieh-
er ornctals of the service who have
tonciuaea mat an earlier -onpnins?
wuura miniate against project In
University Man Injured
Professor J. C ' Jones, professor of
geology at, the Uni vc ratty. of Ne
vada, : is in a serious condition -at
Reno, where he was taken to , a
hospital. The professor- was - hurt
while playing foot ball. ,
V Water Rlflht SurVeye ; ( 4
Surveys of farm prooerliea . alone
ie Truekee - river raa far east aa
Pyramid lake Lave .been completed
by the government forces to ascer
tain the exact acreage iu each; ranch
property 'and the condition of each
man's land. This Information is . to
used by :the government in its
suit to adjudicate the ' water
o the valley.
Suicide at Wabuska, Nev
Dr. McCoy ChappelV a dentist, com-
uitted suicide at Wabuska last week
by shooting himself. He was 43 years
jf age and was a step son of Judge
A. 4 !, ...FllMM.B.-.-V.---..- ...
M.ltaa.r a Rex k ii.
Miss Cora Sherwood, sister of the
ctlon foren?r;n at Rox. was accV
lentally shot in the leg Wednesday
Pioche Meat Company
Fresh and Cured Meats
r' ; Home Made Boglonas and
Uysters and fish in season, etc.
Culverwell Brothers
Livery and Transfer B
"Best Rigs and Best Service" SS
. . . n
Bus to and from All Trains. Quick
Delivery of Freight and Express to g
all parts of the city. Teams for hiie 3
g all hours.
4 I
I Send us your
n .T
II." Mandekfield, A. G. P. A.
hisht when her brother was attempt
, iugto kilr some small animal which
; bad invaded the chicken" yard. She
came to Vegas on No. 1 Thursday
to recelva treatment. Las Vegas Age.
Federal Grand Jury
The federal graqdejury will meet
at Carson on October 6. The follow
ing venire has been summoned:
JFlnom Reno R. Kirman, E. R.
Crampton, W. J Luke, Jr., W. Cann,
B. B.eck, A. P. Berrum, G. W Lewis;
Q .:,lngtoEr-P. H. Gallagher, C. A,
,Wek, F. J. Lennard, Jr., C. C.
Young;, Sparks iF. ReiUy. A. F. Mc-1
Phatl; Carson A. L. Smith, W. M.
Ileidenreich, G. F. Vonderhyde, W.
Brougher, J. E. Wulled, II. p. Karge;
GajMnervllle C., E. Merrick, P. Ja
cobson, H. Helberg; Sheridan W.
Ires8ler, M. Fay. Virginia City J. p.
.Ennis, A. J. Kline, T. Blake, M
James, D. Desmond, T. F McCormack
Genoa P. Vka Sickle, R. Dake, W.
R. Adams; Wabuska W. M. Penrose,
Silver City C. C. Tlnney, Jr.
' Perkins Cornea Back
After traveling ovee'r California for
better part of a year, looking for busl
ne.ss opportunities and a refuge from
tjtjhe high cost of living, Gv W. Per
kins, former county commissioner of
shoe cunty, has returned with his
family to R.eno and will re-locate.
Experimental Farms
Experimental farms along the line
of the Southern. Pacific railroad op
erated 'wtth Southern Pacific funds,
the direction of University v of
XT J ,. m .
au larming experts, are to be
one of the results of the recent visit
of President Sproule to Nevada.
Orcana, Post Offifce
- A post office has been established
at Oreana It la, hoped to taken the
inaU to Rochester from there, and
relieve the congestion at Lovelock.
Receive Appointed
Judge Harwood. ot the Washoe
district court, appointed I. H. Kent
receiver of the Nevada Sugar com
IMfny, uppon the petition of the cred
itors of the company, W. A. Massey
and Hoyt ft Gibbons are the attor
neys for the plaintiffs In this friend
ly1 action. Ths s a preliminary st.
in the work of getting money for the
factory's operation.
. ' PrafaaaloAat rm Yui..
- t IHVTCI 't
Western Pacific officials complain '
that professional car thieves are t '
wurk on their lineg. Recently at
wtnnemucca seven carloads of goods
"were broken and the contents scat
tered around in the search for loot.
Reno Easy for Swindlers
2 mteen iFlctlUous checks; were
passed by strangers In Reno last
weea, according to
torney there.
Main St.
la11 4
We operate the largest Factory
in the world devoted exclusively to
me manuracture of Pianos and Play
erplanos. With our unexcelled fac
ilities, immense output, and by sell
ing you direct from our own Fact
ory, we are prepared to offer induce
ments in Quality, Prices and Terms
impossible to secure under less fav
orable conditions.
Write for our "Special . Bargain
List of Slightly used Pianos."
Pacific Division
628-6S0-832 South Hill St., Lo, An
geles, California. . .
Dr. G. W.
Office: Thompson Block, Pioche
I. O. 0. F. Meets ev
Tuesdav E
. w vuii. at trA (
o slock. I. O. O. F. Building,
street VisiUng brothers ar. inv,:
U H. Schodde, Nofcla Grand; a
Carman, Secretary.
Pioche. Nevada. Meets every Th'c
HslL AH visiting brothers and
erg . cordlaUy invited. Mrs. Lizzie
narrison, Noble Crand; Mrs. Etiiel
Middleton, Secretary. .
F. ft A. M. ItlPfttn a Ht...,
v , c w aia 1 '
ic Hall. Lacour street . "
2nd Monday of every month at eit
o clock P. M.. L. H. Beason W W
John H.. Deck, Secretary.
' Attorney and Councilor
' ' ' ."At Law'
i Attorney a Law
Wstrlct Attorney for Lincoln County
Office at Court House, PIOCHE.
Lincoln Coanty. Nevada.
Office on Lacour StreeL in Brown'.
Brick Bulldldng. Deeds,
and other Instruments drawn
Mlnln NAti. " . -a'

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