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IUNA m Your Hoi
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1 k s t ' t
; i n V i
1 IT t
- .1 'i
t: 1
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i ) 1 si 4
;l ' Hi it
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t.i :i Hi1
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H;i It
Published Every Frid.ty by
pioche nrx'oui) runu-
i in:
Do colds ro covn lo vour chro-it? Ar-;
v clToctcd? Above all, do coub
-r-l .1
cnest: ir.cn your iuivn may nor uo
tujC3 ti'.S.i
: on
A h-;us:wlf-2 must i th-3 Urui aid in colds, cou-is
O. 11. NATION, lUlitor ami .M.-r:ifi
Terms of Sulrrl A im
One year, in advance
Six months, in advanie
expected ccr;ru
Gccd Physician
pl.oa o.tcn ioiiGws.
1 1
All lefciil nh e wi'.l lie ( ;-.! j
for at the rate or )"f sni:iir. j
llrst liiKertion, ami no proof of ii-i'i- j
ligation will le imiile until m i
lu nulil fr. Xo et-eition will !' I
mailo to this rule.
For United States Senator
The Re:ord is authorized to pii
nounce tliat K. E. ROBERTS, pmient
member of Con gross, will bo a can
didate for the Republican nomina
tion for the- office. of United States
Senator from Nevada at the coming
Fur Ciovernor.
The Record is authorized to an
nounce that W. M. KEARNEY will
be a candidate for the Republican
nomination for Governor of the Stale
of Nevada at the coming primaries.
For County Commissioner.
JOHN W. WEDGE hereby announ
ces himself as a candidate Ur the
ofllce of County CominiKnioiier from
the southern district of Lincoln
county subject to the decision of the
voters at the coming 'democratic pri
maries. (Short term.)
Everywhere Fro
s7s sx t:" 3 ,ca rr r an nn
im n r n m m
J Deca'jsa its Pt:re Cod Liver Ci! is Fa .tic us i
for strengthening delicate tliroats and weak lun:3 v.l.ile its glycerine
yV soothes the tender linings pnd allsiviate-s Ire coucjh.
Start on Scoii's Emulsion today It is Nature's
y building-food without drurs or alcohol.
i; jl The 'i 'i Nonctr;.i!i r",I 1r.crr.il !tl in 5. off KmuJninn is tvtv rcJjlV'd ui
(I V our emu Aiue:K.tu labu:nt .... v.liuh itnm.uiti t. ,t n. J i jt:i i:u -i;icb.
Li'jU & Bowiie, I'l'lii;k.''l. N. J. 17-21
line on 1
homo in
a vim: a
the v. m
lo our
Li the '
01:1 -
; for
boy l.iiiit
l,ev f-'iind
What would Pioche be without
a booster? Ever stop to ask yourself
whether you are boosting or just
hanging on?
The booster is the fellow who takes
Jiold of a forlorn hope and, by his
cheerful optimism and bull-dog per
severance keeps hammering away till
he accomplishes his object.
Little difficulties do not trouble the
booster, lie fattens on them. He, i..
bo red-blooded that he scorns nn easy
walk-over in any undertaking. He
usually hunts for game worth while,
and in all such hunts the difficulties
are numerous and great. But he goes
at them with a will to win, and WILL
is the only quality under God's
heaven that will win.
The boostor doesn't see the faults
and failings of your town, or u he
doos see them, ho passes them by
with a Bmile and cheerful prophecy
th&t they will soon be remedied. He
sees only the bright side, and ho so
constantly plays up that bright fide
that after a(whilo you juut naturally
come to the conclusion that it far
outweighs the dark, which is very
sensible of you, though you should
have been helping him all along to
bury the dark and hold up the light.
But don't get it under your hat that
boasting is boosting. The two are ns
widely different as daylight and dark.
The boaster is satisfied, the booster
it ever reaching out for more. The
boaster proudly calls attention to
what we HAVE, but the booster calls
attention to what we CAN have if we
display sufficient energy. The boaster
lives in the glory of the present, but
the booster Is ever looking to the
future and planning new and greuter
Be a booster. Get under the load
and help "toto."
The wool shortage mi'-l.t
lieved somewhat by coniina !:!''
ill that the politician:-, ar-- m-cu.
rd to pull over t li- people's e. . e:t
Those German .soldiers huntui
the America!! sector in Kri'ine t!
loss had t he SIICC!':-:' of I hi
;ng for a hornet nest. '!
Criticism coin est of the
soldiers in Franco that they are too
anxious to tinht. W hat else could one
expect when they wore rab-od oa a
diet composed of three-fourths Jcss
James and one-fourth !!ob Fit .'Sim
mons? And there'll come time be
fore long that not even then- officers
can bold them buck.
The American people are perfectly
willing to live (mi "substitutes," if
only these substitutes are mado avail
able. As soon, however, as a substi
tute is suggested, the price of that
article emulates the airship. When
fixing a prico on wheat the govern
ment might give great relief by r.lso
fixing prices on the substitutes.
The Colojiel has been discharged
from the hospital, pronounced cured.
His enemies are wondering if the cure
ncluded certain opinions and incli
nations. What doth it profit a' mar. to pl int
a. garden and lose it via his neighbor';,;
i ; pl-i ; :io:i No. A 'M )
Notice of A pi.lh ut io'i I'or Fernnlon
to Appiojeiat O f Public Water.-.
of tb! .-';aie .;. :ia.
No! ice is i.orev. f:ieii that on the
2 1 t day of Msm .h, luis, in at:, ord
:noo Willi '.ctielt Chapter 140
!' the .: :!ti:tv-- of l!li:i, one .I'lmcv
Ryan, of I aliem-', Coirit..' -.!' Lincoln,
'ml Siiit" of Nw'.'l,-.. i.i.s.le applifa-
r of Nevada
( priate the
e of Nevada
is to l-.e ni-uie
:t a jioint v, hicli
W. in.". fee;
ons-. 1!-!T
I 'i.'iid'
y ln,hhT:
to ! : . i
.;.!' I -it i t
p r rtur
. t 1 : .
.am ! . . .
Neva ' i !i
of I i ' .;
.iiT'i.TM.' 1
.711 ;.!( r,.:s
,tTp'.:!:!.S 1
h r . . . TT
i o n:: ur.rr.cuis. ner rron;p:ness m applying tiie remeuy oftti
j i v. -es a rtrioas ?ss. Her fxpiP""? with remedies has fcj
I t: to laiov tr.ut PERUNA n alv.-.T,.- rtiiable, that she should
e hv e .t fTi h in 1 for the i.nmeciate trc-atmciit cf coughs an.i
; c..L, L."d t . .t is always to her
t 0 0
c. r.
r. s
:. Inst
:m,-! e s
:::t,;s '
4-1 ?, J it 1 .
There's one bull in this town that
ought to be kept at home. We can
stand a lot of things but draw the
E, H. Snyder, general manager of
tho Combined Metals Company, has
returned from a business visit to
Los Angeles.
(Application No. -FiT 1 )
Notice of Application lor Perm's, ion
to'ApMi-oprlate tho Public Waters
of (he S'ate of Nevada.
Notice is herebv given that on the
21st dav of March, 1918, in accord
ance with Section f.9. Chapter 140.
of the Statutes of 19i:S. one ,!amo::
Ryan, of Caliente. County of Lincoln,
and State of Nevada, made applica
tion to the State Engineer of Nevada
for pormbssion to appropriate the
public waters of the State of Nevada
Such appropriation is to be made
from Crow Spring, at. n point which
bears N. C dog. E. H 0 400 feet from
IT S Mineral Monument No. 1, Lin
coln county, Nevada, by means of
open cut. and one-fifth cubic foot
per second is to be conveyed to a
point which bears N. (!0 dog. L..
30400 feet from V. S. Mineral Mon
ument No. 1. Lincoln County. Ne
vada, bv means of pipes and troughs,
and thero used for stock watering
and domestic purposes. Water not to
ho returned to stream.
State Engineer.
Date first pub. 3-29, last 4-2G, 191S.
tson to t.h" t " t ; . En:
f r poj iuss;ii,a I i
puis u; waters of the
i-'.U'-H :' ppi'opr is I ion
from D::;!:i Spr'.nr, t
hears north ;J0 (!(;
Ii'oni S. is. ci rn r ot 1. .! S., II. (..".
E., M. I. 1J. vi .M., l y means of open
cut aiid nvu'-iif'h cn'oic foot per so;
n.l is to be ootne;. ed to a point whicl
l'(S!S .'. "I) .ies;. V. lOyCn fis't f;-r ;,
1. Is. corner of T. :; P. (is :i., M
1). P.. Ai- M., by i.osm.s of i.'ps and
Iron lis, and tiss'e used for sto'l
.v.; 'erin.;' i.nd dt nustic purpose"
V::t( r not to he ret uri'tvl l . sticaui.
ai;;iied: ICYM.tl'R CASE.
St.it'- Eng'iie -r.
Dale firs!, pub. 3-29, last 4-2(1, 1918
( Application No. 4973 )
Vol ice t.l Application for I Vrnii-sioii
to A ip; ;i iat the Public Waters
1 ! 1'ie S ate of Xevntla.
Noli'-e is Ino'eb'-' given t!::it on the
2t t d.'v of ;..;rrh, ; 9 1 s . i:i ncronl-
ince v.i'h Ss.tion r.'j, 1 napler 140
of the' Slat sirs if ! ii 1 3, one .lame,
lijan, (1 i'.iiieiite. County of Lin
coln, and Slate of Nevada, made ap
plication to the St:'tt? Engineer of tin
State of Nevada for permission ti
ippropt sate the public, waters of the
State of Nevada. Such appropriation
is to be made from l-'lovd Spring.
it a point which be-irs N. 10 ihsv. V.
23900 feet from f. S. Mineral Me.nu
;nent No. 1, Lincoln County, Nevada
by means of opoa tuts, and one-fifth
..libit: foot per second is to be con
veyed to a point which bears' N. 10
deg. Y. 23900 feet from F. S. Min
eral Monument No. 1, Lincoln
''ounty, Nevada, by means of p-pes
1 nil tror.ghs, and there used for
siovK watering and (lomestic nur-
pose.s. Water not to be returned to
Sd'te .I'inginei'r.
( Applic-tion No. 4 srr. 1
Notice of Apolicathxi for P.-noe i,n
to A.piuopiiat" ibe Public Wa'.ers
of (he State of Nevada.
Notice is horeV' ;:iveu that en (h(
21st day. of January, 191S, in accord
ance iiii Set liotl 59. Chanter 140
of the Statute- of 191'3, t.pe Vomer
Jes'iot, ofCaliento, coantv of Liu 'ln
cnl St;-. to of Xevsdn, made anpiies
Hon to the State Knginoer of Nevads
for permissi(ii to i'pr.roprhto tlir
publie waters of the State of Nevada.
Such appropriation "is to he made
from .iefj'cot Spriivs, at a point
whirh bears N. 9 de;. 0 non. L
37 9.' 0 feet from F. S. Mineral M nu
ment No. 1, Lincoln County No.ad.t.
by means of pipes, ditches, and
fumes, and one-eighth cubic foot
per second is to be conveyed to a
point which hears N. 9 dev. 0 m'n. K
:!T9s0 feet from F. S. Mineral Monu
ment No. 1, Lincoln County Nevada,
by n-fjiis of pipes, ditches an,i
flumes r.nd there used for st-ick
watering and domestic purposes
Water not to bo ret 1n1ed 10 stream.
St'ite linuireer.
'i:!f.e first pub. 3-29, last 4 21'., 1 91 S.
Bank of Pioche, Inc.
Pioche, Nevada
Capital Stock
Resources Over $247,000
H. I. 0LINGHOUSE, Manager.
Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Fruit and Vegetables
lie Y
i rd-u
"i OK Al'i'i
eon to Appr
:::oi-s of the I
( y eolieal; n ,
1s h-reby t
I : ' of i'ehru-'
;c tio
i.rist-. t
!:is ( f v-v
(i. I':.".!)
vim t he t e n
y, 19 1. S, la
:i !!(-
with Seeiio,: chays-r
the StatuH's of 19!::, ono
:-.'-"'t A. 'I'hoi'ley, of Ced ir City,
'our i v of Iron, his! SUo of 1 t. h,
sol' rpplicnt!! to the St.s'o Kngi
eef ., the State of Nevada for per-
:!S:Sil lo npli.'Opr.et'' tiie puhlic
'ft'-rs i f tiie t-ta' i f Nivssi. Such
pp;s eriation is to he ;. from
'Miu.ue.l S.pring, st a point in t!ia
AY1, of NAY',, :3, T. 1 N.,
;. o : L.. m. i. p. ,v ?.?.. by t-aiw
i open ( ut
Fr$.Cfor;v Pir'tcr,
4lbVa'tri., .'!. a
rslia.. V.ii., v.- e
"Vte buc tr-.-d
nr.ain a i.imtly
i t a L as!- .- of
Veers, a - I have
fii'ind it a s'.--'s.lv
rel;,iblo i.i if.e.
It sxa rid.. ;!:e 3
tom of any tr ice
ofacolj. r.r.J pr-
stu'-ncf i.
' I bezm isni k
for catarrh, v!iicii
I fjifcred with a
fd m:iDV ,5':
br.t ha'l not breo vpry fcricus urtil r.cei s ..
Ss.jr t hjve t .co i'crana tti'i drnnsn-: ;:.
fti:u;jt iK.j di-.-nnnnsd. ar.ii tnv i.e i4 ;:.,J
.sre not so ss:p;ia up ia thi1 rr.ornau 1 a,::
pis-ased witb tile re-sl's, atil 'iu!l ceut.uc iO
!!"i ,t uatil 1 a ii i ! f.s y i :i! of r;:turrn.
"t ht'3rtdy rt.H.'imin.L-ii.j iiasan iisn 3 ,:',i'."
VSt it doti f..r tajr it i., u to uu t y .a.
iae ramily
Tiie experience cf one
vrman, given herewith, 13
t il of thouscnrla of lei
t... 4at reach tha Peruna
any from grateful
- is who have found their
ho dies incom-
ri-t, end their
fami'y safety in
? " !T V.'itllOUt
1 e'UnA.
Colds and Cat. i a
The 151 eat weight of t?rtimony that has accumu
lated in the 44 years that PERUNA has been on the
market proves it, beyond question, to he thn reliable family rem-
ctly, ever ready to take, preventing the s mis effects of colds, fc
lungs's, Kup ami ucianiiciMciiis 01 t ie v e organs. This
proof is published from time to time ana . families have
prohted by it.
RememWr joa on ctfain PEHt'NA in f IU fora for your conreaieac. Carrj it
waiyou and befortitud ajin;t luddea t.ac o.
The Peruna Company, Columbus, Ohio
AmalKamated I'ioche Mines
:':' ''ter Corporation 'for the
ei'd'njr December 31, 1 !1T.
l.ocativni of property, Pioche,
coin eouiitv, Nevad-i.
Decemher 31, 1 It 1 . . to
cssh on band
Amount received
fruni other sources . .
IS', iii labor, supples and
I general expenses
Di lost. December 31, 1917, $ 1
Assistant Secretary.
ress, 03 William St., New York
; City, New York.
1 first Pub. 3-15. Last Pub. 4-5.
. ? 14 2.14
$ S5.3iS0.15
arid i.ne-ter.t'.i (::!:: toot
ier -e oi.d IS to he ('olive', cd to SY 't
if NW 1 i , Sec. 2.", T. 1 N.. it. Ii3 V...
'.l.D.i! U M., l y tseans cf jripe. tank
uni t roughs, Mid there nscd for stock
vnte: ..v ; and d. unesiic jmrposos.
at(" :s,t to he returned to sireaia.
f i i : e i i :
UEYMOllt CAS)' i A d 1
Sts.te Knsaieer.
first i'aii. 3-15. Last Dub. 4-12.
$ P
;i I I fee
:V; . e ... f
? AmericaB femh I
J. B. Caldwell, travel'n?: freight
a-ent for the Denver and Itio Grande
ra 1-ri.d was in town this week solic-
in-.' 1 ' -.ness for his l:n. He states
S that he expects to visit Pioche every
j three or four weeks and hopes to in-
.-...e ssnie of our mining men and
. nts to route some of their
shipments over his line. The D. & It.
G. is v.akins up to the fact that Pioche
;s trn.'nT to pay a lot of freight bills
.'.' :.: ! on and want; a share of
' I e diwv.
Our Motto
The Is S. r.ianch of The Employ,
ers Liability Assurance ( '.impariy til'
London, Fnglaml.
Assets . . $ i4,;T(i,r. ro.r.s
Liabilities, exclusive
of capital and net
sui plhs 12,2S0,31S.5.r)
Premiums $ 1 3,r.33,S S8.4 2
Other sources 431,712.45
Total income, 1917 .$ 1 4.065.0OO.S 7
Losses $ 5.201,1)14.31
Remitted to Homo
OtUce . 373,100.19
Other expenditures. 5.G95.744.S5
Total expenditures. 1 1 ,269, $.19. 35
Nevada Huslness
Premiums received .$ 1,130,47
Losses paid 1.1,000.00
Losses incurred ... l.l.C'.'O.OO
United Statem Manager,
Per (. T. Bradburv.
Date First pub. 3-29, last 4-19, 1918.
Tern Pluto Mining' und Milling
Company, for the year ending De
cember 31, 1917.
Location of property, Tern Piute
Miniii;! District, County of Lincoln,
State of Nevada.
Signed: II, B. 1 10 US BURG A,
Address, Liberty Building, Phila
delphia, l'ennsv lvania.
First pub. 3-22, last 4-19, 191S.
There is no foundation, for the alleged
violations of lav attributed to our Com
pany by agents cf the Federal Trade
Commission and I want to say emphatic
ally that Swift ts Company is not a party to
any conspiracy, to dafraud the Govern
ment. Nor has Swift & Company been
guilty of improperly storing foods or of
entries or reports.
malting ta
. t
Conferences cf packers, where prices
have been discussed, have been held at
the urgent request and in the presence
of representatives of either the Food
Administration or the Council of National
Defense. And yet the packers have been
accused of committing a felony by acting
in collusion on Government bids I
We have done our best, with other
packers, large and small, to comply with
the directions of the United States Food
Administration in all particulars, including
the furnishing of food supplies for the U. S.
Army and Navy and the Allies, now be
ing handled through the Food Adminis
tration. We will continue to do our utmost.un-
der G-overnment direction, to increase our
production and assist the Food Adminis
tration. We consider that the opportunity
to co-operate whole-heartedly and to our
fullest powers with this branch of the
Government is our plain and most press
ing duty.
The Trade Commission Attorney has,
by false inference and misplaced empha
sis, given to disconnected portions of the
correspondence taken from our private
files and read into the Record, a false and
sinister meaning with the plain purpose
of creating antagonistic public opinion.'
The services of the packers of ths
United States are most urgently r. ,CJ,
and I regret exceedinglythat w e j,' .ould r.t
this time have to spend our c;. ri.s i.-j
defending ourselves against unic.r.'rLd,
unproved, and unfair assertions such as
are being daily made public. t.
Purity and Quality"
Air-thimr you want in tiie Drug
I ; c. Special attention (riven to
'is sent by mail, which will be
ti: 1 the day they are rewire'.
When in CaMente don't fwi' to visit
our store; you are WFleoree.
1 '
rrtA C,;4. TT Ot A
u win. vuuipany, u.o.i.
You're Right in lem
When joti stop at the
That 's why people prefer it
t --ether v.-ith SERVICE, is
v. hat the want. That is what
tiny get here.
It asona'. le Hates
DilfllK, - - NEVADA
Ihsn in tied cf a
go to
Where the Bsticndsr
After the Movies go to
' Fcr a Cool Draught cf
Becker's Best
.-.-!: a 11 til -
Photo Supplies
nt the l'ostoffice
(iet the Record by mail.
' A.

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