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Fridar. Anrnst 22.
a iiu it n ii r. iv lit vs tvt'
Republican Senators Declare Result
f Negotiations Will Be Stiffening
of Reeistanco to Attempt at
Unrtrved Ratification.
Asserted That Ficht May Start Be
tween China and Japan, But That
sooner or Later We Will be
Swept Into Controversy.
Admits That In Some Instances Fan.
trt Art Inconvenienced by Dayiijht
Saving Law, Bu Benef.u
the Majority.
ni . io in ! SAKS JAPAN'S CLAIM
Had Lost Thtir Way After Thty Had
Bern Forced to Land a Result of
Engine Trouble and Were Taken
Prisoner by Bandit.
Mtirfa. Texas. t.leulcuniit II. U.
rctcrsou, on' of tlic i i American avi
ator ln-lil by Mi l nil bandits for $13,
tXW ransom, crossed tin- border to the
Atiieiiciiii side curly Monday tuornlug.
Khoiily alter l.lotiicnunt l'etcrnon
crossed i In border, Captain Mutluck
returned, bringing with liiiu l.lcutoliunt
Captain Matlmk brought back with
lilut one half the ransom money, Hu
said uflor I'ctcrsoii hail been released,
Ihivls was brought forward by the
bandits, niul tho two mounted Captain
Mutluck's horse. The bandits dciimnd
il tln ri'intt IikIit of thi rausiuu mon
ey, ami Captain Mai lin k u ml luvi
answered by riding rililly away.
Tlu in In lorn landed on tho Ameri
can side of the river, Lieutenant, rut
crson said. Upon their arrival at
Cundclurlii n week ago Sunday, their
engine developed trouble tttut they
were forced to laud, ciuushliig their
In i iik gear ami fuselage in doing so.
The two niiulors then tried to find
their way to Hie nearest army rump
ami became confused. They walked
anil wuni down the Kin liinndo dur
ing Monthly, l.icuicuuut l'elerson said,
ami then hired Mexican burros ufter
IVtortioli developed a fever. They had
started for I'andi'laria when an arinetl
Mevit an tiveritHik ihem and made them
prisoners. They were unarmed.
Ttioy Mere overtaken by a bund of
armed bamlits, l.ieuienaiit l'otcrson
nld, and a erowd of people from a
little town. They eoniinuod on their
forced Journey until Friday night,
when the bandit forced the aviators
lo write messages demanding ransom
ami tolling of the death threat.
Persian Treaty Causing Comment.
I'aris. Although the peace eonfer
riiee has not yet takou up the British
IVrsiau treaty, which Just came to
ligul, wherein the British claim spec
ial privileges In lYrsla which 'prac
tically makes Persia a protectorate
like Kgypt, It Is expected the subject
will le brought up before the council
f five as (khi as the shun of I'ersla
arrives iu t'nrla.
Firemen Ak for Big Raise.
Cleveland. A 85 to 5 per cent In
crease In wages Is demanded for 117,
tkAl firemen ami hostlers on railroads
In the United Slates and Canada iu a
wage scale adopted before adjourn
ment Sunday by &10 geueral chairmeu
ef the Brotherhood of Locomotive Fire
men and Kngiuemeu Iu session here all
Would Salvage Kruger Fortune.
ltftulon. To recover more than $3.
(KAUW In sold, part of the fortune of
the late Oom laul Kruger, once presi
dent of the Transvaal, which Is be
lieved to he cciueuted In the hold of
the bark Oorothea, sunk on Teuedos
reef off the coast of Zululamt, ts one
of the project a which may be revived
as a result of Improvement in the sci
ence of salvaging sunken ships.
labor Party Being Organiied.
Chicago, Initial steps tu the organ
Uatlon of a uatioual labor party were
taken Monday at a conference of rep
resentatives of labor organiiatlons of
several states. A temporary execu
live committee was uatued to Issue a
call for delegates to a uational evnveu
tlou to be held In Chicago In Novem
ber and to set a definite date.
Fire at Idaho Penitentiary.
Boise. Fir broke out from spon
taneous combusion Mouday mornlug In
a building used Tor a power plaut at
the Idaho state penitentiary and ue-
troyed It. together with about eighty
cords of wood, and caused damages
to dyuanios, boilers and engines used
Cor lighting In the state Institution.
Eight Killed at Crossing.
Cleveland Seven members of th
John Trainor family, of Cleveland
father, mother, four sons and a daugh
cr and a woiuaa relative of the Train
er were instantly killed when their
auto was struck by a train at a cross
ing Sumlay.
Pershing Coming Home Soon.
Pari. before leaving for Italy
General John J. IVrshlng told corre-
apoudeau that he expected to sal) for
Aiuerk' about Seeudef I, and. soort-
iy after his arrival, would visit his old
tome la Missouri and would also go
to Chejeuue. Wyo.
Car Strtkt I Gotham.
Hew York. Att subway and elevat-
04 railway tines of the laterboro Rapid
Transit company were tied up Sunday
fcr the strike of 15.0tX Rtetubers of
tn Brotherhood wf lutertHro Employ
a whivh veal lato effect at 4 o'clock.
Oaraw Workmen Are Touchy.
Oobleauk -Workmen la the railroad
.vi. .f uurll nftuT in refusing !
iTretvair aa armored lseauetive. part
4 Ue eHMt eX the W. oa the
LaVbat it ka ft tws ( "Neaka.
" - - -
Wanliiiitli.il. As a aequel to the
tVhlte IIouho conference on Saturday
between President INon and Sena
tor Hitchcock. admltiUtrutmu leader
In the donate treaty fight. It has be
come appurent that the administra
tion forces will renter their present
tffort ou briuglng the treaty out of
committee and defeating any textual
amendments, leaving in the back
ground any negotiations relative to
final ratification with reservation.
Meantime, Kepubllcaii fenutors de
clared ono result of the negotiations
Of the last few days and of Senator
Hitchcock's statement after he had
left the presldeitt hud been to stiffeu
resistance to any attempt at unreserved-
ratification and to increase the
determination of those who want the
treaty amended outright. They as
erted Saturday's jmII had kIiowu op
position growing stronger In the face
of the explanatory tateiients from
Toklo and from the White House.
The rojHrtod position of the presi
dent that any textual amendment
would send the treaty buck for re
negotiation with Certuauy without any
military force to compel acceptance
of the American demauda was taken
as largely forecasting the trend of the
amendment fight.
It Is known that Mr. Lodge ha been
studying a number of drafts, including
those drawn by the McNary group ami
those suggested by Kllhu Hoot
Ham It. Taft ami Charles K. Hughes,
He Is understood not to have stood
sponsor for the draft he showed to
the Republican senators, however, but
to have merely submitted It for cou
aideratlon. Republicans assert that the ouly
possible outcome. If reservations are
9 oe auoptett lu place of textual
amendtueuta, will be agreement on the '
Craft drawn by Mr. Lodge or some
other senator which must be accepted
by the Democrats. The only opeu
question, they declare. Is how drastic
the reservations are to be.
ina LVmocratlc leadara, however.
roalutalned there had been no change i
In their stand for unreserved ratifl-'
cation, and lu some quarters the out-
come of the conference between the '
president and Senator Hitchcock was
Interpreted to mean that Mr. Wilson
would fight uncompromlsinglv against '
both amendments aud reservations.
Restitution to China Promised
Premier Hara.
Toklo- Restitution to China by Ja
pan of those parts of the Shantung
province, including Kiaochow, now oc
cupied by Japanese forces, will be
made without unnecessary delay, but
the time required will be dependent
upon the attitude of China, said Tak-
aslu Iara, the Japauese premier, in
au anwer to a question as to whether
actual restoration would take place.
Representative Franklin F. Ells-
vworth. now aarvina his third term as
nemhee of tha hoiis, has announced
kia candidacy for governor of Minno-
ota. Ha is a member of the c-Ofomit-
a interstate and foreign coin
Tinoco Reaches Jamaican Capital
Kingston. Jamaica. Federieo Ttnoeo
ho recently abandoned the presides-
ey of Costa Ktca and fled the country
fearia be would be assassinated, ar
ssav-.v, vu wr ia
Steamer Zacap. eu route to EarHe-
Auairiana Want CbaHes.
Farts. Dlguiaries of the former
j Awstriaa regime have reiterated their
r4uet that former toperor Chartes
accecdia W ft dispfttcb fro
' artcb.
XV "ls I
11 If
Communication Couched in Strongest
Language Used in Any From This
Government Since Vera Crux
Washington. President Currauxn
and the Mexican government has been
warned that Americans must be pro
tected in future.
The first definite move toward the
long expected cluiugea la policy iu
I .I...!:.... t . 1 ....... J; , ,
"' .ueiicu wns aisciosetl on
i uursttay.
Carranza has been warned that if
the murders and outrages of Ameri
cans continue, the United States "may
be forced to adopt a radical change
lu its policy with regard to Mexico."
With the announcement at the state
department, however, came uo author
itative indication of how- far the Auicr-
Krt" Kovrrnm"nt l preparing to go to
enforce what lacks ouly the diplo
matic technicalities of an ultimatum.
The government announced its ac
tion by publishing an exchange of
notes w ith Mexico City, and prefaced
its official statement with the expla-
,,atlon that th diplomatic representa
rfrre to naJ bwl t1''
'"v'w of the lo,,g eries ot lu"rs
ttuJ outr"es of American cltlxens in
M,"sUv- culminating in the murder of
lVt,fr c'atron lu Luis otol last
,uo,lth- "J lh perpetratios of other
iu t "'"regard f American lives and
The communication to Mexico is
couched in probably the strongest lan
guage used in any from this govern
ment since the exchanges preceding the
Vera Crui occupation.
All official Washington began at
once lookiug behiud the official text
seeking some reason for au impending j
change of policy, for which there has (
i-eeti ueuiauu iu aua out oi congress.
I'ressure frvnu foreign goverumeuts
and pressure in cougress which is
preparing au Investigation of ilie
whole Mexican situation were among
those most eomuiouly discussed.
Outwardly there was no reason ap
parent except the long and grow-int;
list of outrages ou Americans.
Six Per Cent Guaranteed On Capital
I Invested.
Washington. A plan devised by S.
I I Hi vies Warfield of Baltimore, under 1
I which the government in the rvorgau-
iiatioa of railroads, would provide a
; miuimutn return of 6 per ceut ou In-
vested capital wVA division of all sur
i plus over that amount aui.-ng employ
! ees. the public and the earning road,
j was outlined Thursday to the public
interstate commerce committee.
Luther M. Walter of Chicago gen-
; eral counsel for the National Assocl
i ation of Owner of Uailroad Securi
j ties, w hich sponsors the plan, discussed
! its various poiuts with the committee
j at a five-hour session, aud declared
it could be put into effect at once, or
' certainly with the return of the roads
, to private control at the end of the
i year.
The right ef labor to share in tV
, profits of the roads was laid down bv
J Mr. Walter as one of the fundamentals
! of the plan.
i Russian Operations Costly,
! 1-oudon. Rritlsii expenditure- for
; tN naval and military operations in
K jssiu froia the date of the armistice
unm tne ena ot Juiy amouBWU to
SW.i)imXK acwrdinx to an ot fictat
-white paper" issued here Thursday,
Oregon Bank. Rbber Escapes.
Sael:ii, Ore. t-Tiester William Clark,
i who robbed the Baak. of Beavcrtou.
aud was sent to the peoiteutiary one
- 1 UK)illa matle his escape from the
iVrry field on the prisoa farm. He
hsgil vears oiL
Wild West Stunt in New Vork.
Buffalo, N. Y- Three members of
th crew of a Lehigh Valley troop
traia were held tip by two. masked
men. between Niagara Falls and Buf
falo early Thursday and robbed of
all their cash.
Objected to Editorial Which Attacked
His Alleged Pacifism and His Re
ported Opposition to an Invasion
of Mexico.
Mount Clemens, Mich. Henry Ford,
i .iiiu-iuilliotutire automobile maiiufac
:;vr. was awarded damage" of ti cents
ii liis suit for $l,tKN.imu against the
I'li.iago Tribune.
A jury In Judge Ja;ne Tucker's
-::rt returuet.1 the verdict Thursilay
ni.-tit after delilterating 11 hours and
-'I Miiuutes.
I'onl based his suit on an editorial
published in the Tribune on June 3,
K'l'i. which apieareti uuder the cap
tion, "Ford is an anarchist." The ed
itorial attacked Ford's atteged ac
ifistu. stressing his pre-war antipre
paretlness activities and his reinirtetl
opposition to an -Luericau invasion of
For the past three nmnths the legal
fight was waged without a let-up.
Attorneys for the defense attempted
to show that Fod interfereil with gov
ernment activities and that contrary
to tviHrt he had tvfuerl to give re
turned militiamen their former posi
tions in bis factory.
Wltuesses for the plaintiff te-Hified
that these men were not only rv-em-ployed
ob their return from the bwefer
but that their families, in many in-stani-es.
were provided for by Fori
during their time of service.
Idah Miners Strike.
Wallace. Idaho. A walkout of prac
tically ltX per cent of the miners f
Burke, Mullan and Nine Mile districts
of the Cocur dWIeiies occurred Friday
following a vote by members of the
International Union of Mine, Milt and
Suiter Worker.
Pilgrims Killed at Crossing.
Lima, O. Five persons were ia
statly killed near here Friday, when
an auioinomie m wnicn they were i
riding was struck by a Western Ohio
Traction car. The victims had been
attending a Catholic pilgrimase at
; M-,m Marga Bondfleld. assistant
' secretary of the National Federation
t0f women Workers of England, Is
; making speeches In this country on
j thhalf of organized labor.
j Japan Refuses Aid to Kolchak.
i Tokio. It has been letirtietl that the
i Japanese government has informed
t the government of Admiral Kolchak
that Japan is unable to accede to its
request ti send several divisions of
troop to assist Kolchak in the wa
against the Bolsheviki.
Strike Leadara Refused BaiL
Winnipeg. Bad was refused t
eight leaders of the recent Winnipeg
strike by Judge Cameron, who orderea
their arrest for alleged violation ot
promises not to agitate.
4 .
if iJJ L
Washington. It was the unanimous
opinifii "f American experts on far
eatt-!-:i affairs at Versailles Unit war
mii-i teMilt from the peace treaty pro
visions civing Japan control in the
Chiiiee province of Shantung, the sen
ate foreign relations committee was
told on Monday by Thomas V. Millard,
au American writer, who was attached
to the Cliinee peace delegation.
Mr. Millard declared the original ac
quisition of (.iermun rights in Shantung
was largely responsible for the Hay
open door policy und was one of the
indirect causes of the Russo-Japanese
war. The (iermun rights were ac
quired, he said, w ith the secret assent
of the former Russian czar.
Asked how the Shantung agreement
might lead to war between Japan und
the United States, the witness said
there were many dangerous elements
Involved. As an example, he said, the
cumulative effect of Japan's successes
In China might easily encourage her
to assume commercial rights which
would trespass on the Hay open-door
policy or ou the special commercial
treaties the United Stares has with
'This .Japanese situation," he said,
"has I'. t u creeping up on us just as the
Herman vt'iatioti crept up on Kurope,
and von arc going to beat it, and you
can't L't'at it with words. You'll have
to fight.
It may start with a fidit between
japan and China. Cut American mis
sionaries will be killed and American
rights violated, and sooner or later we
will be swept iu."
Executives Consider Food Problem
First at Salt Lake Session.
Salt Lake City. The problems of
the high cost of living will be taken
directly from Salt 1-ake to Washing
ton by a committee of seven govern
ors and there presented to congress
and the administration, in accordance
with the provisions of a resolution
which was presented the first thing
Tuesday moruing. at the opening et
sion of the governors' cimfereuce.
This decision was reached at a pre
liminary caucus of governors Monday
It is understood that this committee
tt seven state executives will be se
lected at once, ami that tbey will pro
reed to Washington within the next
ten days or two weeks.
Declares Industry Is Competing in
Many Lines of Business.
Washington. The ilauger, as seon
by the federal trade onuuiissiou. iu
the entrance of the packing Industry
into lines of business beyoud the pack
ing of meat was described by William
B. CoJver, rfiemter o the commission.
oa Monday, to the senate agricultural
committee. Iu its opening hearing on
the Keuyou hiil to divorce ownership
e the stock yanis aud refrigerator
cars from the packing concerns of the
country aid to regulate by license their
oreration. the eotumittee was taken
over much of the gruuud traveled by
the commission in its investigation of
tue packing industry.
Walsh Calls King Jailer.
New York. Frank l Walsh, chair
man of the American commission on
Irish independence, characterizes the
world as "a vast jail, with King Ueorge
V of England as its keeper," in a
statement issued here Monday pro
testing against the alleged acqui
escence of various state departments
in permitting England to deuy pass
xrts for their citizens to travel la
Great Britain and its possessions.
Traction Strike Called Off.
New York. The strike which had
for two days paralyzed the subway
and elevated systems of the luterbor
ough llapid Trunsit company in Man
hattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and
Queens was formally callet.1 off Mou
day. Bolsheviki Driven Out of Odessa.
London. The Bolsheviki have been
driven from Odessa by the populace
of the city, according to reports re
ceived by the British war office. It
is reported also that the soviet forces
are evacuating Kiev and the eutji;tj
Score Dead in Mine Explosiojv
Trinidad, Colo. Niueteeu of twenty
men are believed dead, burienfc nder
the debris from the explosive at 11
o'clock Monday morning iiv the Oak
view mine of the Oakdale- (Wl com
pany near La Yeta, Cole
Orchard Robbers Sheot Farmer.
Omaha. Vigilance committees are
being organized lu IXiuglas countv fid-
krwing the shoiulng on Sunday of Joe
J Hipp by one ot a party of five whom
j be found robbing his orchard, Ulpp
I la la a serious condition,
.Vushiiigton. President Vium ea
August l."i, for the second time vetoei
.lie lull repealing the daylight saviae
Ihe president said he returned the
hill without his approval with "th
utmost reluctance" Itecause he real
ized "the very considerable, und k
some respects very serious. Inconven
ience to which the daylight savlnr
law subjects the farmers of the coun--try."
declaring the pressing need of the
country was for production by indus
try, the president said he had been
obliged to "balance one set of disad
vantages against another" and decide
which was the more serious for the
Republican hoase leaders said they
had not determined what they might
d i in the matter of again attempting
.o pass the daylight repeal over the
president's veto.
This was the second time the presi
dt lit had vetoed repeal of the law by
whii-h tin- clocks are set forward an
hour on the last Sunday m March and
turned back an hour the last Sunday
in October. The first veto was sev
eral weeks ago, the repeal being at
tached as a rider to the annual agri
cultural appropriation bill.
White House officials nnd members
of congress could not recall a previous
instance of a president having twice
vetoed the same bill. Efforts to pass
the agricultural measure over the veto
failed in the house, and then the .sep
arate house repeal bill then pending
was passed by the senate. Leaders in
congress doubt that the two-thirds vote
necessary to pass the repeal measure
over t'r.3 president's head can be ob
Mexican Head Order William Cum.
mings to Leave Country.
Washington. William Cum tilings,
British charge d'archives In the City
of Mexico, has been ordered to leave
the country by President Carranza.
While not officially stated, it was
understood that Curranza's action re
sulted from the statement recently
made in the house of commons by the
British undersecretary of state that
Ureal Britain bud not recognized the
Carranza government aud would uot
do so until there was some guarantee
that lives and property of British cit
izens in Mexico would be protected by
he Mexican government.
Grain Corporation Scandal Revealed
By Senate Probe.
Washington. Evidence at a secret
investigation of the purchases of beans
for the food administration during the
war so incensed Julius II. Karnes, of
New- York, president of the United
States grain corporation, that he forc
ed two employees of the administration
to rvsijni, the senate and house agri
cultural committees were told by (1. A.
Turner, presi cut of the California Bean
growers' association.
Student Held for Girl's Death.
Ithaca. N. Y. Donald W. Fether,
Cornell sophomore, and son of a
wealthy Los Angeles oil promoter, was
held ou a charge of first degree mur
der iu connection' with the disappear
ance of Miss Hazel Crance, IS year
old Ithaca girl, on the night of July
19, wheu she went canoeing on Cayuga
lake with the college student.
Rumanians Not Asked to Leave.
1'aris. The supreme council in it-
response, drafted Friday, to the reply
of the Rumanian government to the.
uote of the council regarding the occu
pation of Budapest, does not ask the
Kiimanians to leave Budapest immedi
ately. Pettura Attacks Reds.
Warsaw. -General Simon retlura,
the Ukranian anti-Bolslfvlk lender,
after having withdrawn his, tr
from the Polish front, has. ana
the Bolsheviki and captured the
portant town of Z'wcrittka.
i ni-
More Trouble in Ireland.
Qiiei'nst.MVB a party v- nien fir',,J
rifles on Uocky Island, lu the luubor
behind ttaulbowlin Waud The mil
itary oa llocky island re;llel with
inhine guns. The ffriug continued
some tliues .
Ohio Profiteers Arrested.
Columbus. Ohio. Forty warrant
charging Ohio food dealers wfth f"'
hoarding and profiteering were issued
v the state of Ohio ou rrhhiy. and
arrest a will be made immediately. i-'
oxditig to Governor Jaaiea Cox.
Recruits Neva 1OO.0OQ
Washington. The "first humlre.1
thousand" of recruits have been
curvtl tor -h permanent regular army,
sleueral March, chief of ataff. n"
bounced, and of tbeae more tban &
WO were re-enlUtuieota.

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